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The Weekend Edition-Birthday Week 1

Seven Reasons Why Seekerville Rocks

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 We launched our 7th Birthday Celebration on Wednesday, October 1st. During the month of October we blog every single day. We will be giving away a $50 gift card from various online stores each Sunday in October. We will also be collecting names (not numbers of comments) for the drawing for our grand prize-an iPad mini. Winner announced on Saturday, November 1st. 

This week's $50 gift card will come from

We Have Winners

 Be sure to contact us if you are a winner (send an email to with your snail mail address unless email is specified). We don't have time to track you down. Do let us know if you don't receive your prize in 6-8 weeks. Rules are located on our legal page.

 Saturday Weekend Edition: The winner of books from the ACFW conference because you commented on  name that familiar face photo from ACFW is Natalie Monk.

Patti Jo Moore, Lisa Jordan, Tina Radcliffe, Sandra Orchard, Janet Dean, Candee Fick, Glynna Kaye, Jeanne Takenaka, Debby Giusti and Mindy Obenhaus.

Monday we welcomed Love Inspired Suspense author Laura Scott. She shared with her post, "Open Your Book with a BANG!" DebH AND Connie Queen are winners of her latest release, Down to the Wire!

Tuesday: We're thrilled to have Love Inspired Suspense and Indie author, Lisa Phillips back with us today. Join her for her post,The Long and Short of it or, How to rock the novella, the epic-length novel, and everything in between. Winners of Star Witness are Anna Weaver Hurtt and Mark Abel.

Wednesday! It's Here!! Seekerville's 7TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!  Mary Connealy kicked off a month full of fantastic blog posts, special guests, giveaways, and general fun! Winner of a $25 Amazon gift card is jilianw, and the winner of Cheryl St. John's Writing with Emotion, Tension and Conflict by Cheryl St.John is Kaybee. Winner of Tried & True or a Mary book of choice as available is cathyann40.

Thursday we welcomed Amanda Cabot back to Seekerville. She posed seven questions everyone who wants to write a contemporary novel should ask. Melanie Pike is the winner of  At Bluebonnet Lake.

  On Friday Audra Harders shared "7 Survival Tips to Reduce Stress and Retain Your Sanity!" Winner of a $10 Amazon gift certificate is Eva Maria Hamilton.

Saturday was the October Contest Update. We introduced the October Contest Diva Tanya Agler. The prize vault was open. Winners of a five page critique are Kav, Jill W, Anna Weaver Hurtt and Cindy R. Winner of a Seeker book of choice is Jackie Smith.

The Birthday Week One winner of a $50 Amazon gift card is Heidi Robbins.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: 2014 Carol Award winner for best novella, Melissa Jagears is your hostess today with "Melissa's Seven Phases of the Writing Process." Of course there is a birthday giveaway of the latest in her Unexpected Bride Series AND MORE!!!!! Fair warning. Do not miss this post.

Tuesday: Sherry Kyle returns to Seekerville with her post, "Pick a Genre, Any Genre." Have you got your genre's straight? Stop by to find out, to chat, and for a chance to win her new release, Watercolor Dreams.

Wednesday:  THIS IS IT!!  Part 4 wrap-up of  "From Sweet to Swoon — The Final SEVEN Ways to Ramp Up the Sigh Factor in our Heroes!” Join Julie Lessman when she concludes her series on ramping up the hero swoon factor from ho-hum to hot. Giveaway included of signed copy of any of Julie’s books, including her upcoming release, Surprised by Love.

Thursday: Join Ruth Logan Herne as she leads you on a day-long celebration of why the #7 is the default answer to almost every mathematical question, unless, of course, it isn't! Hint: It wasn't an accident that Snow White kept house for seven little men! :) Join her as she opens the prize vault for seven copies of her upcoming release Her Holiday Family, and a $25 Amazon gift card. That's 7 + 1 if you are counting!

Friday: Today we are excited to welcome Bethany House Editor, Charlene Patterson to Seekerville. Charlene will be talking about "7 Tips for a Manuscript that Will Impress an Acquisitions Editor" and as an added bonus "7 things NOT to do in your manuscript."

Saturday: 2014 Carol Award winner for best short novel, Tina Radcliffe brings you,
"Seven Things You Need to Stop Doing…NOW."  Dare to stop by and we'll for sure have 7 giveaways.

Seeker Sightings

Seeker Glynna Kaye is announcing the signing of a 6-book contract with Harlequin Love Inspired! As with the setting of her seven-book series set in fictional Canyon Springs, nearby Hunter Ridge is nestled in the rugged, sweeping expanse of Arizona’s ponderosa-pine country. At an elevation of 7,000 feet, it’s a land of cool summers and snowy winters. (And due to its proximity to Canyons Springs, “old friends” will occasionally drop by!) 

The “Hearts of Hunter Ridge” series will explore the lives and loves of men and women who have always called the town home, who once fled its city limits and are now returning, or who are stepping into the little community for the very first time. Beginning in Autumn 2015, you can join them on their journey to love and becoming all God wants them to be!

Congratulations, Glynna!

Missy Tippens's heroine from The Guy Next Door will be featured on Margaret Daley's blog this coming week. Hope you'll drop by! October 6-10: Margaret Daley's blog.  

Random News & Information 

Hybrid Publishing is Hot Topic at Christian Fiction Writers Conference (PW)

Writer Creates "Color Thesaurus to Help You Correctly Name Every Color Imaginable (Bored Panda)

Twitter Launches Buy Buttons, Enabling Authors to Sell eBooks on the Service (The Digital Reader)

Kudo's to 2013 RITA winner Elizabeth Camden for her interview in the October 2014 RWR, that discusses inspirational romance.

" I found my writing sharply improved once I moved to inspirationals because I was forced to rely on the chemistry between the characters to carry the story. I can't resort to sexual tension, and the inspirational market has no patience for "insta-love," so I was forced to dig deeper and nail down what makes these two people perfect for one another. How can their dialogue sparkle? How can their past histories, strengths and weaknesses make them destined to catch fire once they meet? How are they stronger together rather than apart? Inspirationals give me the freedom to delve into deep emotional territories and use it to create a bond between the hero and heroine that drives the backbone of the story."
  Harlequin passionately embraces Scribd's e-book subscription service (PC World)

HarperCollins Introduces New E-Commerce Program For Its Writers (GalleyCat)

 How fast do YOU read? Take this test to discover how long it would take you to finish bestselling novels - including Game of Thrones (Mail Online via Lyndee Henderson)

7 Tips for Metadata Magic for Self-Publishers (The Book Designer) 

 New YA-Only Imprints Seek to Make Their Mark (PW)

Self-Publishing a New Edition? Get Rid of the Old One First! (Catherine Caffeinated)

Details here.

And finally, please consider nominating Seekerville for the 17th Annual Writer’s Digest 101 Best Website for Writer’s Award. Send an email to with “101 Websites” in the subject line. We are an Inspirational Romance Writing Community. 

 Many thanks. 

Your friends at Seekerville


Marianne Barkman said...

Isn't this a party!!!! Congrats to the winners. Thanks Seekerville

Helen Gray said...

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday

Congratulations to all winners.

Coffee is on.

Heidi Robbins said...

Yay! I just totally gasped when I read this post! And my first thought was, I'll be able to get so many books on my wishlist!!! Thanks for letting us all celebrate with you- this is one of most favorite blogs to follow and I know it's made me a better book reviewer :) Congrats Glynna on your happy news!!!

Virginia Carmichael Munoz said...

Congratulations Glynna! that is one BIG contract!

And that was great article in the RWA mag on inspy writing. :)

Kara Isaac said...

Congrats and happy reading to all the winners!

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Heidi!!!! Congratulations to you! YAY!!!!!!!

And Glynna! Happy dancing in the streets of upstate! How totally wonderful is that? YEEEEEHAAAAWWWW!!!!!

Tippin' my cowboy writin' hat to youse!

I was at the most beautiful wedding yesterday. Absolutely stunning, perfectly orchestrated, and so filled with happiness... and the cutest young couple, who get along so well that you just had to smile!

Now there's a story in there!

Melissa Jagears said...

I emailed and nominated.

Congrats, Glynna! How fun.

I might have to grab Helen's coffee, the nap went long, until 4 am and well, is there a point to going back to bed? Gotta write....

Kav said...

First things first -- I sent in the nomination. Oh -- wait, I have two email accounts -- I can send in another one. Is that playing fair? :-)

THANK YOU for the 5 page critique, Tina. You're awesome!!!

Love the colour thesaurus. I'm going to print it up on coloured paper and keep it close at hand and add to it when I feel so inspired.

Congrats to Glynna! What an awesome deal and more great books for me to read. If I moved to Arizona that's where I'd live -- far away from the heat!

Looking forward to partying on with you this week. Bring on the cake!

Piper Huguley said...

Congrats to you Glynna! That's an amazing contract!

Congrats to all of the winners here in Seekerville,but we all win! A great week just passed and another one is to come. Looking forward to tomorrow to hear what Melissa Jagears has to say!

Mary Connealy said...

Tina way to well and truly kick off our BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yay to all the winners, there will be many, many more.

Rose said...

WHOOP, Glynna!!!! Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations.

AND congratulations to all of the blog winners this week.

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Fried apple pie Sunday.

I think that's a must, don't you? It is October, after all.

Glynna Kaye said...

Thank you, Heidi! I think Tina once figured up how many books the Seekers published since we first joined together on the road to publication, but I've lost track. All I know is that my Seeker shelves are overflowing--and now that Seeker VILLAGERS are getting published, too, I may have to add a new bookcase!

Glynna Kaye said...

Thank you, Virginia! I'd submitted a 3-book proposal, but my editor suggested a six! This should keep me busy and out of trouble for a few years! :)

Glynna Kaye said...

Thanks, Ruthy! That wedding sounds lovely. Are your trees in upstate New York beginning to turn color yet?

Glynna Kaye said...

Thank you, Melissa -- and congrats on your award! It was so much fun to be there in person for the ACFW awards banquet.

Glynna Kaye said...

Thank you, Kav! The mountains are definitely the place to be in summertime Arizona--but when 2 feet of snow dumps overnight, wintertime Phoenix sure holds great appeal!

Amy C said...

Congrats to the winners!

Glynna Kaye said...

Thank you, Piper! Now if I can just get this first book in the series finished up...! Have to hit the writing hard to make up for my break in St. Louis for ACFW!

Glynna Kaye said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rose! :)

Wilani Wahl said...

Congratulations Glynna!

Congrats to all the winners this week!

Time to warm up with a cup of Tea this morning. It is 30 degrees here in NC this morning and I am trying to resist the temptation to turn on the heat

Tina Radcliffe said...

Oh, happy day. Must comment fast as my internet is burping today. Congrats to Glynna and to all the winners. Seekerville isn't Seekerville without Y.O.U!

Jeanne T said...

Congratulations to all the winners! Great WE, Tina. I'm looking forward to the coming week. :) It's going to be a nice day in the low 70's here. We'll get out a bit and also do house things since our family played all day yesterday. :)

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Patricia W said...

Happy birthday, Seekerville! 7 yrs?! Awesome.

Congratulations, Glynna!

Sally Shupe said...

Thanks so much for these posts! I like the contest updates. I have entered two contests and am writing, writing. Can't wait to read the posts for next week. They all sound great! Happy birthday Seekerville! Have a great weekend!

Deanna Stevens said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like some great things coming up :)

Tina Radcliffe said...

How nice to see all your shiny faces come out of lurkdom.

Pass the birthday cake!

Ruth Logan Herne said...

I know, I love Lurker Sightings, too!

And October is the perfect month for coming up, out of the lurk.... and into the daylight of commenting! :)

And for me? Back to revisions!

Carol Garvin said...

Love, love, love your Weekend Editions! Just had time to skim through it this morning and now have to get ready for church. I look forward to returning later when I can sit down with a mug of Helen's coffee and leisurely read it through again to digest all the goodness. (I think Ruthy promised pie, too!) :)

Jill Weatherholt said...

Congratulations, Glynna! And congratulations to all the winners...including me! Thank you so much, I'm excited!
Thank you also for the heads up on the Color Thesaurus, I can't wait to check it out!

Anna Weaver Hurtt said...

Congrats, Glynna! That's fantastic! :)

And congrats to the other winners, too!

Debby Giusti said...

Congrats to all the winners! YAY!!!

Heidi! Our first week BIG winner!!! Congrats!!!

Hugs to Glynna with her 6 book contract. We all love Glynna's books so lots of new stories in the future. Can't wait!

Georgia was cold this AM. In the 30s! Brrr. Sunny now and much warmer.

Family visited yesterday and spent the night. Always love when we get together. Be still my mother's heart!

Happy Sunday to all and Happy Birthay, Seekerville!!!

I brought chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream to share. YUM!

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Revisions are complete.

Hallelujah chorus being sung. :)

And honestly, I like the slightly different slant this story now has. And that I excised my ANGER ISSUES over husbands/wives cheating on each other...

I kind of needed an intervention, well, my HEROINE needed an intervention.

But writing her tough-as-nails comments made me feel so much BETTER!!!!

Valri said...

Congrats to everyone AND Seekerville!!!!

Janet Dean said...

Wahoo, Glynna!!!!!! Note the six exclamation points, one for each of your contracted books. :-) I'm looking forward to visiting Hunter Ridge, the locale of your new series, and getting to know the men and women who'll earn their happy endings!

Congratulations, Heidi, on winning the CBD $50 gift card!

This week's lineup looks great! Love the creative use of the number seven.

Happy 7th Birthday Seekerville!


Becky said...

So happy to have discovered your blog!

Sandra Leesmith said...


I'm happy dancing with your news. More Canyon Springs. YAY!!!!!!

Sandra Leesmith said...

Congrats on all those winners.




Sandra Leesmith said...

HEIDI Woooo hooooooooo

Great win. Hope you contact us.

Lyndee H said...

GLYNNA, AMAZING news! Congrats!

I'm going to have to mortgage my house in order to purchase all these Seekerville titles!

Happy Birthday week one, Seekerville! Congrats to all the winners and can't wait for the week ahead!

Jackie Smith said...

Congrats to Glynna!
I am happy to be a winner...congrats to all the winners!
YAY Seekerville!!!!!

Chill N said...

GLYNNA! A six-book contract? Good gracious what an accomplishment. Congratulations times 6.

How fun to see all these 'new' names in comments.

Congrats to this week's winners.

And HAPPY 7th Seekerville!!!

Nancy C

Eva Maria Hamilton said...

Congratulations, Glynna!!!
I'm going back and reading all the posts I've missed over the last few months and they're wonderful! You all do such a great job!!!

Walt Mussell said...

Yes, Seekerville. I will vote for you for best writer website.

Missy Tippens said...

Thanks for a great WE, Tina! Lots of fantastic links to browse.

Congratulations, Glynna!! Sounds like another amazing series!

Jackie said...

Congrats to all the winners and congrats to Glynna! How exciting.

I'm off to nominate Seekerville because it's my favorite place to hang out.

Have a great week!

Audra Harders said...

What a great WE! As always, Tina, THANK YOU!!

Congratulations to all our winners, especially Heidi! Our first $50 gift card winner. WooHoo!!

Glynna, congratulations on the fantastic contract!!! The world needs many more Canyon Springs books and this newest series, Hearts of Hunter Ridge.

Loved the RWA article, too. Go Elizabeth Campden!

Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy birthday, Seekerville!!!!!!!

Audra Harders said...

Welcome to Seekerville, Becky!!

Sherida Stewart said...

Congratulations to all the winners and to Glynna for her six-book contract!

Thanks for the WE! I'm going to check the links after nominating SEEKERVILLE!

Keli Gwyn said...

Happy birthday, Seekerville, and congratulations on seven successful years.

Congratulations, Glenna, on your six-book contract!!!!!! I'm thrilled for you.

Pam said...

Happy Birthday! It's my birthday month too but I'm glad to share it with you. It's fun to read all the behind the scenes work that goes in to writing the books I love to read.


Glynna Kaye said...

Thank you for all the congratulations, everyone! I'm really looking forward to writing this new series set in Hunter Ridge--and thankful I don't have to say goodbye entirely to the folks in Canyon Springs! :)