Tuesday, December 23, 2014



Sandra here with a hot cup of Chocolate Velvet coffee. There is a large pot, so help yourself. I was at Teavana yesterday so have a lovely selection of teas and also some hot chocolate.

Sandra at the Glendale Glitters book event

We are baking pies for Christmas so I made some extras to share this morning. I have apple, pumpkin, and pecan. I don’t know about you, but my favorite time to eat pie is with my morning coffee. Yum.

Is everyone ready for Christmas? Do you have finished all of your shopping, wrapping, baking, etc.? Have you written and mailed your Christmas cards? Have you attended all the fun Christmas parties?  I’ll keep this short in case you have more to do. smile

I love, love, love Christmas.  The above activities are part of what I love, but I also love celebrating birthdays. Any excuse to party. Right? But the real reason I love Christmas is, I love celebrating the birth of our Lord. What a miracle of love.

Since we are celebrating His birth and since He is LOVE, let’s talk about ways we can show love in our stories. Remember we want to “show not tell.”

Writing romance involves the hero and heroine falling in love. We want to SHOW how they fall in love.  And we can also show the depth of our characters by how they love not only each other, but how they show love toward their friends, family and even strangers.

So lets talk about some of the ways to show love.

1.     Sacrifice.  We are all familiar with the story of the Gift of the Magi. The characters showed their love by sacrificing what they loved most so they could give the one they loved what that person loved most. 

In the PRICE OF VICTORY, Debra’s goal is to become a pro bicycle racer. The team she wants to join does not allow members to date. The manager wants them focused on winning races. Sterling loves Debra, but he is willing to sacrifice the relationship so that Debra can achieve her dream of becoming a pro bicycle racer. He steps away in spite of the fact that he loves her and wants to be with her. He is showing his love for her.

2.     Facing Fear.

Rett nearly drowned as a child and is fearful of water. But he joins his father on a riverboat cruise in CURRENT OF LOVE. He realizes he needs to spend time with his father and in spite of his fear of being on the water, he agrees to go on the cruise.

3.    Changing Belief system.  

In LOVE’S PROMISES, Monica is fighting for her right to build her house at Lake Tahoe. She falls in love with the man who controls whether she can build or not.  Greg, the Tahoe Regional Planner, cannot change his beliefs about his job, but Monica can change hers once she understands why he is so determined to decline her permit to build. Once she realizes how much she loves Greg, she does revise her plans.

4.     Open up and/or expose your inner secrets to the one you love.

In LOVE’S MIRACLES, both the hero and heroine have secrets they believe are serious enough to prevent them from pursuing a relationship. When they finally share their secrets, they show their true love for each other.

5.     Doing something you have decided not to ever do again.

In LOVE’S REFUGE, Skye has secluded herself on a remote island refuge out in Puget Sound. She doesn’t want to ever live a city again.  But she falls in love with Danny who lives in Seattle and works with youth in helping them avoid gangs. Skye wants to show Danny and she travels to Seattle in spite of extreme discomfort in doing so.

These are major demonstrations of love. But there are many subtle ways besides these to show love also.

1.     Traditional things like sending flowers, cards.
2.     My brother shows his love by washing my car when I come to visit.
3.     My girlfriend lowers her air conditioning when I come to visit.  A true act of love because she’s always cold.
4.     My husband picks Hallmark movies to watch when he knows I’m tired and need a break. He watches them with me. And enjoys them. smile

My godson showing me some Christmas love-smile

Can you share some ways you have used to show love in your stories?  Or share examples in real life because they might give us ideas to use in our wip.

Those of you who comment and share are eligible to win an ebook copy of either HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS CONTEMPORARY or HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS HISTORICAL.

And because you want to show your love to a friend, you will also win an ecopy for a friend or family member. If you already have a copy of the ebook, you can give the copy you win to another friend.

Christmas is only two days away. Let’s show our love to all.

Merry Christmas to all of you. Have a wonderful and blessed holiday.

PS  Speaking of friends I had a special treat last weekend. While in Glendale for the Glendale Glitters, I was honored to have lunch with Seeker friend Marianne Barkman and her delightful mother. They are from Canada and are wintering here in sunny Arizona.

I LOVE meeting Seeker friends.


  1. Very nice post, sweet Sandra. And even though I should be going to bed (it's after midnight here in GA) I'm going to have a cup of your chocolate velvet coffee--YUM!

    What a cute photo of you and your Godson! I'm sure he adores you. :)

    So many ways to show love! I do need to come up with some original ways in my writing (other than the traditional and usual ways) but in my "real life" my husband shows his love by sometimes buying cat food for my kitties. Now this may not sound like a big deal *wink* but since he's not a big fan of animals (especially in the house) this is pretty major.

    I hope you will have a wonderful blessed Christmas!
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  2. Morning PATTI JO, I hope you ended up with a good night's sleep. Midnight is something I rarely see. smile

    How sweet that your hubby lets you have the kitties when he doesn't find them that attractive. That is true love.

    Merry Christmas to you also.

  3. Good morning Sandra. Right off the bat you showed your love for us by writing this great post and bringing goodies. Thanks!

    Great post today. I hope you have an amazing Christmas!

  4. What great pictures!!!! Waving to Marianne and mom!

    And you and those Christmas sweaters. Gotta love it.

  5. Teavanna? Awe, I seriously need a trip there #jealous.

  6. Hi JACKIE, Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas as well. Are you all ready for it?

  7. Hi TINA, It isn't often that we get to wear those sweaters. Usually it is too hot. But this year I was able to wear them. yay. In fact, I was very thankful to have my warm sweater during Glendale Glitters. Once that sun goes down, it gets brrry cold.

  8. TINA, I had never been to Teavana. My godson wanted to pick out tea for his mom. I about fell over in a faint at the price. But it is delicious.

  9. Hi Sandra and Seekers,
    What a whirlwind couple of weeks! I've wrapped presents,decorated, sent cards, had company, attended an ugly sweater party, visited shut-ins, attended my church cantata, delivered presents and the list goes on! I've stopped into Seekerville a few times trying to keep up and am glad things have slowed enough to really get caught up.

    Re ways to show love: My husband was on a service call at a customers house and spotted a Guideposts magazine. He remembered years ago I used to read it and ordered it for me as a suprise. Last week he walks in from the mailbox and hands it to me as an early gift. I was touched that he even remembered that and thought I might enjoy it again; it was a small thing yet big in my eyes. The bests gifts don't have to cost a lot, just have some thought in them.

    Don't enter me in the drawing, I've read both wonderful collections already.

    Merry Christmas Seekers and Villagers!

  10. Hi TRACEY, I am so glad you found time in all those busy activities to join us today. I'm sure most of us are scrambling to do last minute things. I am wrapping stocking gifts in between blog comments. chuckle.

    What a thoughtful hubby. That is showing love. smile

    Do you want to be put in the drawing for a couple of friends? I imagine most have read the Christmas anthologies and that is why I offered to give them as gifts for friends.

  11. Thanks, Sandra...I really enjoyed the lunch too...but being with you is the best. Hi, TINA, waving right back at you. We got a Cracker Barrel meal in our future! And, Sandra, I took Mom and our darling 94 year old friend from here to Glendale Glitters Saturday night. It is beautiful. Not sure which love to mention cause my life is so full of them. My brother and his wife deny themselves of many things so Mom and I can continue to spend our winters here where it's warm!. And sad to say, I don't have either of the sets yet, so please... Thanks

  12. Hi MARIANNE, Your name is in the dish.

    How did you like Glendale Glitters? I was only there Friday night. Carolyn was there though. Did you see her?

    The Christmas light are so pretty. I love them at this time of year, especially since it gets dark so early and stays dark so late.

    Merry Christmas and a hug for you and your mom.

  13. Sandra, if my name happens to come up, give my copies to Marriane who hasn't gotten them yet :)

  14. Running back for a second cup of coffee...and this time grabbing a slice of pie. What a spread...to add to my own holiday spread, LOL!!

    Each and every day I feel the love in our house because everyone loves being at home (I still scratch my head over my 22 and 24 year old wanting to spend so much time with the old folks, LOL)! I do realize how blessed I am. It makes all the rubbish of life that much easier to handle.

    Teavana is a shop I love to visit, but wow, are they proud of their teas!! I found a lovely pineapple tea for my aunt last Christmas. The tea came in cute little ball clusters. The nice lady put 5 of them in a bag for me.


    When she rang up the total, I had to stop and calculate how much credit I had left on my card. LOL! BUT, my aunt loved the tea, that's all that mattered : )

    In the spirit of Sandra's wonderful post, go out and do something nice for someone : )

  15. I'm envious that you got to hang out with Marianne and her mom!!

  16. Sandra, this is a LOVE-ly post! Fun to see the photos of Marianne, her mother, and your godson. Good times!

    The thought of sharing inner secrets is a perfect idea for strengthening the relationship in my WIP. Thank you!

    My published story showed a granddaughter searching for a treasured remembrance to give comfort to her grandmother.

    I smiled at your mention of watching the Hallmark movies with your husband. That's what my hubby does...and he enjoys them, along with me.

    I have both of the Hopefor the Holidays collections (and hope to read all the novellas soon...including a trip to Spain), but would LOVE to to share them with a friend. Thank you!

  17. Tracey, what a whirlwind few weeks you've had. Sit back and enjoy an extra cup of coffee and slice of pie!

    I still have our Christmas letter to write. I usually start composing it around Thanksgiving. I guess I can't kick myself too much, I pretty well have everything else buttoned up.

    What a thoughtful hubby to remember how much liked Guideposts! Give him an extra kiss : )

  18. Hi Audra, yes it's been busy and I forgot to mention the baking. I'm sure we are all hustling for finish our to-do list.

    I'm enjoying that extra cup of coffee you recommended, now must find pie before laundry and cleaning, any excuse to put it off a little longer, LOL.

    My kids are now 37, 34 and one turning 36 on Christmas day. They have come full circle and love being with us like your two do. I tried to do away with stockings a few years ago and you would have thought I canceled Christmas :) I'm glad they like our traditions and have good memories but I have visions of stuffing stockings in the retirement home, haha.

    Christmas blessings to you and your family, Audra!

  19. I hadn't heard of Tevana, so I looked them up. We have one at a mall 20 minutes from me so I'll be checking them out soon, I love tea, especially in winter! Thanks for the recommendation ladies!

  20. Hmmm, showing love in our stories. In Claiming Mariah, Slade buys Mariah a pair of boots. She doesn't want to accept the boots, but she really, really needs them.

    He shows his growing affection ... even before he recognizes it himself... in an action of caring.

  21. Good morning, Sandra! It's going to be about 25-30 degrees warmer where you are today than where I am! 20% chance of snow here on Christmas day -- maybe we'll just have enough of those dancing snowflakes to make traditionalists happy and keep the roads safe for traveling.

    I'm sure you ARE enjoying having sweaters this time of year -- people outside of Arizona don't realize that once that sun sets, even the desert temps take a big dip.

    How fun to get to see Marianne & her Mom again!

    And boy is your nephew growing up fast! Handsome young man!

    In addition to sacrifice, I enjoy those little "telling" things that are nice in a story to show that the hero and heroine are starting to care for each other, too. Like he makes sure she gets home safely. Remembering which is her favorite kind of ice cream. Or behind the scenes he puts his heart into helping her reach her goal even though it's not a goal he'd choose himself.

  22. TRACEY how sweet.

    Showing love. smile

  23. Hi AUDRA, I'm so laughing at the tea experience. I'm glad your aunt liked it. You would hope at those prices. LOL

  24. Hi SHERIDA, Yes, I know you have the novellas because you wrote lovely reviews. Thank you. And that was a show of love to take the time to do that.

    Sharing with friends is always fun. I always give books as gifts. My friends love it.

    Merry Christmas.

  25. Oh TRACEY, how funny your children missed the stockings. I'm stuffing ours today. They are a fun and traditional time. smiling

    At Teavana, they provide samples. It is rather yummy and I'm not particularly a tea drinker in spite of my English heritage. I think you will enjoy your visit.

  26. AUDRA, I got my letter done at Thanksgiving, but I still have to get it up on the Jacquie Lawson card. Thank goodness the Internet delivers them quickly. chuckle

  27. Oh PAM, I remember that. Thanks for the reminder.

    Merry Christmas girlfriend.

  28. Hi GLYNNA, Thanks for those helpful hints. Your characters are great at showing love. Its those little things that mean so much.

    Yes, my godson is growing up. His conversation while picking out the tea had me in total amazement. He knew what he wanted. smile

    And it was fun to see Marianne and her mom. Enjoy the snow for Christmas. Hope its just enough to be pretty but not too much to shovel.

    Merry Christmas

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. “Ways to Show Love”

    1. Listen!!!

    Really listen to what your loved one says. Give your deep attention to her expressions both verbal and those that can only be read between the lines.

    The big things you have to do. It’s the little things that show your authenticity and the depth of your feelings. Anticipate those small needs and stand ready to satisfy them.

    For example, if your loved one mentions only one time that she’d love to have a long out of print book, locate that book and surprise her with it on a romantically sentimental occasion -- such as the tenth anniversary of your very first date. You’d have to be truly in love (or a gigolo) to do such a sweet small thing. : )

  31. Awwww VINCE, You are the true romantic. I imagine your wife can tell of many ways you've shown her your love. smile

    Merry Christmas to you both.

  32. Hi Sandra. I enjoyed your post. I have barely decorated and am still working on shopping, wrapping, and baking. I have yet to even take the picture for my Christmas card photo so cards will be out after Christmas.

    My husband has shown many acts of love for me these past few weeks as I have been working 12-13 hour days in two jobs. (This explains why I am so far behind getting ready for Christmas.) He has been doing most of the work around the house and fixing supper for me every night when I get home.

  33. Hi SANDY, Sounds like you have a true hero for a husband. Sorry you hae to work such long hours. I'm sure your friends will understand late cards. It has happened to most of us at some time or other. smile

    Merry Christmas and get some rest.

  34. Delightful post, Sandra!

    I am NOT feeling the love from hubby at the moment! He had too much fun playing against me at pickleball this morning and spinning the ball so it was impossible to return! I warned him he risked sleeping in the guest room tonight, but he ignored me. :-(

    In my stories, I often find my main characters making sacrifices to show their love. Sometimes it's misguided sacrifice where what they THINK is important to the other turns out not to be. And sometimes it's genuine, willingly giving up their own needs and wants for the benefit of the one they love.

  35. Hi MYRA, Just got back from pickleball myself and it was WINDY. I love playing in the wind because then no one can tell where my ball is going either. I can't do those fancy spins.

    Don't worry. Tell hubby there's paybacks. smile

    Great idea to have misplaced sacrifice. Good plot twist idea.

    Merry Christmas

  36. In one of my Japanese WIPs, the hero and heroine helped each other clean the grave sites of the people they each lost recently. That was odd, but it was worked.

  37. Hi Sandra,

    The Pie, Incredible and so good with strong black coffee. Thanks for sharing and all your encouragements to me as I work on the showing thing. Also thanks for the reminder that tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Sounds like I better string some lights and get started with the shopping... :(

    Just kidding, my wife has me covered again! And remember simplicity is a good thing when it comes to Christmas and remembering why we celebrate. All Worship and Praise to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords our Savior Jesus!

  38. Lovely blog, Sandra!

    I just made my last trip--hopefully--to the grocery before the big day. The store was busy, busy, but everyone was smiling and wishing others "Merry Christmas!" Is it just me, or is there a stronger spirit of Christmas in the air this year?

    My way of showing love? With food! Having the family gathered around the table to enjoy a hearty meal together warms this mother's heart.

    Wishing everyone a very joyous Christmas! Our celebration starts at church tomorrow at 4 PM when we'll gather to pay homage to the King of Kings! I'm praying for all my Seekerville family and asking the Lord to bless you abundantly!

    Much love!

  39. Hi Walt, It is the odd things that make the stories unique, different and INTERESTING. Thanks for sharing.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  40. Yes, yes, yes, Mark. You are reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas and the true source of love.

    And I'm sure Cheri has you covered. Her way of showing love. smile.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  41. Hi DEBBY, Yes, the food is always fun. I'm going to bake some snickerdoodles this afternoon. I think I better do another pumpkin pie also.

    Have a blessed Christmas also.

  42. Yoohoo -- waving madly at Marianne Barkman. You won a copy of Hope for Christmas - Contemporary Collection on my blog a few weeks ago, but I don't have your email address so I couldn't contact you.

    Love this post, Sandra. And I was wondering about the Arizonian wearing a knit sweater while the two Canadians were in short sleeves! So Arizona does get cooler weather sometimes!

    Great list about showing (not telling) love. Okay, this is going to sound totally lame, but it's what came into my mind when you asked the question about showing love -- dogs are the perfect example of showing love. I'm thinking wagging tails and puppy kisses and bouncing when you're happy but knowing instinctively to be quiet and cuddly when you're sad. Of course, this can't translate into hero/heroine dynamics...oh wait, the cuddling part could. So there, it fits in with your post. Demonstrative displays of affection -- that's showing not telling. :-)

    Oh, and don't enter me in the draw 'cause I've read both collections. Loved, loved, loved them. That's a whole lot of good story in one 'box'....er two 'boxes'.

  43. awesome post. I can't think of anything off the top of my head of love gestures in my WIP (which means I may need a bit more re-write to create that). Good thing to look for.

    As for real life, my hubby is more romantic than I. He's one of those who remembers that once off mention about something and then he tries to get it for me (I have to be careful about what I mention, because he doesn't always pay attention to budget *heh*). Makes me feel so bad because I don't do that very well.
    He also works night shift and during cold weather spells, has been known to scrape the ice off my car windows before coming into the house, so that when I take off for work, I don't have to take the time to clear the windows. The first time he did that, I think I melted from the thoughtfulness. I wanted to stay home and thank him properly, but alas... bills needed to be paid.

    As for Christmas. um, I did make fudge last night because of Pam's comments yesterday. Only one gift is wrapped though. Guess that's what I'll be doing tonight. I did buy the Seeker collections and a couple other Seeker books for the Kindle my birth mom will be getting on Christmas day. If she remembers to check her email, she'll have a bunch of quality reading to dig into. *yay*

    I'm really not ready, but then again, I am, because I will be spending quiet time with both my "boys" on Christmas. We're not traveling this year because of slim budget. Kinda a nice change.

  44. Hi KAV, Have to admit the sweater was warm for the afternoon, but I had it on for the GlendaleGlitters which lasted until 10:00 pm.

    And we can always tell who the snowbirds are because they run around in shorts. chuckling. I'll send Marianne an email and give her yours. How great that she won from your blog.

    And thanks for the lovely reviews. That is so sweet and definitely a show of love.

    And puppy's. You have me, when you bring in a pup. I LOVE dogs and so miss mine.

    Merry Christmas KAV

  45. Speaking of reviews, there is a lovely review from TRACEY. Is that you Tracey H.? If so, thank you also.

    We are so appreciative of the wonderful reviews. They really help.

  46. Hi DEB H. Wow, Your husband sounds like a real life hero. smile. He sure is showing lots of love.

    I like the quiet times too. I hope you both enjoy your wonderful day together. And hey, the fudge will definitely help. chuckle.

  47. Yes, Sandra that was my review for the contemporary collection. I've never been first to get a review in on Amazon, but it was my pleasure to recommend my Seeker buddies great Christmas offerings. Enjoyed both collections thoroughly!

  48. Sandra, thanks for the great examples of how to show love in our stories!

    Perhaps those fit under the headings you used, but I've had heroes show love by protecting the heroine. And vice versa. One hero showed his love by patiently waiting for his marriage of convenience wife to share his feelings. Another heroine showed her love by forgiving the hero.

    Thanks for the pie, Sandra. I picked pumpkin. I didn't get my fill at Thanksgiving.


  49. Sandra, so fun that you got together with Marianne and her mom! Love when we get to actually meet and share time with Villagers and get to know them better!


  50. Oh TRACEY. How fun to thank you in person. You really went all out with a detail. Like I said, the reviews really help. Thanks again.

  51. Hi JANET. Great examples for showing love. You have great stories and that is why. You know how to show love.

    Glad you enjoyed the pie. And it is so fun to meet Villagers face to face.

    Merry Christmas

  52. Hey VINCE and MARK, I forgot to capitalize when I responded earlier. I hope you didn't feel slighted. You guys are special folk. Its just my memory. sigh

    Enjoy your day.

  53. Well its quiet here this afternoon. That tickles me pink. That means everyone is involved with family and friends and are getting those last minute chores done.

    Me too. I have a few stocking presents to wrap. I'm almost all packed for our trip tomorrow.

    I am so excited. I love, love, love Christmas.

    I love all of you too. Merry Christmas.

  54. I have had people show love by giving a lift somewhere (like for a medical appointment in another town) because I can't drive.

  55. oh ps love Christmas. Its Christmas Eve here. the town is a nightmare to be in (you would think the supermarkets were shut for a week not just one day). Am now resting for a bit.

  56. Don't leave for your trip just yet Sandra! I want to tell you how much I enjoyed this post. When I'm reading, I like the subtle little touches that show one character loves another ... the simple things that anyone can do (and will maybe be inspired to do after they read the book).

    Great pictures!

    Oh, and don't enter me in the drawing :-)

    MERRY CHRISTMAS and safe travels.

    Nancy C

  57. Hi JENNY, The ride is a wonderful show of love, I agree. What a blessing for you. And yes, it is already time for you to celebrate in Australia. I first realized that you are so far ahead of us during the new year celebration of the year 2000.

    Is it hot there? I love your new photo.

    Merry Christmas.


  58. Hi NANCY C. Thanks for joining us. And yes, It is inspiring to read about love and then go out and practice it. smile

    Merry Christmas to you also.

  59. It has been lovely folks. Have a marvelous Christmas. I sure hope you are all ready and enjoying the love.

    We are off to visit family and will surely feel the love there.

    Blessings to all of you.

  60. These are such beautiful examples of ways to love others.

    This post comes just in time, because my hero is trying to discover the perfect way to show his love without scaring the heroine away. I'm going to be studying these examples as I write the next few scenes.

  61. at present not to hot here will be a mild Christmas may even have a little rain (we do need it but it pays havoc with my head).
    I am reading the contemporary Christmas collection now. Loved Mary's story except the baddy has my surname.

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  63. This is a nice post. I pray all have a wonderful Christmas. Ours is tough. My husband has been in CCU since November 4th, and has had many heart attacks since. We have prayed and decided to not subject him to any more electric shocks to revive him (they are like torture and he's had thirty) We are praying for a Christmas miracle. My three children (all adults) and I split shifts to spend time with him. We are reading him the Bible and praying and trusting God. I'm praying for a miracle. But my children and I are showing a love by feeding my husband the Word of God. We are also being there for others who are in the waiting room of the CCU and ICU floor. Please pray a Christmas miracle for my husband.

  64. SANDRA!!! No ... I am NOT ready for Christmas, which is why I am sooooo late with this comment, so please forgive me!!

    Almost ready today, though, but still have to wrap, cook, and go to post office (yes, I'm late and know it!).

    LOVE this post and it's soooo appropriate for the season, my friend!

    I wish you and everyone in Seekerville a happy, healthy, and holy holiday season!!


  65. A Thought
    a day late…

    Love is a scent often worn by responsibility, duty, peer pressure, obligation, honor, loyalty, gratitude, sympathy, charity, pity, desire, lust, and greed.

    For maximum emotional impact, show a character’s spontaneous acts of ‘being in love’ -- for these moments exude an essence sui generis unto love itself.

  66. Take heart…

    No one was less ready for Christmas than Mary and Joseph.

  67. HI NATALIE, Sorry I went to bed before you posted. Thanks for joining us.

    I'm glad you found some good ideas in the post. There are more in the comments as well. Some I plan to use in the future. smile

  68. Hi JENNY, Glad your Christmas won't be as hot this year as it was last year.

    Merry Christmas. It must be Christmas for you now. smile

  69. Hi VABNA ISLAM. Thanks for joining us. Glad you received some good ideas.

    Merry Christmas.

  70. HI JULIE, I think we are all busy with Christmas activities. LOL.

    Glad you were able to take a break. Eve though late.

    Have a happy day and a blessed Christmas.

  71. What a beautiful post Sandra. Thank you it is a feel good post that gives me the warm and fuzzies. The picture of you and your Godson is wonderful. I ca see how happy you both are in the picture. I show love by vising my inlaws in the nursing home. While there I ask the nurses who is able to have visitors that hasn't had any ad I visit them. They enjoy takling about Christmases past and I enjoy their company.It's so sad to think of the elderly being sad and lonely on Christmas.

  72. At Christmas I enjoy making my families favorite treats & maybe just giving those across the service counter a smile & a Thank YOU.... please enter me into the bowl :)
    dkstevensne AT outlook DoT Com

  73. Oh VINCE, You are so funny. I guess they weren't that ready. On the road. Staying in an inn. Ending up in the stable. Actually I think the innkeeper was doing them a favor because it was quiet and peaceful and private in the stable. I guess the crowded inn would have been stinky, noisy, crowded, etc.

    And I LOVE all your words for love.

    You show love all the time and we appreciate it. Hugs and give Linda a hug too. smile

  74. Hi DEANNE, What a wonderful treat for those nursing home patients. I think that is very sweet. I used to do that too when I visited the nursing home that my mil was in for Alzheimer's.

    A smile is worth so much. It might be that person's only one for the day.

    Merry Christmas

  75. I forgot to say please enter me into the drawing for Hope for the Holidays Historical. I already have the Contemporary.