Saturday, July 25, 2015


This week we're giving away swag from the RWA conference in New York City. Tell us you want your name entered! Winner announced next weekend!

More Harlequin Signing Pictures
Annie Rains

Regina Scott & Rene Ryan

Tanya Agler & Lisa Jordon

Shelley Shepard Gray & Tina Radcliffe

Editor Emily Rodmell & Tina Radcliffe

Editor Emily Rodmell & Executive Editor Tina James

L-R Emily Rodmell, Tina Radcliffe, Tina James & Missy Tippens

SYTYCW Winner Tanya Wright

Associate Editor Shana Asaro

Assistant Editor Giselle Regus & Tina Radcliffe

Teri Wilson

Tina & Rose Ross Zediker

We Have Winners

 Giveaway rules can be found here. Please drop us a line to claim your giveaway at All prizes not claimed in 8 weeks go back into the prize vault. We wish we could contact all our winners individually, but we'd rather write books! And P.S. - if we forget to send  your prize DO let us know after 8 weeks per our rules

Winners from the last Weekend Edition of an autographed by the authors copy of The Homestead Brides Collection are Artist Librarian, Lyndee H and Sandy Smith.  

Vince Mooney, friend of Seekerville and our resident philosopher, gave tips on Monday, for writing crystal clear prose in his post entitled “How to Recognize, Edit and Compose ‘Crystal Clear’ Prose.“ Kat  is the winner of one of the Seeker novella sets: With This Spark, a collection of historical romances or Coffee Shop Romances, a contemporary collection. Winner’s choice. 

Tuesday we were delighted to welcome back, Sarah Ladd, with her post,"Getting Unstuck: How to Keep Writing When Writer's Block Strikes."  Jill Weatherholt is the winner of her amazing new release,The Curiosity Keeper.  

Wednesday Thomas Nelson author Laura McNeill was our special guest with her post, "On Writing: Interruptions, Blessings, & Minions."  Danielle Hull is the winner of an ecopy of Laura's suspense novel, Center of Gravity, that Seekerville is giving away in her honor.

Thursday we welcomed award-winning author Sandi Rog to share her incredible writer’s journey that took her from the depths of a troubled marriage, MS, and cancer to the heights of God’s love, sure to encourage and inspire you with “Blessings in Disguise.”  Winner of Out of the Ashes is Jeanne T.

On Friday, Seekerville was Live from NYC for the 35th Annual Romance Writers of America Conference. Cindy W is the winner of conference swag!

Sandra Leesmith is happy to announce that Ruth Ann Dell won the 2012 conference CD and Amanda Barratt won the collection of conference cassettes.
Arriving at the Waldorf Astoria for the Harlequin Black & White Ball

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Pam Hillman is our hostess with "Shelf Life, Books, and Oreos." Everything in this world has a shelf life. Or does it? You be the judge. Come celebrate with Pam as she celebrates the release of Stealing Jake. Oreos and books will be served. 

Tuesday: "Networking in the Writing Business." Sandra Leesmith will talk about what to do after the conference. (Besides get some rest of course) She will provide helpful suggestions to organize all that information and make the best use of contacts made at the grand affair.  This information can be applied to those not attending as well. 

Wednesday: Glynna Kaye will be bringing us "Jump-Start Your Story With an Art Fact Sheet" -- tips she's learned from using a Love Inspired AFS before she writes the book. She'll be doing a drawing to give away a copy of her upcoming release, "Rekindling the Widower's Heart."

Thursday: Seeker Tina Radcliffe brings you "The Secret Life of the Inspirational Romance Writer." What goes on behind those closed doors. Bring your cameras and notepads. The prize vault will be open.

Friday: 2015 Christy Award, Carol Award and RITA Award finalist, Kate Breslin is our special guest. We are thrilled to welcome her back with her post, “Good Story Comes From Writing What We Know." Don't miss a chance to chat with Kate!
Love Inspired authors Top to Bottom L-R
Susan May Warren, Lenora Worth, Mindy Obenhaus, Tina Radcliffe, Janet Dean
Missy Tippens, Mia Ross, Sandra Orchard, Mary Curry
Lisa Carter, Merrillee Whren, Lee Tobin McClain, Sandra Orchard, Debby Giusti, Deb Kastner

Seeker Sightings

Yes, it's a .99 sale, because Christmas in July should always begin and end with romance from your favorite authors!  Find both collections on sale here starting TODAY!

Teri Wilson
RWA President Cindy Kirk and Lenora Worth
Senior Editor Melissa Endlich & Editor Emily Rodmell
Tina Radcliffe & Assistant Editor Giselle Regus

Editor Charles Griemsman and Tina Radcliffe

Janet Dean, Rose Ross Zediker, and Lenora Worth
Janet Dean, Missy Tippens and Debby Giusti
Back row-Tina Radcliffe & Laura Scott
Front row-Mary Curry & Mia Ross
Info from the workshop: The Experts Share The Hottest New Trends in Romance Publishing with PJ Ausdenore, Nancy Berland, John Charles, Bette-Lee Fox, Joyce Lamb, Kim Miller, Kristin Ramsdell and Sarah Wendell.

  • Romantic Suspense is on the upswing!
  • The secret micro trend is Gothic
  • Contemporary books as ebooks are hot especially motorcycle guys and sports books
  • Small town contemporary series are hot
  • Historicals are steady
  • Seeing more diversity in books
  • Audio books are big on the west coast
  • Editors are looking for hockey heroes
  • Paranomals are trending down

Breakfast Club!

Irene Hannon, Tina Radcliffe and Kate Breslin

Tina Radcliffe & Tanya Agler

Live Streaming! 8:00 p.m.  – 10:00 p.m. 2015 RITA & Golden Heart Awards Ceremony with Emcee Lisa Kleypas. 

Julie Hilton Steele, Mary Connealy, Merrillee Whren

Merrillee Whren, Tina Radcliffe, Mary Connealy & Julie Hilton Steele

Irene Hannon & RITA!

Editors Giselle Regus & Rachel Burkot

So long New York!

See you for #RWA 2016 San Diego!


  1. I was getting up about the same time these gals were calling it a night! So sorry I missed the party!!!!!!


    And tonight, Ritas and Golden Heart (without an inspirational category.... :( So sad about that even though I never made it into that hallowed club)

    For us stay-at-homes it's WEEKEND AT RUTHY'S!!!!! WRITING TIME!


    I can't do clever memes, but I can hang with youse and we can write the weekend away!

    Join me if you can!


    Who loves you, baby??????

    And we can still talk Desert Dreams today!

  3. Good morning from NYC.

    I don't have much to add beyond i've been awake since 3 a.m. and I'm kinda sad about that.

    But I'm going to write until I think my husband is awake.

    Why not, huh?

  4. Dave and I do that wherever we go, Mary. I get up at 3:30 or so and go to the lobby where I hear very interesting things as I work! Do you know how many drunks stumble into city hotel lobbies after the bars close? It's kind of amazing!

    I work until he comes to find me or my 2-3 hours is done...

    And then we spend the day together. For me it just makes my life easier to not mess with my work schedule.

    Enjoy your day today!!!!

  5. Thanks for posting all those lovely pictures. Looks like y'all are having a blast. Enjoy the last day of conference!

  6. Thank you again, Tina, for all the photos! Still pretty much dark here in the West, which reminds me that you've been dealing with a 3-hour time difference in NY! Hang in there!

    This is a wall-to-wall writing weekend for me, with only time out for church. My Monday proposal deadline LOOMS. I want it polished perfect! :) I have a bottle of water, grapes, orange slices, walnuts and a granola bar at my side to sustain me through the a.m. hours. So I'm waving at ya, Ruthy as we sit hunched over our keyboards!

  7. Exciting WE and love those photos of smiling faces!!
    You all look great! :)
    Will be viewing the online RITA ceremony tonight (and that will motivate me to work hard today and get LOTS done before it begins). ;)

    For those of us not able to attend RWA this year, please enjoy the warm Georgia peach cobbler I just baked. Also slices of fresh Georgia-grown watermelon (YUM!!).

    Hugs, Patti Jo

  8. Dear Tina,
    Thank you for the great photos on Friday and today. It is really wonderful to see so many faces I've met here or at ACFW or other conferences. You all seem to radiate genuine joy and it looks very fun. Thanks for sharing the happiness with us here. Glynna, I'm on deadline with some media materials so will be sipping coffee with you here on the West coast. Best to everyone there. Hope to see some of you at ACFW in Dallas in September, too.

  9. The later books in my tween fantasy series do have a romance factor, (as the kids enter high school years) so perhaps I'll go to the San Diego conference next year! Looks like great seminars, too. Thanks again Tina!

  10. Good morning! Doing well on four hours sleep. Met amazing Kate Breslin for breakfast. Joined by my cab partner Lisa Carter and also Irene Hannon and Tanya Agler! Can I admit my feet hurt?

  11. Tina, what a breakfast party!

    Ruthy, Glynna, and all y'all who are writing away, best wishes and I'll share my homemade chocolate zucchini bread!! :)

    I'd love to be tossed in the pet dish for the conference goodies drawing, Ruthy!

    Patti Jo, you're making me hungry!

  12. Loving all the conference & party pix, Tina! Sure miss seeing all of you!

    NOT missing the late nights and early mornings, though. Not one eensy, weensy bit. This has turned out to be an extremely productive writing week for me, which I desperately needed during this crazy-busy summer if I'm going to meet my deadline.

    Pass me some of that watermelon, PATTI JO! Yum! Best summer treat ever!

  13. Good morning, Elizabeth! Another Westerner! Looks like we'll both be busy today. What sort of media materials are you working on?

    I'm setting a timer to take a break every so often--get up and stretch, step to a window for fresh air (it's going to be a GORGEOUS day here in the Arizona mountains) and pop into Seekerville! :)

    Since it's so close, I'm seriously thinking about San Diego in 2016, too. I imagine Tina and probably Sandra will go. Now we just need to talk the other Seekers & Seeker Villagers scattered around the country into coming, too!

  14. SARAH -- Thanks SO MUCH for the CHOCOLATE zucchini bread! Perfect to go along with Patti Jo's cobbler and watermelon! :)

  15. Tina, thanks for sharing the pictures! You all look beautiful!

    I can't wait to hear how tonight turns out. Have fun!

  16. I will be missing the San Diego party....

    But Glynna, maybe Desert Dreams???? Can you get off for that, or to visit with some of us if we come down that way next April?

    Sounds like a fun time to me! And at the end of our winters, a little 4 or 5 day break before planting season would be wonderful!

  17. Y'all look fabulous! Love seeing all he smiling faces. No wonder your feet hurt!

    And Mary is writing at 3 am. Course I don't know what time that is HER time but travel and conferences wear me out completely. I have written and I've edited while traveling, in the airport, on the plane, etc. But I won't pretend it's easy. So, my hat's off to you!

  18. Sarah, I want that recipe!!! Chocolate zucchini bread????

    Oh, happy day!

  19. Tina, are you skipping classes and cabbing around NYC to see things?

    If this is true I AM SO STINKIN' PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!

    My wretched influence is paying off!!!!

    Possibly laughing!

  20. Myra, me too! So many family things in May/June and beginning of July that I missed most of my writing weekends, so this weekend and next weekend are Ruthy-unleashed-and-alone!


    And I got so much done this week, that I know it was the right decision. Breathing room, and maybe I'll finally get things mailed out!


  21. Hi Tina:

    I'm a big fan of "Secret Life" books. Can you tell us where "The Secret Life of the Inspirational Romance Writer" fits on the spectrum between "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and "The Secret Life of EL James"? Inquiring minds want to know.

  22. Hi Ruth:

    Linda said she'd like to go to Tempe if it is during her two weeks off from taking care of her parents.

    I don't suppose Dave would be happy swimming in the pool, going to antique shops and checking out the thrift stores while you're in conference like my wife would be? Linda even comes to the evening events at the end of the day.

    We need to send Billy Joel to Minnesota to sign "New York State of Mind" to the Yankees since they are two games under .500 on the road!

  23. Love the Pictures

    I'm getting to see what authors look like that I've read for years. I think Love Inspired should always include a picture of the author in their "About the Author" page.

  24. I absolutely love all the pictures being posted. Thank you so much! Like Vince said above, I'm seeing pictures of authors I've read for years and new authors so it's nice to put a face to the name.

    Also, SQUUUUUEEEEEEEE! Yay! I see I won the Conference Swag. I am so excited! Thank you so much. I'll go back to my Snoopy dance now. :)

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  25. Ruthy -- Desert Dreams would be so much fun! If we sign up before the end of the year, we can usually get a discount on registration -- or you can still stay at the hotel and write your little fingers to the bone under a big umbrella by the pool. I'll have to look it up and find out which hotel they're having it at next year. I always liked the Chaparral Suites-- TWO pools, palm trees, lots of shady spots to get out of the sun and a hot buffet breakfast with the price of your room (Sandra and I'd always get together for breakfast by the pool)-- but I think they changed the location last year.

  26. I'm loving the glimpse into all fo the fun!

    Please enter me for the SWAG!

  27. I just checked on Desert Dreams -- April 7-10, 2016. Agent Sue Brower will be there -- but maybe we can convince Natasha to come along, too, just for the gorgeous Arizona spring weather! And it WILL be at Chaparral Suites, which I know is currently undergoing renovations. So everything should be fresh and new by Springtime! They have a hotel shuttle, I believe, to/from Sky Harbor, so it's easy to fly in and get to the hotel and back.

  28. Glynna, yes, Sandra filled us in on that yesterday when we started chatting about doing a get together in AZ.... I bet my Dave would love it, even if it is after spring training. And I love that you understand my lack of conference-love! God bless you for that!

    I know it's a long way off, but I'm putting it on my calendar to check into further later this fall.... then I have time to think, perhaps!

  29. An Hallelujah chorus, please:

    I have just sent the final, edited version of Back in the Saddle back to Waterbrook!!!!



  30. Yay Ruthy! Does this mean you get a break for a bit of this weekend now?

    The recipe for the chocolate zucchini bread I make is the one on the Land o' Lakes website, and I will say it is delicious! (I do skip the walnuts, and it turns out wonderfully, so they're optional. And I haven't tried the glaze, because it's rich enough for me without any.) Enjoy!

  31. Thanks for the great photos!! Wish I was there!

    I hope to join the streaming tonite!!


  32. Ruthy -- Since I was pretty much gone all day yesterday, I just now went back in and read comments from yesterday's post re: Desert Dreams. Wish they'd put the date back later in April than it is now as that early in April it can sometimes be hard to get down/back up the mountain when you get an overnight 1-2 ft snowfall in the high elevations.

    VINCE - The train from Williams is great fun. I went years ago when I knew some of the waiters, musicians and singers, so it was especially neat that time. And if you've never driven through Oak Creek Canyon and Red Rock Country, that's worth seeing, too.

  33. Hi Ruth:

    If you are going to happy dance, then you might as well have the right music:

    But if you have tears, prepare to shed them now.


  34. Whoo-hoo, Ruthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good thing you stayed home. There's nothing like the joy of polishing off a manuscript and turning it in.

    Loved seeing all the pics at RWA of people I know in Seekerville or by email. You all look as though you're having a great time. I can't do the partying until the wee hours any more. I'd walk around like a zombie the next day and fall asleep in the lobby. RWA in San Diego! My old stomping grounds.

    But like you, Ruthy, I got a LOT of writing done this week.

  35. Oh, have you ever seen so many gorgeous people all in one place?? I love the pics from the RWA conference!! So glad the gals are keeping on top of things, LOL!

  36. I have yet to congratulate Debby on her Daphne win and Glynna for not one but TWO (first and second!!!!) place wins in the IRCS!!!! Oh my goodness, am I proud of you!!!!!

  37. Hi Glynna:

    The Oak Creek Canyon is my favorite drive even surpassing the 17 miles drive in Carmel. I'm not sure I've been to all the Red Rock drive attractions as we did not have much time in Sedona but I'd go back anytime. We saw many things in one day.

    I'm now reading Joseph Campbell's "Sedona Vortex Hunting". Nothing will dissolve writer's block faster than a Sedona vortex. And pantsers writing paranormals can finish in half the time if they can get their RV close enough to a vortex.

    BTW The Chaparral Suites really have good room rates if you book well in advance.


  38. Looks like you all are having a blast! Thanks for sharing pictures. Congrats to all the winners! Put my name in the hat for some swag please! :) Happy weekend!

  39. Loved the pictures! I was wanting to watch the live streaming but did not want to be rude with our company, so missed it. Now I am dying to know who won!

    It will be a busy weekend! With family in and then VBS starting tomorrow.

    This afternoon I was sitting on the couch reading an arc copy on my kindle. My great niece who is 3 asked if I was reading a book. The thought occurred to me that by the time she is grown that may be the only kind of book she will know.

  40. Awww, these pictures just made me smile big! :) So happy you all got to be at RWA. So exciting. And thank you for the book! I'm thrilled to get to read Sandi Rog's book. I hope all you Seekers (and regulars here) get to catch up on your rest once you get home form RWA. :)

  41. The Rita Award pics all over facebook are wonderful!!!! Such a wonderful opportunity to hang with friends and see people!

    Vince, I love that song clip/video!!!!! Did I tell you that the other books in the series are "Home on the Range" and "Peace in the Valley"?

    And these cowboys need and deserve some country lovin', that's all I'm sayin'! A little faith, hope and love in their lives, an' I aim to see they get a chance at all three! :)

    When I was a kid, I had a subscription to "Arizona Highways" magazine. I loved those pictures, a virtual tour of AZ!!!! So I'd love to have a few days to see it. I love my north country, I love my change of seasons and we know I'm a big whiny pants when it comes to heat, but visiting AZ and revelling in its beauty, that I can do!

  42. Barb, years ago when money was non-existent and choices were too, I made a pact with myself to use the time I could have spent at conferences, etc. to better my craft. It always made me feel better about staying home...

    Now, with working full time and wanting to polish things, it's a time thing. Do I want to spend a week getting ready, a week gone and a week catching up?

    Naw, because I like working and being home. I'm a big bore when it comes to that, but it's good we're all different! And now, back to work for me for that first 1K today!!!

  43. Heading home. Great week, but I'm eager to get back to GA! Loved seeing everyone! Thanks, Tina, for posting the pics!

  44. And I am the opposite of Ruthy. I like coming out of my cave once a year for one-on-one networking and lunch with editors and meeting villagers. Four days of meeting and networking and making plans for the writing new year.

    RWA is a huge bang for your buck with over 100 workshops.

    Oh, my gosh, had the best gnocchi ever last night!!! Amazing Italian restaurant.

    Monday it's back to the day job and the writing schedule. Although I can write here on Amtrak as we soon towards Philly, and on the plane (ugh, much narrower sardine can!).

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Just wanted to say everyone looked so glamorous last night. Didn't have any one person I was rooting for so that lessened the tension. Dreams came true and commitments made, which is the way it should be. Safe travels home. Facing a whole battery of medical tests this week, so thanks for making me forget that for awhile.

  47. For those of us who were unable to attend the conference, viewing your pictures made me feel as if I was there. Thank you, Tina! What a wonderful experience it must be. I'd love to be entered in the goodie drawing!

  48. I think this is why Seekerville works so well... we're all different, you're all different, and we respect that.

    But we all want to write, so we're on the same page... just different paragraphs!

  49. Hi Ruth:

    I like the continuity of your titles. I think this has worked very well for Mary Higgin Clark. I'd like to suggest three titles -- all songs by the Sons of the Pioneers, who I hope to see soon in Branson.

    The Yodeling Cowboy
    One More River to Cross
    Born To The Saddle

    Can you imagine a lovable, yodeling, cowboy hero? He would sure be memorable. Even one of your state troopers could yodel. There's a quirk. And "One More River to Cross" can have so many different meaning as a title. Love it. Then "Born to the Saddle" -- the cowboy who couldn't be changed. Could make a nice reunion story.

    In any event, I think the song theme is brilliant. Let me know the minute I can order "Back in the Saddle"!

  50. .
    Sunday Question

    Is it just me or does anyone else like the ACFW conference awards show just a little better?

    ACFW 2015 Conference
    Dallas, Texas,
    September 17th-20th

    Just four hours from Tulsa!
    Central to All America!

  51. Hallelujah for Ruthy! (She asked for a whole chorus, but I need to get back to writing.)

    Thanks, Tina, for sharing the RWA conference with us. I get it now ... it's about food! :-)

    Safe travels to all.

    Nancy C

  52. love all the pictures and updates. so cool!

  53. Very excited to win the autographed Homestead Brides Collection.

    Loved seeing all the pictures from New York. Please enter me for the conference swag.

  54. Vince, I think RWA gives a heck of a bang for the buck.... And their venues allow a lot of exploration so you can access things and do things quickly, which gives folks alternatives to classes... (BIG GRIN FROM CLASS-SKIPPER RUTHY!!!!)

    But I think I'm part guy... guy authors don't gather like this. 'SUP WI DAT????

    So is it a girl thing, a romance thing, a money thing? Who knows?

    I love getting together with people, though, I'm a total people person. And I love wearing dresses, so I'm MOSTLY girl, LOL!

    But for aspiring authors, I think both conferences are GREAT. And I mean that sincerely. I loved going as a newbie, learning, talking, networking. Unless you're shopping for new publishers (and I'm not!) I don't see the ROI for me, but that's just one Seeker opinion, and I think the other twelve would disagree. And if there weren't multiple other spots for money to go (big family = money drain!!!) I might feel differently, too.

    I'm crazy happy where I'm at, writing for multiple markets. Who would have thought such a thing five years ago????? #happyauthor!

    But I would totally encourage aspiring authors to make the trip at least once or twice because it's so educational to meet people face to face.

  55. In fact.... After Melissa Endlich contracted me for Love Inspired, she asked me if I remembered the first time we met and I said yes... it was in the hallway of a hotel for ACFW and I was giving someone moral support before they met with the editors... And Melissa walked down the hall, introduced herself and just said "nice to meet you, girls, have a great time..."

    And that was that!

    But when she contracted me she told me "I knew I wanted you that day. Joan and I had no doubt you'd be joining our group."

    So that's cool, right? You never know when folks are watching, when circumstances open for you! So that part of conferencing is priceless.

  56. Oh, Ruthy....laughing at your "we're all on the same page....just different paragraphs" statement. (I keep reworking the FIRST I took that literally. I will "never give up" until I'm on the LAST paragraph!) So glad to have found Seekerville where we're all on the same "page!"

    Thanks to all the #RWA15-ers who posted pictures and tweets. ALMOST like being there! I would like to have heard Rita winner Anna Richland's speech which had the entire audience in tears....I believe because of an encounter she had at a Veterans' Day service. I enjoyed meeting her a couple of years ago...a lovely person. Praying for safe travels....and some rest...for all those heading home.

    Elaine, extra prayers for you.

    Again, thank you for the WE! Hope everyone has a great writing and/or reading week!

  57. SIGH ... my two weeks with my kids/grand kids is over, but so is RWA, and I MISSED THE WE!! Actually, I didn't, but by the time I finished reading and wanted to leave a comment, my four-year-old granddaughter would drop a book in my lap and say, "Read, JuJu, please?" I've been off the computer so long, I need a refresher course!

    But I DID love the pix, Tina, so thanks for giving us a fun peek at everything that went on!

    Now, back to normal ... whatever THAT is!!


  58. love all the pictures. so cool to see.

    would love some conference swag...

  59. What fun! The Black and White ball looks especially lovely.

    I would love some conference Swag. :)

  60. Looks like a good time was had by one and all.
    Thanks for entering me to win "Conference Swag".
    Janet E.

  61. Everyone looked beautiful. I would love to be entered to win some of the swag. Thanks.

    Rose M.

  62. So many great pictures!!! And how did I get in there?! I don't even remember having my picture taken. RWA was a wonderful blur! Loved seeing so many of my Seekerville friends :)