Monday, September 7, 2015


Seekerville is closed today as we relax and enjoy friend and family time (and maybe a bit of writing!) on this American Labor Day Holiday.

Please join us again tomorrow!


  1. I know we're closed, but I wanted to wish my buds a beautiful close to summer, filled with whatever you've planned... and if writing happens to make that list, well, then, partners...

    We'll work together!

    God bless you and God bless America!

  2. Good morning Seekerville! Yes, summer is pretty much over. The sun is setting earlier and earlier (Arizona isn't on daylight saving time) and loathe to get itself up in the morning. There's that unmistakable feeling of autumn lurking just under the surface and I plan to relish every minute of one of my favorite seasons! Flowers still blooming and trees soon to change color, warm afternoons and crisp evenings.

    I hope everyone has a relaxing day! Now off I go to get back to my writing...!

  3. By the way...the sunrise photo for today's post was taken a few weeks ago at Lake Powell in the northernmost part of Arizona.

  4. Lake Powell is where Sandra's novella was set! SWEET!!!!!