Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Novelists, Inc.

With guest blogger, award-winning, best-selling author Margaret Daley!

Ruthy here, delighted to bring you some information about a published authors' group called "Novelists, Inc"... Our buddy Margaret Daley became a member a few years back, and I was delighted when she agreed to take a day and tell us about it! Welcome back, Margaret!

Beachcomber Margaret!
Novelists, Inc. (NINC) is an organized worldwide group for published authors. Twenty-five years ago five authors started the organization. Its main purpose is “to help each of us manage our writing career throughout a lifetime.” It originally was for traditionally published authors of at least two books but now self published authors can qualify if they have published two books of 50,000 words and each one has earned $5,000 in a twelve month period. You can find NINC at Check it out and look at some of the pictures of the past conferences.

I became a member several years ago and have gone to two of their annual conferences, both in St. Petersburg, Florida (an island off Tampa’s coast). Two things drew me to the first conference—its location on the beach and the lineup at the conference. I wanted a conference geared totally to an author who is publishing. I wanted advice about marketing and promoting. I walked away from that first conference as a member of the planning committee for the second one. I’ve never learned so much at a conference as I did at the first and second NINC conference. My brain was on full overloaded every night when I returned to my room (with a great view of the beach and Gulf of Mexico).

 In 2015 the theme was NINC Goes Global and some of the speakers at First Word were Porter Anderson, a speaker who specializes in the publishing industry and its digital disruption, Kris Austin, co-founder of Draft2Digital, Lori Bennett, digital expert for the Nelson Literary Agency, Jim Bryant, Founder of Trajectory, a network that connects publishers, retailers, libraries and readers, Julia Coblentz with Nook Press, Catherine Coulter, New York Times bestselling author, Katie Donelan with BookBub, Ricardo Fayet with Reedsy, a connection for editing and design talent, Jane Friendman, worked for Writer’s Digest, Christine Munroe with Kobo Books. Jack Royal-Gordon with BookTrakr, Daniel Slater with Amazon, Brenna Shanks, a selection librarian and many more. Also many different vendors from the major online bookstores to support groups for writers.

Night Owl sessions covered topics from Can We Talk (about various genres from Contemporary to Inspirational to Paranormal books), Writing Serials, Self Publishing: Beginner and Advanced Levels, Binge Writing, Stress, Anxiety and Depression: Coping with the Author’s Life, How to Increase Your Discoverability through Your Website, and many more sessions. The 2015 conference information is up at

The classes were chalk full of information but meeting informally with industry people and other published authors was invaluable. I made a lot of connections.
Margaret, Debra Clopton Parks and Laura Marie Altom... who may have just won the lottery?
Or had a grandchild... Or placed first in a contest (story of your choosing!)

This year I will be planning the Night Owl sessions again. Planning for this year is in its early stages, but the theme for the conference is NINC 2016: Master Class. From business to craft to creativity to marketing and sales, we will present speakers to guide us to a higher level of knowledge and achievement (quoted from the website). The focus is taking our writing career to the next level. Come join us.

Here are some more delightful pics from Margaret and the 2015 NINC conference:

Beach tradewinds of St. Pete... (I don't know about the rest of youse, but Ruthy could use a dose of this right about now!)

Lacy Williams and Allie Pleiter, happily working!

 Dinner on the beach... Lacy Williams and Debra Clopton Parks.

Margaret, thanks so much for being here and giving us this overview of Novelists, Inc....

and Margaret has graciously (as ever!) offered a copy of her recent suspense novel "Deadly Noel"...

Kira Davis put the wrong man in prison. Now she has to catch the real killer before he kills her.

Come on inside, the coffee's on, the tea kettle's steaming, and breakfast awaits! Leave a comment to have your name put into the drawing... 


  1. Welcome to Seekerville, Margaret. Those pictures are oh so tempting. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Deadly Noel looks wonderful as well!!

  2. Good morning, Seekerville!

    Margaret, I'm so glad you're here today with info on Novelists, Inc.

    We've been chatting behind the scenes and in the scenes about pros and cons, return on investment, and what speaks to the published novelist and the aspiring or pre-published novelist.

    So many opportunities await us now. The landscape has changed, and we're delighted to get a look at NINC!

    I've got a breakfast fritatta waiting and bagels from a great Jewish bakery in Jersey City, overlooking the river and the NYC skyline... With smear! (cream cheese, lox, onion, homemade sour cherry jam and upstate NY honey...)

  3. Adding tea and lemon to the table... Margaret is not a coffee drinker, and it is vitally important to see to the needs of our guests. But I'm bringing cookies later, and cookies help EVERYTHING!!!!

  4. This all looks so wonderful but I'm fairly sure that I would get NO WORK DONE if I went to something like this. :D
    I could just call it a vacation, though!

    Adding cranberry-orange muffins with orange glaze. Hot from the oven! (I have cooked more with this book than any other book. The last book I went on a furniture painting binge. The book before I relaxed by reading seed catalogues and ordering fruit trees. Maybe the next book I'll clean obsessively.... Or not!)

  5. Thanks for the peek into NINC, Margaret. I'm with Mary Jane, all that white sand and beautiful blue water, I'd have a difficult time keeping my eyes on the computer screen. I'm curious, is the Night Owl session held late night? Typically, I'm in bed by 8:30. :)

  6. Mary Jane, I'm laughing at that because I do the same thing!!!! That's so funny!

  7. I followed the NINC 2015 conference on Twitter last fall, and it was fascinating. You all know I'm a working machine, I'm quite boring and I love to write...

    It seemed like this particular conference is totally geared to serious writers who like to have fun.

    I'm all over that idea!

    Work hard... enjoy a little down time!

  8. It sounds like a great conference. And coffee is always a plus!!!!

  9. Margaret, welcome back to Seekerville! Thanks for the informative post on NINC. I had some idea of the organization but you've filled in the missing pieces.

    Love the conference's location! I'm so ready for the beach!


  10. Hi Margaret:

    Great to see you back on Seekerville! It's always a red letter day when you're here to share your experience.

    I'd like to know if they make and sell audio versions of your conference workshops. It seems the marketing info would be useful to those who plan to Indie publish.

    I know you've published a great many books and I just wonder if you have any one book, of all those books, which stands out as being extra special. (Your book that stands out the most to me is the large trade papeback book from when you just started publishing.)

    Yes, please put me in the drawing for your new book, "Deadly Noel".

    BTW: I see that "Deadly Noel" is part of a 5 book series. Can you tell us something about this special 'strong women' series? Is this an Indie published series?


  11. Good morning, Margaret! I've heard SO much positive feedback about this organization and that it's jam-packed with information pertinent to writers who are already published. Thanks for the overview of NINC and the links!

  12. Thank you so much for this post. I will keep this in mind for when I do become a published novel. For the first time in a month I really feel like writing. I have had an abcessed tooth and the infection was affecting my ability to think. I still wrote some but not like I should, but after the root canal yesterday, I actually am thinking clearly and can't wait to write today. I am also excited that I will be able to eat!

    Praying everyone will have a great day!

  13. Another target to shoot for...produce at least two books that produce $5000 in twelve months. I'm still looking for taking my wife to a nice dinner once a month.

    I second Vince's question on audio version of the marketing sessions. Would love to hear about that.

    Thanks for visiting Seekerville.

  14. Nice post. I would love to win a copy of Margaret Daly's new book.
    Becky B.

  15. Welcome, Margaret. I haven't read any of your novels, Margaret, shame on me. I'd love to start with Deadly Noel. But I'm off to the library to get some! Thanks for the post!

  16. I joined NINC last year, and have been a silent follower of their loop since. It seems that the changes in publishing are picked up by that organization a lot earlier than by many others, and it's nice to be kept informed. I might even go to the conference this year--I love St. Pete. Thanks, Margaret--and thanks, Seekerville, for giving us this post.

  17. Good morning Dr. M. Great to see you here.

    I have joined and unjoined Ninc a few times. LOL. Looks like it's time to rejoin. :)

    I have a hard time getting anything done at conference myself. I guess sometimes you just have to consider your time is being a sponge and soak up information and not worry about doing it all.

  18. Hi, Margaret, and welcome back to Seekerville! Ruthy's tidbits have really whetted our appetite to learn more about NINC. It's definitely an organization I have my eye on. And who doesn't love the beach?

    Waving to Doc Mabry! I appreciate your adding to Margaret's insights about NINC.

    WILANI, so sorry about the root canal. Nobody can think clearly when something's hurting! Hope today is a better day!

  19. Thanks for the welcome! Also thanks to Ruthy for inviting me back. Such a fun place. I'm drinking my tea right now and enjoying reading the posts. I'm sorry I'm late to the party. You might all be early riser. I'm not since I retired from teaching. I guess I'm rebelling having to get up at 5:30 for so many years so now it's more like 8-9 in the morning. Of course I stay up to 12-1 and us, gals, have to get our beauty sleep.

    Mary Jane and Jill, the beach is VERY tempting as well as the 4 or 5 pools (I stop counting after 3), but surprisingly I did get work done (which means talking to people, going to sessions, etc.) but last year I did not write once during the week. It was a much needed break. If I wasn't networking, I was walking the beach (finding washed up jelly fish and taking pictures of the many birds).

    Jill, the night owls are between 8-10 at night and they are informal--different from the classes during the day.

  20. Kate, it is a great conference.

    Janet, I love the location too. I grew up living on the coast and I felt like I'd come home. Love the sounds and smells of the beach.

    Vince, it's good to hear from you again. There are no tapes of the conference. If you are a member in the newsletters after the conference, you get an in-depth look at all the classes from a reporter who gives a report on each session. I reported on one both years. I love reading those monthly newsletters--great information.

    The series Deadly Noel is in is a self published romantic suspense series called Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations or Women who put the "hero" in heroine (tagline for the series). Each stands alone but is connected by a theme (see tagline). So far I have two or three more plan for this year--Deadly Dose, Deadly Legacy and I haven't named the other yet.

  21. Waving hi to Tina and Glynna.

    Ouch, Wilani. I'm so glad you are feeling better. I'd have trouble thinking too.

    Walt, I hope you make that goal.

    Becky, hi. Thanks for stopping by.

    Marianne, I hope you get a chance to read one of my books. Have fun at the library. Get place to go.

  22. Richard, great hearing from you. I hope I see you this year at the conference.

    Tina, that's what I felt like. A sponge soaking up all the information.

    Myra, I miss seeing you here in Oklahoma.

  23. Good morning, Margaret! My first book is just coming out in February, so I'm not eligible for membership yet. But it sounds like a terrific organization with spectacular conferences. Need to get a Book Two first, then I'll be back! :-)

  24. Margaret, your post is my introduction to NINC. I'm pre-dubbed, so I love reading about the organization and the conference. And yes, a beach, sunset dinners, sound divine. And your pictures are beautiful. It sounds like there are wonderful things to be learned. I'm filing this post away for when I need it (thinking optimistically ;) )

  25. I hope the best for you, Meghan. Congratulations on your first book!!!

    Jeanne, I hope to see you one day at NINC.

  26. MARGARET!!! Girl, I've missed seeing you out and about, my friend, so it's SO nice to have you on Seekerville today!

    You know, Ruthy began talking about NINC for a while now, and I have to admit, the way you've talked about it here excites and inspires me too! Uh ... especially if I have to go to a conference in St. Pete's!!! Is that where the conference always is?

    And, wait ... you don't drink coffee??? Mmm ... well, I like you anyway on your own merit, my friend -- A LOT!! ;)

    You are a writing machine, girl, and always have been, as I recall. How many books do you have under your belt now, traditional and indie?


  27. Mary Jane said: "This all looks so wonderful but I'm fairly sure that I would get NO WORK DONE if I went to something like this. :D"

    LOL, my thoughts exactly, but I see Margaret reassured us that work will get done, just not writing for her. But for me?? I spend most of my days writing on my deck, dock, or pool (I live on lake, thank you, Jesus!!), so I think I could handle it!:)

    Ouch, Wilani, soooo sorry you had to have root canal, but sooooo glad it's over and you're better now, even thinking more clearly. Mmm ... wonder if a root canal would help me ... ;)


  28. Good morning, Margaret!

    Thanks for sharing about NINC. I had heard of it (probably here at Seekerville) a while ago, before I was published. Of course, my thought then was "maybe someday."

    Well, someday is here. It's time to look into this... :)

  29. Good to see you here, Margaret! I've read and loved several of your books, but am way behind and need to catch up! Since Noel is my daughter's middle name, maybe I will win a copy of Deadly Noel. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  30. Julie, good to "see" you again. It will be at St. Pete this year and next. They signed a 3 year contract to have it there. This year I will hit my 100th book out.

    Yeah, Jan. I'm so glad that day is here for you.

    Great seeing you, Jackie. I love the name Noel although my heroine isn't called that in my story.

  31. Hello Margaret! Congrats on your release of DEADLY NOEL! Suspense is my favorite genre.

    Please put me in for the drawing.

  32. 100 books--WOW!!!! Congratulations, Margaret! That's amazing!

  33. Margaret, i love the 100 books.

    Years ago I read something about Margaret, a blog or a blurb or something, and it talked about her schedule and her style of writing/editing/reading back what she'd written and moving on...

    And I realized I could do that. It would fit! And so I grabbed hold of Margaret's wonderful example and applied it to my schedule. Margaret was working full time... me, too. Margaret worked every day... me, too! Margaret loves helping others... me, too!

    So I quietly set her as my example of the kind of inspirational romance author I wanted to be. Not perfect, by any means, but the kind of person others can talk to. Learn from. Tease!

    Margaret has set a quiet example for so many of us, and I love that.

  34. 100 books, Margaret?! That's amazing!

  35. Welcome back, Margaret! Thanks for sharing the info on NINC. I've been meaning to join for ages. I appreciate the reminder! And those beach photos convinced me to do it soon. :)

  36. Wilani, I hope you heal quickly! I'm so glad you feel better already.

  37. Wow, I never thought about how conferences are more geared to the pre-published and new author, but that makes sense. I'm fangirling just thinking about all those published authors in one place. LOL Mind you I'd be like that at ACFW only at least I wouldn't be the only one swooning whenever the Margaret Daleys and Ruth Logan Hernes walked by. Bwahahaha!

  38. Tina, I almost never work at conferences. I'm just too wiped out to focus.

  39. Margaret, this was an interesting post, even if I don't qualify for the group. Maybe someday!

    I have to say your hours to go to bed and get up are the same as I prefer. I usually don't get to bed until midnight but still have to get up anyway.

    Deadly Noel looks like a great book. Please put me in the drawing.

  40. RUTHY said: "Years ago I read something about Margaret, a blog or a blurb or something, and it talked about her schedule and her style of writing/editing/reading back what she'd written and moving on..."

    MARGARET, is this available online anywhere? I'd love to read more about it!

  41. Margaret, welcome to Seekerville. Deadly Noel looks like a great story, and I loved learning more about your group and retreat. Thanks for sharing!

  42. Yay, Margaret is visiting Seekerville! I'm sending you a big hug from Bama!! Thanks for the info. I'd never heard of NiNC. Now I have another goal to write on Writing Dreams list. Of course, joining NINC will have to come a little ways down the list. First on the list is "get published!"

  43. Hey Margaret!! Thank you SO much for sharing with us. A while back I saw the letters NINC on an author's postings, and I wondered what it meant. Now I know!
    Loved all the photos too - - wow, I've never been to St. Pete but it looks lovely.
    And I have to add that to this day I think of you when I see a photo of a pink flamingo, LOL. Ever since I read several years ago that you like them, now I make that connection. ;)
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  44. Kav, I'm loving that image that you named me in the same sentence with The Margaret!!!!


    You know it's funny, my favorite thing to do at conferences is to sit and talk/work with aspiring authors. That means more to me than anything, which is why I always skipped the classes.

    Not everyone is great classroom material, right??? I'm much better in the lobby, drinking coffee and talking, encouraging, laughing. That's my version of vacation/conference!!!!

    But for aspiring authors, conferences and organizations and studying are huge... You can't learn too much, right? But the daily work, the self-discipline is every author's best friend.

  45. Rhonda, yes, first things first, the publishing hurdle is clutch. I was just thrilled to find an organization that saw the different needs of authors.

    I remember years ago (2007/2008, maybe???) when ACFW tried to establish criteria for some advanced classes and it got met with some stiff resistance from people who thought it was kind of elitist.

    Gosh, it wasn't. It was flat-out sensible. My kids learned different levels in 8th grade than they did in 12th or in college or grad school. All of advanced education has prerequisites for some classes... Advanced Bio needs Bio 101 and 102... No one is insulted by that!

    I think ACFW had the right idea, but was afraid to hurt feelings.

    We can be a very SENSITIVE bunch. :)

  46. And not for nothing, NINC is much closer to the parameters guys tend to look at in professional organizations. Men tend to (not always) but they tend to cut through the layers and go straight to the business.

    And then they probably go hang out at a sports bar... So maybe they're no more business oriented than we are, they just do it differently!

  47. Caryl, I love reading and writing romantic suspense.

    Thanks, Myra and Sarah.

    Ruthy, you make me blush. Thank you for the kind words.

    Kav, I've enjoyed going to RWA and ACFW. NINC is just a little different and answers a need I have right now.

    Waving to you, Missy.

  48. Sandy and Rhonda, I hope to see you at NINC one day.

    Myra, I don't know because I don't know what Ruthy is referring to. I've written various articles and given classes.

    Thanks, Jackie.

    Patti Jo, I still love them. Beautiful colorful birds.

  49. Thanks, Margaret, for giving us a glimpse into NINC. I'd love to attend, but it's usually the same weekend as my local GRW's Moonlight and Magnolias Conference. A conflict, for sure.

    Love the location...sun and surf! Sounds fantastic. Plus, great speakers and a wonderful group of authors.

    Maybe one of these years...

  50. Myra, I have no idea either, it was a long time ago, probably some obscure blog that interviewed Margaret and she talked about her schedule, her writing process and how she worked daily. (Pun intended!!!) :)

    And it just hit me that the smart student copies the best teacher.

    Who better to model my work time after than one of the most productive and successful and respected authors in Christian fiction?

  51. 100 books - WOW - what an accomplishment, Margaret!! Congrats!!

    Thanks for your interesting post - NINC sounds like a wonderful organization, and who wouldn't enjoy a conference with a beach setting??

    Please my name in the drawing for a copy of "Deadly Noel" - thank you!!

  52. Thank you Margaret & Ruthy! I have read many of both of your books and adore you both.

    Please enter me in the drawing for "Deadly Noel" too.

    May God bless you and all of Seekerville!

  53. Margaret.

    Thanks for sharing such great information! And congrats on your 100 books - an amazing accomplishment!

    Please put my name in he drawing for "Deadly Noel."