Friday, December 26, 2014

Best of the Archives: My Unbalanced Life

Hope your Christmas was lovely. This post by Mary Connealy is one of our top ten posts of all time. It first appeared June 3, 2013. Enjoy!

I have people ask me how I find time to do all the marketing involved with being an author and still get my books written.

Add in I’ve got a husband who likes some attention, four adult daughters who I love hanging around with, THREE glorious grandchildren who NEED THEIR GRANDMA!!! A home to maintain and a full time job.

So how do I do it all? Here’s the answer. 
I don’t.

When someone asks me how I balance everything I have to admit I am unbalanced. I believe there has been some paperwork filed with the County Attorney to that affect.
Writing isn’t something I find time for. Writing is my default activity. I have to be dragged away from my stories. It’s the rest of my life that I struggle with. 
Mary's Unbalanced Life
Writers write. That’s what we do. No one can sit alone for hours on end, having imaginary conversations with themselves….if they don’t love it.

When you talk with a writer who is harried and exhausted and under deadline she may worry about getting her book finished but that’s not because she doesn’t love writing, it’s because life intrudes on her book. She has to pull herself away and feed small children. Field emergency phone calls. Pay attention to her husband, very often the man supporting her while she works on her often poorly paying little hobby/job. Walk the whining dog.

And don’t even talk about marketing. It’s fun to write blog posts. 

I’m having a really good time right now. It’s writing, of course it’s fun. But it takes time. It takes creative energy. And that book is always whispering to you, alive in the back of your head ‘come back. You left your heroine hanging on a cliff by her fingernails. You left your hero heartbroken but too macho to admit he loves the heroine. You left a villain who needs to be arrested and shot and beaten with a big stick.

If the world would just leave a writer alone there would be only peace and harmony (for her at least, heaven help the kids and husband and dog).

I have people say to me A LOT ‘I think I have a book in me.’ Or sometimes, ‘I’ve always wanted to write a book.’

I always say, “You know, write if you have the desire but don’t feel bad if you never get that book written. Sitting alone hour after hour makin’ stuff up isn’t a very normal way to conduct your life and most people just can’t do it. They like human interaction, they like talking to REAL people. They like MOVING. 

I tell heartbroken, cruelly rejected authors that if they can’t take the pain then GET OUT. Go do something else. The money is probably better in a career that includes the words, “You want fries with that?”
For the most part, writers can’t stop. The pain and rejection and public humiliation (I’m thinking of One Star Amazon Reviews here) would stop any writer if they could be stopped. 
But there is peace in knowing this is how God made me. We just have to accept that. Embrace who we are. Live an unbalanced live with joy—since you can’t stop anyway.

Tell me about your unbalanced life...or how do you have time to live when you've got a book to write!

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Happy Holidays!


  1. right now my life is unbalanced but its cos I am not sleeping although last night I slept better than I have in almost a month still not normal but better than its been.
    I am finding I can read a little now also. I am reading Ruthie's story from Hope for the holidays.
    Hope you all had a great Christmas and for us in the commonwealth countries Enjoy Boxing day today (I am doing a jigsaw and watching cricket.)
    Please enter me
    I have plenty of Christmas Cookies and candy canes left over.

  2. Um, yeah, unbalanced. The balance is definitely teetering if you put "keeping house" on the scale, it'll just flip over .....well wait, I actually did quite a bit this week....because I'm in rough draft mode and I hate it and cleaning sounds more fun.....

  3. Hi Mary:

    A balanced life is static. There is no energy. It’s the imbalance of forces that drives a pendulum clock. It is said that if you want to get something done, ask a busy person.

    Writers are not monolithic.

    Some have to write (and will write) even if all of life intrudes. Others just have one book in them and can be very happy when that one book is published. (Harper Lee). Some are religious and can only write when the spirit moves them. Others plow through creative obstacles with such determination that they inspire their very muses to get back to work.

    There are pantsers who find writing more entertaining than reading and for them writing itself is its own reward. There are plotters who find creating the perfect plot so rewarding that their books never need to be written for them to find contentment.

    Perhaps the real imbalance is the realization that comparing writers to writers is like comparing apples to oranges.

    There is nothing more unbalanced than scales which have writers on both sides.

    Maybe it is not a matter of unbalance.

    Maybe it's just a case of:

    Mi Vida Loca.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Balance?

    Did someone say balance?

    I didn't realize writer's got any balance in their lives.

    However, I did pen the first words of a new work on Christmas day, as well as pen a blog post.

  5. Happy unbalanced Friday, Seekerville!

  6. Right now, life isn't so balanced . Something about dealing with a 3 year old with pneumonia and a 5 year old getting over the flu AND Christmas week. Yikes! 2 sick babies equals no fun!

  7. Unbalanced seems normal anymore. Working full time, then being a caregiver for my mother who turns 87 in two weeks and trying to stay healthy fighting a miserable sinus infection for several weeks...praise God for my husband who helps keep me in balance through it all. He tends to the house so my computer and I can stay acquainted through it all.

    I would love to be in the drawing!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  8. The holiday meals have been eaten,
    the presents unwrapped,
    the toys played with,
    the boxes and wrappings put away, the dishes washed and stored
    and though I love Christmas, I enjoy Christmas night (and the week after) when all this is done and life slows to a more normal and dare I say balanced pace.

    Time to focus and reflect on the fact THE HOPE OF THE WORLD has been born and the world will never be the same because of HIM.

  9. Hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Hoping Verizon can fix my brand new Smart phone that suddenly decided to quit working on Christmas Eve about midnight. Life goes on. I am anxiously excited to get back to writing when my world gets back to normal in another week.

  10. Yes, my life is unbalanced. I took some short cuts on Christmas this year. I didn't serve traditional Christmas foods, and I didn't bake as many desserts. But nobody complained to my face, so it must be okay.

    My son is home from college and we love having him home. He asked me about my writing and questioned me about getting published.

    He doesn't see a problem if I never get published. He thinks as long as I enjoy writing and God wants me to write at the stage of my life, then I shouldn't be worried about getting published.

    My goal has always been to write stories that honor God. I'll continue to seek publication, but maybe I'll be calmer in the journey.

    I hope you all have a great day!

  11. My life is unbalanced with health issues! I find joy and comfort in reading the great Seeker authors' please put my name in the Stetson (?) for the gift card ...or books.
    Hope everyone had a nice Christmas..we did!!!

  12. Oh, this is so true. Daily truth!!!!

    I love writing so much, when I need a break from writing one story, I work on another.

    I love it.

    And my family has been wonderful about it because they know I love it, but the Seekers had to teach me how to say "no" to things.

    And I've learned, and I've been guilt free most of the time because even though I love creating stories, it's a job and I need time to do my job.

    The plus side is that my favorite charities benefit from money, if not time.

    And that's okay!

    This post reminds me that it's okay to list what's got to be done... and writing is right there at the top during my scheduled hours...

    and then not feel guilty when I grab hold of the rest of the day!

    Today we're going to the zoo to wish the animals there a Merry Christmas!!!

    Hello, rhino! Merry Christmas!

  13. I hope everyone had a blessed and wonderful day yesterday, and if not, or even if you did, today is the first day of the rest of your life. Personally, I think balanced life is over rated. I would much rather read than write...but I've got reviews that are waiting on that pile. Please put my name in for the drawing...books or card both mean books to me! Thanks!

  14. I do what needs to be done during the daytime (appointments, funerals/visitations), then type through the night as long as possible. I believe it's called burning the candle at both ends, but sometimes that's what you do in order to have the "most balls in the air"....

  15. Balance is overrated. Like Vince said, a balanced life is static.

    It's when things are off-balance that life gets interesting.

    And we sure have a lot of "interesting" people around Seekerville, don't we?

    But - sigh - Christmas is winding down, with a few more days of non-writing commitments ahead of me before I can get back to the stories. Two deadlines in January means I have to hit the ground running after the 1st.

    Here's to the unbalanced life!

  16. "Sitting alone hour after hour makin’ stuff up isn’t a very normal way to conduct your life and most people just can’t do it." Really??? Well, that explains things! lol ;) I guess I'm not normal after all. As far as getting things done? I don't either. Besides writing, I also knit, sew, crochet, tat, garden, the 4 kids under 10 years and the husband... I often get asked how I have time for everything. I somehow feel strange telling them I don't! I have a very messy life/house! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one!

  17. Balance??? What is that???

    I think of my life more as a juggling act, prioritizing which balls need to be up in the air at any given moment.

    JENNY, you made me nostalgic for when our family used to have a jigsaw puzzle going during the holidays. We used to save them from year to year--had a whole box of jigsaw puzzles up in the attic. I think we finally parted with them while packing for our last move.

  18. I'm retired, so my life is pretty much what I want to make it..

  19. Jenny, I'm glad you got a good nights sleep (or almost!)

    Boxing Day...I think that means we need more food!!!!!

  20. Melissa, of COURSE Keeping House isn't on the scale.
    Keeping House isn't even in the rear view mirror.

    I wouldn't want to be accused of being an obsessive compulsive neat freak? I'm very afraid of that happening so I am VERY careful not to keep house!!!!!

  21. Trying my best to be balanced but it is definitely difficult. I will keep trying, though, as I think it is worth the effort.

  22. Hi, Vince. I hope you and everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

    I suppose most everyone has something that is unbalancing their lives. Small children.

    Another job, not just writing can be demanding.

    Cares and responsibilities and also hobbies you love.

    So we are ALL unbalanced? Hmmmm that may explain the evening news.

  23. Walt, I have always loved those first words. I love starting a book new. I always think THIS ONE will be perfect. THIS ONE I'll say something valuable mixed in with laughter and mayhem.

  24. Amy C! I'm so sorry the kids are sick. God bless you all, sweetie!

    Here's where a saying I made up always comes to mind when it comes to the children.

    The years fly by, but some days will NEVER END!

  25. Hi Cindy W. My mom's had some health struggles the last three months following a fall.

    It's been a very demanding time as I'm the only one of her EIGHT children who don't live over an hour away.

    She's back home now, living alone, but she still needs a lot of support.

    God bless you and keep you. And God bless your mom and also your husband for being so much help!

  26. Tracey, it sounds like you've gotten so much work done AND managed to remember what's really important.

    Merry Christmas

  27. Wilani, I know how you feel about wanting NORMAL. I try not to wish away the fun and food and family to get my QUIET LIFE BACK.

    But it is so sweet to just have a routine.

  28. Jackie, that's so sweet that your son is interested. Bless his heart!

    He sounds very wise for one so young. You raised him right!

  29. Jackie Smith I'm saying a prayer right now that your health issues improve and stop ruling your life.

    So sorry about that. And it's not only our own health sometimes it's the health of those we love, like Cindy W's mom.

    Life can definitely be unbalanced.

  30. My life is not balanced! I sometimes put housework over doing something with my kids. Why do they always need something as soon as I start making supper?! But I love them dearly, so sometimes the other things don't happen because i was too busy building lego :)

  31. My sweet friend, Ruthy.

    Unbalanced only in the sense that she just managed to do EVERYTHING and keeps writing, too.

    I have no idea how she manages that.

  32. My life is so unbalanced and out of whack. Definitely need order and stability in my life.

  33. Hi Marianne, balance is over rated...I know....right? We might as well think that because 'balance' is never gonna happen...leastways not for me.

  34. Laney4, I mainly started writing because I'm such a crazed insomniac. Writing really kept me sane on long sleepless nights.

  35. Jan, lol, thank you.

    I'm not unbalanced, I'm INTERESTING.

    Maybe someone can carve that on my tombstone!

  36. Becky, I used to knit and crochet a lot.

    For some reason that's been on my mind for the last six months.

    I'd like to knit something. I used to make cool cable twists and popcorn stitches and oh, just lovely afghans. For years I gave full sized afghans as wedding presents just to have a purpose for all my knitting and crocheting.

    I haven't done it in years and I kinda miss it.

    And yet....I just don't do it. And may never. I mean I don't WANT anything knitted. If I could just think of something maybe it would be different! :D

  37. Maybe I'll balance out in the new year. Mary, I love your books.

  38. My life is definitely unbalanced because of my health issues! I have chronic migraines and a couple other things but because of those, my days are so unbalances! I never know WHAT will happen on any give day so it's SO, SO hard to plan things. I am constantly saying, "I'll let you know if I can, that is if I'm having a good day or not". It's very frustrating! But it's the best I can do and I've learned to live with it over the years!

    Loved your post, as always, Mary!

  39. Myra I used to get a jigsaw puzzle for the girls every year and we had such fun with it....until the year I realized I was doing it almost all myself. I HAD SUCH FUN WITH IT. I DON'T THINK THE GIRLS EVEN CARED!

    So I quit getting them to keep from obsessing over them.

  40. girlygirlhoosier, that sounds lovely. Retirement.

    Of course I plan to write until the day I die so I suppose I'll never quite know what retirement is. (I doubt I can quit so why try?)

    Still, I like the sound of it.

  41. My life has felt unbalanced lately. At work instead of doing my normal job, I've been bounced around to almost every department in the company cause most are short staffed & they know I can do almost any job & I'm reliable. Hopefully life will return to normal once the season ends next week. Or at least until we open again in March & it starts all over again.

  42. teachermommy

    I cross stitched the poem and had it up on my wall for years. In fact...where did that go?

    Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow
    For babies grow up as we're learned to our sorry.
    Quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep
    I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep.

  43. Now Cheryl do you REALLY need balance? Or do you just need to accept life as it comes.

    (I need to believe this! LOL)

  44. cathyanne, good luck with that. Sincerely.

    Maybe I'll balance out one of these days, too.

    For some reason in my mind 'balance' always includes getting out from behind the computer and TAKING A WALK! I have managed to resist that for the most part! Not proud of it!

  45. Valri, so sorry about the migraines. I used to have them, but not that often. And they are brutal. God bless you. I'm sorry that you have pain. It sounds like you're handling it with wisdom and courage.

  46. Becky Lee, maybe you can get an actual job doing that kind of oversight.....including of course....a massive raise!

  47. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Please enter me, I could really use the gift card.

  48. My life is unbalanced because I had allowed anxiety to have control of me and was struggling to do those things that I had to do let alone anything else. Finally through the advice of some Godly friends I went to a Dr. and was able to get some help with focusing. Now there are still days when I struggle but I am learning to live and pray Philippians 4:6 without ceasing. God is so good.

  49. Balance? In life? Really???? With our son, his wife, and their 2 very active, very noisy little ones (son age 3 1/2, daughter age 18 months) living underfoot, I find it extremely difficult to find balance in my life. Even if I lock this door, I can still hear the noise, noise, NOISE (I can hear the Grinch saying those words) from the other rooms. Trying to keep everyone happy and healthy is wreaking havoc on my "I love peace and quiet" life, and my poor husband has to deal with my vents and eyerolls.

    This morning I woke up with an addition to the book I'm supposed to be rewriting and had to make notes so I wouldn't forget once I came downstairs--to son and granddaughter having breakfast. I would have forgotten my brief scene had I not written it while still in bed.

    Trying to count the blessings while I deal with the everyday stuff. Sometimes it's 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

    Would love to have my name tossed into the hat for the drawing! Our book budget is being reduced to ZERO come the first of the year due to unexpected health insurance costs...

    Blessings and Happy New Year to all!

  50. Mary, this is just as good the second time around. I think we're the closet to having a balanced life when we realize achieving balance is impossible. LOL. I try to give myself a good start with some inspiration in the morning in the form of music and devotional and then pray my way through the day. I'm hoping I can't get too far off balance if I keep Christ at the centre of everything.

  51. My life is unbalanced but due to a dozen small things. Small things that I should be able to manage better. Not small as in little children, lol. Just general lack of organization most days.

    Please enter me. : )

  52. I'm not a writer I'm a crafter. I work a regular job but then I also do crafting as a self employment income supplement. When you do this it's very hard to sit and do nothing and just enjoy life because you're constantly feeling like you have to make something so that you can make money.
    My "me time" is when I go lay in bed at night and read. :)

  53. I definitely need to work on balancing my life. But a new year is always a great time to work on that.

    Please enter me into the drawing--I would especially love to win an Amazon card!

  54. What does a balanced life look like? I am in a season of upheaval where everything I used to know as routine or comforting just doesn't make sense. I don't want the old back but I would like to move to a place where I know what my new "balance" is. BTW I love your books!

  55. Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow
    For babies grow up as we're learned to our sorry.
    Quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep
    I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep. My mother-in-law stitched this for us after our son was born. It took me a few years to figure out in order for me to spend time with my kids, I needed to be satisfied with the house. We had kids and our house was going to look like we did. Now we have pets. So my house looks like I have kids and pets. There's only so much you can do. My house is lived in. Once I came to terms with that, I felt a huge relief. It's clean but lived in.

    It sounds like unbalanced is the new normal and I don't feel as unbalanced as before lol. Where do you find your time to write? I keep hearing that a lot of writers have other jobs. By the time I work all day, cook, clean, take care of the kids, pets, house, etc, there isn't much time left over. I guess it boils down to what is important to you. If you have to write, there is time for it. And I have to write. God has put the words there. Thank you so much for this post. Thaks Seekerville for all the support and encouragement. This year has been the best. Please enter me in the drawing! Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

  56. There is no such thing as a completely balanced life. To live life to the fullest.....we need to be able to be unbalanced.

  57. It is hard to keep everything in balance. I'm just taking life one day at a time and looking for the best in every moment.

  58. You just have to balance stuff the best you can!

  59. Unbalanced is a lifestyle, isn't it? This new year I plan on making life a bit less unbalanced by allowing God to direct more and following the world a lot less.

  60. Balance? I have children! We take it moment by moment here! :)

  61. I have been seeking to balance my very unbalanced life. I have to be more focused and learn to say no to the small stuff. Those little things that really don't bring that much value to my life. This will be a year of action. Thank you Mary!

  62. I think unblance is just a way of life. Life if constantly changing and you have to roll with the changes! We own our own business, I homeschool, I teach a couple of outside classes, and I help my aging father. I think we are always waiting for things - life - to go back to normal. However, I think normal is constantly changing!

  63. This week has been unbalanced with extra cooking for kids here. But I love it, and tomorrow is always time enough to get back to "normal unbalanced."

    Now off to make lasagna.

  64. Hah! Love this Mary C. The unbalance in my life comes from trying to even think about anything else when my head is in a story. That's not always a good thing when you you have to focus on the ... um... better-paying job.

    Vince, that's what my husband always says. I think it's a good excuse for him to give me things to do!

    A writer's mind is an interesting place for sure. I was trying to explain to my daughter today why when I look at a picture of a place that's in my story, I feel a part of it, like I actually know the people who live there. It's a bit jarring to think that when I walk down the actual street, no one there really knows me. That's okay. I'm a writer.

    Seems greedy to ask to put my name in the hat the day after Christmas, but... sure. It's a good thing. ;)

    Happy Boxing Day, Seekerville. Hope you all had a blessed Christmas.

  65. Valri I fully understand as you know. Its hard being in constant pain.

    Mary I think I started doing jigsaws after Christmas while still in high school. have always done them between Christmas and New Year and love doing them (don't want any help).

    Mum was never one to play games after we got older found out she didn't like playing games but did it cos that's what mum's do so I think that's when jigsaws took over. Im doing a healthy one its full of fruit!

    Yes boxing day is another day of eating. Here many places close between Christmas and New Year and many have the week off which makes it a nice time away.

  66. Fun, inspiring post, Mary. It made me think of a teeter-totter. Anyone remember those? First I'm up, then down. When that board is balanced, I stand still. And that's very difficult to maintain. Yet the lack of balance has to fit who I am. I'm a writer but also a wife, mom and grandmother--and a person who needs people. I think of Jesus when He walked on the earth. He did God's work, healing, preaching, performing miracles but he also took time to seek solitude and pray, even to hang out with Mary, Martha and Lazarus upon occasion. So I try to fit all that in, but not in some kind of perfect balance. One day, more time with family. The next, more time with my story. When I get in trouble is when I'm not aware. Just let the hours slip away from me. Time is precious, one thing we can't get more of by a trip to the store.

    Hope you all had a wonderful, blessed Christmas!


  67. Jenny, I love jigsaw puzzles, but ours didn't get even close to finished this year so it may be returned to the box. :-(

    Glad you got some much needed sleep!


  68. Amy C, sorry about your sick kiddies. Remember those tough days.


  69. Cindy, your mom is blessed. Sorry you're dealing with a sinus infection. Glad you have a dh who helps!

  70. Valri, I once had horrible migraines so understand how debilitating they can be. Hope you can find a med that works.

    Hugs, Janet

  71. Hmm... regarding my blog, I've definitely let it slide during Christmas festivities ... hoping to get back in it before the semester begins. So unbalanced, I guess? But spending time with family is important. =)

  72. Right now I'm trying to decide if I have time to go to a wedding before a long vacation.... Hmm I think that would put me onto the unbalanced side - but whats the fun of being in "control" all the time - so we'll see :)

  73. Hi Mary,
    Balance for me isn't really the question. It's more like how mushy my brain feels after repeating myself all day to teenagers. If I think I can write a few coherent sentences then I write. Otherwise I zone out with MeTV reruns. Please enter me in the drawing. See you next weekend at L.S.'s?

  74. Oh my goodness.... I'm not sure if I'm unbalance or unhinged....


  75. Merry merry Christmas! I always feel like life in unbalanced after a big event or holiday. Today I spent the morning cleaning the bathroom and kitchen and I feel much better already :)

  76. Hi MARY CURRY:

    Tell your husband that while being unbalanced provides ample energy for writing, you still need the time to apply that energy to your writing.


    Hi JAN: Given your agreement, you might find the following quote of interest:

    To paraphrase Socrates,

    “The unbalanced life is worth examining.”

    However, balance can get pretty exciting if you’re walking on a tightrope across the Grand Canyon.

    Nevertheless, what often passes for ‘balance’ is really just a proficiency at juggling.


    Hi MARY:

    It is often said that:

    “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

    Therefore, lucky are those who, like you, must write just as they must breath, for they necessarily become extremely inventive. They can even make pantsering work very well.

  77. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, Mary! At this moment, my closet is unbalanced. I came home today to find one of the rods pulled loose from the wall as a result of too much weight...clothes are everywhere! :( Time to sort through and donate.

  78. Necessity is the mother of invention????

    How about genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration....which is why authors always smell so bad.

  79. I am so late to the party! :( I think if my life was balanced it would be very boring, lol. I've tried everything from schedules to lists and alarms on my phone to get me balanced and scheduled. None of it works for me, so I just go with the flow. :)

  80. Wow! Look at all these new faces in Seekerville. You thought we were really serving donuts, huh?

    Hi to Becky Lee, girlygirlhooser52(me suspects you are from Nebraska), teachermommy, Glenda, Cindy, Velva, Kelly Blackwell, Kelly Griggs, ASndr, AnneMarie, PriviesandPrims, KdBrown, onorman, Jeannette, Lisa...


  81. Merry Christmas and good to see your face to Amy C and Jewell Tweedt, and Cheryl Baranski.

    Oops I missed a few of the Nebraska contingency.

    Hello to the state of Nebraska. May your corn be forever golden.

  82. Glad to see so many new folks chatting. Welcome to Seekerville, the home of 13 Unbalance writers and their unbalanced friends! lol

    PS... I know a Glenda Mills, but not sure if it's YOU, Glenda, but hey... WE know each other now, so that's what counts! :)

  83. Having a husband helps keep things in balance, or at least keep things from completely tumbling to the ground. He's good about making me take a break (i.e. read a book) when I start getting testy (generally a result of stress), and he will physically prevent me from doing semi-unnecessary chores, like vacuuming (the most detestable of all housework, since with foolishly white carpet, the effects last maybe a couple days, and that's without kids). Which, God bless him, sometimes means taking over and doing the chore himself. Without him, I would probably work myself into a horrid, stress-induced coma.

  84. Jan Drexler, I'm in the "ditto" line on that one!!!!

    I love the crazy, but then I love getting back to normal, unbalanced crazy.

  85. Amy C and Jackie!!!

    Oh, sickness at the holidays isn't one bit fun.


    We had that happen often with six kids, so there were times I "put off" the celebration side of things until everyone was healthier. Sometimes a day, sometimes a few days, just enough time so they wouldn't miss everything.

    I couldn't do that at Easter, but Christmas and Thanksgiving got re-engineered now and again.

  86. My scales tip into unbalance when I CAN'T write.

    Which doesn't mean I don't love my family, it just means I understand the mathematics of my goals. And even when I know I've scheduled that time off in, those characters call me.


  87. Balanced, ha, not me ! I have 12 children, 11 still living at home so me time and sleep are not my best friends right now. Hubby works full time but the dear man helps as much as he can when at home. I am glad the stress of Christmas is over. I can just now relax at home with my family, when I am not cooking, cleaning,doing laundry and the list goes on. Thank goodness for my tea and books in the evening. They keep my sanity going ! Please enter me into the drawing.

  88. Reading through the comments I can relate to so many of them. I have elderly parents with declining health. My hubby and I spend alot fo time meeting their needs. I have my eldest don's family of six, my youngest son's family of three and my single daughter and two dogs filling eery corner of my home. I worked on a short story I need to submit at 4:30 this morning. I work a part-time job as well. there are days that I am too overwhelmed to write. And other days I lock myself away and dare any tow or four legged family member to interrupt me. My house stays clena about five minutes a month. LOL!
    loved Mary's honesty so much. Gives me hope as I continue to blog, write, submit and edit.
    Cindy Huff

  89. Busy, busy, busy. Having to help keep a 4 yr old grandson who has been sick with one thing or another for 2 months. Wash, cook, keep up house, run errands, church, volunteer at fire dept. On and on! Sometimes I want to say to the world-STOP!

  90. MaryC . . . your thoughts and words are 100% how I feel. Thank you for putting them on 'paper'. :-)

    My regret is not in the unbalanced life I live, my regret is in having no one around me who really understands how lovely my 'unbalanced' life is, and how contented I am with it.

    There's no use trying to explain to all the busy, hurrying folks who try to do it all—I just smile and let them feel sorry for me as I go back to my busy life at the keyboard.

  91. Hi Mary,
    As a newbie on Seekers, I'm enjoying the past 'writes' by authors.
    Today your 'Unbalanced Life' resonated in my spirit. It appears I have been asleep for most of 2014, nursing disappointments and refusing to be part of my once vibrant life.
    I had an epiphany come my 68th birthday on Dec 15 and awoke to the realisation, that I still know who I am and more importantly, who GOD says I am and that He has a plan and a future for me. I got up and started preparing for Christmas. Received a recipe "Chocolate Skillet cake" from Barbara Hinske and made the cake.
    Ummmm, yummy! I shared and had a feast.

    So now I am wide awake and in anticipation of an exciting and love filled 2015 and beyond. Christmas was a blast and I enjoyed every moment of it.

    Since I am already a fan of your books, Mary, and Julie Lessman's Daughters of Boston and Winds of Change, I'll be making friends with the other Seekers as time goes by.

    Glad I enlisted in the vision of the Seekers and A wonderful, blessed 2015 and a year of good success to you beautiful Women Authors.

    Eleanor from warm sunny Trinidad and Tobago.

  92. I'm a day late!! Still had family plus my son's girlfriend here yesterday.

    Eleanor, welcome! I'm glad you found us. And I'm so happy for you having such a wonderful Christmas!

    I love seeing some new faces in the comments!

  93. ... and as a writer, sometimes we [I] skim over blog posts - but I'm so glad I read through yours!! you are so SPOT ON in all of it!! my kids are grown, but my daughter lives across the street and I help with my granddaughter a lot. dishes? what's that? vacuum? I've a machine that sits collecting dust [there's some irony in that]
    There's NEVER not a story beckoning. my goal [NOT resolution] for the new year is to [ahem] balance the demands as a writer [and perhaps some of the household and family responsibilities as well! LOL] and make more time to WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!!
    Happy New Year!!!

  94. I do enjoy her books! I'm retired but still have days that are a little unbalanced.. but, God willing & the creek don't rise, there is always tomorrow! ! please enter me :)