Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Weekend Edition

 Speedbo Starts Next Sunday!

You can sign up now through March 31st by sending an email to with your personal goal listed. Sharing your goal is only for accountability. Seekerville will not be sharing your goal with anyone. Enter by March 1 at 11:59 pm for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Complete rules can be found here.

UPDATE! We have passed the 50 enrollment point for Speedbo. Shooting towards a second $25 Amazon gift card giveaway. 

  We Have Winners
 Giveaway rules can be found here. Please drop us a line to claim your giveaway at All prizes not claimed in 8 weeks go back into the prize vault. We wish we could contact all our winners individually, but we'd rather write books! And P.S. -if we forget to send our your prize DO let us know after 8 weeks per our rules.

Did you claim your giveaway from LAST WEEK?

Monday Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean shared techniques for saving her rejected manuscript in her post “Performing CPR on your Rejected Manuscript." Laney4 is the winner of a $10 Amazon gift card. 

Tuesday The Social Media Muses visited.  Jana Oliver and Tyra Burton shared their post," Author + Social Media = ???" Bring your questions because they have the answers. Winners of Socially Engaged:The Author's Guide to Social Media, e or print, are:Marion Ueckermann, Jennifer Smith, Helen Gray, Jill Weatherholt and Jackie Layton.

And don't forget to stop by their web page for the author goodies they generously share.

Love Inspired Suspense Author Debby Giusti blogged on Wednesday and talked about "Ash Wednesday and the Writing Journey!" Debby sends her thanks to all those who stopped by and left a comment.  Sandy Kirby Quandt will receive a copy of Debby's March release, Stranded.

Friday we were delighted to welcome back Cheryl St.John, who talked about Creating Characters, a new Writers Digest book containing contributions from bestselling authors. As writers we are faced with grabbing and holding the reader's attention in this fast-paced market, and this book is filled with timely information on every stage of character development. Cheryl shared why she's a fan of this book. (Besides the fact that she is featured in a chapter.) Dana Lynn is the winner of Creating Characters: The Complete Guide to Populating Your Fiction.

 Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Seeker Pam Hillman is your hostess on today. She going to discuss ( discuss, not cuss!!) the dreaded FIVE LETTER WORD. TAXES! Ugh. She’ll share a bit of the old tried and true tax tips, plus a few new conundrums that have popped up for Indie published authors. Let’s get those taxes done and out of the way so we can concentrate on SPEEDBO!

Tuesday: Today, Sandra Leesmith will help prepare you for Speedbo by comparing the pursuit of success in writing with the pursuit of success in her favorite sport, pickleball. Join Sandra as we all apply our theme this year of No Limits.

Wednesday:  Love Inspired author and Seeker, Tina Radcliffe is bringing you Part 2 of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Writers (based on the Stephen Covey best-seller)." There will be a giveaway, of course.

Thursday: "BETTING ON HOPE and Putting Faith in NEW HORIZONS Along the Road to Becoming a Hybrid Author." Debra Clopton visits Seekerville today! Join Debra as she discusses her latest endeavors, the cost, the casualties and the rewards of the journey. And the books that make it all worth the trip! Debra will be giving away one book, winners choice, from her back list.

Friday:Yes! It's time for the March Contest Update and we'll reveal our contest Diva/Divo. The prize vault is open!

Seeker Sightings

Double Cover Reveal! June releases available for Preorder!

Safe in the Fireman's Arms 
& Healing the Lawman's Heart

February 17-24, 2015: Join Julie Lessman for a rare interview on the blog of one of her favorite authors, the illustrious Golden Keyes Parsons for a chance to win a signed copy of any of her books — winner's choice, including a signed copy of her upcoming novella, Grace Like Rain (about Blake "The Rake" McClare from my Heart of San Francisco series) or A Whisper of Hope (Mitch & Charity's novella). 

Starting today, Ruthy's top-rated indie book Safely Home is on sale for .99 this week only! "When Cress Dietrich swiped the dust of Watkins Ridge off her shoes, she never expected to come back home. A bullet to the leg and her grandmother's cancer diagnosis changed her plans. Now back home, facing a past she'd tried to ignore, can Cress accept the change of heart God wants for her? And maybe the sweet love that goes along with it?"

 Random News & Information

BTW this weekend's cyber fare comes from Essence Bakery in Phoenix. Enjoy a macaron as you peruse the links. 

Check out the Military Writers Society of America here.

Revenge Romance a Hit (PW)  

Tucson Festival of Books is coming! (the fourth largest book festival in the U.S.)

There are a few openings left for the 2015 Writers' Police Academy (Tina Radcliffe & Debby Giusti are going!)

You think writing’s a dream job? It’s more like a horror film (the comments are the best part!) (The Passive Voice)

How To Win Sales And Influence Algorithms (Let's Get Digital)

Kindle Unlimited Hits Canada and Mexico (GalleyCat)

So You Think You Can Write acquires more new authors! (Harlequin)

Get Pushy—Push Character Conflict and Reader Emotion (The Editor's Blog)

Children’s Picture eBooks: The Newest Publishing Wave (Writer Unboxed)

Instagram for Writers (The Writers Alley)

No Limits Quote of the Week

 Like Holley Gerth? Check out her free words here. Then get back to work!


  1. Happy Weekend, Seekerville.

    I'll be signing up for Speedbo just as soon as I decide which book I'm working on.

    Congrats to all the winners.

  2. Like Mary, I have to decide on my Speedbo goal. Right now I'm editing the book I wrote The End to last week!!

    I win again. Help with social media is just what I need.

    There's java in the works. Bring your mugs.

  3. Congrats to all the winners!

    I'm looking forward to Tina's post. Becoming more effective in my writing life is on my to-do list, so I'll be devouring those tips.

  4. The Writer's Police Academy looks AWESOME....

    And totally worth the cost and time.

    I'm supposed to have grandchildren that week, kids are traveling to Texas for a wedding.

    But that training center is calling my name. I think I've got to put that on the 2016 calendar because I've already committed to cute kids for 2015.

    Deb and Tina, have an amazing time!

  5. Not sure what Speedbo is, so going to backcheck the website for it. If it's what I think it is, it should be able to help get me on track.

  6. Tina,

    Thanks for another great weekend. So many great links to check out.

    Thanks for all the great giveaways. I'm always delighted to see I won a prize. Congrats to all the other winners this week.

    Stay safe everybody.

  7. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Yay Speedbo one week away!

    Stay safe everyone! Really another wintery mix in the North Carolina mountains.

  8. Congratulations to all of this weeks winners!

    I know I need to Speedbo, but I haven't signed up yet. Yikes, I'd better get to it.

  9. Good morning, Seekerville!

    Tina, yours and Ruthy's covers are gorgeous!! Thanks for the reveal and all the links. I've already checked out The Passive Voice link. Fun.

    Congrats to our winners! Looking forward to the week ahead.

    Hoping everyone is staying warm.


  10. Woohoo -- can I put in a request for complete, in depth coverage of the Police Academy?

    And thanks for the Holley Gerth link. I love her but why haven't I ever looked her up online? Duh.

    Happy Weekend everyone.

  11. Happy dancing for all WE winners!

    Good articles, Tina, thanks again. :-)

    A great weekend to you all! :-)

  12. SUPER CONGRATS to all the winners this week, and to two "winning" covers for Ruthy and Tina!!

    I must admit SpeedBo scares me just a wee bit because I'm so anal and need my ducks in a row before I write, but hopefully I'll get my edits done before March 1st so I can dive in. If not, I'll just have to dive in anyway ... or more like belly-flop in ... :)

    WHALEHUGGER ... if you're looking to get "on track," I think you'll LOVE SpeedBo, so welcome to the BO!!

    Happy Saturday, everyone, and STAY WARM!!


  13. Great WE Tina.
    Congrats to all the winners.
    Hope you are all getting ready for Speedbo.
    Write, write, write. Thats what we love to do.

  14. I agree Ruthy, The Writers Police Academy looks awesome.

    Hey Debby and Tina, Looks like you will get lots of great info at that event. I bet you are looking forward to it. Best wishes.

  15. Yeah, some folks have the hood. We have the BO.

  16. Thanks for all the great info and links, TINA!!!

    Is everybody staying warm? Well, at least those of us east of the Rockies. Arizona has never looked so good to me!

    I'm so excited. And relieved, because I'm really, really close to finishing revisions on two mss. due to my editors very soon! That means I should be able to do some actual writing on my next book during Speedbo! WOOHOOO!!!!!

  17. Love those covers, Ruthy & Tina!! :)

    I need coffee. Late to bed, early to rise, and not enough shut-eye in between. I'm a cross between a polar-bear and a hermit during January-February.

    I would be perfectly happy hibernating until Spring... lol

  18. As usual, tons of great resources. :) Wish I could try Speedbo this year but I know it's not quite the right time for me. Happy weekend everyone!

  19. Great WE as always!
    Congrats to the winners!

    Signing up for SPEEDBO right now!
    Everyone stay warm - - it's a great weekend to WRITE.

    Hugs, Patti Jo

  20. I have just finished 3K today. Two 1500 word spurts, one early, one just now, and I can see the next scene but I need to walk away and paint something. Or clean something...

    Myra, GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! I know that's a load off your mind!

    I cringed at The Passive Voice whine...

    And hugged the comments.

    Whiny writers annoy the heck out of me. Hush up and count your blessings on the way to the bank.

    And lest you think I wasn't always this way, I was one of those newbie authors who cringed every time a writer whined/whines about deadlines in front of people who would sell their ring fingers to have those contracts. With the rings attached!

    Most people living have deadlines. Sheesh. Only they call them "jobs".

    I love what I do. I love helping others do it! I am uber-annoyed with whiny pre-schoolers and more so by whiny adults.

    I'm so glad the majority of comments scoffed! Go You Commenters!!!!

  21. Thanks for a great WE, Tina! Can't wait to read all the articles linked.

    I hope you all have a great weekend and stay warm!

  22. How can I possibly be all alone here?

  23. Tried to send a comment using my phone...didn't work.

    Now back at my computer.

    Checked out the Military Writers Society. Thanks, Tina!

    Tina and I will be sure to send info and pics from the Writers' Police Academy. This year it will be held in Wisconsin. A new venue, new classes. I learned so much last year. Many folks go year after year because there's always something new from which to choose.

    Signing up for SPEEDBO! NO LIMITS!

  24. Congrats to all the winners -- and to Ruthy and Tina for the cover reveals.

    Thanks, Ruthy, for your comment about whiny writers!

    And thanks, Tina, for the links. Especially enjoyed the article about the writer who went from Wattpad to Smashwords.

    Prepping for Speedbo!

    Nancy C

  25. Congratulations to all the winners, myself included...Yay!
    Great post, Tina. I can't wait to check out all of the random news. Thanks for putting it in one convenient spot each week. :)