Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Weekend Edition

Talking weddings was so much fun yesterday, let's talk some more.

Favorite wedding movie?

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Monday Mary Connealy had a post intriguingly titled "Roller Coaster or Collision." Does Mary have a point in this blog or is she just desperately searching for a title that will be click bait? And if that's her goal she should have named this post 10 things we can learn about prenups from the Ben Affleck-Jennifer Garner divorce. Winner of away a signed copy of Now and Forever is Loraine Nunley.

Tuesday: 2014 ACFW Carol Award winner, Melissa Jagears shared "5 Ways your Online Review Screams You’re a Writer and not an Ordinary Reader." (Bringing much discussion to Seekerville, BTW!) This post knocks your socks off. Sandy Smith is the winner of  A Bride at Last and Kathryn Barker is the winner of  The Convenient Bride Collection

I know this may be hard to believe, but Julie Lessman posted on "The Beauty of Brevity," on Wednesday. Winner of choice of Julie's books is Barbara Scott.

Thursday Ruthy Logan Herne talked about writing with groups, writing novellas and writing historicals and why it's important to stretch a little, spread your wings and not be so dog-gone stubborn about what you think you want to say! Winners of  the Seekers' new Historical collection: With This Spark, are Zey Zey,  Mary Preston and Sherida.

Friday 2015 ACFW Carol Award finalist, Lorna Seilstad was our guest today with her post,  "The Writer's Guide to Writing Weddings." Put on your best wedding attire and join us! Winner of her new release, As Love Blooms is Tracy Hagwood. Winner of her Carol finaling book, While Love Stirs is Vince Mooney. 

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Missy Tippens will be giving you a peek inside her mind (scary, huh?!). She'll be sharing a bit of the planning she did before writing The Doctor's Second Chance, showing how she used James Scott Bell's book, Write Your Novel from the Middle, to help her figure out her story. In celebration of the newly released With This Spark, she'll be giving away an e-book copy of the collection to two lucky winners!

Tuesday: Myra Johnson talks about settings, and she isn't just referring to geographical locations! A well-crafted story setting takes into consideration the history, culture, and prevailing mindset of an area. Join Myra in the discussion for a chance to win a copy of her  romance When the Clouds Roll By (Till We Meet Again: Book 1), set in historical Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Wednesday: Debby Giusti will talk about “Conference Dos and Don’ts!” With the RWA National Conference just a week away, Debby wanted to review some of the info she’s accrued over the years that is applicable to ACFW and regional or local conferences as well. Stop by to pick up conference tips or to share your own conference experiences. Leave a comment to be entered in a drawing for an advance copy of Debby’s August Love Inspired Suspense, Person of Interest!

Thursday: We are thrilled to have Tyndale Publishing's Christy Stroud with us today. Stop by for her post, "How to Help Your Publicist.” One visitor will walk away with a surprise bundle of Tyndale books!

Friday: Seekerville welcomes back Love Inspired Suspense author Carol J Post. Carol will be sharing: "Pace Your Story for Maximum Reader Engagement (Seven tips to keep the pages turning)." AND..she's giving away a signed copy of Hidden Identity. 

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With This Spark launched this week. 
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Bethany House Publishers​ photo challenge. You'll get a chance to win a book prize package if you send in a picture of yourself posed reading a Bethany House book. Details HERE

Mary Connealy Book Banter on Facebook Tuesday, July 14, prizes, chatting, fun. Link to Book Banter The page is live so you can find details, but the chat is TUESDAY.


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Special RWA NYC Seekerville Sightings

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Where you may find us during the conference: 

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Wednesday, July 22

2:00 - 5:00 pm FHL Chapter Meeting in the Empire Room This event is open to members and non-members alike. 

5:30 – 7:30 p.m. The 2015 "Readers for Life" Literacy Autographing in the Westside Ballroom.  Debby Giusti & Missy Tippens are signing!

Thursday, July 23 

 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. Hot Breakfast Buffet  (Free Food!)

 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. All General and Charter RWA members are entitled and encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting in the Broadway Ballroom. It's your organization. Show up!

9:00 – 11:00 pm Pajama Party (Harlequin Suite; Harlem Room) 

Friday,  July 24

 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. Hot Breakfast Buffet  (Free Food!)

9:45 – 11:15 Harlequin Signing (Westside Ballroom 3 – 4) Debby Giusti, Tina Radcliffe & Missy Tippens signing. (Free Books!)

12:45 – 1:45 Harlequin Series Spotlight (Imperial/Juilliard Rooms) 

2-3 pm  Fire Up Your Focus! Strategies for ADD/ADHD Writers (WRITER’S LIFE).Speakers: Alison DeLaine, Tina Radcliffe, Jessica Scott, and Jeannie Watt. Check your conference brochure for location.

Saturday, July 25th

 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. Hot Breakfast Buffet  (Free Food!)

Live Streaming! 8:00 p.m.  – 10:00 p.m. 2015 RITA & Golden Heart Awards Ceremony with Emcee Lisa Kleypas. 

Starbucks® is located on the lobby floor of the Marriott Marquis. See you there!

Random News & Information

Thanks to Seekers and Villagers who shared links!

Ask Bethany House: Can You Give Me a Free Book? (Bethany House) LINK FIXED!!!

Half of Net Proceeds New Standard for Trad Pub EBook Royalties (John Ellsworth)

What’s going on with CBA fiction? (Chip's Blog)

What’s Really Going on With Christian Fiction (Shelf Life)

Demystifying Keywords, Categories, and Themes For Amazon Indie Authors (Writer Unboxed)

Classic #Writing Advice from NYT Bestselling Author Tess Gerritsen (Novel Rocket)

Get Rid of On-the-Nose Dialogue Once and For All  (K.M. Weiland)

Fiction Writers Can’t Be One-Trick Ponies (The Editor's Blog)

3 Common Author Platform Mistakes — Plus How to Fix Them (WD)

ICRS 2015 – Observations ICRS 2015 – Observations (The Steve Laube Agency)

"Harlequin’s annual So You Think You Can Write Contest is teaming up with Wattpad to offer aspiring romance writers a unique opportunity to learn, write, get feedback and get published! Our Grand Prize is a 2-book contract with Harlequin!Read our Contest Categories writing guidelines and decide which category is right for you. Then post your romance manuscript on Wattpad any time between July 2 and Sept 21, 2015, and get reader feedback as you polish your masterpiece. The earlier you post, the more time for feedback you get!"


  1. Yay I get to be the first to comment. Happy Weekend everyone. I'm excited to win another book. Please enter me for With this Spark and Coffee Shop Romances and also for Ruthy's book. Looks like another great week ahead.

  2. My favorite wedding movie is The African Queen. One of the best weddings ever.

  3. The African Queen had a wedding? I guess I better watch it again. I just remember the boat.

  4. Tina, how could you forget? (Spoiler alert) The German captain offers the captured Bogart a last request and he requests to marry Hepburn. At the end of the ceremony, the German captain says "I pronounce you man and wife. Proceed with the execution."

  5. Catching up...A couple of favorite wedding movies...Steel Magnolias...(One of my ALL-Time fav movies!) and 27 Dresses. Please enter me in the drawing for Ruthy's book..All Dressed Up in Love for Kindle...and throw my name in the hat for With This Spark and Coffee Shop Romances.Thanks so much!!

    Hoping everyone has a lovely weekend! We're at a wonderful family reunion in Sandy, Oregon. They've met every year for 108 years!! (Missed a few during WWll) An amazing family with a fabulous wagon-train history!!

  6. My favorite wedding movie of all time is My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It makes me laugh. Would love to be put in the drawing for Ruthy's book. On my way to a horse show. Have a great weekend all!

  7. Hmm... I have to think about my favorite wedding movie. I like so many!

    Can't wait to see you all in person in NYC! I didn't realize breakfast was provided. I guess I'd better reading my material better!

  8. Congratulations winners! :-)

    Great WE Tina, thank you! Wishing all a wonderful weekend!

  9. Too little sleep, too many movies and not enough coffee this morning make this question really hard.

    Must think.

    Or wait...

    More coffee first...

  10. Please put my name in that hat for With this Spark and Coffee Shop. Both are must reads for me! Runaway Bride is good wedding movie. I also like My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Sound of Music has a beautiful wedding. But way more than movies, I like wedding books! Ruthy's All Dressed Up in Love is a FABULOUS one!

  11. Please enter me in the drawing for Ruthy's book..All Dressed Up in Love for Kindle...and for With This Spark and Coffee Shop Romances.
    Favorite wedding movie. Father of the Bride. :-)

  12. Always love the Weekend Edition! Thanks, Tina! I'm going to print off the RWA schedule you provided. Don't want to miss you, Debby and Missy HQ signing on Friday! And attending your workshop. How did I miss you were doing that? Can't wait! Though I'm kind of stunned RWA is little over a week away. Looking forward to chatting with Villagers! And meeting with LI editors, especially mine.

    Congrats to all our winners! Next week's posts look great. Debby will whip me into RWA shape on Wednesday.


  13. Walt, such a guy thing to love a wedding with the execution of the groom pending. LOL Like Tina, I need to watch African Queen again.


  14. Dana, I loved Big Fat Greek Wedding, too! And Father of the Bride was hilarious. I love romantic comedies!


  15. Kathryn, I'm so impressed with the longevity of your family reunion. You have a rich heritage. Has someone written down your genealogy?


  16. So excited about the release of the Seeker collections! Love the covers...know I'll love the stories as well. :)

    Laughing with you, Janet, and agreeing that it's hard to believe it's almost RWA time! Thanks, Tina, for providing all the good info about the conference. Please, please, please visit me during the signings! I want to connect with all Villagers. When 2,000 plus writers are gathered, it's easy to miss a friend in the crowd. So grab my hand and mention the buzz word: Seekerville!!! Can't wait to see everyone!!!

  17. So excited about the release of the Seeker collections! Love the covers...know I'll love the stories as well. :)

    Laughing with you, Janet, and agreeing that it's hard to believe it's almost RWA time! Thanks, Tina, for providing all the good info about the conference. Please, please, please visit me during the signings! I want to connect with all Villagers. When 2,000 plus writers are gathered, it's easy to miss a friend in the crowd. So grab my hand and mention the buzz word: Seekerville!!! Can't wait to see everyone!!!

  18. Happy Saturday, and thanks for another great WE, Tina!!!

    All of you going to RWA, bring back lots of info to share, okay?

    My brain is kind of numb from chasing after grandkids and hearing "My Little Pony" songs over and over the last couple of days to think of a favorite movie wedding. Maybe later . . .

  19. Thanks to Lorna and Seekerville for my As Love Blooms book win, so looking forward to reading it.

    Congrats to all book winners, Seekerville is so generous with us!

    I finished With This Spark and encourage everyone to read it, outstanding writing from our favorite authors, shouldn't be missed!

    Favorite wedding movies: Sweet Home Alabama and The Father of the Bride are two I can thing of. Big Fat Greek Wedding and The Proposal were good too. It seems romantic comedies are what I think about for weddings, of course a dose of humor is always beneficial at weddings and in marriage ;)

    Serious Wedding movies are view and far between, maybe that's why I enjoy books so much. There are so many more sigh-worthy weddings in them.

    Happy reading/writing weekend all!

  20. Please enter me in the drawing for Coffee Shop Romances, I'm sure it will be a great read! Thank you for offering it :)

  21. Congratulations to all of the winners!

    Next week looks amazing!

    Please enter me for Ruthy's book. I don't have that one yet. : )

  22. I just saw that a copy of With this Spark is up for grabs too! I really was paying attention. Please enter me.

  23. I'm looking forward to this week's posts. I'll be camping the beginning half of the week, so I'm not sure how much I'll get to read then. I'll be catching up for sure when I get home, though! I'd love to win the new Seeker anthology!

  24. I love the wedding in Father of the Bride, but my favorite is Sound of Music! So classic! I love the dress Julie Andrews wore!!! I was fortunate enough to go to Austria as a teenager and visit many of the areas where the movie was filmed. Loved it!

    Please enter me in the drawing for With This Spark! Looks like a great book!

  25. Tracey, Sweet Home Alabama is one of my favorite movies too! So, so good!!!

  26. Myra, your little ones are visiting?

    I have grandma envy! LOL!

  27. When it comes to weddings, 27 Dresses is a statement.

  28. My goodness, I'm drawing a blank in wedding movies. I enjoyed Mamma Mia (want to see the stage version someday) --just saw a documentary about ABBA, so the music group is on my mind!

    Chip MacGregor's article was interesting. As a reader, I feel like Christian fiction has grown and branched out into different genres that they hadn't had five years ago, so it was a bit shocking to see that the industry may be receding. The thing about connecting the right book to the right reader reasonated with me --in our library system, there are librarians that will say, keep up with manga or anime and other genres not always reviewed by the normal review sites and send book lists to the rest of the libraries. Maybe when I'm a librarian, that can be something I can focus on for Christian/Inspirational fiction.

    Would love to be entered into the "Spark" giveaway. ;-)

  29. I liked the wedding in The Sound of Music too! Also Bride Wars, it made me laugh a lot. I'm so brain dead I can't think of the others I really enjoy...I worked almost 100 hours this last week, and all I've managed since finally getting home around noon is to sit in my recliner and stare blankly toward the television.

    I'll try to come back and comment more later if my brain revives, but for now, please add my name to all the drawings! Would love to win a new book to read!

    And congrats to all the winners!

  30. Debby Giusti, great minds think alike, maybe it's a southern thing, but I love that movie. I'm looking forward to your Coffee Shop novella.

    Looking forward to your novella too Tina! I have seen bits and pieces of 27 Dresses while channels surfing, but I don't think I have ever watched the whole thing through, must check it out, seems to be pretty popular.

  31. Tina, that's so cool that your book was one of the editors' picks!! Woo hoo!

  32. The Proposal is one of my all time favorite movies period--wedding or not!

  33. I always wanted my wedding to be like in the Sound of Music! Loved that music and her dress and veil. :)

  34. Most serious wedding movie: "The Member of the Wedding".

    Best wedding to never happen to the joy of all viewers: "Midnight in Paris".

    Most surprising wedding twist ever: "Mamma Mia!"

  35. Sarah, you deserve a long rest after a near 100-hour work week!!!

    That's more than two full-time jobs.

  36. There are quite a few wedding movies I have liked over the years. "Four Weddings & a Funeral", "The Wedding Singer", "The Wedding Planner", and "My Best Friends Wedding". But one of my favorite reception scenes of all time is in "What a Girl Wants" when Colin Firth steps off a gondola to join a wedding that his daughter is waiting tables at and her mother is the wedding singer. It makes me cry every time because all the daughter (Amanda Bynes) wants is to dance with the father she never knew until she chases him down in England. I always loved dancing with my Dad and miss it still even though he has been gone for over 32 years. I also love the Hallmark movie, "Come Dance at My Wedding" with John Schneider as the father the daughter didn't really know.

    Awe....weddings are wonderful.

    I would love to be entered to when any of the anthologies. Thank you for always being so very generous to all of us who visit Seekerville.

    May you all be blessed throughout this week.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  37. Okay, I guess I was in a wedding daze. I meant to say I would love to "win" not "when". :)

    Cindy W.

  38. Debby,

    It was a hectic and crazy week, but thankfully the major weeklong event I was helping coordinate went smoothly--more so than it usually does, actually--and the youth and adult participants involved in this servant event were blessed to help 17 families improve their homes and standard of living in a mere week.

    It was an amazing 7 days of worship, fellowship, and hard work, and now I can finally take a rest :) My workdays will definitely return to a more normal schedule from here on, thankfully!

  39. I have tried to post four times during the day. Apparently my phone doesn't like Seekerville. Anyhoo, I didn't realize until I read through again that the two collections, With This Spark and Coffee Shop Romances are also up for grabs. Add my name please! I love these collections. If I win one, then I won't need to feel guilty for buying yet another book:)

  40. My phone did that about three weeks ago. Locked me out for two days. Bleh.

  41. I personally love the wedding at the very end of Hitch. Especially I like the part where they're dancing funny at the end while the credits role.

  42. I love the wedding near the end of While You Were Sleeping when she ALMOST married the wrong man. Loved Sandra Bullock trying to talk her way out of that mess.

  43. Love the wedding at the end of Lethal Weapon #3 when Rene Russo is in labor with Mel Gibson's baby and all the sudden this very modern woman decides she DOES WANT TO GET MARRIED AFTER ALL AND BEFORE THE BABY IS BORN. Very funny.

    I guess I'm going for all the goofball weddings. They're just the ones I remember off the top of my head and being memorable is a good thing.

  44. Sound of Music's wedding when the nuns are singing How do you Solve a Problem like Maria while she walks down the aisle. That is classic.

  45. Oh, the wedding in Steel Magnolias.

    Most vivid memory is that armadillo grooms cake ... chocolate frosted, red velvet cake and it looks like a hideous, bleeding dead thing. LOL
    So perfect...and gross at the same time.

  46. Thank you for the weekend edition. Please enter my name in the cat dish for Ruthy's "All dressed up in Love" by Ruthy and the historical anthology With This Spark. I liked this blog for the great summary of RWA events and the preview for the upcoming week. Thank you to the Seekers who are going to a five day week. You have worked hard to give us quality blogs day after day and the encouragement we fledgling writers crave. It's time to have a day off!


    I'm with Tina -- I didn't know The African Queen had a wedding, so thanks for the reminder, Walt. :)

    WHOO-HOO, Tina ... like Janet, I didn't realize you were speaking at RWA, so you go, girl!


  48. Oh, WOW, Mary, I forgot about the wedding at the end of Hitch -- absolutely one of my top fave movies of all times, especially the wedding at the end.

    Father of the Bride was awesome, too, but mostly the movie, not the wedding.

    WOW, Sarah, 100 hours??? YIKES ... get some sleep, girlfriend! Sounds like a wonderful event, though, so SUPER CONGRATS on its success.

    MARY SAID: Love the wedding at the end of Lethal Weapon #3 when Rene Russo is in labor with Mel Gibson's baby and all the sudden this very modern woman decides she DOES WANT TO GET MARRIED AFTER ALL AND BEFORE THE BABY IS BORN. Very funny.

    That sounds a little like one of my favorite movies -- Pillow Talk with Doris Day, where Rock and Doris get married while she's on a gurney, being wheeled in to have a baby.

    FUN WE, Tina -- love movie talk!!'


  49. Oh, it has to be "Come Dance At My Wedding." I'd watch it right now at 5:15 in the morning if I had time, but I got out of bed to write out my Sunday School lesson for the two little girls in my class. Yes, rural......and I've been helping a friend keep up with her restaurant business during tourist season. Yes, it works to pray while one stirs the pudding for banana cream pie. Add my name to the drawing, please. I'd enjoy a new, exciting book to read when the snow shuts me inside the house in just a few months. Keep writing!

  50. The Princess Bride, mainly the awful first wedding. "Wuv, twu wuv."
    Kevin Costner's wedding scene in Robin Hood, all earthy with fall decorations outside and Sean Connery shows up, the king.
    I really loved the original Father of the Bride. Elizabeth Taylor, in her probably 19-year-old prime, in that wedding dress, is possibly the most beautiful woman who ever lived.
    And in Three Men and a Little Lady when Ted Danson is dragging out that awful wedding forever and ever as Tom Selleck races to stop the ceremony. "Does anyone object to this wedding? Anyone? Anyone at all?"

  51. While You Were Sleeping almost has two weddings.

    The first you know is a mistake. The hero has a chance to stop it, but being the noble man he is, he steps back. But the heroine comes to her senses standing in front of the minister and confesses she's in love with the groom's brother. The hero! Yay! At the end she gets to marry the 'best man' for her!

    Have a great weekend!

  52. The Princess Bride. How could I forget that. Best ever.

  53. Weekend Thoughts

    I just downloaded a copy of "Coffee Shop Romances". I couldn't find it on Amazon yesterday. So now I have both "With the Spark" and "Coffee Shop Romances".

    I just want to say that Myra has done something very interesting in her "With this Spark" story "Lifetime Investment." She starts the story on July 4th 1929 about 110 days before the great stock market crash of '29. (It was this fact, shown in the 'headstone' that encouraged me start reading that story first).

    Having a famous historical date like this set not long into the future makes for a great AE (anticipatory event). The story is just underway and I can't wait to turn the next page. I know what's ahead but the characters don't. In fact everything the characters say and do has a special meaning for the reader who knows the significance of the date.

    This is a great way to use history in story writing. I'd like to see more of this done with historical romances. About 20 important things happened every year from 1840 to 1900.

    Such historical events could even foreshadow actions in your romance. Say your hero is going to be shot on July 4th 1881. You could have him learn that morning that President Garfield was shot and killed on July 2nd. Your hero could say something about this in the barber shop which would turn out to be ironic given what will happen to him later that day.

    Your reader would painlessly learn some American history and feel the smarter for it. History is there. It can be used for AEs, tone and mood, deepening the setting, mirroring the environment, and rewarding the reader.

    Just some weekend thoughts.


  54. Sarah, sounds like all your hard work was worth the effort. So glad!

    Sneaking a little of Dee's banana pudding. YUM!

    Jackie, I love, love, love "While You Were Sleeping." Aren't Sandra Bullock movies always the best!

    Nodding about Liz Taylor. She was stunning in her early years and a wonderful actress as she matured. Am I dating myself? I watched the reruns, of course!

  55. Thank you for picking my name for the With This Spark collection and congratulations to all the winners. Thank you for all the WE information. How I wish I were attending RWA ... for many reasons, but especially to learn how to focus in Tina's workshop, to get books at the signings, and to meet Seekers and Villagers! Such fun!

    I need to watch more wedding movies. My mind is blank about my favorite one, but Sound of Music's was a good one. I'd love to be in the drawing for Ruthy's All Dressed Up In Love! Thank you!

    Now to read some of the links. Hope everyone is having a great weekend....and Sarah is getting some rest! Happy week of writing and/or reading ahead to all. As July 15 approaches, I'm keeping the #blurb2books writers in my prayers.

  56. Can't wait to start 'With this Spark' and 'Coffee Shop Romances'!!!

  57. Happy weekend. Please enter me in the drawing. My all-time favorite wedding movie is The Sound of music

  58. Sooooo excited I won my choice of Julie Lessman books!!! Since I've read everything you've ever written, Julie, (I think) I'd love a Kindle version of your 500+ page novel when it's released this fall. From your description in Julie's Jots this week, it sounds like it's one I can dive into and really enjoy.

    Thanks Julie and Seekerville!!

  59. Ruthy was having a family reunion all weekend and just got over here. I love "All Dressed Up in Love"!!!!!

    Such a fun book to write! Favorite movie scene.... I'm too fried to think. I'm brain dead.

    I think I'll have more fudge.

  60. I do love The Wedding Singer. So funny. We always played that while getting ready for weddings, just to interrupt the nerves!

    I'm laughing, thinking of the mutants at Table Nine.

  61. Vince I seriously think reading well writing ACCURATE fiction is the best way to teach history. I've heard that someone who's read Gone with the Wind does better on Civil War tests than someone who'd taken a semester of high school history.

    And War and Remembrance and 'the Winds of War' you learn so so much about WWII from reading that, but it's so ENTERTAINING that you don't feel like you're being taught.

    And Christian historical question has the benefit of being CLEAN. So homeschool kids could read fiction in a non-offensive way.

  62. Great WE, as always! CONGRATS to all the winners!
    Fave wedding movie - - off the top of my head is MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING. :)

    Oh....reading the RWA schedule is making me really, really want to be there...*sigh*...but maybe next year. Looking forward to reading updates and viewing photos that some of the attendees will post!

    Looks like a wonderful upcoming week in Seekerville! Hoping to get lots of writing done this week (except for when I'm in the dentist chair on Wednesday...ugh).

    Hugs, Patti Jo

  63. I can't believe no one mentioned MAMA MIA. I loved that movie. I think it was the music. Brought back so many memories.

  64. VINCE, sorry I missed your comment yesterday! I hope you enjoy the rest of Lifetime Investment.

  65. Congrats to the winners! Looks like some great posts this week.. Favorite movie~ the Cowboys, John Wayne... I cry everytime :(

    Toss me in! I want my name in the hat, Spark sounds like a great collection!

  66. When in Rome is probably my favorite wedding movie. Can't think of anything else. Please enter me to win the Coffee Shop Romances/Spark.