Friday, November 21, 2014

Different Books, Same Title Join Winnie & Ruthy for some Her Holiday Family Fun!

Ruthy here, having fun with fellow Love Inspired author Winnie Griggs! Winnie and I realized that our Christmas stories had The Same Title this past summer, so we figured... HEY! LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!!!! And that fun begins today! Winnie's delightful historical "Her Holiday Family" was released a couple of weeks back and my fun contemporary "Her Holiday Family" is hitting shelves this week! So come on in, have some fun with us, and we'll tell youse a little about "Her Holiday Family"... both editions!

Of all the gin joints, in all the world….

That’s the line that went through my mind when I realized that amazingly wonderful historical author Winnie Griggs and I had the exact same title for my 5th Kirkwood Lake book and her 5th Turnabout, Texas story (another coincidence!)

And not just the same title.... but with a 2 to 3 week sales overlap!!!!! 

Now I’m ALL ABOUT riding the coattails of Winnie’s success! This could have her people buying my book! (YES!!!!)  And my readers grabbing hers! (YES, AGAIN!) So today Winnie and I are giving away 5 double sets of “Her Holiday Family” in historical (Winnie!) version and contemporary (Ruthy!) version.


“Her Holiday Family”, one set in present day Western New York... 

"Her Holiday Family" set in Turnabout, Texas, circa 1896...

(Winnie!!! I love this cover!!!!)

A gentleman, overseeing the care of ten young orphans and a returning military hero coming back to face the past he’d left behind.

A woman of means and elegant breeding and a woman whose hard work earned her a glowing community business until arson blinked it all out in one cold, windswept night.

What do these two stories have in common? What would earn them the same name?

That’s what we wondered! And you know what? At Christmas time, it’s all about family and neither one of these heroines had one. But let’s see what we’ve got!


Winnie’s: Eileen Pierce is a widow who made a lot of mistakes, including bearing some responsibility for her former husband’s death.  Because of that she’s lost the socially prominent position she once held in the community.  But she’s spent the three years since her husband’s death trying to keep up appearances  and pretending the snubbing she’s received from most of her neighbors don’t matter to her.  All the time she’s secretly longing for a family of her own.  But having her home invaded by ten children and their handsome caretaker wasn’t at all what she had in mind!

Ruthy’s: Tina Martinelli is a tough young lady. She lost her family business to the underhanded dealings of her aunt’s late husband, her parents have died, her aunt and cousin don’t acknowledge her existence, and her beloved coffee shop was burned to the ground on a windy fall night. She’s got no reason to stay in Kirkwood Lake, she needs a fresh start, a new beginning. And she’s ready to make that happen until Max Campbell rolls into town to help his sick father.


Winnie’s: Simon Tucker is providing escort to Mrs. Fredrick, a kindly older woman, and the ten orphans she’s taken in, as they travel by train through Texas to the new home waiting for them.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Fredrick has a stroke before they reach their destination, forcing them to stop over in a strange town to seek medical help for her.  Suddenly he finds himself the sole caretaker for ten children and though he has no idea how to be a father he’s determined to keep the children together-not separate them like he and his sisters were as youngsters.  When Eileen Pierce, who has the biggest home in town is cornered into volunteering her home for their temporary lodgings, he can tell she’s not the maternal type.  But  beggars can’t be choosers, and besides, there’s something about the pretty young widow that intrigues him...

Ruthy’s: Military hero Max Campbell hasn’t come home in a long time. Coming home means facing the past he tried to bury. Epic: FAIL. Now he has no choice. His father is fighting cancer and the prognosis is grim. Max has to come back because his adoptive parents need him. He’s determined to make amends for teenage indiscretions, and when he comes face-to-face with Tina Martinelli, he realizes that maybe God brought him back for other reasons… Like settling down in the old hometown with a bunch of his siblings. But first he has to convince Tina to stay and Tina’s a mighty stubborn girl. (Any resemblance to any Tina’s in or around Seekerville is purely coincidental. Really.)


Winnie’s: Turnabout, Texas...a fictional town set among the rolling hills of north east Texas.  It’s the last decade of the nineteenth century and Turnabout is a small but growing community surrounded by farms and ranches.  The townsfolk there are just your normal everyday people, which means it also includes, among others, the quirky,  the busybodies, the wise mentors and the silly ninnies.  For a small town, Turnabout has drawn lots of newcomers over the years, all of them looking for second chances, for someplace to turn their lives around.   And for the most part, they’ve succeeded.  The people of the town have become very dear to me and every time I think I’m ready to end the series another character tugs at me to have his or her story told.

Ruthy’s: Kirkwood Lake… a fictional town and lake modeled after the beautiful Chautauqua Lake in Western New York. Gorgeous, surrounded by rural settings and yet home to wealthy people, it’s a great mix of folks to draw from for books! And who doesn’t L-O-V-E homegrown military and cop heroes???? I loved that I could run the full gamut of all four seasons, have babies and kids running amok, bad girls and sweet lakeside churches! And dogs, Nigerian dwarf goats, puppies, cows, and orphaned babies. Kirkwood Lake had it all, and I’ve loved working there!


In Winnie’s story, the reserved heroine didn’t really intend to volunteer her home as a temporary children’s shelter.  For one thing, she doesn’t want her true state of affairs to become public knowledge (she’s been secretly selling off many of her possessions to get by).  But  when the town’s busybody makes thinly veiled comments about Eileen’s unsuitability to play hostess to the group, Eileen’s I’ll-show-you side gets the better of her.  Before she knows it her quiet, nearly empty home has been invaded by TEN rambunctious children and their laid back and oh-so-handsome caretaker.   Her cool reserve has served as an effective shield for her since the scandal of her husband’s death rocked her life, but will these children - and Simon – succeed in thawing her heart once more?

In Ruthy’s version, the heroine is determined to go and not look back. (Did I mention she’s s-t-u-b-b-o-r-n??? Like possibly named after someone I know and love who is strong, hard-working, fiercely independent, and oh… WAIT FOR IT!!!!.... STUBBORN?????) She’s had enough, there’s nothing to keep her here and realizes it’s time to start over. So she has no intention of staying, but now that Max is back, he can’t leave. He has a duty to his parents, a task he must fulfill, and for the first time in a long time, Max Campbell feels like he’s finally come home. But can he convince Tina that staying in Kirkwood Lake… with him… is the future God planned for her?

Winnie here
So there you have it – a quick comparison between Ruthy’s story and mine.  It’s been fun sharing a title and we’ve had (and are having!) lots of fun comparing and contrasting our two stories.   And we want to share some of our fun with you!

So what do you think – what stood out to you as the biggest thing they had in common, or the biggest difference (other than the century they are set in)?  As Ruthy said, we’re giving away a copy of each of our books to five folks who stop by and leave a comment, so come on and join the conversation.

Winnie Griggs is the author of Historical (and occasionally Contemporary) romances that focus on Small Towns, Big Hearts, Amazing Grace.  She is also a list maker, a lover of dragonflies and holds an advanced degree in the art of procrastination.

On a fun note - having been born on a Friday the 13th, Winnie has always considered 13 her lucky number.  This belief was recently reinforced when her 13th book, Handpicked Husband, won a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award in - what else - 2013.

Winnie loves to hear from readers.  You can connect with her on facebook at or email her at


  1. Both books sound like the perfect book to read!.

    Ruthy are you surviving all the snow!

  2. What fun, I agree. Well, first of all, Winnie's story does not seem to have a TINA in it, stubborn or no. I hope I win both! Thanks, ladies.

  3. Ruthy - glad youre surviving the snow! Both books sound great. I absolutely love reading Christmas books. There's just something about them. I read more at Christmas then at any other time of the year. Congrats to you both.

  4. Hi ladies - looks like I'm not the only night owl around here:)
    Thanks for joining in the fun.

  5. Ruthy and Winnie -
    You two have some serious 'title synergy' going on. I have both of your Her Holiday Family books already in the TBR. I've been ordering directly from Harlequin and I not only love the process of shopping for the books ala carte on their site, but I also enjoy the relief that I don't have to search two or three stores to find my favorite authors each month.

    Congratulations on the overlapped titles.

    Ruthy, I hope your shovel is holding out.

  6. Wilani!!!! IT MISSED US. Did you hear that?????

    IT MISSED US!!!!

    I posted two pics on facebook yesterday. One of the clouds causing the blizzard in Buffalo and points south (I'm north of there...)

    The other of the huge lake effect cloud bank above Lake Ontario, dumping feet of snow on Watertown and the Tug Hill Plateau....

    And we had sunshine and 1 inch! I'm right between the two lakes and the wind kept it moving straight east/southeast.

    Dodged a bullet, but we can actually see the edge of both cloud systems from here.

  7. Well, I would have told Winnie to put a TINA in her story, but it was too late!!!!

    DRAT!!!!! You're in the cat dish, Marianne!!!

  8. Terri, tossing your name in, sweet thing!

    I went to Walmart this week to try and get a double picture but Winnie was sold out and mine wasn't on the shelf yet... So no confusion there!!!!! I love seeing LI bookshelves sold out!!!

  9. Lyndee!!!!! Huge thank yous for doing that, sweet thing! Oh, you just made our day!!!!

    You know, shopping right on Harlequin makes perfect sense. The prices are great, you get the books EARLY!!!! BONUS!!!!!!!!

    And you're supporting the publisher who's trying actively to give us reasonably priced books. Win/Win/Win!!! Thank you, Lyndee!

  10. I think it's a great title so I'm not surprised it was used twice. They both sound like wonderful books. I love Christmas books!

  11. Hi Winnie and Ruth, How very cool to have the same titles! Couldn't happen to a cuter or sweeter pair of authors. I've been blessed by Winnie with her book Her Holiday Family! :)

  12. Very neat, and both books sound wonderful!

  13. Both books sound wonderful and I think it is awesome that LI put both out with the same name. The similarities in character, plot and setting are what is truly intriguing me. I would love to win copies of both. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Have a blessed WARM day!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  14. What a fun post, ladies! Hope both your books are flying off the shelves :)

  15. Oh, what fun, would love to be entered in the drawing.
    Titles are tricky, especially in genre. One of the pieces I'm shopping around has the tentative title of "Lost and Found" because the motif is the song "The Ninety and Nine." I just know whoever acquires it will roll his/her eyes and change it, but that's okay.
    Off to an early (for me) gig, everybody have a good day.
    Kathy Bailey

  16. So fun to see Winnie in Seekerville! Love the covers and the titles and know with Ruthy and Winnie writing the stories, they're great reads!

    I brought egg bake, warm and full of protein for what is for me a chilly winterish morning.


  17. How neat!

    And how wonderful to share the joy of your holiday books with the same title!

  18. WINNIE & RUTHY -- How FUN--and CRAZY! I wonder how on earth did this title thing happen within the same publishing company and line and no one caught it? Everything works for the good, though, right? And these both look like GREAT stories! So this may work out to your advantage and you'll both gain new readers!

  19. Winnie and Ruthy, your books have wonderful covers! Thanks for sharing the snippets of story from both of them. They sound like good Christmas reads.

    Glad you dodged the snow bullet, Ruthy! :-)

  20. That is so cool your books have the same titles, but then again, Her Holiday Family has a lovely ring to it. So not all that surprising.

    And Ruthy, I think Harlequin pricing policy is smart. They're one of the only publishers who can compete w/e-book prices.

  21. Hi Winnie and Ruthy,
    I'm smiling at the fact your books have the same titles as this might be considered a negative in some circles. I love that you've taken the title issue and turned it into a positive in todays post. I haven't read any of Winnie's books yet, so yes, the same title drew attention to the story and I like both plots.

    The two heroines are similar in that Eileen has a I'll-show-you attitude which is much like Tina's independent stubbornness. Add to that the fact that they're both in financial straits and you have a set up for Mr. Right to come to the rescue.

    I look forward to reading them both, please throw my name in the dish, after wiping the inch of snow out :)

    Ruthy, I'm glad you dodged the worst of it, but I bet your sleigh and reindeer look adorable with that dusting of snow around them. You were right to put them out early like you did!

  22. Any book by either author will be a great read. Sure do wish I could win these two by Winnie and Ruthy.

  23. HOLY COW, RUTHY AND WINNIE ... did LI do this on purpose or did somebody slip up?

    I just know how cautious my publisher is about using a title that has too many other books titled the same, so I'm curious.

    Of course, titling books from two blockbuster authors with the same title could, I suppose, have a residual effect of racking up additional sales for both, but if so, I've never seen a publisher do that on purpose before.

    Either way, both books sound wonderful, and at least they aren't the same genre, right???


  24. Christmas books are so fun, and you two have made it even more fun.

    Stay safe!

  25. Loved reading this post. It's so fun to hear how different the stories are, even though they share the same title.

    I love how the heroes in the stories add family to the heroines' lives. What a great story device. :)

    These both sound like wonderful stories!!

  26. Winnie and Ruthy -- Dynamic duo of Love Inspired. :-)

    I've read Ruthy's book already and I first noticed the identical titles when I went to post reviews. Luckily I double checked before posting or I would have attached the review to the wrong book. LOL

    I'm thinking one of the big differences between books is that the heroines are dealing with their circumstances in completely opposite ways. In Ruthy's HHF, Tina is very much part of the community though there have been family troubles in the past. She hasn't let that define her and accepts the help and friendship of the people around her. Sounds like Winnie's HHF heroine has allowed her troubles to define her. She's drawn inward and pretty much isolated herself. Interesting takes on two very different heroines. I loved Tina and I'm sure I'll love Eileen when I get to 'meet' her.

  27. Ruthy and Winne:
    wow. i think someone wasn't paying attention to book titles - but i'm glad they weren't. a good book title is a good book title, yes?
    plus, it's cool that one is a historical and one is contemporary. both heroine's are alone and need a help-mate. that's how they seem alike. after that - well, they both sound intriguing and it's a fun thing for you two play up and turn into a great marketing tool.

    would love to win either book because I love both authors!

  28. I noticed the identical titles this week, and thought my eyes were playing tricks! lol
    I won Winnie's book recently, read it, posted review....loved it!!
    I was able to find Ruthy's book yesterday at Walmart so am about to devour it!
    THANKS ladies for writing great books ....don't enter me in the drawing.

  29. Good morning, Ruthy and Winnie! BOTH covers are BEAUTIFUL and both sound like lovely stories. To compare, both heroines are uncertain about their future paths and both heros are reluctant to follow the path ahead of them.

    Thanks for sharing your book twins. Please put my name in the cat dish! I LOVE small town stories!

  30. Twinkies!!!! How fun, Winnie & Ruthy!

    So . . . smart, tough, stubborn Tina with the Italian-sounding last name. No relation to Seekerville Tina.


  31. I think I missed the Nigerian goats. And I'm sure I've read them all?

  32. Winnie TEN ORPHANS?
    Oh yeah baby, the fun begins. :)
    Can't wait to read it.

  33. You're the Double Mint Twins!!!

    Welcome, Winnie! Congrats to you both on great covers!

  34. Liz Flaherty, I love it when you stop by! It always makes my day. What's up, chickie????????

  35. Jennifer! How fun, right? And I love Winnie's stories, and I love them more now that I've stepped into historical waters this year. SO FUN!!!!! I love it, it's the perfect blending of my love for history with great story telling. Oh mylanta, my children are so happy that I can ANNOY someone other than them with strange historical factoids!!!!

    1. I love hearing all the historical facts if you want to unload here?

  36. Cindy W, good morning!

    It's really fun to see how well the title fits both books. When I think about Christmas, I think about family. The Holy Family, the manger, a baby, a newborn, so fragile yet so strong. And a mother's love... so the Christian aspect of family is so entwined in Christmas in my brain that one without the other is tough, tough, tough.

    You're in the cat dish, dear girl!

  37. How fun!! I loved reading about your stories. What fun to share titles! :)

    Ruthy, I love your Christmas cover. Winnie, I think your story would make a cute movie.

  38. Mia, good morning my friend! I think they must be because I couldn't find Winnie's locally.... And I should have ordered it online ahead of time and the days just got away from me. My bad!!!

    I wanted a pic of both of them and I have zero/zip/no graphic creativity in my bones, so I couldn't even photoshop a double!

  39. Kaybee, you're in! And the cats are NOT AMUSED.

    They think their dish should be sacrosanct... Um, wrong-o, kitties!

    I suspect you're right, your title will be changed but I learned at the get-go how unimportant that was to me. Touching hearts and souls matters... Titles???? I'm okay with help on those. I've always felt regardless of title or publisher, books have a way of falling into the hands for which they were intended.

    Oh, God is good!!!!

  40. Egg bake!!!! A Midwestern thing I discovered when daughter Beth was doing Midwest youth retreats.

    We always did big scrambles on top of the stove in my big chicken fryer. Yes, I am a fried food queen. But in the Midwest everything gets baked... Beth hasn't eaten egg bake since. Every day (almost) for a year, every family made eggbake for breakfast (how nice of them, right?????) And every night, pizza and pasta. We hosted groups passing through for a bunch of years, and we broke the routine regardless of season: Steak, steak and more steak.

    They couldn't believe it because casseroles become your mainstay on mission trips. So funny! Janet, thank you for the egg bake. I love it!

  41. Rose, it is so cool! We're having so much fun with it! I think we're doing a facebook giveaway next.... Who doesn't love a great facebook giveaway????

  42. Mary Connealy, "Falling for the Lawman" "Beansy the goat", Nigerian dwarf goat who gets a GIRLFRIEND GOAT in "Healing the Lawman's Heart next year!!!!! Beansy's going to be a Daddy Goat, a true Billy Goal even though he's a Nigerian Dwarf Goat. They have the cutest babies ever.

  43. Glynna, you know we have the same editor.... We're both with Melissa who is marvelous and since we discovered this, we realized it's actually a wonderful blessing! How many other authors can say this????

    WINNIE AND I ARE UNIQUE!!!! :) As if youse didn't already know that, LOL!

  44. Mary Hicks, they are good holiday reads. I'm beaming over that, because I love, love, love a great Christmas story. They've always been a mainstay of my fall/winter reading.

    And Connie Queen!!!!! I totally agree. Harelquin's pricing policy ROCKS. Now I've got a true-to-life short on money past like so many of us, but spending $4 or $5 on a book is doable!!!! But it's harder for a lot of folks to go into double digits on a book they might not love.

    Now I've got the opportunity to work in both markets, and the indie market, and this is all on purpose because I love my readers that grab bargain books just as much as the ones who can grab a $10.00 Kindle copy.... The key to that is just plain lovin' on the readers because they're the reason we do this.

  45. These both sound good. I'd love to read them. Thanks for doing a give away

  46. Ruthy
    if you really want a shelf pic with your books side by side, i can do some photoshop magic for you. just get me the cover photos and a shelf pic.

    my boss doesn't trust any photos since he's seen what i can do with my fave photo program.

  47. Hi everyone! Sorry I'm so late to the party but I've been having some computer problems this morning. Fingers crossed that things go smoothly the rest of the day.

    And WOW! you folks have been busy this morning. Sitting down with my cup of tea to read through the conversations...

  48. LOL, Deb H. I'd love to learn to shave some pounds off photos! :)

  49. Winnie, I hate computer problems! I need to update my OS, but I'm terrified to do it right now.

  50. Loved reading this, especially comparing the heroes, heroines, plot and settings.

    Completely different, but both full of little nuances that make them the perfect stories for a Christmas full of hope.

    Even the cover treatments are similar in a very loose sort of way with the hero & heroine on both covers, standing slightly apart, but looking at each other. Kinda telling of what's in store, you know. :)

  51. Lyndee - oh wow, thanks for picking up both our books - you'll be able to do your own compares! And shopping direct from Harlequin is a smart way to go - especially if there are specific titles or authors you're looking for.

    Cara Lynn - it IS a great title, and it's so fun to be sharing it with Ruthy!

  52. Both books sound lovely! I love Christmas stories. Winnie's grabbed me with the mention of 10 children (which I assume at least one is precocious as all get out), and then Ruthy's has a military man. Mmm...

    Stay warm and dry, Ruthy!

  53. Christmas stories are my special indulgence! I love the seasonal nostalgia they bring to my holidays.

    It's fascinating to compare these two stories! I see two heros who are travelling home to deal with difficult situations, albeit very different ones. It will be interesting to see how their lives are impacted.

    Congratulations to both Winnie and Ruthy on these wonderful Christmas releases... but Winnie, how did you not know 'Tina' was a better name for a stubborn, loveable protagonist??? TeeHee!!!

  54. Jennifer - THANK you - it's been a long time since I was called cute and sweet :)

    Liz - thanks for stopping by

    Cindy W - staying warm is much easier now that my central heat has been fixed!

    1. You were very sweet to me and the other ladies at your table at the Barbara Vey luncheon and I will always be grateful for that.

  55. Mia - Thanks for the good wishes!

    Kaybee, you're right, titles ARE tricky, and I'm not very good at coming up with them. Although Her Holiday Family is one of the half dozen or so ideas I submitted for this one.

    Hi Janet! You know I LOVE visiting here! And that egg bake sounds yummy.

  56. Hi Rose, and yes it has been lots of fun playing up the twin title situation.

    Glynna, we're not really sure HOW it happened, especially with such close release dates, but you're right about everything working for good! And I couldn't have been paired with anyone I'd have enjoyed the experience with more :)

  57. Hi Mary, And yes, the art department folks always do such a fabulous job with the covers!

    Connie, glad you like the title!

    Tracey, glad our little 'situation' brought a smile to your lips - and that it brought my book to your attention :)

  58. Judy!! Oh what a sweet thing to say!

    Julie - no one at LI is admitting it if it was a mistake :) But if I had to be paired with another author I'm glad it was Ruthy, someone I could count on to join me and have fun with this

    Hi Jackie, thanks for stopping by

  59. Jeanne T, glad you enjoyed the post, we had lots of fun putting it together!!

    Kav - Dynamic Duo of Love Inspired - oooohh I like that :) And that's funny about almost posting the review to the wrong book.

    DebH - sounds like you nailed at least one of the similarities between the stories

  60. Two wonderful titles by two wonderful authors.

    It's all good!

    Plus, I only have one title to remember when I head to Walmart!!!


    Just sent my next book to NYC so I'm rejoicing... and running to the grocery so we have something to eat tonight! :)

  61. They both sound like such great reads! And I love both of your covers... so pretty! :)

  62. Hi Jackie - thanks for the review and I'm so glad you enjoyed the story!

    Sherida, thanks for the kind words about the covers! And great recap of the similarities!

    Myra - hello! Sounds like I need to write a book with a Tina!

  63. Please enter me into the drawing. I would love to win these books! I love the covers. I really love the Christmas lights on Ruthy's cover. Thanks for telling us about both of your books.

  64. Mary, of COURSE there were ten orphans - nine just wouldn't have had the same impact :) And yes, they certainly turned Eileen's life upside down

    Hi Tina. LOL - Twinkies, Double Mint Twins, Title Twins - I'll take any appellation that pairs me with the incomparable Ruthy!

  65. Missy, how great to see you! And it would be so cool to see one of my movies some day

    Ruthy, you know I love your books - and you! - too.

    Sunnymeadows - you're quite welcome!

  66. I love that you guys got together on this fun ;)

  67. I had busy kids this afternoon! Winnie, perfectly timed, my friend!

    Sherri Shackelford, isn't it a hoot????? And honestly, I love that we've got an historical and a contemp so the differences are really different but timeless!

  68. Sunnymeadows I want your name.

    How stinkin' sweet is that image? A sunny meadow... a meandering stream. A clutch of trees.

    Now you've got me all poetical!

  69. DEB H!!!! Why didn't I think to ask you, sweet thing??????

    I'm such a dolt.

  70. Has anyone else noticed that TEEEEEENA isn't taking the bait today?????

    Oh, SURE.... she'll say she was working or something like that, but geez, Louise....

    I named a heroine after her.... A SPUNKY, IN-YOUR-FACE, I CAN DO IT MYSELF HEROINE!!!! :)

    Oh, yeah.... but the resemblance is pure coincidence!!!! :)

  71. This post bubbles over with energy and enthusiasm ... and was a delight to read. Thanks!

    Nancy C

  72. Missy, me too! I'm still running XP actually and I'm really dreading the day I have to move to a newer OS.

    Pam, I never noticed that about the covers but you're absolutely right - great compare!

    Stephanie - Thanks for that comment, my editor was afraid the issue of ten children would actually scare readers off - LOL. And yes, you'll spot one of the precocious children pretty early on

  73. Carol, glad to hear you like Christmas stories, I try to do one a year. And LOL on the name - my only defense is that Eileen showed up as a secondary character in book one of this series - at the time I had no plans to make her a heroine down the line :)

    Debby - congratulations on getting your book finished and sent off!! Isn't that a great feeling?

  74. Anna and Sandy, so glad you both like the covers and thanks for stopping by!

    Hi Sherri! Thanks for dropping by and yes, Ruthy and I have been having lots of fun with this :-)

    Ruthy, our timing is just another sign of our synchronicity!

  75. Jennifer, Hi! Always good to hear from someone who enjoys history :)

    Chill N - LOL, I'm not sure about 'bubbling over', but we are enjoying ourselves :)

    1. It's always nice to learn about history in the form of a story.

  76. What a fun post today! Both books sound great - - and Ruthy's arrived today! :) I'd ordered it from and it was waiting for me when I got home from errands---YAY!
    Am planning on getting Winnie's too (love historical!).
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  77. Im late but how cool 2 books the same title at the same time by 2 great authors. both sound like good reads. Wonder if they will be on any shelves at the same time (I know they should be in Australia in about 2 months.)

  78. Hi Patti Jo! Thanks for planning to get my book - hope you enjoy!

    Jenny, Hello! Not sure they'll be on the shelves together in too many places - I think there's about three weeks between their release dates.

  79. Loved reading about both your books!! I love Christmastime and Christmas books!!! :)

    Beautiful covers, both! Thank you, ladies, for sharing!

  80. Winnie, you were nice to folks?????

    I'm so proud of you!

    Jennifer, isn't she just about the sweetest person? Missy Tippens might be ALMOST AS SWEET as Winnie....

    But it's touch and go!

  81. They sound oh so interestng. Two stubborn women hurt by those around them and two men willing to do the right thing no matter how far out of their comfort zone. Always a great basis for a romantic story.
    Cindy Huff

  82. Ruth your a hoot! :) Winnie is sweet and I haven't had the chance to meet Missy yet? I have met Debby Giusti, Victoria Bylin, and Virginia Smith all very lovely ladies as well.

  83. Natalie, I'm so glad you enjoyed the posts, thanks for dropping by to read them.

    Jennifer - Oh, what a nice thing to say. And it was you all who were sweet to me! Are you going back to the Barbara Vey luncheon this year?

    And Ruthy, I do have my 'company manners' moments on occasion, but Missy is way nicer than me :)

  84. Hi Cindy. And oooohhh I do like your recap of the similarities between the two - Ruthy and I ought to use that!

  85. Winnie Griggs my mom and I were going to come but the Barbara Vey Luncheon was already sold out. :((((