Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Weekend Edition

Happy Memorial Day from Seekerville. 
When I was I kid, I thought Memorial Day simply meant
 the pool was open and I could wear white.

We Have Winners

 Giveaway rules can be found here. Please drop us a line to claim your giveaway at All prizes not claimed in 8 weeks go back into the prize vault. We wish we could contact all our winners individually, but we'd rather write books! And P.S. - if we forget to send  your prize DO let us know after 8 weeks per our rules. 

 Monday  Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean discussed how to bring story people onstage in her post, "Tips for Introducing Characters in Ways that Will Hook Readers."  Laura Pol is the winner a $10 Amazon gift card.

What a kick! Tuesday we hosted debut author, Rachelle Dekker (daughter of Ted Dekker)  in Seekerville with a dose of "Coloring Outside the Lines." Megan Besing is the winner of her debut novel from Tyndale, The Choosing.

Wednesday  Ruth Logan Herne was back with "Three R's: Revise, Rewrite and Resubmit: A Gift You Can Take to the Bank." How to take it on the chin and make the story better! She gave advice on revisions, taking direction and dealing with Writing Reality 101.  Olivia, Sherri Woodbridge, Tanya Adler, Deb H and Laura Pol are winners of  Healing the Lawman's Heart.

The Characteristics – And The Characters – Of A Christian Novel." Winnie Griggs joined us on Thursday to discuss what a Christian novel is and is not, as well as list some of the questions we should ask and answer about our characters when penning Christian Fiction.Walt Mussel and Mary Hicks won their choice of her current release or any title in her back list.   

2014 ACFW Carol Award winner,  Tina Radcliffe was your hostess on Friday, with a back to basics post, "Just Write the Scene." It was guaranteed to be a painful day of writing growth. Winners of  a scene critique, not to exceed ten pages, are Sherida, Terri Weldon and Sally Shupe. Winner of a triple threat, Missy, Tina and Ruthy's current release in print or ebook is Kathy Bailey.

 Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Vinspire author Amy J Cappatan is our holiday hostess with her post, "How to Throw a Fantastic Facebook Launch Party (Without Losing Your Sanity)!" Stop by to chat  and you could win an e-copy of her YA release, Angelhood.

Tuesday: Let's talk about your website. Matt Jones of Jones House Creative is today's special guest with his post, "Lazy Website Syndrome."  Stop by and meet the genius behind many of your favorite author's websites. P.S. The prize vault is open!

Wednesday: We're quoting another furry friend when we say that we have a pawsome day planned today with the return of Sparkle Abbey. They're sharing, "The Heart of Your Story,"with us! Comment for the chance to win a Sparkle Abbey book of your choice. BTW, the next installment for Sparkle Abbey, is coming in June. Take a peek at Downton Tabby.

Thursday: Amanda Barratt comes to Seekerville to talk about writing with integrity and how integrity affects every aspect of our lives. Join us as we explore her wise theory and your name will be tossed in Amanda's cat dish for a copy of her debut offering in Barbour's The Most Eligible Bachelor romance collection!

Friday: It's time for the June Contest Update. Stop by to meet our June diva/divo and of we have more five page critiques ready to giveaway!

Seeker Sightings

Two Days Left to Get Your Name in the Drawing for the Beach Book Bonanza.
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Stop by Soul Inspirationz for a chance to win a Ruthy and  Tina June release!

On Sale This Week For .99!!!! Ruthy's 4.6 Star-rated "Safely Home" is on sale for the next four days for your Kindle or your Kindle App on any device. "Detective Cress Dietrich never intended to come home, but a bullet in the leg, a toxic relationship and her beloved grandmother's cancer diagnosis proved her wrong. Cress Dietrich was the last person Alex Westmore thought he'd be attracted to, but he was wrong. The wounded soul within the tough-as-nails woman calls to him, but can he convince Cress of his love and devotion without revealing the secrets in her grandparents' past?"

Random News & Information

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This is for Tanya Agler who asked a very interesting question yesterday in my blog post, Write the Scene (at the end of the comments).  

That's it!

Have a safe and blessed holiday weekend!


  1. Congrats on the double win Laura Pol!!! :) Happy weekend everyone!

  2. You're right, Heidi. She was a double winner. Ha.

    Happy Memorial Day, Seekerville.

  3. Can't believe I won. I've been so busy that I haven't been to Seekerville as much as I'd like.

    Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

  4. Have a blessed memorial day weekend everyone. Stay safe on the road. Read something inspiring and remember those who served and died for our freedom to do all these things.

    I'm especially remembering my brother today who served in the Air Force in Vietnam. My dad who served in the Navy in WWII, My uncle who was a marine died on Iwo Jima, My FIL who served in the Navy in WWII and Korean War.


  5. Tina, I'm laughing about wearing white. So true! I also thought it meant decorating our deceased family's graves but didn't get the significance of remembering America's fallen heroes.

    Wishing everyone a fantastic holiday weekend! And a moment to remember.


  6. Oh my gosh! I am so excited! Thank you so much. Now to decide which scene...Will it hurt much? lol. Congratulations everyone; have a great weekend!

  7. Yes, I could relate to switching to white shoes! :-)

    I'm thrilled to win one of Winnie's books! A very pleasant surprise for a Saturday morning.

    Thanks Tina, for an exciting line up for next week and some good articles to read this afternoon.

    Everyone have a wonderful holiday weekend! :-)

  8. I spelled Tanya's name wrong, I put in a "D" instead of a "G"... Forgive me, Tanya!!!!

    I love Memorial Day. We haven't messed it up around here, it's a day of remembrance, and prayer and then family gathering and food... and it's so very special to know the courage that's gone before us.

    Thank you from my heart to all who've served and are serving. We are so blessed by your devotion, time and bravery.

  9. Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Seekerville!

    That reminds me--I need to change our garden flag to the American flag in honor of the patriotic summer holidays! Also so proud of the military servicemen in our family--two brothers-in-law and a superfine grandson!

    Another super WE, Tina! Thanks for pulling it all together!

  10. Thanks for all the great links, Tina.

    I hope you have a blessed weekend!

  11. Thank you! Now I'm really afraid....but thrilled! Congratulations to all the winners. Looks like another informative week ahead plus interesting links to read today.....especially the POV ones inspired by Tanya's question.

    Wishing everyone a grateful and safe holiday weekend as we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom as well as all those who serve our country. Blessings!

  12. Ruthy, just ordered your new book! Can't wait to read it.

    And Happy Memorial Day to all those who have served, including our son David (Coast Guard) and our nephew Brian (Marine) and I honor all those veterans in my family who are now gone. May their sacrifices be ever remembered.

  13. On this Memorial Day weekend I wish everyone safe travels and good times with family and friends. My thanks go out to those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice. My heart goes out to the families and loved ones they left behind.

    I spotted my upcoming release in the post! Yup. My first LIH, Family of Her Dreams, will be on the shelves with Ruthy and Tina's LIs. Talk about excellent company. I'm honored. I'm also feeling a bit giddy.

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    And the posts next week? Awesome!

    1. I had no idea it was so soon, Keli!! Off to order!

  14. Do 't firget that if you win a giveaway you have to email us to claim it! You have 8 weeks to do so. And we have 8 weeks to get our giveaways out to you.... Because.. In our spare time we have day jobs and WRITE!

  15. Congrats to our winners!

    Like Sandra, I'm remembering our military heroes, living and dead!

  16. Great weekend edition, Tina! Congrats to all the winners and Happy Memorial Day :-)

  17. Yeah! I won a critique. Exciting and scary. Thanks so much.

    Everyone enjoy memorial day. A special thanks to those of you who serve or have served our country.

  18. Happy Memorial Day everyone.

    IS this the one with fireworks? I've been kinda swamped with writing and stuff. Confused.

  19. You could wear white after Easter, not Memorial Day. c'mon

    (as if I owned a change of clothes as a child!)

  20. I think after Memorial Day we changed to barefoot.

  21. YAY Keli. What a great month for releases. (I have one too, June 1st)


  22. Really? Easter? Are you sure. No, it's Memorial Day. Well the pool I know for sure. I lived at the public pool.

    White after Easter? Nooo. I am going to research this and get back to you.

  23. Does Labor Day Signal the End of Wearing White?
    Time to pack away the white t-shirts, shoes, shorts, and skirts, right?
    While this is more a question for Tim Gunn than for Emily Post, we'll add our two cents to the discussion.

    Emily_Post_wearing_white_in_Edgartown_MABack in Emily's day—the nineteen 00s, 10s and 20s—the summer season was bracketed by Memorial Day and Labor Day. Society flocked en masse from town house to seaside "cottage" or mountain "cabin" to escape the heat. City clothes were left behind in exchange for lighter, whiter, summer costumes. Come fall and the return to the city, summer clothes were put away and more formal city clothes donned once more. It was an age when there was a dress code for practically every occasion, and the signal to mark the change between summer resort clothes and clothing worn for the rest of the year was encapsulated in the dictum "No white after Labor Day." And it stuck.

    Of course you can wear white after Labor Day, and it makes perfect sense to do so in climates where September's temperatures are hardly fall-like. Even in the dead of winter in northern New England the fashionable wear white wools, cashmeres, and down-filled parkas. The true interpretation is "wear what's appropriate—for the weather, the season, or the occasion." So on a blistering Indian Summer September day here in Vermont, you’ll catch us wearing our “whites”.

  24. Congrats to the winners! And thanks for all the links. I look forward to reading when I get a moment. We're still celebrating my daughter's graduation with family that's in town. :)

  25. I do kind of stick to the rules for white shoes! :) I may just wear some to church tomorrow. :)

  26. LOL, Mary! I spent most of my summers barefooted as a kid, too. And actually, I'm pretty much barefoot at home year round now unless I get too cold and wear my house slippers. :)


    Tina said: "Happy Memorial Day from Seekerville.
    When I was I kid, I thought Memorial Day simply meant
    the pool was open and I could wear white.
    I was wrong."

    LOL ... amen to that! I hated the "white" rule because it always seemed so stupid to me, but I followed it like everyone else.

    And I agree with Mary -- Easter was when white came out of the closet. I remember because I always wore white shoes and white hats with my Easter suit.

    SOOOOOO glad styles are so much more relaxed today, although my fashionista daughter still keeps me in line. :)

    SUPER CONGRATS to all our winners, and THANK GOD for all the troops and vets who have secured our grand freedom -- we are SOOOO grateful for you!


  28. How brave all of you are to wear white! White and I don't get along because it wants to stay white. I'm glad to know it has found other homes and is out of harm's way.

    Congrats to all the winners. A special wave to Mary H :-)

    Thanks for the links, Tina. Especially looking forward to Sparkle Abbey. Their titles are a hoot.

    Wishes for a safe and meaningful Memorial Day.

    Nancy C

  29. Happy Memorial Day Weekend --especially to those of you in or with family in the military. =) May seems to be flying by --Can't believe it's almost over!

  30. My summer shoes are a pair of cute black Sperrys with a zebra striped sequins side.<< how summery is that????

    Best shoes ever made. they will have to last forever. Not only because they're the best but....because they cost a LOT I've got to get my money's worth out of them.

  31. There is a very classy, well-dressed lady in my church and I once said something about wearing white after Labor Day and her reply was, "That's right no white after Labor Day. It's after Labor Day that you start wearing shoes that are Winter White."

    She just laughed about it. Strange old rule.

    I also heard somewhere that white shoes are NEVER RIGHT.

    Surely they don't count sandals.

    In truth I own almost ZERO white stuff because my well water has rust in it and everything turns dingy. This is far less of a problem with black and navy blue!

  32. Thank you for the information on point of view. It is much appreciated as I begin work on my next WIP.

    I was just scrolling down the comments. Of course, I forgive you, Ruthy! Especially after I remember to claim my prize!

    And a happy Memorial Day tomorrow to everyone. I was just talking to my kids this week about both of my grandfathers who served in WW2, and of course, it's always a time to reflect on those who served and didn't return home.

  33. Leslie, thanks for a great tutorial on Google Earth. I used it to research Nome, Alaska. Still feel like I'be been there. Your post today offers so many tips and tresures. Hope to play around with GE once I get pàges written! Great motivation to get my work done ASAP!