Monday, October 13, 2014

Countdown: 7 things I’ve Learned Over the Last 7 Years

Countdown: 7 things I’ve learned over the last 7 years
Missy Tippens

We’re so excited to have all of you celebrating with us this month. It’s been a privilege to hang out here and get to know you. When I found out our theme for our 7th anniversary was the number 7, and since I sold my first novel in 2007, I decided to think back to find one thing I learned each year.

Well, that proved impossible. I couldn’t keep the years straight. So I decided to think about 7 important lessons I’ve learned through the years. And I’ll do a countdown to what I consider the #1 most important.

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#7: Rejection may knock you down, but you have to brush off and get back up.

Every time I think of this lesson, I have to laugh. It reminds me of the old Chumbawamba song my kids loved back in 1997. I went with them to buy the album. We couldn’t find it, so I told the sales guy we were looking for that song with the lyrics, “I fall down, but I get back up.” Well, I got the words all wrong and mortified my kids (they were young and easily embarrassed). :) The lyrics were actually “I get knocked down, but I get up again.”

Oh, well, I was close. :) And we’ve gotten a lot of laughs over it through the years. But either way—whether we fall down or whether we get knocked down, we have to get back up again. Sure, I’ll give you a day to whine, be embarrassed or feel sorry for yourself (and that’s being generous. I think Ruthy only allows a couple of hours). But after that, it’s time to move on. To look at options.

--What can I do to make this story better? Is it fixable? Should I change it and resubmit?
--Might this story have a better home somewhere else?
--Should I consider going indie?
--Should I shorten or lengthen the story? Try another format?
-- Should I reinvent myself in a new genre?
--Should I move on to a new project for now?

Notice what I didn’t list as a choice?? I did NOT list should I quit writing? Don’t let rejection keep you down. There are always other possibilities. You just have to remain determined and keep plugging away.

#6: This is hard work.

When I started writing and had so much fun typing like crazy, pouring out my very first rough draft, I thought, Wow. This is the easiest, most fun job ever! I can stay at home with the kids and work from home earning money at the same time!

Then I entered my first contest (tied for 35th place out of 36 entries. Ouch.). And not long after, I joined my first critique group (red/purple/blue ink bled all over my pages. Ouch again.). Then I got my first rejection (cardboard characters, didn’t have that “sparkle.” Double ouch.).

I discovered this wasn’t the easiest, most fun job ever. It was work. Yes, work.

And another painful lesson? There are no shortcuts. No easy route.

I can go to every workshops and conference available, listening to my favorite authors talk about how to write, but there is no secret handshake or formula for success. I have to put in the work. Hard work.

The good news? Being an author is rewarding and worth every bit of that work.

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#5: We need to keep learning and trying to improve.

Are you winning awards, hitting bestseller lists, rolling in the royalties? Hey, I wouldn’t turn down any of those things! :) But no matter how well we’re doing, we can’t get cocky or complacent.

I think there’s always room for improvement. I hope that each of my books is better than the one before it. I hope we’ll all keep studying and learning. Trying new methods. Pushing ourselves. I talked about this last month in my post about beating average (click here to read that).

#4: We have to feed our creativity.

Because we do get knocked down sometimes, and because writing is hard work, we need to take care of ourselves, to feed our creativity…

--By reading.
--By studying.
--By resting.

Feeling like your creativity has fled? Feeling blocked?

Work a little buffer into your deadline schedule. Allow for everyday life to happen. Let yourself rest a tad between projects. Take time away for fun or to spend quality time with your family. Our brains need to rest and rejuvenate. And nothing rejuvenates me like reading. It certainly fills my creative well.

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#3: We should be diligent about the things in the business we can control. And quit stressing over the others we can’t.

For control freaks like me, this can be difficult. But it’s something I’ve learned is very important.

We have to make the very best product we can (we can control that).

But we need to let go of things we can’t control (like the awards, lists and royalties). In the same vein, we need to work against professional jealousy. The green-eyed monster is a very real thing in our industry. But if we allow it, we only hurt ourselves. Remember that a rising tide lifts all boats. We love that philosophy around here!

#2: Confidence comes not from outside, but from inside.

This has been a more recent lesson for me. One I’m still working on.

Do you sometimes feel insecure about your abilities? Have outside forces left you doubting? Wondering if you’re crazy to think you can do this?

Shut all that out and think about this: Confidence comes from the certainty that you’re doing what God wants you to do, and that you’re doing the very best job you can.

And now… Drumroll…

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#1: We need each other.

We need our writing friends. For understanding (Yes, I totally get that you hear character voices in your head!). For support. For a kick in the rear on occasion. For accountability. For sharing information. For laughter. For joy in the journey.

Thank you all for being part of our daily journey! We love you.

Please share what lesson you’ve been learning lately.

Giveaway! To go hand-in-hand with #1, I’d love to give away a phone or email chat (winner’s choice*). Time to talk writing or whatever topic the winner would like! If you’d like to be entered, please let me know in the comments. (*Phone chat for U.S. phone numbers only; email chat for those outside the U.S.)

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  1. Great post, Missy. An excellent list of learning milestones.

    Your latest book is in my TBR pile.

    And the coffee pot is set.

    Let the week begin.

  2. Helen, thanks for the coffee! I could use some decaf to help me sleep. :)

  3. Thanks for the pep talk, Missy. I needed it. Got a bunch to do this week and the computer is acting up.

    Please put me in the drawing.

  4. Thank you for this great post. I have been thinking about doing the write a book in month challenge for November, but not sure I can do 50,000 in a month will my physical problems. (vertigo from a permanent injury) I think I will do it on my own and aim for 30,000 but hope for more.

    Anyone have any other suggestions.

    I will keep on writing and reading any way. At least it gives me something to get through each day.

    Have a great week every one.

  5. Very. very timely post for me Missy as I got my PRO pin. I look at it as a sign I need to up my game and buckle down.

    Blessings on your next seven times seven years of writing!

    Peace, Julie

  6. Elaine, I hope your computer cooperates! Nothing is more frustrating when you have lots to do.

    I've got you entered!

  7. Wilani, I think setting your own adjusted goal is a GREAT idea!! Writing 30k would be amazing. You can do this!! In fact, I may join you in that goal. I've never done NaNoWriMo. Maybe this will be my year!

  8. Julie, congrats on your Pro pin! You'll be able to attend some great workshops at the RWA conference now.

    It sounds like you had a great M&M conference! I missed seeing all of you.

  9. Thank you, Missy, for reminding us that although writing is fun, it's hard work as well. We have to take care of our bodies so we can keep up the pace!

    And thanks for the writing tips!! :-)

    Happy Birthday Seekerville!!

  10. Hi Missy,
    I know your 7 lessons have to do with writing but are applicable to most goals a person sets for themselves and readers can learn from them too. This is what I do with so many of the do's and don'ts I read about on Seekerville. They become life lessons from wise women (and a few men too).

    Thanks for a good Monday morning wake up talk!

  11. Love these! :) We do need each other.

  12. Mary Hicks, yes! We do need to take care of ourselves. I can't just be a lump on the couch with my laptop! :)

  13. This is a great list, Missy. I love the way you described your realization that writing it hard. You make it look easy. :)

  14. Tracey, that's a good point! We can use a lot of these in our non-writing life. Most jobs are hard work but so rewarding.

  15. Erica, I love how we support each other in Seekerville. It's a huge part of my writing life.

  16. Jill, if you saw me pulling my hair out and yelling at my computer screen, you'd know it's not easy for me. LOL

    How many of you yell at your computer screens like I do??!! :)

  17. HI Missy, I'm so loving this post. What great lessons and so true. These are lessons we've all learned the hard way so it nice to know that everyone goes through them in some way or other.

    And Number one is special isn't it? Thanks so much for sharing. Thanks so much all of you for sharing with us.

    Happy Birthday.

  18. Amen to all that you have said, Missy.

    The biggest thing I have learned of late is that I need to stop over committing myself. I cannot do it all. That is a myth. So I am standing before you and all the thousand members of Seekerville to say that next year is the year I pare down everything in my life.

    Now I am feeling very scared.

  19. Hi Missy,

    You are always so generous. I love your seven tips, and I'd love to be entered in your chat giveaway.

    Thanks for sharing!

  20. Tina, you can do it.

    One thing I've realized this year was I needed to take care of my health. I forced myself to exercise more and eat better. Both require time I could spend writing, and once I get home all I want to do is get back to my WIP.

  21. I missed seeing you at ACFW. I think it is the first time I've ever been to conference and you weren't there. I don't get out much. :-)

    Missy - for a few minutes this year I thought about quitting. I also knew I was having a tantrum to make a two-year-old proud at the same time. But rejection bites.

    Writing is hard. Wicked hard. Every point you listed spoke to me.

    Tina - I'm with you. I need to pare down and not over commit. A girl's gotta sleep!

  22. Please enter me in the giveaway. I'd love to talk to you.

  23. Wow, what a post! I'm sharing, hoping other authors not with Seekerville read them, too! And even though I'm not a writer, I'd love to talk to you, Missy. But be warned, both Sandra and TINA can vouch for me, I love to talk!

  24. Wonderful and spot on advice.

  25. Hi Missy,

    What a great post. I relate to ever single thing you wrote. And you gave me my first belly laugh of the day when you wrote about how easy you thought it would be. I used to think the same thing. Bottom is hard work. Work we love doing, but work nonetheless. I forgot to post your book on your timeline, but I just spotted it at Barnes and Noble here in Connecticut.

  26. Thanks, Jackie! :) I want to run again. Seeing you running has been very motivational for me. I used to run 7 miles three days a week. Time to step at a time.

  27. Good morning, Sandra! I'm glad you could stop by while on the road! Hope you're seeing lots of gorgeous scenery!

  28. Great post, Missy!

    I can really relate to #6. This is hard work! It's so much fun to dream about the 6-figure advances, hyped up release parties and adventuresome days shadowing cops and solving mysteries.... (Maybe I've been watching too much Castle and Murder She Wrote!)....

    But when it comes right down to it, nothing will make those pages come alive except sitting down and putting the words on them! There is no substitute.

    And it's exhausting - by the end of the day I'm often mentally and physically fatigued - but there's nothing else I'd rather be doing right now. :)

  29. Tina, I think that's wise. We'll try to help you do that! I did the same thing a couple of years ago, right before Christmas. I felt God telling me I needed to be present for my family.

    You can do this! But 7 miles of running????? Wow. I'm impressed. Maybe you can start with walking to get back to running. I'll try to join you. I do Zumba two days a week. But I'm shooting for adding a short walk on the other days.

  30. Jackie, I've got you entered!

    And I'm inspired to do what you've done. Now I need to go hide the Reese's Pieces I bought yesterday! :)

  31. Terri, I missed seeing you, too. Maybe next year!

    I'm glad you didn't give up. But I can totally relate to the tantrums. :)

  32. LOL, Marianne! I've heard nothing but good, and how nice you are. :)

    Thanks for sharing the post!

  33. Belle, thanks for sharing about my book! I get excited to hear that it's in stores. I'm glad to hear about a B&N. That's a first!

    I'm also glad you could relate and got a laugh. :)

  34. These seven lessons are so important to keep in mind...always. When I started writing many years back, I didn't always think that we (writers) needed each other. I had been soured by my first writing group. The main person was always trying to change our writing to her preference, her style, her way, but that was an unfortunate incident. My gut said to get out. I did. Fortunately since that first writers group, I trusted again and have grown because of other good writers in my life. It's a support system unlike many others. Great post!

  35. LOL, Jan! I'm with you there on watching too much Castle. What a life, huh? (Well, except for all the dead bodies and people trying to kill him.) :) :)

  36. Loree, I'm glad you have good support now! My first critique group was actually wonderful. But those first critiques were sobering since they were the first to really read my work (besides my husband). Still, those women helped me tremendously!

  37. Great reminders, Missy - - thank you so much! :)

    I have to battle that little negative voice that keeps asking "Why do you think you can do this?" *sigh* But, I LOVE writing, and since the Lord closed the door on my teaching career (due to my spine) I truly feel He has provided this opportunity to write. So I battle that negative voice with knowing I'm doing exactly what the Lord wants me to do right now. :)

    As much as I'd love to be in your drawing for a phone chat, I'll hold out for meeting up for lunch one day (since we both live in GA - - it could happen, LOL).

    I'm starting your newest book today (Love that cover!).
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  38. Missy, your list of 7 nailed the writers' journey! As I thought about that list, I realized how well your points fit living our lives.

    The October 12 Jesus Calling devotional warns about seeing ourselves through other people's eyes lest our concern for pleasing others dampens our desire to please our Creator. Missy, your point about confidence fits here. We get our confidence from who we are in Jesus and doing the purpose He has called us to.


  39. Very encouraging post, Missy! Thanks for sharing. :)

  40. Missy, thank you for the seven tips!

    I look forward to reading your latest book!!

    Please enter me for the chat.

  41. Hi Missy
    Numbers 2 and 1 speak the most to me. Number 2 because I'm still working on having good confidence and Number 1 because Seekerville is THE place to go for writer support. Words cannot express adequately how much of a blessing the community here is.

    Would love to have a chance to chat with you. I've gotten to chat with Debby and Ruthy, so perhaps I may be able to "meet" all the Seekers via phone calls eventually. Meeting at a conference is not a possibility at this juncture of my writing journey.

    I'm just so glad you Seeker ladies share your learning with all of us in order to make our journy to publication maybe a little less arduous and frustrating.

  42. Patti Jo, I'd love to have that lunch sometime!

    I hope you love the story. :)

  43. Janet, how cool about the Jesus Calling message yesterday! I need to pull that book out again.

  44. Sherri and Donna, thanks for stopping by!

    Donna, I have you entered. :)

  45. DebH, I've had a couple of chats before and REALLY enjoyed them! So I wanted to do one again. It's fun getting to hear an online friend's voice! :)

  46. A great post Missy and I love how you worked in the angles of 7. It was great, with some very necessary reminders. I like Elaine's phrase for it--a pep talk. Thank you!

  47. Missy,
    Great blog! Loved the 7 things you've learned.

    Nodding to "feeding creativity...resting...and we need each other."

    The M&M Conference this past week provided all of the above. I've been to a number of events this fall, but the M&M was so refreshing and uplifting. GRW is our home chapter, and this year's conference was especially good for a warm hug and a welcome home. Missed you!

  48. Cheering Tina on with her desire to stop being an over achiever!

    I'll believe it when she starts to say no! LOL!

    Tina, you used to run 7 miles?

    Four was my max. My daily was 2. Now I walk...and evidently not far enough!

  49. Waving to all my M&M peeps. Anyone still tired?

    I'm raising my hand!

  50. Jackie, agreeing with you about the importance of good health.

    That point keeps coming up in everything I read and hear.

  51. Number one and seven are the biggest for me, even though I can relate to them all.

    I've learned so much from other authors. Priceless.

    I plan on doing my own version of NaNo this year. I have a 48k horribly written wip that needs to reworked and completed. It would almost be easier to start a new one, but this one has great potential if I'd write it like I picture it in my head.

    Thanks Missy. And toss my name into the hat for a phone chat.

  52. Piper, I'm so excited about your sale!! Congrats!!!!

    Piper's sharing her call story at the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales blog today! Be sure to drop by.

    I'm a spazz and can't do links. But you can copy and paste. :)

  53. Debby, I hated to miss the conference this year. It sounds like it was wonderful as usual!

    But middle child was home this weekend from college for fall break. It was great to see him!

  54. Connie, I re-worked an old manuscript once and actually DID start fresh. But I re-read it first, then used the story line. But I just did it on a blank page from memory. I figured I'd get the gist of the story but would use my improved writing skills. :)

  55. Each one of those lessons resonated with me. I feel like I still have so much to learn, but the thing I have learned this year is that I have to put in the writing time. Not think about writing, not talk about writing, not read about writing, but actually writing. :)

    Please put me in for the drawing.

  56. Each one of those lessons resonated with me. I feel like I still have so much to learn, but the thing I have learned this year is that I have to put in the writing time. Not think about writing, not talk about writing, not read about writing, but actually writing. :)

    Please put me in for the drawing.

  57. Hi Missy! These are some great tips. I must say, I tried out the reading and resting bit this weekend! I had just finished reading an 850-page epic novel (loved it, but those long novels can be tough to get through sometimes), and was feeling a little lost because the writing in this story was SO GOOD. Then I read a 250-page murder mystery cozy in under 24 hours! Hubby and I just curled up on the couch Saturday morning and read (not the same book, mind you). It was so refreshing to read something in the genre I'm writing in, and just let all my other responsibilities go in the sheer joy of reading. It was like sipping a cold lemonade on a hot day.

    I really like the plot of your latest story. I've always been a fan of the "boy next door" stories, although the one who lived next door to me growing up was five years too young :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  58. Great post, Missy. It is hard work and we do need each other. The first time I submitted a story to a publishing house was before the internet. And that first rejection letter did it for me.

    Being able to get feedback and support from other writers is what I needed to believe I could do it.

    Please put my name in, I'd love a phone chat.

  59. Love your list, Missy! Hard to believe seven years have passed already since the birth of our Seekerville blog! And you certainly nailed all the important lessons we've learned during this time together! I thank God every day for my Seeker sisters--the greatest blessing of my writing life!

  60. Anna, that's such a good quote!!

    Anna said: "...I have to put in the writing time. Not think about writing, not talk about writing, not read about writing, but actually writing."

    So very true. That should be on my list! :)

  61. Stephanie, that sounds like the perfect Saturday morning! I read some on Saturday too. It was so nice!!

  62. Jamie, I'm glad you got the encouragement you needed! I'm so thankful for the Internet.

  63. Myra, I'm right there with you. So very thankful!

  64. Thank you Missy! I appreciate the support from wonderful Seekerville so very much!

  65. I love #5- keep learning. That is the gift Seekerville has given me.

    And #2 is pure genius..."Confidence comes from the certainty that you’re doing what God wants you to do, and that you’re doing the very best job you can."

    Thank you, Missy the Great! :)
    *please enter me in the drawing.

  66. Hey Missy,
    I'm learning that writing requires more patience than I come by naturally. ;) Thank the Lord He supplies the rest.
    Seriously, I'm learning to stop waiting for a certain email or whatever and work on what can be done now. I feel like I'm in a weird stage, but it's good to know God can see past this stage to the next.

    You can count me in for the drawing. :)

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. Great post, Missy! Funny, but I've learned so many of the things you did!!! Too bad I didn't understand better years ago.

  69. Blogger must be playing games. This is the second time this week my comment disappeared. :(

    Anyway, great post, Missy!

    I especially like this part -

    Then I entered my first contest (tied for 35th place out of 36 entries. Ouch.)

    Just think - from that to 2013 Rita finalist!!! I'm SO glad you didn't give up.:)

    Count me in for the drawing. I'd love to chat with you again.

  70. Jana, thank you. I've been learning that confidence lesson during my Beth Moore study we're doing right now. One of the lessons there tied in perfectly with a magazine article I read somewhere (can't even remember). It was a lightbulb moment.

  71. Amen, Courtney. Well said! God can see past our weird stages. :)

  72. Cara, I'm glad you stopped by! I'm sure you're worn out from your trip to Georgia. :)

    Mary Curry, I did give up briefly after that first contest result! Well, I wanted to anyway. But then my wonderful critique group invited me to join. After they got hold of my pages (all that blue/purple/pink), I finaled and won the next contest I entered (the Laurie). I'm so glad God nudged me to stick with it!

  73. We sure do need each other! Great post, Missy! Can't begin to tell you Seekers and Seeker friends just how much your encouragement has meant!

  74. Missy, I enjoyed reading this post. Lack of confidence is my number one issue right now. I keep procrastinating when it is time to write because I feel like I can't do it. I know that I will never get more confidence if I don't sit down to do it. I also let life get in the way and use it as an excuse. I would love to be in the drawing for a conversation with you about writing. It always helps me to discuss writing with another writer. I really enjoy reading all the posts and comments on Seekerville.

    Next on my reading list is The Guy Next Door which I won from you in a previous drawing (after the book the library has on hold for me.) I am reading Rose's book right now. Love getting to know new authors from Seekerville.

  75. I want to talk with MISSY!!!!!

    Oh, Missy, this is the #1 perfect oh my gosh follow-up to Tina's post on Saturday and Charlene Patterson's post on Friday.


    I loved this, I loved the contrast of what we thought we knew... (Meany pants Connealy pointed this out to me JUST YESTERDAY.... SIGH....) and what we learn as we go!

    This is so much more fun now that I have a clue... and can produce more quickly.... and did I mention now that I have a clue???



    Wait, I was going to talk, but I cannot stop laughing....

    She's going to pare down... Say no????


    I will make you REALLY GOOD cookies if you actually do it.

    My cookies are (as we all know!) totally worth it!

    Sent from my iCave

  77. Missy, I'm so with you on #6! My first draft of a novel was fun, angsty, sappy -- I dumped all the stuff into my work that I thought went into a romance novel. I just knew I was the next Katherine E Woodiwiss. I entered my first contest and waited for the phone call telling me I'd finalled...

    and waited...

    and waited...

    My score was 45 out of 48.

    So, I can totally relate to your OUCH. But, even though I belly flopped in the contest, I knew I wanted to write, so I went back to the typewriter (stop snickering all you young'ens!!). Writing is work. Hard work.

    But oh, the rewards!!!

    Great post, Missy! Thank you!!

  78. Okay, this post is about what we learned, not about making fun of Tina.

    Focus, people.

  79. Missy, thank you for your encouraging post. The encouragement and support from writers absolutely helps when we sit down at our computers or with a pen and paper.

  80. Missy, what a great post! I so appreciated it! I'm going to re-read it, but the thing that stood out most to me was having confidence and not believing the voices I hear. :) I've been learning that ultimately, my confidence comes from believing God gave me this love for and ability to write. And He wants me to follow His lead in learning and putting my words out there.

    I'm coming back to read this one. Such great wisdom here!

  81. MISSY!! Better late than never, I guess, but I am sorry to be so tardy.

    LOVED this post, especially #2: Confidence comes not from outside, but from inside.

    OH, AMEN AND AMEN!! That is a key lesson I had to RE-LEARN this year during my spiritual sabbatical, so I'm right behind you on that, girlfriend!!


  82. Missy, thanks for the list.

    I want it said that I've never yelled at a computer. However, there are days when I'm convinced that I will put a finger through the touch pad.

  83. Lyndee, I'm so glad! You've been an encourager to us as well.

    Sandy, it can be a vicious cycle if we let it. So kick it to the curb and go ahead and write! You'll build that confidence as you battle the fears.

  84. Ruthy, having a clue is surely a nice change! :)

    I'm still laughing at Tina having to defend herself. :)

  85. Audra, I picturing you on an old manual typewriter! LOL You can't be that old. We're the same age, aren't we??!

  86. Yes, Tanya. It's so nice to know there are others out there who understand and who are cheering us on.

  87. Julie, I'm late coming back tonight because I took the evening off to READ! :) :)

  88. LOL, Walt!! I'm picturing you silently jabbing at your computer! hahaha

  89. Loved your post, Missy!!

    Thank you for your list of those wonderful 7 "things" which are perfect advice for ANYONE - writer or not!!



  90. So, it is 4:27 in the morning of Oct. 14. I thought I would be EARLY because the e-mail just came in around 1 a.m. with your post. So I'm thinking good writers must not sleep...anyway, not during the night. Then I noticed most of the other posts were yesterday. Obviously, there is a more direct route to Seekerville than e-mail. Anyway, enjoyed your post, esp the note about the tide raising all the boats. Would love to chat by e-mail.

  91. Bonnie, I'm glad it was helpful!

    Dee, I'm not sure why the email came so late! It seems they should come right after the post goes up. Maybe you can set yourself a reminder on your phone calendar to stop by each morning. :)

  92. Love these thoughts, so much encouragement in this post. This very much encourages to try and try again. Thank you so much for sharing with others.

    Enter me in the contest.

  93. Great post, Missy! Your number three is the greatest lesson I've learned this year. I need to stop worrying so much about the things I can't control, but be faithful in diligence and consistency over what I can. If the giveaway is still open I'd like to be entered :-).

  94. Missy. Wow.

    Congrats on 7 years. 7 is really a great number in Seekerville!

    These are wonderful lessons. One thing I so love about Seekerville is the Christian emphasis. It's a great thing to have access to what has worked in your life. I especially liked the idea that this is WORK. I love it, but... It's definitely work!

    Still, very worth it.

    Phone chat please! Email is nice, but I like personal/audible voices too!