Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Weekend Edition

The Seekerville Party Planners are busy preparing for October! Our 7th Birthday here in Seekerville. Keep your schedule open because we've got some amazing guests and prizes every single day, plus every week, and big birthday blowout prize at the end of the month! Our birthday month is when we thank YOU our villagers for our success.

We Have Winners

 Be sure to contact us if you are a winner (send an email to with your snail mail address unless email is specified). We don't have time to track you down. Do let us know if you don't receive your prize in 6-8 weeks. Rules are located here, on our legal page.

 Tuesday, Mary Connealy continued her series on emotions with "The Medium is the Message - Are Your Books Running Hot or Cold?" Winner of their choice of any of her books (that she has) is Connie Brown (Mary will contact Connie to work out the details). The winner of Cheryl St. John's  Writing with Emotion, Tension and Conflict is Terri. 

On Wednesday Abingdon Press author Lisa Carter returned to Seekerville with her post, "Settings So Real You’ll Be Tempted to Pack a Suitcase." Vince and DebH are winners of her latest release, Under a Turquoise Sky. Thank you, Lisa!

Thursday  2014 ACFW Genesis Double Finalist Candee Fick shared about how to keep going when the writing journey feels like a never-ending story. Stop by for a much needed dose of encouragement. Winner of a $10 Amazon gift card is Mindy Obenhaus.

Friday we celebrated the September Contest Update and crowned of our September Contest Diva Cindy Regnier. The winner a first-ten page critique is Jennifer Smith. The winner a copy of any Seeker book currently available or available for pre-order on Amazon- for Kindle or in print is Megan Besing.

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Love Inspired author Missy Tippens will be bringing you a nice friendly kick in the pants--Ruthy style! Drop by and let's discuss "5 Ways to Beat Average." Not only will your writing improve, but you may even lose a pound or two!

Tuesday: Oh, no, she's back!!! Dig out your grammar texts and start cramming, Seekerville, because on Tuesday Grammar Queen returns! And, as you know, GQ is not shy about starting the day with a pop quiz. (Actually, she's not shy about much of anything.) If you want to impress her (and who doesn't, because she's SO scary!), brush up on confusing soundalike word pairs. Ace the quiz and you could earn one of GQ's coveted gold stars. Or just audit the class and play it cool (and maybe GQ won't notice). Be sure to pipe up when she calls roll and you could be entered in a drawing for your own copy of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, Second Edition: How to Edit Yourself Into Print, by Renni Browne and Dave King.

Wednesday: What’s the MOST valuable thing Julie Lessman learned from a writer’s conference? Well, I can tell you this — it’s not just a lesson for writers, but a lesson for life, so don't miss Julie’s encore presentation of “Conference CPR.” Whether or not you are attending the upcoming American Christian Fiction Writers Conference, you won’t be sorry — especially if you win a signed copy of any of Julie’s books, including her upcoming October release, Surprised by Love.

Thursday: Contest season is in full swing, and detail-oriented Pam Hillman brings us a contest entry checklist to keep us all on task. Sharpen your pencils and start checking off your contest list, and your list of contests!

Friday: Today we welcome the third author of the "Big Sky Centennial" continuity, Carolyne Aarsen! Carolyn stops by to tell why she's "Crazy About Continuities" and she'll be giving away three copies of Her Montana Twins with those adorable babies on the cover, and one winner will receive Her Montana Twins AND three books from the "Hearts of Hartley Creek" series. Stop by and leave a comment to have your name tossed into Ruthy's cat dish!

Seeker Sightings

Another great Seeker book is now available on Amazon for preorder! Her Holiday Family by Ruth Logan Herne.

September is packed with good news for Ruthy Logan Herne! She's just signed a three-book deal with Random House/Penguin/Waterbrook/Multnomah for a contemporary cowboy romance series! Needless to say she is happy dancing in upstate New York. (You don't want to see her dance, it's utterly ridiculous, not to mention embarrassing, but it's nice she's happy, right?)

Surprise giveaways TODAY and TOMORROW!!! Ruthy will be drawing names for some sweet prizes to celebrate this new contract! (Thank you, Natasha Kern and Shannon Marchese!!!) 

Leave a comment to have your name tossed in a VERY CLEAN cat dish! (cleaned to celebrate and match the clean table, LOL!)

She's brought balloons and food: Party in Seekerville!!!!!
Set on the Double S Ranch in central Washington, Sam Stafford's got a whole lot to be sorry for, and maybe not much time to do it. But God willing... now that he and God are back to rights... he's going to give it his best shot. His goal? To make things right with the three motherless sons he raised, who all have pretty good reasons to hate him. But maybe faith and forgiveness will go hand in hand, and if romance should turn Colt, Nick and Trey Stafford's heads while the family's on the mend, well... that's not such a bad thing, is it? The "Double S Ranch, Sam Stafford (and sons!), owners.

And if that wasn't enough good news, Ruthy's essay "Mary's Girl" is scheduled to be included in this December's "Chicken Soup for the Soul": "The Power of Forgiveness". Ruthy's delighted that her story of turning some really tough lemons into God-given lemonade will be out there for folks to read... and enjoy! Release date is December 16, 2014, which makes it a great Christmas present!

Mary Connealy will be on  Dorothy Adamack's Ink Dots blog on Monday, September 8th. Mary will be giving away a signed copy of Tried and True.

Mary Connealy LIVE WEB CHAT!  You can join the Facebook page for Mary's Web Chat.The chat is on September 23rd at 7 pm Central Time.To find out more find the Author Landing Page & the Webcast Landing Page.           

The giveaway isn't live yet and won't be until September 8th, when the blog tour officially starts. But the giveaway prizes are a Kindle HDX, AND  the Trouble in Texas Series
Don't forget to Take the September Books Quiz at the Bethany House Fiction Blog today: Which Character Are You Most Like?

And check out Mary Connealy's ad on page 42 of the new RWR.

Random News & Information 

RWA 2014 VIDEO RECAP (see Seekers @ 10:56)

How Revising Rewards Mistakes (Jane Friedman)

Stuff I Want to Know (Hugh Howey)

 16 Gifts For Your Favorite Book Lover Under $26 Each (BuzzFeed)

B&N Testing Espresso Book Machines (PW)

How To Write A Novel With The Snowflake Method With Randy Ingermanson (The Creative Penn)

Starting from Zero (Let's Get Digital)

How a book designer plucks a vision from an author’s pages (LIS News)

Authors Please Don't Do This (PW Shelf Talker)

Ten Things Happen When You Can't Put Down a Good Book (BuzzFeed Books via The Passive Voice)

Amazon pops up with Kindle Kids’ Book Creator (Roger Packer)

HarperCollins has a new digital first imprint devoted to thrillers and crime fiction. KillerReads will publish two or three titles per month — crime stories, detective fiction, psychological thrillers, legal thrillers, and almost anything that fits under the umbrella of crime fiction. To celebrate their launch, KillerReads is opening for a limited time to submissions of complete manuscripts from unagented authors. You’ll need to submit a complete manuscript, a 500-word summary of the story, a one-paragraph recap of the story, a list of the characters and an author profile. This reading period will close on September 14, 2014, so get your submissions in now. Find all the details here. (Cindi Myers Marketnews's Blog)

 UPDATE! The SYTYCW Contest info has been updated.  Harlequin So You Think You Can Write Web Page. Mini Conference and Contest Launch this month.


That's it, have a great writing and reading weekend!


  1. Ruthy! I love your new cover, and I recognize those benches. Mary Virginia Munoz, she stole your book cover benches!!!

  2. ERRR, rather, Virginia Carmichael she stole your benches. Get Mary Jane Hathaway to go beat her up!

  3. Another great Weekend Edition. Congratulations, winners! We started combining today, which is why I am here so late tonight! Have an awesome weekend!

  4. Great WE, as usual. Too tired to read the links right now. Will have to check them out later.

    Coffee pot's ready.

    Night, night.

  5. That is the same park bench!


    Now must go take the quiz!

  6. Melissa Jagears, I BORROWED the benches!!!!!

    Virginia and I hang out in the same parks each winter, and I called her up and said, "Hey, chickie, chickie baby, may I use your park benches for a while?"

    And being the gracious woman she is she said yes after extorting GREAT PILES OF MONEY from me.

    But I got 'em!!!!

    Isn't that the sweetest cover????

    LOVE IT!!!!!!

    Snow.... covers with snow. oy, oy, oy!!!!!

    Washing sweaters soon!

  7. And I can take on Munoz, Carmichael and Hathaway on my own with one hand tied behind my back, I'm so stinkin' happy right now.

    Come on over, Carmichael...

    Give it your best shot! I'll wrassle you for the benches!


  8. Congratulations, Ruthy!!

    Ok, so a six book contract with LI and a three book contract with Random Penguin... you must be contract clear to your nineties!

    Does Ruthy do cowboy romances? I need to catch up! I'm still over in NY with her last few books.

    LOL, Melissa, Mary Jane Hathaway is a demure Southern gal. (Ok, that's a lie. She's a rabid Janeite who will force you to play the pianoforte so she can dance with Colin Firth.)

  9. Oh, Ruthy, remember Munoz, Carmichael and Hathaway all claim to have six wild, shoeless children. That's eighteen wild children at her disposal.

    Munoz-Carmichael-Hathaway has twice as many children as you have contracted books.

  10. What a great week.

    Ruthy, congratulations on your new contract, and Chicken Soup, and your new LI bookcover! I'm so excited for you!

    Congratulations to all of the winners!

    Happy weekend!

  11. Ruthy, love the cover!! Congrats on your new contract! You're amazing. I need to learn to write smarter so I can put out more books faster. :)

  12. Stopping by to check out everyone's news and bring congratulations flowers for the lovely and talented Ruth Logan Herne. Way to go!

  13. Virginia, you know what I'd do with those 18 children, shoeless or not?

    I'd hug 'em and squeeze 'em and plant them in stories and shamelessly exploit their cuteness and sell sweet books!!!!

    Ruthy at Random House

    Alliterative, right?


  14. I blame Love Inspired for giving me my first Cowboy Gig: His Montana Sweetheart...

    Love At First Sight

    No one knows better than a farmer or rancher the heart and soul that goes into eking a living off the land... And there's somethin' 'bout a man in uniform...

    Or a Resistol... that just turns the heart to mush in a short beat!

  15. Tina, thank you!!!! (Of course Tina knew this already because I SENT IT TO HER!!!! AND THEN I HIJACKED THE BLOG THIS MORNING TO OFFER GIFTS. TOTAL BLACKMAIL AND I'M OKAY WITH THAT!!!)

  16. FOOD

    Breakfast is catered because clearly I'm too busy writing in the morning to do ANYTHING ELSE....

    But mid-day pig roast and shrimp on the barbecue! A little South, a little West, and old fashioned New England scalloped potatoes and ham...

    Now that's a side dish I can smile about!

  17. Lisa Jordan, not fast... steady. Tortoise pace, but day by day it adds up!!!!

    Remember that blog post last month about keeping plates spinning?


    I couldn't explain about these new plates yet because folks were still wielding pens and clauses and all the things that those smart folk do....

    But that steady 1K/day and a couple extra on weekends is my key! It's different for everyone, but I'm just beyond thrilled at how this worked out!

    And of course all credit goes to Natasha Kern because she's the most amazing agent ever to walk the face of the earth, and I should know because I've had my share!!!! :)

    God bless you, Natasha! Thank you! And thank you Shannon for this amazing vote of confidence!


    Colt Stafford: Dream hero.

    Angelina Morales???? Great heroine, she's Kate Becket tough and gorgeous and real handy with a gun.

    I'm just sayin'. :)

  18. Great WE as always, Miss T!
    CONGRATS to all the winners!

    And RUTHY!!!! What WONDERFUL news for YOU!!!! YAY!!!!
    I am soooo happy and excited for you, and since today is my
    birthday, I'm having an extra slice of cake in honor of YOUR exciting news! (I figure that's a good excuse for extra cake, right?!) ;)

    Happy Hugs from Georgia,
    Patti Jo :)

  19. Mia!!!! Thank you!!!!

    I may or may not have called Mia yesterday to tell her I was doing this so she'd stop by and make me look IMMENSELY POPULAR.


    Pimping the blog.


    I love having friends!

  20. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to youuuuu! Happy birthday, dear Patti Jo!!!!!! (send us some caaaaaaaake!) Happy birthday tooooo youuuuuuuu!

    Thank you, Patti Jo Moore! Hey, hand over some cake, darlin' and no one gets hurt!

  21. Oh my goodness, what a packed WE...getting through everything has put me waaaaaay behind my schedule. Thankfully it's a rainy Saturday so I can cross gardening off the list.

    CONGRATULATIONS WHIRLWIND RUTHY!!! How awesome is this news??????? Pretty mind-blowing!!! I'm excited to start reading!!!!! (I'm getting all my over-punctuating out of my system before Grammar Queen's visit. Really forward to that day.)

    Am I the only lame-brain who watched the whole RWA video? I cheered when I saw the Seekers. Can you imagine being some poor unsuspecting traveling businessman and landing at that hotel those days?!

    Seriously want some of those book lover gifts. Bookshelf masking tape?! I could have used that in spades when I was packing up my library in June. And legs bookmarks. Hysterical!!! Gave me the idea to do paper ones with the kids at school. Gives a whole new meaning to being lost in a book.

    Speaking of which all those 10 things have happened to me! I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Who knew?

    Okay, off to swim my way to the Farmer's market and then it's work, work, work, the rest of the day and if I'm good and get everything done I get to start a new book this evening. Got to keep myself motivated.

  22. KAV!!!! Grab your snorkel, darling!

    Thank you so much for your always-excitement, my friend!

    And you aren't the only lamebrain...

    You're at least one of two, LOL!

    See if they have sweet potato pecan pie at the Farmer's Market, okay?

    I'm craving some.

  23. Eeek! So stinking excited for you Ruthy! You're basically my hero. I have no clue how you judge your indie books along with multiple book contracts from multiple publishers!

    Are you sure you don't have a twin hiding somewhere who writes all day for you?

    Congrats. So happy more people will get to read your amazing stories.

  24. Um...juggle not judge.

    I'm on my phone with a 19 month old crawling all over me. That's my excuse

  25. Jess, I'm going to tell my children that I'm your hero and watch them laugh!!!! Brats!!!

    Thank you so much for your kind words, oh my stars, that's so stinkin' nice of you! And you know the formula, dear, dear girl... 1K/day, twice that on weekends.

    And I know it's hard with a full-time job (which is why it's not 2-3K day/ right????) and you've got cute'ems, sweetums BABY and they should always come first...

    So you do what you can with your amazing talent and remember we turtles won the race!

    Of course it was a FICTIONAL race, but I'm goin' with it!

  26. Good Morning to all of Seekerville, TINA and...

    RUTHY! It makes me happy to see your smiling face as you sign those contracts. I'm so enjoying your success and as an aside I get to be the recipient of that success by reading your wonderful stories.

    HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY for you!


    Awesome, awesome news. Congratulations.

    Congratulations to all of the winners.

    Looks like another great week on the horizon.

  28. Wow! BIG congratulations to Ruthy! Great to know there will be many ways to read her stories!

    Cheering for this week's winners and thanking Tina for the always informative WE.

    Chocolate and birthday party.....PERFECT! Here's my RSVP.

    Happy weekend of writing and reading to everyone in Seekerville!

  29. Patti Jo! I'm stopping by your cafe in Paradise, Colorado, to wish you a very happy birthday! Blessings!

  30. Woo-hoo! Happy dancing with Ruthy!! Congratulations!

    How does this affect your Love Inspired contracts?

    I am getting the clothes and lists out today to start getting ready for the conference! Less than 3 weeks to go!

    By the way, got a sneak peak at my Love Inspired cover for February and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
    So excited but can't share yet!

    On the other hand,... my Bethany House cover mock-up made me cry (and not in a good way). Thanks to lots of prayers, and emails to my editor, they are 'discussing' it again. Prayers appreciated that someone on the creative team comes up with a cover that matches the message in my book! Of all my books, this cover is the most important to me.

    Thanks, guys, and have a wonderful weekend!


  31. RUTHY!!!!

    I read this around 12:30 as I was falling asleep. There were no comments yet. I read it twice thinking, I must just be too sleepy. There's no way that says what my hazy mind thinks it says if there are no comments!

    So I went to sleep.

    Wake up to find - it DOES say what I thought it said. WOWwowWOW! I'm so happy for you my friend. Kudos to Natasha and Shannon for their wisdom, but CONGRATULATIONS to you. I say this deserves a Financier-sized celebration.

  32. PS - Kav, Ruthy I watched the whole thing too, and plan on watching again and again, whenever I need an ahem inspirational kick in the you know where.

  33. WAY TO GO, RUTHIE!!!

    Was too tired to comprehend how many books you actually have contracted.

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Patti Jo!!

  34. Tracey, win/win/win/win, right????


    I've got a Panera chocolate-stuffed croissant platter here, and I'm sharing!!!!!

    And there's fresh banana cake in the oven, a unique recipe.... So that's our Patti Jo birthday cake, our Congrats To All Winners celebration cake and our Ruthy goes Rogue at Random House dessert!!!

    Amazing what one can do with humble bananas and carrots and apples, et al.


  35. Rose, you look like a beautiful fairy tale character with your hair natural.... #charming!

    Thank you! Lovin' the whoops!!!!


  36. Woo hoo!! Celebrating Ruthy's mega sale!! And also Patti Jo's birthday!! Exciting day today!

  37. I have stopped by Patti Jo's in Paradise and loved it...

    Which was reason enough to have a "Tina Marie's Cafe" in Kirkwood, LOL!

    Oh my stars, I have to tell you there is nothing so fun as having fun with all this!!!!

    Patti Jo, have a cuppa ready for me, will youse? Please?

  38. LOL! Can't get the picture of Ruthy and Virginia in a wrestling match out of my head. :)

  39. Susan, thank you!!!!

    The question was what does this do to my Love Inspired contracts...

    Easy answer: nothing. All parties were aware of each other along each step of timing and negotiations and they're all on board with my independent novels. Those sweet books are helping folks who might have never picked up a Love Inspired novel before to find them... and then buy them. #happy!

    We all knew that writing for Love Inspired is very important to me... And Waterbrook was wonderful about that, because writing for them was equally as important!

    I believe we'll have happy readers, editors, and marketing personnel at Harlequin, Random House and Amazon because there's SO MUCH LOVE TO GO AROUND!!!!


    Natasha knew my dream. That's what she took to the table, and when I got to talk with Shannon Marchese at Waterbrook, I wasn't sure what decision she'd end up making, but I was sure I liked her and that we'd work well together.

    I love normal folks. I am of the race that knows Joseph, and normal folks work for me! So with Melissa and Shannon I'm in editor heaven right now!

  40. Susan, I've only had two covers we needed to change and we couldn't change the first one, so we still joke about it...

    The second one just needed a happier looking couple, and they had that taken care of within hours.

    They're amazing there.

    And I hope you get the cover of your dreams! Honestly, I'm pretty easy to please (this is sad but true) and when they come up with a cover for "Back in the Saddle", I will love it... because how can you mess up a horse and a cowboy???


  41. Congratulations, Ruthy! You have so much to celebrate these days. :) You're an inspiration to everyone, including slacker me, LOL.

    A clean cat dish? Wow. Please toss my name in (but please make sure it doesn't slide right up the other side and out, considering it's so clean *wink*).

    Love that cover!

    And congrats to all the winners!

  42. FINANCIER!!!!!


    Next time I'm in Lower Manhattan, Mary... You and me! Who needs cronuts??????


    Pastry splash courtesy of Mary Curry and Financier!!!!

  43. Helen, thank you! I'm laughing because I'm kind of counting off my fingers, too, but one is done, one is mostly done, and my Christmas novellas for the Seekers "Hope for the Holidays" collections are nearly complete...

    So that only leaves seven books to write after this month. That sounds more doable, doesn't it????


  44. Missy, thank you! Here, honey, I'm passing around this amazing tray of Financier pastries (why didn't I snap a pic anytime I was there???


    Wait a minute...

    Light bulb moment!)

  45. Missy, LOL!!!!

    Naw, we'd sit and make coffee in our Mr. Coffee Latte makers (which we bought the same MONTH if not week...)

    and watch the kids get muddy.

    But that Mary Jane Hathaway is One Tough Cookie!!!

  46. What a wild WE we have today! Congrats to all the winners and wow, lots of great links!!

    Seekerville rocks!

    And of course...there's always RUTHY!!

  47. OH MY LANDS, Ruthy-bear!! Melissa Endlich had no idea what she was creating when she bought your first book!!

    Super Congrats, girlfriend! Random House has picked up a winner of an author!!

  48. Happy Birthday, Patti Jo!! Oooo, I just love all the celebrations!

  49. Congratulations, Ruth!! I am so excited for you. I love your books and love it that there will be more of them! Please put my name in the cat dish. Would love to win!

  50. Exhausting! Lying on the floor, hardly breathing thinking of the all early hours RUTHY will spend writing the new books! CONGRATULATIONS!

    If I could figure out how to harness the energy you must have just in your right pinky finger - well, let's just say your productivity, smarts and determination inspire this wannabe. Thank you!

  51. Congrats, Ruthie! That's fantastic! I'm so happy for you!

  52. Congratulations, Ruthy! Oh wow, this is so exciting! I'd dance for you, but it would scare my husband and cat away.

  53. As usual, a lot of very interesting links. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

  54. Lots of great news!!! Congratulations Ruth, and I can't wait to read your new Love Inspired book!

    I just finished Tried and True and LOVED it!!! I'll be posting a review on my blog on Monday!

    Happy weekend!

  55. Just watched the RWA recap! (Yes, Kav and Mary...the whole video!) Romance books and food....what could be better? Lovely to see the Seekerville ladies!

    Ruthy! Congratulations again! Please put my name in your celebration cat dish. Now I need to visit "Tina Marie's Café"...:)...Yum!

  56. Melanie, you're in! And do not insult yourself in my presence, dear one!

    No "slacker" allowed! We all go at our own time, at our own pace...

    And my family would assure you that it's okay for the rest of the world to not be AS DRIVEN as their sweet Mama!

    But what do they know????? :)

  57. Audra, a fellow cowboy author! Yeeehaw, darlin'!!!! :)

    I am over the top in love with my heroes and now I need to go to the PNW and VISIT the area: Sky Trip!!!!

    I will stop and annoy Natasha!!!! And I will explore Washington State and big trees and sigh.

  58. Sally Shupe, hang on just a minute, someone went and put cake in the cat's dish, it appears, and by my word, I have to re-clean the thing!

    (stops.... washes cat dish... replaces names, some of which now have FROSTING on them!!!!)

    Okay, NOW you're in!

  59. Lyndee, LOL! See, it's my Super-Inflated Ego that does it, so youse will all say nice things to me!


    Oh my stars, that in itself was an accomplishment! :)

    Thank you, Lyndee!!!

  60. Anna Weaver Newlywed Hurtt Thank you!!!!

    With all the romance surroundin' you... and the angst of newly married, too....

    Honey you've got story fodder galore! Thanks for coming over, and did you get some punch, darling????

  61. Suzie, I understand totally! Don't scare anyone, I've been there, done that, NOT PRETTY. :)

    Thank you!!!!

  62. Heidi, I started Tried and True at the playground and was guilty of IGNORING CHILDREN!!!!

    I'm about to be arrested!!!

    How did Connealy top herself??? I don't know, but she did!

    LOVE IT!!!!

  63. Sandy Smith, will do! And back atcha!!!

  64. Tina Marie's Cafe is such a nice place, Sherrida!!!

    If the cops stop by for coffee and a Panini, you know it's good food.

    And Tina Marie bakes like crazy!!!!

    Why I think Max will fall in love with her for that alone, don't you????


  65. Ruth, the cat wanted a piece of that cake. Now he can't have any lol. At least let him lick the frosting. He should get something for us using his bowl lol.

  66. Amazing news, Ruthy! Your really are conquering publishing fields left and "write". ;-)

    Category, Indie, and now Traditional...and two at a time! A dizzying source of inspiration to a floundering aspirer like me.

    I'd say it's unbelievable, but that would be a lie. Coming from you, it doesn't surprise me at all!

    I have a kitchen that needs cleaned, and a half-sick seven year old who needs loving. If you think of it, you might pray it doesn't turn into the strep that's been floating around the neighborhood lately.

  67. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW CONTRACT, RUTHY! But I am VASTLY disappointed that we won't be seeing a video of that dance of yours. SIGH. I imagine it has a bit of that lively Irish kick to it, shades of Riverdance!!

  68. Sally Shupe, I think you are correct! Frosting-tinged whiskers, a dead giveaway!!!!

    Oh, silly Oreo!


  69. Andrea, we just went through strep. Several kids had strep, Dave got cellulitis from strep, and 'Lijah's infection settled in his hip and he couldn't walk for two days because of the hip inflammation.

    Bizarre, but they think they were all strep related. You hang in there, and remember, I tried writing when the kids were young, but couldn't do it justice and raise the kids and work my jobs... and when the time was right, I knew it!!! (Of course I wasn't very good and it took a long time!!! But in the end, that's okay, right????)

    I'm so glad you came over, Andrea! Raising a cranberry splash sierra mist to you!

  70. Hahahahaha!

    I've seen Riverdance. Loved it.

    And I think I'm more like that mother in Nora Roberts Irish trilogy, the Gallaghers... That mother could jig right with the daughters, and I might be able to keep that up for 60 seconds, but then I'm all red in the face, and gasping for air, so we're better with No Visual.


    Isn't this so exciting????? #psyched!!!!

  71. Ruthy!!!! I am SOOO EXCITED for you!!! What wonderful marvelous news!!!

    I'd happy dance but then I'd drop my celebratory chocolate! ;-)

    Truly, I'm THRILLED to hear this news!!! YAY!!!!! There's a lot to be said for patience and perseverance!

  72. Oops, so late to the party!

    CONGRATS, RUTHY!!!!! You are smokin', girlfriend!!!!!!

  73. Congrats Ruthy on the contract amazing news.

  74. Ruthy, I love a good Christmas book. I know I'll be picking up yours. :-)

  75. What a jam-packed WE! And...

    A huge CONGRATULATIONS to RUTHY on the new series!!!! SO happy for you! :)

  76. Ruthy - I'm snoopy dancing for you! Excellent, amazing, wonderful news.

  77. And Susan, I'm so sorry about your cover. I hope they fix it.

    I'm reading a book right now where the woman on the cover has dark hair and looks about twenty. In the book she has strawberry blonde hair and a 12 year old daughter.

  78. Another great Weekend Edition! I want to read all the comments and check out all the links, but... I just got home this evening after driving 800+ km today, and I'm too zonked to do anything more tonight. Had a wonderful 2-1/2 weeks holiday time with family but I know it's going to take a while to push myself out of the resulting mañana mode.

    Huge congratulations to Ruthy! If anything can, those contracts should keep her out of trouble for a few years.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  79. Pepper, don't drop the chocolate!!!!

    I saw your little thing on facebook by my phone hates the town next door and we were on our way to Finn's 1st birthday party.... Our little Finn is one year old!!!! And stinkin' cute!!!!

    Thank you, Pepper! Yes, patience, perseverance, and not quitting. Ever.

    Anyone who thinks any job is all sweetness and light should take a quick left at Utopia and then hang right at Nirvana....

    There's rough spots in life! We suck 'em up and move on. (No pun intended, Pepper.... well, maybe a little pun since you did just MOVE!)

  80. Myra, you trailblazer, you! Thank you!!!

  81. Aw, Walt! :) Thanks, my friend, and one day soon I'll return the favor gladly!!!

    Speaking of Christmas books, we'll be launching our Seeker Christmas Novella collections in NOVEMBER!!!! Two months away, oh happy day!

    Hope for the Holidays a contemporary collection and a historical collection...


    It's a Very Merry Seeker Christmas!!!

  82. Aw, Pam, thank you!!! I'm still happy dancing up here, but I did catch a nap between days, and a little birthday cake.


  83. Terri, thank you THIIIIIS MUCH!!!!!

    You know covers are weird... Some are dead on and others are more a "suggestion", but honestly I think the readers are generally more forgiving than the authors.

    Readers are drawn visually to a great cover... and then to the work.

    OR... they are drawn to an author they love.... and the cover is a nice extra.

    When you look at some of the bestselling author covers, they're pretty basic because they don't need to spend a fortune on a cover if the author's name is selling the book.

    It's an interesting balance...

    Hey, there's more cake... the Banana Cake (which will visit Yankee Belle Cafe soon!!!) is done!

    And I split it and gave one half pineapple filling and cream cheese frosting....

    And the other half just frosting.

    The first one is "Tropical Banana Cake"

    Oh mylanta, this cake melts in your mouth!!!!! BREAKFAST!!!!

  84. Happy Grandparents Day to all the grandmas and grandpas out there!

    My two youngest will be performing in a play this morning at church, can't wait to see what they come up with! They are always entertaining!

  85. Way to go Ruthy! Looking forward to your new series.

  86. Tracey, how fun! I love seeing the kids perform, and how simple, sweet and gentle their faith is! Enjoy this beautiful time!

  87. RUTHY ROCKS!!!!

    SUPER CONGRATS, my good friend, on yet another AMAZING success with one of my favorite publishers -- Waterbrook Multnomah!!! You now join the ranks with the greats, including Francine Rivers and Liz Curtis Higgs, so HUGE APPLAUSE, girlfriend!! Cannot WAIT to read about Sam and his sons, so bring it on!!

    And, MARY, just got Tried & True in the mail, and am chomping to read it. LOVE the premise (soooo clever, as always!!), so congrats on what's sure to be another successful release. :)

    And, Ruthy ... I'm with Glynna ... I want to see the dance video because with a 6-book and 3-book deal and a bowl of chicken soup, happy dance is a MUST!!

    Hugs and SUPER CONGRATS to all the winners this week and HAPPY WEEKEND!!


  88. Patsy, thank you! I hope you love it. I can tell you honestly I'm having so much fun writing it... but also thought-provoking and making me realize that we have to stay vigilant and nice and kiss our children!!!

    All that! :)

  89. CONGRATS, Ruthy! I hope I get to read everything you write!!!!!!
    Please put my name in the cat dish.

    Happy Birthday (late) to Patti Jo.....another Georgia lady!

  90. Jackie, you're in and thank you! Another reason to jump for joy today, Derek Jeter Day at Yankee Stadium!!!

    Cake and Jeter and autumn and books...

    A great day!!!

  91. It's Sunday now but I had to stop back in to set out birthday cake, Key Lime Pie, and Georgia Peach Cobbler for anyone hungry for something sweet today!
    AND to say THANK YOU to the kind birthday wishes from so many of you yesterday---makes a girl feel special! (Yes, I will always refer to myself as a GIRL no matter how many birthdays I've had, hehehe!).
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  92. Woot Woot! So happy for you Ruthy! You're a writing machine!

  93. Ruthy, you still here? Shouldn't you be writing? J/K. I saw that you already knocked the word count out of the park BEFORE Mass! Whew...Glad we don't have to worry about you making goal. That leaves more time to worry about ourselves. Did I miss when the new books are scheduled for release?

  94. HOORAY RUTHY!!!!!

    love the picture of you. wouldn't mind seeing your happy dance either...

    too many little time *sigh*

  95. Congratulations Ruthy!!! Wahoo! Can't wait to read these!

  96. oh, please put my name in the cat dish.

    and I'd post a snoopy dancing GIF here if i knew how, but I don't so, oh well...

  97. Awesome job on the new book deal, Ruthy. The blurb sounds great. (I saw your pick on Facebook and had to stop by and see what was going on). :-D

  98. Congratulations to Ruthy. That's wonderful news.

    And Andrea, I feel for you. One of my twins got strep a couple of weeks ago, and I kept waiting for her twin and my other two to come down with strep, but thankfully, it stopped with the one twin.

    And Mary, I opened my September RWR issue to page 42 and saw the beautiful one page ad for your new book. Congratulations.




  101. Hi Tanya, was that ad not SWEET!? I didn't know it was going to be there until I got my RWR magazine. My publisher, Bethany House arranged that. They are so great!

  102. Ruthy, Congratulations! Sorry I didn't make it to Seekerville until tonight. I am so thrilled for you.

  103. Congrats to the winners and *Ms.* Ruthy on your contract! Can't wait for this week's Seekerville. ;)

  104. I'm late to the party but had to add my congratulations on your sale, Ruthy!!! You rock, girlfriend!!


  105. Mornin', peeps!!!!! Yes, you're all in the drawing, and I was thinking what's fun and easy????

    And then I realized maybe I'll do something time-consuming and COMPLICATED!!!!

    Then I said "Naw..." :)

    Thank you, my Artist Librarian buddy!!!!! :) And Wilani, there is no such thing as "late" to a Seekerville bash! We're the partying sort, and I'm still tossing confetti in upstate!!!






  107. Tanya, thank you! And I'm so glad the strep didn't go through the whole clan, that's such a good turn.

    We think Dave's a strep carrier. He carries it and every now and again he passes it around. It's weird how it can do that in some people, but in a scientific breakdown way it makes sense. Most organisms need a host...

    Dave used to test + for it when the kids would get it but he was asymptomatic, so he had the germ... but not the disease.

    I affectionately refer to him as the "PLAGUE CARRIER!!!!

    That's about as nice as I get when you've been married (mumble, mumble, mumble) years!!!

  108. Naomi, pretty cool, right!!!!!?????

    I'm totally psyched and having the time of my life.


  109. Deb H., plenty of time, and time for your writing too!

    I allow no rest. But you know that, my friend! :)

  110. Jill, thank you!!!! The machine is oiled and ready to go!!!!

    Morning session done by 6:00 aM....

    More tonight once darlings go home. And today's Science Lesson at Ruthy's is a Comparative Study of Chocolate Chips. Variables are SIZE and FLAVOR.

    I love science!!!! :)

  111. Ruthy! I realize all these contracts are good news for you but they're also fantastic news for readers. Maybe not such good news for my book-buying budget :-)

    Congrats to all the winners.

    And thanks, Tina, for the links. The book lover gift ideas are so much fun! I was astounded, though, by some of the things authors or their friends have done to 'promote' a book (Authors Please Don't Do This).

    And how cool is that about B&N and the Espresso Book Machines??? Those machines are amazing to watch.

    Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

    Nancy C