Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Weekend Edition

This is a June Western Weekend Edition. We plan to ride off into the sunset to write & read. One lucky can read Mary Connealy's Now & Forever.  Comment for a chance to win a copy!
We Have Winners

 Giveaway rules can be found here. Please drop us a line to claim your giveaway at All prizes not claimed in 8 weeks go back into the prize vault. We wish we could contact all our winners individually, but we'd rather write books! And P.S. - if we forget to send  your prize DO let us know after 8 weeks per our rules. 

Monday we welcomed guest Laurie Alice Eakes! She brought us a post on "The Danger of Laurels." Hope Dougherty is the winner of a copy of A Stranger's Secret.

What happens when writing into the mist meets super structure? "Confessions of a Reformed Writer (Or How James Scott Bell Helped Me Find my Way out of the Mist)." Tuesday Mary Curry shared. Sandy Smith is the winner an IOU for her debut Love Inspired Suspense, Christmas in Hiding, (CHECK OUT THE COVER REVEAL!!!)writing as Cate Nolan. And Terri Fisher is the winner, an e copy of James Scott Bell's Super Structure.

Wednesday  Anita Higman was here talking about "Ten Steps to Creating a Book Launch Team."  The winner of a copy of Anita's new release, Summer's List and a $15 gift card is Wilani Wahl.

"The Ministry of Christian Fiction Unleashed." Thursday we joined Ruth Logan Herne  as she explored how ministry is woven in the threads of Christian fiction. She used her bestselling  Running on Empty  and her upcoming release from Franciscan Media, Refuge of the Heart  to explore seamless and organic layering when dealing with difficult and emotional topics. Winners of their choice of the "With This Kiss" collections are Donna and Becky!

Friday  2015 Rita Finalist Katy Lee was our guest with her post, "The Dance of a Writer: Finding Your Rythm." Jackie Layton is the winner of a copy of her latest Love Inspired Suspense, Permanent Vacancy.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean will discuss tips for writing opening lines of scenes and chapters that will keep readers turning pages in her post “Hooks, Lines and Sinkers: How to Reel in Readers.” Leave a comment for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card.

Tuesday: Angela Meyer is talking DIY Tech. How to make free tech tools on the internet be your friend. Stop in with all your scary questions and leave a comment (or panicky question) to get your name in a drawing for Angela's new release Where Hope Starts.

Wednesday: Love Inspired Suspense Author Debby Giusti discusses the ins and outs of airline travel and packing for writing-based destinations in her blog, "International Research: Travel Tips and More." She'll include photos of her recent trip to Poland. Leave a comment to be entered in the drawing for a copy of The Agent's Secret Past, nominated for the Daphne du Maurier Award this year, as well as a surprise gift!

Thursday: Eva Marie Everson is our guest today and she's going to take you on a trip...waaay back! Her post is called, "Writing Out of an Era." Do not miss it. You might win a copy of her latest release from Tyndale,  Five Brides!

Friday:  Love Inspired and Revell author,  Christine Johnson is with us today, sharing "The Best Advice I've Received on the Road to Publication." Stop by and chat for a chance to win a copy of her latest release, Love's Rescue.

Seeker Sightings

Check out this cover. Releasing June 30th in Walmart stores. Congratulations, Pam Hillman!

FREE right now in all ebook formats.


Book #1 of the Trouble in Texas Series

Click Here to buy on Kindle

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Swept away when her wagon train attempts a difficult river crossing, Ruthy MacNeil isn't terribly upset at being separated from the family who raised her. 

All they've ever done is work her to the bone. 

Alive but disoriented, she's rescued by Luke unfortunately, there are more chances to die in her immediate future.

Random News & Information

Thanks to the Seekers and Villagers who contribute links!

Congratulations to the Wisconsin Fab Five Winners and Finalists (Woot! Lyndee, Kelly and Traci!!!)

Oregon Christian Writers (OCW) will conduct its 26th annual summer coaching conference August 10–13, 2015, at the Red Lion Hotel on the River - Jantzen Beach in Portland. Details here.

A literary shopping spree. Buy one adult t-shirt, get a pair of socks free. Out-of-Print- Clothing donates to a book to a community in need for every product purchased!

Some fun! Name your character generator!

Content Marketing Tips: Image Rules For The Top 7 Social Networks (Jeff Bullas)

At Sourcebooks, Cat Clyne has been promoted to associate editor for Casablanca, their romance imprint. In addition, Skye Agnew has been promoted to associate managing editor.  (Publishers Lunch)

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Selling Books (Book Cover Cafe)

Give your Hero a makeover – Highlander Style! (My Book Therapy)

Digging Deeper Into Character Emotion (Natasha Hanova)   

Check out the Harlequin Debuts and Milestones (Harlequin Blog)

And we leave you with this week's #NoLimits quote.


  1. Congratulations to ALL WINNERS. schucks...I was in Walmart this afternoon and didn't even check to see if Pams book was in...was buying stuff for my fur Baby! Thanks, Tina!

  2. Happy Weekend everybody. I'm excited to see that I won an IOU for Christmas in Hiding. I will be excited to read it at Christmas time. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

  3. Forgot to say that I love the cover of Christmas in Hiding.

  4. There's coffee.....and coffee.....and more coffee for the weekend. Have at it.

    Thanks for the links. I always look forward to the weekly list.

  5. A lot to catch up with thank you.

  6. Congrats, Sandy! I just got the cover yesterday morning so i thought it would be fun to reveal it with the WE.

    Thanks, Tina.

  7. Great weekend to everyone!! And thanks for a lineup of good articles, Tina.:-)

    Congratulations winners—enjoy your wins!

  8. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Thanks for another great week, and thanks for the links. I hope you all have a blessed day!

  9. Great weekend edition, as always. And so excited to see Cate Nolan's debut cover. How cool is that? And that last No Limits quote? LOL

  10. Hope everyone has a terrific weekend! We've had some great guests and posts this last week. I had to laugh at the last quote. Believe it or not, when I needed a little action to propel my story forward, I actually thought about what Mary C. would do. Usually a little gunfire was necessary. LOL


    LOL Barbara Scott. Mary's heritage!!

  12. Good morning, Seekerville! LOVE the western theme, Tina -- especially the Mary Connealy poster! She'll have to enlarge that and hang it on her office wall! :)

    Congrats PAM on the new book!

    Fabulous cover, MARY / CATE !!

    Looks like I'll have to come back to check out that great assortment of links once I make more progress on chores long-neglected when writing my last book. Champing at the bit to get started on the third book in my new "Hearts of Hunter Ridge" series!

  13. Congrats winners!

    Great cover MARY CURRY, that snow helped cool me right off, it's been 94 in Va. this week with a heat index of 101!

    It seems I'm not the only one who got a kick out of that last quote, what a great way to start the weekend, smiling :)

    Through my name in the cowgirl hat for Now and Forever.
    Happy western weekend everyone!

  14. Congrats to Lyndee who won the FAB FIVE and her runners up Kelly Goshorn!!! and Traci Rhodes aka Leanne Bristow. So proud of our Villagers.

  15. Cate Nolan/Mary Curry, GREAT COVER!!!!! Love it to pieces!

    AND LYNDEE!!!!!! Congrats to you!!!! Book 2 Blurb AND Fab Five! ROCKING!!!!! Leanne and Kelly, huge congrats to you guys, too!!! I'm so proud of you! Great contest, great and well-deserved recognition!

  16. Gunfire ramps the action, I concur!

    A good shotgun is a girl's best friend. Diamonds are not a self-defense mechanism!

  17. WOW, TRACEY! That's HOT. In the mountains of Arizona we're lucky if it gets up to 70 during the day--and when a cool front moves in when it rains, it drops into the upper 50's / low 60's. Folks here are still sleeping under a sheet, blanket, and bedspread--if you leave the windows open to bring in fresh air it can get pretty nippy. Cools down into the 40's at night (sometimes mid-upper 30's!).

    CONGRATULATIONS, LYNDEE, KELLY G and TRACEY/LEANNE! We're popping buttons here in Seekerville we're so proud you. Seeker Villagers are really rockin'!

  18. GLYNNA,
    We had such a cold winter I couldn't wait for spring, but the heat and humidity have me indoors reading a lot. I may have to breakout your LI High Country Holiday I have in my TBR pile to keep the cool thoughts going.

    Not only is it steaming hot, our air conditioner died a few weeks back, we were without a/c for a week, but got a new system in just before the worst of it hit.
    Thanking God for that.

  19. That name your character generator is fun! I'd love to win Mary's book. :)

  20. Fantastic news about the finalists and winners in the Fab 5 contest. Congrats to everyone.

    May all you Seekerville winners enjoy your prizes. Speaking of which, don't enter me in the drawing. I'm actually almost caught up with all you Seeker writers! Gasp, pant, wheeze.

    Mary/Cate, how exciting to see the cover. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Good links, Tina, especially 5 Reasons Why You’re Not Selling Books. In my case, I can add a 6th reason -- it isn't out there yet :-)

    Nancy C

  21. Another great WE!! Congrats to all the winners!! I'd like a chance to win a copy of "Now and Forever" :-)

  22. I like the picture at the end. What would Mary Connealy do? I'm sure it would be funny.

  23. UGH, on the no AC with Virginia humidity, TRACEY. That's at least one of the benefits of Arizona desert heat--it's usually a super-low humidity with a nice breeze. Cools down quite a bit after the sun sets, too. Most people in the northern mountains of the state don't even have air conditioning--might only wish they had it for a week or two before monsoons move in for the summer, but otherwise you're good to go depending on how wide you choose to open your windows. I was raised in the Midwest near rivers where we'd have 100% humidity without a cloud in the sky. BLEAH. Glad you got your AC working!

  24. Actually, Walt, if you know Mary very well, that "what would Mary Connealy do" question is kind of scary. :)

  25. Mary: not quite so contrary!

    I know what the tried and true Mary should do but she didn't do it in her "Tried and True"! No explosions! No outlaw gang shooting at the heroine! No falling hundreds of feet down a canyon wall hitting tree after tree along the way! No being trapped in a cave with a madman with no way out!

    From a high canyon cliff have we fallen to falling from a roof top? I think Mary might be softening up after so many books. I had to keep getting out of my easy chair and looking at the computer screen to confirm that I clicked on the right audible file. Yep, it said Mary Connealy!

    I just loved the reader for "Tried & True" because she did all the many character voices so well. The voice also took me back to the 1800's. I think 'funny' works better when you don't see it in print but rather let it 'wash over you' as you listen to it happening. I think Mary's books are made to be heard. (And I've listened to well over 1000 audio books.)

    I must say I loved the three sisters in "Tried and True" -- each is so much not like the others. And it is so funny. As a reader I'm always thinking, no one out west is going to be fooled into thinking these three women are men, and almost nobody does. It is so funny when a stranger asks, "Why does that woman dress like a man?". (They can't pass as young boys as they did five or six years ago in the war.)

    I didn't mean to do a review but the question was asked: "What would Mary do?" So now you know. Or maybe you don't know. :)


    P.S.: I'm still feeling delighted from winning Pepper's book last week! There is a lot to be said for winning! Congrats all!

  26. Congratulations to all the winners! Love the cover for Mary Curry's book.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend. I am looking forward to writing and reading.

    I love the Western theme! Please enter me for a copy of Mary Connealey's book.

  27. Good morning, Seekerville! Congrats to Lyndee in the Fab Five and to all our weekly winners!

    Still catching up after a week in Montana visiting our daughter & fam for a grandson's high school graduation party. What fun! Although we were blamed for bringing the southern heat with us. Usually it's our daughter bringing the snow, ice, and cold down south with her!

    "What would Mary Connealy do?" Scary question indeed! Now I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate a gunfight, raging river, and madman in a cave in my 1930s Depression Era romance. In Arkansas. Hmmm.......

  28. Vince, I loved that part of Tried & True, too. It cracked me up for the exact same reason. I haven't read Shannon's story yet, but I love the hero!!!! And I can't wait for Bailey's story, she's my kind of hard-nosed gal!

  29. Refreshing to peruse this blog site!! I had a ROUGH week...and when I come here and catch up, I find myself smiling and feeling encouraged!! Thanks to all of you for your posts and comments!! And congrats to all the winners!! And LOVE all the links!!

    What would Mary do? Maybe she'd track down a handsome, hardworking cowboy in trouble and find him a spunky, good hearted gal in a predicament, throw in a couple of yahoo's ( or maybe only one), add a few "acts of God" (defined in the insurance business as: a direct, sudden, and irresistible action of natural forces such as could not reasonably have been foreseen or prevented, as a flood, hurricane, earthquake, or other natural catastrophe) come up with a few trusted friends and proceed to show them all the light! (Haha...I think she's done this!)

    Y'all have a fantastic weekend!!

  30. I'm having too much fun with the character name generator! Happy weekend! Please enter me for Mary's book- can't wait to read it!

  31. Oh my...Content Marketing Tips: Image Rules For The Top 7 Social Networks Thanks to whoever found this link. Yay!!! :)

    Great WE. Congrats to all the winner's this week! I'm SO excited about that Small-Town Summer Brides book. The cover is simply adorable! I love Barbour's design team. Just sayin'

  32. Marianne, I haven't heard any reports of it being on the shelves yet, but it should start showing up in Walmart in the next week or so. Give me a shout-out through Facebook and/or my website if you spot it. It's always fun to know which Walmarts are carrying the books.

  33. Barbara, we sure do hang around with a dangerous crowd, don't we?

    Mary "Colt 45" Connealy just might be a bad (or maybe GOOD) influence on the rest of us!

  34. Thanks for a great WE and all the links. The Character link was fun, but historical writers need more time ranges than before 1995 and after 1995. Maybe someone will create an APP.
    Congrats to all.
    Loved the western themed pics this WE.

  35. Congrats winners!
    Vince, thanks for the review --I didn't know Mary had audiobooks! I should see if our library system has any ....

  36. Thanks again for the great articles, Tina.

    Congratulations to all of this week's winners!

  37. Mary Cate, love the cover!!! Can't wait to read!

    Congrats to Lyndee!!! Great contest. I won it and soon thereafter sold my first book. Hmmmm? Something to think about, Lyndee!

    Congrats to the Fab Five finalists!

  38. Tina, thanks for the links. Will check them out.

    It's a beautiful day in Georgia. To celebrate the day and the winners, I've brought watermelon to share!


  39. Winners! Winners! Winners, all around! Congrats to the daily drawing winners AND our contest winners and finalists!! So awesome to see all the happiness : )

  40. Gorgeous covers, ladies. Mary Curry, they did a FINE job on your debut cover!!! I've pre-ordered and can't wait to see it in my Kindle...

  41. Kathryn, I'll be chuckling all day over your version of "What would Mary do?" LOL! Hmmm, sounds like a typical Mary day to me : )

  42. Yum, watermelon! DEBBY, thanks for reminding me we have one chilling in the fridge!

    Dating myself here, but I remember back when I was growing up in the Texas Rio Grande Valley and we used to get huge watermelons for 4 for a dollar!

  43. Hi Barbara. You really thought of me, huh? Well, I'm honored.

    I love my books to be visual. So when they dive to the ground, YOU feel them hit the dirt.

    When they fire their gun, you feel the recoil.

    That's my goal, to make a book MOVE.

  44. Glynna there is always a solution in gunfire.

    I know that's tricky to slip into a LI.

    Debby G manages it in her LI Suspense/Amish books though. Or do they just threaten to shoot someone??? :)

  45. VINCE, you know which other book of mine doesnt' start with wild action and have no villain? (well, there's one in a subplot)???

    People are surprised when I say this.

    The Husband Tree. It starts at a graveside (there's action in Chapter Two when Silas has to run from a shotgun wedding). And there is NO BAD GUY. Glowing Sun and Wade have trouble with a bad guy, but not Belle and Silas.

    It's all cows and a treacherous trail, the elements and love.

  46. WALT thanks for going with FUNNY.

    The answer is so obvious, SHOOT SOMEONE, that I love it that we all know there are other possibilities. And I admit falling off a roof isn't exactly life and death but I thought I made it a little edgy. :)

    I make up for it in Now and Forever. The opening is an action scene that lasts 20 pages and they face death from about the second paragraph.

    So that was fun. :)

  47. Myra it can be a METAPHORICAL gunfight of course.

    Though I prefer actual bullets flying.

    Can you work mobsters in? Al Capone would liven things up.

  48. Happy Weekend! Great WE as always, Miss T.
    CONGRATS to all the winners and the FAB FIVE finalists/winner!
    Am still laughing over the "What would Mary Connealy do" poster - - LOL!! ;)
    Grabbing a piece of watermelon from Debby Giusti (thanks Debby!) and some of
    Helen's coffee (and trying not to slurp). ;)
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  49. Kathryn, I've never done a tornado.

    Ruthy and Debby have both done tornados. Maybe more of my Seeker buddies have???

  50. PAMMY, you know they called that gun The Peacemaker, right?

    The old saying, "God made man but Sam Colt made the equal."

  51. Artist Librarian, almost all my Bethany House books are available on audio books. Which is really super fun!

  52. AUDRA...a typical Mary Day in fiction maybe.

    But mostly in real life, I just sit in a desk chair.

    I stub my toe stepping from pavement to grass.

  53. WAIT! KATHRYN I did do a tornado.

    It was in the novella for Barbour The Homestead Brides.

    But it missed the family, what a waste of potential disaster!

    Still it prompted the first kiss, so not TRULY wasted!

  54. Mary Connealy, I am writing about a tornado. Destroying a town.

  55. Hi Mary:

    I think my favorite opening is during a thunder storm, late at night, when the hero while galloping away from a gang of bad guys (who want to hang him) rides full speed into a deep gully, gets knocked out falling off his horse, just moments before a flash flood propels a roaring twenty foot high wall of water, full of rocks and tree branches, right at him. And, yes, the ravine is too steep to climb out of in time even if he woke up in time to escape. A perfect time for the heroine to drop by!

    Now that's a Mary opening and I do believe it is in your first cowboy comedy. Petticoat Ranch. And I have an original first edition!

  56. I loved that opening, Vince.
    Sophie realizing that to save a stranger she's just ordered her children into the path of an oncoming flood.

    Great fun

  57. THAT'S THE SPIRIT SANDY!!!!!!!! :)

    Writing is a strange business, isn't it? LOL

  58. Wow, MANY THANKS for the kind words and notes regarding FAB FIVE. I submitted two entries into that contest and never dreamed the one that won would win. (Can you tell my head is spinning?) At the beginning of the year I recommitted myself to writing and God has floored me at every turn! I'm learning a lot about myself and the path He wants for me. What a neat gift!

    CONGRATS to my other FAB FIVE pals, KELLY G and LEEANNE! Rockin' WISCONSIN!


    MARY 'CATE' CURRY - LOVE the cover. Looking forward to seeing it on the shelves. I promise a photo from a store in IL.

    PAM - Great cover, too! Congrats!

    TINA, thanks for another great WE!

    What would Mary Connealy do? Cracks me up. But then I think about her cracking the whip. Maybe it's time to get back to the WIP!

  59. Lyndee.........THE ONE THAT WON WOULD WIN

    Could that possibly work as a title?

  60. Great Weekend Edition. Great links. And am cracking up with all the comments about "What Would Mary Do?" Miss Mary, what a reputation you have. chuckle.

    I loved the Husband Tree btw. Even if it didn't have all the danger. I was hooked from that beginning scene. LOL

  61. Congrats to all the winners.

    wooo hooooo LYNDEE. Go girl. I am so excited for you.

    And congrats to Leanne and Kelly also.

    And MARY "CATE" Love the cover.

    PAM so excited for your novella to be out. I'll look for it when I go to town next week. Placement in Walmart is HUGE. YAY.

  62. TRACEY, Keeping a visual image of you staying cool.

  63. VINCE so glad to hear TRIED AND TRUE has a good narrator. I need another audible and was trying to decide what to order.

    I listened to another of Mary's audibles and hated the narrator. I couldn't even finish it because she made the heroine sound like a wimpy little girl. And we know Mary's heroines are NOT wimpy little girls. LOL

  64. MYRA that truly is dating yourself. HA HA

    You know what really dates you is when you walk into an antique store and there are a bunch of things you had as a child. YIKES!! I was so horrified. Antiques? Really? Not me!!! LOL

  65. Hi Sandra:

    I think authors, who do not pick the narrator on their audio books, tend to be like mothers who do not think any man is good enough to marry their daughters. Authors know their characters so well that almost no reader will match their ideal conception of their heroes or heroines.

    Then there are authors, like one very well selling author, who told me she never has listened to any of her audible books! She'd only be disappointed!!!

    I want a narrator to fit the mix of characters and the time period of the book. I don't want to notice the narrator doing her work. I also want a lot of talent exhibited in the creation of different and identifiable voices for each of the important characters.

    A narrator has to be picked for the total listening experience and not just for how she does the heroine's voice.

    And remember: the author does not have to like the narrator's voice: listeners do!

    Now on Mary's "Tried & True" you can listen to a sample first. The narrator's voice made me feel at once like this was an historical novel. I liked her mix of voices for the many major characters. This is important when the listener does not know which of the sisters is the heroine. For example, I did not know which of the three sisters was going to be the heroine of this story nor was I sure who the hero was going to be. In this case a very good narrator is a key element of keeping the story focused.

    But authors seem to want their heroine to sound just like she does in their own minds. This is like wanting your daughter to marry prince Charming without ever having met a real prince Charming in real life. It's important for authors not to be print chauvinists. Millions of people have to listen to audio books because of limited vision. Let them know that you exist for them too.

    I have also listened to a Mary audible that made the heroine sound a little wimpy. But since I had already purchased the audible file and the Kindle book as well, I gave the reader a chance and was soon very happy with the presentation. The question is really 'how does the reader's presentation work in the total mix and interchange of the other voices'. So after the first chapter, I was into the story and the reader disappeared into the background and I really enjoyed the listenting experience. But then I am a very experienced listener to audio books.

    The idea solution is to be an Indie and select your reader as the author. Then promote the audible book. Your reader for the "Promise" series is so good that I would employ her myself on contemporary fiction books.

    Listen to the "Tried & True" reader and report back. There is a good chance you won't like her either -- but I loved her!


    P.S.: I just finished "Where the Eagle Flies" and I think it is the best 5-sensed story I can remember reading. Obiously you were on location under those same conditions and more importantly you were observant. This story is a perfect case-study in five-sensing. Loved the way the eagle kept playing a part in the story. Great job.

  66. Hi Myra:

    I remember watermelon being 3 cents a pound at roadside stands when I was growing up on a farm in New Jersey. I wonder which dates one more? I'm sure Texas has better soil for growing watermelons than New Jersey…and a lot more of it, too. : )

  67. Hi Vince, Thanks for all that info on audible. I don't have as much experience as you do. I just got turned on to audibles when I had to listen to LOVE'S MIRACLES, my first audible that I contracted to preview it before publication. I discovered I really love audible books as I can "read" at times I normally have to do other things, like fold laundry, wash dishes, drive, etc. Great times to "read" listen to a book.

    I did listen the the whole story of Mary's and could not get over the wimpy voice of the heroine, even though the book was wonderful. Julie had a poor audible too. But their publishers picked them and they didn't have any say. I really like having a say in who is doing the narrating. Because I at least know how the voice should sound.

    Thanks for the compliment on LOVE'S PROMISES. I love Rachel Fulginiti's voice. I like a deep voice and I guess that is a personal preference. I had a hard time deciding if I wanted a male or female narrator. Which do you prefer? Or do you have a preference?

    Thanks for the great review of WHERE THE EAGLE FLIES. I did actually have many of those experiences. My hubby and I boated on Lake Powell often. Hubby even rafted down the Colorado River where Lake Powell now is before it was damned. Yikes that gives away our age. chuckle.

    My blog next week will be about that very subject-using real life experiences in your wip.

    Thanks again, Vince. Happy reading and happy listening.

  68. Vince and Myra, That would be an interesting blog--The Ways We Date Ourselves.

    Prices of things in the past
    Rafting down rivers that are now lakes.
    Knowing what certain things are that young people have no clue- like a 45 record. Or a party line phone. Or ???????

  69. Love celebrating your well-deserved success, Lyndee!!!

    With Cheese Wiz?

    Haven't had it in years, but why not! I've brought crackers for the Cheese Wiz...and more watermelon!

  70. Tina, great weekend! Thanks! Congrats to our winners!

    Looking forward to the week ahead.


  71. Lyndee, Kelly, Traci!! Congratulations!!!

  72. Mary/Cate, gorgeous cover!!


  73. Cheez Whiz on a genuine Philly Cheesesteak.

    SO GOOD.

    Even Cheez Whiz opponents can't deny the amazing mix of Cheez Whiz and chopped steak on perfect bread.

    'Sall I'm sayin'!

  74. Sandra and Vince, interesting discussion on Audio books.
    I don't listen to my own books on tape. I just don't ever have time.
    I have a neighbor with a one hour commute to work and she says audio books have saved her sanity over the years. So she's a huge fan.

    But I've just never gotten in the habit. The one time I tried, on a long drive with my husband, we both found ourselves day dreaming and we'd lose the line of the plot. And then we felt like we HAD to go back.

    It wasn't a great experience.

    Then my sister said they'd learned they prefer non-fiction, mainly because often they'd daydream a bit but with non-fiction there isn't really a plot line usually and you could just pick up listening and go on without losing the plot line.

    She recommended Undaunted Courage, a Louis and Clark book. Since they sort of mostly, kind of know the story, if they missed a few hundred miles of shoving canoe's up river, they didn't feel bad.. But she said she LOVED it.

  75. Vince, I have listened to very few audio books though I enjoyed the experience. To have one of my books audible is a dream of mine. Maybe an indie book one day.


  76. We listened to Lee Child THE KILLING FLOOR on our move from Colorado to ARizona. Truly had us riveted.

  77. I tried listening to an audible book one time, but I got so wrapped up in the story I almost drove off the road. Worse than texting while driving for me. Same with books. Once I stopped walking on a treadmill because of an exciting point in the book and slammed into the closet door. You can't make this stuff up. LOL

  78. Barbara, I'm the same about driving and listening to books on tape. Not a good combination safety wise.

    Sorry about your treadmill accident. How painful!

  79. The good news, Debby, is that I no longer have a treadmill. And they won't let me read in exercise class, so I'm safe so far. ;-)

  80. Congrats, Lyndee, Kelly and Tracie!

    Congrats winners!

    Eating up these links, as usual. Would love to be entered for Mary's Now & Forever book!

    Hope everyone's having a happy weekend! Happy Flag Day!

  81. Oh, my gosh, Barbara Scott. I can't help it but I laughed. OUCH!!!

  82. I laughed too, but then I felt so mean, Barbara!!!

    I listened to one audio book, a Clive Cussler on my way to Minnesota. Driving from NY to MN is painful enough.... The book didn't help. Partly because I'm critical and partly because the narrator went a little over the top.

    But it did make me see the value in it, because not everyone is as critical as I am. (SHOCKER!!!!) :)

  83. Audio Books

    There is a difference between audio books in general and individual titles. Many professional truck drivers depend on exciting audio books to keep their minds active and awake when driving hour after hour on momentous highways. If you want to see many of these exciting books, just check them at truck stops. Louis L'Amour is still going as strong as ever in these locations.

    Also, there are times when one should not be reading a book, watching a DVD or listening to an audio book. That's why some books will put you asleep while others will kept you awake all night. And as far as being critical, what can I say? Everyone's a critic!

    As a very experienced audio book fan, I suggest you get your audio books from the local library and get several books at a time. If dull, switch books quickly, you have no cost to justify continued listening.

    I believe that every author would benefit from listening to audio books. Have you heard your dialogue lately?

  84. Hi Ruth:

    You thought the Clive Cussler narrator was over the top. Well Clive Cussler is way over the top as it is! Better to listen to Lee Child and David Baldacci.

  85. Hi Ruth:

    The last Clive Cussler book I read had the hero hopelessly lost at sea in the far reaches of the Pacific ocean. Before his hero could die of exposure the eccentric billionaire, Clive Cussler, himself surfaces in his amazing submarine flying yacht and saves his hero and sends him well provisioned on his way to finish the story. Now that's over the top. That's probably why it was the last book of his I've read.

  86. I love Mary Connealy's books NOW AND probably FOREVER. She's one of my go-to authors when I want a rollicking adventure with humor and romance, plus those hunky cowboys and spunky heroines.


    SUPER CONGRATS to all the winners and MEGA CONGRATS to Lyndee who won the FAB FIVE ... AND ... to Kelly Goshorn and Traci Rhodes for being runners-up!!!

    WHOO-HOO, WAL-MART, Pammy, you go, girl!! LOVE the cover, too.

    And Mary Curry, I agree with Tracey -- very "cool" cover, girlfriend!!

    HAPPY WEEKEND, ALL ... although it's almost over, I realize ... :|


  88. NANCY C SAID: "Good links, Tina, especially 5 Reasons Why You’re Not Selling Books. In my case, I can add a 6th reason -- it isn't out there yet :-)"

    LOL, Nancy ... that's a really good reason, girlfriend, but it won't be long ... :)

    KATHRYN SAID: "I had a ROUGH week...and when I come here and catch up, I find myself smiling and feeling encouraged!!"

    Kathryn, I am so very sorry you had a rough week, but it does make ME smile to know we can bring a smile to your face, so thanks for your sweet comment! Praying this week is WORLDS better, sweetie!

    SANDRA SAID: "Julie had a poor audible too." Oh, Sandra, that is soooo true!! Even I couldn't listen to it, it was so no what I expected.


  89. Congratulations Winners! I love, love, love Mary Connealy's books. They always have my laughing out loud. As a matter of fact, I am re-reading the Lassoed in Texas series as we speak.

    Congratulations winners and I'm looking forward to more awesome posts this upcoming week!

    Shannah, NC