Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Author's Boot Camp Manual for 2016

The last time we put out an author manual was 2011. Lots has changed since then. 

This boot camp training guide is a quick resource for the published author. 

If you are an unpublished author, use it to assist you to not only reach competency, but to excel in every area of publishing and prepare you for the next step in your career.

As you review each section and subsection, you must be able to list a measurable goal that you reached before you can consider yourself proficient.

To help you evaluate your progress each section is also scored. Add up your scores to see how close you are to passing Author Basic Training.

Passed= +100

Passed with Honors = +200

Passed with Honors and Edging To a First Sale =+300

Does The  Author's Boot Camp Manual guarantee a sale? No. But it does ensure you are prepared to take your writing to the next level in a logical and systematic manner using training tools pulled from over 2,700 Seekerville posts and a few from other resources.

Is The Author's Boot Camp Manual exhaustive? No, there are far too many topics to cover. This is a primer covering the basics (Boot Camp covers the survival basics!) Check out our archives for more topics.

Is every section necessary? Not at all. There will always be success stories that bypass "traditional" methodology and of course, independent publishing zooms right past many of these steps.

How do you spit shine combat boots? By polishing over and over again. How do you become a better writer? By writing more and more and more.


Manuscript Basics

Have you mastered these basics?

A. (5 pts) Point of View

Do you understand POV? Deep POV? Can you transition point of view smoothly and logically?

B. (10 pts) Conflict (Internal & External)

Can you explain the difference between internal and external conflict? Does your story have strong internal and external conflict that doesn't fall apart half-way through the manuscript?

C. (5 pt) Characterization

Characterization is how you create your characters using dialogue, narrative, pov, and interactions with other characters. Are you able to create strong and vivid characters?

D. ( 10 pts) Plot

Plot is your story structure consisting of goal, motivation and conflict. Define the GMC for your story.

E. (5 pts) Theme & Premise

Can you describe theme and premise separately?
Stanley D Williams describes theme as a universal truth.
Premise would be your story line.

F. (5 pts) Hooks

The catalyst that grabs the reader. Does your story have an opening hook? Chapter ending and beginning hooks?

G. (5 pts) Show vs. Tell

Can you define show vs. tell? Showing is expression through dialogue, action and the five senses. Showing enables the reader to see your story.

H. (5 pts ) Award yourself five points for each of these types of fiction you have written and completed in the romance genre-with or with an inspirational thread: contemporary, historical, speculative fiction/time travel/paranormal, women's fiction, novella, short story, young adult, new adult.


You are a soldier writer. Own it!


Exhibit A-The Manuscript

A. (2 pts ) Professional Manuscript Formatting

B. (20 pt each) Completed Manuscripts- must include the words THE END

How many have you completed?

C. (2 pts each) Partial Manuscripts

A partial manuscript consists of three chapters or more. How many do you have? If you hit ten partials you must then subtract 2 points for every partial over ten and please read the post below called Writers Who Don't Write The End, asap.

D. (5 pts) Synopsis

A summary of the story and plot outline.

One page story selling synopsis or a multiple page plot outline synopsis.

E. (5 pts) Editing & Revising

Editing is a surface polishing or the mechanical cleanup of your story. Revising is structural cleanup for consistency and clarity of the GMC.

F. (10 points) Critiques (groups, one-on-one or professional editing )

Points are only given if you submitted material.


Tents are temporary. Don't get comfortable outside the Promised Land.


Contesting: ( 2015 only)

A. Contest with or without a synopsis.

 2 pts per contest for entering- 5 points per contest for finaling-10 points per contest for winning.  An additional 5 pts for every request generated from a contest, IF you actually submitted the requested material. 

B. Contest with Synopsis- Add an additional 5 points for a contest with a synopsis.

C. Diva/Divo Status-  The Genesis, The Golden Heart, The Maggies, Tara and The Golden Pen.

 Give yourself an additional 5 points, a high five and a pat on the back for each of these contests you entered.


If you can quit. Do it. Ten more will take your place. No place for sissies.


The Submission Process

A. ( 2 pts) One Sheet

Multiply times the number you have written. Add two more points for every one you have actually given out to an editor or agent. BONUS: five points if it generated a request AND you submitted.

B. (10 pts) Query Letter

Multiply times the number you have written. Add two more points for every one you have actually mailed or emailed to an editor or agent. BONUS: five points if it generated a request AND you submitted. Subtract five points for failing to submit.

C. (10 pts) The Pitch

Multiply times the number you have pitched. BONUS: five points if it generated a request and you submitted. Subtract five points for failing to submit.

D. (2 pts per agent) Agent Due Diligence

Two points for every agent thoroughly researched.

E. (2 pts per publisher and/or editor) Publishing House Research

Two points for every publisher thoroughly researched.


Yes, Drill Sergeant!



A (10 pts) The Basics. Award yourself ten points for each skill you mastered.

Formatting ebook
Formatting print book
Cover Design

B. (25 pts) Audiobook
Produced your own audiobook. (An additional 25 points for each project) 

C. (25 pts) Hybrid. 
Add these points if you were a hybrid author in 2015)


Publishing as a Hybrid Author
Using Free As a Marketing Tool 
You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover...Or can you? 
Book Cover Design Principles
Tips From An Indie Journey
Help!!! I’ve Dived into the Indie Ocean—and I don’t know how to swim!! 
Behind the Scenes of Audiobook Production
From Page to Performance: The Making of an Audiobook
The World of Audio CX  
Don’t Fear the Formatting! Tips from Marie Force, and the E-book Formatting Fairies

You are an Author Forever.

Marketing You

A. (10 pts) Conferences

Award yourself ten points for each conference attended in 2010, no matter how small. All day workshops are 5 points each and chapter meetings are 2 points per meeting. 

B. (2 pts each item) Author Platform & Marketing

Internet Presence (Webpage, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, other Social Networking)

Branding (tagline created, business cards, stationary, promotional material, professional photos)

(extra 5 points for the following) 




Book Tour

Marketing Plan

Hired or have a publicist

Reality Check Anyone?

 Section VII

The Writer's Life

A. (10 pts) Career Planning

Have you created measurable goals with steps toward those goals?
Do you have a one year plan and a five year plan?

B. (10 pts)   Balancing Life and Your Career.  

This is the quest for 25 hours in each day. Time Management. Give yourself the points if you have a written plan. Whether it works or not is moot. You tried. 

Two extra points for every time management app. or tool you own.

 C. Discouragement and Other Obstacles. 

We don't shoot our wounded.

Unscored.  But give yourself 5 points if followed the 24 hour rule or know what it is.


As your DI (Drill Instructor) I am willing to reward you for taking the time to evaluate your Author Basic Training and share your results with Seekerville. Here's what's up for grabs.

 Leave a comment today to win one of two $15 Starbucks gift cards. Remember you can buy an array of beverages to keep you happy while you are writing at Starbucks. 

 If you are a writer, holler if you would like a first chapter critique (inspirational & up to twenty pages.) 

Oh, yeah, and if you want a copy of Rocky Mountain Reunion yell loud!

Winners announced in the Weekend Edition.

A link to this guide will be available in the Library Section of our web page, Seekerville the Town, so you can refer to it time and again.

Finished the test? Some fun challenges and encouragement for the New Year below!

Don’t Break the Chain - Jerry Seinfeld's Method for Creative Success (The Writers Store)

Copy Blogger-!0 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer. Download your own here.
10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer
Like this infographic? Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger.


Tina Radcliffe looks horrible in O.D. green, but still spent three years in U.S. Army intelligence.

A 2012 Carol Award finalist and 2014 Carol Award winner, she has placed first in over 20 RWA contests. Her fourth Paradise series novel released from Love Inspired this month. You can find Rocky Mountain Reunion at discriminating book sellers everywhere.

Check out her critiquing service, My Critique Partner.

 She currently works from her home in Arizona where she writes inspirational and sweet romance.

Rocky Mountain Reunion
A Second Chance at Forever

Nurse Anne Matson's structured life derails when a familiar patient enters her ER—the ex-husband she left ten years ago. Matthew Clark is the last person she expects to see in Paradise, Colorado, especially with a nine-year-old daughter. The single dad is running the town's biggest expansion project, but one thing stands in his way—Anne's Victorian home. When his daughter falls ill, and Anne volunteers to help with her care, Matt recognizes he's never stopped loving the spirited beauty. But how can he get her back when he plans to take all she has left…or can Anne see she has everything to gain—the family she's been denied?

And P.S. This is the last call for Door Hangers, then they go back in the prize vault until Speedbo (Our Annual Book in a Month Challenge from March 1-31. Face Your Fears!) Email us at if you would like one sent to you. Please provide your snail mail address. 


  1. TINA, I need a doorhanger for a reader! You put together an awesome list. Now I wonder what would happen if I sent this list to the authors I review for?

  2. LOL. A door hanger for a reader! Brilliant. I will do that for the 2016 New Year's Eve Party!

    It's pouring like crazy here. How is it in your end of town?

  3. This is a great boot camp for any writer :-) And I agree with Marianne, doorhangers for us readers would be super nice! I have a spare room with a comfy recliner set up, all I'd need to do is place the sign on the door, shut it, and then bury my nose in a good Seekerville book! I'd DARE anyone to disturb me than...haha!!

    Oh, I have the new Tina Radcliffe book just waiting for me to open it's pages. Sounds like a charming reunion story, those are my favorite kind :-)

    Please add my name for the Starbucks card, thank you!

  4. Wow, Tina, this is wonderful!! There's so much I didn't know, and I didn't even know I didn't know it (or something like that). If you don't see me for the next week, please know that I'm reading and exploring every link you posted! I truly do appreciate this! By the way, love the Army picture!

  5. Wow, this is an extensive manual. I love all the resources. I'll spend the week and weekend, reading over all these links. This must have taken you a lot of time to gather all these links together. Thank you. Anne Stevenson

  6. That's quite a manual you've put together there, dearie. Nice!

    No Starbucks within a hundred miles of this country gal--who doesn't drink coffee.

    But the Seekerville coffee pot is brewing.

  7. Trixi. I am so getting on that door hanger after two requests!!! Yes, ma'am. Saluting now!

  8. Thanks, Laura. It's here forever so no rush. LOL!

  9. Hey, buddy, Anne! Glad this was helpful!

  10. You are a gem, Helen. No push ups for the coffee lady!!!

  11. Tina, you guys need to put this in a book and publish it. I love it! Thanks for the great tips. And I'm tempted to sneak my sister's copy of your book away from her, but I'll play nice and wait my turn.

  12. LOL. Terri! These aren't all my posts so I cannot publish it. There are some from many Seeker guests. But I know our archives (the labels) on the right side can be a bit daunting so I created this.

    Eventually my handy dandy virtual assistant will clean up those archives for us. And next year I will win the lottery.


  13. Every time I look at that army picture of me I get tired. I had just come of night shift and I had a baby at home. I was exhausted.

  14. Wow, that is a very extensive list. . I know it'll help the writers tremendously . Yes, a reader door hanger is what I was thinking of as well when the writer one was offered at the NYE party . Please throw my name in for the Starbucks card and your new book, Tina. Great picture of you . Now I see where you got the discipline to do all you do .
    Deanne P.

  15. Your weekend editions are always fantastic, Tina, but you've out done yourself with this post. I agree with Terri, this valuable resource could go on the shelf next to Goals, Motivation and Conflict, or any other craft book. Well done...and thank you!

  16. Dear Drill Sargent Extrordinnaire (aka Tina the Mayor):

    After ready this list (not exhaustive?) all I can say is a paraphrase of the quote about quitting if you can and ten others will take your place. I havent even started and I quit after realizing, once again, to what extent writers go for the sake of a book, and yet they do it anyway.

    Can you see the admiration in my eyes?

    I guess they just can't NOT do it, like I just can't NOT read, so I'm glad there are both writers and readers in this world.

    Many thanks to all the writers who give us such terrific reading experiences. And to you TINA, for your latest release, Rocky Mountain Reunion, complete with turmoil and conflict and such a sigh-worthy ending, just right!

    Since I'm not a writer, I'll step out of the drawing for the Starbucks card to ensure some worthy writer gets the caffeine they need to finish their book :-)

  17. OORAH!!! Hang in there writers! Don't ring the bell! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!


    Drill Sargent Tina, thank you for the reader's door hanger. I've already sent my email.

  18. Okay dear D.I. Tina:

    Muddled through and came up with 118pts for 2015, if I'd done this in 2014 I would've had 167pts.

    Both totals are more than I thought I'd have because I zeroed out on a ton of listed items (especially the latter Sections). Of course, now that I have the manual, mayhap I shall accumulate more points in 2016. One can only hope. (see, I told you my diva status was questionable...)

    Awesome, awesome manual - desperately needed by this minor writer wanna-be.

  19. This is a great resource! I will definitely have to spend more time glancing at it again and clicking on the attached resources. Thank you for all the valuable information in one place!

  20. This will be so helpful. Thank you for posting this. I am so glad it will be in a place where I can easily access it because I know I will refer to it often.

    I would love to win a first chapter critique.

  21. Hey!! I love this manual. Thank you for putting it together. I am yelling loudly for a copy of Rocky Mountain Reunion!! Please pick me!! And I'll take a critique of the first chapter. I'm working on a new story and would love feedback. Well, love may be too strong a word. I'll be biting my fingernails if selected, but if I could also get a copy of your book, I could read it while you have my first chapter. That seems like an even trade, right? Now I'm nervous. And I entered the Great Expectations contest with a story I finished. I just don't think my nerves can handle this lol. Here's to a great year full of contesting and feedback! I loved the link on thanking the judges. I do that, but I have yet to hear back from one. I thought maybe they weren't getting them, but after reading the post on it, I'll continue doing it. You just never know how those thank you notes will impact you later on. Thanks for that insight. Read the link about agents too. I'll have to check that one out more fully. Maybe this year is the year?! My word for 2016, uncommon hope. I put my hope in Him, and He'll take care of the rest. Great post!

  22. Great manual. Print and save. Tina is one tough drill sergeant!

  23. WOW, TINA! You've outdone yourself here today! An absolute treasure trove of resources for those who are serious about getting published--or staying published!

    It's pouring rain like crazy where you are? It's DUMPING SNOW where I am and has been off and on since Monday morning. We could get up to TWO MORE FEET over the next three days. UGH. Gotta love El Nino! But at least all this moisture will help prevent the forest from burning down around our ears between late spring and when the monsoon season starts this summer, so can't complain. Okay, just a little. :) Don't like driving in it or shoveling it.

  24. Well, thanks, Jill. But remember, all I did was take what Seekerville did as a whole and put it into a handy dandy application. there are many more posts that are gems but obviously I couldn't read 2,700 posts. I plucked a few.

  25. HA!! Thanks, Tracey.

    Tina's my name Caffeine is my Game.

  26. Hey, Caryl! Yes. You were in the first mailed batch. Should have yours very soon, in fact.

  27. DebH we are all divas and warriors. Let 2016 be THE BEST YEAR YET!!!

  28. Good morning Kelly!

    Happy 2016 Face Your Fear and may this be a break out year for you.

    I need coffee. Up until midnight last night.


  29. Wow, Sally, I am so impressed. You are moving and groovin'. Good for you!!!!! Your name in entered for both.

  30. Thanks, Cindy. Let's get you off that island in 2016. You have been there too long. Others want your bunk and you are too good a writer to stay. Sorry, time for the boot.

  31. Raining non stop here, Glynna. May have just stopped. Since yesterday and my yard is floating away. So glad I don't have to drive in washed out roads.

    And so happy I am no longer living in a snow area. Serious prayers for you!! I spent too many years white knuckling to work. Ugh. I am so sorry for you.

  32. This. Is. FANTASTIC!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    From: Will Leave Unpublished Island Someday

  33. You SHERIDA!! You need to own this year. Take it and run. Grab every opportunity and you still have an unclaimed gift certificate for a critique. Let's get going here, Dudette!!

  34. Wow, Tina, what a fantastic checklist and writing resource you have put together!!! You are AMAZING!!!!

    My favorite line?

    You are an Author Forever.

  35. HOLY FREAKIN' COW, SARGE ... I'm breathing hard, and I haven't done a thing yet!! WHOA, talk about a workshop in a blog, my friend -- this is totally AWESOME!! And like Anne Stevenson said, this IS an "extensive manual."

    Boot camp may only take ten weeks, but this camp has been years in the making and an absolutely FABULOUS idea, Tina, so THANK YOU for putting it together and updating it for 2016.

    And, Tracey, move over girl -- there's enough "admiration" in my eyes for Tina to fuel a spotlight!!

    Helen!!! Say it ain't so -- you, the original coffee mistress does NOT drink coffee??? I guess I knew that somewhere in the past, but it never loses its shock value, my friend, and is always a triple espresso jolt!!


  36. Wow, Tina! This is definitely a "keeper" post and the first resource to check when I need a refresher on a topic. Seekerville should publish this puppy and include all the blog posts: Kindle and print. I think everyone of us would buy one!

    Before they're all gone, please send me a DO NOT DISTURB doorhanger. Maybe I can teach my barking dogs how to read. And who wouldn't want a Starbucks card and/or a copy of Rocky Mountain Reunion? Count me in.

    Oh, one more thing, when I clicked the link for A Novel Approach to Novellas, it sent me to How to Write a Romantic Suspense.

    Have a great day!

  37. I'll fix that, Barbara! And you are in!!

  38. Thanks, Julie.

    I only compiled. It's Seekers and Seeker guest bloggers and 8 years of archives who can take a bow. This is merely the tip of the ice berg.

  39. Like being a soldier forever. You embrace it and it's never not yours once you write that first line, right, Myra.

  40. Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mayor Tina!!! So many great posts in one spot. I'm saving to Evernote so I can revisit as needed.

  41. TINA! Your Rocky Mountain Reunion LI looks so charming, I'd set aside the job search for a few hours to read it. Or read it to avoid biting my nails while I wait to hear from prospective employers.

    Would appreciate prayers as I work on this goal. Please enter me in the book drawing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. Meghan Carver!!!! Great to see you and I noticed your book up at Harlequin is available@!!!

    Under Duress

  43. Good luck on that job search, Sarah. I am right there with you. My company went out of business! Your name is in the Army Helmet.

  44. Rain stopped now, but it was raining most of the night. Hard! Seeing some sun here.

  45. It stopped here at 7, Marianne! I ordered the reader door hangers this morning. :) See a Drill Sgt can listen to advice.

  46. Ugh... I thought I would do so much better than I did, but I obviously have put other things as higher priorities (living in the household I do, for one thing; church and duties with that, for another). I didn't even make it to 50. :( That's discouraging just by itself.

    Yep, I find the archives to be a bit daunting myself. And I'd love to be someone's Virtual Assistant (looking for a job--sorta, kinda, yeah really need to contribute to the household finances)!

    No Starbucks gift card entry for me--I don't touch coffee and we don't keep any in the house for guests (if they want it, they have to bring their own). Would love to win your book though, Tina! And a critique of the first chapter would work, too...I think... I get nervous any more when there is a hint of interest in reading something I've written. You know, that ol' fear thing?

    Tina, I can't remember if I've ever asked this before, but have you considered having a PRINT button on the site so that we could click on it and it would take us to a printable copy of a post (without having to copy and paste into Word, or without getting everything else on the page)? 'Twould be handy, but it might just me being lazy--and spoiled by other sites. ;-)

    I'm also spoiled by Facebook. I just saw Sherida's post where she ended with "From: Will Leave Unpublished Island Someday" and wanted to "like" it! I have that same feeling on-and-off; it's been my goal since I was in 7th grade, many moons ago, when I discovered that I loved to write. Of course, at the same time, I thought I would be an artist, and I've left that dream far far behind (our daughter took that dream for herself and ran with it--quite successfully, I might add!). If I leave the writing dream behind, I won't have a big dream left...

    Ramblin' again. Sorry! But thank you so much for this amazing post, Tina! Definitely a keeper and an "I'm going to have to study this and refer to all the links because I need to get back in the game ASAP". Hey, I've already broken my personal record by commenting in Seekerville THREE DAYS IN A ROW. :D (Hope I don't give Ruthy heart failure.)


  47. Make this your year, Melanie. CLAIM THAT SUCKER!

    This post is really not good to print as it has live links.

    So come back often. (3 days in a row, rocks!)

    You are in for the book!

  48. Wow, what a great presentation of writing worskshops. Excellent.

  49. Yes, Ma'am!!! It is TOUGH here! I'm glad I'm NOT in a writer's shoes! I wonder how boot camp for readers will be like??!??!

    YES to Starbucks gift card. I'm hooked on their Flat Whites!

    I have Tina's book, so no need to add me there.

    Thanks Sarge!

  50. Good morning Seekerville!
    Okay, I guess I should say "good after-morning."

    Thank you for this great post. It really puts all the information in an easy-to-go-back-to format. I scored about 260 points, but I've got some work to do. Mostly putting words down on paper, and then having the guts to submit it to the agent I've been watching through binoculars for the past 2-3 years. LOL.

    I know, I know, face your fears. That what 2016 is all about for me. In more ways than one.

    Thank you, Seekerville, for being everything you are. It's a great blessing and encouragement to writers like me. :)

  51. Ahhhhh Tina, Tina, Tina, You are the cleverest person I know. I LOVE your format for the bootcamp. Just am in awe.

    And I really love all those resources.

    Where were you when I started out? Folks you are so blessed to have all these resources at your fingertips. When the Seekers started, we didn't have all that out there in such a concise and organized format. You are blessed. Thanks girlfriend for this gift.

    Can I have a door hanger? I could hand it on the door of the RV. smile



    Have you seen the new thing though?? Another cool one for people who don't often buy sweet coffee drinks.

    Machiatto Latte

  53. It's time, Amber. This is your conscience speaking.

    260 is pretty darn good, but I know you and you are really a 400. Get moving, girl.

  54. I sent you a door hanger, Sandra. To the AZ address!!

  55. How do you address a Lady Drill Sargent? Ma'am or Madam?

    I'm going with Madam...Wow, Madam Drill Sargent...that's one awesome post!! I agree with Barabara Scott... y'all should publish this!! It's fabulous. I don't have time to work my way through and score myself today...but will print it off and save it for later! And all those links...YAY!!

    Would love to win a Starbucks friends and I sometimes gather there to write.

    Hollering: Please enter me for a chance to win a first chapter critique! Thanks!!

    Yelling louder: Would LOVE to win a copy of Rocky Mountain Reunion!

    Wishing you and all Seekers a lovely Wednesday!!

  56. I love my door hanger! It came over the weekend. Thanks, Tina!

  57. More later. At the doc with a kid now. Scribbles on the paper covering the table comes to 748. Lots of manuscripts and lots of pitching helps ;). No contests last year though. Do you know how hard it is to remember how many pitches I've done?!

    Thanks, Tina! I want in all drawings :D.

  58. Oh, what a great, butt-kicking post. Yeah, some of the areas I'm strong on. Others . . . well . . . hey, you like my new watch? ;)

    And, I loved all the links after each section. Talk about invaluable! I copied and pasted some so I can read them as I have time this week.

    My score came to 398. Getting there slowly. A lot of my points came from the conferences section, pitching, etc. This is such a good thing to help me figure out a good plan for this year. (Where I GOT ZERO points, haven't written down a one or a five-year plan). I guess I need to get brave and think about where I'd like to be writing-wise in five years. That feels like it requires a whole lot of faith looking at it from unpubbed island.

    Please put me in all of your drawings! Starbucks is always welcome. I'd love a critique (but I probably won't have anything solid until April, if it can be a delayed-sort-of-agreement thing. :) If not, I understand. And I always love your books, Tina.

  59. PS—If it's not too late, I forgot to request a door hanger, and I could use one. Maybe my boys will actually heed it and stay out of my space when I'm in writer-mode. ;) Besides that, the message is GREAT. :)

  60. OH, and one more thing. I am so thankful for your archives! I've come numerous times to research specific topics, and I always find helpful posts. Thank you, ladies, for making this available!!

  61. I just finished Rocky Mountain Reunion. Loved it Tina.

    Just another day in Paradise!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Tina's new slogan based on small, idyllic Paradise, Colorado)

  62. You should probably post this once a month and demand we read it aloud at home!

  63. Love Mary's comment just now: "You should probably post this once a month and demand we read it aloud at home!" :)

  64. JULIE,
    The admiration is for Tina and ALL the fabulous writers here and that includes you!

  65. I don't need a door hanger because I don't have a door, sigh, the computer is in the living room. It's a miracle I get anything done.
    The Boot Camp is FABULOUS! I'm going to bookmark it or something because it's too much for a weekday, but I love love love the checklist/points format. And I love the idea of linking to All Those Articles to refresh our skills. Oh this is going to be a great year. Thanks Tina.
    Kathy Bailey

  66. Love to be entered for the critique.

  67. How does one become a virtual assistant? Intriguing job idea...

  68. So much good information Tina - I bookmarked this so that I can go back and really soak up everything. I'm not scoring myself because it would be pretty low right now since I'm just getting started. Don't put me in for the critique, but I would love to be in on the Starbucks card or the book drawing.

    Thanks so much for the resources and giveaway!

  69. Carol is a rock star. Carol is a rock star.

  70. Love your new watch, Jeanne!! hahahahaha! Honesty is a tough one to look at in the mirror. I am right there with you.

    But wow, good idea to use it as a tool for next year.

    One door hanger coming at you!!

  71. Well, Connealy, it's a sign in my kitchen too. JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE!!

  72. AN AMAZING YEAR, Kathy Bailey.

    (It took me 17 years to get a door.)

  73. Tina, this is a marvelous Boot Camp manual! And your the woman to get all of us to give you TEN. :-) Seriously Seekerville archives is awesome with easy access to our town library. ;-)

    I've got my door hanger on a cabinet handle in my door-less office. Surely some of you non-writer villagers could use the flip side Face Your Fears 2016. Unless only writers are scared.


  74. Oops, you're the woman, not your the woman...

    Slinking away before Grammar Queen arrives.


  75. You are welcome, and you are in Loraine!!!

  76. Thanks Janet,

    Oh and I really did order Reader ones this am.

  77. Tina - :p

    But I looked more closely now that I'm home - and I'm a link! I'm a link!!!!!! That has me excited!!! :D

    I got NO points for contests, but having over a dozen manuscripts done, half of which I queried or pitched multiple times, adds up quickly ;).

  78. Awesome post, Tina!!! I may be a romance writer, but I have a very strong practical side, and this scores an A+ on practicality! No wonder I always recommend to Seekerville to every newbie and aspiring writer who asks my advice!!! Love this.

  79. ^^^^^^^Seconding what Melanie said. ^^^^^^^^
    Seekerville is one of the best resources I know for aspiring and published authors alike.

  80. in case I didn't make it clear. please put me in the draw for all offerings.

    now, to go write... well, AFTER work that is *sigh*

  81. Well, Melly, you fairy tale girl you. Thank you!!!

  82. Awe thanks, Amber the Colorado girl.

  83. Love my door hanger. Thank you, Tina. Must post a pic on FB. Makes me think that I'm working. Actually, I'm having trouble getting back into the groove after the holidays. Anyone else with that problem?

    But I am cleaning my office...slowly. It's painful.

  84. The groove, the groove.

    Not cleaning my office helps,Debby.

  85. Tina! This is a check-list writers and authors should have emblazoned on their minds! Thanks for all the work you put into compiling this list, Tin!!

  86. How fun!!! I love all those great links in one place. Thank you, Tina! I didn't have time to do my score right now. Have been on the go most of the day. But I look forward to giving my total. :)

  87. Tina, I don't have an office door. But I hung it on the door between the kids' bedrooms and the family room. :)

  88. Wow, Tina. My head is spinning! This should be a book of its own. It's going to take me a couple weeks to get through all this information. Thanks for your generosity sharing it!

    You look FAB in your uniform. Thanks for your service to our country and to the aspiring here.

  89. Another writer with no door. I have a door, earplugs and white noise. How do you do it????

  90. The reason for this is, is that it is there when you need it, Lyndee, which isn't necessarily today. :)

    It's taken me five years to have time to pull together an update.


  91. I don't have a door either. Haven't had an office door for nine years. I hate it. That's all.

  92. Sniff. So sorry, Lyndee. I graduated from no door to the furnace room, where the furnace and I lived happily for years and years and then finally to an office.

  93. O Tina! I am definitely going to check it out now! Did not see that yet! I know...I go straight to order my soy flat white and don't even look around! Ok. Must try the Latte Machiatto! Thanks!

  94. O Tina! I am definitely going to check it out now! Did not see that yet! I know...I go straight to order my soy flat white and don't even look around! Ok. Must try the Latte Machiatto! Thanks!

  95. Amazing. Totally amazing. Astoundingly amazing. You have given me dozens of writing courses in this post, Tina. Dozens and dozens. What. A. Resource.

    Thank you!!!

    Don't enter me in the drawing. I'm reading Rocky Mountain Reunion now. Well, not right now, as in right this minute. Oh to develop the skill of typing and reading at the same time!

    Amazing post. Did I already say that?

    Nancy C

  96. Glad to have expanded your world JC. I am going to try tomorrow when I do my third post office run of the New Year. LOL.

    My postal people are so good to me. I brought them donuts before Christmas to thank them.

  97. Thank you so much, Nancy!!!

    You are very kind. Check is in the mail.

  98. Kate Barker, I missed your comment. So sorry. And you were yelling quite nicely. YOU ARE ENTERED. And it is Ma'am!!!

  99. Priceless. Absolutely priceless.
    Thank you, Terrific Tina - - you continue to amaze me.
    Back to polishing my Golden Heart entry (yes, the clock is ticking...).
    Hugs, Patti Jo (a huge Tina Radcliffe Fan)

  100. Way to go, Patti Jo!!!! WOOOOOT!!!!

  101. Hi, Tina. I started reading this at dinner in front of my son, and I yelled out, "This must be a Tina post." I told him he was my witness. He asked to what.

    Thank you for this boot camp. There were some parts where I laughed. My son stuck his head back into the dining room and asked why I was laughing so hard. I said this was a great post. He disappeared again.

    Yes, I'd like to be entered in all the prizes I can enter today. I am working diligently on my 2 inspy manuscripts. I need all the help I can get for the Genesis contest. Golden Heart deadline is approaching. One inspy manuscript has been submitted, other will be by end of weekend.

    Thank you, Tina.

  102. Thanks Tina for letting me know the correct etiquette for addressing a female Sergeant!! (or is it Sargent?) Sorry for using Madam...(it does kind of sound like someone who runs a house of ill repute...LOL...that couldn't be you!!) And thank you for letting me know I'm a contender!! Have a great rest of the evening!!


    Hi to your son. Such a smart boy. What's his name?

  104. Yeah. Kathryn. NO MADAMS IN THIS ARMY!

  105. Well, I'm a day late to boot camp. What a great post. I'll copy it and go over each section carefully. Thanks for sharing.

    I hope everybody gets to read Rocky Mountain Reunion! It's a great story!

  106. What a great boot camp! I am going to bookmark it and go over it slowly, there is so much wisdom here. Thanks all :)

  107. Awesome info! Thank you! Please enter me for a critique.

  108. Hello,
    Please enter me for the Starbucks card and Tina's new book. I love the writing sign. As a teacher of writing to my children, and past teacher to elementary school kid I am downloading and hanging up. :-)

    Have a good day.
    Becky b

  109. I'm a day late commenting but oh wow do I love this post!! Wish I had it in print form but thank you for making it something I can reference back to. :) GREAT stuff!!

  110. Hey, Rachel Meyers, J Baugh, Becky Ba and Sharee!! Happy New Year.

    Yeah, it is hard to have in print form as it is a link set up. But it will always be here at Click on Library.

  111. This is an amazing resource!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  112. What a great resource! I'm definitely bookmarking this page for future reference! :)

  113. Tina,

    What a fantastic resource! Truly amazing! I'm sure you put many hours into compiling this resource and I appreciate it. I haven't finished going through the entire resource - answering the questions and grading myself - so if your phone rings and you hear weeping and gnashing of teeth - it will be me. ;)

    Please enter me in the drawing for your book - it sounds awesome!

  114. WOW!!!! What a post - full of info, reinforces what I already knew: writing a book is not for "sissie's; a lot of time, work, patience, and persistence is involved in writing a book; we readers are extremely blessed to have the works of so many gifted authors by which to be entertained, educated, and inspired!! My thanks to Tina and each of the other Seekers!! As with Annie (JC) - I'm wondering how I would fare in a reader's boot camp, lol!!


  115. Every year when I see the boot camp post, my heart skips a beat! It's sobering but exciting to find out where you are in terms of a score. Hoping I'd finally be able to hit the 200 mark, this year I tallied up and was so encouraged and overwhelmed to find my score at 327. The conference section helped a lot. Such great experiences there. Never in my wildest dreams would I have done any of this writerly stuff without encouragement from here at Seekerville. Y'all bless me bunches!

    Now it's waiting and praying time. My one word for 2016 is SURRENDER. God knows and has all this in His hands.