Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Weekend Edition

This is a working weekend on the Island and in the Village. How the time flies by. It's nearly the end of summer and soon we'll be attending the ACFW Conference in St. Louis and then putting the Island into moth balls for the winter. What are you up to in these dog days of summer?

Thanks to KAV, for letting us know that it's National Book Lover's Day (probably international too). 10 Ways to Celebrate National Book Lover's Day (Huff Post)
We Have Winners

 Be sure to contact us if you are a winner (send an email to with your snail mail address unless email is specified). We don't have time to track you down. Do let us know if you don't receive your prize in 6-8 weeks. Rules are located here, on our legal page.

Monday Mary Connealy talked about putting emotion on the page -- the kick off to a series of posts about writing emotion. Heather H is the winner of the FIRST EVER IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE GIVEAWAY OF TRIED AND TRUE. Book #1 of her new series Tried and True. About three sisters who fought in the Civil War disguised as men despite them being stunningly beautiful and utterly feminine...which is why this is fiction.

  Barbara White Daille was our Tuesday guest with, "Say What? - Jargon, Slang, and Regionalism, Oh My!" Winner of an autographed print copy of The Texan's Little Secret is Stephsco. And the winner of an autographed print copy of Rancher at Risk  --which required you to sign up for Barbara's newsletter--is Colleen Laginess. Colleen to claim your prize you need to write to Barbara using the contact form on her website. To do that CLICK HERE.

Wednesday we welcomed back Sparkle Abbey with their post, "Walk the Line: The Balancing Act Between Reader Expectations and Fresh Writing." They're bringing a terrific people treat-a copy of their latest release for one commenter.Winner of  Fifty Shades of Greyhound (Pampered Pets Mystery Series) is Vince.

Thursday we welcomed multi published author, teacher, editor and writing coach, Cathy Yardley, author of the Rock Your Writing as she shares "Troubleshooting Tips for Problem Plots." Winner of a one hour plot session phone call is Kaybee.  Winners of ebook copies of Rock Your Plot: Jeri Hoag, Meghan Carver and DebH.

 Jessica Keller returned today with her post, "Conflict—The Key to Rescuing a Sagging Middle." Melanie Pike, Kara Isaac and Tanya Agler are winners of Jessica's latest Love Inspired release, The Widower's Second Chance.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday:Welcome back Abingdon Press author Jennifer AlLee. Her post is, "How Much Reality Does Your Fiction Really Need?"   And she's giving away two copies of her new release, Last Family Standing.

Tuesday:Still slightly brain-dead after returning from the RWA conference in San Antonio, Abingdon Press and Heartsong Presents author Myra Johnson is using her Tuesday post to share a few gems from the workshops she attended. Join the conversation for a chance to win a copy of Myra's award-winning historical romance, When the Clouds Roll By, recently named a finalist for the Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Award!

Wednesday: Question: What’s one of the most, if not THE MOST, important component in a romance? Answer: The Hero! Join Julie Lessman for PART 3 of her exploration as to the most common hero types in Inspirational Romance today in her blog entitled, “From Sweet to Swoon … Ramping Up the Sigh Factor in our Heroes -- PART 3”! Not only does Julie provide her favorite tips to ramp up the hero swoon factor in your novels from ho-hum to hot, but she also offers a giveaway for a signed copy of any of her books, including her upcoming release, Surprised by Love.

Thursday:Don your Stetsons or Resistols and join Ruth Logan Herne for "When Spinning a Bunch of Plates, What's One More?" The Ruthinator will commence to yodeling about wrapping up one series while working on another.... and the fun she's having with toes in multiple ponds while wearing a flotation device to avoid sudden death! Copies of Her Montana Cowboy will be given away, along with hugs and kisses because there's no such thing as too much love!

Friday:Writer and teacher Jewell Tweedt will be with us. The skills that are useful as a teacher also help in business, and writing is a business. It’s creative and fluid but also a business. Writers produce a product and market it, if they finish the darn book. Learn more and get your name in the drawing for a copy of When Christmas Bells are Ringing.

Seeker Sightings

Myra Johnson's inspirational historical romance When the Clouds Roll By (Abingdon Press, 2013) is a finalist for the Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Award! Congratulations to Myra!

Free book for three days next week! Ruthy Logan Herne's "Running on Empty" will be free on Amazon from 8/15 through 8/17! If you haven't read this beautiful, highly rated and best-selling love story, now's the time to grab it for free... and to share with others! Running on Empty - Kindle edition by Ruth Logan Herne. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

On Monday, August 11, Ruthy will be chatting about love, life, and divorce in Christian fiction with the great gals at Stitches Through Time! Come on over, chat, eat Ruthy cookies and we'll toss your name in the cat dish for one of THREE copies of Ruthy's newest 4-Star novel His Montana Sweetheart !

The Seekers made a special appearance at the Boulder County Fair...well, if not in person, then in print. Two baskets of books and goodies were donated for the benefit dinner, dance and silent auction to help the Boulder County Fair Royalty meet their budget. It costs a lot to be good-will ambassadors for the fair and Boulder County -- not to mention keeping the girls in bling and the horses in hay!!

And here's a picture of the Queen of the Boulder County Fair and her Lady in Waiting!The Lady-In-Waiting is a state champion rifle shooter and Audra's family friend. The Queen had trained her 4-H rabbit to play cards back in the day. A talented bunch.

Random News & Information

Congratulations to all the Seeker Villagers who finaled in the Unpublished Maggies! WOOT!!! A special shout out to Kathy Bailey, Walt Mussell, Kristi Ann Hunter, Carrie Fancett Pagels, and Tanya Agler.

"Descriptionari is a place for writers to share thematic micro-stories, descriptive words and quotes."

These romance writers ditched their publishers for ebooks — and made millions. (Yahoo Finance)

The Health Hazards of Sitting (The Washington Post)

Abingdon Pulls Back in Fiction, Christian Living (PW)

Amazon Publishing announced a number of new hires across various editorial lines. Eoin Purcell will join the company to lead its London editorial office as of September 15. Previously he was editorial director of New Island Books in Dublin. Tara Parsons joined the New York office in July as editorial director, fiction, including Little A and the Day One literary journal. Previously she was editorial director at MIRA. Merideth Mulroney has been named art director for the NY-based imprints, including Two Lions picture books. Finally, Adrienne Lombardo will join the company on September 1 as an acquisition editor for 47North. Previously she was an editor at Brilliance Audio. (Publishers Lunch)

The Reader’s Emotional Journey  (Writer Unboxed)

Are you following the Big Sky Centennial Series? The Harlequin Books Insider Shopping Guide lists them all nicely for you in their pdf. Don't forget that you can get Montana Reunion free. 

 Don't forget that  Phoenix Rattler is Open For Entries August 1-29th. Hosted by the Christian Writers of the West.  YOU COULD WIN A KINDLE FIRE HD!! Entry consists of the first 15 pages of your manuscript.YOU CAN DO 15 PAGES!!!  Details here.

The Phoenix Rattler is Open For Entries August 1-29th. Hosted by the Christian Writers of the West.  YOU COULD WIN A KINDLE FIRE HD!! Entry consists of the first 15 pages of your manuscript.YOU CAN DO 15 PAGES!!!

Contemporary (includes Contemporary, Women's, Romance) Michelle Grawkowski Agent, 3 Seas Literary Agency 

Historical (before 1960, includes Historical Romance) Susan Brower Natasha Kern Literary Agency 

Suspense, Romantic Suspense/Mystery Elizabeth Mazer Editor, Harlequin Love Inspired 

Young Adult (for under 18) Rachel Kent Agent, Books & Such Literary Management 

Fantasy/Science Fiction/Speculative Steve Laube President, The Steve Laube Literary Agency & Editor, Enclave Publishing  
- See more at:
 Hybrid Authors (Passive Voice)

FaithWords reaches Facebook milestone (Christian Retailing)

Editors Share Secrets for Aspiring Authors (GalleyCat)

We Found Some Killer Voices (Harlequin Blog)

Seekerville's Night Classes are almost over. We will not be holding classes in 2015 due to WE R BUSY-WRITING-NESS!



That's it! Have a great writing and reading weekend!


  1. Another great Weekend Edition! So many lovely people to wish CONGRATULATIONS to! Have a great weekend. Tina, be sure to pace yourself!

  2. What am I up to in these August dog days?

    I just wrote those two words that are the sweetest no matter how many times a writer writes them.

    THE END!!!!!!

    Plan to back off and take it easy for a few days before beginning revisions.

    Some great links. Thanks

    Coffee's brewing.

  3. "About three sisters who fought in the Civil War disguised as men despite them being stunningly beautiful and utterly feminine...which is why this is fiction."


  4. Good morning!

    A card playing rabbit? Wish I could've seen that!

    Congrats to all of the winners.

    I can only find Rock Your Plot as an ebook. Does anybody have a link to a hard copy version? Thanks!

  5. Virginia, that line cracked me up, too. :)

    Helen, thank you for the coffee!!!!!


    Marianne, we have a tether on Tina. We won't let her overdo. I promise.

    (laughing, laughing, laughing!!!)

  6. No dog days of summer here. Cool, rainy, I think I moved to Seattle.

    Positive side: Everything is lush and green. Ireland, maybe????

    Negative side: Veggies need LIFE JACKETS in the fields. :(

    Positive side: Haven't had to worry about AC!!!!!!!

    Negative side: MUD. MUD. MUD.

  7. Writing in August!!! Well, July's goal has been met... My September book for LI is finished 4 weeks early and AFS complete. Working on revisions form my Zondervan "Year of Weddings" novella (releasing this winter!!!!!) and I LOVE IT!!!! :)

    And then starting on a SPECIAL SECRET SURPRISE.... Shh.... it's a secret, publishing loves its secrets, but I think I can REVEAL IT SOON.....



    I'm pretty sure!!!!! :)

    I love telling secrets!!!!!!

    Writing day here at the O.K. Corral. (have I mentioned how much I love cowboys these days??????)

    I'm psyched, a couple of errands to run, but other than that, I'm revising a sweet contemporary set in Old City, Philadelphia, one of my favorite spots on the planet!!! I love Philly!!!

  8. Oh -- Ruthy, you have another novella coming out? Be still my heart! So -- curious -- do you write more than one book at a time in order to get all that accomplished?

    Congratulations Myra!!! Awesome book so I can see how you finaled! And congrats to the Seeker villagers who finaled as well.

    Great weekend edition -- and tons of wonderful news. Killer Voice announcement was the highlight of my week. Loved looking at those stats and 'knowing' some of the soon to be published authors!!!! You should have a Killer Voice party here in April when three of those debut novels hit the stands!

    I'm not happy about Abingdon cutting back on fiction. They have some wonderful authors there so I find that quite astonishing! Hopefully they will see the light while they contemplate their next move. Gah!

    And, hey, the Reader's Emotional Journey link goes to the Harlequin Books Reader's Shopping Guide...which was a cool diversion but as an emotional reader I was curious about that journey so I googled it and read mostly about tomatoes. LOL

    Great WE as always!

  9. Thanks, Tina, for another terrific Weekend Edition and its interesting links and happy news!

    Congratulations to our winners and to Myra for her Maggie final!
    And to all the Villagers who finaled in the unpubbed Maggies. Wahoo!

    Congrats, Helen, on typing The End! I've been missing your coffee.

    Looks like a great week ahead!

    I love Saturday's slower start. Hope you all have a great weekend!


  10. Tomatoes are important too, Kav.

    No one ever thinks about the poor tomato. Or tomatoe.

    As the case may be.

  11. Congratulations to all of the winners!!!!

    This is definitely a working weekend for me. I have an art fact sheet due, a book due and a proposal to work on that is due soon! In addition to two blog posts.

    YIKES....I'd better get busy!

  12. I don't want summer to end!!!!

    Wait, August isn't over...I have more time for fun in the sun! YAY!

    Great WE! Thanks, Tina.

    Congrats to all the winners.

    Ruthy, you're rockin' and rollin', girlfriend. So excited for you.

    I want to go to Audra's fair. What fun!

  13. CONGRATS to all the winners!
    Now I MUST sign up for Tina's class in October! :)

    Super busy weekend, but I baked a Georgia Peach Cobbler, so please enjoy---with homemade vanilla ice-cream if you'd like. ;)

    Hugs, Patti Jo

  14. p.s. Yikes! CONGRATS to Myra!! (and anyone else I overlooked). ;)
    Hugs, PJ

  15. Always a treat to see what interesting links Tina's come across for the WE! MUST stop back by later and check out several of them!

    Today is my ACFW chapter meeting, and it's going to be a good one! Award-winning romantic suspense author Lynette Eason is our speaker--can't wait!

    Glad to report the month of August is off to a great start for me. Now that I'm catching up after RWA, the wip is percolating nicely! Love-love-LOVE watching the little Scrivener word count progress bar turn from red to green each day!

    AND----Congratulations to all our Seekervillagers who are Maggie finalists!!! You rock!!!

  16. Congrats to the winners and super congrats to MYRA. We are NOT surprised. smile

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    I'm off to go play pickleball and then sell some books at the craft fair. YAY

  17. Hi Tina:

    As Kav has already pointed out, the link for “The Reader’s Emotional Journey (Writer Unboxed), actually goes to the Harlequin PDF file. Here is the intended link:

    BTW: This a great article. Totally consistent with RPP ideology. I like this guy Maass. Here’s a quote from the article to tempt others to read it:

    ”Here’s the thing: The reader’s emotional journey through your story is something you can plan, control and engineer for a purpose. It needn’t be an accidental byproduct, or an effect you hope to have. It’s fine to stir readers but why settle for that when you can lure, surprise, anger and finally lift your readers emotionally?”

    Better yet: half the article is about tomatoes. Ruth needs to read this. I can’t wait to try Maass’ serving suggestion. Everyone keeps giving Linda homegrown tomatoes at this time of year. We’re tomato rich.


  18. Vince, thanks for the link! I'm jealous that you're tomato rich. I want a huge homegrown tomato!! Must get to a farmer's market or check in with a friend at church who is usually overrun with tomatoes.


  19. Thanks for the peach cobbler, Patti Jo! I'm bummed to read that peaches are on the dirty dozen list of pesticide laden foods. I guessing your peaches are organic.


  20. Hi Tina:

    Wonderful WE, again.
    Of course.
    Lots of good links.

    I’ve already have pasted “These romance writers ditched their publishers for ebooks — and made millions” into my Scrivener Writing Research project. I have books by all those authors and I really expected to see Ruth’s picture in that group. Maybe next article. (Didn’t James do a night class for the Seekers? I took it whoever gave it.)

    This has been a great week for me. I won a book I’ve most wanted to win since the “May the K-9 Spy” series of books -- “Fifty Shades of Greyhound”! I also had a guest agree with one of my long comments! I was struck speechless!

    Then I discovered another “Second Chance” book, (”The Widower’s Second Chance”) which I now have on my Kindle, and which has a gazebo on the cover. The last “Second Chance” book I read was “The Lawman’s Second Chance” and it was one of the best books I’ve read all year. Buying by title key words can really work. I’m now reading a “Stranded” book which is going great. Now if I can only find a “Runaway Bride” book. I’ve never read one I didn’t like!

    This was the week that was!


    P.S. Audra: how does that card playing rabbit do at poker? Does it wag its tail when it has a good hand or is it impossible for a human to read?

  21. Vince, Vince, quote, The Princess Bride...AS YOU WISH.

    The book I am working on now and about to turn in soon is a RUNAWAY BRIDE STORY.


  22. Hi Virginia:

    You can get “Rock Your Plot” as a paper back on Amazon in a collection of four books. I’m reading “Rock Your Revisions” right now and it alone is worth the price. I never read anything that good about revisions. Here is info on that book:

    The Rock Your Writing Series (Volume 5)

    This is a compendium of four books: ROCK YOUR PLOT, ROCK YOUR REVISIONS, ROCK YOUR QUERY, and WRITE EVERY DAY. It covers simple systems to plan out your story, as well as clearly outlining the three-pass plan for editing…

    Two of these books have Audible versions which I find very helpful to listen to after I’ve read the book. The audio brings all the key points back to mind from the book.

    BTW: Have you bought the DVD for “Austenland” yet? I’m reading the book and it is a very different experience than the movie. The two go great together!


  23. Hey, did you know it's National Book Lover's Day? Not sure if that is just Canada or if it's world wide but my local Christian book store has an online special to celebrate. Buy one book, get the second one half price. I've never used their online service because their delivery fee is highish. I did a comparison shop with amazon and even with the free shipping it was still a good deal with Salem so I bought my books from them, supporting a local family business and Christian authors and publishers. How that for a way to celebrate National Book Lovers Day.

    I read over the Phoenix Rattler page synopsis? That's sooooo cruel.

  24. Kav! Thanks for the update. I added a link!

  25. So that means I forgive you for tomato bashing.

  26. Vince, it has been pointed out to me that you think E.L. James taught a night class in Seekerville.

    E.L. James wrote the 50 Shades of Gray, sexual bondage trilogy.

    You took a class from Jill Elizabeth Nelson called Deep Point of View.

    Trying not to choke here.

  27. Dying laughing!!!!!

    Maybe Vince is thinking of a different James.... Although Tina's return comment has me 50 Shades of Hysterical, LOL!

    Okay, bondage aside, I must stick up for the humble tomato, many of which are on my cute produce wagon out front RIGHT NOW!!!!! I love to see people enjoy the fruits... and veggies!... of Dave and Seth's labors!

  28. KAV!!!!! Isn't it too much fun???? There's a fun list of Ruthy things coming out next year and I'm beyond blessed and excited!!!!!

    YAY!!!!!! God blessed me with Natasha Kern and she has been just marvelous at hooking me up with great opportunities and that's beyond marvelous.... It's a God-given chance to grow readership and touch hearts.

    Part of this is what I'm talking about on Thursday when I blog, that learning how to spin the plates... and when to get help... is a huge part of growing success.

    Happy in Upstate!

    And right now, today, seeing the Middle East turmoil.... I am so blessed to be here. To be under the red, white and blue. To be with youse guys. I'm thanking every person who fought for our freedom over the past 400 years.

    Thank you. Bless you.


  29. Must go back to rocking my revisions.

    Coffee in hand.

  30. Great WE! Thanks Tina.

    However, I could have done without seeing the link to The Hazards of Sitting again this week. :(

    Loved, loved, loved seeing those cute Seeker baskets at the Boulder County Fair! And, the Queen taught her rabbit to play cards. Now that would be a must-see for sure.

  31. HELEN!!! Congrats on typing THE END!

    Su-weet indeed!

  32. Hi Tina:

    The writer was Ella James and she gave the class with a partner. I think you might have even been in the class. Ella also writes adult romances. I have not read E. L. James but I have read Ella James and have books by the other authors in that story – except the “Fifty Shades” author. I think these authors must have all offered free books at one time. I seem to always be seeing Bella Andre on the top 100 books on Amazon. I need to find out what she is doing. I also need to take the Amazon 101 course again. I’m about ready to put my real estate books on Kindle.

  33. Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope you're having a great weekend!

    Thanks for the WE Tina. I'm so excited about all our Maggie finalists!!

    Congrats, Helen!! I love typing The End.

  34. Ruthy, has it still not quit raining there???

    It's gorgeous here. You need to head south and forget those poor veggies.


  35. Vince.... Ella James....


    I don't remember that at all, but then....

    That's not necessarily a surprise, my friend! In fact, I can't find Ella James giving classes on the Internet.

    Missy... It's nice today. It was dry yesterday. You can ALMOST walk in the field without sinking.


    But I'm loving the lower temps. Less whining from the Ruthinator!!!!

  36. Aw, Patti, peaches.... Dave brought some home from the store because ours are a week or two out, still, and I can promise everyone that there are probably no organic (for real) peaches in NYS. I might be wrong, but fruits draw so many bugs that it's ridiculous.

    And then they're subject to blights, viruses, fungi....

    Depending on the weather, various pests call peach orchards their home!!! The stinkin' brats.

    I'm making the peach pie I had in Yankee Belle last weekend...

    Which reminds me, we should all go see what Virginia Carmichael's got going today!!!!


  37. I've been doing A LOT of traveling to see the kiddos, which has made this one of the BEST summers yet!!

    SUPER CONGRATS to all the Maggie finalists -- that is a HUGE contest for writers, pubbed and aspiring, so go, guys!!

    WHOO-HOO, Helen, on writing those two magical words!! You deserve some days off, girlfriend!!

    Oooo, Ruthy, you've got me excited about your upcoming secret ... :)

    Great WE as always, Teenster!!

    Hugs and HAPPY WEEKEND, ALL!!


  38. Ruth:

    I found it! The online course was “Roses Plotting Boothcamp” and the instructor was Elle James. All this time I’ve been reading Ella James’ books thinking she was Elle James. I just hope these two authors are benefiting from E.L. James’ fame.

  39. So many good articles this WE. Congratulations to those Maggie finalists. I'm planning on going to M&M this year. Maybe I'll be cheering you on tbere.

    I agree with Ruthy. I'm so glad to be an American. I saw a map showing all the places Christians are persecuted, and it looked to cover over a third of the entire world. I hope every Christian will pray for all those who must hide or run or face death for their faith.

  40. I agree with Debby that I don't want to see summer end. School starts next week, which means going back to my day job as a substitute teacher. And my son will be returning to college in less than two weeks. So it is hard to see August here already. It has been a good summer.

  41. Vince, well done my friend! I thought I was losing it there for a minute...

    Hush RADCLIFFE!!!!!

    Elaine Manders Amen. We need to pray and do as we're able to stop this.... I cannot imagine the evil mindset that turns people into monsters. Counting my blessings and praying with all of you that people can live in faith-filled peace regardless of creed.

    God would never, ever want this.

  42. Sandy Smith you go back early! Up here, we've got 4 weeks yet, but I know that's not the same all over and that Georgia and AZ are already back in session.... But I love that then northern kids get a chance to really embrace the months of nice weather, and then....



  43. Ella James. Noooo. Oh, wait I know who you are talking about. Elle James. She did a plotting bootcamp.

    I missed it. Didn't get in under the deadline.

  44. But she didn't do it with Seekerville.

  45. Oh, I see you found it too, Vince.

    I think she has a writing sister as well.

  46. This morning I am still revising (nodding to all of you who think Ruthy ever gets it RIGHT on the first time, hahahahaha!) and cooking a turkey today.

    On the porch, in the big roaster oven, so I don't heat up the house....

    And banana cream pie. And a peachy cheesecake because Patti Jo inspires me to reach higher!!! Go faster!!!! Be peachier!!!!!

    Shame on you, Patti Jo!!!!

  47. Gee, I read the WE and most of the links yesterday ... and totally forgot to drop by to say, "Thanks for all the info, Tina!"

    So, now I have :-)

    Hope everyone's having a good weekend!

    Nancy C

  48. P.S. Congrats to all the winners in all your different endeavors -- Helen, this includes you and your 'the end' accomplishment.

    And in a totally non-paid never-bribed moment of 'one writer to another' ... Tina's self-editing class is fantastic. She's very generous with her info. This comes as no surprise, I am sure :-)

    Nancy C

  49. Nancy, you are a very nice person and the check is in the mail.

  50. Aww.... She said you didn't pay her.

    You coulda gotten out of this CHEAP!!!!

  51. Congrats to all the Maggie finalists!

  52. Oh, wow, I better catch that mail man. I thought I was supposed to pay her. Silly moi.