Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Weekend Edition

To celebrate Mother's Day we'll give away a copy of any Seekerville author's release, available on Amazon, to a favorite mom of your choice, (it doesn't have to be your mom). In E book or print. Winner announced in the Weekend Edition.

We Have Winners  

 Giveaway rules can be found here. Please drop us a line to claim your giveaway at All prizes not claimed in 8 weeks go back into the prize vault. We wish we could contact all our winners individually, but we'd rather write books! And P.S. - if we forget to send  your prize DO let us know after 8 weeks per our rules. 

 Monday Mary Connealy shared "Oh The Places You'll Go". No calm down, it was not a tribute to Dr. Seuss. It's the places your research will take you. Wonderful places, places that inspire new books. Learn to enjoy it. Winner of THE FIRST EVER IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE GIVEAWAY OF her June release Now and Forever is: Sparks of Ember

Tuesday we were  thrilled to welcome Susanne Dietz to the other side of the podium today, with her post "Overcoming Fear in Writing." Keli Gwyn is the winner of a copy of The Most Eligible Bachelor Collection which features Susanne's novella, Love's Reward. 

Wednesday Carol Moncado joined us for "An Indie Journey!" She shared what she's learned from her wild and epic indie year so far. Elaine Manders is the winner of an ebook of choice.

Thursday  Audra Harders  shared how to soften the blows of the hectic life and fit in a little writing on the side with "Its Just  A Little Stress." Winners of a $10 Amazon Gift Card are Barbara Scott, Virginia Munoz, and LeAnne Bristow.

On Friday April Erwin visited us to talk about "Finding What Drives You."  Terri is the winner of an ebook copy of Dysfunction Junction, and Cindy W is the winner of a signed paperback copy of her latest release Justice Burning, Marianne Barkman is the winner of an ebook copy of her latest release Justice Burning.
Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Missy Tippens has been digging around in her giant stack of how-to books, reading up on the use of subtext in our writing. And she's going to share what she's learned! Be sure to drop by, and you may win a copy of The Doctor's Second Chance, now on shelves and in e-book format! 

Tuesday:  Myra Johnson borrows a few hints from online dating services for her post "Tips for Crafting a Catchy Query Letter.” No, Myra has NEVER actually used one of these sites, but when it comes to grabbing the attention of your dream editor or agent, there may be a thing or two we can learn from the dating world. Join the discussion for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card!

Wednesday: Join us for "Writing All Over the Road" - Bestselling author Dan Walsh returns to Seekerville to talk about all the crazy choices fiction writers face in today's ever-changing literary world. Should you pursue traditional publishing? How about a small indie press? Self-publishing? Or maybe you should be a hybrid? Dan will explore the options he's faced in his own writing career and talk about where he thinks the majority of our writing energy should be spent AND offer two giveaways!

 Thursday: Inspirational Romantic Suspense author Debby Giusti teams up with the amazing Barbara Vey today, to share photos and highlights of Barbara's Reader Appreciation Luncheon 2015!  Be sure to stop by and chat with Barbara. She's a marketing and promo guru who enjoys sharing information with readers and writers alike. Leave a comment to be entered in the drawing for some cute SWAG from Debby and a copy of her latest Love Inspired Suspense, Stranded.

Friday: Catherine West is our special guest today with her post, "Writing Through The Difficult Times." Stop by and welcome her and you could win a copy of Bridge of Faith.

Seeker Sightings

Audra Harders new release, Rough Road Home is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Enjoy the ride! 

A bull rider and a stock broker.

Both burned out on love and life.
Can a simple road trip to the next rodeo turn into a chance for happily ever after?
Random News & Information

Links contributed by Seekers & Villagers

Congratulations to the ACFW Genesis Semi-Finalists 

With a special shout out to Seeker friends : Courtney Phillips Ballinger, Tanara McCauley, Kathleen Bailey, Terri Wangard, Natalie Monk, Kelly Goshorn, Jeanne Takenaka, Jackie Layton, Meghan Carver, Patti Jo Moore, Preslaysa Williams & Megan Besing.

Author Earnings Report ( Hugh Howey)

The Myth of Too Busy (Tim Grahl)

How a Bestselling Author Promotes Books in a Saturated Market (BookBub)

Religious Fiction Sales Nosedive, Non-Fiction Soars (Christianity Today)

Ready for a Female Writing Cave? (Lighter Side of Real Estate)

Walking an extra two minutes each hour may offset hazards of sitting too long (Science Daily)

10 Types of Visual Social Media Posts That Get Shared Like Crazy (Jeff Bullas)

 4 Reasons Why Grammar Police Make Terrible Writers (Make A Living Writing)

  [Infographic] Famous Writers' Insults (AussieWriter)

Reading To Children Causes Brain Activity In Areas Essential To Language Development (READ MY BOOK TO THEM) (Medical Daily)

Harlequin Purchase Drives HC Results (PW)

Our #NoLimits Quote of the Week:


CatMom said...

Great WE, as always, Miss T!

Happy Mother's Day weekend!

Congrats to all the winners!

Please enjoy the Georgia Peach & Pecan goodies I'm setting out: Peach pancakes, Pecan waffles, Pecan pie, and warm Peach cobbler with a streusel topping (whipped cream too if you'd like). ;)

Hugs, Patti Jo

Marianne Barkman said...

Thanks, Miss TINA for another great WE! My heart gave a little leap when I saw my name in the winners list. Thank you! And congratulations to all winners! And the Peaches and Pecan goodies are...good! Thanks

Missy Tippens said...

I'm so excited about the Genesis semi-finalists!! That's the first time I've seen the complete list, and I was tickled to see so many Seekerville friends on there!

A great Weekend Edition.

And we're celebrating an engagement around our house! My son got engaged on Friday. :)

Missy Tippens said...

Patti Jo, I'm now craving pancakes!

Terri said...

Oh wow, the list of Seeker Genesis Semi-finalists is amazing. Congratulations to all of you.

I'm thrilled to have won a copy of April's book Dysfunction Junction.

Thanks for another great WE.

Keli Gwyn said...

Congratulations to all the Genesis finalists, especially those among the Seekervillagers!

I was excited to see my name listed among the winners. Wonderful inspy historical romances to enjoy. Contented sigh!

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Congratulations and hugs and kisses to Genesis finalists! The Genesis (Noble Theme was such a great contest for me, and put me in contact with so many of my friends in this profession today.


And I'm getting fat eating pecan waffles with New York maple syrup: North meets South happily!

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Coffee has arrived, we're using Seattle's Best today and a fine selection of creamers and flavorings are to your left on that gorgeous oak antique sideboard!

Mary Hicks said...

Congratulations to all the winners! :-)

Thanks for another great WE, Tina. We're having bad weather in my area, so it's a good time to snug in and do some serious reading.:-)

Kelly Bridgewater said...

Congratulations to all the winners!!! I'm going to read and write while the Lord provides the soundtrack of Thunder, lightening, and rain.

I would like to be entered in the Seekerville book of choice for my mom. Have a great week everyone!

kaybee said...

Thank you Patti Jo, you outdid yourself on this breakfast, good thing it's virtual.
Well I was going to work around the yard this weekend but it is overcast in NH so my Plan B is to do some writing and read the Oregon Trail Romance Collection, which I sprung for yesterday at Walmart, Happy Mother's Day to me!
Also known as Kathy Bailey

kaybee said...

Patti Jo,
Peaches AND pecans? Yay.

Preslaysa Williams said...

Thanks for the shout out :-) Seekerville is the place to be for writers!

Thanks for another great WE.

Rose said...

Looks like another exciting week on the horizon.

Congratulations to all the prize winners and Genesis semi-finalist!

Happy Mother's Day!

Jackie said...

Hi Tina,

Thanks for another great weekend! Congratulations to all of the winners and to the Genesis semi-finalists.

If you have a kiddo graduating, congratulations. At four years old, my youngest son declared he'd never go to college. (We'd been doing college visits with my oldest son.) I told him it wasn't an option and prayed he'd go one day. That sweet boy is graduating today, and I feel truly blessed. AND he's got a job lined up. God is so good!

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms!

Vince said...

Congrats to all the Winners:
Both Books & Writing Contests!

While I did not win Carol Moncado's, "Good Enough to be a Princess", -- today it is a free book on Kindle!

Everyone can still be a winner!

Now if there were only a way to win some of Carol's famous cookies!

Deanna Stevens said...

Congrats to all the winners! wishing everyone a Happy Mother's Day weekend!

Jackie Smith said...

Congrats to all winners...and Happy Mother's Day to all Moms! Please enter me for the book of choice. (For a dear friend)

Myra Johnson said...

Good morning, Seekerville! Hope everyone is having a great start on a beautiful Mother's Day weekend!

Although my heart goes out to everyone in the storm-tossed Midwest. I have several friends in Texas and Oklahoma and hate to see such horrible news of devastation. Please keep them in your prayers!

Unknown said...

Happy Weekend, Seekerville :) I'm here today because I have to say thanks for the encouragement - you had a post around the end of March about contests. I was especially struck by the line that you lose 100% of the contests you don't enter! So I got my courage up and entered one.

Just found out yesterday I'm a finalist! :) :) It's the "Fool for Love" contest by the Virginia Romance Writers.

I have no idea how impressive that is - maybe only three people entered, I don't know, lol - but I'm very happy about it *and* I got some good feedback. And finalists are judged by a real live agent, which I'm very excited about.

So THANK YOU ladies! For having Speedbo and such an active blog and being so awesome!! Maybe I can do this writer thing, after all...

Pam Jernigan

Debby Giusti said...

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms...and to all our mothers. God bless them for giving us life!

Congrats to all the ACFW Genesis semi-finalists! Love seeing so many Villager names on the list!!! Cheering for all of you.

I'm writing like mad today so I can relax, at least a bit, tomorrow!


Kav said...

Congrats to the Genesis semi-finalists. Amazing!!!!! And congrats Pam for being a finalist in the Fools for Love contest. Woot!

Lots of great links to browse through. Of course, I'm partial to the read to young children article.

Myra Johnson said...

Great news, PAM! Congratulations!

Cindy Regnier said...

I love all those names of Seeker friends as Genesis finalists. Congratulations to you all as well as my very special and helpful CP.

Big congrats to Missy's son. Being a mother-in-law is such a wonderful relationship!

Barbara Scott said...

Tina, I'm ecstatic about winning a $10 Amazon gift card! Naturally, I'll spend it on Seekerville author books.

Looks like you have a terrific line of bloggers for next week. The posts always give me a shot of encouragement to keep writing.

Thanks to everyone at Seekerville for all you do!

Barbara Scott said...

And . . . congratulations to all the Genesis semi-finalists!!!

Tina Radcliffe said...

Happy Weekend Seekerville. May you be saturated in writing and reading!

Tina Radcliffe said...

Congratulations to all you amazing Genesis semi finalists.

Pam Hillman said...

Seekerville WE, MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND!!!, Genesis finalists! Wow, this is one exciting weekend.

Congrats to all the Genesis semi-finalists, especially to MY CUZ Natalie! :)

Happy Mother's Day to the moms among us. Moms make the world go 'round. I don't care what anybody says!

Pam Hillman said...

Congrats Pam J!!! So excited for your final in Fool for Love! :)

Cindy W. said...

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Another wonderful week and weekend! I'm looking forward to next week as well.

I'm also celebrating being a winner this week. Thank you so much!

Smiles & Blessings,
Cindy W.

Elaine Manders said...

What a great WE. Congrats to all the winners and yay, I won a Carol Moncado book (Sorry, Vince). What a pleasant surprise and on Mother's Day WE too.

Congratulations to the Genesis semi-finalists, especially my cp, Natalie. She's such a good writer so I know the competition must be too. Congrats to Pam for finaling in the Fool for Love contest.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Tina Radcliffe said...

Pam Jernigan!!! Oh, my gosh, congratulations!!! This is a tough contest too.

You can bet there was stiff competition!

Julie Lessman said...


Great WE, Tina -- LOVE the Book Bub link, and the 10 Types of Visual Social Media pic was hilarious!



Julie Lessman said...

PATTI JO!!! You're driving me crazy with the peaches and pecans -- two of my ALL-TIME faves, you little brat, and then real whipped cream too?????

There goes the diet ...


Missy Tippens said...

Pam J, CONGRATULATIONS on the Fool For Love final!!! That's fantastic news!!

Missy Tippens said...

Cindy R, thank you! We're really excited. They've been dating over 2 years now. We got together with her family today to celebrate the engagement. :)

Mary Preston said...

Happy Mothers Day and Congratulations!!

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Pam Jerrigan, congratulations! That's a great contest!

I'm happy dancing for you and all of our Genesis finalists!

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Happy Mother's Day, sweet Mamas! And if you're hoping to be a mom... or waiting to be a mom... you're in my prayers right now! God bless you and may he grant your wish, your dream with gentle grace and healthy babies!

Janet Dean said...

Great news in the Weekend Edition. Congrats to our winners and the Genesis semi-finalists!!

Loving the pancakes, Patti Jo!

Will check out the links.

Happy Mother's Day!


Vince said...


In Audra's blurb for her upcoming book, "Rough Ride Home" there is this line:

A bull rider and a stock broker.

Which leads to my question:

"What is the difference between a bull rider and a stock broker?"

One the bull throws.
The other throws the bull.

Sandy Smith said...

Congratulations to the winners and congrats to all Seekerville friends on the Genesis semi-final list.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. My son is home from college and we are off soon to see my mom.

Chill N said...

PAM J, finalist in the Fool For Love is major! Such fun to read your comment and 'hear' the excitement. Celebration time.

And oh my goodness, look at all the names from Seekerville in the list of Genesis semi-finalists. So cool!

Congrats to all the weekly winners, too.

TINA, the Tim Grahl link is fantastic. Thank you.

MYRA, I know two Villagers who greatly appreciate your concern about Oklahoma and Texas. Thank you.

Nancy C

Chill N said...

Vince said...
"What is the difference between a bull rider and a stock broker?"

One the bull throws.
The other throws the bull.

Oh Vince! I'll never hear the term 'stock broker' again and not think of this. What a hoot!

Nancy C

Lyndee H said...

Happy Mother's Day! It's FREEZING here. Perfect cuddle-up to read or cuddle in a quilt to write weather.

Thanks for the great WE, TINA.

Congrats to Genesis finalists! Rockin' a lot of Seeker friends this time! YAY!

PAM JERNIGAN- WAY TO GO on your first time out! Go get 'em!

MOTHER's DAY BOOK - I'd like to nominate my daughter, Ellyn for the Mother's Day book giveaway! She just gave birth to her THIRD boy last week and wow, what noisy, wonderful messy chaos rules at her house. LOVE watching her manage it all with ease.

Natalie Monk said...

Great WE as always. I'm loving the link with the "She Sheds." Thanks for the shout out. :)

Happy Mother's Day, all!

Jill Weatherholt said...

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!
Congratulations to all of the Genesis semi-finalists! The University of Seekerville should be proud.
I loved the article on the "Women's Cave." :)

Tanara McCauley said...

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms! Thanks for the shout out and looking forward to next week's great topics.