Thursday, November 13, 2014

Putting Together A Novella Collection Play-by-Play

Good moooooorning, Seekerville!!!!!!

The first thing Jen from the Killion Group said to me when I approached her about pricing a "boxed set" image for a novella collection was "Ruthy, great! Everyone's doing them!"

Now a person can take that two ways: First, that we're woefully behind and should have thought of this years ago!!! What's the matter with us, anyway??????  (Dire sigh for sound effects here)


Oh my stars, now we're going to be RIDDLED WITH COMPETITION!!!! AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!! How are we supposed to survive in these author-infested indie publishing waters?????? Are we strong enough? Savvy enough? Talented enough?????


Bring it.

Contemporary Collection Link Here!!!

Now I bet you've already guessed the Ruthy-response because I'm pretty sure I was born wired to take the dare.... And while that might have an occasional down side, mostly it's just a riot of fun and that's what putting together these first two Seeker collections was: Great fun!

Step by step for those of you eagerly awaiting the TEACHING side of a Ruthy post, and be prepared to read quickly because my teaching moments pass like the #4 train barreling into the Fulton Street Station on a rainy Monday in Manhattan. In the dark, btw.

1. Gather authors
2. Make them write.
3. Give them deadlines.
4. Make sure the first deadline has wiggle room.
5. Authors must find their own editors
6. Find cover ideas and confer.
7. Agree on cover ideas.
8. Anyone who doesn't agree is scoffed at.
9. Contract covers
10. Gather novellas like grain on an autumn day.
11. Have novella collections formatted (We used Jen at The Killion Group and Kim Killion did our covers.
12. Each author reads through their final version, sends changes to the Ruthinator
13. Ruthinator enters changes into formatted document
14. Send formatted collection back to Jen just to make sure I didn't totally mess anything up.
15. Upload to Amazon.

HOW STINKIN' SIMPLE CAN YOU GET? And the chance to do a Christmas collection with some of my best buds????  How delightfully wonderful is that???

A glorious Nativity scene in St. Patrick's Cathedral last December... I love NYC at Christmas!
Amazon added a pre-order feature this year, but this is a tricky business if you're a procrastinator. I am not a procrastinator, so I jumped into that and we got everything uploaded and done with six days to spare because there's an ELEVEN DAY WINDOW on the pre-order. Which means you need stuff done two weeks early or Amazon PULLS THE BOOKS. There is a self-protective reason they do this because there are scads of authors out there who will think they're going to finish a book and get it edited/proofed/uploaded and then they don't... and all those pre-ordered people are disappointed. Everyone knows the key to continuing sales in any venue is Happy Customers. Amazon doesn't want to make folks mad. Neither do we!

But we got it done with great authors and Jen's help, and you're scratching your head right now saying, WHY PRE-ORDER, RUTHY????? 'SUP WI' DAT????

Contract stipulations. Several of us have "no compete" clauses in our contracts, and while my indie novels have brought me a big increase in readership and publishers recognize that, you don't want your indie books competing with release dates for traditionally published books, so we had to respect those dates and wait until November to release the collections...

And they're selling beautifully!

We're so stinkin' excited!!!!! When we came up with this idea we knew we didn't want too many authors in one collection (personal preference because too many variant styles can defeat the purpose of gifting readers and getting new readers!) AND... we wanted a decent price, nothing that would break the bank, but still something to cover the costs and promote our writing. We also realize now that the "look" of the collection is reduced if there are too many authors, so we plan to keep upcoming collections a similar size. (WAIT!!! RUTHY SAID "UPCOMING COLLECTIONS LIKE IT'S A DONE DEAL!!! IS IT??? REALLY??? WILL THERE BE MORE?????)

I'm glad you asked!!!  (big grin here because my teeth are too big for my mouth) Yes, we're planning a spring collection and some other surprises to follow!!!!! Yayayayayayaya!)

And if anyone tells you that getting paid for what you do is wrong when you're an inspirational author/singer/songwriter/actor, just smile and nod. And then pay your bills like normal folks do. I gladly pay Toby Mac and Mandisa and Casting Crowns and K-Love because I love their work. Creative folks have to eat, too!

Max Lucado's "The Crippled Lamb" one of my favorite stories for the little ones... and me.
I've always loved anthologies because they give the reader a glimpse of an author's style/voice/talent at a nominal cost. Reader satisfaction at all levels is important to us as a group and as individual authors. We want readers happy with content, price and an "aww...." level that makes them smile... and sometimes cry.

Now I expect some of youse have already gotten this collection, but I'm giving you a couple of links anyway, just in case! And I'm a-okay with youse spreading the word because that just means the world to us. It truly does and I hope you know that.  HISTORICAL COLLECTION LINK HERE

Notice how obvious I made the links? No one has ever accused me of being subtle, more's the pity! And I have I mentioned how much fun it is to write historicals????? "A Town Called Christmas" was more fun than I ever imagined when I first came upon the historical nuggets that led me to the story... how a wave of English immigration to the far west, especially Idaho, began a whole new style of rugged.... which gave life to my British Cowboy Hero Who Didn't Like People "Edward Stillwell"... I LOVE THIS GUY!  Laughing, because he had no idea what he was getting when he signed on the quiet woman in dire straits... Oops.  :)

Hey, I've got copies of holiday favorites to give away today! Three paperback copies of "Love Finds You in the City at Christmas" the beautiful duet I did last year with the amazing Anna Schmidt.... You get to read "Red Kettle Christmas"! I love that story to pieces!

And three Kindle copies of "Try, Try Again" my 5-star rated indie novel that's made thousands of folks smile, sigh and realize that marriage can be rekindled... and renewed! God is good!

And a copy of each novella collection, Historical and Contemporary "Hope for the Holidays"!!! (See, Jenny and Marianne???? I listen to youse!)

Let me know in the comments if you have a preference! We aim to please! Coffee's on and I've got fresh apple pie waitin' on the sideboard for you!

Ain't nothin' like it nowhere else!



  1. My preference would be to win the collection - I have both Ruthy books mentioned for the draw. And are the collections in print form? I'm willing to pre-order or buy print books by my favorite authors at Seekerville! Thanks for the post, RUTHY. You rock!

  2. I love 8. Anyone who doesn't agree is scoffed at.
    I have both collections and have read Mary's story about Laura and Ike. Yours is next.
    The new meds seem to be keeping the headpain down so am able to concentrate much better.
    and the wrist I held the phone today without pain I haven't been able to hold it properly for ages.

    I also have the books you mentioned still need to read last years Christmas book. (I really don't remember much about last Dec except pain partly the head and mostly the gall bladder.)

  3. Yeah, yeah, yeah!
    It's so simple anyone can do it.
    Yeah, yeah, yeah!


    We'll see.

    In the meantime, have a cuppa.

  4. Ruthy and the others, I bought both collections and I am enjoying them so much. I am wondering about reviewing them. Should I include each of the novellas in the review for the collection. I am not sure how this works.

    I would love to be in the drawing for the Love Finds You in the City.

    I will look forward to future collections.

  5. Marianne, no print form on these! Kindle only, but did you know you can get a free download of Whispernet from Amazon and then you can read Kindle books on your laptop/desktop? Something to think about, that's what I did until I got my Kindle last year.

    My Kindle that tends to live at Bethy's house, by the way! :)

  6. Jenny, I'm so glad to hear the meds are helping! Oh, that is good news!!!

    Okay, I'm going to add a copy of the collections in just in case everyone already has Red Kettle Christmas and Try, Try Again.... Good point!

    Running to do that right now!

  7. Okay, I've added a copy of each collection into the prize vault! Done!

  8. Helen, LOL! Love it!!!

    Honestly though, it's not a difficult process. If it was, millions of folks wouldn't be doing it, right? You know how cameras used to be complicated? And now they all have auto-focus?

    That's the difference. Amazon has created their own version of "auto-focus" for uploading and registering books, and you simply fill-in-the-blanks and click "Publish"...

    After writing/reading/editing/polishing!

    But we do that part naturally, so how fun to have some of the mystique wiped away for projects like this! Yay!!!!

  9. Wilani, thank you!!!!

    You know, I was wondering why there were no reviews and I wonder if it's because folks aren't sure how to do it. The answer is: Any way you want. I've seen folks give an overall review, and I've seen them go in and review individual stories in an anthology and not mention the others, so it's a matter of choice.


    No pressure there, LOL!

  10. Wilani, I retrieved the cat dish from the porch and have entered your name for an autographed copy of Love Finds You in the City at Christmas... You're in, my friend!

  11. Hi Ruthy! You make it really sound simple but I am sure there is a lot of work that goes into it.

    I would love to be entered to win the collection. I already have your other books. :)

    Have a wonderful day!

    Smiles & Blessings
    Cindy W.

  12. HI Ruth,

    I always enjoy your postings...looking forward to reading 'the collection.'

    (or any of your books :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  13. It would take a lot of work to put a collection together, but as a reader I LOVE them.

    I'd love a copy of "Love Finds You in the City at Christmas". Add my name to the hat thank you.

  14. Good morning, Ruthy! I can hardly wait to read ALL of these stories. I've always loved Christmas novellas and I already know these two collections put together by my fellow Seekers will meet all my expectations for "a taste of the holidays!"

  15. Great books from my favorite authors. How exciting.

    Thanks for explaining the process.

    Jenny, I'm glad you're feeling better. Helen, you sound doubtful. Trust Ruthy, she won't lead you astray. :)

    Hope you all have a great day!

  16. Oh, how I love Christmas!!! But I could read Christmas stories all year long, right through August.:-)

    Thanks for an interesting and fun post, Ruthy!:-)

  17. Good morning Ruthy,
    I was wondering how the indie process worked, so thanks for the insider info. I was also trying to figure out how 6 people would make any money at 2.99, until I saw it was more to cover costs and promote.

    I have read everything you have published to this point (can you say big fan?) I didn't realize you would be posting today and coincidently I just finished Longing For a Miracle last night!
    Wonderful story Ruthy, so true to life's challenges, yet touching and charming too. I'll get a review in when I finish the other three :)

    I orderd the Contemporary set when Tina mentioned the "friendly competion contest" and figured I would buy the historical when I finished the first set. So, please enter me in the drawing for the Historical Set as that's the only one I don't have.

    I'm looking forward to future Seeker sets being published. In Ruthy vernacular, that's a win/win!

  18. Morning Ruthinator. Ooops I mean Ruthy, dear friend.

    Yes, this was an exciting adventure and sure was fun. My first novella ever and since I'm so wordy, I'm praying I did ok. smile

    Folks you should know that Ruthy pulled all this together for us. She's the best. Thanks again for doing this.

  19. In the City at Christmas. Please put my name in the cat dish. I have both collections and can't wait to get started. Try Try Again is already one of my favorite Ruthy books. Agree or be scoffed at? Hard choice. I'll agree - great post Ruthy and it all works great for you!

  20. Wilani, Any way you do reviews is great.

    Reviews really help. smile

    Folks, you don't need to make reviews long and lengthy. They mainly look at the stars and all you need is a short paragraph explaining why you like the book. It isn't that hard. Just click on the book (or in our case the title of the Anthology and then find the little blue words that say write a review. Its easy peasy.


    I have to say I was reluctant at first mention of a novella collection, thinking I could not POSSIBLY write something this short, but you made a believer out of me, and I'm in from now on, my friend, so THANK YOU!!!

    SUCH a fun ride!!


  22. I love Christmas novellas and any longer book that has a Christmas scene. It's a time when emotions are heightened, for good or ill, and well, there's the whole God coming to earth thing...A time of miracles and wonder. Enjoyed the photo of the Nativity scene, my favorite Christmas symbol. I like Christmas in the city, although my city is Boston.
    I just won "Her Holiday Family" but what the hay, can always use another Ruthy book esp. if it deals with Christmas. Plz. put my name in the drawing for "Love Finds You in City at Christmas."
    My plan for Thanksgiving weekend is to curl up with a mug of something hot and lose myself in "Her Holiday Family" and the Cheryl St. John book, both of which I won here and am saving to treat myself over the holiday weekend. I don't go in stores. It's beneath my dignity.

  23. What a fun day at
    Seekerville..with Ruthy hosting!
    I have read all the individual books (loved them), but would love to be in the cat dish for the novella collections!! THANKS!!

  24. Hi Ruthy,
    Gather writers and make them write. That scared me right out of the box (box- boxed-set, get it?). JK

    As always you make everything sound easy. I like anthologies for the reason you stated - it's a way to sample the work of several authors to get a sense of their storytelling.

    I have all the offered choices except the Love Finds You. Don't know how I missed that one! My Ruthy bookshelf is stuffed. (Note to self - take out home loan in order to buy all the upcoming Ruthy books and have more shelves built).

  25. well this is a rarity. i've got all the books mentioned in the prize vault. (this is me being smart and hitting the 'buy' button on Ruthy's "free" days). I jumped all over getting the Seeker collections the moment I could because - well, I want Amazon to see how swell the Seekers are.

    and whose brainchild was the whole Seekerville novella collection? such a no-brainer success idea, because all of the Seeker ladies are awesome authors!!! to have a collection? BONUS!

    i love Ruthy post days. I get so encouraged by the "if I can do it, so can you!" message.

  26. Thanks so much for providing this list, Ruthy. I'm going to be part of a collection next year myself and it is a bit daunting to think of collaboration when you are so used to working by yourself. I'm looking forward to it.

    I have the collections and I'm looking forward to reading them as well!

  27. I bought both collections and am looking forward to reading them. Christmas stories are my favorite, so I tend to stock up on a lot of those stories for my Kindle.

    I would like to be put in the drawing for "Love Finds You in the City at Christmas", as I enjoy reading books by you and Anna Schmidt.

  28. Yay for us!!!! This was such a fun project to be involved in!

    Yes, even with RUTHY bossing us around and adjusting deadlines the whole time--sheesh!!!

    But hey, around Seekerville Ruthy is the indie-pub queen, and we are her loyal subjects!

    Thanks to everyone who boosted our pre-order ratings into the stratosphere!!!!

  29. Hi Ruthy et al,

    What a fabulous idea for 2 Christmas collections from our favourite authors! I haven't got around to ordering yet, but I will.

    I'd love to be in the drawing for either collection.

    In keeping with the Christmas theme, it is trying to snow here, and I haven't got my boots out yet! I do this every year as if the snow won't come if I don't take my boots out! LOL.


  30. Ruthy, you are like a cup of coffee on my screen (that's a compliment, because reading a Ruthy post ALWAYS energizes me!!).

    Love this post, and am soooo happy you all are doing a Spring collection too - - WOW!

    Also love the way you listed those steps so simply (as a former kindergarten teacher, simple is good, LOL). ;)

    Please put me in the cat dish for a copy of your Love Finds You book (I was so sad that line stopped *sniff*).

    The temperatures are dropping (finally, LOL) here in my part of Georgia, so I've cooked a big pot of chili and baked a peach cobbler - - Enjoy!!
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  31. Cindy W, you're in, sweet thing! You know, I think the first time you do anything on your own with Amazon or any e-service, it's unnerving, like the first time you solo without training wheels, but honestly, it's no different than anything else I've taught myself in this business... I started out not knowing how to press the right buttons to get a proper spacing format for manuscripts, LOL! And if you can tackle multiple editions of Word and Windows, Cindy: We can do anything!!! They talk you through it and my first time I used experienced authors to hold my hand. Now I'm passing on that favor!

  32. p.s. JENNY BLAKE - so glad the new meds are helping you, sweet friend!! Gentle hugs from Georgia! Patti Jo

  33. Karen, you're in! Thank you, sweet thing!

  34. Mary Preston, you're in! I love that Belle pic, how can anyone not love Belle?????

    And Glynna, what fun, right? Working with friends is like not working. And I'm not kidding in the least!

  35. Jackie!!! I love that vote of confidence! Yay, you!!!!!

    The only tricky part was the pre-order guidelines because they mean what they say. You mess up, it's a huge goof up. And I wouldn't normally do a pre-order on my own, but because we had to respect timelines from publishers, we wanted folks to know this was coming...

    And they ordered! YIPPIE KI YI YAY!!!!

    And I got to do a couple of historicals this past year, and loved doing them. I think switching genres slightly now and again acts like a REFRESH button.

    Not the political kind, but the get the brain whirling for some new possibilities! Never a bad thing to shake things up a little.

  36. Mary Hicks, you're welcome! You know what I discovered this past year? Is that people who found my indie work and ordered my Love Inspired Kindle editions ordered my CHRISTMAS BOOKS the most, followed by The Lawman's Second Chance and Reunited Hearts... Now that's interesting to me because some folks won't read holiday stories except at holiday time, but I sold hundreds of copies last spring and summer. How cool is that???? #happy!!!!

  37. Herding cats isn't nearly as difficult as it seems. It's all in the wrist action.

  38. Tracey, I love you THIS MUCH!!!!

    I'm so glad you liked "Longing for a Miracle" because that sweet story just means the world to me after watching several families go through children's cancer here. In some cases, the children were cured but not all and that heartbreak wrenches a parent's heart and soul.

    I love that story!!!!!! I (Is that rude to say? That I love my own story????)

    Because that story was heavy, I made my historical funnier and lighter and I had so much fun writing it that I made myself laugh. Now this will be BAD if I'm the only one who finds parts of Edward and Sylvie's story funny, but hey, maybe I'm a soft touch.

    You know I got a message from someone that said, "I ordered your book but I got four and they charged me wrong."

    "How did they do that??

    "Well, they only charged me $2.99."

    (Me)... "Right...."

    "And I got four books."

    (Me) "Well, they're shorter books, between 20 and 30,000 words."

    "Right, but there's four of them."

    "Uh, huh."

    "So you guys are selling four books for $2.99."



    (By now I'm laughing out loud.) "Um. Yes. Really."

    "Is it the same for the other collection?"


    "I'm going to order it now!"

    We look at it this way... if you get a taste of an author and love them, you'll probably go looking for their books, right? I mean, I do that, everyone I know does that. So instead of buying ads no one reads (or soon forgets) how much fun to work with a bunch of besties and produce something that works for all of us and Seekerville? Because this is such a huge part of why we do what we do... Reaching writers and readers, touching hearts... and souls.

    I'm telling you, this "pay it forward" stuff rocks!!!

  39. Aw, Sandra!!! Thank you! Sending hugs to Arizona!

  40. Cindy, LOL!!!! Thank you and I'm putting your name in right now... Had to nudge a couple of kittens out of the way, they're hungry creatures!!!!!



    Julie, isn't it fun to jump into new waters???? And you did awesome, girlfriend! We survived and honestly, thrived! Yay!



    Julie, isn't it fun to jump into new waters???? And you did awesome, girlfriend! We survived and honestly, thrived! Yay!

  43. Kaybee, LOL!!!!

    Anything we can do to help your dignity stay intact, well... we're all over it, Cupcake!


  44. I have been gone from Seekerville ALL WEEK. (or maybe it just feels that long) and I come back and find RUTHY IN CHARGE???????????

    What are the chances?

  45. HELEN it's so simple anyone can do it IF YOU MAKE RUTHY DO IT FOR YOU.

  46. Jackie Smith, you're in and what a nice thing to say!!!! GRINNING WITH MY BIG TEETH!!!!

    And Lyndee, aw.... I love that you need to add on to your house to store my books. You have officially Made My Day!!!!

    I love Red Kettle Christmas in "Love Finds You". We were officially the last Summerside Press book, so it was an honor to end a line... and now I want the honor of starting a line!

    I think that's actually more of an honor, LOL!

  47. She took the blog keys when I wasn't looking. Check it out, she redecorated too. It's all Upstate New York COUNTRY now. With kids and chickens and everything.

    I'm feeling queasy.

  48. DEB H.!!!!!!

    Ain't it the truth????

    There's no glamour, no magic, no inside track, it's just sit down and write and don't quit... and I'm going to add this:

    Be willing to take advice and make changes. (Which you do!) And I'm adding that because I see folks all the time who want advice...

    But they're 100% sure their way is best, their story cannot/must not/should not be changed, and oh, by the way, did I mention "THEIR WAY IS BEST???"

    Gosh, you have to be open to learning in this biz and I've learned so much by working with writers (pubbed and unpubbed right here!!!!), editors, agents, readers....

    Being open to different ideas is HUGE in this biz.

    Which means my open mind is leading me toward Amish Zombie Apocalypse Holiday Meals SOON.

  49. Piper, thank you! Oh man, I want to do a collaboration with you sometime... I'd smile at that possibility, Piper!

    And EILEEN!!!! Your name is in the cat dish, sweet thing! And thank you for saying you like my books and Anna's.... Just being mentioned alongside Anna makes me grin!!!! She's amazing!

  50. Fun, Ruthy! So EXCITING that there will be more Seeker collections! With limited reading time, I'm finding novellas "just right" for me.

    Please throw my name in the cat dish for Love Finds You In the City. Thank you!

  51. And I would like to do a shout out for my editor on this novella. Naomi Rawlings.

    Mine is a sweet romance, but not an inspy due to my current contract restrictions.


    Oh gosh, that's so good to see! Happy dancing!

  53. I have both collections on my Kindle, and I may or may not have stayed up until 3AM reading Mary's contemporary novella.

    These stories are going to ruin my early rising habits! And I'm so happy there are more collections in the works. Being an early riser isn't everything.

    But somehow I missed Red Kettle Christmas! How could that happen??!?

    So please put my name in the cat dish, Ruthy, dear. :)

  54. What a great project from a powerhouse group of authors!

    I just participated in my first collection and I was extremely impressed with the professional nature of the authors who put the compilation together!

    We followed all of Ruthy's Rules. (*Except for the deadline - they didn't trust us with wiggle room on the deadline ;)

  55. I love novella collections, especially CHRISTMAS ones! Love writing them and reading them.

    Nothing like getting in the Christmas spirit with carols playing, the house decorated and a good Christmas story. :)

    And, even though I sat on the sidelines and watched, Ruthy really did keep everyone in line on these projects, and it shows. And she's not even kidding about meeting Amazon's deadline. It's pretty much carved in stone...since it's probably an automated process, it's not like you can call somebody up and beg for an extra day or week.

  56. Of course Ruthy's behind the novella collections since she has all that spare time and all. (rolling eyes and stifling a gag reflex.) I want Ruthy energy. Can you bottle it, please?

    Thrilled to start reading these. And I had noticed the ton of indie pubbed novellas out there this season. Of course Seeker books are always at the top of my list so I'm ignoring the others until I finish yours!

    Leave my name out of the cat dish 'cause I have alllllllll your books. :-)

  57. Sue Mason, it's trying to snow here, too, but not enough to draw the children's attention... I want their first "four-year-old" snow to be real! Good old fashioned downy flake stuff, the kind that made Robert Frost proud!

  58. Congrats, Ruthy, and all involved. Two great collections. Can't wait to start reading.

    Love how you make everything sound so easy, Ruthy. That's a gift...and a glass half-full spirit that makes people love you so much!

    Merry Christmas to all!

    Or wait, we need Thanksgiving first. LOL!

    Decking the halls with pumpkins and Indian corn, at least until the end of November.


  59. Ruthy, your posts are always so fun to read! We are having crazy weather here in Oregon today so while I'm waiting at the car dealer today, getting my snow tires put on, it's fun to spend time reading your post! I would LOVE to win the HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS collection since it's so wintery outside now! Thanks for the opportunity!

  60. I'm excited about the boxed sets. I apparently won the historical bundle here last week, but haven't gotten it yet. I'd love to win any of the other books, too. They look fantastic :) I love books. lol.

  61. Ok, just bought The Crippled Lamb, Ruthy.

    Christmas present alert!

  62. Actually Jenny, #8...that's the way publishers handle cover talks, too. LOL

  63. Becky did you win it from me?
    And I haven't sent it yet?

    Email me at and I'll get it to you.

    IF YOU DO NOT HEAR BACK DO NOT GIVE UP. I'm not ignoring you, I'm just a disorganized dork!

  64. Debby, so fun!!!! And yes, I totally respect the Indian corn/pumpkin decor (even though I put Santa and his reindeer up the other day to take advantage of the good weather. They take hours to stake in, and the accidents of weather outweighed the propriety of dates. Clearly a sign of intelligence, aging, or both!!! :)

  65. Patti Jo, thank you!!!!! I'm all over that peach cobbler, sweet thing! And your kind words are balm for my runny nose and congested head. #stupidcold

    Bless you!

  66. Ruthy in Charge





    RUNS IN FEAR!!!!! Because Tina is just so darned good at what she does! Go, Teeeeeena!

  67. Tina, anything you write is sweeter than sugar pie on a warm June night in Georgia.

    And I mean every cotton-pickin' word of it!


    Sherida!!!! Isn't it so exciting and fun???? Just the thought of making folks happy with novellas... and doing something fun, on our own.... I'm happy dancing with joy!!!!

    Joy to the World!

  68. Sherri, I know my peeps. So when I set the deadline, I leave ME wiggle room...

    So that I'm not pressured to do things.

    And my novella was the one holding us up that last week because I had multiple deadlines in October, but in the end.... DONE!!!!

    Everybody done and in!

    Sherri, did you guys have a ton of fun doing that? Who's in your collection?

  69. Jan Drexler!!!! I love costing you sleep, darling girl! That makes me downright giddy!!!

  70. Hi Ruth:

    I have all your books and both Hope for the Holidays Collections. By the way: how come one collection has six books and the other only four books? That seems a little asymmetric. (Which two Seekers missed their deadlines?)

    Now for a big help would you please list which of the ten novellas are continuations of Seeker novels. I know “Sophie’s Other Daughter” should be one of them and I think I’ll start with that one. I like continuity.

    As for the cat dish, I’d like a chance on the paper version of “Red Kettle Christmas”. I want to give it to my sister and let her know that I was on location when that story happened – and that story is a historical romance!


  71. You did a fantastic job, Ruthy! We all learn a lot from you.

  72. RUTHY??? Is that your screenshot? Inbox 24,203????

  73. Ruthy, Thanks for the post. I still have your ten tips for writers on my desk and often return to no whining to get me through my day. I loved these play-by-play instructions.

    Please enter me in the contemporary holiday drawing.


  74. Ruthy, this post looks very interesting and I will have to read it in depth tomorrow as I am just now getting to Seekerville today and it's almost time for bed! I definitely want to read the novella collections and will plan to get them, but would be happy to win, too! You can enter me into the drawing for any of the giveaways. The Christmas in the City looks good. Makes me think of the song "Silver Bells."

  75. LOL ... that's because I'm running my review contest again, sweetie, to have a character named after them and a signed book. I used to offer a cash prize, too, but Amazon rules forbid that now, so I've scaled it down. :) But it does work to get those reviews in.And what's even nicer, most of the reviews I receive are people who take the time to write me to tell me they enjoyed a book, but they don't think about posting a review. So the contest is a good way to motivate them to do that.

    It is fun jumping into new waters, I will admit, and I already my entire plot for the next novella, so I'm EXCITED!!


  76. Loved Helen's response!

    Ruthy - great post, as always! I would love to win the collection!

    Blessings to you dear friend!

  77. I'm ready for coffee and apple pie! Those are great tips and guidelines for writing. I would love to own the historcial collection, Hope for the Holidays.