Friday, January 16, 2015

The Voice…It’s Not Just For Singing

Oh, goodness! Did we have a great day with the Killer Voice gals yesterday?? Voicities? Did we determine if that was a word? Anyway, one more round of congratulations to you!!

Okay, back to today. Audra here. Today, we’re going from the excitement of contracts gleaned from the Killer Voice competition to a competition that molds the winner right before your very eyes. My personal favorite show of all time…The Voice!  (I think I’ve mentioned this a time or two, and it always bears repeating!!)

For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Voice, it’s a performance competition where contestants perform a blind audition hoping their “voice” will capture the interest of one of the 4 judges. If the voice they hear stirs enough interest, they tap their button and their chairs turn and they see the artist for the first time. The interest of the judge is based solely on the voice alone, there are no costumes, dance moves, or appearances that sway the judge.

Talent alone buys you a ticket for the ride.

Like I said, many of you know what an avid fan I am of the program. Yes, the show is entertaining, especially the banter between the award-winning judges who never fail to make me laugh. But more than that, it’s the respect the judges show the contestants as they work their way up the ladder of vocal success that impresses me season after season.

Enough of my praise for this show, let’s get back to why I need to talk about it in Seekerville.

This last season, the selfless mentoring offered by the judges captured my attention. Each of the judges brought a unique perspective to the competition that when grouped together, showed the viewing audience what it’s like to take a singer with obvious talent and then mold, and buff, and tweak, and manicure that person until the finished product is a polished performer.

OMG, do I ever wish I had the Blake Shelton of the publishing world bringing out the writing potential in me!! Oh my, I digress…

Anyway, let’s take a peek at how each judge challenged the singer and brought out the best in them and how we can incorporate that advice in our writing:

Pharrell Williams has a great talent for tactfully critiquing a performance without offending the contestant. He’s all excited and up on his feet for artists that perform well, whether they are on his team or not. In the same way, he listens intently to performances and formulates helpful feedback to the ones who are not quite there yet. A prime example of this happened while the contestants were still in the battle rounds. A gal on, I think Gwen’s team, sang beautifully. Her song was perfect as was her physical performance. Pharrell acknowledged this and applauded her talent, BUT he went on to say he didn’t buy her performance because he could tell it didn’t come from the heart. They were just words sung perfectly. No connection; no emotional attachment. No heart.

Lesson learned: You can create a perfect plot, write a flawless manuscript, yet if the story doesn’t come from the heart, the reader will know it. Don’t write to trends if that isn’t your bag. Write what you know; write what you love. Honesty builds a dedicated fan base! Soul gripping emotion keeps your fans wanting more.

Blake Shelton is my man. Who doesn’t swoon at his accent, his sense of humor, his tall frame and his touching songs – can you tell I’m a real fan? The great thing is he approaches Team Blake with the same intensity he pours into his songs. Each season he tries to build a well-rounded team of multi genres, but in the end, country is what he knows and is great at, so many times, those are the contestants that make it to the final round. The bottom line though is Blake does know all aspects of the music world and you hear it in his comments to the contestants. He encourages the artists to work on their core musical talent. He encourages them to work on the control of their voices and stage presence. He sees fundamental strengths in their voices and offers suggestions that will grow their talent to the best it can be. The contestants should listen to his advice.

Lesson learned: If you don’t have a grasp of the fundamentals of writing and language, any attempt you make at writing a story or novel will be doomed by pesky grammatical and punctuation mistakes that snag the reader out of the story. If it happens often enough, the reader may not finish the book, no matter how fantastic the ending. To those contemplating the Indie publishing route, please view this as a strong suggestion to invest in a copy editor; invest in a line editor. These people are the support staff of your dreams!!

I absolutely loved Gwen Stefani as a judge this year. I never expected such encouragement and compassion from her (which makes me wonder why I had that opinion in the first place since I don’t really know anything about her). Anyway, I had to grin whenever she offered to give the contestants make-overs. Still, the folks on Team Gwen received not only the opportunity to tweak their style and voice, they also learned something about presentation. How you portray yourself is essential to selling your talent and your image.

Lesson learned: Take a good long look at the impression you want to make on your reader. We’ve talked branding before here in Seekerville, but you can never revisit the topic too often. What kind of author do you see when you look at Debby Giusti, Missy Tippens, Mary Connealy? Each of them walks the walk and talks the talk whether it’s military suspense or small town charm or cowboy conundrums. Take a look at how you’re portraying yourself in your books, your website, your FB page. Do they all speak the same language or is there room for an identity crisis when fans google your name??

Finally, we have Adam Levine. Quite honestly, I never know what tree he’s in on any particular show as far as comedic relief goes, but as a coach, the man knows what he’s looking for in talent. He can be the class cut-up between performances, but as soon as the next contestant sings their first note, his professional-Adam face falls into place and he immediately begins dissecting the artist’s work. Very intense; doesn’t miss a beat. So many times his assessment of the vocal work astounds me for the details – good and bad – that he’s able to detect in a 90 second performance. To me, Adam is the coach least likely to sugarcoat his opinions. He’s likable enough that he doesn’t tend to offend people, but if there is a problem with someone’s voice, style, presentation, he’s the coach to tell it like it is. And his instincts are pretty right on. Eventually, odds are, if the contestant doesn’t take his comments to heart, they might advance up a rung or two of the competition, but when the live performances begin, they find themselves are a hard sell to America.

Lesson learned:  When you send your work to a contest or a requested full manuscript to an editor, listen to their feedback. If contest feedback continually points to the same issues, then set ego aside and study the problem. The opinions of one rogue judge at times are just that – rogue. BUT if you hear the same comments time after time, there’s probably something to the issue. More importantly though, if you are fortunate enough to receive personal feedback from an editor, please realize they are interested in your work and the changes/revisions they suggest are for your benefit. Prove to that editor that you are an author they can work with and you might just be surprised when that phone rings and it’s THE CALL.

This season more than any other offered the prime example of how all the coaches interacted together to create one exceptional artist:

•    In the beginning, Blake Shelton chooses Craig Wayne Boyd for Team Blake.

•    During one of the rounds, Adam Levine comments on the too rough edge to Craig’s Southern-rock style.  In the next knock out round, Blake pairs Craig  against James David Carter since they are both country singers. Craig continues with his rough country style compared to James’ smoother voice. Blake chooses James over Craig.

•    BUT, Gwen Stefani steps in and steals Craig. With her image-conscious mentality ready to make a difference, she “cleans up” Craig’s appearance a bit and suggests he works with a song a bit out of his box to stretch his range. Craig incorporates her suggestions and puts a more refined spin on a country song. Unfortunately, when it comes down to the final knock out battle, Gwen chooses Taylor John Williams over Craig.

•    BUT, in a heartbeat, Blake steals back a more groomed and refined version of his man and the competition is on for the live rounds.

•    At one point during the live rounds, Pharrell Williams makes the comment that Craig has demonstrated a giant leap of growth from his very first audition and he now calls Craig a performer. This confirmation of his talent seemed to give Craig the final boost to his confidence and he indeed took possession of the stage and didn’t hesitate to show America what kind of talent he had until the final vote was cast and America pronounced Craig Wayne Boyd the winner of The Voice.

What a ride! The process isn’t always so dramatic, but the journey of Craig Wayne Boyd, unknown bar singer to Craig Wayne Boyd, America’s Choice is a journey that’s made every day whether you’re a singer or an author.

Do you see it? Do you feel it? C’mon people, dig deep into your souls and light a fire in your characters!! I’m convinced if God lit the fire of desire in your heart to write a book, He wants to see a depth of character and excitement on the page!! You can do it!!

C’mon 2015. Let’s be the year of NO LIMITS!!

And to help you find your inner character, I’m offering 3 Kindle copies of Rivet Your Readers with Deep Point of View by Jill Elizabeth Nelson. It’s a fantastic book that points out the elements of characterization so your hero and heroine can become as dynamic to the world as they are to you : )

Blessings on all your adventures!


  1. You have a great voice, Audra. Great post! Thanks

  2. Audra, that post rocked! Thank you for summing up that show! I love how it stays positive and helpful! And the connection you made to writing was true! Happy writing!

  3. Thanks for the educational and entertaining post, Audra. Feedback can be tough to take as a writer, but it can help us grow. I remember well the great ideas I received from Missy when she judged a contest entry and the suggestions Julie gave me on how to tweak an opening scene when I won a read from her in a blog giveaway. Then there's Ruthy who helped me work on my image. She took a timid writer and toughened her up a bit. And Tina... Wow! She's such a source of support and inspiration. Many other Seekers have shared their expertise, answered questions, encouraged me, celebrated with me and helped me in countless ways, as they have many others. The neat thing is that here in Seekerville there's not a single winner. Every one of us who visits the site benefits. :-)

  4. Well, I sure learned a lot about THE VOICE as well as writing.That was a very interesting post, Ms. Audra.

    And that prize is awesome too. I have a copy already. Jump at this opp folks.

  5. Audra, what a great post. I agree, it would be great to have a writing coach like Blake Shelton.

    But for us unpublished writers, we've got you Seekerville ladies. Thanks for all you teach us and thanks for the encouragement you give us daily. You all are rock stars! Thanks.

    (I've already got the POV book, so you don't need to include me in the drawing.)

  6. Audra
    I LOVE the Voice and Blake Shelton is also my fave judge. The big lug... (but I sure like Pharrell - didn't know anything about him before the show) I watch for the banter amongst the judges (I DVR the show because of viewing conflicts with the men of my life *heh*).

    I like how you integrated what the judges to with writing. What a cool, different perspective. Good food for thought. I will have to revisit this post later.

    No need to put me in the draw. I have that book - now I must go home and READ it.

    thanks for the pix too. Shelton and Levine are sure easy on the eyes... *minor swoon*

  7. Thank you, Marianne. I love this program and always pick up useful tidbits from the coaches to help me along my journey.

  8. OMG, doesn't that show just say it all, Eva? They are so nice and helpful. Like I said, I want my own Blake Shelton of the writing world to coach me, LOL!

  9. Oh, Keli. Bless you. I often see Seekerville as the WRITE component to the VOICE. We band together to help each other and offer anything we can to our friends.

    And, Keli, don't forget all the help you offered us! As the Seekers got published, YOU offered us an incredible experience on YOUR blog. Thank you!!

    It takes a village, doesn't it?

  10. p.s.
    Seekerville is The Voice for writers, imho. Except everybody who desires to participate gets into the "competition".

    You ladies are awesome mentors - just like The Voice judges are...

  11. Jackie, we're all in this together. We all have so much to offer each other.

    Go Team Blake!!

  12. I really didn't know anything about Pharrell or Gwen before the show, Deb. I was surprised and delighted when they first, showed so much compassion toward the contestants, and then when their personalities meshed so well with my favorite men...

    Well, what a perfect season we had!!

    Keep that DVR fired up!!

  13. Deb you are so sweet to say Seekerville is the VOICE of writing.

    We asked the good Lord what we could do to give back and he told us. And then He brought all of you into our lives.

    Frankly, I think we're the ones who got double blessed : )

    Isn't that grand??

    Thank YOU!!!

  14. It's going to be a gorgeous day here along the Front Range of Colorado, so how about some fluffy French Toast with fresh strawberries and peaches, and an array of juices, tea, and of course, coffee to ease us into this terrific Friday!!

  15. This is a great post. Not a good post.

    A great post.

    Audra, you've drawn the comparisons and made your point perfectly.

    This should be a conference course, Audra. Newbies and established writers can get what they need out of this.

    Gosh, my mind isn't even on FOOD and you know when that's the case, something big has happened!!!!!

  16. Hi Audra, Great analogy of the tv show to writing. However, I tried the Voice a few times and just couldn't get into it. I guess I felt so badly for those who got ousted. lol Which is why I can't watch sports because I feel bad for the losing team. Takes the enjoyment out of it. Oh my. Guess its a good thing we all have different taste.

    Anyway, your reference to the writing process was great and insightful. Thanks girlfriend.

    Enjoy your show.

  17. We LOVE The Voice!!!! I'm a bit disappointed Christina will be back this season - we like both Shakira and Gwen better. I also like Usher better than Pharrell but both better than Ceelo. If Blake or Adam ever took a season off I think I'd cry!!!!

    I loved Craig Wayne Boyd!! Old Rugged Cross was one of my faves! And I loved his second chances!

    I've often said I've always been afraid I was on American Idol but that I was one of those where you watch and cringe and think, "oh honey - doesn't anyone love you enough to tell you that you CAN'T SING?!?!" - that that was me with writing. That I was sending to editors and agents and they would get it and cringe and say "oh honey doesn't anyone love you enough to tell you that you just can't write?!?!"

    Last year, when I signed with my agent, I finally felt like I was on The Voice instead. If you make it to the blind auditions it's because you deserve to be there. You may not get a judge (editor/contract) to turn around for you, but it's not because you stink. It may be that you're not quite their style (I know Adam would love to win with a country artist, but that's not what he gravitates to most of the time) or that there are still a few things to work on (how many second chances have made it through and done WELL the next time around?!) but you deserve the shot.

    Okay enough Voice rambling. I too have the book ;). Love you, Audra!!!

  18. Audra, I've only seen the show once, so it's fun to hear more how it works! And what cool parallels to writing! Thanks for your insight. Now I'm wanting to watch the show. But I do not need another show to DVR every week. LOL

  19. Keli, you're so sweet! I still remember reading that story in the contest. I loved your writing!

  20. And DebH, thank you. We love helping however we can.

  21. Hey, y'all! I've cooked up a yummy pork tenderloin pot pie over at the cafe today! I hope you'll drop by.

    And I'm sorry, but I don't think I've ever had a successful link attempt so have quit trying. :)

  22. Okay, I thought I'd try one more time to insert a link. Here goes...

    Yankee-belle Cafe

  23. Ha!! It worked!! I feel such a sense of accomplishment this morning. :)

    Yes, I'm easily entertained. LOL

  24. I've only seen bits and pieces of The Voice, but it was interesting to see the correlations between it and writing. I agree about Seekerville being the Voice for writers. I've learned a LOT here!

  25. Awesome, Audra!!
    This is really a great post - - love the way you demonstrated aspects of our writing by comparison to this popular show.
    And as someone earlier mentioned, YOU have a great voice, Audra!
    To celebrate the fact we finally have SUNSHINE here in Georgia today, I've baked a peach cobbler and a pecan pie, so please enjoy when you need a snack. ;)
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  26. I LOVE The Voice! I really enjoyed this year with Gwen and Pharrell. The whole premise of picking teams on voice alone really works. That's one of the many things I loved about the Killer Voices opportunity. Of course, editors rarely know who they are 'picking' when they see a manuscript, but the fact that they looked through first pages and chose teams based on what really grabbed them from just that much was awesome.
    Great post! I really enjoyed the way you related it to writing!

  27. GREAT post, Audra. I am probably one of the few people in America who has never seen The Voice. Although, I admit, I want to watch it, now that I'm reading so many great things about that show! :)

    Your writing applications make perfect sense. I'm definitely taking some points to heart!

    Please don't enter me into the drawing. I already have that book, and I love it! :)

  28. Audra! Stop watching the Voice and get to writing!!! Girl! ;-) Seriously, this is a great post. :-) Very, VERY insightful. And now, as I was saying, get to writing!!!

    (Sorry! I got taken over by Ruthy's personality! Not sure how that happened! Mary? Straighten me out, please.)

  29. Oh, Audra, this is so much fun! Love this Voice/Write analogy. Very appropriate. I have to do truly tedious physiotherapy stuff and I've only managed to stick with the program because I'm watching The Voice on Youtube -- BUT I'm watching the UK ones. I think I like it even more than the US version. And I love the vignettes about the singers they show before they perform. Such struggles and lots of overcoming. Very, very encouraging. Just like this post. And for the record, Seekerville is The Voice for writers as far as I'm concerned.

  30. You gotta be able to take feedback, right?

  31. Ruthy? I've diverted your focus from FOOD? Wow. That's the highest praise ever!!

    I'll be checking in as I can since I'm at work today. Be assured, I'll be around, maybe, just not all the time : )

  32. Sandra, I feel so bad for some of the contestants. Especially when they do the get-to-you segments before the performances. Some of them have just broken my heart.

    But then, there are contest entries I've judged that have been perfect in my view and then don't even final.

    Go figure.

  33. WILANI WAHL! Please email me. (JanaVan(AT)ATT(DOT)NET). I've got a question for you & something to send you! THANKS!

    Audra! This was awesome! Thank You!

  34. Carol, my fellow Voice obsessionist, LOL! Go team, Blake!!

    You brought up an excellent point about making it to the blind auditions. These folks had to do a lot of prep work to get to this point. They didn't just wake up one day and say, "the auditions are in town, I think I want to be on the show." Some of the contestants have had professional careers...and they still don't win.

    Much like writing contests. I can't say enough about the trial by fire we need to go through to get to the point where we final and win contests which brings us before the editors who will then shape and mold us.

    Great great point, Carol!! Love you, too!!

  35. Kaybee, Missy, you can always add one more show to the DVR : ) If not, the season is On Demand through Xfinity!!!!

  36. Becky, I'm so glad we've helped you along the journey. We're tickled you like us : )

  37. Patti Jo, I can smell the peach cobbler and pecan pie all the way out here in Colorado. Delightful!

    Thank you for your kind words. All my friends in Seekerville are awesome!!

  38. Thank you, Tammy! And one more congratulations on YOUR Killer Voice experience!!

  39. Jeanne, the coaches are so awesome with the contestants on their teams. They bring in special artists (big name folks!) to help polish up their teams.

    Yes, it's a perfect model for writing encouragement!! And best of all, America votes!!

  40. Ha, Melanie, oh queen of the fairytale turned REGENCY!!! I'm still so tickled over your newest venture.

    So, you get writing; I'll get writing.

    We'll make everyone happy : )

  41. I have to disappear for a bit, kids. The day job calls. But...

    I'll be back!

  42. Great comparison, Audra!
    Don't put me in the draw as I have a copy of that book on my Kindle!

  43. I love The Voice! Never would have thought to apply it to my writing. Thank you, Audra. Would love to be entered for the chance to win Rivet Your Readers with Deep Point of View! Seekerville rocks!

  44. Audra, thanks for explaining THE VOICE. I've never never understood the process. Now I've got a clearer picture of what's happening on stage. :)

    Loved your mention of the copy editor and line editor being the "support staff of your dreams!!" So true!

    I just receive edits, and they were so, so good. Just some small changes, but important to pacing and continuity throughout the story. Love the copy editor's eye for detail. What a gift! I rely on those edits to get the story ready for publication.

    Additionally, when we indie pub, we don't want to short change ourselves by not hiring those detail folks who will ensure our prose is picture perfect and ready for publication.

  45. Aw... Deb H. got me choked up and you know what a brat I am...

    Thank you, Deb!!!!! <>

  46. MELANIE, YES, YES, YES!!!!

    But we don't let her out of blog posts...


    AS IF....

    I DVR The Voice but I only saw a couple of episodes because it came to a choice of baseball/recording NCIS/The Voice well, baseball and Gibbs won.

    And I can get it on demand, but then I can't fast forward through commercials and that's twenty minutes of my time I CAN'T GET BACK.




  47. Kav, bless your heart! Sorry for the physical therapy, but happy The Voice helps you through!

    My daughter just returned from Finland and Germany through the 4-H cultural exchange program. One of the families she stayed with in Germany watched The Voice - Germany. She said it was probably the language barrier, but she didn't like it quite as much as our version.

    And really, who can replace Adam and Blake??

  48. Hi Sue! I'm glad you enjoyed the comparison. Each season I learn something new from the show that applies directly to my writing.

  49. Hi Jan! Carol had mentioned earlier that Gwen isn't coming back this next season. Bummer. I loved how she tried to "dress" all her performers.

    She did wonders for Craig Wayne Boyd!

  50. Wow, Audra, I love how you used The Voice to pull out the important lessons we can apply to our writing! I'm not a regular viewer of the show, but I catch snatches from time to time, and it's always interesting to see what the pros like and don't like--and then listen to their explanations of why something does or doesn't work for them.

    And the why is so important to the learning process, at least for me. If I'm going to be told to do (or not do) something a certain way, it helps if someone with more knowledge and experience can explain the rationale to me.

    Exactly why a skilled contest judge is invaluable in helping beginning or intermediate writers develop!

  51. What a great post Audra. I absolutely LOVE The Voice and can hardly wait for it to come back on again. The four judges this year have been my favorite pairing but I also love Usher and Shakira.

    I loved the way you tied the show into writing. Great post!

    Oh, my, to be on a Team Blake....oh, my, I think I just got a case of the vapors.... Love Mr. Blake Shelton...

    Have a wonderful weekend! I'd love to be entered into your drawing.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  52. You're welcome, Debby. In this business, we need all the help we can get!

    I love the Voice so much more than American Idol. It goes to show how using kindness and encouragement can coax the talent out of anyone!

  53. Ruthy, in a perfect world there'd be enough room for Gibbs and The Voice...

  54. Myra, my point exactly. Remember the roots of Seekerville...we were contest divas on the road to publication. Now that God has blessed us, and so many of our friends(!), we must never stop growing, encouraging and giving back!

  55. Cindy, there is just something about a man in flannel that makes my heart go pitter pat : )

    Pharrell, Gwen, Usher, Shakira...I'll take any of them. Am I allowed to say I'm not that big a fan of Christina? If I'm not, that I won't say it : )

  56. I love this post, Audra! The advice about staying true to your brand gives me something to think about...That's something I kind of struggle with on my blog. I'm (sometimes-when-I-have-spare-time!) working on a YA fiction novel, but I haven't done much to gear my blog that way yet.

  57. I struggle with the whole brand thing. I should create a focus group to help me with that.

  58. Fantastic post, Audra! Great info here. Don't put my name in for the book since I already have it... It's a great resource. :)

  59. I'm with you, TINA. The whole "brand" thing has flummoxed me since I first heard the term at a writers conference back in the '90s.

  60. Tina! Myra!

    Debby, Missy and Mary are the queens of brand!

  61. Jennifer, my personal blog is woeful. Simply woeful.

    I need to take time and schedule things that will pop up and remind people I'm alive!!

  62. Great book, isn't it, Anna! I need reminders to go deep into my characters. Sometimes easier said than done.

  63. Okay, AUDS, I'm sold! I'm watching The Voice next time around ... when is that, by the way??

    I have seen the show once or twice and actually like it a LOT, but I don't watch a lot of TV, so that's why I haven't hooked in, but I definitely will now, darlin'!

    And I agree with Eva Maria, my friend -- this post ROCKED, literally and figuratively!! LOVE how you compared writing to the judges on The Voice, to give writers critical insight that we all need.

    And just a personal favorite of mine as well, I like Blake because he seems like a really nice person on top of being incredibly talented and humble.


  64. Audra, I have never watched The Voice but it sounds interesting. I like the way you tied it into writing. I would love to be entered into the drawing for the kindle book.

  65. Julie! You've got to watch this show. It's the only one actually work into my schedule, otherwise, I don't watch television either.

    February 23 is the start of the new season. I'm not a big fan of Christina Aguilera, but Pharrell is coming back and I tucked away some very astute comments as he critiqued the singers.

    So stop by my house on Monday and Tuesday nights and I'll have the pizza ready : )

  66. Sandy, you got it!

    Treat yourself this season and watch the show : )

  67. I love when someone really wows the judges on a show, unexpectedly. A "Susan Boyle" moment or more recently on the "X FACTOR" there was this young man:

    Christopher Mulroney singing "The Rose"

    I love seeing someone finally have the chance to live their dream! That makes me giddy!

  68. Okay, Audra, this is how good a writer you are -- I have never seen The Voice, and yet I totally understand and appreciate your analogy of the show to writing.

    I wish everyone who self-pubs would follow your advice about hiring editors.There's a point where the errors overshadow the story ... and a story only has one chance with most readers.

    I do have a question for you. What do you think of Blake Shelton? :-)

    Oh, don't enter me in the drawing -- I have the book.

    Nancy C

  69. My granny is a die-hard fan of The Voice. I love shows about talent competition, but our TV package didn't include that channel.

    I love Rivet Your Readers with Deep Point of View. It changed my writing drastically. I thought I knew what Deep POV was until I read it, lol. I'm still learning but that book helped so much.

    Great tips! Thanks for such a fun post, Audra!

  70. Hmmm, was I too subtle, Nancy? LOL!!
    Blake had me hooked as a fan from the first time I saw the video for Ol' Red and Blake's only gotten better since.

    Glad you "got" my analogy : ) You wouldn't believe how many aha moments I have watching that show!!

    Yes, ma'am, you've got to have a good editor!!

  71. Ruthy, I love seeing good talent succeed!!

  72. Natalie, isn't it an awesome book? She explains it so simply, it's easy to understand how to take your characters and writing to a whole new level.

  73. I work for a talent development agency and we've had several of our performers on The Voice. It's a fantastic show. Audra, I love how you used the judges' abilities and compared them to writing skills!