Friday, June 26, 2015

July Contest Update

The July Contest Update is a salute to the crazy, busy days of summer.

 Today we're giving away a box of beach reads to one reader and one writer.
Just tell about the TBR pile you'll be taking to the beach, or the pool or the hot tub! Winners announced in the Weekend Edition!

Published Author Contests

Don't forget that the Carol Award finalists are announced Monday, June 29th from 2015 ICRS, Orlando Florida!

WisRWA Write Touch Readers' Award Contest. Deadline June 30th. All entries must be electronic.

International Digital Awards. Deadline June 30th. 

Unpublished Author Contests

A big shout out to the Seeker Villagers who are 2015 Genesis finalists, including Jackie Layton, Courtney Ballinger, Jeanne Takenaka, Preslaysa Williams (double finalist) and Megan Besing!

Pages From the Heart. Deadline June 30th. Entry consists of the first 25 pages. Open to published authors.

Published Division:
Long Contemporary: Cat Cline, Sourcebooks
Short Contemporary: Elle Keck, HarperCollins
Historical: Katherine Pelz, Berkley Publishing Group
Novella: Lauren Plude, Grand Central Publishing/Hachette Group
Paranormal/Fantasy/Futuristic/Time Travel: Deborah Gilbert, Soul Mate Publishing
Romantic Suspense/Mystery: Esi Sogah, Kensington Books
Young Adult: Alice Jerman, Harper Teen
Unpublished Division:
Long Contemporary: Patricia Nelson, Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
Short Contemporary: Mercedes Fernandez, Kensington Books
Historical: Alexandra Sehulster, St. Martin’s Press
Novella: Susan Grimshaw, Penguin-Random House
Paranormal/Fantasy/Futuristic/Time Travel: Kristine Swartz, Berkley Publishing 
Romantic Suspense/Mystery: Patience Bloom, Harlequin
Young Adult: Michelle Grajkowski, 3 Seas Literary Agency

Golden Opportunity Contest  Deadline July 1.  First 55 pages including synopsis. 

TWO editor judges (one traditional and one ePub when possible) for all category finalists. Cash prizes even!

Contemporary Romance – (T) Latoya Smith, Samhain Publishing, and (E) Heather Howland, Entangled Publishing 

Erotic Romance – (T) Allison Janice, Berkley Publishing Group, and (E) Michele Paulin, Resplendence Publishing

 Historical Romance – (T) Laura Fazio, NAL at Penguin Group, and (E) Erin Molta, Entangled Publishing 

Inspirational Romance – (T) Shana Asaro, Harlequin Love Inspired, and (E) Becky Philpott, HarperCollins Christian Publishing 

 Paranormal Romance – (T) Kristine Swartz, Berkley Publishing Group, and (E) Angela James, Carina Press, Harlequin

 Romantic Suspense Romance – (T) Patience Bloom, Harlequin Books, and (E) Deb Nemeth, Carina Press 

Young Adult Romance – (T) Lauren Smulski, Harlequin, and (E) StephanieTaylor, Astraea Press; Best of the Best – Katherine Pelz, Berkley Publishing Group.

Put Your Heart in a Book. Deadline July 1. Cash prizes! Entry consists of: synopsis and first chapter/prologue (30 pages max).

Categories and Final Judges: (One agent, editor, and multipublished author for each category.) 

Historical – Agent Liza Dawson, Liza Dawson Associates, Editor Esi Sogah, Kensington Books, and Author Julia Quinn 

 Romantic Suspense – Agent Eric Ruben, The Ruben Agency, Editor Patience Bloom, Harlequin, and Author: TBA 

 Contemporary Series – Agent Jill Marsal, Marsal Lyons Agency, Editor Gabrielle Keck, Avon Books, and Author TBA 

Contemporary Single Title – Agent Stephany Evans, FinePrint Literary Management, Editor Susan Litman, Harlequin, and Author TBA 

Paranormal – Agent Michelle Johnson, Inklings Literary Agency, Editor Renee Rocco, Lyrical Press/Kensington Books, and Author Kerrelyn Sparks 

Young Adult – Agent Michelle Grajkowski, 3 Seas Literary Agency, Editor Rachel Burkot, Harlequin, and Author Beth Ciotta.

Ignite the Flame. Opens June 1, 2015. Deadline July 15, 2015. First 15 pages and a 500 word synopsis.  A good "get your feet wet opportunity!"

Contemporary Romance:
ELANA COHEN, Editor, Simon & Schuster
PAIGE CHRISTIAN, Editor, Lyrical Press/Kensington Publishing Corp

Historical Romance:
ANDREA SOMBERG, Literary Agent, Harvey Klinger, Inc.
NICOLE D’ARIENZO, Managing Editor, Historicals, The Wild Rose Press

Paranormal/Fantasy/Futuristic/Time Travel Romance:
CORI DEYOE, Literary Agent, 3 Seas Literary Agency
CHRIS KEESLAR, Editor, Boroughs Publishing Group

Young Adult/New Adult Romance:
JIM McCARTHY, Literary Agent, Dystel & Goderich Literary Management
DANIELLE URBAN, Editor, PulsePub, Propel Line*

Erotic Romance:
ALLISON JANICE, Assistant Editor, Berkley

Romantic Suspense:
RACHEL BROOKS, Literary Agent, L. Perkins Agency
MEGHA PAREKH, Associate Editor, Grand Central Publishing

The Rebecca. Deadline July 30. EXTENDED. First 5,000 words. 

Contemporary Romance
Final Judge:                         Sara Megibow, KT Literary

Historical Romance
Final Judge:                         Chelsey Emmelhainz, Harper-Collins

Paranormal/Speculative Fiction/Urban Fantasy Romance
Final Judge:                         Connor Goldsmith, Fuse Literary

New Adult Romance
Final Judge:                         Peter Senftleben, Kensington Books

Young Adult
Final Judge:                         Kat Brzozowski, St. Martins

Golden Palm. Deadline August 15. Check out the first round judges!! Wow! First 25 pages. Open to Published and Unpublished writers.

Contemporary Category:

Editor: Karen Reid, Harlequin

Editor: Allison Caroll, Harlequin

Editor: Victoria Curran, Harlequin

Editor: Rebecca Lucash, Avon Impulse

Historical Category:

Editor:  Marla Daniels, Pocket Books

Editor: Nicole Fischer, Avon Impulse

Editor: Chelsey Emmelhainz, Avon Impulse

Editor: Elle Keck, Avon Impulse

Young Adult/New Adult Category:

Editor: Piya Campana, Harlequin

Editor: Deirdre Mccluskey, Harlequin

Editor: Elana Cohen, Pocket Books (New Adult)

Agent:  Amanda Leuck, Spencerhill Associates (Tentative)

Paranormal Category:

Agent: Laurie McLean, Fuse Literary

Agent: Nalini Akolekar, Spencerhill Associates

Agent: Laura Zats, Red Sofa Literary

Other Writer Stuff

The Golden Donut Short Story Contest. "The Writers' Police Academy has officially opened the 2015 version of its wildly popular and extremely fun Golden Donut Short Story Contest! So it's time to let this year's contest photo inspire a perfect entry. The primary rule is your story must be EXACTLY 200 words. The submission deadline is: Midnight June 30, 2015 (the precise point in time between 11:59 pm 6-30 and 12:01 am July 1, 2015).Good luck and have fun. The contest is open to all writers--regardless of whether they're attending this year's Writers' Police Academy. So be sure to tell your author friends about the contest.

Here's the Chicken Soup 2015 Line Up! 

We'd like to introduce the July Contest Diva: Deb Harkness!~

Since I've only entered one “real” contest in my writing life, I'm not sure I qualify as a DIVA, but the Seekers have decreed it, so who am I to argue? (I've discovered they're pretty wise about all things writerly).

In February 2014, the search for Killer Voices posted on the Harlequin boards. I saw it, but didn't think I could do it. Then, I signed up for SPEEDBO and actually wrote daily (even though a few times it was only 200 words). The deadline for Stage 1 of Killer Voices fell at the halfway mark of SPEEDBO. I took another look at the call for Killer Voice entries and thought I had a cool idea. Why not try? 

Much to my amazement, I not only made the top seventy-five, I also got past Stage 2 (synopsis), Stage 3 (first three chapters), and all the way to Stage 4 (full manuscript). Each step of the way, I panicked a little bit more because as of day one of the contest, the only part of the manuscript written had been my first page. This meant I needed to write 55 – 60K words in less than three months.

So NOT a recommended process. I tend to write short in the first place. I thrive on flash fiction and short stories, probably because of my animation background (creating shorts). I managed to fit writing in whenever I had a spare few minutes, and even took about three of days off before the final deadline to write all day. My biggest support came from Anita Mae Draper *waving to Anita*, a God-sent friend I met in Harlequin's Writing Challenge Thread and the person who introduced me to Seekerville. She's also an uber talented writer that I could trust to tell me when I got off track in my story. Another huge help was Debra Marvin, an Inky (writer from the Inkwell Inspirations blog). Between these two ladies and the help found here at Seekerville, I was able to hone my manuscript more than I thought possible. I truly believe that without Anita, Debra, and Seekerville, I would not have made it to Stage 4.

Typing THE END put me on cloud nine confidence-wise. I think I walked on air for a couple of days after hitting send on my entry because of the accomplishment. I had done something I'd always wanted to do, but had never actually done. I finished writing a book. Repeat: I finished writing a book. Coincidence that this happened the same year I participated in SPEEDBO?  I think not.

So what happened with my entry? I received great feedback from my assigned editor, Shana Asaro. Wow, do editors know their stuff. I could tell from her notes just where I lost her in my story (invaluable). She pointed out a lot of good things for me to work on and, despite my drivel, she actually encouraged me to revise my story and send it again. She believed in my story idea that much. GOLDEN!

 Entering a contest was the second best thing I've done to grow in my writing process (finding Seekerville was the first best thing).

That's it! Stay cool! 


  1. Deb, that's such an exciting story about how you jumped in during Speedbo and ended up entering the LI contest!! I'm so excited for you!! Congrats on finishing by the deadline and on doing so well.

  2. I was the first commenter! So I guess I should be a good hostess and offer some decaff for those who are here late at night. :)

  3. Congratulations on making it to Stage 4 in the Killer Voices contest, Deb! That is quite an accomplishment. I wish you well as you revise your story, incorporating Shana's valuable feedback. I look forward to the day you announce your first sale to LIS. I'll be one of those happy dancing with you.

  4. Best Wishes everyone. I don't have a TBR Pile. I don't even have a book I'm reading now.

  5. Happy Friday, Seekerville!! And congrats to DIVA DEB!!!

    No pain, no gain. No risk, no reward. RIGHT??

  6. The Seekers have been so prolific of late that I have a ton of Seeker books to read, and per Vince's suggestion I also have a David Baldacci, John Puller book on my pile.

  7. Well, CathyAnn, get thee to Amazon for some free reads to start with. Mary Connealy's Swept Away is free for Kindle right now. You don't have to have a Kindle to enjoy. Download the Free Kindle App to your computer. Here's the link to Swept Away.

  8. Deb, I'm so proud of you!!!! You took that huge first step, and it was amazing to see the response you got!

    Yay for you, my friend!!!!

    These contests look so fun!!! And I loved entering contests to try and land a spot on those editors' desks, oy, I was a contest-entering maniac, and it was a contest (Finally a Bride, Oklahoma RWA chapter) that got me on Melissa Endlich's desk and launched my mainland career, so I'm hugging these contests tight!!!

    Tina, great update, thank you!!!!

  9. Keli Gwyn, I'm with you!!! Come on Deb, get that thing polished and sent back in, darling!!!!

  10. I brought coffee and creamers and a frothing wand.

    I love my frothing wand!!!

  11. Tina, that is great advice! Cathy, there are a ton of free things or .99 books on Kindle.

    And the library was my best friend when I was raising kids and every spare dime went to shoes, socks and sporting goods for them! From both jobs! Is there a library near you?

    And used book stores are such a fun place to explore! Or garage sales, maybe? I frequented all of this regularly, and I'm proud of readers who find me this way. Money gets tight... but there's always a place to find books!!!

  12. Good morning Seekerville.

    My TBR pile - it needs its own house. B&N sells a tote bag with this quote -"When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes. by Erasmus"

    I AM this quote.

  13. Congratulations, Deb!! You're moving in the right direction—keep the motion forward!:-)

    Mary Curry, I love the quote—that's me, too!

    When my children were small we haunted the library. My daughter was, still is , as bad as I am about books. My son didn't have a choice, so he went along as a kid, but today he's a great reader too.

    Ruthy, it's like finding gold to stumble across one of you Seekerville girls books at a garage sale—plus it's fun to say, "I 'know' this author. :-)

  14. Deb, congratulations!! Your accomplishment is no small feat. You'll be off unpubbed island before you know it. :)

    As for a summer reading list, I'll be haunting the library this year and spending my few pennies on Amazon Kindle downloads. I'm a voracious reader!

    Love all the contest tips, but since most of them require an entry fee, I'll be skipping them this year unless the Publishers Clearing House van pulls up in my driveway...or I receive an advance on my novel...or when pigs fly. Anything is possible! I'm a glass half full kind of gal.

    Pass me that frothing wand, Ruthy. I've never heard of one, but I love new kitchen gadgets.

  15. And to my fellow KVer, DIVA DEB,

    Congrats on your writing success with KV!
    Your KV story is amazing. I know just how you felt because I was at that one page start too and I had no idea where the story was going after that.

    Best of luck to you as you finish the revisions.We're here to cheer you on and offer any help you need.

  16. Deb, congrats on KV. That definitely qualifies you for diva status.

    This is a great topic, as I will be going to the beach soon. As for me and my reading list, I'm with Tina in that there are a lot of Seeker books I haven't had the chance to read yet. (Safe in the Fireman's Arms is at the top of the list.) There's also some Asian-based fiction that I've been meaning to read.

  17. Cathyann, that's amazing that you're caught up right now!

  18. Hey, Tina just let me know that she's having trouble getting comments to go through. So hopefully, we'll hear more from her later!

  19. LOL Mary Curry! I love that quote. :)

  20. DEBH! I'm thrilled for your KV and DIVA status, you go girl!

    Congrats to Seeker Villages in the Genesis contest, that's awesome for all of you!

    CathyAnn-Tina's right, if you have a computer there are 100's of free Christian books on Amazon! Ruthy's idea of thrift stores or yard sales for books is a great one too. I once got 50 LI/LIS books for a TOTAL of 50 cents! I bought my first RLH book, Yuletide Hearts at the GoodWill, then proceeded to read everything else she'd written. I found Seekerville through a book blurb in one of those books, so glad I did, so many kindred spirits here.

    I don't even want to admit how many books are in my TBR pile, fortunately most are on my Kindle and don't take up much room. Some of those I'll be reading next are:
    All Dressed up in Love
    A Bride for Keeps
    Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good
    To Mend a Dream
    Love Unexpected
    Permanent Vacancy
    The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn
    The Pepper in the Gumbo
    Rough Road Home

  21. Walt, I love reading at the beach!

    Okay, here's a question for y'all. When you go on vacation for a week, how many books do you read???

    I usually read about 5-10, depending on how long they are. Of course, that's because my kids are grown now. But even when they were younger (like at least in middle school) I could manage that.

  22. Tracey, I'm the same with my TBR pile. I love your list of books to read soon!

  23. MISSY, I normally read 2-3 books a week, but at the beach maybe 5-6 depending on their length. We're going to the beach late this year, 3rd week of August, so I might have some new Seeker books on that TBR list by then :)

  24. Congrats, Deb! How exciting for you.

    Thanks for the contest list.

    The next two books in my TBR pile:

    The Heart and the Fist (recommended by my 22 year old son about a Navy Seal)

    Small-Town Bachelor

    Her Mule Hollow Cowboy

    Tried and True

    Okay, so that's my top 4 books.

    Have a great weekend!

  25. WHOO-HOO, DIVA DEB -- Stage 4 in the Killer Voices contest is HUGE, my friend, Deb! That is quite an accomplishment. You get that far in a prolific contest like that, and it's just a matter of time before the call, in my opinion, so good luck and keep pressin' on ...

    Which books are on my TBR?? Well, after the big move, I'm playing catchup, so I just finished Audra'S WONDERFUL "Rough Road Home" and MaryLu Tyndall's Abandoned Memories, both great summer reads!! Safe in the Fireman's Arms came in the mail right before I moved, and now I can't find it, which means I packed it ... sigh, but I'm looking to dive into that puppy when we do our final move in September.

    Soooo many Seeker books, sooooo little time!!!


  26. MARY CURRY SAID: ""When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes. by Erasmus"

    I AM this quote."

    LOL ... I hear you, my friend. Nothing unbalanced about us ... ;)

    HA, BARBARA!! When the PCH van shows up, send it over to my place, will you? ;)


  27. MISSY ASKED: "Okay, here's a question for y'all. When you go on vacation for a week, how many books do you read???"

    Ooooo, that is a good question!! I will definitely go through at least one and maybe two if a long flight to Spokane is involved ... :)

    WOW, TRACEY ... "2-3 books a week, 5-6 at the beach??? You are my hero, darlin', but I hope you use plenty of sunscreen ... :) Did you take an Evelyn Wood course or something???


  28. Wow, Great news today in the contest update.

    Congrats to the Genesis finalists. wooo hoooooo

    Congrats to DEB H. I love hearing these success stories. You are almost there. A letter like that from an editor is HUGE. Yay. Revise and get that in (as Ruthy advised) We'll be celebrating another sail off unpubbed island. Yay.

    Have a great weekend all of you.

    Happy writing and happy contest entering.

  29. Speaking of beach reads, I do leave Seeker books at my parents' beach house. So, they get advertised to everyone

  30. JULIE, haha, No reading course, didn't you see MISSY'S 5-10? She has me beat. I once told my sister how long it would take me to finish a certain book because I knew how many pages it had in it. She said, wow, only a "real" reader would know how many pages she could read per hour, that's me :)

  31. Congrats, Deb! Writing can pay off if we keep working and praying.
    My TBR is pretty big with so many reviews for The Christian Manifesto. Here it is:
    Through Waters Deep by Sarah Sundin
    Chivalrous by Dina Sleiman
    The Girl from the Train by Irma Joubert
    Secrets she Kept by Cathy Gohkle
    (Soon) Not by Sight by Kate Breslin
    Story Trumps Structure by Steven James ( I have been wanting to read his instructional advice since it released.)
    That's enough for now. Have a great rest of the summer everyone!

  32. Popping in occasionally from work...

    Missy: first commenter, how cool is that? thanks for the encouragement. I couldn't have made Diva status without you Ladies.

    Keli: You warm my heart. I'm working on revising (going way too slow), but that's why July is my new January. Feeling revived to gain speed on revisions.

    Tina: Risk/Reward with Seeker support always tilts the scales in favor of Reward. Thanks for all your help!

    Ruthy: You're my energizer bunny to reboot inspiration to keep writing and moving forward (and LOVE it *grin*)

    Mary Curry: I am SO looking forward to reading your KV debut book. *snoopy dancing* Thanks for the extra boost of support.

    Mary Hicks & Barbara: You are yet another reason why the support system of Seekerville is as awesome as it is. Thank you.

    Walt: Thanks for the Diva validation. I appreciate it.

  33. Diva Deb, your words are golden!

    The big hurdle is finishing the book! The first one brings such a feeling of accomplishment, as well it should. So few people have written an ENTIRE book! Every word! Every line! Every page! I'm cheering your Killer Voices success as well. And love that you received positive feedback from your editor and a request to re-submit!!!! HUGE CONGRATS FOR YOUR HUGE ACHIEVEMENT!!! the manuscript almost ready to re-submit? Keep working. Don't get discouraged. You're on your way to publication!!!

    Hugs and high fives to the Genesis finalists!!! So proud of all of you!!!

    Tina, thanks for the contest update. Love that you included the Chicken Soup info...a nice home for those short, real life stories!

  34. Thanks to the others commenting while I attempted to catch everyone. I love the support here. Wouldn't have the success I've had so far without it.

    Julie and Sandra: You Ladies don't know what those small comments mean and how much they encourage me. They definitely spur me on.

  35. Debby: the manuscript is so not ready for re-submit. It's been a huge struggle to find time for the major overhaul needed. Still working on finding balance between writing and my two boys (daddy and the five year old). My biggest worry is that the editors will think I took way too long and send me to the slush pile.

    Seekerville keeps me from getting too discouraged and also keeps me moving forward, whatever snail pace it is.

  36. Congrats, Deb!!

    My TBR pile? You mean the rows of shelves at the library full of Christian fiction I haven't read yet, the stack of library books on my bookshelf at home, the unread portion of my kindle library, and the many Seeker books I still need to read? LOL I agree with whoever posted the Erasmus quote, and whoever said their TBR pile needs its own house! More specifics later, back to my day job!

  37. Diva Deb, I am so excited for you! God bless all of those who have helped you on your journey! Please know we are rooting for you and Mary!

    Congrats to the Genesis finalists!

    My TBR pile?
    The Pepper in the Gumbo by Mary Jane Hathaway
    Perfect Peace by Dan Walsh
    Super Structure by James Scott Bell
    and I have won Safe in the Fireman's Arms and a With This Kiss collection recently so they will be added to the pile!

  38. Julie, if the PCH van stops at my house, I'll send it on to you...and on the way it can stop at all the other Seeker homes. Whatever happened to the patron system? You know, when some rich dude kept poverty-stricken artists, writers, and musicians off the streets? I guess they all give their money to PBS now. Drat!

  39. As a reader.. My TBR stack is falling over :) I have some by Mary, Missy, Ruth, Keli & A collection I won here on Seekerville I need to read soon!
    Toss me into the drawing.. I'd be ever so happy to start another stack LOL...

  40. Sarah, it sounds like your TBR pile is like mine. :)

  41. Another great list of contests--thanks, Tina!

    And a HUGE congratulations to DEB H, our contest diva! How exciting to make it that far in Killer Voices and get such great feedback from an editor! You can do this, Deb!

    My summer reading so far has included TINA's Safe in the Fireman's Arms and MARY's Now and Forever--fun, fun, fun!!! Haven't decided what will be up next--too many good ones to choose from!

  42. Also meant to congratulate our Seekerville Genesis finalists! Way to go, ladies!!!

  43. Congratulations Deb!

    Congratulations Genesis finalists

    Tina, thanks for the contest info.

    A few of the books I am currently reading or hoping to read asap are Saving Amelie, Forever Yours, A Bride at Last, Surprised by Love, Safe in the Fireman's Arms, both With This Kiss collections plus I am expecting so more arc copies any day. It is a good thing I love to read.

  44. Congrats, Deb!!

    At the top of my TBR list are books for review:

    To Capture Her Heart - Rebecca DeMarino
    A Bride At Last - Melissa Jagears
    Summers List - Anita Higman
    Desperate Measures - Sandra Orchard
    The Reckoning - MaryLu Tyndall

    I'd love to have more of the Seeker's books, please enter me in the drawing!!

  45. Hello Seekerville! My TBR pile(s) include but is not limited to such AMAZING authors as JULIE LESSMAN, DAN WALSH, KRISTY CAMBRON, J.A. MARX AND JODY HEDLUND. Thanks for the EPIC giveaway.

  46. Congratulations, Deb!

    Thanks for an awesome contest update, Tina!

  47. I won't be going to the beach, but I am an avid reader at home!! Have read 80 this year. My TBR stack includes: Desperate Measures - Sandra Orchard, The Reckoning - MaryLu Tyndall as well as books by Tina, Ruthy, Jody Hedlund, Sandra Leesmith, Debby Giusti, Myra Johnson and many others! I HAD to download Myra's that Vince talked about earlier this week on Seekers is fantastic.
    Count me in for the giveaway, please.

    Congrats to Deb....YAY

  48. I'm so excited for my summer reading list! Living in San Diego I take my daughters to the beach and pool a few times each week but sadly don't get to read there since I'm keeping my eyes on them the whole time. I'll be doing my reading at home in front of the air conditioner :)

    I just finished Now & Forever by Mary Connealy (loved it!), and up next are...
    Until the Harvest by Sarah Loudin Thomas
    Love Arrives in Pieces by Betsy St. Amant
    The Wonder of You by Susan May Warren
    Beyond the Ashes by Karen Barnett
    Summer's List by Anita Higman
    A Bride at Last by Melissa Jagears
    The Curiosity Keeper by Sarah Ladd
    Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Beth Vogt

    Please put my name in the hat for the reader drawing! Happy Summer!

  49. And I'm back! What a busy Friday this is turning out to be!

    At the very top of my TBR list is Dee Henderson's new release, Taken; Saving Amelie (currently reading); Melanie Dickerson's The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest, The Merchant's Daughter, and one other that I can't remember the name of right now; Annie's Pictures; waiting for Julie Lessman's upcoming book, whenever that's released; and of course more Seeker books!

    Please toss my name into the drawing too, I would love to win a box of Seeker books!!! :)

    Happy weekend all!

  50. Thanks, JACKIE! I hope you like Autumn Rains. It's still one of my personal favorites.

  51. Congratulations Deb. That is awesome. I always have a huge TBR pile. I hope to read several of the Seeker books this summer. I love to read any time, anywhere. Please enter me in the drawing!

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. MYRA, Thanks to Jackie Smith's reminder, I just bought Autumn Rains too, it's now on the newly updated TBR list, looks good :)

  54. Congratulations July Diva Deb! What an amazing contest story. Thanks for sharing!

  55. You're so sweet, TRACEY! I hope you enjoy!

  56. Congratulations, Diva Deb! I love the contests like Killer Voices and the current Blurb 2 Book. What a great way for authors to get their work in front of editors and receive fabulous feedback!

    Here's my summer TBR pile:

    Tradition and Transition: Amish Mennonites and Old Order Amish 1800-1900 by Paton Yoder
    Unser Leit by LeRoy Beachy
    Novelist's Essential Guide to Crafting Scene by Raymond Obstfeld

    ...and, of course, a stack of Seeker books. Mary's, Ruthy's, Missy's (those are the ones I remember off the top of my head!)

    Have a great weekend, everybody!

  57. Deb, don't fret. You'll find the time. When it's ready, submit. They'll be glad to see it then. Really!

  58. My summer reading?

    Yes, yes, yes, to the Seeker books!!!

    Currently reading COP TOWN, by Karin Slaughter. She'll be at the Writers' Police Academy this AUG. Wanted to read her latest release. Interesting, set in ATL in the 1970s.

  59. I loved reading about your story, Deb. It was very encouraging, because that's what I'm doing right now. Got picked for the final round of Blurb To Book, and I'm desperately trying to get all the words down... and in a coherent fashion. :)

    I have huge stacks of TBR books that I look forward to as soon as I get past this deadline. Two that I'm particularly looking forward to are "A Worthy Pursuit" by Karen Witemeyer and "The Art of Losing Yourself" by Katie Ganshert.

  60. Tracey Hagwood, isn't that amazing how that works???? I'm so glad you went to GOOD WILL!!!! :)



    WAIT!!!! WAIT!!!!!!! WAIT!!!!!!!!

    TINA CAN'T COMMENT?????? PARTY!!!! PARTY!!!!!!! PARTY!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Books before food....

    Mary Curry, yes!

  62. Loving the TBR lists..... And yes, when I get time to read.... I write instead.

    Tina will yell at me for that, but SHE CAN'T COMMENT!!!!!


    I can say what I want (picture mouthy adolescent dancing) and no one can scold me!!!

    Laughing in upstate!!!

  63. Thanks Tina for all the contest updates...I like the Golden Palm...deadline in August...maybe I could make that one!! LOL

    Congrats to all the finalist...and to Diva Deb...Way To Go!! Wishing you revision wisdom!!

    My reading list this summer includes a few non-fiction...How To's...but also, piles & piles of some fantastic entertaining LOVE stories!!

    Enjoy the weekend...we'll be in the pool...Redding, CA is heading for over 105 degrees...

  64. Oh my, KATHRYN, that is HOT!!!! Glad you have a pool to cool off in!

    On the TBR pile topic, does anyone else have the problem of downloading ebooks and then forgetting you have them?

  65. MYRA, I forget what I have all the time unless I read within a week or two. My tip for getting around this is I downloaded the Kindle for pc to my computer. When you open it up all your book covers appear, maybe five or six across and as many rows down as you have bought. You can filter by title, author or recent purchases. You can read them this way of course but I don't, unless there's a free download from an author website. It's like looking through your on personal library and you can choose anything you want!

    I'm loving Autumn Rains, you had me on page one with "..enticed him like the fabled sirens song". I use that analogy all the time about books, telling myself if I look at the first few pages I won't be able to look away. That's exactly what happened with this book :)

    I just learned a new word too, pecuniary.

  66. LOL--that was my most fun thing about creating Pastor Henke, TRACEY--his vocabulary!

    I do have the Kindle app on my computer, iPad, and iPhone, plus a "real" Kindle (so old it's the teensy-keyboard type). I also try to keep my ebooks grouped into categories. The problem is remembering to look and see what I haven't downloaded and read yet!

  67. Kathryn.... I'm such a baby about heat.

    Bless you, my friend.

    A pool becomes such a pleasure then!

  68. My TBR pile is huge at the moment! My hubby wonders why I continue to buy books if I have so many I still haven't read....silly man! Because so many great books continue to be written! I can't just leave them on the shelves at stores waiting to be bought and not read by me!!!!! I'll eventually read them all!! BUT, my TBR pile for the beach, pool or whatever is yet to be determined. It changes from day to day....probably a mixture of suspense or historical or "regular" or maybe just all 3 :)

  69. I have the first gen. Kindle too, but received a Kindle fire 3 years ago and it operates like any tablet. That makes it easy to scroll through the downloads too, but with as many as I have, I find it easier to look through the pc version. My only fear is I've about worn this one out.

  70. Tracey, what happens to all the books if the Kindle dies?

    Do they replace them when you buy a new Kindle?

    I've never looked into that.

  71. Ruthy, I know the answer to that. They're all stored in your Kindle account on Amazon. I routinely go in and transfer them from one device to another depending on where I'm going to be. The page I'm reading at even saves across devices.

  72. Missy asked
    Okay, here's a question for y'all. When you go on vacation for a week, how many books do you read???

    That depends on where I'm going. If it's a vacation that is research too, I tend to write more than read.

    One good thing about judging the RITA and CAROL this year, I got to spend long periods of time reading guilt-free. I was fulfilling responsibilities not escaping them.

  73. Everything I buy still goes to that first device along with my kindle for pc and my iphone kindle app too, even though when I buy a new book I send it to only the kindle fire. If you only have one device the books would still stay in your Amazon account, because when I got my kindle fire, once I registered it everything I'd already bought went right onto it without me doing anything.

  74. Mary Curry, so if something happens to my Kindle and I buy a new one, they'll stream them back to me?

    That's so cool!!!!!

  75. Tracey, that's amazing. I didn't realize it was that connected, although it makes sense... but it's still awesome!

  76. Yes. It's true. Blogger hates me.

    Never happened before.

    And last night the entire Weekend Edition disappeared. Could it be user error? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

  77. Walt! Good to see you. Whatcha been up to? Thanks for adding me and mine to your TBR pile.

  78. "When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes. by Erasmus"

    Reality in our world. At least we are surrounded by our people in Seekerville. People who get it.

  79. Autumn Rains is when I met Myra. The Golden Girls. Four Seeker Golden Heart finalists together in 2005. And Myra won the Golden Heart with Autumn Rains. Love that book.

  80. Missy, I try to read a book a day on vacation unless I am on a writing deadline.

  81. Congratulations, Diva Deb! Not only on being Contest Diva but also completing a book and sending it into the world of strangers. You ARE working on revisions so you can send it back to Shana Asaro, right? :-)

    Cheers for all the Genesis finalists amongst us!

    Nancy C

  82. Tina, who were the other two finalists?

  83. Thank goodness Blogger finally let me in ... We've been battling for way too long. At one point it wouldn't even take me to the contest links :-/ But all is good now. Enjoying the lists of TBR stacks. I still prefer paper books but the good thing about ebooks is they don't have to be piled up in any available space :-)

    Nancy C

  84. Yes, Ruthy.

    You can actually go into your account on Amazon and manage everything - what you want to archive, what you want on your current device, or, if you have multiple devices, what goes to the cloud and what goes to a specific device (though that can make you batty!).

  85. That's an uplifting contest story if I've ever heard one! Congrats!!!

    Seekerville has been invaluable to me too. I've "met" friends and gotten critiques that have helped me SO much in my writing.

    Love it here. :)

  86. Congrats, Diva Deb! Love reading about your contesting quest. You really dove right into the big one! I hope your time frees soon so you can resubmit.

    THANKS, TINA. Another great contest list.

    YAY to the GENESIS Seekers-friends! That rocks!

    On vacay I'm taking several LI books authored by Seekers/Seeker-friends. They fit perfectly in my purse and then I leave them with my sister-in-law. She's found several favorite authors - all Seeker related - by my doing this. She's your Swiss fan club!

  87. Congratulations Deb, I know just how you feel. I didn't feel worthy of the DIVA crown either because I've never really gotten into contesting, but I so admire those who do.

    Congrats to the Genesis finalists and those who came close.

    My reading list for the summer is so full I'm going to have to stay on vacation a month. Don't I wish. BTW, I'm sneaking off from unpub island. This Jul 4th will be my Indy-pendence day.

  88. Wowwee great job, again, Tina. Love the lineup. Thanks for coming in out of your heatwave to post! Stay cool, girlfriend

  89. Elaine, don't leave us like that..I will be mentioning this again in the Weekend Edition.

  90. Marianne! Good to see you. Waving from inside the refrigerator where I am hiding.

  91. See! I'm not the only one. Blogger refused to let me post all day.

    Thank you for vindicating me, Nancy C.

  92. Good to see Courtney, Genesis Finalist, Ballinger here.

  93. Genesis Finalists, Tracey? You can see them all at the link in the Contest Update.

    A big shout out to the Seeker Villagers who are 2015 Genesis finalists, including Jackie Layton, Courtney Ballinger, Jeanne Takenaka, Preslaysa Williams (double finalist) and Megan Besing! - f

  94. Oh, you mean Golden Heart Finalists. Class of 2005. I will post their picture in the WE ED for you.

  95. Deb, I'm a day late, but loved reading about your Killer Voices experience! Wow! You jumped in with both feet and made it all the way through to submitting a completed ms. in 3 months. Now that's TRULY a HUGE accomplishment.

    Saluting the DIVA! :)

  96. Deb, I'm also a *day late* but still want to say CONGRATULATIONS on being the Seekerville DIVA!! You wear that tiara quite well! ;)
    And hey, if the Seekers say you're a Diva, then YOU ARE A DIVA!! (Love those Seekers!).
    Blessings as you follow your journey.
    Hugs from VERY WARM Georgia, Patti Jo :)

  97. WhooHoo Diva Deb!! And thanks for the shout-out, Seekers!!! :)

  98. YAY, DEB!!! You know you didn't have to mention me, but I'm honored that you did. I CAN NOT wait to celebrate your release!

    Sorry I'm so late to the party. It's Canada Day, I'm back home after a 35 day road trip, and finally have some time to check out my favorite blogs. Yay Seekerville!

  99. Congratulations DIva Deb !
    My Summer Beach read list ?
    Hmmm, where to start ?
    I would love to finish some series I've started and wrap those up .
    I am also doing some Christian Fiction Devourers Challenges on GoodReads. I went to the library and stocked up on some books today for that, oh so fun !
    Then if I get a chance I actually want to have a chnce to read some new books that have come out instead of waiting to get a chance months after they have released !
    What would life be like if we didn't have too much to read ladies ?

    Deanne Patterson Cnnamongirl at aol dot com