Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Weekend Edition

Rocky Mountain Reunion
Today we're celebrating the release of Rocky Mountain Reunion. The fourth Paradise series book! Leave a comment and let me know if you'd like to have your name entered into Stanley's dog dish for a copy of your own. Winners announced in the next Weekend Edition.

 Giveaway rules can be found here. Please drop us a line to claim your giveaway at All prizes not claimed in 8 weeks go back into the prize vault. We wish we could contact all our winners individually, but we'd rather write books! And P.S. - if we forget to send  your prize DO let us know after 8 weeks per our rules.

We Have Winners

The three winners of Janet Dean's The Bounty Hunter's Redemption from the last Weekend Edition are Tracey Hagwood, Cindy Regnier and Jackie Smith.

 Elaine Stock was our special guest on Monday with her post, "Redeeming the Unlikable Hero." Vince is the winner of her debut release from Elk Lake Publishing, Always With You.

Tuesday Myra Johnson offered a glimpse into her writing space with "Write at My Fingertips." She talked about the must-have items never far from reach that help keep us inspired, motivated, and productive. Bonton is the winner of a handy-dandy desk organizer caddy!

Wednesday we featured the post, "To Review or Not to Review … That is the Question."And in the spirit of Will Shakespeare, Julie Lessman explored—and answered—that question in a manner so complete, you are now sorely tempted to post a review. Ahem … of course, it remains to be seen whether it will 5-star or 1. Kate is the winner of any of Julie’s ebooks … OR a signed manuscript copy of her new novella, A Glimmer of Hope, which is the prequel to Julie’s latest novel, Isle of Hope. Glimmer of Hope is due to release in February.

 Ruth Logan Herne was your hostess Thursday to talk about how to make your setting reflect your stories.  Jill Weatherholt, Meghan Carver and Sarah Claucherty are the winners of "An Unexpected Groom" book one in Ruthy's new "Grace Haven" series, a Romantic Times 4-STAR novel.

Photo purchased from Bigstock.  Here's our heroine Anne Matson.

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Janet Dean will talk about the smallest block of story in her post “Make Stories Zing with Well Chosen Words.” Words set the tone. Words evoke emotion. Words impact the pace. Words paint a picture. Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of The Bounty Hunter’s Redemption.

Tuesday: 2015 RITA® finalist, Rose Ross Zediker is our guest today! Stop by to see her post, "Confined Settings." There are two chances to win a book today. One commenter will receive her latest release, Lassoed by Marriage. Another commenter will receive her previous book with Barbour Publishing, Dakota Love.

Wednesday: 2015 Daphne Award winner and Seeker, Debby Giusti is your hostess today! Don't miss this Love Inspired Suspense author's day in the Village when she talks about "Getting to the Root of the Problem." Debby's giving away her February release, Plain Danger, and a surprise gift to two lucky winners!

Thursday: It's always fun when a Villager sails off the island and comes back to visit. Debra Marvin is our special guest today with her post, "The Timelessness of Jane Austen." She brought a giveaway and Seekerville will add another giveaway to the mix for those who come with their PROFILE PICTURE SALUTING JANE AUSTEN, IN ANY MANNER!

Friday: Best of the Archives with Janet Dean. Her post is "I've Got a Secret." Comments are closed to give us all more reading and writing time. 

Seeker Sightings

Tina Radcliffe has made her 13th sale to Woman's World Magazine. Claiming Her Heart will appear in issue 12. Which will be on newstandings in March. 

The issue to the left is out now and is issue 4.
Mary Connealy with Giselle Regus, Love Inspired Associate Editor, and Villager Jewel Tweed at the RAH (Romance Authors of the Heartland) mini-conference.

Hey Will You Consider Doing Your Favorite Authors a Huge Favor?

Nominations for finalists in the sixth annual Grace Awards are NOW taking place until February 28, 2016, so please consider nominating your favorite authors in various categories (one per category).
Here's the link where instructions can be found, but basically you nominate your favorite authors in one or all categories, then send it in an email to the Grace Awards (email given on the Grace Awards page) along with the link to your website, blog, OR social networking site (Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Pinterest, etc.). That's it, so here's the link.

AND THEN ... if you want to vote on the Most Swoonworthy Kisses in Christian Romance, Hop On over to Goodreads to Vote for your Favs! 

Random News & Information

Thank you to everyone who sent links.

72% of people get their best ideas in the shower — here's why (Business Insider)

What You Need to Know About Show, Don't Tell (Fiction University)

 How Writers Can Optimize Their Book’s Description on Amazon (Jane Friedman)

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 Vow to Write Better, Not Faster in 2016, Despite Our Binge-Loving Culture (Huff Post)

 Grand Entrance: Pay Attention to This Character (Fiction Notes)

When is the Right Time to Discount Your Book (BookBub Partners) 

Business Musings: The Reactive Business Model (Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

Traditional Publishing: What's It Good For (The Passive Voice/Jane Friedman)

 An End To Twitter’s 140 Character Limited Life (Social Medial Week)

Behind the Scenes: How a Book Cover is Made (Family Fiction)

Stay Focused: 7 Best Productivity Apps for Freelance Writers (Make A Living Writing) 

7 Literary Murals on Bookstores and Libraries (BookRiot)

Reader door hangers (Front & Back) have arrived. If you'd like one, send an email to with your snail mail address. Please put Reader door hanger in the subject line.

Have a great reading and writing weekend!

P.S. To all of you who are waiting to find out if the Golden Heart Inspirational category made it, we are waiting on a response from RWA.


  1. I do believe you are just getting better and better, TINA. Your WE is great. I'll be back later to vote. And to send you the Emil about the door hangers for readers. YOU ROCK, TINA. Have I ever told you?

  2. Tina congratulations on your book! It looks super. I appreciate all the thoughts and encouragement to keep us going in the right direction. This is such an important community of writers!

    My son is in theater and I had to wait a couple of hours in a new Starbucks evening location - I highly recommend it as a change in venue. I felt more focused with my character interviews for book two - and inspired by all the great smelling coffee and mixed with more savory things for the bar area! A new thrill. If you need a change try it with your laptop. Sometimes the little things make a difference, too.

    Hope your weekends are wonderful!
    I'd love to read anything you write so please enter me!

  3. Tina, I"m so glad your release day is here! Congratulations! Yes, of COURSE I want to be in the drawing of it. :) This is a great WE. I'm looking forward to checking out some of the links this weekend. In the meantime, it's time for this girl to hit her pillow tonight.

    Congrats on your latest sale to Women's World too. :) I was just wondering this week when you would have another story in a WW. :)

    Have a good weekend, all!

  4. Well, Marianne, you and Trixi and JC Annie suggested the door hanger, so I give you guys all the credit.

  5. Alas I can only drink coffee at Starbucks. I am too easily distracted. Although it is a great place to do character studies, Elizabeth. So true.

  6. Awe, thanks, Jeanne!!! Happy Weekend to you.

  7. Hi Tina:

    I recognized that house in a split second without even given a thought to "Rocky Mountain Reunion".

    Now that was a perfect description. I'm just at the point where the hero gets to see the house. I can tell there are a lot of surprises in store.

  8. Vince, that is as close as I could come in stock photos of the house (so I could purchase the photo).

    But the reader sort of imagines it their own way.

  9. Yay! So glad my christian kisses list on goodreads is gathering momentum, there was NOTHING on goodreads like it and after reading Regina Jennings' novella An Unforseen Match I had to create it to share.

    You know what's really funny about that list? One of the books I started the list off with because its kiss in the closet was so swoonworthy......well, I needed some kissing inspiration for a book I was writing many months later and I went and looked several up....that kiss was barely anything more than "he kissed her" which told me the emotion and the LEAD UP is way more important than the kiss itself, I think. That was the lesson I got on that one.

    I made another list too, Dreamy Heroes in Clean Romances if anyone wants to help fill that one out. :)

  10. Tina, you're the Queen of Woman's World! Congratulations, I'm so happy for you! I've submitted six stories, but all except one were rejected...still waiting on the last and it's been well over six months.
    Congratulations to all of the winners, including me. Thanks! I can't wait to read "The Unexpected Groom." The cover is so beautiful.

  11. Happy Weekend everyone! Congratulations Tina on your book birthday! Loved Rocky Mountain Reunion! O, I totally see Bradley Cooper as Matthew Clark....maybe the book can be turned into a TV Hallmark movie starring him?! Needless to say, no need to put my name in the dish. Cherishing my copy.

    Love those readers door hangers! Will send you an email to get mine hanging as soon as possible!

    Also, congrats to winners this week.

    So many awards happening soon. Will submit my nominationS for sure. Also, INSPY award nominations are ending soon. Everyone nominated their favorites yet? (Not accepting self-published books this year).

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  12. Great WE, Tina! Would love for my name to be tossed in the dish for your new book.

    Congrats winners!

  13. Six months, Jill?? Resubmit. ASAP! They have a new editor. Patricia Gaddis.

  14. Thank you, JC Annie. Bradley and I are in negotiations. (hahahaha in my dreams!!!!)

  15. Congrats to all the winners!

    I want to encourage everybody to toss their name in the drawing for Tina's new book. It's great!

    I got my writer door hanger in the mail and plan to close my door and use it today. Thanks!

    Happy weekend everybody, and stay safe!

  16. I'm so happy for you and your latest book release Tina! I loved it so much and what happened at the end was something I'd always thought I would like to do, so I got a HEA in more ways than one.

    And thrilled for your upcoming WW short story. You're are on a roll. Way to "savor your time and exploit it to the max". Can you tell I'm still thinking about your "best of the archives" on the subject of time? Such an important topic to ponder.

    I'm also thrilled to win The Bounty Hunter's Redemption by Janet. The good reviews are rolling in and I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks Janet and Seekervile!

  17. Oh and I'm all in on one of those readers door hangers, thanks again!

  18. Awe, thanks, Jackie. Writers are welcome to a Reader Door Hanger, FYI. I will be mailing them out with mailings as well. Although for one week I am caught up except for one to the UK.

  19. And love the visual on Matt, sigh... and that cute little Anne is adorable!

  20. Thanks, Tracey, Beta Reader extrordinaire!

  21. I was just thinking you gave me much more credit than I deserved, you are so generous with your appreciation. It was really ALL YOU!

  22. Good Morning and Congratulations to all of the winners.

    BIG congratulations to Tina on her book release and sale to Woman's World!

  23. I enjoyed reading Tina's book last week and really enjoyed it so don't put me in the drawing. Congrats also on the article. Congrats to all the winners. Congrats...Congrats...Congrats. This seems like my standard line on Saturday mornings here but I'd like to add something new today.

    Sometimes God works in mysterious ways...make that sometimes He hits you with a one two punch and then he gives you a three four:

    Punch One-I hit the world of critiques in AFCW this week and learned that I have a long way to go. However I learned from the critiques and was also encouraged by positive comments found there too.

    Punch Two-This week I read a January '16 release from Love Inspired Historical called The Texas Ranger's Secret by DeWanna Pace. It was all about an aspiring female writer who bumbled through her writing adventure by doing research on a Texas Ranger-who at one time wanted to write. Throughout the story elements of good fiction writing were placed strategically within the tale such as 'show don't tell,' live in your character's mind, etc. I experienced reinforcement for what I've been reading here, in books about writing, and through my critiques....OK God I'm beginning to get it, now if I can just figure out how to apply it.

    Punch 3-Tina's archive blog for yesterday....Yeah I'm getting up there in age. Sixty to be exact. I better start getting some things done. Thanks for the encouragement to make the most of my time. I didn't realize that you had lost your husband, Tina. My belated condolences. I lost my parents a few years back and since then I do notice the sunsets and sunrises more. Are dust bunnies what you call those things blowing across my floors? I gave up on those when I went to work full time teaching.

    Punch 4-I finished DeWanna's book last night and read the final pages. Those pages were written by another author who mentioned that DeWanna is now Heaven's blessing. I looked up her obit on the web. She died at 60. Ouch! But her stories live on. Two years after her death they are still emerging and blessing a struggling writer such as myself.

    So thank you Seekers for all you do. I'm getting the message. I've got to get busy, I've got to prioritize things, I've got a lot to learn, and I've got to pray that all things are for the glory of God.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Go to church, love your family, read a good book, and write a few pages.

  24. BETTIE,
    I know what you mean about yesterday's excellent post on TIME. I even went back and read the comments. I found three quotes so on target I wrote them in my journal. The entire subject became my devotional, I'm also turning 60 this year, so maybe it's the year to access where we're at and where we want to finish.

    I'm also very sorry to learn of your loss, but so happy you and Tom found each other. I do know the sum total of all our life experiences make us who we are and usually give us a heart for those who travel the same path. I love how you put what you wanted your life's goal to reflect on your tombstone, "Her writing touched lives", you can rest assured it does :)

  25. Great WE as always, Miss T - - thank you!!
    CONGRATS to all the winners this week!! :)
    Oh my stars - - I LOVE that house - - especially the turrets (don't know why I've always loved turrets - - maybe because they remind me of a fairy tale?) ;)
    SO excited about Tina's newest book...and Ruthy's....and Janet's!!
    Sure hoping the Inspirational category will make it for the Golden Heart!
    Enjoy the warm peach cobbler I've baked this morning - - yes, you can eat it for breakfast, LOL.
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  26. I am so happy to be a winner of Janet Dean's The Bounty Hunter's Redemption!

    I've read and loved Tina's newest so don't enter me for that!!
    Congrats to all the winners and to Tina for another great article coming out in the March issue of WW.

  27. Hi Tina:

    You mean you didn't have the picture in front of you to look at when you were writing the description?

    When I'm writing a scene I get those 'stock' pictures first and use them to describe my landscapes and interiors. They often have extra features in them that I would never have thought of that add to the reality of the scene.

    True, the photos have 'stock' superimposed on them but that is not a problem for just writing a description. Even better, the stock photos I used are always available for sale if I need them for publicity. Just keep the same file name that was used by the stock photo company so you can find them again.

    When I first saw that photo of the house it was the turret that grabbed my attention. First I saw the turret and next I 'saw' a princess inside combing her long hair.

    That is the power of a great image. From 'turret' to 'princess' to "Rocky Mountain Reunion" in about 1 second.

    Alsa 'a castle under siege' (as Ruth would say is 'a trifecta of imagery') acted as a perfect hook/segue into the next chapter. It really enhances the reading enjoyment to see great craftsmanship in action. I don't know what I like best: a great story or great writing techniques I can use myself. : )

    I must say, I really like your stories best when you have medical people as lead characters. I like it even better when, like this story, you go into an areas I know a lot about. I can't wait to see how you deal with the medical problems. (I also know a lot about eminent domain as it was part of my real estate classes.)


  28. Fantastic WE, Tina! Congrats on the new release AND on the upcoming WW story! Way to go, girlfriend!

    Love the new reader door hangers, too! Bet those go fast!

  29. Ohhh -- congrats on the Women's Weekly sale. I don't know how you do those short stories but they are always so good.

    I was checking out the Grace Awards criteria and if I read it right they've clumped contemporary and historical romance all together. How can that possibly be fair????? Why not a category for both?

    And those book murals --- if I owned my own home I'd paint the front of my house like a bookshelf...wonder what the neighbours would say. :-)

    Happy weekending everyone.

  30. Hi Tina Congrats on having another book out and on the article in Women's Magazine. I was just looking at that magazine yesterday and it made me think of you. smile

    Thanks for all the fun info in the WE. Love the clips from your book too.

    Happy reading. And writing.

  31. Okay, let me just go on record that ANY blog that contains a picture of Bradley Cooper has my COMPLETE and UTTER attention!!!

    But throw in an excerpt of Tina's new book along with it?? WHOA, BABY ... I am soooooooo there!!!

    SUPER CONGRATS, General, on the Women's World sale AND the release of Rocky Mountain Reunion!!! Lots of primo reading there, my friend, that I cannot wait to get to!!

    WOW, BETTIE, your story about DeWanna's book gave me goose bumps. Life is so very short, and we truly have to make the most of it, a point driven home this week for me when I lost a dear brother-in-law to a massive stroke at too young age for this era in time. Been in a fog all week, but the message is clear: we need to make the most of the life God has blessed us with, because we never know when He will call us home. So as you said, my friend, we need to " get busy ... prioritize things ... learn, and pray that all things are for the glory of God"

    PATTI JO, nooooooooooo!! You know I can't resist warm peach cobbler, and don't try to get out of it by saying it's cyber food, so no calories because just the MENTION of anything baked with peaces, and am I a goner!!

    And, WOW, KAV, I didn't even realize that because I haven't voted yet (my bad, and one I will correct shortly), but that does seem pretty silly to me since the two usually have their own categories, especially given the large # of books in both.

    Great WE, Tina, as always!


  32. Congratulations Tina, on another article sold to WW!!

    I love the reader door hangers!! :)

    Thanks everyone who sent in lots of great links! I look forward to reading. But first, lunch...

  33. Weekend Cover vs Cover
    Marketing Test
    Do Settings Sell?

    Title: "The Sky's The Limit"

    Theme: war hero pilot has PTSD and now fears flying. Part time flight instructor and full time nurse heroine is asked to help hero overcome his fear of flying.

    Both romances are just alike except for the setting.

    Cover #1

    A Kansas grass strip runway, flat landscape, hero and heroine doing pre-flight check of small plane. In the background are cow pastures, barns and farm houses.

    Cover #2

    An island in Puget Sound, just off the coast of Washington. Hero and heroine are doing pre-flight check of small plane near glass strip runway. In the island background are tall pine trees, some rolling hills while out to sea, in the sound, can be seen sail boats, jet skis, and a person parasailing just off the coastline. The coastline is dotted with marinas, log cabins, and two pickleball courts.

    Which Book Do You Buy?

    Remember: the two books tell the same love story. The only difference is the difference the different settings create.

    Take your choice:

    Cover #1
    Cover #2


  34. Well, Marianne and Tracey, what lovely comments. Thank you so much. And yes, I hear you. We would have all been in the same or close graduating class in high school. I don't like to actually say ages. Haha!

  35. Thanks, Rose! You RITA finalist you!!

  36. Peach Cobbler, a great way to start the day, says, Patti Jo of Patti Jo's Cafe and Bakery!

  37. Thank you, Jackie Smith! :) And thank you for taking time to write a review. To all of you that took the time.

  38. Yes. Vince, I had the pictures in front of me, but for this post I couldn't use them, as that would be copyright infringement.

    Let me see if I can find the links to the actual houses used for my story.


  39. Here is one example I used while writing Victorian House

    Here is the other Victorian House

    Now here is a picture from Tangled

    I really wanted a picture of the house and the hero on the ladder with the heroine's head poking out the window for the cover.

    But marketing knows what sells covers. So my second choice was the cover that I received. The family scene with the mountains. Which I love also.

  40. And on the second example mine is the fourth one down. Although they are all GORGEOUS. Don't you love Victorians??

  41. Thanks, Myra!! I love writing for Woman's World!!!

  42. Kav, those book murals were amazing. I'd love a wall like that in my office.

  43. Thank you, Sandra.

    Did you notice Vince mentioned pickleball court in his cover idea.

    Of course, Vince, cover two sounds perfect...if the marketing department lets you keep it!!

  44. Thanks for the kind words, Julie and Missy!!

  45. Congratulations, TINA, one the WW story and the new book!! Please enter me in the drawing for Rocky Mountain Reunion!

    Congratulations also to all the winners!

    VINCE, I pick Cover #1

  46. Aha! Laura picked number one, which the marketing team already decided on. LOL. Laura you are entered.

  47. Congratulations to the winners! Wonderful weekend! Tina, congratulations for another story in Woman's World. That is awesome! Thank you for the door hanger and Rocky Mountain Reunion! Your book has been traveling. It has gone to IHOP this morning and this afternoon will be going to a Winter Carnival to see snow. Because, you know, sometimes, you just gotta sit down and read! I was writing along yesterday and wrote The End to my second story. Working on editing both stories and entering contests and writing more this year. Thanks so much for this group and the encouragement, support, inspiration, and filled-with-helpful-knowledgeable-information posts!

  48. THE END! Wonderful words. Congratulations, Sally and thanks for taking my baby with you!!

  49. Loved both the Victorian houses, but I love that first one. would be so perfect for inspiration for the story. I pinned it to one of my pinterest boards since I was already there.

    Do you think the marketing department is always right? Just wondering, I would have loved the hero on the ladder cover. It seems like the historicals are doing a good number of them. I looked up the book Bettie mentioned and it has a hero closeup I like a lot. I just wonder if sometimes marketing should switch it up some, I like variety.


  50. They crunch the numbers and do the stats across the board. So whatcha gonna do?

  51. Hi Laura:

    Thanks for voting. I hope we get many more votes. The results might be very surprising.


  52. Hi Tina:

    In my two covers example, marketing came up with both covers based on the story setting. And let's even say that both covers were highly approved of by the authors of those books.


    P.S. Like a politician trying to appeal to the most voters, I included the pickleball courts to interest that segment of the readership. It might not be that large yet but it is very romance savvy. : )

  53. Tina, huge congratulations on the newest sale to Women's World! You rocked it, girlfriend! And these excerpts from the book... oh my stars, they are wonderful and marvelous and I'm just grinning ear to ear because they're so totally great and you!!!!

    Absolutely stinkin' delightful. I love it!

    Thank you for this WE. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It's wonderful, as always. Smiling over that, too!

  54. Bettie, you made such a beautiful bunch of points. Thank you for taking the time to do that.

  55. I used a Queen Anne Victorian in "A Family to Cherish" for the spa... An old Victorian has more charm than most anything. Nooks. Crannies. Odd shaped rooms.

  56. Confession: I was at the store the other day and could only purchase one book (per hubby's "suggestion"). I narrowed it down to your new book and another. Sadly I fell prey to the cowboy on the cover of the other book and I totally regret it :( Would love to get my name in the drawing!!

  57. LOLOLOL, Vesta, you are too cute. I'm loving it. You are in the drawing.

  58. Thanks, Ruthy. Once again....I LOVE WW.

  59. Congrats TINA on another WW sale -- and of course on the new release. Read it. Loved it. Impatient for the next Paradise book.

    Congrats to all the winners too!

    Wasn't that "We regret to inform you" post great?? Good post about writing better and not faster. Although, wouldn't it be great to be able to do both. And the murals. Sigh. So much creativity. Oh, and thanks for the link about characters' grand entrances.

    I had no idea there was doubt about the Inspirational category in the Golden Heart. I've noted many contests dropping the category these past few years, making it even more important to enter (which is SUPPORT) the contests that have the category. Wishing good things for all of you who have entered contests!

    Nancy C

  60. The Inspy Category didn't make it last year.

    You can see from the past winners list here

    that it happens on and off. This is worrisome. Once it's gone, it's gone.

  61. Tina, such a good point! We might see a cover one way... marketing might be laughing as they do what they think is right.

    And Vince knows that vision is clutch!

  62. Vince, I'd pick cover #2. And that surprised me because I tend toward rural settings, but I also love seashores, lakes and coves. Perhaps I am not just part dryad, but a water sprite as well????

  63. Tina, there's a different skill set for writing short shorts. I talk too much. I've tried and failed, so when I see your success with this, I'm like crazy delighted.

    I have loved magazine short stories from the time I was a tween, I used to wait for my aunt's McCalls and Redbook to come and read the stories (and cut out Betsy McCall!!!!)

    They were pure inspiration for a kid that longed to be a writer someday.

  64. Laughing at Vesta's story, LOL!


  65. Tina,

    Congratulations on your book and your sale to Woman's World. Have you ever thought about posting a lesson or lessons on writing the magazine short story? I, for one, would love to instructions, step-by-steps, helpful hints, etc., and I'm sure I'm not the only one!

    Congrats to all of the winners!

  66. Hi Ruth:

    Thanks for voting!

    I really don't know how the vote will go.

    I can see someone liking cover #1 on the concept that they don't want distractions. They just want a simple love story, period.

    I think a big job of cover art is to make 'promises' to the reader that there are 'fun' things inside the covers of the book. A fun location. Parasailing. Sailboat rides. Pickleball matches where love can be even better the second time around.

    I think of the cover art as being like a 'coming attraction' at the movies. Give a glimpse of the fun stuff to come. Of course, I think this is of far more important with Indie books. LI, for example, has a look and feel to all their releases that must be meet. Readers also know what they are going to get with a LI romance. With an Indie the reader may have no idea what the book is like on the inside. I think most of my ideas work best for the Indie publisher.


  67. VINCE, I'm casting a vote for cover #2.

    Something about all the 'activity' of cover #2 relays the urgency of the hero overcoming his fear (I'm assuming his PTSD is mentioned in the book blurb on the back cover). For me, cover #1 has a peaceful, 'all the time in the world' quality. I would expect a faster-paced plot with cover #2.

    Another factor for me is that I'd like to learn more about the Puget Sound area :-)

    Nancy C

  68. Is there a reason writers aren't entering the Golden Heart inspirational category? Are there particular contests that are better to enter over others? Or are they all pretty much the same?


  69. Reasons for not entering the Golden Heart include self publishing. Also it is a very narrow category-Inspirational. Long, short, historical and contemporary. That's too broad a field. And the final editor judges are unknown but for many years it has been Harlequin. I suspect that if an author has already been rejected by Harlequin they wouldn't want to spend 30 bucks to enter the GH. And since you don't need an agent to submit to Harlequin many writers bypass the GH and submit directly.

    I think they miss the opportunity for the PR boost the GH provides if you final. It can add to your platform in a big way. The experience alone is a once in a life time event.

  70. Edwina, I have done two blog posts on the topic. It's listed in the side tabs under WW.

    Frankly, what I have found is everyone wants instant sale. It doesn't work that way. I sell 1/3 or less of what I submit.

    It's all about reading the magazine. EVERY SINGLE ONE and consistently submitting.

    It's not a get rich quick scheme.

  71. Is This The Ultimate Recommendation?
    -- from a male football fan, that is!

    I am currently reading, "Rocky Mountain Reunion", and since I am also injured and unable to work, reading and other entertainment is very important to me -- at least more so than it ordinarily would be.

    Yesterday I was reading away until the NFL football game began at which point I put down my Kindle and started watching the game. This was the Kansas City v New England game which was a very exciting playoff game!

    At first, during the commercials, I would take out my Kindle and read a little more of "Rocky Mountain Reunion". However, as the game got more interesting, so too did the romance. Soon I began turning the sound off on the tv and reading my Kindle more often. This practice carried over for most of the game and then to the next playoff game as well.

    Before this happened yesterday, I would never expect a romance novel to have more pulling power than a great NFL playoff game. However, it did. I fully expect the same thing to happen again today during the next two playoff games. (I'm right at 50% into the story on my Kindle.)

    I think this may be one of the ultimate recommendations that could be given to a romance least by a male reader!

    This brings up a question about the power of different themes.

    I really love reading "Rocky Mountain Reunion" because it is very appealing from a male POV.

    I think a hero, who has to raise a young daughter on his own, is getting a really good deal in marrying a single heroine who, while getting a hunky hero in return, is also faced with having to raise some other woman's child. This heroine may always doubt the extent of the hero's love for her as opposed to her value as a mother and babysitter for his child. (This happens in real life while in romances, I know, it is almost always the case that the other party falls in love with the child first and that the child is always perfect and adorable.)

    Therefore, I think this scenario, hero with dauthter, seems to be a much more attractive deal for the hero. BTW: this is the theme of "Rocky Mountain Reunion".

    Now consider the other way around. The single, hunky hero, who is established in the community and successful in business, loves an attractive heroine who has a son who needs a father.

    I think, at least theoretically, that it is a better deal for the heroine as the hero must now raise some other man's child. How much does she really love him for who he is?

    I would think the second theme would hold more appeal from the female POV. But maybe not. Who really understands the female heart?

    Is this true in romance land? Does anyone think that all HEAs are equal? That is: the belief that all HEAs are equal in offering the ultimate in potential future happiness.

    Got to go! The game starts in three minutes.


  72. My opinion only: in romance all HEA is created equal. In literature all HEA is not created equal.

    I think that often in real life one person in the relationship always loves more or gives more. Not always, but often. As the relationship seasons it settles. Like sand or soil. Settles and the relationship changes and shifts. It may shift completely so the opposite partner is now giving more, committing more.

  73. Congrats, Tina, on your newest release, which is on my TBR pile, and your sale to WW!!!

    I bought a copy of the mag on FRI. I know your story appears later in the year, but I used to read WW and thought I should start again. I hope everyone realizes that it's very, very hard to make a WW sale...especially their romance short stories. So huge congrats to you!

    I left a comment yesterday before heading to the January GRW meeting, but somehow the comment never loaded. Walt Mussel was on the panel that talked about Fan Fiction and Amazon World. Great info! Thanks, Walt!

    Also got to see Tanya Agler, VP of Programs, Piper Huguley, Lindi Peterson and Dianna Shuford. I'm hoping to attend more GRW meetings this year...a New Year's Resolution!

    Congrats to this week's winners!

  74. Vince, I vote for Cover #2. The water sold me!

  75. Waving to Bettie! Thanks for sharing. Lovely!

  76. Tina, thanks for the Weekend Edition! Congratulations to our winners. I'm late getting here. This has been the weekend of a granddaughter's tennis tournament. Can't imagine how tiring it must've been to play four matches in one day.

    Tina, fun to celebrate your release of Rocky Mountain Reunion. I'm reading and loving the story! The conflict is so strong and the characters off the page real.

    I love Victorian houses' porches and turrets. I took many photos of them in Astoria, Oregon.

    I'll be looking for Women's World in March!


  77. Jackie and Tracey, thanks for your excitement as winners of The Bounty Hunter's Redemption. Hope you enjoy the book!


  78. Vince, Cover #2.

    Janet, who loves the water!

  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. Yay....finally reader doorhangers!!!!!!!!!! Thanks TINA, I'll be requesting mine this week, they're so pretty!!!! And I have a lot of reading to do in the next couple of weeks with books I need to review....I love it :-)

    Great WE, congrats winners! Now if only my two NFL teams would have followed suit.....sigh....haha!! About that profile picture, how do obtain one? Do you have to have a blogger profile or something? I've wondered, and since Thursday's post is saluting Jane Austen, I'd love to participate!

    As always, looking forward to another great week here on Seekerville :-) And since I have "Rocky Mountain Reunion" I won't be adding my name to Stanley's dog dish (is it clean????) Blessed Sunday everyone :-)

  81. Stopping by again on Sunday because I think I forgot to say CONGRATS to TINA on another sale to WW !!!! :)
    Love that magazine!! (Latest issue beside me on my desk right now) ;)
    YAY TINA!!
    Hugs from a HUGE Tina Radcliffe Fan, Patti Jo :)

  82. Thanks, Trixi and THANKS Patti Jo (Of Patti Jo's Cafe and Bakery).


  83. Broncos looked GOOD!!!!! Well done, Peyton!

  84. Tina, congratulations on another WW story, your newest Paradise book and the Bronco win!!!! :)

    I LOVE Rocky Mountain Reunion!!! I highly recommend a visit to the Colorado mountains via Paradise. ALL the characters are delightful! What a perfect rekindled love story!

    Your photo of Matt and the house (from the paint ad) were just what I pictured. I won't argue with Harlequin's art department, but I tend to like people-less covers since I like my imagination to create the look of the characters. I was drawn to the mountains and sunset on your cover, and the people were chosen well, but the Victorian house would have really intrigued me. And what a cover with Matt at the window of the charming house!

    Vince, I vote for #2.....maybe because those Kansas fields are too familiar since I grew up there...and I'm interested in the different mountains, islands and forests of the Northwest.

    Congratulations to all the winners. Thanks for the WE information. The "We Regret to Inform You" post was funny and the "Grand Entrance" article ideas were interesting. More links to that the game is successfully over. Yay, Broncos!

  85. I wasn't sure there for a while. Pittsburgh came out really strong. But they got worn out with all those dancing blitzes. In the end Denver persevered to a victory.

  86. Thanks, Sherida, out there in Broncoland!!!

  87. Thanks for another wonderful "Weekend Edition", Tina!! Super congrats on the release of "Rocky Mountain Reunion" and another Women's World magazine story!!

    Thanks also to Myra, and all the Seekers, for my win of the desk organizer!! I so appreciate it. Looking forward to another week at Seekerville.

    Please drop my name in for a copy of "Rocky Mountain Reunion" - thank you!!

  88. Thanks to all who voted on the two covers.

    I too would buy book 2 but then I'd would probably buy book 1 anyway if there was not a book 2 to choose from. I was a small plane pilot and pilots on covers make me very likely to buy the book.

    A cover can have lots of 'hooks' on it besides the setting.

  89. Hi Tina:

    I'm happy for your Broncos. I think the thin air got to the Pittsburg defense there in the last quarter. I know it gets to me.

  90. We can only hope the thin air gets to the Patriots next week!

  91. hi Tina
    Congrats on the WW sale. I'm really impressed. I want to start subbing to short story places and it's good to know that I'll probably have tons more rejections than sales. Forwarned is forearmed so the rejection slips don't depress me too much.

    Would love a chance to win your book. (late on checking the WE out - busy with the little man this weekend)

  92. p.s. yay for my Broncos! have some trepidation about the Patriots visiting next week. not sure I want to get to Super Bowl only to have another blow out. The Broncos either win the whole thing or get blown up. Never in between. *sigh*