Saturday, September 27, 2014


Julie Lessman

Today's Weekend Edition is a split event. We'll be sharing LIVE from ACFW #14 in St. Louis and later today and tomorrow sharing the gala pictures.

Don't forget that Tina Radcliffe will be tweeting live from the Saturday night gala at  Go  to the ACFW Conference web page for the live blog link to the gala here.    

 We also launch our 7th Birthday Celebration on Wednesday, October 1st. During the month of October we blog every single day. We will be giving away a $50 gift card from various online stores each Sunday in October. We will also be collecting names (not numbers of comments) for the drawing for our grand prize-an iPad mini. Winner announced on Saturday, November 1st. 

Psst! The  Sunday giveaway is a $50.00 Amazon gift card. 
Inside view of author's conference purse. (Thanks Melissa Endlich for motivating the purse cleaning)

We Have Winners

 Be sure to contact us if you are a winner (send an email to with your snail mail address unless email is specified). We don't have time to track you down. Do let us know if you don't receive your prize in 6-8 weeks. Rules are located here, on our legal page
Name those familiar faces. Left to right. Winner gets a surprise book from conference.

The ACFW conference week began on Monday and Stay-at-Home Ruthy Logan Herne was your hostess here to spur you in the right direction with her typical "Go Get 'Em, Tiger!!!" diatribe on how you should appreciate... and USE... this time. Winner a $25 Amazon gift card is Sally Shupe.Oopsie, I missed the Randomizer's other winner, due to the fact that I am TIRED and BUZZING WITH CONTEST ENERGY! Kav also won a $25 Amazon gift card.

Tuesday, Harvest House Content Writer Amber Stokes joined Sandra Leesmith today to talk about Marketing Among Friends - a current wave of marketing philosophy with good old-fashioned values.  Winners of the five wonderful books are: Miranda A Uyeh wins a copy of Perfect Life.  Mary Hicks wins a copy of Choose Love. Edwina wins a copy of Amish Blacksmith. Walt Mussell wins a copy of Get Unstuck Be Unstoppable. And KC Frantzen wins a copy of Fortune Cookie.  Be sure and email the Seekerville address and give us your snail mail address. Thank you, Amber!

Wednesday, author Nancy Kimball was our guest. Nancy returns with "Behind the Scenes of Audiobook Production." Nancy shared a glimpse behind the curtain at how her debut novel Chasing the Lion was brought to life on audiobook.Winners of three downloads of her audiobook are Sally Bradley and Becke and Cindy W. CONGRATS and thanks, Nancy!

 Jane Choate returned to Seekerville Thursday to discuss the attributes of our characters and how we can delve deeper into their lives. Jane is a new Love Inspired Suspense author! Winner of her October release, Keeping Watch, is DebH. Thank you, Jane!

Seeker Tina Radcliffe was "Live from ACFW" in St. Louis where she is a 2014 Mentor of the Year Finalist and her release Mending the Doctor's Heart is a finalist in the short novel category. Tina shared shots of friends of Seekerville at conference. SMILE FOR THE CAMERA! We have stay at home winners! Winner of a $25 Amazon gift card is Courtney Phillips and the winner of Ruthy's (originally Tina's) box of chocolate are Lyndee and Jana.
Mary Connealy, Jan Drexler and Helen Gray
Debby Giusti and Terri Weldon

Tina Radcliffe, Jessica Nelson and Dana Lynn
Mary Connealy, Editor Charlene Patterson and  Lauraine Snelling
The Love Inspired Editors! Melissa Endlich, Emily Rodmell, and Shana Asaro
L to R, Mary, Debby, Linette Mullins, Janet, Tina, Julie and Jessica Nelson

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Today we welcome Love Inspired Suspense author Laura Scott. She'll be sharing with her post, "Open Your Book with a BANG!" And she's giving away two copies of her latest release, Down to the Wire!

Tuesday: We're thrilled to have Love Inspired Suspense and Indie author, Lisa Phillips back with us today. Join her for her post, “Lost in Translation or, How to rock the novella, the epic-length novel, and everything in between.” She's also got a giveaway to share-two copies of Star Witness!

Wednesday:It's Here!! Seekerville's 7TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION! Be sure to stop by as Mary Connealy kicks off a month full of fantastic blog posts, special guests, giveaways, and general fun! You don't want to miss it.

Thursday: Welcome Amanda Cabot back to Seekerville as she poses seven questions everyone who wants to write a contemporary novel should ask. Amanda has a new book coming out in October! Join the fun and one commentor will receive a copy of At Bluebonnet Lake.

Friday:Join Audra Harders as she shares "7 Survival Tips for authors who try to balance family, friends and work  -- and stay sane!" Leave a comment for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift certificate.

Saturday: Time for the October Contest Update. Stop by to meet the October Contest Diva/Divo. The prize vault is open.
Mary Connealy, Editor Charlene Patterson and  Lauraine Snelling and Julie Lessman

Irene Hannon and Julie Lessman

Seeker Sightings

Missy Tippens will be celebrating her new release from Love Inspired, The Guy Next Door, online and in person. Hope you can come for one or all!

Book Release Celebration and Signing! Sunday, September 28th, 12:15-1:30 pm at Winder First United Methodist Church, Winder, GA. Room #131.

October 1: Petit Fours & Hot Tamales Blog    
October 2: The Love Inspired Authors Blog  
October 6-10: Margaret Daley's blog  

Three Seekers in a Barbour historical collection!  Available for pre-order now,  The Homestead Brides Collection is 9 great stories of life... and love!.... on the American prairie. Join Mary Connealy, Ruthy Logan Herne, Pam Hillman and six other delightful authors as their characters fall in love while they settle the great American West. The Homestead Brides Collection: 9 Pioneering Couples Risk All for Love and Land.

Mary Connealy's Christmas novella, The Advent Bride, is available right now for pre-order in all ebook formats. It's on sale for $0.99. 

 The Advent Bride
Melanie Douglas, a lonely school teacher and widower Henry O’Keeffe, the overworked, grieving father of her most troubled student. When Melanie challenges Henry’s negligent fathering, Henry, to avoid admitting any failing, challenges her to be a teacher and manage her school. Melanie finds a mysterious box in the cold, attic where she is boarding with a cruel old woman—the only house with an available room in the small Nebraska frontier town.

Hidden drawers give her an idea of how to wring good behavior out of Simon.
As Melanie and little Simon search the box for hidden gifts, Henry becomes involved and while searching for hidden gifts, he finds something far more important...the tender heart for his son that seemed to have died with his wife. And an awakening love for the young woman who is bringing his family back to life.

The three of them journey toward Christmas one secret at a time, learning about God, about each other and about how love can replace sadness with joy.

FREE THIS WEEKEND! 9/26-9/28 Safely Home, Ruth Logan Herne's beautiful independent novel of healing, hope and coming home is free on Amazon for your Kindle or device with a Kindle app... or use the free Amazon Whispernet download for your computer and start reading right away!  
Mary and Tom
Jessica Nelson and Mary Connealy

New Villager Jennifer White and our pal Hallee Bridgeman

Random News & Information


Remember, this is the last weekend to sign up for Self-Editing for Beginners. Evites go out on Monday. Details here.

Sandra Bishop has joined the Transatlantic Literary Agency as an agent. Earlier in her career she was a vice president at McGregor Literary, where she worked for six years before going out on her own as an independent agent, and she will continue to work out of Portland, OR. (Publishers Lunch)

Should You Be Using a Pen Name? (The Book Designer) 

10 Tips To Help Writers Stay Focused (The Book Baby Blog)

5 Moral Dilemmas That Make Characters (& Stories) Better (WD) 

Blessing Or Curse? The Modern Writer’s Dilemma (The Passive Voice)

Just added:

Diana Gabaldon: Busy Day. How to Write (Diana Gabaldon) 

Harlequin's SO YOU THINK YOU CAN WRITE, now taking your entry!

Janet Dean, Debby Giusti and Meghan Carver

Sheryl (sister of Glynna) and Glynna Kaye

Jennifer ALlee, Lisa Karon Richardson and Mary Connealy

Cecilia Dowdy and Mary Connealy
The Gala
Mary Connealy & Melissa Jagears

Glynna Kaye, Janet Dean, Jan Drexler, Christine Johnson & Jackie Layton
Erica Vetsch, Mary Connealy, Patti Jo Moore and Glynna Kaye

Editors, Emily Rodemll and Shana Asaro from Harlequin Love Inspired

Tina Radcliffe, note the new pashmina-a gift from Seeker sisters Debby Giusti and Janet Dean

Author Kate Breslin and Tina Radcliffe

Tina Radcliffe and Sara Ella (Genesis winner YES)!!!

Genesis winner Candee Fick (YES!) and Tina Radcliffe!!!

 That's the end!


Lyndee H said...

SWWEEETTT! Great WE AND Chocolate!

Thanks Ruthy and Tina! (Should I feel guilty about winning Tina's chocolate?)

GREAT WE, Tina! Loving all the photos and I feel the suspense building. Looking forward to everyone's good news tomorrow!

Melissa Jagears said...

Hey, Tina, the baby decided to sing for an hour to go to sleep, cuz of course, I had nowhere to be. :) Sorry I missed you!

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Um, Lyndee. NO. NO. NO. She's off partying, we're keepin' down the fort, workin' the words!!!


Besides, someone there will take pity on her and sneak her a Mounds bar.


Ruth Logan Herne said...



(thinks. waits. laughs)...

It's virtual. No fancy dress ball. (tosses diet plan and gets virtually thin in time for 7th Seekerville Birthday Bash)!!!!

:) I cannot wait to have fun with all o' youse this month! #psyched!

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Melissa, babies are such... babies.

He's so stinkin' cute though, all dimples and smiles. Mostly. :)

Kav said...

This is sooooooooooo much fun!!!! Thank you for taking time out of your conferencing to take these pics and post them!!!! And thanks to Ruthy for holding down the fort!!!

Okay, going to give naming everyone a try. Here goes, left to right:

Patti Jo Moore, ?, Tina, Sandra Orchard, Janet Dean, Candee Fick, Glynna, Jeanne T., Debby, Mindy

And before I forget...congrats to Jeanne T. and, of course,

Happy Birthday Seekerville!!!! Seven years...amazing.

Mary Connealy said...

Hi from ACFW. I'm awake for NO GOOD REASON! I'm sure I'll pay for this later today but I woke up at 3:30 and lay awake an hour before I resigned myself to accepting that morning had come.

Piper Huguley said...

This is a great recap! Makes me feel as if I'm almost there! Keep up the great coverage and big congrats to Jeanne!

Rose said...

Whoo hoo! It looks like everyone is having a great time!

Love, love, love the pictures.

Tina Radcliffe said...

An interesting side note. The Joyce Meyer Ministries conference attendees are at the hotel too. You can just FEEEEL the spirit of the Lord in this place. WOWZA!

Tina Radcliffe said...

Oh, no, Lyndee. All is fair in love and chocolate wars.

My purse BTW has been carrying around a caramel apple for 12 hours. The hotel gave them away free.

What a great hotel. I want to burst into song at odd moments.


Wilani Wahl said...

Congratulations to all the winners!

Loving the pictures and news from the conference.

Congratulations Jeanne!

Keep us updated and those at the conference have fun.

Tina Radcliffe said...

Saw Melissa Jagears! The woman looks amazing and beautiful woman.

Audra Harders said...

Congratulations, Jeanne!! WooHoo, Fraizer Award Winner!

Well, that was a great place to start commenting on all the great info in this WE!!!! Wow, what a lot going on in St. Louis.

Thanks for posting so many pictures, too. I love seeing the fun others are having so I can live vicariously through them...

Audra Harders said...

So many Seeker friends having fun at conference. We are truly blessed.

Oh wait, AND the Seekers having fun, too. We can't forget that : )

Audra Harders said...

Awards banquet tonight. All the nominees are in my prayers!!!!!

Mary Hicks said...

Enjoyed the photos as always! Ruthy, well done this past week!!!! :-)

And it's another good WE, Tina, thanks again.

I'm happy to win Amber Stokes, Choose Love! Thank you Amber!

Everyone have a great weekend!:-)

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Aw, Mary Hicks, thank you!!!!

Listen, I've got to TIME MY MOMENTS when they're gone, and as you can see, it's been a group effort...

Sandra picked on me.

Myra picked on me.

Missy picked on me.

I am feelin' the LOVE!!!! :)

So excited for tonight!!!!! Have so much fun!!!! And thank you, thank you, thank you for the pics!

Love 'em!!!

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Jeanne, how cool that you won that award! Congratulations!

Tina Radcliffe said...

I met Mark Abel and his lovely wife last night too.

Sally Shupe said...

Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you so much!

Ruthy, I just love your excitement and encouragement. You inspire me! Yay for Seekerville's birthday month. Looking forward to it. Now back to writing these stories that are demanding to be told. Thank you Ruthy for getting me back in routine! I have found an accountability partner, could probably use a few more, just to keep me in line, and some for feedback lol.

Tina, thanks for sharing all the wonderful ACFW pictures! Looks like everyone is having a wonderful time!

Missy Tippens said...

Happy Saturday!!

I'm loving these photos. Thanks, Tina and the rest of you for sharing! Looks like a fabulous time!!

Missy Tippens said...

Congratulations, Jeanne!!! Woo hoo!!

Marianne Barkman said...

It looks like you are having an amazing weekend! Living it through the pictures! Thanks, TINA!

Ruth Logan Herne said...



We'll do this together. There's safety... and FUN!!!... in numbers!

Go you!

Sandra Leesmith said...

Wow, I'm awestruck with all the great news and photos. What a wonderful time you are all having.

Congrats to Jeanne T.

Happy writing all of you at home.

Natalie Monk said...

Happy-Almost-Birthday, Seekerville!!! :))

Congrats winners!!!

Hmm. Let's see. Patti Jo Moore, Lisa Jordan, Tina Radcliffe, Sandra Orchard, Janet Dean, Candee Fick, Glynna Kaye, Jeanne Takenaka, Debby Giusti, Mindy Obenhaus. Maybe? Not sure about some of the spellings.

Great WE! Loving the links and pics!

Abbi Hart said...

Loving all these ACFW pictures! Can't wait for the Birthday party!

Myra Johnson said...

LOL, Ruthy, like you NEVER pick on us!!!!

Great to see all the ACFW pix--thanks, Tina! I'll be cheering for you from afar tonight during the awards gala!

Ruth Logan Herne said...




It's not picking on you, darling girl. I call it "Encouragement With a Baseball Bat."

Whatever works.

Myra Johnson said...


Ruth Logan Herne said...

Ruthy is confused.


Is that code for "Kill the Ruthinator!!!!!"


Jeanne T said...

Thanks fork the congrats! :) Just so you know, I love you Seeker ladies! :) I've loved running into some of you at ACFW. ;)

Tracey Hagwood said...

Smiling to see all the Seekers, friends and other authors at the conference, it's almost like being there.

TINA'S tweeted pictures of all the gala finery are beautiful.

RUTHY, you have done a great job this week cracking the whip and keeping us all laughing.

Mending the Doctors Heart just has to win that Carol!!!Anxiously awaiting the news!

May the K9 Spy (and KC Frantzen) said...

WOW, I'm all excited and not even THERE!

And wow, I'm a winner from last week too. FAB!!!

This is what I was up to today in case anyone wants to check it out. Homesteads Apple Festival!!

Ruth Logan Herne said...

They're doing the Carols now.....

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Melissa won for the novella category!!!!!!


Ruth Logan Herne said...

Tracey, darling, thank you, I purchased new whips for the occasion!!! :)

Ruth Logan Herne said...


Ruth Logan Herne said...

Oh, happy day, oh glorious day!!!!

Chill N said...

TINA!!!!! How wonderful, splendiferous, fantastic and well-deserved!!!

Nancy C

Mary Curry said...


They're setting off fireworks outside my house. Someone must know you won a CAROL!

Jamie Adams said...

My laptop crashed when Melissa came up to give her acceptance speech but I did get back on in time to hear Tina's! Congratulations to all the winners.

Chill N said...

MELISSA! Such fun to watch you accept the award -- and to hear the voice that goes with the face :-) Enjoy, celebrate ... CONGRATULATIONS!

Nancy C

Missy Tippens said...

Woo hooo!!!!!! Congrats to Melissa and Tina and who have I missed?? Sara Ella!!

TEEEEENNAAAA!!! Okay, I had to get that out of my system. :)

Tracey Hagwood said...


Wilani Wahl said...

Congratulations Tina and Melissa!

Sorry if I missed any the video stream kept cutting in and out. But it was worth watching!

Mary Curry said...

Jamie, I had the opposite problem. I heard Melissa's just fine (such a lovely speech), but the feed froze on Tina's face. :)

Jamie Adams said...

That's funny, Mary :) They both looked great.

Mary Curry said...

Yes, Congratulations to Sara as well. I loved what you said about Tina teaching you about story and change.

Mary Curry said...

And so it doesn't get lost in my other comments - CONGRATS to Melissa and Laurie as well.

Clari Dees said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Tina! I am so happy for you!

It has been a fantastic conference, and it's so much fun to recognize so many of names they announced for all the different awards. Congratulations to all the winners and finalists!

Meghan Carver said...

This has been such an amazing conference!

Jeanne, congratulations and so great getting to know you in person!

Tina, congratulations!!! It's a terrific book.

How wonderful to meet Seekers, especially Janet and Debby. Such sweet and encouraging ladies! Thanks for welcoming a shy newbie. :-)

Natalie Monk said...

Congrats to Tina and Melissa! Woot Woot!!! You guys (gals) are awesome! :))

Marilyn Baxter said...

I am so looking forward to that blog about balancing family, friends, work and writing. I've not been doing such a great job lately. I'm under contract (YAY!) and am generally on track but I am not where I should be. At least I still have until January 1st. But in the meantime, revisions for the first book I sold will come in and I'll have to deal with those.

Calgon, take me away!

Marilyn Baxter said...

Oh, and many congratulations to all the award winners! Seekerville did well.

Amber Stokes said...

Looks like fun times!! :)

Congratulations to all the winners - happy reading! And thank you for having me as a guest again this past week. Always a great time!


Janet Kerr said...

Congratulations to the Winners!


Ruth Logan Herne said...

I'm up in the wee smalls to work before going to the grape festival where my wedding trilogy will be set.... and so excited to see twitter and facebook plastering Tina and Melissa's names, Sara Ella and Laurie.... Oh, I'll have missed someone, but it's just crazy fun!

And HUGE RUTHY CONGRATS to ALL FINALISTS. Honestly to make it through the judging (especially in a non-specific category like short contemporary because it included ALL short novels, not just romance) is a huge accomplishment.

Brava to all! And to our Teeeeeena, Hooray Again To You! Vince had it right, he said "God knew way back when that I'd be praying NOW and he can make things happen."

Oh, that God!!!

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Marilyn, just go day by day. Don't look down the long road except to plan the days... but go day by day with the small goals and it all adds up! You can do this!

Elaine Manders said...

Congratulations to Tina, Melissa, and all the other ACFW winners.

Jeanne T, big accomplishment, so happy for you.

Safe journey home going out to all travelers.

Great job keeping the home fires burning, Ruthy.

Tina Radcliffe said...

Gosh,you guys are so nice. A person could get a large head. But fortunately we have Ruthy to kick us in the buns if that happens.

So lovely to meet, Jackie Layton, Terri Weldon, Cecelia Dowdy, Sara Ella, Candee Fick, Meghan Carver, Dana Lynn, Clari Dees, Linette Mullins in person for the first time.

Those teeny tiny Blogger photos do not do any of you lovely ladies justice!

Tina Radcliffe said...

oooooh, oooooh, Susan Ann Mason and Hallee Bridgeman too. And Kate Breslin, Mark Abel and Susan Crawford.

Brain overload onset in progress.

Julie Hilton Steele said...

So, so, so happy for you all but especially Tina!! Even ManO knows Tina!

Congrats to all the winners and the finalists. You are a great bunch!

Peace, Julie.

Dana R. Lynn said...

Loved all the pictures! What a fantastic recap of a great weekend.

Cindy W. said...

Congratulations Melissa & Tina! Woo! Hoo! I bet you are both doing the Snoopy Dance!

Thanks for sharing all the pictures!

Smiles & Blessings,
Cindy W.

Mary Curry said...

So where's the correction that says you were contest buzzed and missed the randomizer that says Mary also won chocolate? :)

Hope you're still buzzing.

Sandra Leesmith said...

WOW TEENSTER I am soooooo excited for you.


And Congrats to all the other Seeker winners. YAY!!!!

Lyndee H said...


Congratulations, Tina! I loved that book. SO thrilled to see you honored for your work.

Congrats to Melissa, too! What a great night!

Thanks for the photos and keeping us apprised of all the events. The week passed quickly on this end.

RUTHY, I passed the goals - got in over 12,000 words as of yesterday. That's double my typical weekly count. I will work toward keeping that up, although a lot suffered around the house while I was writing. Like some people need clean socks and such. And, oh yeah, they expect to EAT! Spoil-sports...

cathyann40 said...

Oh id love to win an Amazon giftcard.

Pat Jeanne Davis said...

Congratulations to Tina and Melissa. I'm so very happy for you.
And also congrats to Jeanne T. on the Frazier.

Sandy Smith said...

Congratulations to all the winners! Excited for all of you.

Wilani Wahl said...

thank you for all the pictures! I have loved looking at them. Hope everyone gets rested after the busy week

Jackie said...

Congratulations to Tina and all the winners this weekend.

Tina was stunning in her new Pashmina.

Everybody who visits Seekerville is a winner because of all the great things you ladies do for us. Thanks!

Julie Lessman said...

TEENA SAID: "What a great hotel. I want to burst into song at odd moments. IS THAT WRONG??"

LOL ... and THIS before you even won your Carol Award!!! I bet the singing didn't stop after that, not even in the shower!!

SOOOO thrilled for you and ALL the winners!! YAY, JEANNE T, too -- you guys ROCK!!!

I didn't attend the conference, but I did hang out in Starbucks and with the Seekers after nine, so I had a BLAST!! Miss all the Seekers SOOO much and especially the Seekers holding down the fort at home -- wish you had been here!!

I was going to say, "now back to normal," but that isn't true because BIRTHDAY MONTH is upon us -- nothing normal about that!!! :)


Jill Weatherholt said...

Congratulations to Tina, Jeanne and Melissa!

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Lyndee, darling, no woman's tombstone should EVER SAY "She kept a great house"....



Ruth Logan Herne said...

This at-home Seeker had a lot of fun here.... My four-year-olds are learning fire safety and I finished a delightful proposal.... and 10K in my cowboy book, so that one will wrap up in the next two weeks and >breathe< I'll have my FIRST WATERBROOK NOVEL UNDER MY BELT.

I can't believe how happy I am to be doing this!

So the stay-at-homes might go another time.... I'm thinking Nashville might be Ruthy-Hangs-In-The-Lobby when she's not checking out country singers!!!! I love Nashville.

Vince said...

“That's the end!”


It’s just the beginning!

Now that the winners and finalists have learned how to do it and have seen their success tickets validated, you’ll see a burst of creative energy unseen up to now! Just look at Ruth’s production since her Carol nomination! Ruth is still picking up speed!!! (It’s getting scary!)

I’m so happy for Tina because it just makes it seem like all’s right with the world. Tina has fine tuned her craft with countless writing posts and endless how-to WE links. In “Mending the Doctor’s Heart”, Tina has written what she knows. The medical realism in that story gave it an extra dimension of delight!

The Seekers are also Finders!
Also trusted guides!
Also an inspiration in inspiration!

There seems to be no better time for a Birthday celebration!

Just think how much better writers we all can become in the coming year.

Thanks all.

Mary Connealy said...


Ruth Logan Herne said...

I love this celebration!!!!

May the K9 Spy (and KC Frantzen) said...


Tina!!! Congratulations!!! 1st Place!
Totally loved that book so, we concur!

Gorgeous dress and YOU, and pashmina too - WTG ladies - you did good. :)

(Very late commenting - but wanted to!)

Mrs. Curry said...

Ruthy, YES, Nashville!!! That's the one I'm waiting for cause it's in August.

Tanya Agler said...

Congratulations, Tina, on your award. Congratulations to Melissa as well. I also saw on Tina's twitter feed that a fellow member of my local chapter won an award, so I'd like to give a shout out to Kristi Ann Hunter as well.
Hope everyone had a fabulous time in St. Louis and is now pumped up for some great writing.

Helen Gray said...


Got home earlier today, but crashed before getting caught up on computer stuff.

Had a great time. Seeing Tina and Melissa up there getting their awards rounded out a wonderful weekend.

Jackie Smith said...

Congrats to Tina and excited for you!

Thanks for all the pics shared of ACFW.....enjoyed them!

CatMom said...

Great WE, and to all the Seekers and Villagers I saw at ACFW---it was WONDERFUL seeing you all. And to those who couldn't attend this year, you were missed.

SOOOO EXCITED about TINA!!! I told her this morning that I think she should now be called: Tina Carol ;)

Also EXCITED about Melissa Jagears and HER Carol Award!! And I got to see her precious baby boy this morning in the hotel--such a cutie!

Pat W said...

Congrats to both Tina and Melissa!

Melissa Jagears said...

I look a little scary in that picture with Mary, was that after the people were soooooo not going to let me in because I didn't have the right card?

Thanks for the congrats everyone, SOOO glad Tina and I got some fun bookshelf bling together!

Jessica Nelson said...

Awesome pics, links, info!!! It's always such a warm pleasure to see the Seeker ladies and other Seeker friends.

Thanks for keeping us updated and congrats to all the winners!!!

Are we still naming people? Cuz I think I know everyone in that first pic. LOL