Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Weekend Edition

This weekend we're celebrating the release of Debby's Giusti's Love Inspired Suspense, Plain Danger. Leave a comment for a chance to win a print copy. Three winner's will be announced in the next Weekend Edition.

We Have Winners

 Giveaway rules can be found here. Please drop us a line to claim your giveaway at All prizes not claimed in 8 weeks go back into the prize vault. We wish we could contact all our winners individually, but we'd rather write books! And P.S. - if we forget to send  your prize DO let us know after 8 weeks per our rules.

Winner of Lindt Lindor Truffles from the last Weekend Edition is Melissa Jagears 

Monday, free-lance editor and writer Ericka McIntyre stopped by to talk about the Do's and Don'ts of Working with Editors and Publishers! Meghan Carver is the winner of Ruth Logan Herne's "More Than a Promise" (Franciscan Media).  

Myra Johnson took us "From Identity to Essence in the Christian romance" on Tuesday. We compared Michael Hauge's character arc concept with Timothy Keller's teachings on marriage from his book The Meaning of Marriage. Preslaysa Williams is the winner of Tim Keller's book The Meaning of Marriage; Dana McNeely is the winner of Myra's contemporary romance Autumn Rains.

Wednesday was KISSES, KISSES, KISSES ... with Julie Lessman (who some people call "The Kissing Queen") Laura Conner Kestner is the winner of her choice of either an ecopy of Isle of Hope or it's brand-new prequel novella, A Glimmer of Hope.

Ruth Logan Herne galloped into Seekerville on Thursday, with her post on the character development of her three heroes, the Stafford brothers, and on setting. Jess, Dena, Phyllis Wheeler, Jana Vanderslice and Kav are the winners of  Back in the Saddle .

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Janet Dean is our blog hostess today with her post, "Playing with Your Plot." Stop by for some plotting pointers and a chance to win your choice of either The Bounty Hunter’s Redemption or Courting Miss Adelaide.

Tuesday: Today Seeker Tina Radcliffe brings you "Writer Beware." Come prepared to take notes on this discussion of the shady side of the business of writing. There will be a quiz and prizes! 

Wednesday: Debby Giusti is manning the blog today and talking about forming habits...good ones, that is. Stop by to chat with Debby and get your name in the drawing for a surprise gift, along with a copy of Plain Danger.

Thursday:  Stop by today for "What I’ve learned from Working with Multiple Publishers (AND a Cover Reveal!)" with guest Susan Anne Mason. Commenters will have the chance to win a copy of either Irish Meadows or A Worthy Heart.

Friday: Today we present Best of the Archives with Julie Lessman. Comments are closed on Friday's to give us all more reading and writing time!

Seeker Sightings

With This Spark
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With This Kiss Historical Collection
With This Kiss Contemporary Collection

JULIE LESSMAN BRINGS YOU TWO GIVEAWAYS! Here’s your chance to win a Kindle Fire, Amazon gift cards, gift baskets, a character named after you in Julie's next book, twelve books by top CBA authors, more free books, and a whole lot more!! How?

1. Book Lover's Giveaway — February 7-13, 2016: Win TWELVE signed paperback books by TOP CBA authors such as: Hannah Alexander, Tamera Alexander, Colleen Coble, Robin Lee Hatcher, Rachel Hauck, Denise Hunter, Cara Putman, Deborah Raney, Beth Vogt, Becky Wade, and Susan May Warren, as well as our own Julie Lessman.

Just click on the link here anytime during February 7-13 and Good Luck!

2. It's Time to Fall in Love Treasure Hunt- February 10-29, 2016: Join Debbie Lynne Costello, MaryLu Tyndall, and Julie Lessman as they celebrate the release of our latest books with some fabulous prizes, including 2 Kindles, Amazon gift cards, gift baskets, and books galore!

Visit each of the blogs on the scheduled dates above for the rules and Treasure Hunt clues..and good luck.

Debbie Lynne Costello
Julie Lessman
MaryLu Tyndall

ISLE OF HOPE 50% OFF 3 MORE DAYS! With a five-star rating on Amazon with 109 reviews, you don't want to miss Julie Lessman's latest, a contemporary novel that bestselling authors Denise Hunter called a "riveting tale," Becky Wade praised as "a delight," and Beth Vogt said, "be prepared to question your beliefs about forgiveness." This is your chance to download it at the following link for half off!

Download Isle of Hope Here!

99-CENT SALE FOR PREQUEL TO ISLE OF HOPE: A prequel novella to Isle of Hope?? Yes, it’s true, A Glimmer of Hope is on sale for only 99 cents until it’s release date of March 1st, 66% off of the release-day price, so take advantage! She’s a wounded girl
serving up trouble.
He’s a pastor’s kid
bent on serving God.
But can they find a glimmer of hope
for a future together?

Preorder Sale for A Glimmer of Hope Here!

Twelve Brides of Summer is on sale for $.99 in February. Novella Collection 2 features Mary Connealy. Novella Collection 3 features Pam Hillman!

If you're looking for someone to talk to next FRIDAY, February 19th, come on over to Petticoats & Pistols where Ruth Logan Herne will be chatting it up about writing westerns, both contemporary and historical, and how the West was instrumental in the women's rights movements! Four Western states granted women the right to vote DECADES before the more "informed" East! Stop by and leave a comment to have your name tossed into Colt Stafford's cowboy hat for a chance to win a copy of Back in the Saddle!


 Random News & Information 

Thanks to everyone who sent links!

Too Late to Start Writing? (Writer Unboxed)

How Real People Make it BIG (Inc.) *Worth Rereading!*

Movie! Love Finds You in Valentine (Up Channel)

 How Your Book Can Share in the Valentine’s Day (Marketing) Love (Writer Unboxed)

February 2016 Author Earnings Report: Amazon’s Ebook, Print, and Audio Sales (AER)

 Amazon sells over 1 million ebooks a day as indies tighten hold on Kindle market (Roger Packer)

Her One and Only: Book Cover Photoshoot  (BethanyHouse//YouTube)

Understanding the Genres: How to Write a Novel (DIY Author)

How To Create Titles to Hook Your Reader (The Book Designer)

How romance king Nicholas Sparks fell in love with faith (RNS)

Harlequin’s Writing Resources for Aspiring Romance Authors (Harlequin Blog)

Marketing a New Book Release that’s Part of a Long Series (BookBub Partners)

Use All Five Sense to Enrich Your Writing (Book Baby Blog)

How To Use Touch Love to Suceed as a Writer (Writing and Wellness)


Deadline March 1. Remember that all editors can acquire for all lines at Harlequin!

Wishing you a wonderful Valentines Day!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Seekerville and friends!
    Congratulations to all the winners.
    Great job on the WE, TINA.

  2. Hi. I should be asleep but there's a calf bawling in my basement.
    This cannot go on, but she is so COLD. It's ZERO out there on the way to -2. And she's soaking wet.
    And the noisiest little calf we've EVER HAD DOWN THERE! (And trust me, we've had a few)

  3. Thanks, Marianne. 88 degrees today in Phoenix.

    Poor Mary! Poor cow. Go put a blanket on her.

  4. Since it's my birthday on Valentine's Day, I want to wish everyone else a very Happy Valentine's Day too! Hope all of you have a wonderful day! It's ironic that I am allergic to chocolate but I just give it to my husband if I get any! People constantly give it to me....I guess they forget!

    Anyway, I'd love to win Debby's new book so put me in the drawing please :)


    And my idea 4 seems to be working for me...we'll see when I send it to Naomi. :)

  6. Mary, my neighbor uses a playpen (the old-fashioned kind) in a small room off her living room for those babies born in inhospitable conditions...

    We do what we have to do when Mother Nature is at war with herself! Poor, sweet baby. (hey, I've got one of those baby crib things that makes noises like a mother's heart... kind of to the tune of Brahm's Lullaby. It's pretty freaky, actually.

  7. Melissa, glad to hear of potential success!


  8. I jumped to the "make it big" blog article and loved it! To me, making it big is being able to pay the bills, donate where I want and have a treat now and again. I am a simple person!

    So I was very glad when the article is really, simply a GREAT WAY to go after your dreams! I love that chalkboard experiment they did in NY, Write Your Biggest Regret and how it revealed that we tend to give up One Step Too Soon....

    When God wants us to do our best, be our best!

    Great article!!!!

  9. Congratulations Debbie! I would love to have a copy of your book. I hope everyone has a very happy Valentine's Day.

    No cows here but we are very cold. The cat and dog are snuggled up inside the house and not wanting to go anywhere. Maybe Mary should name her calf Valentine or Valentino.

  10. I loved reading Back in the Saddle by Ruthy!

    Right now I'm reading Debby's new book, Plain Danger. The first couple of pages pulled me right into the story. So many great stories by the Seeker authors. What a blessing it is to be here!

    Happy Valentine's Day weekend!

  11. Great Weekend Edition, Tina! Congrats to our winners. Several of the links look great. Before I can delve in, I have a much-needed appointment with the hairdresser.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, spending time with loved ones. I'm looking forward to tonight's Valentine's Day dinner dance with my dh. Tomorrow after church we'll be watching the Indiana basketball game with other rabid fans. :-)


  12. Congratulations winners! Great Valentine's weekend! I'll be trying to keep warm! Frigid temperatures here in MD.

  13. Debby, I get to start reading your book today! Yay!!


  14. Melissa, hope Naomi loves your chapters!


  15. Congratulations Winners! Happy Valentine's Weekend!

  16. Happy Valentine's Weekend, Seekerville! And congrats to DEBBY on your latest release! Looking forward to reading it soon!

    It's cooooooold in the Carolinas, too, JUST COMMONLY, but I'm holding out for the weatherperson's prediction of a slight warming trend beginning early next week. At least we have a gorgeous Carolina-blue sky here today.

    I am SOOOO ready for some semblance of "normal" around my house again. Between washer/dryer woes, researching and shopping for a new set, and being drafted to help Project Guy paint the hallways and stairwell, this has NOT been a good week for getting any writing done.

  17. Congratulations on your release, Debby, you Amish writer you.

  18. Happy Birthday, Valri! How special to be born on Valentine's Day!

    Sorry about your chocolate allergy though. Hope you're not allergic to roses! :)

  19. Ruthy, I loved playpens, for real babies. :) Wish the manufacturers would make them again. A Pack 'N Play isn't the same...and not as large. Playpens gave little ones a safe space.

    Giving up One Step Too Soon? I need to read that article. That's been my opinion for years. As we draw close, we often get discouraged. Too many folks give up at that point.

    Not Villagers, of course. Villagers keep moving forward! :)

  20. Bettie,

    You're in the drawing! BTW, love the name you've suggested for Mary's calf! Too cute! Bet her cowboy won't go for it. :)

  21. Great WE Tina! I am checking out these links. I am also considering entering the Fab Five if I have enough money at the end of the month. I sent my entry for the Great Beginnings contest yesterday.

    When I went to Walmart yesterday, I was able to buy all 6 Love Inspired suspense books including Debby's and Meghan's.

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    Happy Valentines Day everyone.

    Mary, Please keep that poor calf warm. I saw some baby calves the other day and thought of you and your cowboy.

    It is going to be a cold weekend here in NC. We had snow yesterday but it melted. More snow and Ice are expected on Monday. I hope it is gone by Tuesday because friends are taking me to the Biltmore House on Tuesday. I am excited because I have scenes from the Biltmore House in all 3 novels I have written.

  22. Sending candy hearts to Jackie for her kind words about PLAIN DANGER!!! :)

  23. Congrats to all the winners!!! Always fun to see who gets which books.

    Thanks, Tina, for your congrats...and for featuring Plain Danger on the WE!

  24. Wilani, you're a sweetheart, make that a Valentine Sweet Heart, to get all the LIS stories! I'm eager to start Meghan's.

    Our weather folks are predicting snow on Monday in GA! Oh my!

    Enjoy the Biltmore! Such a grand home! Reminds me of Downton Abbey, US style! Hope the weather cooperates, Wilani, so you have a wonderful trip.

  25. Janet, enjoy your evening. Hubby and I are renewing wedding vows at church this evening, which is always special!

  26. Debby, renewing your vows is such a beautiful way to celebrate Valentine's Day and your love.

    I started your book at the hairdressers. The opening grabbed me immediately. Great job!


  27. Happy birthday, Valri! It's my aunt's birthday, too. Hope you both get some well-deserved pampering!


  28. Gah -- it's so cold here (-37) that grandpuppy Bear won't go outside to do his business. Daughter forgot his booties and his precious tootsies can't stand the cold. He dissolves in a heap on contact with snow. (He's a yorkie.) Now I have to figure out how to make booties so he can at least go out and get the job done. LOL

    Oh -- and lovely WE. I'm jealous about the Valentine movie. It looks great. Hopefully it will hit a Canadian channel up here sometime soon.

  29. Janet, I can see the headline on the Nightly News: Woman Grabbed at Hair Salon! LOL!

    Fodder for a new suspense, no doubt!

    Glad you liked the opening. :)


  30. Kav,

    Could you use plastic bags on your daughter's pup? Perhaps insulated with paper towels?

    I had a pooch who refused to go out when a blizzard hit the DC area where I lived as a child. My father cleared a small area in our yard of snow, and we took turns carrying the spoiled pup to her special potty spot.

    Who was trained, the dog or us? :)


    And, Deb, Plain Danger sounds WONDERFUL!! You really hooked me in with your meme!!!

    Aw, Mare, you are SUCH a mother at heart, be it baby or calf!! ;)

    Thanks, Tina -- it was 9 degrees at the Lake last night!! Of course, that's some serious Valentine cuddling weather ... ;)

    VALRI ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY a day early, girlfriend!!

    YAY, MELISSA ... but you gotta share the chocolate!

    WILANI ... ooooh, enjoy The Biltmore House!!

    KAV, NO!!! MINUS 37???? YIKES!!! And it's not funny, I know, about Little Bear's tootses (what I used to call my kids' feet), but I did find myself smiling ... :)

    Hugs and HAPPY V-DAY, EVERYONE!!

  32. Debby, congratulations on the release of Plain Danger! Definitely sounds like another exciting story! Yay!

    Congratulations to the winners, and thanks for the WE. The "Make It Big" article had motivating points, as well as the "Tough Love" link.....need to keep those thoughts. I'll be trying the title generator apps to come up with "hooking titles." Interesting! Also I'm keeping that March 1st deadline in mind. Good for you, Wilani!

    I wish I could send some of our unseasonably warm weather to those of you freezing. Kav, the expression on your granddog's cute face says it all about the cold.

    Wishing everyone a special Valentine's Weekend!

  33. Sherida!

    How warm are you? CA is having a heat wave, right?

    We're cold, but nothing like folks farther north.

    I didn't hone in on Kav's minus 37. Oh my! That's worse than cold. Sending warm soup and hugs to you, Kav!

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Kav, a Yorkie named Bear? Who, despite the you-would-think-he-was-fearless name, is anti-cold? What a smile that put on my face! And -37 is so cold!

    Debby, congratulations!

    Tina, wonderful WE once again!

  36. Debby, we're at 64 degrees in Colorado! We went hiking today for our Valentine's Weekend treat!

  37. ARgh -- I've tried wrapping sensitive yorkie paws in bandages, making booties out of cut up plastic bags and even attempted duct tape booties I saw on a how to make boots for your dog video. Not successful at all. Bear is refusing to...well you know. He looks betrayed every time I take him outside. Now I'm eyeing a stuffed Winnie the Pooh that has the same paw size as I desperate enough to perform am amputation????????

  38. Kav, you've got me laughing.

    Sherida, hiking at 64 degrees sounds delightful!

    Sarah, thanks for the congrats!

  39. Kav, I saw your grand dog on FB. What a cutie! He reminds me of my grand pup!

  40. Happy Valentine's weekend, everyone!

    Tina, I'm so jealous!!

  41. I am not speaking to Tina as I huddle hear trying to warm up because I overslept an hour and wood stoves don't feed themselves. More's the pity!

    It's something below zero here, I can't read the thermometer because it's covered with snow, but one more rough day, and then things spiral back up to the thirties. SWEET THIRTIES, LOL!

    There's one thing about a Northern winter that makes it all worth while... the amazing appreciation for spring and re-birth when winter has exhausted all of her possibilities... the sweetness of longer days and new hope. And in the north, we plot and plan our gardens in February!!!! Hope springs eternal, pun intended!

    I'll shiver and shake a little today, but it's the middle of February and it's all good!

  42. Happy Valentine's Day, my friends!!!!

  43. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

    Sending cyber roses and chocolate to all Villagers! Including Vince and Walt!

    Of course, you deserve so much more!!! Thanks for your support and friendship!!! Thanks, too, for your hard work and for sharing your writing journey with The Seekers!!!

    Love you all!!!

  44. Debby, the story grabbed me at the hairdresser and held on. I spent the afternoon with Carrie and Tyler, as they grappled with one crisis after another. I'm mulling over clues to who's behind all this, but still baffled.


  45. Happy Valentine's Day, Seekerville! Wishing you a beautiful day, whether the weather is hot or cold!

    Kav, I fear there's a paw-less Winnie-the-Pooh today. But understand grandpuppy comes first.


  46. KAV DID IT!!!! Good for you, Kav!!!!! Desperate times require desperate measures!

    We got to -11 overnight... and a gorgeous, sunny, cold day today, but so pretty! I posted pics on facebook, God used a white coated brush to paint this part of his planet last night!

    I have a date for today, too, Janet!!! WITH THE HALLMARK CHANNEL!!! :)

  47. Oops, I was in the house e-mail account where folks know me by that OTHER NAME!!! :)

  48. Quiet around here this weekend -- a 3-day weekend for many AND celebrating Valentine's day with loved ones!


  49. Love the cover, DEBBY! The story definitely sound to be intriguing!

  50. UGH. Minus 37, KAV? I haven't had to endure that since my northern Iowa days. Used to be when it would finally get above freezing we'd be unzipping jackets and think it was warming up!!

  51. Ruthy, I couldn't bear that cold! We're at 39 degrees right now and miserable. When I chaperoned a high school trip to Boston, the tour guide laughed at us and our thin blood. :)


  52. With A Song in My Heart


    To all the Seeker friends
    who make this community possible
    To all the Seekers
    who give Seekerville life

    Thank You for all the Valentines you offer year round with the countless hours of reading enjoyment that each new book release provides!

    With Special Thanks

    To Debby Giusti, who after 38 years of my trying, enticed my wife to read a complete romance novel! And for doing this by the captivating power of the suspense and mystery themes! That's an inspiration!


  53. A valentine to Seekerville.

    Vince! Thank you.

  54. Vince, thank you for the song!

    And way to go, Debby!!! :) :)

  55. Aw, VINCE, how sweet!

    Oh my, TINA, you are making me so envious with your warm Arizona weather! It was in the teens here this morning, and they predict snow and ice for tomorrow. I really empathize with KAV's little granddog!

  56. Ruthy, what's showing on Hallmark?

    Someone mentioned Irene Brand has a movie, but I've never heard of the channel. Is it UP?

  57. Janet, I'm so glad the story's working for you! :)

    Also, I think Kav should post pics on FB chronicling the pup's escapades, somewhat like the Mighty Finn! :) Wouldn't that be fun.

    Kav, are you online?

  58. Glynna,
    Our winters in Missouri were cold. Hubby and my dad grilled steaks--outside--when it was 20 below. The locals thought they were crazy. :)

  59. Yes, UP. There is a link in the Weekend Edition links, Debby.

  60. Love your song, Vince. Glad to help with Linda! :)

    Wishing you both a very Happy Valentine's Day!

  61. Thanks, Tina! I'll check out UP! :)

    Myra, snow was predicted here for tomorrow, but they've changed the forecast to rain.

  62. I found the UP channel for cable in my area...

    The movie starts at 7PM.

  63. Deb, it's on at 7:00 tonight on the UP network. We get that here, so I've got a reminder set... I'm so excited for her!

    Vince, thanks for the song!!!!!

    And honestly, the cold is something you get used to like the heat is to you guys. I have a hard time with anything over 80-85.... I wilt and get crabby.

    But the cold, I can just bundle up and go about my day. It's probably just what you get used to, and probably part of the reason we HURRY everything, to stay warm! :)

    I've had a delightful time writing today, updated my website with iPage's new software (we had a love/hate relationship, but with this upgrade, it's back to love in time for Valentine's Day!!!) and I'm going for one more 1K sprint... and then sanding/washing walls for our entry way because I'm painting it this week.

    Doing things like that clears my brain for the next scene... write a little... paint a wall... write a little... paint a wall.

    We'll see if I can get this novella and the foyer and hall BOTH DONE this week!

  64. Edwina! Congrats on selling the house and the big move! Oh my gosh, Edwina is surrounded by boxes right now, and we all know just how much fun that is, darling! Bless you!!!

  65. One more note of interest... There are 15 more days until the scheduled opening of Abbott's Frozen Custard in Hilton.... Weather permitting, if the weather is dreadfully cold that week, they could delay, but I'm looking at their target date: March 1, my mother-in-law's birthday and my beloved Aunt Isabelle's birthday (I get my tough side from her, you would easily recognize it).

    Two strong women born that day and frozen custard. Clearly the stars have aligned.

  66. Happy Valentine's Day to all my wonderful Seekerville friends!!
    Debby G., CONGRATULATIONS on your latest LIS book!! I am purchasing Plain Danger and can't wait to read it! YOU are an amazing author (and a precious friend too).
    Please enjoy the warm peach cobbler I just lifted from the oven - - served in little heart-shaped dessert bowls for the holiday. ;)
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  67. Tina said -

    Stop by Seekerville. Leave a comment. Three names will be pulled for a free copy of Plain Danger by Debby Giusti

    I am SO good at following direct orders. Here I am. Here is my comment.

    Love me some bossy Tina. ;)

    Ruthy, one of these days I'm going to have to reverse things and come up to your neck of the woods and try some frozen custard.

    Of course, apparently I could just head into Times Square to Shake Shack. Nah. #nothingbutabbot'swilldo

    Happy Valentine's Day Seekers and friends.

    It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood. See what a good mood I am in at the prospect of having an entire week off to read and write? Mid-winter recess (for fuel conservation) was the best idea NYS ever came up with.

  68. LOL, Cate Nolan.

    You are a very good soldier.

  69. And Patti Jo obeyed too. And brought food. Yummmmm!!!

  70. You want food too?????

    Okay, I'll admit, I'm sitting here with Valentine's chocolate (Dove) from my students, along with pretzels and coffee with Snickerdoodle creamer. Can we say sugar overload? May have more to do with the manic response than the upcoming vacation time. ;)

  71. Edwina, I'm so glad you're staying close. I feared you might be moving to Upstate NY to be by Ruthy! :)

    Patti Jo, you are so sweet! Plus you brought peach cobbler! How delicious! Thank you on all counts, dear friend!

    Cate, are you sharing some of those goodies? Dove chocolate, perhaps? And a week off school! Yippee!

    My grands have the week off and had planned to visit, but one of the little ones went to Urgent Care today and had a positive strep test. Boo-hoo! Fingers crossed they'll visit later in the week, once he's feeling better.

  72. LOL, pretzels!!! Chocolate. Snickerdoodle creamer. Wow. That is total sugar overload. Go write. I bet you can belt out five thousand today!

  73. Cate, I'm joining you for this week off and writing! I'm so excited, I don't think I've had a whole week without kids (except Christmas week the past two years) in decades.

    I am having a ball and playing catch up!!! WRITING!!!!!

    And there is something different about Abbott's, it's got a silkier texture and some indescribable deliciousness!!! #nothingbutabbotts

  74. I have a box of Russell Strover chocolates, unopened.

    I am donating it to the cause! Who needs a DATE????

  75. Cate, a week off sounds fabulous! Keep scouting for LI, LIH and LIS in B&N! You rock!

    I'm waiting to hear The End of Kav's grandpuppy's cold paws.


  76. Kav, I love your ingenuity with Pooh Bear.

    I remember the first time I had a problem with Fenway and all the snowmelt stuff. He was in misery. I took old socks and duct taped them around his ankles so they would stay on. That was okay. But the purple rubber booties were what we finally settled on. He doesn't love them, but he allows them so his paws won't hurt.

  77. Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you are all having a great day. I have been having so much fun with hubby. Its a gorgeous day here and we've been outside most of the time.

    I did bake him a cherry pie which is the one time I actually bake these days. His mom's recipe using tart cherries. yum. We're about ready to kick back and enjoy it.

  78. Thanks for the great WE Tina. You always make it so special. Love all the Valentine goodies.

    YAY another Debby Giusti book to enjoy. I love all these Seeker books out there.

    Happy writing and reading everyone.

  79. Oh I'm going to have some of Patti Jo's warm peach cobbler. Hubby will love that I have that instead of some of his cherry pie. He will get all of it.

    Thanks Patti Jo.

  80. Awwww Vince. You sang us a song. Sweet.

    Happy Valentine to you and your sweetie.

  81. Oh Kav, Hope you got Bear outside okay.

    Stay warm.

  82. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! About to head out to dinner with my sweetheart but wanted to stop by to comment so I can be entered for Debby's book!

    Hope everyone has enjoyed the weekend.


    Congratulations on your new book, DEBBY! Please enter me in the drawing. Love the cover!

    So excited to win an ecopy of Julie Lessman’s novella , Glimmer of Hope. Can’t wait to read it! Thank you so much!!

    VINCE, pretty sweet song!

    Sorry to hear that many are suffering through the bitter cold. Saw some footage on the news and was amazed at just how low it really dropped in some places this weekend - record breaking lows in many areas. Mind-boggling. Saying a prayer for safety, and warmer temperatures, for all. It was a nice, pleasant spring-like day here in Texas, and the forecast calls for more such days this week. Tempted to start my spring cleaning early. Not really.

    TINA, thank you for a great WE update! Off to read the links now.


    Congratulations to all the winners! I'm looking forward to reading my book on marriage. Thank you, MYRA! Tomorrow, hubby and I will celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. Ah, the memories :-)

    I can't wait to read your latest release, DEBBY.

    Thank you for another excellent WE, TINA.

  85. Sandy, hope you had a lovely dinner!

    Thanks, Laura! You're in the drawing!

    Waving to Preslaysa! Happy anniversary!