Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Weekend Edition

The Weekend Edition comes to you from the shores of Unpublished Island, where we're dipping our feet in the water and trying to stay cool. We're also trying to keep up our writing schedule while we soak up the rays.

If you didn't win a beach read box yesterday, there's one more left. Just comment today and if you are a writer tell us about the most unlikely places you had to write on deadline during the fun days of summer. In a car, on a boat, at the beach, or from the bleachers of a ball game perhaps? Winner announced in the next Weekend Edition.

We Have Winners

 Giveaway rules can be found here. Please drop us a line to claim your giveaway at All prizes not claimed in 8 weeks go back into the prize vault. We wish we could contact all our winners individually, but we'd rather write books! And P.S. - if we forget to send  your prize DO let us know after 8 weeks per our rules. 

 Sandra Leesmith talked about "Using Unique Real Life Experiences in Your WIP"  on Tuesday. She had some interesting, almost unbelievable, experiences to share.  Meghan Carver is the winner of the Writer Box and Jan Christiansen is the winner of the Kindle. Happy Birthday and hooray for de-cluttering.   

Wednesday  Glynna Kaye joined us for "July Is Your New January," a midyear look at getting back on track with your 2015 writing goals. Winners of Glynna Kaye’s October release, “Rekindling the Widower’s Heart,” are Sarah Claucherty, Tracey Hagwood and “Cat Mom” Patti Jo!

Thursday Cara Lynn James was our hostess with her post "In the Beginning..."
Winner of a $15 Starbucks gift card is Cindy W.

Friday was Time for the July Contest Update! Did you stop by to meet Diva Deb Harkness? Winners of a box of beach reads are BonTon and Natalie Monk.

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Today Barbara White Daille will be stopping in to ask "What's in a Name?" She has advice on finding the right title, the one that speaks to you and to readers, that gets the gist of the story across. Three winners will receive their choice of an autographed print copy of Barbara' s books  A Rancher’s Pride  or  Family Matters.

Tuesday: Love Inspired author Kristen Ethridge is your hostess today and she'll be talking about how life experiences influence writing (or...the story behind the story), with her post, "Wind, Waves, and Writing." Oooh, and has she got some fantastic giveaways for our Villagers!

Wednesday: "When Your Plans Are Waylaid …" Have you ever made plans and not only are they altered but go kaput?  Award-winning author and psychologist Carrie Fancett Pagels shares her thoughts and experiences as a Christian author who learned all too well that when it comes to our writing careers,  “Man may make designs for his way, but the Lord is the guide of his steps” — Proverbs 16:9.

Thursday: Join Audra Harders as she peeks into the scary land that is - Social Media! She'll share what's "book learned" and you can share real life tips on how to navigate these ever-changing waters.

Friday: We present The Best of the Archives! 

Saturday:  Seekerville is closed for the Fourth of July. Happy Holidays.

Sunday: The Weekend Edition will be posted today!

Seeker Sightings

 Check out the New Release Newsletter by A Girl and Her eBooks featuring Rough Road Home. Audra would be all kinds of happy if you'd shared the news!!

 Stop by the Sweet South Blog today for Tina Radcliffe's post, "Top Five Tips from the Pro’s: How to Create Memorable Characters."  A print copy of Safe in the Fireman's Arms is up for grabs!

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Swept away when her wagon train attempts a difficult river crossing, Ruthy MacNeil isn't terribly upset at being separated from the family who raised her. 

All they've ever done is work her to the bone. 

Alive but disoriented, she's rescued by Luke unfortunately, there are more chances to die in her immediate future.

For those of you who don't know Yankee Belle Cafe, you are missing a yummy treat. The cafe has added a new chef, Cate Nolan aka Mary Curry.

 Stop by and visit, Ruth Logan Herne (The Yank), Missy Tippens (The Belle), Mindy Obenhaus (The Texan), Jan Drexler (The Mid-Westerner), Virginia Carmichael Munoz (The Fresh Pioneer) and Cate Nolan/Mary Curry (The Healthy Writer). 

Circa 2005!

A trip down memory lane for you. What Seekers were Golden Heart Finalists and Winners? 

Cara Lynn James (2009) 
Missy Tippens (2006)
Myra Johnson (2005 WON!)
Tina Radcliffe (finaled 2005, 2007)
Janet Dean (2005)
Julie Lessman (2005)
Pam Hillman (2001, Double finalist 2004 and she WON!, 2011)

 And here are the archives of all the RWA GH winners.

Random News & Information

Thanks to our Villagers & Seekers who contribute links!

Here's a HEA to start your weekend. Check out this wedding proposal video

That's it! Have a great weekend!

*Elaine Manders..what's your news??


  1. *squeal* Thanks so much for the box of beach reads!!! Can't wait!

    And big hugs for the Sweet South Blog shout out, Tina! :) Great WE as usual! Love the summer theme. Can't believe the 4th is nearly upon us. Where does the time go?

  2. Love this WE!!!!

    Up here, we just started summer vacation yesterday for kids. Yes, for real!!! We go until the end of June, so now we have a ten week stretch of summer.... and kids out, roaming, having fun!


    Congrats to all winners, I love those happy faces and Jan Christiansen, hooray for the Kindle!


  3. Congrats to all of the winners!

    I've written at the tennis courts many times, and I've brainstormed and taken notes on my stories at the doctor's office.

    I hope you all have a great week leading up to the 4th of July. If you served our country, THANK YOU!

    May God bless your writing, and God bless America!

  4. I'm with you, Natalie. How did it get to be July????

  5. Ah, coffee. Bring it on Ruthy. For I must finish a few projects this weekend! Here's a toast to summer.

  6. Really? At the tennis courts, Jackie. Okay, new one on me. I have tried on the plane recently but those seats keep shrinking.

  7. Welcome to Yankee Bell, Cate Nolan!

  8. Still trying to win the box of beach reads..........thanks!
    Love the WE.....great job, Tina!

  9. Thanks for posting the Golden Girls/Golden Heart finalists of 2005 TINA. How wonderful to have been friends for ten years, ya'll are beautiful.

    I hope all the winners this week enjoy their books and other prizes. Seekerville is a generous group. I'm going to enjoy Glynna's book, thank you so much.

    Thanks for the coffee Ruthy, I'm going to need an extra one this morning. Myra had me up late last night ;) Pastor Henke's twenty-dollar word list is growing, pecuniary, dyscalculia, mendacious, indecorous ;)

  10. Congrats to all the winners this week! And Natalie, a whole box of books! WooHoo!!!!!

  11. Thanks for updating my list Pam, the brain is losing cells. I had no idea you finaled so many times. But that makes sense. PAM IS A GOLDEN NETWORK HALL OF FAMER!!!

  12. Thanks for the walk down Golden Heart lane, Tina. Congrats all over again to our Golden Heart finalist and winner Seekers.

    And of course, to all our Friends who have finaled and won over the years. I'm so proud of all of you!!!!

  13. Okay, I checked out both the last two articles on how Amazon is paying writers by the page. I imagine this is a hot topic for writers, but as a reader I think it's a moot point. As of right now this payment method only applies to Kindle Unlimited and the Lending Libraries. I find their selection choice to be so limited I'm not interested in participating in either group and just buy the books I want. I'm curious how many readers really use it. The same goes with it's Prime offerings for one book a month. Most are books you can buy for free, yet are listed as Prime borrows, not falling for that.

  14. So Jackie...are you writing and brainstorming between volleys on the tennis court or from the spectator section? Wow, share your secret -- that's what I call multi-tasking, LOL!!!

  15. Happy Weekend, Seekerville!

    TRACEY, so sorry (well, not really--LOL!) if you're needing extra coffee this morning! BTW, Autumn Rains was the ms. that won the Golden Heart for me, so it's always going to hold an extra-special place in my heart!

    Wow, PAM, I'd forgotten how many GH finals you have under your belt! You go, girl!

  16. So . . . thought for a late-June weekend . . .

    How is it that we're enjoying a mildly pleasant weekend in the Southeast while our friends out West and Northwest will be sweltering?

  17. Tracey - it only applies to INDIE authors in KU/KOLL. no one I know is really sure how it works for trad pub just that their payout is somehow based on MSRP.

    Yay, Mama!!!! So glad you won the Kindle!!!!!

    I've got Audra's book waiting for me (and Mary's and, yes, even Julie's last lne) to read. When I get this draft of my next book done (it's already up for preorder - I have a DEADLINE! What was I thinking?! ;)), I'm jumping into reading.

    It's probably no surprise I do a lot of work at the pool and in the pick up line in the summer :D.

  18. Conflict and Reader Dissonance

    A weekend question:

    Should that baby be on the cover of "Healing The Lawman's Heart"?

    That baby caused me a lot of dissonance. If you've read the book, what do you think? If you haven't read it yet, keep this question in mind when you do.


    P.S.: It's not July yet!!! I need every day I can get.

  19. Congrats to all the winners. I will be celebrating that big birthday with you. smile

    Loved all the memories.

    Hmmm. Will have to ponder the question VINCE.

    CAROL and JACKIE, Ido some of my best work at places like the pool, the pickleball court, the laundromat. LOL

  20. Good morning all! So excited to read that book!! (Sleepy happy dance) Congrats to the other winners too :)

    Well, I participate here as both a reader and a writer, so I'll jump into the drawing for the last box of beach reads! Let's see, interesting places I've scrambled to finish on deadline in the warm and toast days of summer...

    How about sitting in the last row of bench seats in a 15-passenger van (right over the suspension, thank you very much) en route from Indiana to New Orleans for a youth gathering/conference, a 16-hour drive, and attempting to write as the light outside faded, amongst the squirming elbows of my seat mates and the bouncing curves and "oomph!"s of that trip down south, while someone's suitcase in the trunk kept singing a banana song because his iPod was in there and somehow kept getting whacked in the bumps just right to make it keep playing that song.

    Or, hurrying to finish a piece or three amongst the hubbub and stress of the last few days of finals week so as not to turn in my Creative Writing portfolio late, spending hours of that start of summer weather wherever my creativity and imagination could be stirred. In the backyard, watching guys play frisbee. In my place, windows closed and blinds drawn, trying to shut out anything but the piece I was working on. In the campus library, hiding in a quiet room and shutting off my phone. Down on the grassy warm lawn of the campus mall, hoping not to be eaten by insects but needing a change of scenery to get that one scene just right. Perched on a concrete bench by the fountain to destress as I pushed through the last stretch and finally typed that last "." :) :)

    Please add my name to the box drawing! And happy last days of June, y'all!

  21. Is there an airplane advantage to getting a front seat/business class?

    Because it is hard to have enough room to work. I usually go way to the back and find a window seat, but even that way, it's tight!


  22. Oh, Myra loves big words!!!!

    I used to slip big words into stories... and then Melissa reminded me that she knows I'm smart... and I know I'm smart... but the rest of the world prefers normal English!

    So we slashed the big words into every day usage words! So funny, because I can totally see Myra's character doing that!

    I remember a contest where the woman judge gave me a horrific score, I mean REALLY BAD because she said any story that she needed to use a dictionary to read, wasn't good.

    That story was "Running on Empty" and thousands upon thousands of Kindle users have proved her wrong, LOL, but boy did she rake me over the coals. Ouch!!!

  23. Myra asks:How is it that we're enjoying a mildly pleasant weekend in the Southeast while our friends out West and Northwest will be sweltering?


  24. Wow, Sarah, that's writing perseverance. I give you an A+

  25. RUTHY, airline seats are definitely shrinking, LOL, those in first class get seats equal to a home recliner, but who wants to throw money away on that?

    Pastor Henke's final $20 word, munificence, had to change the spelling twice, auto correct keeps changing it, haha. I've enjoyed Myra's vocabulary lessons. Another great feature of the kindle is their attached dictionary. If you run across a word you don't know, you just touch it and the definition comes up, painless learning.

    VINCE has added his own word this morning with dissonance. I have read the book and I'm pondering my answer. I understand the point you're making. I had a similar question when I read The Wonder of You, Susan Warrens new book, an excellent read but in the same way the cover tells you a lot and if you are alert within the first couple of chapters you will already know the answer.

  26. Amazon is getting way too complicated for me! And dare I say this out loud -- but I hate that they have a monopoly on the book business. And I hate that the 'hard'copy books by self-pubbed writers aren't available in Canada. If I want one I have to buy it through .com using a bogus account because heaven knows a Canadian can't shop in an American store and then I'd have to pay a huge shipping fee anyway. So there. Short rant over. Sorry....

    Congrats to the winners and happy weekending everyone!!!!

  27. Congratulations to the winners...such a thrill. And kudos to the award finalists and winners!!

    I've not experienced deadline writing yet...but do find myself writing all the time. Turned a few heads in a restaurant when I triumphantly ripped the edge of the paper tablecloth with scribbled notes about the feuding couple at the next table.

    Would love to win the box of Beach Reads!

    Have a gloriously fun filled weekend!

  28. And I couldn't buy a GH even though I tried.

    Dagnabbit! :)

    But.... I've gotten over it, moved beyond it! (breathes.... hiccups, just a little!)

    And I just made a humongous carrot cake, it's baking so we have to cool our jets a little, but it's coming!

    With homemade cream cheese frosting and tiny little orange frosting carrots on each slice!!!

    Can I hear an "awww....." ??????

    Baking and writing in rainy upstate, 68°!!!

  29. Vince! Leave my baby alone! Of course she should be there!

    Don't you be touchin' my baby, Vince!!! :)

    Look how stinkin' cute she is! Vince, do you think it's the same baby used on Missy's cover the month before? I think it is....

    And I know what you're thinkin', but fast-forward about twelve months! Whaddya think?

  30. Tracey, do you think that's the dissonance causing our friend discomfort and discord? And i s it dissonance he feels or is it really discord?

    I bet if we all have carrot cake, it will be fine!

    Here are links to MISSY'S COVER AND BABY and RUTHY'S COVER AND BABY...

    Same cute baby, a month older? What do you guys think?

  31. Well, at least my Pastor Henke was kind enough to explain the meaning of his big words to his listeners . . . most of the time. And it was a huge part of his characterization, so I could get away with it.

    I've never minded the occasional unfamiliar word in a book. I feel like learning something new keeps me on my toes. However, I do appreciate my Kindle for being able to look up a definition without leaving the page or running to the bookshelf for my Webster's.

  32. dissonance |ˈdisənəns|

    a tension or clash resulting from the combination of two disharmonious or unsuitable elements

    Okay, VINCE, when I read RUTHY's book, I will definitely keep this in mind and get back to you.

  33. I think your baby is different.

    Yes, Elaine Manders...where are you..Elaine??

  34. I've been stalking Elaine. She's nowhere to be found.


  35. Great WE, Tina!! You know, I do NOT think Ruthy stole my baby after all!! This side by side let her off the hook. ;)

  36. Y'all have me curious about Elaine!!

  37. Happy Weekend Seekerville Friends!!
    Sorry I haven't been able to visit much lately (Military relatives visiting, then dental appointment--and that's the tooth). ;)

    Congrats to all the winners, and I am SQUEALING because I won Glynna's October release - - YAY!!! :) And thank you soooo much!!

    Need to go back to yesterday and congratulate the new Diva! :)

    Please enjoy the Georgia peach cobbler I just baked---even though it's way too hot to turn on my oven, I was hungry for peach cobbler (somehow I can't get enough of that, LOL). Extra cinnamon sugar too! :)

    Hugs, Patti Jo

  38. Sarah, way to go on finishing school! Enjoy your trip. My daughter and our youth group are on their way back from a South Dakota mission trip (also crammed in vans). :)

  39. Tracey, I do Prime mainly for the free postage. And I get my free monthly book. Every now and then I borrow a book as well (but not often). I didn't sign up for KU. I had a trial of Scribd but didn't sign up after that. I wouldn't use it enough.

  40. This is serious me. You don't see her that often. But I wanted to tell all of you how much I enjoy and appreciate all the hard work that it takes to pull off a daily Seekerville blog. It's like having a group of cheerleaders outside rooting you on. Thanks!!!!! And congratulations to all the past finalists and winners of the Golden Heart award.

    Now on to the baby. It LOOKs like the same baby to me, but never having had children of my own, all babies look alike even though their mothers and grandmothers squeal over them. For the first nine months, I thought pictures of our youngest grandson looked a lot like the actor Peter Lorre. Remember those big eyes?

    Since I write most of my scenes in my head before putting them on paper, I'd say the shower and exercise class are my most productive places for writing. Although a Starbucks will do in a pinch.

    I'd love to win that box of beach reads!! I'm almost out of books to read.

  41. Audra, loved SECOND CHANCE RANCH!!! I posted a review on Amazon for you. Let's all remember to do that for each other. :)

  42. RUTHY, you are hilarious, now that I have pondered, there is no dissonance with your bebe as you story summary clearly states the bebe is part of the story from the start, not an LIS. I don't think they look alike

    I saw your cake while I was lurking on FB, where I'm trying to stay away from and out of the fray. Now there's a whole lot of dissonance going on for you!

  43. MISSY, I know about the book borrowing but can,you explain the free book part? I don't know about that. I order frequently from Amazon, my vitamins and such so I don't usually have a problem hitting the $35 mark. My daughter says I should check out the tv series.

  44. Hi Ruth:

    The baby is adorable.

    I love the baby!

    The problem is that every few chapters I had to stop and go back to the earlier chapters and scan the material trying to find out where I missed mention of that baby. I was also worried about how the heroine was taking care of that baby. Was she a bad mother? Did the father's family have custody? How will that play into the plot? And do you know how many chapters this went on? Of course you do! Dissonance in this case is a euphuism. : )

    Now please read the first words of Missy's "The Doctor's Second Chance"

    Surely this isn't happening.
    A baby, its tiny lips puckered, slept in a car seat at Jake West's feet.

    Now that's what I call a well behaved totally concordant baby -- from a reader's POV. People really need to read this book and I think they will surely agree with me. I think you may have had a little 'baby envy' for Missy's baby when her book came out ahead of yours. It happens!

    This is not a spoiler! It's a mystery!


    P.S. Myra: I just love the way you talk!

  45. Hahahahahahaha!

    Oh, Vince, I love you!!!!!

    Well of course we didn't know about my baby because it wasn't born yet!!!! :) That's so funny, I was trying to figure out if it was an age thing (because Mary Jane wouldn't have been this big that summer, but I love, love, love this cheerful baby!) and I wasn't sure they'd let me keep the baby... her mother appeared out of nowhere, Vince, and until Julia looked up and saw her, I had no idea the baby existed. :)

    There's a pantser for you!

    I'm so glad they let me keep her and the story line, it was a perfect way to bridge old wrongs and sorrows.

    I love me some babies!!!!

    But I loved Missy's book, too!!!! That poor hapless cousin, taking on that sweet child.


  46. Barbara Scott, I loved Second Chance Ranch, too! So fun, so western and gotta love me some cowboys!!!!

    I bought Audra's new one "Rough Ride Home" but haven't had a chance to read it yet. Gotta get this WIP done.... and then reading reward time!

  47. Audra,

    I write from the spectator section. I'm an awesome cheerleader. I've been taught the polite tennis rules of cheering.

    You can only cheer for your player's good play, and not cheer when the opponent makes a bad shot. Both of my sons will compliment their opponent on a nice serve or a great point. Not everybody gets this, but I'm proud of their good sportsmanship.

    There's time before a match starts when I can write, and time between doubles and singles. Somehow I make it work.

  48. Happy wet Saturday from Ohio. It's only 60 degrees here! I got my courage up today and attended a local R W A meeting this morning. It was a first for me and I met a great collection of creative ladies, most of whom have been published. Among them was Jill Kemerer. ..who is a recent addition to Love Inspired and a very nice person. We were discussing inspiration writing and a writer of sweet romance said she was thinking of writing a Catholic romance....didn't someone out there in seeker ville say there was a new Catholic publisher ? Can you remind me of what it is?

    Once when I was on a trip I got in one of those traffic jams where no one moves for hours. Luckily my laptop had a full battery and was able to type many pages. Please enter me in the drawing.

  49. Happy wet Saturday from NY too. It's been windy and misty all day and now it's raining and cool. I LOVE it. The perfect day to stay in and read and write and sip hot beverages.

    Bettie - I think you're thinking of Ruthy's post about Franciscan Media. They're a Catholic publisher starting up a fiction line.

    Thanks for the shout out to my Cate self on Yankee Belle. I'm so glad to be back writing about healthy food. I eat better when I'm being held accountable by my own posts.

    Thanks for the great links, Tina and contributors.

    I hope it wasn't too much trouble to rebuild the WE, Tina. And I hope Blogger is kinder to you today.

  50. Bettie, I'm so proud of you!!! You went to a meeting and met people and that's a huge step forward. God bless you and all that you endeavor to do!

    Yes, Franciscan Media is launching a new fiction line starting in July with Davis Bunn's "The Pilgrim".

    I am so excited to be part of this launch with "Refuge of the Heart" in September. Myra is also launching a new series with them in September "The Sweetest Rain".

    So that's pretty darned exciting! But as much as I love being able to stage a Catholic church and/or a Catholic family/character, what I love about writing ecumenically (no particular denomination mentioned) is that everyone can identify with the characters.

    I've never believed that God cares about the church doors we enter... I believe he sees the faith in our hearts. He's so much bigger and smarter than human walls!

    Good job going to that meeting, and so glad you met Jill!

  51. It's been sunny and humid today in northwest Florida but we've had lots of thunder. Crazy weather.

  52. Thunderstorm here this afternoon. Doggy is in her Thundershirt but it doesn't help much. :-/

    Yes, so excited to share September releases from Franciscan Media with RUTHY!

  53. Sorry for poking around on the WE! lol I meant to get over here and comment, but I'm packing for ICRS and cleaning house and washing clothes.

    I had to go shopping too. The Cowboy's cousin texted me and asked me what I was doing. I told her I was shopping because my Cowboy didn't know how and he wouldn't know what to do.

    She replied, "Oh, he knows what to do!" lol

  54. Myra, I'm making a more concerted effort to put in reviews for well written books, something I've been remiss in doing. I just left one for your excellent book I finished this morning, one that left a smile on my face. I hope you get a lot more, Autumn Rains deserves it :)

  55. Happy weekend! I'd love to win a beach read box! Stay cool...

  56. MY VOTE? TWO DIFFERENT BABIES, because I am inclined to agree with Barbara --"all babies look alike even though their mothers and grandmothers squeal over them."

    AUDRA'S ROUGH RIDE HOME IS AWESOME!!! Love, Love, LOVED it, along with the first one, Second Chance Ranch!!

    Sooooo fun to see the GH 2005 pic of us four Seekers -- GREAT memories, even with Myra winning ... ;)


  57. The baby debate is interesting. They do look a lot alike, but babies often do. So hard to say! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Please enter me for the books.

  58. Tina, thanks for the A+! I did actually get that grade on my CW portfolio last year, so there was a brief happy dance and then a ker-SPLAT as I fell asleep in utter exhaustion LOL

    Missy, thanks for the well-wishes on the trip to New Orleans, but we actually went about 4 or 5 years ago :) Might go again next summer, but my plate is full right now with an internship at my church!

    We're in the last week of planning before our yearly community servant event. We've got 45+ out-of-towners coming in early July--all teens and their counselors--to spend a week doing construction and other home repairs/improvements for elderly and other homeowners who can't take care of those projects themselves. I'm the assistant coordinator, and my oh my do we have a LOT left to do before then!

    Would appreciate any prayers sent our way!

  59. Philosophy Alert!

    All babies look alike, just as all members of ethnic groups look alike, that is until you stop looking at them as members of a group and start seeing them as individuals. We may see a baby but mothers and grandmothers see a future president of the United States.

    Special Request

    How about Julie for Franciscan Media? She already has a large, strong, memorable, cast of Catholic characters. Seventy million Catholics have long needed a Father Tim for their own Mitford series.

  60. Sarah Claucherty, that's a great project! Go you and everyone who's helping pull that together!

  61. Vince, I'm like that Mama penguin.... The don't all look alike to me, ever, but that's because I've had so many and I'm weird, I love studying facial planes and ethnic tendencies. Yes, I know it's weird, but I've done it forever, don't ask why... I have no answers!

    Hey, maybe Julie will jump on board! Although Father Tim ends up marrying Cynthia (I loved the Mitford series!!!) and that's tricky to do in a Catholic church, but I've got a married priest in my church, he was a Baptist minister, married with kids, and decided he wanted to make the leap so did all the things necessary... and he's the sweetest man, just beloved.

    I'd love to see priests have the option for marriage. Some would, some wouldn't, and that's okay by me.

  62. Happy WE everyone. I haven't been in hiding. I was out of town and away from the computer all day visiting with a reader's group. They took me to this room where there were stacks and stacks of books (they swap) and there were a lot of Seeker and Seekervillager books in there so I knew I was at the right place. They were such lovely ladies. Wish I could multiply them by about a million.

    Anyway, my news is that I'm publishing my first three novellas next weekend, if I can stay on schedule. I'll post the covers to my FB page tomorrow. This series (The Annex Mail-Order Brides) is about three 1880s women attending Harvard who have to get married for different reasons and go west to find their husbands. They are smart, spunky, and very ambitious, which is a little alarming to their prospective husbands at first. At the risk of sounding like Ruthie (but what's wrong with that?) I love, love, love these characters. They are so different from most women who become mail-order brides. And this series is really a prequel to my historical romance western series (already written) which will come out late fall.

    If I can squeeze it in, I'm also going to publish a Christmas novella in Oct or Nov. All will be exclusive to Amazon and in e-book only for awhile. The readers group made me promise to make them available in print later. No way I could refuse them.

    I'm not closing the door to pursuing traditional publishing, but I think I'll switch to contemporary for that, but I want to get all these historical books out first. I'm not getting any younger.

  63. Let me be the first here to say CONGRATULATIONS! Elaine!!!! That's awesome news and I agree, the stories sound wonderful.

  64. Storms all day kept me off line! Oh my! Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and clear! I'm hoping that's the case!

    Congrats to the winners!

    I'm so at the least in my heart.

    Great WE, Tina. Love the links and the Ruthy/Missy baby question. Is it the same child?

  65. Elaine!!! Your novella's sound WONDERFUL!! Congrats. Be sure to post on the Seekerville FB page when you have covers ready! And on launch day.

  66. So proud of you, Elaine!!! No grass growing under your feet, as the saying a very complimentary way!!!

    Huge congrats! Way to succeed!

    Go GRITS!!!!

  67. Wish I could bottle the morning air and send it to all of you! A cool, but sunny day in GA. I just watered flowers on my porch and wanted to stay outside and soak in the beauty of God's creation.

    Must get ready for church, but wanted to stop by Seekerville first. After so many days of stormy weather, I'm rejoicing and giving thanks for clear skies and moderate, summer temps today!

  68. Sarah, sounds as if you're doing great work in your part of the country!!!

    Sending prayers and hugs and a huge dose of extra energy to get everything done!

  69. Hey, VINCE, thanks for the vote of confidence, and honestly, that's what my agent thought too. But I may well be Franciscan's very first rejection because Natasha pitched A Light in the Window to them right off the bat, and they were very interested, but then decided to pass since it was already published and selling for two years. :(

    But I'm betting I can come up with another fun Catholic priest and nun to but heads down the road ... :)


  70. Hi Julie:

    Would you be interested in writing about 16th/17th Century Japan and the Franciscan missionaries? Most people think only the Jesuits were in early Japan but the Franciscans were there too and even had crucified martyrs in Nagasaski in 1597.

    Jesuits are not well liked but almost everyone likes Franciscans. (Even the pope, who is a Jesuit, took the Francis!) A love story amidst the persecution in Japan would be very unique. Plenty of conflict. Plenty opportunities for inspiration. What an opportunity!



    We're not getting younger, and if you know there's an audience there, waiting to be entertained, go for it!

    So proud of you!!!!!!

    And yes, sounding like Ruthy is never, ever, ever a bad thing, LOL! (Well, unless you have to listen to Ruthy, which I've been told gets annoying as heck, but I ignore those negatives! Bring on the Ruthy sound-alikes!!!)


  72. Julie, I think the publishers that grabbed things that already were indie-published got a little burn in the profits area, and that's a tough go in any market. How can they compete at regular prices with something that was previously selling for less? Vince, how would you handle that from a marketing viewpoint? A tough one, right?

    I absolutely loved being able to use a cross section of characters, to be able to name denominations (like the real world!) and to have fun, ecumenical things going on.

    LOVE IT!

    Vince, remember the Advent Walk in Mitford??? I loved that, and I was so glad when I was able to do one in Jamison, NY, the circle of churches. That made me smile even though I couldn't name them.

    I'm having fun on both sides of the Ruthy keyboard!

  73. Catching up on the week today. I always try to read, even if I don't comment.

    Craziest place to chase a deadline? 24hr Whataburger (a Texas thing) sharing a booth with two college girls on their night off from working as camp counselors at Sky Ranch. It was the only booth available with an electrical outlet. :)

    Thanks for a great week's worth of wisdom! Please put me in the drawing!

  74. Jana, great to see you on Seekerville today. You know we hold you close in prayer when needed. So glad you post those needs on FB.

    Sending love and hugs...and continued prayers! :)

  75. When you 'borrow' a baby, isn't that KIDNAPPING???

  76. ELAINE!!!! So excited for you! The books sound terrific. Make sure and let us know when they go up on Amazon!!!!!

  77. Hi Ruth:

    I don't remember the Advent Walk. I may have missed that book but I'd love to read about it. It's a great idea. I'd love to see what Jan did with that idea.

    About marketing a previously published Indie book: I'd try to avoid it at all costs. I think it is the kiss of death for a new start up publisher to come out with an already published book. A new imprint is supposed to be fresh and different. Readers are going to be looking for new reads they cannot find anywhere else.

    If the publisher is long established and wants to publish an Indie book here are some situations where that could make sense:

    1. Book was never available in print. Print price would not compete with past eBook price.

    2. Book has been greatly enhanced -- perhaps twice as large.

    3. First book was censored and is now available for the first time in the version the author intended. (Author's husband felt truth would hurt his career. He's now dead.)

    4. The Indie book will be offered essentially for free and included with book 2 in the series.

    5. The publisher wants to publish the series of books and only the first in the series was an Indie. Publisher might even offer the Indie book for free as a gateway to the rest of the series.

    6. The publisher wants to bring the Indie author into the fold and the author wants the national distribution the publisher offers. It's part of a 5-book contract.

    7. The Indie book was so badly marketed that sales were so low past sales will have no impact on new publisher's pricing.

    8. The Indie price was actually higher than the publisher can charge.

    9. The editor who turned down the book has been replaced with an editor who loves it. And the Indie price is acceptable. And the new editor really, really wants more books from that author.

    10. The Indie book has a dedicated following that will sell many of the publishers other titles. Marketing is drooling to get the Indie title and put it in an ad with their other books. "Look! We have books like this one!"

    11. The traditional publisher thinks the Indie book can be profitably marketed as an ebook, print, large print, library edition, and audible versions.

    12. Fans loved the Indie book and demand sequels but author cannot afford the time.(Job comes first.) Traditional publisher is willing to pay an advance to get the books written and earn the author's many fans.

    Just a few ideas. I'm sure I could come up with some more.


  78. Vince, you need to talk to Walt. He writes early Japan.

  79. .
    If you borrow a baby you become the servant of the lender. (Proverbs 22:7)

  80. Hi Tina:

    Walt knows Japan. Julie knows how to create Catholic priests that are exactly as I remember them growing up. These are also priests Catholics can be proud of. I think both Walt and Julie might offer a proposal that might be accepted. I'd sure read either one of them.

  81. Stopping by again to say CONGRATS to ELAINE!!! :) YAY!! Sooo exciting for you!!

    Also saw that sweet Jana stopped by - - I've been praying for you. Gentle hugs!

  82. Vince, you sure know your stuff, you hit on way more than I thought of.

    Now I'm wondering if they took out the Advent Walk.....

    I bet it was removed, Vince, if you can't remember it.

    Well, I'm using one soon then! It's funny, if I have a book that's been rewritten 3X, I have 3 versions in my head... and sometimes I can't remember which one went to final print.


  83. Been trying to post from my computer but getting a lot of 404 errors. Hopefully, my iPad lets me.

    My 16th century Japanese writing has Catholicim in it a. It, though I write before the Franciscans got there. The war between the Franciscans and the Jeuits of that time did make it all the way to Japan. Had they worked together, they could have accomplished so much more.

  84. Being at the beach at the moment, I am enjoying some beach reads.

  85. TRACEY!!! Just checking back in after a busy weekend and read your Amazon review! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!