Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Power of "Seven" Unleashed by the Ruthinator!

Morning, peeps! Ruthy here, and well, who knew?

I started this blog thinking I was being silly/funny/stupid, etc. In other words, typical. But it's a party and it's fun to have fun at a party, right? So that was my goal.... But honestly, people take this NUMBER SEVEN BUSINESS very seriously!

Seven Years of Seekerville:

My boys always declared the number "7" to be the default answer to every possible testing mechanism. Not when they were playing "Scene It" or "Trivial Pursuit". The default answer there is "Battlestar Galactica".

Just so you know. But I digress. And just so you know, I think there's a lot to be said for the number TWO as in Derek Jeter..... (sighs softly and smiles.....) for obvious reasons!

And if you are the one American who hasn't seen the Gatorade/Jeter/My Way Farewell to New York video/commercial, here's your opportunity!  Jeter Says Farewell To New York

You're welcome.  :)

Oops, digressing again. My bad.

Seven Years of Seekerville:

So for our 7th birthday, I thought it would be fun to navigate through the world of sevens.... Seven continents, seven oceans, seven dwarfs (dwarves????), okay, let's go with seven little men to avoid argument.

Books about seven claim all kinds of things, including how the number seven links the Bible the Torah and the Koran.... And how the number seven is related to Jesus, Oprah and Elvis. Those books are ranked in the millions on Amazon, so the hunger to learn more about seven doesn't appear to be all that frenetic, and who writes books about a number, anyway???? The default answer for books is always R-O-M-A-N-C-E. Pshaw, everyone knows that!

Seven was ranked the most popular number in a recent study done online.  The number three came in second. Why did they take the poll?


There are seven days of the week, seven wonders of the world, seven wives for seven brothers (it would have been awkward to have only six wives, right?) dance of the seven veils, seven arms on a menorah...

Seven sisters.... Seven-up! Seagram's 7.... 7-11 Stores.... Seven sacraments.  And we all know that there aren't Six Habits of Highly Effective People... There are SEVEN!!!! And is it any coincidence that seven rhymes with heaven? I think not!!!  And how many times are we instructed to forgive others?

Not seven, no. Seventy times seven. And when Jesus talks.... I listen!!!

So we're celebrating 7 years of working to help people make their way in a crazy business whose  bottom line is "Hurry up and wait..."

Seven years of Seekerville. 

Vince, remember this?????  :)
My friend and fellow author Homer used seven to the max, but then he wrote very long books and there were no "Find" and "Select" buttons, so I'm guessing he had no idea how often he overused the poor number seven!

We have no such excuse. With the touch of a button, we can find every over-used "that", "brow", "bit", "gaze" (the English language needs to come up with a couple of "gaze" synonyms. I am not kidding. Get on that, please.), etc.... So we don't have Homer's lame excuse of really bad paper and lack of keyboard finesse. And even without our gizmos and gadgets, he wrote some great books that we still quote today... The Police: Wrapped Around Your Finger

How many of today's kids have a clue who the scylla and charybdes are?  And am I the only person who loved reading Homer in 8th grade? Probably.... ;)

Seven years of Seekerville... 

Back then only six of the Seekers were published with royalty paying publishers.... and when the final six were getting headaches from banging their/our heads against a brick wall, Tina instituted "Plan B" which became a turning point... and that's what we share with you daily.

To turn things around, sometimes you have to shake them up. And those big bumps in the road actually strengthen you for the BIGGER bumps in the road because unless you're Nora or Debbie, there are doors closed in your face on a semi-regular basis in this business. So grab hold of those rejections, those down-times and figure them to be character builders because you need that. You need it not only to survive but to flourish. To blossom and grow. Each year I see talented people shrug off writing because once it becomes a job, it's simply too much work. And do you know what I say to that in my typical, gentle Ruthy-style?



Honestly, I am living my dream. I am having the time of my life. If it all ended tomorrow, I would still write.... and publish independently because this is the best time ever to be an author.

The Erma Bombeck quote over my sink says it all:

"When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me'."

That's how I want to go out of this life, a series of jobs well done no matter how menial, finishing each race, a flood of Seekerville birthdays, a host of people we've helped, an occasional toast to good times and sympathy through the harsh valleys of life.

So might you all be upstanding and raise your mugs/cups/glasses to seven more years, nay! Seven times seven more years of Seekerville and prose and faith and love... And of course, the greatest of these is love.

I love looking back and gazing forward! Stop in, leave a comment about writing, life, faith, romance, God, Jeter, cookies, kittens.... Whatevah! I've cleaned the cat dish ESPECIALLY WELL for today, so I'm tossing in names for 7 copies of "Her Holiday Family", THE FIRST EVER TO BE GIVEN OUT!!!! 

And I'm tossing in a $25 Amazon gift card because buying more books for your Kindle is never a bad idea! 

Coffee's on and I brought chocolate chip pumpkin spice cookies just for youse! 

Ruthy Logan Herne is a best-selling, multi-published author who loves people, places and things but truly enjoys huddling up in her writing cave and creating sweet stories where she eventually fixes everything and people go on their merry way, happy-ever-after. This is why she writes FICTION because she understands the difference between make-believe and reality!  Find her on facebook (of course!) and you can peruse her website HERE.... or just hang out with her in Seekerville, the best village on the World Wide Web! 


  1. Okay, Ruthy ... What's with this ONE gift card for TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS???? Didn't you read Julie's comments yesterday? I think you need 7 winners! Hehehe
    Great post on Sevens, by the way. What fun it was.

  2. I was going to say I am late but im not im late for yesterday (had an excuse was in hospital on a drip) Now who wouldn't love a gift voucher to buy more seeker books. (or more chirstmas novellas).

  3. Ruthy, I love your posts! I had no idea there were so many books with the number 7 in the title (887,888 on amazon). And while I love chocolate chip pumpkin spice cookies, can we throw something caramel in there in honor of national caramel month?

  4. Will you love me any less that not only have I not seen the Jeter commercial, but if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't even know his name. And all I know is you like him and he plays a sport, baseball I'm assuming from the pictures.....please don't throw your lick-spit clean cat dish at me! ;P

  5. I have no clue who Jeter is but he does have nice eyes!

    I agree with Marianne. Definitely SEVEN gift cards for SEVEN winners :)

  6. I haven't seen the commercial but I do know who Jeter is and that he retired at the end of the baseball season and Ruthy is in Mourning

  7. When the default answer is "Battlestar Galactica," my question is, which version? I couldn't get into the reimagined series from the 2000s ... I grew up watching the original (Richard Hatch! Jane Seymour! Dirk Bennedict! Daggit!) =)

    I didn't realize it's been seven years of Seekerville --how awesome! You didn't mention one of my favorite "sevens" though. Seven books in "The Chronicles of Narnia" series (I don't know if Lewis did that intentionally). Oh, and for my Trekkie brother --Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager ... =)

  8. I so enjoyed your post today Ruthy! Oh, and thank you for giving us the link to the Jeter video. I saw a shortened version on the news but not the whole thing. I loved it! Jeter, the fans and Frank Sinatra singing My Way...oh my! Tears flowed, how could they not? Even if one doesn't know who Jeter is, tears should flow. Afterall, we all love romance right? Jeter romanced the game of baseball and now he has retired. I'm so sorry Ruthy! I know how sad it is when your favorite decides to retire.

    May you all have a blessed day parting in Seekerville!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  9. That was supposed to say "partying in Seekerville". Sorry.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  10. Chocolate chip pumpkin spice cookies sound amazing! My husband showed me the Jeter commercial on YouTube because he loved it so much :) He really admires him for being a class act, unlike many sports heroes who get themselves in trouble...
    Please include me in your drawings! I'm looking forward to your new book!!!

  11. LOVE this posting, Ruth...thanks for sharing.

    I did watch Derek Jeter's last Yankee game at home....LOVED every second of it!!!!!

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  12. Hmm, this is very interesting.

    In Scripture, seven symbolizes completeness or perfection.

  13. Happy birthday to us! :) Sure doesn't seem like 7 years since we first started the blog and Seeker Villagers began to find us and join the fun! And as of this month, I've now been a published writer for 5 years! Time sure flies!

    MELISSA J - Don't feel bad about not seeing the Jeter commercial. I haven't either. In fact, the TV died 4 1/2 years ago and hasn't yet been replaced!

  14. Well goodness, now I know why my lucky number is seven...not that it's done me any good over the years but I'm still loyal to seven. :-) Definitely with you in hoping Seekerville keeps on rocking for another seven years!!!!

    I'm another one who wouldn't know who Jeter is except for Ruthy. And I watched the video...twice...because she told me to. :-)

  15. Seven years!

    That means, I've known Mary C for seven years because I met her at a book signing the same year Seekerville was created.

    Wow! Time flies.


    That could be fun!

  17. Ruthy's Internet is out and the poor girl is knocking her poor noggin against a wall in frustration that she can't play in Seekerville. Praying a fix is imminent but in the meantime we'll party on without her.

    Not sure that's possible!


  18. Hi Rose, we've known each other for seven years?
    Seekerville for seven years!!!

    I feel like I'm still a newcomer in the writing world but I sold my first book in didn't come out until 2007, but still, from the contract date I've been at this almost a decade now.

  19. Good morning Ruth,
    This is a good day for me. I'm on vac. from secular job AND it's a Ruthy post. Sheesh.
    Baking: I made Pumpkin Pie Muffins earlier this week. It's really easy, take a pumpkin bread recipe, stir in chocolate chips instead of raisins and bake in muffin cups. You wouldn't think pumpkin and chocolate would go together, but they do.
    Jeter: I heard he was writing a children's book about baseball. Maybe you can do a book tour together.
    AUTUMN: Going to Vermont today to look at leaves.
    WRITING/PUBLISHING: I was thinking of you earlier this week. Only you could turn staying home from a conference into a blessing and being thankful for a chance to write. It is such a privilege to be able to write, and to be able to write for the Lord. It's work but it's work that I am proud and grateful to do. I'm grateful for my break from the secular job this week because I can get more writing done. This week I'm going through my WIP and checking my GMC in each chapter. Next week I'm going to check my MRUs and the week after, I'm going to comb it for Deep POV. Where would we be without acronyms?

  20. LOL, Mary, you are a sly one!


  21. Oooh! An Amazon gift card. I'm all about that. :)

    For the record I've always been partial to the number three. Not really sure why; just seems like a very nice number.


    Loved this post, Ruth. It's amazing all that's happened to you all in seven years. And it's fun to look ahead and wonder where we'll all be in 2021. (Wow, just typed that and realized I'll have two kids in college. Time to put out more indie novels!)

    It is a wonderful time to write. My debut novel has been out a month and has done so well. Far better than I'd hoped or dreamed. It's encouraging to me--and to my husband who was a bit leery of the risk (aka $) we had to take. But God's blessed and provided, and I'm so grateful that He put me right here, right now, when I can publish my heart's desire, no matter what others say. :) I'll definitely take seven (times seven) more years of that!

  22. MELISSA, We don't have to understand all Ruthy's hobbies and interests. We just need to have fun watching her enjoy them!

  23. Ruthy, fun post yet as always you've put some teeth in it. Something to make us think. To keep us on track.


  24. RUTHINATOR? How does one get to be an "inator"?

  25. LOL Marianne! Know you're thinking about all the books those gift cards could buy.


  26. I'm kinda surprised at Ruthy's topic. The Power of Seven Unleashed by the Ruthinator.

    I thought she was a shoo-in for The Seven Dwarfs.

    Hoping Missy picks that up...though I think she's going with the Seven Samarai.
    We've got the Seven wonders of the Writing World coming up.

    And maybe the Seven Horseman of the Apocalypse.....Myra? That's your topic right? I get that you needed to do a play on words, nothing wrong with that.

    And Pam was doing The Seventh Seal...but it turned into something about marine life which is interesting.

  27. I love your books Ruthy. I've read all but one. I loved the post.

  28. Jenny, always good to see you. Hope the drip helped you feel better.


  29. NOT TO GET MUSHY, it's not my style here, but I too appreciate the Seekers. Mary C. reached out to me through a contest I entered and I've been hanging around ever since. And slowly learning that it IS about relationships. I've had the same crit partner for 20 years and I realized this week that I would still want to be her friend even if one of us stopped writing.
    We don't know where this journey will take us.
    The writing life is like marriage. It's a metaphor for the Christian life in general. We are iron sharpening iron, not in the same way as husband and wife, but still sharpening -- and helping each other get ready for Heaven.
    Kathy Bailey
    Philosophical in New Hampshire and about to leave for Vermont.

  30. LeAnne, I'm drizzling Ruthy's cookies with caramel frosting. Just a tad so as not to overwhelm all the other flavors. They're delicious either way.


  31. USING MY WORDS. I was on another site yesterday (don't be jealous, this is still home to me), and I was commenting on another writer's self-characterization as Contest Diva. I said I wanted to be a Contest Diva, only I spelled it "Dive." So I guess I subconsciously want to be a seedy biker bar when I grow up. Good to know.

  32. Melissa, Jeter is a New York Yankee and is retiring from baseball. He's a great player and person and deserves every accolade Ruthy tosses his way. Though I'm not a fan of baseball. Is that un-American?


  33. KARA ISAAC....I'm hoping you live geographically far from Ruthy. So she can't come for you when you admit you don't know who Jeter is.

    He plays baseball.

    (eyeroll) Big deal.

  34. Hi Kara, with Ruthy's Internet out, one gift card is in question. :-)


  35. Marianne, Ruthy thought about giving away seven $25 gift cards but then she decided not to go broke instead.

  36. Ah, Jenny, so true! Should we send sympathy cards to Ruthy?


  37. were in the hospital? I'm so sorry. Just frowning away as I type. Hope you're feeling better today. :(

  38. LeAnne, I went to Small's Fruit Farm yesterday and picked apples. THEY HAD CARAMEL DIPPING SAUCE RIGHT THERE HANDY.

    (which is evil)

  39. I have an appointment with the chiropractor this morning. Must hurry out. I'll be back to chat!


  40. Melissa, it must be a New York thing.

    And a baseball thing.

    So I'm aced out twice.

    But Ruthy is in love so what can we do???

  41. ARTIST LIBRARIAN...How about The Magnificent Seven.

    That's what we should have named our birthday month. I just thought of it....on October 9th.

    You're welcome, Tina.

  42. Ruthy, I never realized all the uses for the number 7! I had to chuckle over the 6 Brides for Seven Brothers...who could they possibly have left out???

    Seven years of Seekerville. Can you believe it? Wow.

    Here's to 7 time 70 more!!

    Great post, Ruthinator!!!!

  43. CINDY CRIED over the Jeter video?

    Wow, girl. Ruthy has found a kindred spirit.

  44. Is it dwarfs or dwarves??? We really should get this right since there are 7 of them.

  45. YAY!!!! I love virtual cookies.

    YAY! This is the perfect post to help me celebrate hitting PRO status in RWA ie finishing manuscripts and sending them in and surviving rejection.

    I am a firm believer that I am in this for the journey. I stopped writing once in my life and vow never again!

    Blessings upon you and Seekerville. Now put me in for the that Amazon card drawing.

    Peace, Julie

  46. Chocolate chip pumpkin spice cookies....Heidi???

    To me that just sounds like a cookie that can't commit.



    I never saw it coming but apparently Seekerville is a...a... a Christian Sport Bar/Writer's Blog...

    That sorta snuck up on us.

  48. Ah Tina, when you think of Ruthy you think of a Biblical seven....and perfection.

    Don't we all!!!

  49. KAV I've also heard that in comedy the number seven gets more laughs. If you're going to exaggerate something, don't say ... "It happened 86 times."

    Say... "It happened 87 times" and you'll get more laughs. Which is honestly just weird.

  50. kaybee....going to Vermont to look at leaves?

    That just sounds so perfect.

    I picked apples yesterday at Small's Fruit Farm which is tucked into the Loess Hills. I kept thinking of Ruthy and her vegetable business and wished she was there to wander around with me.

    And then a Mosquito bit me and I only take me so far, y'know.

  51. What a fun post, Ruthy. I hope you're enjoying the 7th birthday celebration.

    Thanks for sharing.

    (Melissa Jagears, I could have cared less about sports until my first son was born. Then I had to learn because both of my boys love sports, and I needed to be able to talk to them.)

  52. Wow, Sally, I just imagined myself in seven years and it's ain't a pretty picture.

    My grandchildren will be TEENAGERS.

    I'm already afraid.

  53. Hi cathyann40.
    Ruthy's books are addictive.

    We all find that out right away.

  54. Ah Kathy (kaybee) thank you and thanks for mentioning ME.

    For some reason everyone wants to talk about RUTHY today.

    I live five states away from her. BIG STATES.

    So I have NO FEAR of sassing her.

  55. Kathy LOL, oh, how one letter can change everything.

    I worked at a newspaper for a while and OH. MY. GOSH. Some of our typos....this was a small town's amazing how one crucial letter can change a lovely story into a scary, profane menace.
    It's also amazing how many people don't just get that it's an error and feel the need to phone in and complain.

    In the church news, you leave the M off Mass one single time and it haunts you forever.

  56. HEY JULIE!!! Yay on the PRO status. That's something we're pushing toward in our RWA group in Omaha.

    Almost everyone qualifies but to jump through a few hoops and make it official is just something many don't bother with.

    But RWA needs to have more proof that it is strictly an professional organization, so they do this.

  57. Jackie, ah, the things we do for our children.

    I confess I scrolled right past the Jeter video.

    I guess I'll go watch it now.

  58. The video didn't play.
    There's something screwed up on my computer about it.
    It says I have to download Flash or maybe it said Adobe Flash or maybe it said something else.

    So I downloaded it (as I have ten times before) and then, when I'm done, I go back to whatever it was I was trying to play and it says, "You need to download Flash." and computers.

  59. BEWARE
    The Seven Year

    Has your current genre lost its youthful allure? Has it become matronly, nay, even dowdy, after giving you several children? Do you look at the youthful promise of shiny new genres with lust in your eyes? Do you see in them the rebirth of your creative energy?

    Beware! You may be suffering from the Seven Year Itch! Here are the seven warning signs:

    1. Writer’s block now happens at the most inappropriate times.
    2. Headaches come at just the moment when some optimum writing time becomes available.
    3. You start reading in other genres – just to look – not to stray.
    4. You start finding faults with your current genre and mention them to other writers and on writing blogs.
    5. You start to believe that your current genre is holding you back and that it is the reason why you have not met your full potential.
    6. You find sympathetic friends who confirm your beliefs about your current genre. They have all gone on to greener publishers (some very non-traditional!).
    7. You come to believe that leaving your current genre would be best for that genre.

    If you experience any of the above symptoms, seek help. Join, “Dance With the One Who Brought You” today.

    Then read this free, Christian life-affirming, Kindle book:

    The 7 Habits That Will Change Your Life Forever [Kindle Edition] Adam Houge


    P.S. I was seven when Yankee number 7, the Mick, was in his rookie year! I was in New York. I saw the games. Jeter may be neater but the Mick wins the trick!

  60. BTW you can find Ruthy's recipe for the Pumpkin, spice, chocolate, hamburger, glazed donut cookies (or whatever they were called)ON YANKEE BELL CAFE TODAY.

    (I rarely bring food but if I do it is ALWAYS imaginary. Ruthy actually baked these!)


  61. Vince....are you saying we should be unfaithful to our genre? Cheat on it?

    Have an affair with Regency Romance or Amish Romance or Romantic Suspense???

    Well you are TEMPTING US, Vince and we all know WHO SENDS TEMPTATION DON'T WE?????

  62. Ruthy, Thanks for your fun post. 7 the number of perfection.

    Happy Birthday, Seekerville!

  63. Seven books, all in a line
    With Ruthy's name on the spine
    More on my Kindle and some packed away
    Waiting for that rainy day
    Janet's book says I've been spurred
    Mary's taught me how to ride herd
    Tina's rancher has got me stirred
    Yes, I'm a regular Seeker nerd
    I've read them all, I'm no cheater
    But just can't get into this thing about Jeeter
    So Ruthy, thanks for your amazing post
    You're a very cool Seeker host
    And I'm sorry your computer's broke
    But it doesn't matter to us villager folk
    Cuz the cat dish is clean and our names are inside
    And traditional or indie - we're along for the ride!

  64. CINDY R, Fabulous poem! You should have it mounted or engraved or something.

  65. MARY C, I STILL work at a small-town newspaper. Day job. Definitely a quirky small town so it's a good thing I don't write contemporaries, it would be really tempting to use them and this job is not worth going to jail over.

  66. Happy seventh to the Seekers,
    We've had a great time!
    I hope it's okay
    For these wishes in rhyme!

    Though I'm not up on Jeter,
    He's not hard on my eyes.
    I didn't read Homer,
    But read other books that size.

    I am working from home,
    So I'm living my dream,
    Plus I blog with my friends
    And then read till I beam.

    I foresee curling up
    And reading Ruth's book.
    I imagine there are scenes
    Where Tina will cook.

    Can Max change her mind?
    Can he get her to stay?
    I'm guessing that's yes
    When there are HEAs!

    I'm closing by raising
    My glass in a toast.
    Here's to many more years
    Of which we will boast!

    Thank you for sharing your lives and books with me/us.

  67. Love this post and would absolutely love to win a copy of your book! I was smiling, grinning, and then laughed out loud at your post. All those sevens; who knew?? Please, please put my name in the cat dish! I love your quote: "When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me'." I am going to have to hang that up somewhere where I can see it everyday. Thank you!

  68. Seven is my favorite number:) I like how it signifies completion in the Bible.
    Fun post, Ruthy! And a $25 Amazon card--that's the best gift ever.

  69. Awww, Ruthy got sentimental! Loved the post, Ruthy.

    I really do like that idea of seven times 7 more years here.


  70. Jenny, hope you're better today! I'm sorry you were in the hospital.

  71. LOL, Melissa! I'm waiting for when Ruthy has her internet back and can respond to you! LOL

    It is a sweet commercial.

  72. LOL, KB! We sure do have the acronymns, don't we? :)

    Enjoy your extra writing time!

  73. Sally, I'm so glad your book is doing well!

  74. Oh, my stars, Laney4, your rhyme rocks!! A great way to celebrate our 7th birthday! Thanks!


  75. Well..I'm back from a week in Florida visiting my sister and who is hosting Seekerville but my girl RUTHY! and although she's MIA because of her internet rebellion it appears everyone is carrying on in fine humorous form behind her back.

    MARY, you are hilarous, adding the hamburger to the cookie recipe, laughing hard.

    VINCE"S comments on the seven year itch and your genre losing its alure, have me laughing, again.
    And Cindy's clever rhyme all add up to me being glad I'm home and back to follow Seekerville again.

    Back to The Power of Seven Unleashed by the Ruthinator, so here are 7 RUTHY things I'm thankful for:
    1)RUTHY is giving away 7 copies of her newest book and I WANT ONE, please put my name in the dish!
    2)RUTHY is giving away an amazon card, I could buy more seeker books, so put my name in the dish again please!
    3)A Town Called Christmas and the Hope For the Holidays Historical Collection will be available for pre-order tomorrow!
    4)Longing For A Miracle and The Hope For the Holidays Contemporary Collection will be available for pre-order tomorrow!
    5)RUTHY'S story in The Power of Forgiveness will be out Dec. 16th!
    6)All Dressed Up In Love will be out Feb. 24th!
    7)AND last but not least, I'm just happy RUTHY is RUTHY (and loves to write too)

    I know this reads like a Ruthy commercial(I'm secretly her ad agency rep, haha) but this is her day, so I went all the way with the Ruthy unleashed theme!

    Happy Birthday to SEEKERVILLE and all the accomplished authors here!


  77. Ruthy,

    For a number of reasons, you are a role model for us all. Thank you for this wonderfully insightful post. And for bringing pumpkin cookies! Love! And I like Janet's variation of the caramel drizzle too. The seekers are wonderful with so many ideas. I love this place!

  78. Kaybee....this leads me to ask...what job IS worth going to jail over!!!???

  79. Mary, I can try to come up with something for The Seven Dwarfs if you want. :)

  80. Congrats on your Pro status, Julie!

  81. Laney4! I love it!!!! wow, poetry in Seekerville.

    I wrote a poem once but it's sort of vaguely dirty. A limerick. I don't want to talk about it. I Promise I've seen the error of my ways.

    I also wrote a country song once called, "I've got Bambi on My Hands--and Ode to Deer Hunting and Buckskin Gloves."

  82. Sally isn't that a great quote? Erma Bombeck...I used to read her faithfully.
    I still think once in a while of her book titles.

    It still makes me laugh to just think of the TITLE.

  83. Vince, The "Dance With the One Who Bought You" support group just made me laugh! I LOVE reading and writing historicals so if you need speakers, I'm available.


  84. Tracey we are all thankful for Ruthy. She reminds us daily (just by the way she'd living, but also by yelling at us) that we are NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH.


    I am just GIDDY with the chance to talk about Ruthy without her responding. Drunk with power.

    I may need a nap just to calm down.

  86. Wow, Cindy R, another fabulous poet!! Ruthy loves all youse!


  87. Mary, I have The Advent Bride on my Kindle and CAN'T WAIT to read it!

  88. RUTHY!!

    I want to know how many times you watched the Jeter video -- 7 or 7 x 70???

    LOL, MARIANNE ... at it again, I see, with the seven winners ... ;)

    Oh,NO, JENNY ... not again, girlfriend!! Saying one for you RIGHT NOW ...

    MELISSA ... this morning was the 1st time I saw the Jeter video, too, but it's okay 'cause Ruthy's not here to lambast us,
    so we're good ... until her Internet comes back on ...



  89. Mary, DRUNK WITH POWER, haha, here's your chance, while the cat's away, the mice will play, have at it :) You are making my day, but I really should do some of the vaca laundry and get uppacked.

  90. Mary, Erma Bombecks titles are fabulous! The Grass is Greener over the Septic Tank makes me smile. I remember the truth of that from my childhood. Our system possibly had an issue.


  91. The giddiness in Seekerville today reminds me of when a teacher steps out of the classroom for a few minutes and the kids go wild.


  92. Peaceful Julie, congrats on PRO status!!! You're on your way!


  93. GLYNNA, NO!! No TV????

    Wait ... I don't know why that freaks me out -- we have four TVs and I never watch ANY of them. Well, except for the occasional Hallmark movie and news.

    ROSE!!! SEVEN YEARS OF CONNEALY makes one wise, happy, and liable to be shot at ... or driven down a one-way street TWICE!!

    KB ... from pumpkin pie muffins to acronyms ... you're covering the gamut this morning, girl, so good thing you're on vaca!! I have ALWAYS wanted to go to New England in the fall -- I hear it's drop-dead gorgeous!! Hope you have fun and get LOTS of writing done this week!!

    SALLY!!! Sooooo thrilled to hear your book is doing well!! As you know I absolutely LOVED it, so that doesn't surprise me one bit. You go, girl!!


  94. JANET, NO!!! No caramel drizzle, PLEASE!! I'm having enough trouble staying away from the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins ...

    LOL, KATHY B ... "Contest Dive" didn't conjure a seedy biker bar to me -- instead I saw you on the high dive taking a leap, but the vision disappeared before I could see if you sank or swam ...

    Oooo, JANET, happy adjustment, girlfriend!!


  95. Love this, Ruthy! You would make an excellent motivational coach, your enthusiasm is infectious.
    It's so obvious you love what you're doing, not many people can say that. You're awesome!

  96. Happy 7th Birthday, Seekerville! When Ruthy invited me to stop by here years ago, I never imagined how much support and encouragement could come from an online group. Since then, I've been fortunate enough to meet many of you at conferences, and you're even better in person :)

  97. LOL, VINCE ... I should have known you'd be the first one to mention The Seven Year Itch!!! I LOVE Marilyn Monroe, but I was never too fond of Tom Ewell (?), but it was cute movie nonetheless.

    MARY SAID: "Pumpkin, spice, chocolate, hamburger, glazed donut cookies" ... LOL, YUM!!

    CINDY THE "SEEKER NERD"!!! Your poem ROCKS!!

    LANEY4 ... not to be outdone by "Seeker Nerd" Cindy -- your poem rocks 2!!!




  98. Finally got to watch the Jeter video. It brought a tear as I must admit.

  99. I LOVE Ruthy posts - - they always energize me!! :)

    The Jeter commercial is great - - but I do have a question: Where was RUTHY in that commercial?? In my humble opinion YOU should've been featured - - seriously! ;)

    Have I told you yet how much I loved your book HIS MONTANA SWEETHEART? If not, please forgive me (my brain turns to overloaded mush each year around ACFW conference time, LOL).

    The pumpkin spice cookies you're serving are YUMMY!! Thank you! :) And at the risk of overdoing the peach desserts, I'm setting out 7 Georgia peach cobblers today---feel free to take some with you. ;)
    Hugs, Patti Jo


    That I know of, anyway! Oh my stars, there are 103 comments which means my desperate please to Seekers to come and play were HEARD!!!!

  101. I texted Missy first.

    Like EARLY. Like Super Early

    Nothing. Then I realized Missy has a life and probably doesn't have to be up in the middle of the night jumping when I say jump...

    So then..... I went to TEEEEEEEEENA.

    Now TEEEEEEEEEEEENA sleeps with her phone next to her cheek, she checks stuff in the middle of the night just in case Armageddon has come and she slept through it (AS IF!!!!).....

    I thought TEEEEEEEEEENA will hear the text come in and jump up to notify others.....

    Um, that's not exactly how it happened. It appears that she does, (occasionally) sleep....

    So then I texted Janet. Janet's an early riser like me, and she got the message! But before I knew that, I CALLED MARY....

    I didn't care that it's a different time zone, that she might be ASLEEP, because I knew if Mary knew I was in trouble, she'd be right there, mocking me, making fun of me, giving things away left and right.....

    I got her cute cowboy (who is about the only person I know these days who answers a phone when he doesn't recognize the number!!! I LOVE YOU IVAN!!!!) and he got Mary and I poured out my tale of woe and Janet texted me and life as we know it goes on!!!!

    And now I have to see what youse have been doing all morning!!!!

  102. I'm dying laughing at the night crew who only know Jeter because of me, proving once again that "Word of Mouth" is the BEST form of social media!!!!

    And laughing at the 7 Gift Cards... Hahahahahaha!

    But I will do the 7 amazing books, which reminds me I didn't put the cover in the post for Max And Tina's Excellent Adventure.... Going to do that now and I'll probably RUIN THE BLOG.

  103. Ruthy, that was a beautiful quote from Erma Bombeck. Definitely food for thought this morning!

  104. Ack!!! I didn't get here until after Ruthy's internet was back up. Can't say anything behind her back now.

    Loved this post on much fun! Who knew they were everywhere? It must mean this seventh Seekerville birthday will be the beginning of a very special year in the seeking community.

    I'm off to make something pumpkin. Not sure what, but adding chocolate chips sounds like a great idea.

  105. Congratulations on 7 years of Seekerville!!! I only found this place a couple years ago, but I love it. I've learned so much in so short a time, and have won prizes and met people that have given me a push to try 1 more time at just the right moment. While I'm hoping my SYTYCW entry intrigued the LI editors and they will ask for a partial or full after the competition, I know if they don't I can come here to people who understand. Love all the work you ladies have done, are doing, and will do! God bless you all! Throw my name in the cat dish!

  106. I love you, Cindy W!!!!!

    Clearly you understand the long-standing relationship of a girl and her sports icon!!!! And it's, well... Jeter.... Hall-of-fame in the making, dyed-in-the-wool JETER!!!! Thank you for crying! Me, too!!! :)

  107. Glynna has admitted to no TV... that means no Gibbs???? No Castle?????

    I'm kind of shocked, actually. ;)

    And sigh.... Jeter is worth watching on any available screen. And the commercial.... sighing again... weeping, just a little....

    Is awesome. :)

  108. Zey Zey, darling, your name has been thrown in and I chased BOTH CATS away from the dish. I explained they were on restricted rations for the day and they sniffed at me.

    Ungrateful beasts.

  109. Kaybee, hey, darling girl, that's what I'm here for! To turn that frown upside down!!!!

    And I agree that writing is work, but if you love it then that makes work fun, right? And we are so blessed to be here, now, with so many opportunities knocking at our door! If normal routes have no room for us, we can self-create our own path with God's help and guidance.... But while I'm saying that, oh my stars, we need to be sure we're ready by READER standards (not Mom's standards, because she just wuvs us so very, very much!!!!! Schmooshie kisses and all!!!) and having your work final in contests and paying attention to advice and COPYING other author's styles (finding what works and emulating it is GOOD!!!) helps us to nail sales on that old Kindle website!

  110. It is not easy to be an "inator"...

    It is a melding of great minds that created the Bergermeister Meisterberger and a Saturday Night Live skit (you can call me Ray, or you can call me Raymond, etc.) and Arnold Schwarzenegger's terminator...

    Beware the Ruthinator!!!!! :)

  111. Mary is mocking everyone????

    Oh, this is fun!!!!

    Yes, the theme "7" runs the gamut from gambling, liquor and multiple religious tomes.

    I think it's the prime number status.

    Everyone loves something with a "7". It's inherently human.

  112. Connealy, did you JUST MAKE FUN OF CINDY FOR CRYING OVER JETER?????

    Oh, you heartless Seeker!!!!

    "And now... the end is near.... and though I face... the final curtain...."


  113. Rebecca, that quote from Erma was one of those that I tried to apply to every aspect of my life.

    I say that with Mom-like seriousness, because no matter how menial the job, or tough the time, or crazy the life with six kids, I wanted God to know I aced it with what I had.

    I think that kind of makes me a competitive witch, but I love that quote!!!! It is on a little plate, over my sink.


  114. I do love that thoughts of me bring completion and perfection to mind...

    I blame GOD!!!!!

    Connealy, lay off the cookies. Oh my stars, they are to die for. Honestly, if you've ever had pumpkin bread with those little melty chocolatey chips in it, these are just as good! They're amazing and dredging them in chocolate only seals in the chewy perfection....


  116. And I am lovin' those pumpkin spice cookies. AMAZING!!!

    Thanks for the inspiring post, Ruthy. Then again, y'all always inspire. And make me laughter. That's a good thing.

    Happy birthday, Seekerville! I'm so glad you're here.

  117. Mindy, hey you!!!! Oh, those cookies are to die for. I'm not even kidding or bragging, they're just plain stinkin' amazing. :)

  118. Mia said we're better in person!!!!

    Fooled another one!!!!

  119. Did I mention that Cathyann AND Cindy W love me???????

    I'm just sayin'.... :) :) :)

  120. We all love you, Ruthy. Even Mary.

    Now stop that maniacal laughter! You KNOW I'm right! :)

    Loved the post, love these insane comments, LOVE SEEKERVILLE!

    But don't have time for more. A deadline is looming, and then another one after that....

    Man, I love this job!

  121. Drexler!!!!! DITTO ON ALL THE ABOVE!!!!

    I love youse right back, and you must try the cookies, darling...

    I baked a REAL PUMPKIN to make them!!!

  122. Julie Hilton Steele, that's the go-get-'em spirit I love!

    The secret's in the sauce... No, wait, that's Fried Green Tomatoes when they ate the bad guy....

    The secret's in PERSEVERANCE!!!! Not quitting! You go, girl!

  123. Mary dreamed about me on the farm!!! Whilst picking apples! :) Well now my day is made!

    I love the idea of "seeing the leaves".

    We are surrounded by trees and ponds and swamps. I see A LOT OF LEAVES. Country + Deciduous Forest means if you don't mow it weekly, trees grow!

    I am part dryad so seeing the leaves is meaningful. I love fall... and then the quiet of WINTER.... sigh...

    Don't judge.

  124. Mary, watch the Baltimore game tomorrow night for the American League Championship Series and they will play the commercial... I promise.

    So your flash isn't working???? Is this in the new computer, the Windows 7 you found online because friends don't let friends drive drunk or order Windows 8 when there are perfectly marvelous Windows 7 computers still available.

    You're welcome.

  125. Mary, they did a study about that, about why people react to seven more than other numbers...

    Your tax dollars probably PAID for the study, darling....

    Seven has two syllables, therefore setting it apart. You wouldn't think it would be a big deal, but it is.... AND... they said it rhymes with "heaven" which makes people respond to it.

    We are a strange bunch.

  126. What a fun post, Ruthy! I always love your posts. They make me smile. Big. :) And chocolate chip pumpkin spice cookie?! Yes. Please!!

    Seekerville has definitely been a place of encouragement for me. I discovered you wonderful ladies early on my writing journey. I've learned so much from each of you. Been encouraged by you. Been exhorted by you. Jumped into contesting because of you. I am truly thankful for you all and the community you've built here!

    I forgot to watch the Jeter video. I'm off to do it now. :) (I know, Ruthy. Don't kill me for forgetting! ;) My boys are home for fall break...yeah, that's my excuse).

  127. hi Ruthy
    Glad the 'Net is back on for you, although I was thoroughly enjoying the Connealy wreaking her own impish havoc while you were unable to curtail her.

    I plugged into Seekerville sometime during 2008 (thanks to Anita Mae). Major blessings have come my way since. Hooray for seven years and many, many more in the future. I'm only bummed that I haven't been able to finish the caricatures of you ladies in time for celebrations. *heavy sigh* I clearly still underestimate the power of little hands and eyes grabbing my attention with a "momma, hold you me" to keep me from finishing things like I wish.

    Love the celebration post, the wonder of seven (Mary, I'm going with the seven Samurai thing), and the riches that abound in the Seekerville comments. I agree with Ruthy that Seekerville is the best village on the web. And yes, I know who Jeter is - how can one NOT know?!?!? especially if you visit Seekerville for any amount of time. I've avoided the Jeter video because I think it would be poor form to be weeping at work. Will save that for home.

  128. Ruthy, you're so smart! Really enjoyed your post. I had seven Poms once. Two were visiting, but they stayed for seven weeks! I know, amazing how that worked out, huh?

  129. Too fun! My head is spinning over so many sevens. And...what does Elvis have to do with seven? lol

  130. Hi Ruth:

    I want to take a guess at that photo.

    Is that you sampling a piece of Meg’s famous “Allegany Maple Fudge” that I made in Tulsa from the recipe found in “Small-Town Hearts” and sent you? That fudge was a big hit with the ACFW local chapter meeting. It’s a good thing I sent yours to you before I took the rest to the meeting.

    BTW: I think Meg is your most memorable heroine. After being jilted twice at the altar she swears off men forever. Then within minutes of making this anti-man vow she puts cookies together to welcome the handsome man who just rented a room in her home (store?). This book was just too cute!

    Every time I read the heroine's name 'Meg', I saw Meg Ryan in my mind's eye. Like I said, 'cute'. : )

  131. Okay, I just saw cindy said Frank Sinatra was in the video somehow, I might actually click on it now. Sinatra, Astaire, Kelly, Crosby, those people will get me to click on something!

  132. Hi Laney & Cindy:

    Those are really good poems! Now that you’ve shown you can do it, I hope to see more of your work.

  133. What a fun post today and fun comments! I have a lot to comment, Ruthy. First of all on the number 7. That has always been my son's favorite number. When he was little he would get upset if we didn't check out our groceries in line number 7 or park in row number 7 at Wal-mart.

    As for Derek Jeter, I certainly know who he is and I loved the commercial. I had not seen it before. I will have to share it with my husband. He is a long-time Yankee fan because his dad was a Yankee fan back in the days of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Joe DiMaggio. (Sorry Mary, I know your eyes must be glazing over right now.) Anyway, my husband had always wanted to go to Yankee Stadium with his dad, but that never happened. So I wanted him to be able to go to Yankee Stadium with our son, and I wanted it to be the old Yankee Stadium before they tore it down. So in 2008, the last year of the stadium, we went to New York to a game and saw Derek Jeter play. (We also got our car towed while we were on the Yankee Stadium tour the day before, but that is a very long story.) I took a picture of my husband and son at the game and framed it for my husband for Father's Day. So that is my Yankee's story.

    However, my husband is completely outnumbered in my extended family because the Cardinals trump every other team, even the Royals, the major league team closest to us. Right now I am wearing my Cardinals T-shirt. (Go Cards in the World Series!)

    I love the cover of your holiday book. Please enter me into the drawing and for the Amazon card. I hope to win an Amazon card one of these days to get all these great Seeker books!

  134. Hi Ruthy,
    Popping in to say HI! I haven't been a Seeker friend for the full 7 years, but pretty close!
    Happy anniversary!

  135. Love Seekerville! Love the comments today and the camaraderie! Love the pumpkin cookies! And especially love the cover of your book, Ruthy. GORGEOUS!!

  136. I'm not a baseball fan, but I can and do appreciate the great, long time, players that are really good role models. I'm talking the Cal Ripkins and Derek Jeters. Gotta love them!

    Wonderful cover! It makes ME long for winter and I HATE cold weather.

  137. Oh, I loved the Erma Bombeck quote. I need to print that out and stick it to my computer desk... Okay, fine. The bulletin board over my kitchen table.:)

    Great post as always, Ruthie!

  138. Happy 7th birthday Seekerville! Seven is a great number. I'm about to publish my 7th indie book :)

  139. Ruthy, I'm so grateful the Seekers established Seekerville SEVEN years ago! Raising my cup of tea to toast you all for sharing the mountaintops and the valleys! Thank you, Seekerville!

    Please toss my name in the "sparkling" cat dish and pass the chocolate chip pumpkin spice cookies! Thanks! Going over to the Yankee-Belle Café to see if there is a recipe for those cookies.

    Thanks, Ruthy!

  140. And the recipe IS up at the Yankee-Belle Café! YAY! Thanks, Ruthy!

  141. Miss RUTHY!!!!
    Yes, we love you!! Anyone who loves sprinkles, let's her kids climb trees, & swoons over baseball players... well, you are just the Best! And you Love God! Thanks for your example. We can see your light shining all the way down here in Texas! Very Cool!

    And for those who don't know who Derek Jeter is... mmmm, Bless your hearts!! Seriously! He is a class act. Very rare in professional sports. Even I'm a Yankee fan.

    And if you weren't at least a little bit moved by that commercial... well, Mercy!! You must not have played sports growing up or don't have a brother who played ball with you or something!! I'm on Ruthy's side on this one!

    And thanks to everyone at Seekerville! This place is Incredible! We really appreciate yall so very much!

  142. I have time to stop in for JUST ONE SECOND. I'm on the road and stopped at Chick fil A and have my laptop and well, here I am.

    BUT I wanted to say that YES I thought of Ruthy at Small's Fruit Farm. Of course Ruthy probably knows all about fruit and veggie businesses so it's probably a waste of time for her but IF I COULD ONLY GET RUTHY TO NEBRASKA I'd take her to Small's and we'd have to drive into the Loess Hills in Iowa, one of the prettiest scenes I know and show her this place. Huge pumpkin patch, rows of apple trees, all flavors (I bought Golden Delicious, they told us to pick an apple off the tree and taste is, fine your favorite, which was really fun.
    I bought fresh strawberries there last June. People if you've never had vine ripened strawberries you just DO NOT KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And buildings, a cider tasting building, a little restaurant, a store with bagged fruit if you're too lazy to walk out and pick your own. (I walked out but that was for my grandchildren ... who picked apples, we didn't have enough bags for me to pick my own) and a play area for the kids and seasonal festivals.
    I could see Ruthy doing all of this.
    But as I said, she's probably fully knowledgeable about these things so JUST FORGET IT HERNE! (Now my feelings are hurt and I have eaten all my chicken nuggets and waffle fries are gone... so I'd better just go)


  143. What a day to be away from my computer!!!

    Ruthy, glad you got back online. Such a scare to not have Internet when you're blogging!

    Great poems...aren't the Villagers creative! Vince, love your list of 7.

    Nodding at what Tina said early on about the spiritual significance for the number 7! Also 3--that trinitarian concept plays into our faith so profoundly.

    Which means that this is a very good year!

    I'm packing for the Moonlight and Magnolias Conference. Can't wait to see Cara, Myra, Walt, Julie and Piper. Anyone else going? Hope so!

  144. "Jeter may be neater but the Mick wins the trick!"

    Vince, I love it! My favorite (well one of my favorite) things about the video is the sign that hangs in the Yankee dugout....

    "I thank the good Lord for making me a Yankee"... Joe DiMaggio

    And Lou Gehrig??? Oh the ghosts that ramble the field next door. :)

    I love it, Vince, but shoot I've been doing this biz for way more than seven years if you count the years of invisible mediocrity!!! It's twelve years for me, five since I got the call.




  145. "Dance with the one who brung ya'" Love it.

    But it's kind of fun to dance outside the box, too, although even my excursions outside are just longer, sweet romances.

    Obviously I'm in a rut!!!

  146. What a fun post, Ruthy (who is always such fun!)!! Please put my name in the cat dish for books and the A card! Oh, and pass the cookies!

  147. Ruthy, I LOVE, LOVE this cover!!!! It puts me in the holiday mood just looking at it. Truly, the cover is gorgeous! I am loving this series and can't wait to read this one! I would LOVE, LOVE to win the book ........ and WOW, the gift card....fantastic!!!! I don't keep track of the NY Yankees because I am a Dodgers Fan through and through but whenever I hear about Jeter, I think of you! I know you love him! I saw a commercial about him the other day and I even thought of you! I know you will miss him! Hang tough, girl! :)

  148. Thanks for the best wishes. not sure if it was Gastro or maybe a blocked bile duct. having more tests for that Monday. I just want to know why do I always seem to get sick like that in the middle of the night! The pain has eased and I can now eat a little but am being careful. Had a really good sleep last night which has helped but still drained. so will have plenty of rest again today.

    Love the cover of the new book.

  149. Apparently Seekerville doesn't like me today because my comment went missing

    Ruthy, you said:
    "How many of today's kids have a clue who the scylla and charybdes are?"

    I would say a goody number thanks to Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series. I have had classes of kids absolutely bonkers over mythology because of these books.

    Great post.

  150. Janet, I was just thinking the same thing! Leavin' youse guys alone is like leaving the bird cage open with the barn cats in the kitchen....

    Oy! What a bunch!

    Mary Curry good point! I love when my leastun's bring home good fantasy because fantasy writers are more apt to insert cool stuff like that.

    They grab those teachable moments, make them fun and run with them!

  151. Jenny Blake, I am so sorry you're having a rough time of it, dear girl. Blocked bile ducts and bad bellies are no fun. I would hug you if I was anywhere close to Australia.... But I'll eat a Tim Tam on your behalf because I'm that nice!!!

  152. Valri!!!! Don Mattingly, one of the few people my husband loves more than me, is with your Dodgers. Oh, we hated to see them get bumped, but you know who I love seeing do well?

    The Baltimore Orioles. I have a history with that team and one of my first heroes was originally "Boog Harriman" until they made me change his name. He became "Brooks" Harriman, but both names are old Oriole names: Boog Powell and Brooks Robinson.

    Great ball players and great guys. I had a Boog's Barbecue the last time I was in Baltimore for a game and the time before that... there was a hurrican. And there was a hurricane the TIME BEFORE THAT, TOO.

    Connealy insists I should speed dial FEMA before planning a vacation. ;)

  153. Jana, my love!!!! BIG GRIN HERE!

    I can tell a true sister in fanhood when I see her! Go you! And thank you for all your kind words. I might just put your name in TWICE because you leapt to my defense.

    A bunch of vultures around here, aren't they??? :)

  154. Jill, thank you!

    You know sometimes I wonder if I hurt people's feelings when I say how much I love this... How much fun it is to write even when I have to back away and re-feel a book's energy and plot.... But then I think WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS IF YOU DIDN'T LOVE IT????

    So then I mock people, make them feel really bad about themselves and they QUIT and I don't have to worry about them grabbing my spots!



    Sign me:

    Meany-pants Ruthy

  155. Sherida, if you don't find the link to the recipe there (because I found it on a cute gal's website, her name is Sally and she has the sweetest baking site!) I'm putting it here...

    And then I made suggestions for how I changed things on our blog at Yankee Belle.


  156. Oh my gosh, all kidding aside, thank you to Mary and Janet and all of the AWESOME SEEKER LADIES who jumped out of their routines this morning when my internet was down. I can't remember other than a general power outage the last time it was down for 7 hours, but I was MISSING YOU!!!!!

  157. Jackie, I saved cookies for you!!!!

    And your name is in sweet thing.

    Thank you for your kind words, it's clear I'm not one of the teacher types in the village, shoot, half the time I don't know hide nor hair of what's being talked about.... So I smile (with my big teeth!!!!) and nod and then I just come on now and again and yell at youse.

    Hey, whatever works!!!!

  158. Your humor always gives me a lift, Ruthie!! Thank you!!

    I love anything pumpkin!! I'd also love to read your beautiful Christmas book!!

    Congrats and Happy 7th to Seekerville!!

    Shared post!!

  159. Coming up for air. Just finished a big revision/editing project.

    Looks like y'all have been having a good time.

    There's fresh coffee. And milk chocolate brownies with milk chocolate frosting.

  160. Ruthy thanks for eating tim tams for me (cos you don't want to know what my first thought about them is right now).

    one bonus is Im reading the short Christmas novellas and enjoying them.

  161. I'm one of seven children. It's a great number.

  162. Bonton, you mentioned the Christmas book which is so stinkin' pretty, isn't it?????

    I could just sit there and sigh, looking at it! ♥♥♥♥♥

  163. Mary is one of seven children.... and I'm the SEVENTH CHILD!!!!

    WE MIGHT BE RELATED!!!!!!!!! :)

  164. Helen Gray, I'm all over that fresh coffee, darling! Thank you!!!!!

    And Jenny, I will eat all the Tim Tams I can for you! Starting now!!!!

    Feel better, my friend.

  165. Well, May and KC, right back atcha.

    Isn't it so much fun how we've taken this path together? We've turned the road less traveled into a team effort... and we've picked up our share of slightly worn authors along the way.

    And that's what it's all about. God and us holding each other up.

    Hugs to you, my friend!

  166. Great Birthday gifts today. and chocolate chip pumpkin spice cookies sound delish :) Maybe I'm #177 comment? have a great Friday!

  167. I love all your books! Bring on the coffee and cookies!

  168. What a fun post! So I guess I'm not the only one who uses "brow" and "gaze" a little too much. My characters have stopped biting their lower lips a while ago, but now they'll have to stop gazing, too! Better add those to the list. That was a fascinating list of "sevens," also. Who knew?

  169. Ruthy, what a fun post. The first time I ever heard the term yous was when I mixed up with this bunch of Dutchmen. From there I proceeded to produce 6 more little Dutchmen. #7 is our adopted beauty. For LeAnne's caramel, try apple rings shook in a bag with sugar and plenty of cinnamon. Dehydrate for a few hours and you have a "healthy" treat that is as hard to ignore as candy. Blessings.

  170. Ruthy, I had season seats for 25 years with the California Angels baseball team and then ten years with the Mighty Ducks (now Anaheim Ducks) hockey team. Last season my favorite hockey player, Teemu Selanne, retired and I am feeling the emptiness this season. As for Jeter...I love it when an athlete comes into an organization and stays with them their entire career. As good as Jeter is, I am sure he had many offers from other ball clubs wanting to steal him away but to stay with the same club shows that he is a class act. That's all I'm sayin' He is also gorgeous. Okay so I said a little more but afterall, it's Jeter. No. One. Like. Him.

    Cindy W.

  171. Seven is the number of VonTrapp children. I always thought I'd be fun to have seven kids—if only they could sing as well too!! haha!


  172. Ruthy, Loved the blog! Super loved the picture of Derek.

    Isn't seven the number of completion (from the Bible)?

    Your pumpkin spice cookies sound good, but I can go one better with a pumpkin crunch pie. If you ask real nice-like, I'll give you my recipe.
    And if you'r really nice, I'll throw in my recipe for Sweet Tea and Lemonade Cake. Enjoy!

  173. Hallo, Hallo bookish lovelies of Seekerville! :)

    I haven't been here in half an age, but then again, life was a bit difficult this past year for me & my family. I finally have the knack of book blogging down pat, but as I newly self-hosted my blog, I hadn't realised I'd lose the ability to leave comments! Therefore, I have a secondary blog/landing page just for 'commentary' on the lovely blogs I love to visit & chat with those who alight on them! :)

    I saw this post come through my Inbox -- wanted to make sure to drop-in & say "congratulations!" You've given so much hearty advice & cheering for those who are on the path to become published! You guys are truly rockstars for writers, sharing bits of your life, your path as an author, and giving everyone solid conversation in-between the celebrations!

    May you each be blessed as the days move forward & may Seekerville remain a beacon of light for writers seeking advice & fellowship with each other! :)

    Here's to the next 7 years!
    You guys are golden! :)