Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Weekend Edition

2016 is our fifth year to Speedbo.

This year our theme is  FACE YOUR FEARS!  Check out the Starting Lineup here.

 Speedbo Primer for Beginners:

 Like book-in-a-month, Speedbo in its purest form is a 31 day self-challenge where the writer puts aside the inner critic and produces manuscript pages with the ultimate goal of completing an entire book. No editing allowed.

Of course in the real world that's not always possible. 

So we provide our Speedbo non-rules:

Daily, weekly, monthly writing goals are maintained by the individual writer. You may share or not. Your choice.

Check in is not required, but only those who comment will be entered into the weekly incentives.  All the action is here on the Seekerville blog. One easy location. No fees required.

Don't rule out Speedbo because you can't write nonstop for 31 days.Consider doing the Speedbo that fits your lifestyle:

  •   Become a weekend warrior for five weekends.
  •   Give up evening television for a month to write.  
  •   Get a babysitter Saturday afternoons for a month so you can write. 
  •   Get up one hour earlier for a month so you can write.  
  •   Write during your lunch hour at work for a month.
  •   Become a 1k per day writer for March.
  •   Writing, or revising? We don't care.
  •   Fiction,or  non-fiction? Your call. 
  •   No rules Just write.

We Have Winners

 Giveaway rules can be found here. Please drop us a line to claim your giveaway at All prizes not claimed in 8 weeks go back into the prize vault. We wish we could contact all our winners individually, but we'd rather write books! And P.S. - if we forget to send  your prize DO let us know after 8 weeks per our rules.

Valri, Edwina and Laura Conner Kestner are winners of Debby's Giusti's Love Inspired Suspense, Plain Danger. 

Janet Dean was our blog hostess Monday with her post, "Playing with Your Plot." The winner of The Bounty Hunter’s Redemption is Connie Queen. The winner of Courting Miss Adelaide is Kathy B.

Tuesday Seeker Tina Radcliffe brought you "Writer Beware." Come prepared to take notes on this discussion of the shady side of the business of writing.  Barbara Fox is the winner of a first chapter critique up to twenty pages, and Deb Garland is the winner of a surprise box of books and winner's choice of a tea or coffee surprise.

 Debby Giusti  manned the blog Wednesday and talked about forming habits...good ones, that is. Carroll Pelligrinelli is the winner of a surprise gift, along with a copy of Plain Danger.

Thursday we shared "What I’ve learned from Working with Multiple Publishers (AND a Cover Reveal!)" with guest Susan Anne Mason. Just Commonly is the winner of her choice of a copy of either Irish Meadows or A Worthy Heart.

Next Week in Seekerville

Our day with Dani Pettrey has been moved to April. Thanks for understanding!

Monday:  Today we welcome some of your  favorite Love Inspired Historical Authors as we "Focus on Love Inspired Historical novels" and they share their "Insider Tips." We have thirteen authors and thirteen giveaways!  And we also have a short Q & A with Editor, Emily Rodmell. Don't miss this if you're waiting for the big announcement of a Love Inspired Historical Editor Pitch, also coming on Monday!

Tuesday: Sandra Leesmith will introduce you to an artist of a different craft. Linda Needham is a photographer and Sandra will share with you some of her skills as an artist. 

Wednesday: Glynna Kaye chats about facing the obstacles to our writing goals in "Dead End or Temporary Delay? Your Choice." 

Thursday: We're welcoming Cheryl St. John back to Seekerville with more of her words of wisdom and we're pretty sure there's a giveaway involved! Grab some time to stop by and chat with Cheryl and all of us about writing, indie publishing, goals and keeping those plates spinning!

Friday: Best of the Archives with Debby Giusti. Comments are closed on Friday's so we can achieve our reading and writing goals.

Seeker Sightings

Enter the Penguin/Random House Sweepstakes. Win Back in the Saddle by Ruth Logan Herne.

Ruth Logan Herne -Refuge of the Heart sighting in Brooklyn. 

Tina Radcliffe is excited to announce her 14th sale to Woman's World magazine. Like Father, Like Son will be in issue 16 and available on newsstands in April.

BTW, Woman's World facts:

The #1 selling magazine at “bricks and mortar” stores in North America.

Total audience: 6.6 million women

Mary Connealy's Troubled in Texas Trilogy is currently on sale ... all three books in ebook format for one low price $3.99 
Swept Away (which is currently free!)
Fired Up
Stuck Together

For one low price. Click to Buy


Julie Lessman Blog Interview/Giveaway
February 25 - March 2, 2016: 
Join Julie Lessman on the Scribbles and Somedays blog for a fun interview and THREE giveaways! Here's the link and hope to see you there:
Scribbles & Somedays Blog

It's Time to Fall in Love Treasure Hunt- February 10-29, 2016: Join Debbie Lynne Costello, MaryLu Tyndall, and Julie Lessman as they celebrate the release of our latest books with some fabulous prizes, including 2 Kindles, Amazon gift cards, gift baskets, and books galore!

Visit each of the blogs on the scheduled dates above for the rules and Treasure Hunt clues and good luck!

Debbie Lynne Costello
Julie Lessman
MaryLu Tyndall

Debby Giusti will be speaking at the Tyrone Public Library, Tyrone, GA, on Saturday, Feb 27, 1-3 PM. Join her there! 

Your Speedbo Goal!
Random News & Information

Thanks to alllll the folks who sent links! 

 How Writers Ruin Their Amazon Links (Yes, You Probably Do It Too) (Gwendolyn Kiste) If you only read one link this weekend. Read this one. 

 Writer Creates “Color Thesaurus” To Help You Correctly Name Any Color Imaginable (Bored Panda) *Worth Repeating*

28 Things Every Bookworm Should Have in their Dream Home (WooHome)

Seven Mistakes You're Making with Your Author Blog and How to Fix Them (Creative Penn)

Where Real Drama Comes From (Writer Unboxed)

Five Common Problems with Middles (Romance University) 

Indie Authors: Focus on What Matters Most and Take Action Now (The Book Designer)

Anatomy of a Scene: Darcy’s (first) Proposal (BookRiot)

Eight Ways Readers are Different from Other People (Bethany House Blog)

 Working for "Exposure"? Get the Most Out of It (Jami Gold)
29 Author Websites with Stellar Designs (BookBub) 

How to write a book: 151 must-visit writing websites (NowNovel)

5 Valuable Writing Tips from Madeleine L’Engle (Literary Ladies Guide to the Writing Life)

How To Fix Your Disorganized Writing Life (BadRedhead Media)

More Speedbo Information:

You can sign up starting today, through March 31st by sending an email to with your personal goal listed in the email. You cannot sign up unless you have a visible goal. A finish line.

 Sharing your goal is only for accountability. Seekerville will not be sharing your goal with anyone. Check in happens on the blog only. In the comments.

We'll add your name to the Seekerville Speedbo Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame will be updated by midnight EST of each Speedbo Day, and your name will appear at and then on our blog on March 5th.

Additionally, we'll send you an confirmation email with a Speedbo participant badge to add to your blog or website and a certificate of participation.  

All participants who sign up by March 1st (March 1st at 11:59 pm) will be  entered in a drawing for a little extra incentive -one $25 Amazon gift card to be given away for every 50 writers who sign up.  Remember you can still enter Speedbo after it begins. 

Weekly Speedbo incentives will be mentioned in the Friday archives and winners picked from comments posted Saturday through Thursday, in March. So do comment and check in during the week. All incentives will be mailed out after Speedbo. We're writing in March.

So sign up, and whatever you do, stretch yourself. 

Get out of your comfort zone.  

 We thought that was it. We thought we'd just say have a great week, but it turns out there is much, much more.

 Seekerville hit TWO MILLION UNIQUE PAGE VIEWS THIS WEEK! We've brought out the sparkling cider, the cake and ice cream. Toot your party horn.

Thank you, Villagers for making this possible.

We have 13 surprise THANK YOU-GIVEAWAYS for 13 commenters 
Giveaway winners announced in the Weekend Edition. 

 You may now carry on!


  1. WOW! That's a lot of page views!!!! Congratulations, Seekers.

  2. Congratulations winners and to Seekerville! Two million page views this week alone?! Wow! Congrats! Must celebrate. Let's have some dancing and singing! Woohoo!

    I love this challenge you have set up for writers! Great idea! Sure sounds like fun. "Speedbo" makes me think of Speed scrabble. Lol.

    Happy weekend!

  3. GO SEEKERVILLE! 2 million?! That's awesome!!!!

    I'm in for SpeedBo! I'll say 70K is my official goal. On any project. My more real goal is to finish my super short novel/long novella by next weekend so I can work on a new project March 1 :). But if not, 70K between the two :).

    Off to email Tina!

    (FYI - my first SpeedBo project Grace to Save is likely releasing late this summer! Yay! It's got Seekers all over it ;). Travis HARDERS. Abigail CONNEALY. JULIE (and Keith) Harders. I forget who else... :D)

  4. HA!!! Not this week alone. Lifetime!

  5. I'm so excited to have won Debby's book! I love Seekerville! My day is never complete without checking in to seek what's happening on here each day! So excited you guys got to TWO million! Congrats!!!!

  6. Happy Weekend everyone!

    I'm looking forward to my 2nd year of Speedbo.

    Congrats, Tina, on another Woman's World story. I'm looking forward to it. But I think I must have missed one. I thought the one published last year was your 12th and this is your 14th. When did I miss the 13th? I love the Woman's World stories and look forward to reading your new one.

  7. Congrats Seekerville! That's a lot of views and I bet I contributed more than 1,000 in the past week because when I need to procrastinate, this is one of the places I haunt. LOVE this place!

    Way to go, Tina! And I wish I could follow amazing Woman's World diets. I'd be a toothpick by now. They know how to get readers...then those readers find the TRUE gem hidden inside - a story by TINA!

    Even though I'll be in Australia in March, I'm still signing up for Speedbo. Such a great program. Thanks for hosting!

  8. Wow! Two million visitors!!! I'd say that's incredible, but it isn't really surprising because I know how wonderful this place is. Year after year all of you continue to dispense wisdom, information and encouragement that we seeking peeps can always count on. Thank you!!!

    I'm not sure yet if I'll tackle Speedbo this year. Our household has been in upheaval for the past couple months and I suspect it will be another month or two before I can hope for a return to any semblance of routine. I'll still be writing, though. Just not sure what or when!

  9. I have to speedbo, I have no choice, but if I say I'm going to write 90k in my signing up email, will you just laugh at me?

    Or cry. Crying would be about right.

    Tina, the chocolate didn't work!!!!

  10. CONGRATS on 2 million views, Seekerville!! Amazing!!

    I will be cheering on those who Speedbo.

    Congrats on another sale to Women's World, Tina!! So happy for you. Thanks for another wonderful Weekend Edition.

  11. I'd say that 80 percent of our writer Villagers Speedbo every year. You guys are amazing!!

  12. Sandy, the contracts no longer say the sale date so all I can tell you is this: Next week is issue 9. I sold one for issue 12 and issue 16.

    So, I am a happy Woman's World Camper.

  13. Melissa J! Why is it some books are like that?? A few just sail along and others are like turtles racing through peanut butter.

  14. TWO MILLION!!!!!!

    Oh happy days are here again! The skies are gonna clear again! Let's sing a song of cheer again! Happy days are here again!



    I'm so excited about this because I know how hard it is to tell a story in that many words.


  16. Carol Moncado, that's adorable! Laughing and thanking you, that just made me grin!

  17. I am totally in on Speedbo. I will probably have edits come across my desk, but I've got a delightful piece of work to do in March, as well, so my goal is 55K... Less than 2K/day and I'm home all month, and only working a part-time job now, so I think that's doable.


  18. Okay, links... The color one is amazing, I copied and pasted the pics and I'm going to print them and hang them near my work spot to remind me to differentiate.

    The drama link was excellent, clear examples of how to deepen the drama without wasting your time or your reader's! WONDERFUL ADVICE and I think it comes back (for the science minded among us) to action/reaction/emotion.

    Keep it simple, my loves!

    The top websites.... I noticed that for what I thought were the very best, the author kept the look throughout the opening page/home page.

    Don't bounce your readers.

    Don't make them work.

    Now if you don't have Nora's money and you still want a great webpage, iPage just upgraded their Weebly (web page creator software) and it is super easy now (like PUSH HERE DUMMY PhD easy) to create a website with a crisp, clean look.

    I am so impressed by this new upgrade (and I was one of the many who told them they needed to upgrade because they needed to!!!) and they did!

    It's affordable, a deal the first year/two and then $140/year. I fix it myself, I upload myself, I choose the content myself and with their new software it takes minutes and readers love it.

    So, the difference between my paycheck and Nora's or Johns or Brenda's is sizable!!!! But if your website is easy to navigate, read, handle, you just saved yourself THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

    I'm all over that.

  19. Melissa Jagears, I'm trying not to laugh and the brainstorming offer is STILL ON THE TABLE.

    Mary and I love brainstorming and honestly, generally it comes down to weak conflict and lack of moral premise.

    Once you get that firmly in your pretty head, it will write itself.

    Kind of.

  20. Good morning Seekers. Congrats to us all! Here's to many millions more!

    I'm looking forward to speedbo. It was such an encouragement last year. Thanks for the advice on the realities of life. I'm setting a more realistic goal this year based upon work and home.

    Yeah Tina! Way to go!

    Is there a good publication out there on 'show don't tell?' My thick brain keeps messing that up when I write.

  21. Wow! Two millions views...amazing! I know my eyes of done their fair share.
    Congratulations on another WW sale, Tina. I'm still trying. :)
    This year, I'll be editing during Speedo. Happy Weekend!

  22. CONGRATULATIONS!!! What an accomplishment.

    Tina, thanks for the heads up on WW. I checked the issue at Kroger the other day because I thought you had a story coming out. Now I know what to look for. Congrats!

    I'm in for Speedbo. Editing/Rewriting.

    Have a great weekend everybody!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Two million views... That is amazing!

    Congrats to this week's winners!

    Have a great weekend!

  25. Wahoo! I'm so glad I stumbled on Seekerville and became a member. Every view adds to your total. I invited other writers to take a look by forwarding numerous columns with the best writing information on any blog. Seekerville is totally awesome. The new wave of the future, one worth riding on to keep abreast of the ongoing changes, contests and who is selling what, where and when. Everyone is so nice. God is surely shining down on all it's volunteers. Here's to another great year of viewing. You all rock.

  26. Tina, Congrats on you 14th sale to Woman's World. I will look for that issue. I sold them a mini mystery a few years ago. They are a great market with lots of competition and that makes a sale to them so much harder. Sending strawberry cupcakes and French vanilla coffee your way. Celebrate.

  27. Yay, I won Janet Dean's book! Can't wait to read it. Thanks again for all the "free" stuff on Seekerville. :)

    I'll be doing SpeedBo this year but I don't want to set my goals until I hear about the LIH's pitch on Monday.

    Last year I didn't hit my Speedbo goal, but the year before I did. 1k/day. So I'm ready for another round.

  28. Good morning, Seekerville! And thank YOU for "hitting" our Village over TWO MILLION TIMES!!!

    Another GREAT Weekend Edition, Tina! And Congrats again on the WW sales! You are the queen of WW romance! :)

  29. Hmm, after reading all the comments, I will look further into Speedo. I'm working the election polls the first half of the month. Then leaving for a mystery conference called Sleuthfest next Thursday. My plate is always full, but
    I usually manage to write everyday most of the time. Sounds like a new goal. I will go back and retread the information. Thanks.

  30. Congratulations Seekerville on your milestone!

    Great weekend edition.

  31. Bettie, what a great question!

    The "Show" vs. "Tell" controversy.

    Now if you're reading literary works, you'll see a higher percentage of "tell" in internal struggle and story line. Some authors fall in love with their own voice and wax on until those cows come home.

    So the rules vary slightly by genre, and that might be part of the confusion.

    In romance, showing (through actions/reactions, dialogue, quick-moving scenes, but it's okay to languish sometimes....) :) is more of a rule, but you're always going to have to tell some things.

    Here's a basic and big change from 30 years ago:

    No initial story build up from backstory. Drop 'em right into the action and then feed backstory in bit by bit as the scenes/chapters unfold. You can foreshadow it a little, you can give hints, but no more backstory dumps that were so common back then.

    Another trick: Print out a chapter. Use a bright green highlighter for the showing scenes, and a duller blue for the telling scenes.

    The bright green should dominate.

    If it doesn't, you're probably telling too much.

    Think of the clever back and forth reparte on "FRIENDS".... Or Castle.... Or NCIS.... Strong dialogue that has a point is a great way to add to the green highlighter and take from the dull blue.

  32. Suzanne, I'm so glad you're here, too! And honey, you know that old adage "Ask the busy person to do one thing more..."

    If you're already writing daily, you're already doing it so jump in!!!

  33. Congratulations on 2 million views, Seekerville!

  34. What a great WE, Tina! While I'm recuperating, I'm looking forward to checking out some of the links today. You guys hit 2 MILLION unique page views?! Congratulations! I'm not surprised. You ladies offer such encouragement and wisdom for those of us following behind you. Thank you so much for that!

    And congratulations, TINA for your 14th sale to Women's World!!

    Can a Sopeedbo goal be to get a story plotted and researched so I'm ready to write come April? That's wherev I'm at in my process right now. :)

    I'm SOOO thankful for you all!

    Whoo Hoo! ! congratulations to YOU!

  36. Wow! Two Million unique page views this week! That's awesome ladies!!

    I have ten days (counting today) to finish revisions if I plan to start something new for Speedbo. Going to have to ship Mountain Man and Sawyer, his puppy, off somewhere if I plan to get any work done. Hmmm...wonder if I can convince him mid-February is a good time to go camping? It's been a bit warmer lately, although they are predicting snow this week. ;)

  37. Congratulations on two million visitors. That is awesome. I know I check it just about every day.

    I have signed up for Speedbo. I will be starting my fourth book. I am so close to writing The end on book 3 which I know will have a lot of editing and rewriting but it was fun to write.

    Tina, congratulations on your new Womans World story!

    I hope everyone has a great weekend.

  38. I have to confess that although 2 million is super cool. I maybe account for 1,750,000 of them. But since we can't really track that, let's celebrate anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Congrats to this week's winners AND to Seekerville for hitting 2 million page views!!!! That is awesome!!!! So thankful for all our faithful Seekervillagers!!!

    And congrats to TINA on another WW sale!!!! You are rockin' 'em, girl!

    So excited about Speedbo. It's hitting at a pretty good time for me this year. I'm currently working on revisions for a couple of wips due mid-March and then can focus on my mss. with summer deadlines. Hoping to make great progress!

  40. 2 Million page views?! That's amazing! Congrats! I'm so excited about Speedbo :)

  41. 2 million. Yay Seekerville!

    Ruthy, that "Kind of" write itself is where I get stuck! lol

  42. Hi Tina:

    Congrats on another WW!

    You could give seminars on how to publisher for WW and I bet they would be the most attended at any writer's conference. I'd do this in a second and have a Kindle book ready to sell at a bargain conference price.

    Now, with 6.6 million readers, isn't there some way you can have one of your WW characters reading one of your novels published under your other name? As a marketing guy letting such an opportunity go unharnessed is like letting Niagara Falls fall without generating electricity. Of course, the title of the book would have to be essential to the plot's fulfillment. (In fact, it might be better to just mention the title to the book. Which of you titles might be the key to fulfilling the plot?)


    It just occurred to me that maybe what this world needs is a "SlowBo". That's a month for us tortoises who might well produce more with slow continuous steps rather than to rely on intermittent spurts -- like the rabbits do. I think I am going to do a "SlowBo" non-fiction editing job and see how it works. Getting too far ahead of yourself can be an alienating experience.

    Two Quotes:

    "Face your fears but use a shatter proof mirror."

    "If you must face your fears, give them a happy face. A happy fear is like a happy grump. He just doesn't have the old sting."

    Loose End:

    Did anyone win the "Adult Coloring Book?" :)

  43. Congratulations on 2 Million Views!! I'll be cheering on the Speedbo writers. You guys are awesome!

  44. Congrats Seekerville on the 2 million views! Wow!

    Ruth, thanks for the tips on showing vs. telling.

    I probably should do Speedbo just for some accountability so I can get some actual writing done. I will get back to all of you on that.

    I am also trying to work out my plot more. There is so much great information out there I'm feeling a little overwhelmed on what I should read. Does anyone have a suggestion on their number one "go-to" plot writing advice book?

  45. Pam, clearly I need to do a "let the book write itself" class!!!! :)

  46. Sharee, it is exciting, isn't it? It's fun to push ourselves to new firsts, new goals and to stretch our wings.

    Did you know that birds are prepping their nests long before they mate and lay eggs... because they know the season is approaching.

    So Speedbo is our way of pre-empting that season! Who wants to go to a conference without a finished book??? At least one????

    Pushing yourself through this time of year is a great basis for those later requests for a full!

    I'm a plan ahead kind of girl, and so glad you're jumping into the water!

  47. Congratulations on the 2,000,000 milestone! WOW, so much in this blog but all interesting!

    wfnren at aol dot com

  48. Yay Seekerville! Let's go for 3 million now! I am so excited for Speedbo. Thinking about a little higher goal this year.

  49. TWO MILLION! Wonderful! Congratulations to all the Seekers.

    Congrats to all this week's winners. And kudos to Tina on more sales to WW. Love those short stories. Perfect for a quick break from writing.

    Will settle in later for the links. Looks like a lot of interesting info. More of what Seekerville is about -- sharing :-)

    Nancy C

  50. RUTHY! Thanks for the tip about iPage. Here I sit at a Mac and had no idea about the webpage. Definitely will follow-up. I like control ;-)

    Nancy C

  51. Nancy, you're welcome! I'm so glad they upgraded, it made my life easier and for that kind of money, gosh... you can't go wrong.

    And I like control, too. :)

    We are a funny pair!

  52. Woo hoo!! Celebrating Speedbo AND 2 million page views!!!! Thank you all for helping us with these fun events and milestones!

  53. Carol, your goal sounds a little like mine. I'd really like to finish something I've been working on BEFORE March 1st. :)

  54. LOL, Lyndee!! We appreciate your addition, but not for procrastination! ;)

  55. Jeanne, I'm glad you're healing! I pray you continue to improve.

  56. Bettie, examples I've seen on showing vs telling have helped me. Here's one off the top of my head...

    Telling: A loud noise sounded near him as someone yelled a warning. The sounds terrified him, and he wondered how he would get out of this mess.

    "Look out!"
    He ducked as something whizzed past his head. A bullet?
    His heart pounded as he ducked behind the counter, listening for footsteps. Straining to control his breathing, he inched along the floor to peer around the corner. Was there a safe way out?

  57. Rhonda, I'm laughing at the thought of you shipping them off! BIG GRIN HERE!!!!

    I'm working edits today, but done for now. I'm doing Mass later this afternoon, and must get ready.

    Chicken feeding clothes are not church-appropriate!!!!

  58. LOL, Vince! You can sure do Slowbo is you want. :) Maybe Tina will make you a badge! ;)

  59. I'm glad so many of you will be taking part in Speedbo! It's always so nice to know we're all hanging in there together each day.

  60. LORAINE, the craft books that have helped me most are:

    Goal, Motivation & Conflict, by Debra Dixon

    Techniques of the Selling Writer, by Dwight Swain

    Plot & Structure, by James Scott Bell

    Write Your Novel from the Middle, by James Scott Bell

    The Moral Premise, by Stanley Williams

  61. Ruthy ducks her head when the conversation turns to craft books, and she busies herself at the food table, humming loudly!!!!!

  62. WHOA 2 MILLION VIEWS?! That's incredible, y'all. Simply incredible. Congratulations, ladies!

  63. Tina, lovely WE! And congrats on another sale to WW!

  64. Yes, RUTHY, I assumed you were avoiding the question. ;-D

  65. Thanks for sharing the 2-million celebration with us! Exciting times around here--Speedbo is about to begin, the Seekers have accumulated 2,000,000 page views...

  66. Congratulations, Seekerville, on TWO MILLION VIEWS! Wow! You ladies rock!

    I've signed up for Speedbo. I'm gonna need it, 'cause I have deadlines now. (gulp) I'm kind of proud of that and terrified at the same time. My second book (and book one in a series--"What have I done?!") is live today on Amazon. So it's a Happy Saturday for me. :-) I FINALLY have another book published. (Now I'm gonna go hide and freak out at the fact that people might actually read it. Aggghhhh!)

    Thank you, Seekerville Ladies, for being such an encouragement to me even when I could only lurk, keep my head down, and keep writing.

    Gonna crawl out of my writing cave and go take a walk in the sunshine and celebrate a book birthday.

    P.S. My new book is titled Some Enchanted Evening

  67. Congratulations on reaching the two-million-views milestone! I can see why. There's a whole lotta awesomeness here in Seekerville!

  68. Happy Speedbo! I'm always impressed by the efforts writers make to meet their words per day goals. Best wishes to all who participate! Congrats on reaching 2 million, that's amazing! Think of how many people you've touched and writers you've influenced. Looking forward to another great week at Seekerville :)
    Please add my name to the giveaway!

  69. Woohoo! SEEKERVILLE ROCKS! And since it us that viewed the pages, I guess WE ROCK!! HIP HIP HORRAY.
    such a great WE, TINA. Bask in the accolades, and the sun! Enjoy.
    I love SPEEDBO becAuse it's really the readers who win in the end. MORE BOOKS!!!

  70. So thrilled to be a guest this week! Congrats on reaching such a huge milestone!

    Love this positive, informative, supportive blog site!!


  71. I agree with Marianne - YAY MORE BOOKS! Please add my name to the giveaway drawing :)

  72. Yes, Marianne! You definitely rock!

  73. Clair, congratulations!!!! But I know that scary feeling! LOL

  74. Congratulations, Seekerville, on TWO MILLION views!!! Thanks for all you do to inspire writers!!!

    Congratulations to Tina on her 14th WW story! Yay! Thank you for all the WE information, including the valuable links. As a reviewer/blogger who wants to promote authors, the correct way to do an Amazon link was important reading. I'll definitely be studying the link on how to fix my disorganized writing life.....just in time for Speedbo. Windows 10 and Word something-or-other was just added to my I need to figure all that out, find my old stuff....and get organized.....before March 1. (Today I picked up Debby's Plain Danger and Dana Lynn's Interrupted Lullaby at my local Kmart.....reading or organizing....which will it be?)

    Congratulations to all the weekly winners. Wishing everyone a good weekend of writing and/or reading!

  75. Congratulations Seekerville on the two million views! Congratulations to Tina and the Woman's World story! Congratulations to all the winners! Bunches of congratulations going around. I finally got my husband home this afternoon. He had outpatient surgery yesterday that turned into a night at the hospital. He is moving much better today!! I'll be signing up for Speedbo! Will be working on clearing my calendar for next month lol. Maybe we'll get a ton of snow and I won't have to go to work and I'll have more writing time! Happy weekend everybody!

  76. Great WE Tina Wo, hard to believe we have 2,000,000 views.Who would have thought when we first started. We just wanted to share info. yippee. Way to go girls. And especially thanks to all of you out there viewing. We love our Seeker friends. Such a blessing to all of us.

  77. Lyndee Wow Australia. I'm not jealous. I'm not jealous. he he but I am. Have a wonderful time in case I forget to tell you later.

  78. Thanks Myra for your suggestions. I actually have James Scott Bell's Plot and Structure on my shelf so I think I will start with that!

  79. Tina That is such great news about another sale to Women's World How exciting and think of all the readers you are reaching. You go girl.

  80. Well said Ruthy about the Show versus Tell.

    Bettie you might want to look in the archives here in Seekerville. There have been some great posts in the past about Show and Tell.

    The archives are the alphabetical list of subjects we have blogged about. Just scroll down the page and look for it on the right side of the page. The subjects are written in blue and are live links. Click on them and they take you to where the post or article is.

    Best wishes on your project.

  81. RUTHY, which iPage plan did you start with and which one are you using now?

    Nancy C

  82. BETTIE In addition to the archives here at Seekerville, a source that helped me understand showing/telling is Chapter 1, "Show and Tell," in the book 'Self-editing for Fiction Writers' by Renni Browne and Dave King. It's a super book :-)

    Nancy C

  83. CONGRATS on the Two Million....YAY Seekerville!
    Got Ruthy's AUG in mail yesterday and really into it...loving it!
    Thanks for the giveaway of 13 surprises!

  84. Ruthy - that novel is the one with the hero named after my favorite Panera manager...who was killed in a car accident a few weeks after I finished the first draft :(.

    His "prairie married" girlfriend recently got married to what looks to be a great guy who loves her kids as much as Travis did - no matter what their biology says.

  85. Two million. Amazing, Seekers.

  86. Jeanne T. You can do whatever you want during Speedbo, but you must have a measurable goal to declare.

  87. Happy weekend Seekers & Villagers!! Wow....2 million views....I can't even wrap my head around that!!

    This place is hopping :-)

  88. Whoop. Whoop. Spirit fingers. High kick. Congrats!! :)

  89. Clari Dees, I'm buying it for my Kindle today!

  90. Nancy, I had to go look at what they call it on my bill.... The Essential plan with the Premium Weebly drop and drag site builder.

    The premium site builder is $60/year.

    The plan is (after the initial year or two of crazy cheap) $145/year.

    But still, to be able to build and maintain a website on my own for $200/year????

    Totally psyched.

  91. Carol, that's wonderful to hear on both counts! I love a tribute like that, and I hope his girlfriend and family have blessings abounding!

  92. Yay!!! Two million views and more to come!!! Seekerville is the place to be. Speedbo is the challenge to embrace. Writers, let's rock it in March!


  93. Tina, congrats on the Women's World sales! I'm looking forward to reading this story with the intriguing title "Like Father, Like Son"! Fourteen sales to WW is awesome!!


  94. Jeanne T, glad you're able to use the time recuperating plotting a new story. Go you!

    Carol M, love the Seeker names in your new story! I had the Harders twins in The Bounty Hunter's Redemption. Audra, take a bow!


  95. Carol G, if you're writing, you're up for Speedbo.

    Connie, your enthusiasm for winning The Bounty Hunter's Redemption makes me smile. Thanks!

    Tina, I love the image of turtles racing through peanut butter! LOL That reminds me of the turtles--a favorite candy btw--you sent when I sold my first book. Yep, sometimes getting published is turtle slow, but it sure is sweet. You're the best!


  96. Loraine, I like all the "How To" books that have been suggested. I'll add "The Story Within" workbook by Alicia Rasley. I've invited her to come to Seekerville in March to share some of her wisdom on getting story on the page.


  97. Thanks Ruth. Encouragement always helps. I should take the plunge. I work better with deadlines. 100 comments on this column and mine makes 101. No wonder Seekervile had so many views. Keep them coming!

  98. Rhonda, good luck with sending your dh and his pup camping in March. But hey, with the handle Mountain man, I think he's up for it. LOL!


  99. Congrats to all the winners!

    Yay, Tina, for another sale to WW!!! You rock!

    Waving to Valri! So glad you won a copy of PLAIN DANGER!!!

  100. Yesterday, I was basking in Georgia Romance Writer love! A three-hour workshops by Virginia Kantra on Deep POV. She was amazing, and I learned so much. Love folks who are teachers at heart. They break down a difficult concept into easy to understand parts!

    Our wonderful Villager, Tanya Agler, is our GRW program thanks, Tanya, for a delightful day!

  101. Lyndee, have a wonderful time in Australia! We'll pray you there...and home again.

    Post pics on FB so we can enjoy the trip with you!!!


  102. Deb, I saw Tanya's and your post on facebook about the program yesterday. It looked marvelous. Georgia Romance Writers is an amazing chapter.

    Not enough to induce me to move south, but I will gaze in awe from afar!

  103. Sally, I'm glad to hear your husband is doing better! I'm praying for Jeanne and the husbands who are recovering as well.

  104. Ruthy, we do have a wonderful RWA chapter here in GA! I hated to miss the workshop yesterday but was still battling the respiratory crud.

  105. WOW!!!! CONGRATS on this amazing milestone, SEEKERVILLE!! :)
    Was away from computer yesterday meeting a dear, former roommate from college days at Panera for lunch - - we had not seen each other in 32 YEARS!! What a wonderful reunion the two of us had (and the Panera workers were amazed when my friend told them how long it's been since we were together!).
    Thanks for another great WE, Terrific Tina - - and CONGRATS to all the winners!
    So excited about another year to do SPEEDBO!!
    And a HUGE CONGRATS on another sale to WW, Tina!! YAY!!!!
    Setting out a warm, Georgia peach cobbler for a Sunday afternoon snack - Enjoy!
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  106. p.s. MISSY, sorry you've been sick. :(
    Praying you're well SOON!!

  107. Congrats winners....go writers on Speedbo!! Lots of information as always here! Tina, I may have to go looking for the Woman's World magazine for your story in April. :-) So excited for you!

    13 surprise thank you giveaways, count me in!! You gals ROCK!! Looking forward to another great week with you.


    Now ... if we could only match the # of pages we write during Speedbo ... ;)

    SUPER CONGRATS TO SEEKERVILLE -- friends, Seekers, and our illustrious leader, The Teenster -- for creating a place where everyone feels so comfortable and supported!!

    And, YAY, Tina for the 14th sale to WW -- that is sooooo impressive!!!

    Clari -- SUPER CONGRATS on the release, my friend -- it looks AWESOME!!


  109. CAROL M. -- LOL, Keith and I always love to be put in books together, so THANK YOU!!

    SUZANNE, thank you for your sweet comment and support of Seekerville -- it's Seeker friends like you who make Seekerville what it is -- a close-knit family! And, girl, you really should consider Speedbo -- it's very motivating!!

    WHOO-HOO, WILANI ... your 4th book??? Holy cow, didn't you just start writing last year???? That's awesome, girl!!

    VINCE SAID: ""Face your fears but use a shatter proof mirror."
    LOL ... you ALWAYS make me laugh!!

    RUTHY SAID: "Ruthy ducks her head when the conversation turns to craft books, and she busies herself at the food table, humming loudly!!!!!"

    LOL ... Julie joins Ruthy in ducking and off-key singing to drown out talk of craft books ... ;)


  110. MARIANNE SAID: "I love SPEEDBO becAuse it's really the readers who win in the end. MORE BOOKS!!!"

    LOL ... I love how your mind works, my friend!! ;)

    Oh, bummer, SALLY ... did you explain to the hospital what "outpatient" means??? ;) Glad he's feeling better and that it was only a 1-nighter. :|

    MEGAN SAID: "Whoop. Whoop. Spirit fingers. High kick. Congrats!! :)"

    LOL, you had me till the high kick, girlfriend, then I looked at your picture and thought, "figures ... she's a cute, YOUNG thing!" I gave up high kicks so long ago, it even hurts to watch them. ;)

    Missy, hope you're feeling better!


  111. Fantastic articles this week! I learn so much from reading these every weekend. Thanks for keeping us up to date with what's going on in the writing world. Publishing is a fast changing and complicated industry!

  112. SPEEDBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Congrats on hitting your two million page views. Thank you for all your wonderful posts!

  114. Thank you all so much for the prayers! Recuperation is slow, but it is good. :)

  115. So glad you're on THIS side of the surgery, Jeanne!

    Hugs and prayers!

  116. Clari...

    Love, love, love your title! Some Enchanted Evening!!! Brings back memories of the song by the same name. I believe the song "debuted" in the play, "South Pacific."

    So proud of you!

  117. DEBBY, Thank you.
    And I chose the title for that exact reason! I hummed the song many times while editing it. :-)

  118. Awww... Thank you, Ruth! I hope you enjoy it!

  119. RUTHY thanks for the iPage plan info.

    Nancy C

  120. So excited to win DEBBY'S book, Plain Danger, thank you!! Congratulations to all the winners!

    Congratulations also to TINA! Fourteenth sale to WW - that's so cool! Can't wait to read it.

    Looking forward to signing up for Speedbo - my first time! Trying to decide on a writing goal.

    Thank you for another great WE - off to read the links!

  121. Congrats, Seekerville, on your 2 millionth page view, and a thank you for all the help and the sense of community you have established for all of us "pre-pubbed" authors who are still on unpubbed island.

    And as much as I wish my dog could feed herself over Speedbo, I will take my break between editing chapters to feed her.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend.

  122. Thanks, Laura!! And yeah, go Speedbo!!

  123. Thanks so much, Tanya for the very sweet words. Now get your buns over to sign up for Speedbo editing.

  124. Congrats! I learn so much here at Seekerville.. I see so many links I want to check out :)