Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Weekend Edition

 Today is National Fortune Cookie do celebrate with a Seeker Fortune Cookie!

We Have Winners

Be sure to contact us if you are a winner (send an email to with your snail mail address unless email is specified). We don't have time to track you down. Do let us know if you don't receive your prize in 6-8 weeks. Rules are located here, on our legal page.

 Winners of $10 Amazon gift cards from last week's Weekend Edition "Ruthy Goes Rogue with Random Uprising" are Carol Garvin, Andrea Strong, and Terri Weldon! Thanks for celebrating Ruthy's new contract!!!

Monday Love Inspired author Missy Tippens brought us a nice friendly kick in the pants--Ruthy style with "5 Ways to Beat Average." Winners of Missy's latest release, The Guy Next Door, are Tracey Hagwood, The Artist Librarian, Cindy Huff (Jubilee Writer).

 Oh, no, she's back!!! Tuesday we dug out our grammar texts and started cramming, as the  Grammar Queen returned with her post, "More Commonly Confused Word Pairs!"  Cindy Huff is the winner of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, Second Edition: How to Edit Yourself Into Print, by Renni Browne and Dave King.

What’s the MOST valuable thing Julie Lessman learned from a writer’s conference? Well, I can tell you this — it’s not just a lesson for writers, but a lesson for life, so we hope you didn't miss Julie’s encore presentation of “Conference CPR.” Wilani Wahl and Patti Jo are the winners of a signed copy of any of Julie’s books, including her upcoming October release, Surprised by Love.

 Friday we welcomed the third author of the "Big Sky Centennial" continuity, Carolyne Aarsen! Carolyn stoped by to tell why she's "Crazy About Continuities" Winner of  three copies of Her Montana Twins are Meghan Carver, Jennifer and Lyndee.  And  winner of Her Montana Twins AND three books from the "Hearts of Hartley Creek" series is Cindy Regnier.

 Next Week in Seekerville

Monday:Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean will be challenging writers to torture their characters in her post "Raising the Stakes." She will offer examples on how to create anxiety in our characters, even in what appears on the surface as routine events. Leave a comment for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card.

Tuesday: Triple Header! Helen Gray returns with the launch of the third book in her Ozark series. Join her today with her post, "Writing in Harmony," and a chance to win Ozark Wedding.

Wednesday:Award winning author Debby Giusti blogs today,and will share information about the Writers' Police Academy she attended last weekend. The event sold out in 12 hours and is a coveted conference for suspense and mystery writers. Learn about law enforcement and crime scene investigation as well as bizarre crimes and other inside information provided at the four-day event. Debby will be giving away a copy of her upcoming Love Inspired Suspense anthology Holiday Defenders, featuring her novella, "Mission: Christmas Rescue."

Thursday: Seekerville is delighted to welcome two-time Golden Heart finalist and Indie author, Piper G. Huguley today, with her post, "Why You Should Submit to the RWA Golden Heart® This Year." Stop by and chat and you could win a very nice $10 Amazon Gift Card.

Friday:Today we will be joined by C. Hope Clark, author of both fiction and non-fiction and owner of the successful blog Funds for Writers. Funds for Writers has been named one of Writer's Digests 101 best websites for writers from 2001-2014. Setting is as important as the protagonist in C. Hope Clark's mysteries, and in her new release, Murder on Edisto, setting defines not only the place but also the plot and the character's journey. Healing on Edisto Beach discusses the important of selecting setting, and how it helps an author write her best. Hope will be giving away a copy of her September release, Murder on Edisto, book one of The Edisto Island Mysteries.

  Seeker Sightings 

Mary Connealy LIVE WEB CHAT!  You can join the Facebook page for Mary's Web Chat.The chat is on September 23rd at 7 pm Central Time.To find out more find the Author Landing Page & the Webcast Landing Page. Up for grabs are a Kindle HDX, AND the Trouble in Texas Series.

 And on Thursday, September 18th, Mary Connealy will be at Petticoats & Pistols talking more about her new release Tried and True.


Friday, September 19th, Tina Radcliffe is guest blogging with the fillies at Pistols & Petticoats. We're all going to be surprised at what she is blogging about, and in fact Charlie the Cat may be ghost blogging for her.

  Random News & Information

 Healthiest Way to Work Standing vs. Sitting and Everything Between (bufferopen)

 I'd Know That Voice Anywhere (Writer Unboxed)

Author Conference of the Future (JA Konrath)

The Music Industry Has 99 Problems. And They Are…(Digital Music News) Is this a lesson for authors?

This Might Be a Terrible Idea (Let's Get Digital)

Paid Book Reviews and Potential Google Penalties (ALL INDIE WRITERS)

Bethany House promotes four in editorial (Christian Retailing)

It's not too late to sign up for our October Night class.  A self-paced course to help you as you finish your manuscript. Details here.


  1. Happy weekend! Great WE as always, Tina and I'm looking forward to next week. Esp interested in learning about Debby's Police Academy experience. Looked very unique. And Janet teaching us character torture, and Helen mastering sales at Walmart and Piper's gutsy contesting! Whoa! It's gonna be a great week!

    I'm so happy to have won the Montana Twins book! Thanks, Carolyne! I'm delighted to have three in this series now! Sweet!

  2. Another wonderful WE, Miss T!
    CONGRATS to all the winners!
    I am beyond THRILLED to win a Julie Lessman book---YIPPEE!! :) Thank you sooo much!

    Okay, I'm marking my calendar for Sept. 19, Tina---cannot wait to see if Charlie the Cat ghost-blogs for you on Pistols and Petticoats! ;)

    Everyone enjoy your weekend, and please enjoy the Georgia peach goodies I'm setting out: Peach cobbler, Peach muffins, and ice-cold Peach punch (since some of us are still having *warm* temps. in our area!)

    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  3. Congratulations to all the winners.

    I just finished reading Stranded with the Rancher and loved it.

    So many great authors here sharing their knowledge with us. Thanks for all you all do!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I love starting my weekend with a cup of hot cocoa and a great newsy read like WE; And yes, it's cold enough to have hot cocoa again. Left my windows open last night and it's positively frigid in the house. I'm loving it!!!!

    Have lots to catch up from over the week...I fear my book unpacking is beginning to wear me down a tad too much. Bedtime was seven o'clock for me all week. I'm halfway there though--two more weeks and I'll switch gears from mover to librarian. Yay!

  5. I love starting my weekend with a cup of hot cocoa and a great newsy read like WE; And yes, it's cold enough to have hot cocoa again. Left my windows open last night and it's positively frigid in the house. I'm loving it!!!!

    Have lots to catch up from over the week...I fear my book unpacking is beginning to wear me down a tad too much. Bedtime was seven o'clock for me all week. I'm halfway there though--two more weeks and I'll switch gears from mover to librarian. Yay!

  6. Big congrats to the winners! And yes, I did check here in the middle of the night to see my name here. It's a dream come true!

  7. Congrats to all the winners here at Seekerville.

    I'm happy to have won The Guy Next Door! This will be my first MISSY book and I'm looking forward to it. Thanks Missy!

    Lyndee got it right. TINA does an amazing job every week with the WE and the coming week looks very interesting. PIPER'S so cute to get up and look to see her name on the schedule :)

  8. Great WE Congratulations to all the winners. I am thrilled to win one of Julie's books.

    I hope everyone will have a great weekend.

  9. Good morning, Seekerville! Yes, this is me actually making it in before noon (or later)!

    Guess what.


    If you haven't read a Robert Whitlow Christian legal suspense novel, pick one up sometime! I'm told he lives just down the road from us, and ever since we moved here I've been hoping to meet him one day. Can't wait!

  10. Checking in from our motel room and don't have time to read the links.

    We have been best friends with another couple for 50 years. This past year Larry was diagnosed with cancer--and just lost the battle. We are on our way to his funeral. And since their church is currently without a pastor, Ken has been asked to do the service.

    Everybody keep reading and writing.

  11. Hi Myra:

    Thanks for the heads-up on Robert Whitlow. I just downloaded “The Choice”. You can tell him you made a sale this morning!

    Also I saw this lesson for your upcoming course:

    “Lesson 3: Which comes first, plot or character?”

    That’s easy. You created an irresistible page turning plot and then you go to central casting and hire the very best actors for the part. If the characters give you problems, you fire them and get a better actor.

    Now does that answer disqualify me for the course? : )

  12. Hi Helen:

    My condolences on the passing of your long term friend. One of the greatest honors I’ve enjoyed is to speak at funerals and officiate at memorial services. I know your husband will do a blessed service. It’s just a great feeling to be doing something to honor your dearly departed.

    BTW: I loved your first two books because of the wonderful way you create your history. I just downloaded “Ozark Wedding” and it goes to the top of my reading list!

  13. Helen, prayers for your friend's family and for you. It's so difficult losing a loved one---whether related by blood or friendship. Sending gentle hugs to you. Prayers, Patti Jo

  14. It's National Fortune Cookie Day?

    And yet here I sit, Fortune Cookie-less.

    This isn't right.

    This cannot stand.


    The fortune cookie deserves better than my current efforts.

  15. If I opened a fortune cookie right now it would say, "You're got a gross cold, stay away from people."

    Fortune cookies can be rather rudely honest. :(

  16. Congrats to all you winners!

    And talk about super fun -- seeing Seekervillagers who have sold books do guest posts is a blast! Thank you all for sticking with it and giving readers more to keep us busy.

    Interesting links, Tina. Bookmarked the one about paid book reviews for a later read, but read all the others. Was absolutely stunned by the info that five or more hours of sedentary sitting affects health as if a person smoked more than a pack of cigarettes. Egads!!

    Wishing everyone a nice weekend -- and Mary a speedy recovery from that cold.

    Nancy C

  17. Helen, while the loss of your friend is sad, how wonderful that your husband and you will be there for his wife. May you celebrate his life and that you were blessed with his friendship.

    Nancy C

  18. So sorry for your loss, Helen.

    Feel better, Mary! At least in time for the conference.

    Looking forward to the October course on self editing!


  19. Helen, that's an honor and a conundrum... when you love someone and they pass away, it's hard to comfort others when it's your turn to be ministered to. :( But God bless Ken for his willingness to officiate and I'm so sorry you've lost your friend. I hate goodbyes, and it doesn't matter that I believe we'll be reunited and be at peace together.... It's the separation that's just awfully tough to take.

  20. Fortune cookies.... That makes me think of rice, and rice makes me think of rice pudding, and that makes me think of dessert.

    Fortune cookies aren't worth the calories and carbs.... But there must be something in this house that's WORTHY.....

  21. I want peach ice cream.

    Patti Jo, can you get on that, please?

    Thank you.

  22. One fortune cookie is only thirty calories.

    GO WILD.

  23. I hope you feel better, Mary.

    And so sorry for your loss, Helen.

  24. Thanks, Lyndee. Good to know Charlie has a fan.

  25. Oops I mean Patti Jo. Sorry. Just got home from work. Brain fry.


  27. Ha. Ha. Piper. YOU ARE A STAR. A GOLD STAR!! Golden Heart.

  28. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Looks like a great week ahead on Seekerville. Looking forward to it.

  29. Oooo, I just had fortune cookies a few days ago with a GREAT fortune inside ... I just wish I could remember what it said ... ;) Great WE, Teenster!

    Helen, my condolences on the loss of your good friend. Knowing Christ makes passing into eternity so much easier for those we lose, but for us? It's still very hard.

    Mary, I hope you're feeling better soon -- I HATE colds!!

    Patti Jo!!! Peach cobbler, Peach muffins, and ice-cold Peach punch??? I am SOOOO there, girlfriend. :)

    And I'm with Ruthy -- peach ice cream would make it perfect ... :)


  30. Thanks to everyone for your condolences.

    Vince, thanks so much for you positive comments regarding my books--and for your wonderful reviews. Hope you like the third one as well.

    A couple of tidbits that might make that one more interesting.
    1. When I was a kid a retired postmistress, thinking I had talent, took me under her wing. I would walk down to her house on Saturday mornings and clean her bathroom, and she would give me a piano lesson. I was 12 when she first had me play at church. I've been playing ever sine.
    2. That is the book I was writing when a Feb. ice storm put us with power for 8 days. I wrote chapter 8 and half of 9 by the light of an oil lamp with only the fireplace for heat.

    Gotta get some rest. Church, funeral and long drive home tomorrow.

  31. Oh, Helen, I'm so sorry.

    Praying for your peace and comfort. I hope you can find some relief from the pain while remembering all the good times you shared as best friends.

  32. Happy Saturday! Congrats to all the winners.

    I'm looking forward to next week's great lineup.

    After reading the article on sitting, I learned I need to get off my caboose more often!

    Helen, I'm so sorry for your loss,

    Patti Jo - can I bring some peach tea? I love it.

  33. Great Weekend Edition, Tina!! As always, I'm eating up the links at the end! Great stuff!

    I've been on a bit of a hiatus. Hit a stump with inspiration and decided I needed to get off to myself, read my Bible and read more fiction. :) I believe it has helped, and I'm looking forward to jumping back in Monday!
    Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

  34. Wishing Mary Well

    “Seek not to be told your fortune from words written within a cookie but rather seek to be shown your fate by the way that cookie crumbles.”

  35. Helen, so sorry about your friend. You still have the good memories of fellowship with him from over the years.

    Tina, thanks for another good WE of information. I really enjoyed the article on being healthy as we work at our computers for long stretches at a time.

    I'm settin' my timer from now on!

    Does it count if you raise your legs ever so often and rotate your ankles around and round? I do that.

  36. Helen, so sorry about your friend. Safe travel to the funeral.

  37. Set my timer for 20 minutes after reading the article about sitting vs standing.

    A writer friend was diagnosed with sudden-onset diabetes last week so the article hit home. Especially since it mentioned diabetes and heart disease in conjunction with sedentary jobs.

    Does anyone use a balance ball as a seat? One of the workers in my optician's office loves hers. She has the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair pictured in the article. I may use my exercise ball and see if it works. Also need to rig up some type of standing desk.

  38. Thanks, Tina! Great WE!

    Love the Fortune Cookies!

    Here's one I'd like to find: "Write good story and it will sell!"

  39. Hope everyone is having a good weekend! We've had a busy weekend. A Parents Weekend visit to see my son at college. And today, celebrating my daughter's 18th birthday! How did my baby get so old???

    Tina, thanks for another great WE!

  40. Tracey, I hope to mail them out this coming week. I hope you like it!

    Helen, I'm so sorry for your loss.

  41. Mary, you poor thing. Mean fortune cookie. :)

    Seriously, I hope you feel better soon.

  42. Nancy, that article was quite a wake-up call for me when I read it last week! I've been setting timers to get up and move around every 20 minutes. Which is driving me crazy, because it throws off my concentration. But I keep picturing smoking cigarettes if I don't move around!

  43. The fortune cookies made me think of a trip to San Francisco. We went to a fortune cookie factory in Chinatown. Two ladies oversaw a conveyor belt. The flat cookies moved along to have a fortune tucked inside and then folded. One of the ladies asked if we wanted the regular fortune cookies or the funny ones. We like a good laugh and bought the funny ones, only to discover they had an off color theme. Not what we expected!

    Congratulations to our winners!

    Patti Jo, thanks for the peach cobbler. You know one day I hope to find you and beg for the real thing.


  44. Mary, sorry about your awful cold!
    I know a fortune cookie would make you feel better. There's a bowl of them in the Seekerville kitchen.


  45. Helen, I'm sorry about the loss of your longtime friend. In January a dear friend for forty years lost his battle with cancer.

    Hugs, Janet

  46. Debby, I have an exercise ball I sit on sometimes, but like you, I need to find ways to stand more. At least get up and move around periodically.


  47. Ladies, et al, I would suggest importing many small children into your homes.... sitting too much will no longer be a problem unless they are cute, brand new BABIES!!!! In which case it is okay to sit!!!

    I was telling Missy I do spur of the moment cardio silly routines whenever I want to catch news or need to stretch. I started with five minutes about ten times a day, but now it's twenty minutes 3 times a day. And it really helps to keep my head in the game and nudge me from job to job.

    It probably seems silly, but it really helps and no one sees you. I'm intimidated by gyms and the closest one is over 20 minutes away, so I can't justify spending 40 minutes + to get there and back.

    My living room is closer!!!

  48. Missy Tippens said...
    Nancy, that article was quite a wake-up call for me when I read it last week! I've been setting timers to get up and move around every 20 minutes. Which is driving me crazy, because it throws off my concentration. But I keep picturing smoking cigarettes if I don't move around!

    Agreed about the concentration problem, Missy. It's that visual of cigarettes that'll keep us both moving every 20 minutes, though, isn't it? :-)

    Nancy C

  49. VINCE!!! Dora and I would be delighted for you to enroll in our Seekerville Night Class and see if you still feel the same way afterward about the process of creating characters. ;-D

    Remember, my friend, as long as the story turns out well, there is no WRONG way to write. To say otherwise would "dis" a whole lot of good books and their authors!