Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Weekend Edition

This week we're celebrating the March 15, release 
of Ruth Logan Herne's first book in the 
Double S Ranch Series, Back in the Saddle.  
Leave a comment for a opportunity to win 
one of three copies.

We Have Winners

 Giveaway rules can be found here. Please drop us a line to claim your giveaway at All prizes not claimed in 8 weeks go back into the prize vault. We wish we could contact all our winners individually, but we'd rather write books! And P.S. - if we forget to send  your prize DO let us know after 8 weeks per our rules.

 Speedbo winners! They are also listed under the Speedbo tab. Those giveaways will be sent out after April 1, 2016. 

Valri is the winner of a surprise package of books. Angela Couch is the winner of a $25 Amazon Gift Card. 

Winners of Ruth Logan Herne's More Than a Promise from last week's Weekend Edition are Laura Conner Kestner, Meghan Gorecki and Olivia!

On Monday, Keli Gwyn visited Seekerville today with her post, “Read 'Em and Weep: 6 Tips for Moving Your Readers to Tears.”  Thanks to Keli and Katie Ganshert for the tissues and great tips! Edwina, Wilani and Davalynn Spencer are winners of A Home of Her Own .

 Rachelle Dekker returned to Seekerville Tuesday with her post, "Stolen Advice, From Me to You." Terri Weldon is the winner of  The Calling from Tyndale House -it released on Tuesday!

Julie Lessman was your hostess Wednesday with her post, "A "Novel" Approach to One-Star Reviews."  Christina Lorenzen, Becky B and Jeanne T are the winners of their choice of ecopies of either Isle of Hope or A Glimmer of Hope.

Ruth Logan Herne galloped into the arena Thursday for the "33 1/3% Check-In" of the 2016 Speedbo which is like a diet... If you fall off the diet, you don't quit. You get right back up on that horse and ride, baby ride!  Callie James, Kate and Linnette Mullin are winners of Back in the Saddle.

Next Week in Seekerville

Welcome to Speedbo Week 3!

This week's incentives are: a surprise package of books for a reader and for a writer a $25 Amazon gift card to buy yourself an "I PARTICIPATED IN SPEEDBO REWARD!"

Speedbo incentives are mailed out April 1. In March we are writing. Winners will be announced in the next Weekend Edition.

Monday: We're halfway there in Speedbo! Missy Tippens will be sharing "Battling Through Your Manuscript … One Scene at a Time." With ways to brainstorm ideas for scenes. And she'll include a springy giveaway!

Tuesday: Yes, great minds think alike! Myra Johnson picks up where Ruthy left off last Thursday with a mid-month Speedbo checkup and more tips to stay on track with your goals. Join the conversation for a chance to win a copy of Myra's historical romance The Sweetest Rain OR a 10-page critique of your work-in-progress!

Wednesday: It's midweek and Debby Giusti is our hostess. She promises to add a bit of fun to our Speedbo marathon! So relax for a few minutes as you stop by to chat. Leave a comment to be entered in the drawing for Plain Danger and an added bonus gift!

Thursday: New York Times Bestselling author Terri Blackstock is our very special guest this week. We don't want to give away too many hints about her post, "Don't Get it Right, Get it Written." You have to stop by to check it out. One commenter will win a copy of If I Run!!

Friday: Best of the Archives is "Your Cast of Thousands" with Tina Radcliffe. We'll also announce the Speedbo incentives for next week. Comments are closed each Friday so we can achieve our reading and writing goals.

Seeker Sightings 

Congratulations to Debby Giusti. Plain Danger hit #5 on the Publisher's Weekly Bestseller List in Religious Fiction!  

(Congrats to our Villagers who also made the list!)

Debby Giusti is thrilled that the reissue of The Agent's Secret Past, in a two-for-one with Emma Miller's Courting Ruth, was spotted on this end cap with lots of big name authors' releases. 

The Boden Birthright (The Cimarron Legacy): A Cimarron Legacy Novella by Mary Connealy. Free for Kindle & Nook. Pre-order Now. Available May 3.

Sandra Leesmith will be signing at the Tucson Festival of Books this weekend in Tucson. Look for her in the Author Pavilion - West, Sun Mar 13 12:15 pm - 2:15 pm.  Sandra is meeting Seeker friend LeAnne Bristow for lunch on Saturday. If you are there, please join us. Northwest corner of the food court at noon.  Pamela Tracey is speaking Sunday morning. Lots of excitement at this wonderful event celebrating authors.

Sandra and LeAnne having fun at the Tucson Festival of books

Tina Radcliffe's 13th short romance is in this week's Woman's World magazine. Matching Hearts!  Want to know more about Woman's World? Check out our February Contest Update.  Note the Harlequin books  ad featuring Margaret Daley.


Julie Lessman's A Hope Undaunted is available in e-book for free. Check out Amazon  and Barnes & Noble. 

 Join Ruth Logan Herne as she kicks off the Back in the Saddle Blog Hop!

March 14--The Artist Librarian & cherylbbookblog

March 15--Toni Shiloh Prayerfully-Lifted Romance & deal sharing aunt

March 16--Smiling Book Reviews & The Power of Words

March 17--Mel's Shelves

March 18--Fiction, Faith, and Fun & Singing Librarian Books

March 19--Just Commonly & Katie's Clean Book Collection

Random News & Information 

Thanks to everyone who sent links!

Congratulations to the Manuscript Matchmakers - Writers who made it to Courtship Stage! A shout out to our Villagers: (if you are a lurker or we missed your name-holler! LOUD!)

Martha Hutchens
Sherida Stewart
Nancy Connally
Sandra Ardoin
Angie Dicken
Susan Hollaway
Natalie Monk
Kathryn Barker
Janette Foreman
Davalynn Spencer
Megan Besing
Cindy Regnier
Nancy J. Farrier
Anita Mae Draper
Lyndee Henderson
Jessica Baughman
Sybil Bates McCormick 

Tuesday is the deadline for Genesis Contest entries. Now is the time to enter. Don't wait until the last minute!

How to find out if you are included in Apple's $450M e-book settlement (appleinsider) ***READ***

Romance When You Need It: Download FREE Books and Go Behind the Scenes! (Harlequin Blog)

Top 8 Book Marketing Takeaways from DBW 2016 (BookBub Partners) *MUST READ*

Inner Conflict in Fiction (Live Write Breathe)  

 17 Inspirational Quotes from Authors to Keep You Writing (DIY Author)

Why You Should Join All Social Media Networks (Jane Friedman)

 Submission Protocol: The Accidental Reprint (Rejectomancy)  *MUST READ*

14 Truths About Being a Writer I Wish I'd Known Sooner (Novel Rocket) 

High Concept Versus Deep Theme: Are You Reaching or Digging? (Writer Unboxed) 

 The Power of the Dark Moment Story in Fiction (My Book Therapy)

 Google copyright takedown requests jump to 76 million in past month (CNET)

The Importance of Leaving Book Reviews (Bethany House Fiction)

It's never too late to Speedbo!


  1. Oopsie. Someone put pm instead of am on the blog scheduler. Happy Weekend. Don't forget to set your clocks on Sunday!

  2. I'm excited to see so many Seekervillagers moving on to the Courtship Stage in Manuscript Matchmakers. I wish them all the best as they prepare their proposals.

    Congrats to all the winners! It's fun to see who won A Home of Her Own.

  3. Now that I am awake, which is pretty sad as it is two am. Congratulations to Debby Giusti for her PW bestselling author status.

    Congratulations to Ruth Logan Herne on the release of Back in the Saddle this week, although your blog hop schedule darn near may kill you. It killed me reading it.

    Congratulations to all the amazing writers moving forward in the Manuscript Matchmaker contest. Remember: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Don't get overwhelmed. Just keep going.

    Speedbo writers! Attention: This is your public service announcement.

    Keep going.

    Don't stop.

    Keep Writing.

  4. Hahahahahah! Tina, didn't Singing Librarian Books (Sydney Anderson!) do a great job????

    And then Waterbrook has a line-up coming along in a week or two, and I have TWO RADIO INTERVIEWS this week, that I didn't know about until late yesterday, and those folks are in for a surprise because I just never stop talking.

    Good luck to them!

    So yes, after all this time this delightful book is releasing and I'm so excited! Thank you for tucking in all the fun shout-outs this weekend! PARTY!!!!!!!

    And Dave is bringing me home the Woman's World with your story in it! YAY! I cannot wait to read it! He's bringing home ice cream for upcoming birthdays, too, but your story is more important! :)

  5. KELI GWYN!!!! Guess what I found at my WALMART yesterday?????? SO EXCITED!!!!!

  6. Debby Giusti, and all the other LI gals that made it onto that bestseller list, I am over the moon excited for you and proud of you! Add "bestselling" author to that list of credentials, ladies!


  7. Tina, how will I find words to say what I mean to say on all those blogs??? I'll go hoarse! :)

    And we've got a book giveaway at each one, so that's doubly exciting.

  8. I am out for about five hours this morning, my son and daughter-in-law are running the Shamrock Race in Rochester and I'm running kids to sporting events in Fairport, but then I will be back to annoy just about everyone I can find!

    I am stopping at famous Leo's Bakery to get cheesecake for Dave. Leo's cheesecake is marvelous and I may or may not have eaten half a kuchen this week that I bought to support the Drumline of our local high school. I was like FORCED to support them and buy delicious goodness and then... yes.... partake of it.

    So I'm bringing cheesecake back here, with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, but for breakfast there's a steaming hot fritatta with your names on it, alongside the bagel bar!


    That's my wisdom for the day.

    We should never get jaded or expectant about what an honor it is to publish books.


  9. Great Weekend Edition as always Tina!

    Congratulations to all the winners and especially to all of your who are moving on with the Manuscript Matchmaker contest!

    To any of you who are wanting to read Ruthy's book, Back in the Saddle let me tell you it is a MUST read! It still is the best contemporary story I have read this year. I can hardly wait for book two in the series!

    May you all have a blessed week.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  10. Congratulations to all of the Villagers who advanced in the Manuscript Matchmaker, so many! That speaks volumes for Seekerville and what we learn here.
    Congratulations also to Debby and the others who made the PW List...awesome!
    Thank you again for another great WE, Tina. I picked up a copy of WW yesterday...can't wait to read your story. As I've said before, you're the official Queen of WW!

  11. Congratulations to all of you who advanced in Manuscript Matchmaker.

    Tina, thanks for a great weekend, and thanks for sharing so many terrific links.

    Have a great weekend! (And we've got to be extra productive because of the time change.)

  12. This is SOME Weekend Edition, Tina! WOW! Congrats to RUTHY on her "Back in the Saddle Release," another Tina Woman's World story (loved it!), DEBBY & others making the Publisher's Weekly best seller's list AND (oh my goodness!!!) that FABULOUS Villager showing in the HQ Manuscript Matchmaker!! You do us proud!

    So much to read here, but my WIP is calling me! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!

    Keli's book is out at Walmart now? Back I go again! :)

  13. Congratulations to all who's manuscript were selected to move on. It is so exciting and thrilling to see your name on the list. I hope you enjoy your great accomplishment. Keep on writing and good luck to you all.

  14. Congrats to those writers who have made it to the Courtship level. Congrats to this weeks winners!



    Please put my name in the drawing.

  15. Woohoo! What a week! Lots of congratulations are in order here. Congratulations writers for moving forward in the Manuscript Makeover! So excited for them and seeing some familiar names on that list!

    Ruthy, congratulations on the release for Back in the Saddle! I just love that book, and just look at that cover! *Fanning self. Can't wait for book 2!

    Congratulations to Debbie and Villagers making the PW's bestseller's list!

    Tina, I'm going to go find a copy of Woman's World! Here's to another story sold and many more!

    And congratulations to all the winners this week!

    Have a fabulous and blessed weekend! I'm thrilled to be part of Back in the Saddle blog hop, so come check it out! (Mine is an interview with link to my review a few weeks ago.)

  16. Wow, Tons of super great news in this WE. Thanks Tina for sharing and getting this all out.

    Debby, what super news to be on the PW bestseller list. woooo hoooooo

    And those matchmaker manuscript writers. How exciting is that?

    Congrats on new releases and freebies.

    Hope to see some of you this weekend.

  17. Woohooo -- great weekend edition!!!!! And so many congrats to go around. Woot to Debby bestselling status. And happy dancing for the Manuscript Matchmakers...such a catchy theme they have going there.

    That review blog by Bethany House was interesting. They were almost promoting 5 star reviews and taking a stand on "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." I thought of that as I posted today's book review all over the place and came to an Amazon 1 star review for the same book. Had to read it to see why they didn't love it like I did -- the review said simply, "Not great." ??????? If you're going to give a 1 star review you should at least back it up with some substance. I think that's a case where the reviewer should just not have bothered. Gah! Yes, I know I missed the one star review blog day here in Seekerville but I was speedboing....Caught up this morning when I should have been speedboing. Oops.

  18. Yall are rubbing off on me!!! I am acting like a Fiction Writer!

    This week I spoke & shared my life story with some college students at Ouachita Bapt Univ in Arkansas. My cousin/BFF/"we might as well have been twins" Becky's daughter is a senior there.

    On the way there we talked about the characters & plot of my book like they were real people!! I am becoming like yall! That is so exciting!!!

    Thank You Seekerville & Speedbo!!

  19. Debby on the best-seller list! Tina with another story in WW! Ruthy with another new release! Lots of Seekervillagers going to the next round in Manuscript Match!!!

    What a great week in Seekerville!!!

    My claim to fame this week: Project Guy and I got the living room and dining room painted and put back together--YAY!!!! Included moving a china cupboard AND a piano. I am still recovering.

    In other news, we set our clocks forward yesterday to give ourselves an extra day to adjust before the alarm goes off at 6:15 tomorrow for early worship service.

  20. TINA, the only thing I like about Daylght Saving Time is that Arizona doesn't change, and hopefully the posts get to me before my bedtime!
    I'm still waiting on winning BACK IN THE SADDLE by Ruthy, so thanks for the lineup on that!
    Congratulations to all the winners. And love the list of authors that made it to the courtship stage!

  21. Congratulations to all the winners this week.

    I am especially excited for all those moving on in the Love Inspired Contest. This shows how much Seekerville is helpful.

    Please enter me for a copy of Ruthy's book. I would also love to be entered in the Speedbo drawing. I am pressing on. I am doing my best to write something every day.

    I pre-ordered Mary's book. Thanks for the link.

    I must confess I am one of those waiting till the last minute on the Genesis. I am still working on the synopsis and sent the first chapter to the critique loop this morning, hoping to get a little input from someone else before I hit the submit button. I also need to send a picture of myself. I am going through some major learning curves here, but it is so exciting

    Hope everyone has a great day. It is in the 70's here in NC.

  22. HUGE congrats to prize winners and to my fellow Villagers who made it to The Manuscript Matchmakers Courtship Stage!!!!!

    Great WE!!! I'm filling my browser with those links! Then straight back to writing, I promise! :)

    Would love to be entered for Ruthy's cowboy book!!! (I know it's Back in the Saddle, but I just love calling it her "cowboy book." :)

    Big cheers for everyone Speedbo-ing!!! Wishing all of us lots of words!

  23. Congrats to all those who moved on in the Manuscript Matchmakers.

    I am looking forward to Seekerville this week. I see some posts coming up that sound like what I really need.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

  24. Congratulations to Ruth on her new release this week. I would love to win a copy of the book.
    Becky B.

  25. Thanks for all the kinds words about Plain Danger making the PW list. It's because of all of you and your wonderful support. I'm so grateful!

    Congrats to all who are moving on in the Manuscript Matchmakers competition! I'm thrilled to see so many Villager names! So proud of you all!!!

    Tina, I loved your WW story. As Jill Weatherholt mentioned on FB, you're the Queen of WW!!!

    Loved seeing the Seekerville weekly winners. But then, Villagers are always winners 'cause you're all so special to us!!!

    Heading back to my pages...Speedbo on!

  26. Ruthy, love the cover of your new book. That cowboy has stolen my heart. I know your story will as well! Congrats!

  27. Jana, I'm sure you touched those college folks with whom you shared your life's journey. Giving witness is not always easy. I'm sure God is smiling and is so proud of you! You're doing his work and spreading his love! :)

  28. Wow! Love Ruthy's cover! Congrats to this weeks winners. I'm thrilled to have landed The Calling. Now I need to find the last eat edition of WW and read Tina's story.

  29. Tina, this is a terrific Weekend as we celebrate Seeker releases and successes! Go Ruthy, Debby, Tina and Mary!!

    I'm thrilled to see the Villagers who are moving on to Courtship Stage in the Matchmaker Manuscripts! We're pulling for you!!

    136 are signed up for Speedbo!!!

    Congrats to our winners!

    Sorry I'm overdoing the exclamation points, but we have so much to celebrate this weekend!


  30. Debby, Plain Danger was plain great! In honor of the book making #5 on Publisher Weekly's bestseller list, I made crepes with a variety of fillings.


  31. Tomorrow a new week of Speedbo begins. Let's spring forward along with the clocks!!!


  32. CONGRATS to all the winners, those who have new releases, and those moving up in the Matchmaker Manuscripts!! YAY!! :)
    Great WE as always, Miss T!! Looking forward to another great week in Seekerville - - you Seeker ladies are AMAZING!

    Am smiling at Janet Dean's exclamation points comment - - I overdo those all the time, LOL!!!! (see?!) ;)
    Hugs to all my Seeker friends, and please enjoy the sugar cookies I've just baked - in springtime shapes, with pastel colored sugar on top (bunnies, eggs, and flower-shapes!).
    Now back to my SPEEDBO story!!
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  33. YIKES!! Thanks for the reminder about moving up our clocks, Janet....I'd forgotten!

  34. YUM!! Just now saw Janet's crepes - - oh my...delicious!! :)

  35. Jana, you are a fiction writer! It's not an act. :-) Know you had fun talking plot and characters with your cousin and sharing your life story. I admire your faith and grit and I'm sure they did, too, after you spoke.


  36. Patti Jo, your sugar cookies shaped like bunnies and eggs are as pretty as they are delicious. Thank you!

    Don't forget to get the March 21 issue of Woman's World mainly because it contains Tina's story, but also because there's some great ideas for Easter goodies.


  37. I am back from delightful grandkid babysitting duty and I DID NOT PAY CINDY W TO SAY THAT ABOUT "BACK IN THE SADDLE" BUT I WILL DEFEND TO THE DEATH HER RIGHT TO SAY IT!!!!


  38. Suzanne, were you not selected this time? Or didn't enter???

    And let me tell you the number of contests, etc. I entered that blasted my socks off with criticism.

    They were numerous.

    I may have had one or two (or twenty!!!) ceremonial burning parties in wake of bad, bad, bad contest results, including the Golden Heart which I sent five entries into.... and all of them crashed and burned.

    And all of them have since been published.

    I'm just saying one day, one contest, one shot doesn't an author make. And if you weren't referring to this, then IGNORE THIS COMMENT, OKAY????

  39. Jackie, time change!!!! Time change!!!! Must remember tonight!

    We've all been sick up here, there's flu and colds going around, so I've got a huge pot of homemade chicken noodle soup ready for anyone and everyone!

    It might not sound like party food per se, but it's mighty good!

  40. Caryl, I'm tucking your name in right now!!!!

  41. So I got this great idea for a series a couple of weeks ago... A germ of an idea, and I thought "Let it ferment a while..." so I did....

    And then another part of the idea came to my yesterday, so I jotted that all down... and could see it beginning to take shape...

    And then my grandson had a book today and I picked up that book and realized that the premise for that child's book was the kid version of what I was planning and it further cemented the idea in my head.

    I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THIS HAPPENS. I give credit to the Holy Spirit, because when I can see the book overview in my head it is so much easier to write it.

    And the series overview and first book overview are taking shape.

    Now to find the time....

  42. Annie, I love that you're part of the blog hop! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! And thank you for your kind words, they mean the world to me, to us!!!

    Honestly, we appreciate readers and reviewers in a way that we can't even begin to explain because without you, no one would care. They wouldn't care about writing, publishing, marketing.... You are the crux, the base.

    So when I know I've touched readers hearts and/or souls, that makes my day.

  43. Basketball game + 3 cute Grandkids + McDonalds = SHAMROCK SHAKES!!!!

  44. Sandra, glad you survived pickleball and I hope you have a great time at the Tucson Festival!

  45. I had to go read the Bethany House blog on reviews...

    and I'm deciding to only say one thing:

    Well. Two.

    I cherish your reviews, good or bad. That honesty is why I do this and if I batted 1000, I'd be batting clean-up for the Yankees, so I honestly appreciate your honesty.

    Second... If Romantic Times can give stars and a 3 is GOOD and a 4 is COMPELLING, and they didn't even have a FIVE for a lot of years, why do our knickers get twisted over a four-star review? The expectation of five as the approval makes no sense to me. To me it then devalues the "5" stars because if everyone gets them for everything, then it's an inaccurate measure.

    I will be and always have been just plain grateful for your time when you leave reviews.

    Thank you.

  46. Jana, LOL, that's priceless!

    It's true, isn't it? I drive my family crazy, but it's kind of fun!!!

  47. Myra, you maverick.

    You set your clocks ahead early.

    I am....


    No words.

  48. So happy to find my name among the winners here -- thank you so much!! I can't wait to read "More than a Promise"! Congratulations RUTHY on the release of "Back in the Saddle"! Hope your family is on the mend. If you're half as good at cooking as you are writing, then that chicken soup will have magical properties and they'll be well soon!

    Congrats also to DEBBY for making the Publisher's Weekly best seller's list! I received my copy of "Plain Danger" a couple of days ago (a win from another fabulous Seekerville give-away) and it's calling to me from the top of the to-be-read stack now :-) Thank you, DEBBY!

    So happy for all the Villagers who progressed in the HQ Manuscript Matchmaker! Congratulations everyone!

    Thank you, TINA, for another great Weekend Edition! Congratulations on the WW story!! I plan to pick up a copy of the magazine this weekend and look forward to reading your story!!

  49. Marianne, what is your thought on Arizona's reasoning?

    And did you guys hear that some New England states are thinking about making Daylight Savings Time a year-round thing?

    And isn't there an area of Arizona that does switch the clocks??? The Navajo Nation the crosses state lines, observes DST.

    I have a son in Arizona now, living in Scottsdale.

    I must come visit him (on my time, of course!!!) and see what this gorgeous state is all about.

    Red rock and cactus and desert and mountains and marching to their own drummer.

    I can't wait to see it firsthand!

  50. Wilani, you're surging ahead and that's good. We take this day by day, learning as we go. And that learning curve is clutch as you keep going.

    And thank you for being such a nice reader and reviewer in the meantime.

    That's a wonderful gift to every one of us, Wilani.

    Hugs to you!

  51. Natalie, happy dancing for you! With cowboy boots and spurs!!!!:)


    Putting your courtship-friendly name right into the hat!

  52. Sandy, I'm spreading your congrats around! And it looks like a MARVELOUS week, doesn't it????

  53. Becky, thank you!

    Tucking your name into the hat!

  54. Debby, I was so delighted to see your name and a bunch of other buds on that list. Just happy/delighted/thrilled.

    And I'm watching this new Love Inspired Historical contest with a smile, because I remember waiting on those contests.... and the thrill of being moved on!


  55. Terri Weldon, it's a great week, right?

    We are blessed!

  56. Janet, I'd eat crepes right now.


  57. Patti Jo, I'm laughing!

    This is the only place we get to overdo the exclamation points and not get scolded! GO US!!!!!

    And I saved a plate of crepes just for you!

  58. Laura, I hope you love "More Than a Promise". I had so much fun writing that story, and it was a labor of love from beginning to end...

    and working with Ericka McIntyre from Franciscan was an absolute joy. Ericka never tries to overshadow me, but she sees a whole picture that I might miss, and that's such a huge gift and a wonderful talent.

    I love working with here.

  59. Janet, thanks for your sweet words about Plain Danger. Thanks, too, for the yummy crepes! Just the pick-me-up I needed after tackling two synopses and the first three chapters of a new story.

    Laura, so glad the book arrived in your mail box. Hope you like the story!

  60. Shamrock Shakes! Ruthy, you are a great grandma!

    I'm wearing green tonight and celebrating an early St. Patty's Day with some friends. Corned beef and cabbage for sure. Thankfully, I'm not cooking!

  61. Patti Jo, thanks for the sugar cookies! So good. May I have two?

    Also, note that I love exclamation points, almost as much as Ruthy does!!!

    I noticed what you called Tina: Miss T!!! That fits her, well, to a T!!! :)

  62. Congrats to all the winners! Looking forward to more writing time.

  63. Corned beef this week here, too, although which night I'm not sure.... but my Kelly green sweater is clean, how about that for being on top of things??? :)

    Debby, enjoy your night, and your friends. And I did take one sip of a shamrock shake and I was in heaven.

    Oh my stars, what a fun treat!

  64. I like the "Miss T" nomenclature.

    That's my .50 word for the day. :)

    Can we switch it to "Queen T"?

    I kinda like that even better.

  65. Ruthy, Grammar Queen might get upset if we call Tina a Queen, as well. Perhaps Miss T would be better.

  66. Oh, Deb, you're right.


    I make it a point to never upset Grammar Queen. Except with my grammar, of course.

    Okay, Miss T. it is!

  67. Miss T?

    Patti Jo, Ruth is harassing me again.

  68. Ruthy, I like it that Arizona does not change time (thought, yes, some of the reservations do). The cows, puppies, chickens don't change spring that's probably okay, but in winter when it changes back it's confusing! And really, the sun does NOT come up earlier or later, and farmers have the same amount of sunshine per day! Shall I go on?

  69. I have a question. Do they judge the Synopsis in the Genesis contest? It is 2 pages and can only be one. I will try to condense it but I am running out of time. I submitted the first chapter to be critiqued. I got back some wonderful suggestions. Now I would rather spend time fixing the chapter to be the best it can be then spending a long time on the synopsis or should I wait until next year to enter the contest. I am so wanting to learn all I can. Does this make any sense at all?


  71. Happy weekend & another week of Speedbo....praying all you who are participating got your word count in :-) 136 participants....NICE!!

    Don't forget, we LOSE an hour of sleep.....I'm too much of a fan to be excited for that :-)

    Ruthy, I have your book sitting pretty on my shelf, yay! I almost don't want to crack open the pages on it, haha!

    Another week coming up & some great posts to look forward to. Blessing Villagers and Seekers!

  72. I still need to pick up the latest copy of WW, as well as Ruthy's latest book. Been very busy. Thank you for the reminders.

  73. Congrats on your release of Back in the Saddle. I love the cover. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

  74. On the floor laughing, Mary Connealy. A good example of what? How to grow old getting into Woman's World? I started when I was much younger.

  75. Congratulations to all the winners! I'm late to the party, but I finally met my goals for the week. And now it's time to change my clock and go to bed because it's already tomorrow.

    P.S. I still love your latest book cover, Ruthy. Can't wait to read it. :-)

    Happy Daylight Savings everyone. Me and my walking shoes are going to enjoy that extra hour of sunlight when I get off work this week. :-)

  76. Um, Patti Jo and Debby started it.


  77. Marianne, I hear you! When you're in the north for the summer, we live for that extra hour at the end of the day to do all the fun things you can't do at work... and to enjoy the six months of milder weather.

    It's just kind of funny that AZ does it (and because I know a bunch of Arizona folks, it works for them too because they love charting their own course!)

    Of course a bunch of folks head north from AZ in the heat of the summer, so for them it doesn't much matter, either.

    And I do like people (and states!) that march to their own drummer!

  78. Trixi, isn't it so pretty????

    I LOVE IT!


    I hope you do too, when you get a chance to read it.

  79. I have a bad tooth that's reared its ugly head this weekend. And of course must wait until tomorrow... but I'm calming myself with Hannah's Choice and Jan Drexler.

    And Jan, it's absolutely lovely.

  80. Walt, cheering on your senior year baseball season! Every game a memory.

    And Heather, I'm putting your name in the cowboy hat, dear!

  81. Tina.

    Take the compliment graciously, darling.

    And pass the M&M's.

  82. CLARI!!!! I LOVE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!!!! I know it takes a few days to adjust, but I will have GOD'S LIGHT until 7:00 and then later for the next four months. Wait. FIVE MONTHS.

    I'm so excited, and I'm tucking your name into the cowboy hat because as long as it's filled with names, Colt doesn't need to put it back on.

    Oh my.

  83. We remembered to re-set the clocks. Feeling on top of things. The second cup of coffee should eliminate the last of my early morning fuzziness and get me to church on time.

    Sorry about that tooth, Ruthy. Is there an unwritten rule that teeth start aching on the weekend?

    Happy Sunday!


  84. Janet, I haven't had a toothache in so long. I forgot how absolutely unfriendly they are!

    But the day goes on and I've finished a new scene, so I'm mustering away.

    And that feels good!

  85. Ruthy, thanks for letting me know that the March LIHs have shown up on the shelves of your local Walmart. I've been checking mine, but they have yet to make an appearance. Soon, I hope. It's always fun to see the books in a store for the first time. And in August, ours will be there together. =)

  86. Keli, I'm so excited to have shelf space with you!!!! Happy dancing!

  87. Looking good, Sandra and LeAnne. And really, really nice weather this weekend. 74 degrees and a slight breeze. Heavenly.

  88. Stopping back by today to replenish the sugar cookies.
    AND to tell Ruthy I am sooo sorry about the toothache... :(
    Praying you get some relief soon! (And setting out a bowl of pudding...easy to
    eat even if you're in pain).
    Ooops! Didn't mean to start a ruckus with calling Tina "Miss T" LOL... ;)
    On with SPEEDBO!!
    Hugs, Patti Jo

    p.s. Ruthy, meant to say this earlier - - I've ordered BACK IN THE SADDLE and cannot wait to read it!! :)
    Debby, big CONGRATS on making the PW list - - WOOHOO!!!! Seekers are the BEST!!

  89. Patti Jo, I'm grabbing a sugar cookie. Thank you!!!

    I'm sure Tina loves the Miss T label. Although perhaps Madame T would add a regal flair more to her liking.

    Did I mention that hubby and I re-watched the closing episode of Downton Abbey on Friday night. I hate to see the show end. Did someone mention a movie in the works?

  90. Hi. :) I'm new around these here parts (aka this site!). I saw the giveaway advertised on Facebook and I would enjoy entering to win a reader copy. I like westerns what can I say. :)


  91. Patti Jo, I think Tina's over it... it's 74 degrees in AZ and she's mellow.


    And it's Sunday AND she's got a great story in Woman's World!!!

    I am stinkin' proud of Miss T!!!!


    Bless you for doing that!

  92. Meg, welcome to Seekerville! Glad to have you and I'm tucking your name into Colt's hat... and Colt is just to die for with and without the ivory-toned Resistol, so we're all in swoon mode!


  93. I'm in on pudding.

    I'll save the sugar cookies for post-dental-trauma!

  94. Thank you for the welcome Ruth. =)

    I wish you good success on your book!

  95. OUCH, TINA ... you were fully awake at 2:00 AM? Goodness, I hope you were at least productive writing-wise, which is what I do when I can't sleep -- head downstairs and start writing or knocking out emails. What time did you finally nod off??

    Great We as always, and WOW, LOVED the Bethany House article on reviews -- wish I'd had that for my Seeker blog entitled "To Review or Not To Review ... That is the Question" because the Bethany piece is AWESOME and sooooo complete!!

    WHOO-HOO, TINA, ON YOUR WOMAN'S WORLD STORY now out among the masses -- cannot WAIT to read it!!

    SUPER CONGRATS to Debby Giusti for her PW bestselling author status -- SOOOO very cool!!

    MEGA CONGRATS to Ruthy on Back in the Saddle, which I cannot WAIT to read!!

    AND GARGANTUAN CONGRATS to all those AWESOME writers who finaled in the Manuscript Matchmaker contest -- if that's not a testimony to craft and hard work, I don't know what is. You go, girls!!


  96. RUTHY, SYDNEY ANDERSON ROCKS!!! She did my blog tour and introduced me to SO many INCREDIBLE bloggers who I now LOVE!!

    KAV SAID: "That review blog by Bethany House was interesting. They were almost promoting 5 star reviews and taking a stand on "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." I thought of that as I posted today's book review all over the place and came to an Amazon 1 star review for the same book. Had to read it to see why they didn't love it like I did -- the review said simply, "Not great." ??????? If you're going to give a 1 star review you should at least back it up with some substance."

    AGREED, Kav ... if you're gonna slam somebody with a 1-star, at least put some effort into it and not just do a "drive-by" review. I don't mind a 1- or 2-line review for a five-star because as Bethany so aptly pointed out, it's the stars that matter in many cases. But to snipe at some author who put hard work into a writing a book with a few pitiful (and truly stupid) words is just flat-out LAZY!! (Oooops ... can you tell this a bit of a hot button for me?? ;)

    WHOO-HOO, JANA, you go, girl!! :)


  97. LOL, PATTI JO, I'm smiling at Janet's double exclamation points too -- LOVE 'EM since they're normal mode of punctuation for this gal!! :)

    RUTHY SAID: "And then my grandson had a book today and I picked up that book and realized that the premise for that child's book was the kid version of what I was planning and it further cemented the idea in my head. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THIS HAPPENS. I give credit to the Holy Spirit, because when I can see the book overview in my head it is so much easier to write it.

    That is SOOOOOO cool, Ruthy, and SOOOOOO the Holy Spirit, I agree!! Same thing happened to me in church this morning as well ... on a sermon ABOUT the Holy Spirit, so WAY COOL for us both!!

    WHOO-HOO, MEGS MINUTES -- WELCOME TO SEEKERVILLE!!! You are gonna LOVE it here, girlfriend, so do come back and I hope you win a book! :)


  98. Congratulations to everyone who made it to the next round of Manuscript Matchmakers!!!

  99. Great weekend! I'm trying to find a copy of Woman's World. Where are they normally found? I've looked at Barne's and Noble, but there are so many magazines, I could be overlooking it lol. Loving this Daylight Savings time. I just wish it wasn't so rainy today. It'll be dark normal time at this rate. It was bright and sunny yesterday, so we took the dogs for a walk. My chihuahua loved it! Still fighting to get over this bronchitis stuff. I never knew it took so much out of you. Congratulations to the ones moving on to the Courtship Stage!! And congratulations to this week's winners!! Have a great week ahead!

  100. Walmart, Sally Shupe. And grocery stores. They are the leading grocery store women's magazine. This edition stays out until Thursday the 17! :)

  101. Madame T sounds like I run a house of ill repute.

  102. Um, two am is normal for me. Now that I do not have a day job. Late nights are good for catching up on busy work. Seekerville stuff, social media.

  103. Thank you for the shout out Julie! I'm surfing new territory! (and I hope I win a book too! lol If not, I'll be looking it up on Amazon.)

    It is awesome when you see the Lord moving in something you do. Finding those "It just had to be God" moments are treasures from above.

    It's fun to find a Christian writers group too...that is a treasure in itself!

    Happy Sunday! I signed up for Speedbo...I'd better adjust my schedule for next week to fit it in! By God's Grace - I (we) can do this!!

  104. Ruthy, I hope your tooth gets better soon. I hate tooth aches! Praying for you!

    I finish the last of my medicine tomorrow and cannot wait. I am so tired of not feeling well and then the side effects for all the different medicines. But that being said I am trying to find the right balance between continuing with my writing and getting proper rest.

    Wishing everyone a great week!

  105. Debby - Regarding Downton Abbey - Yes! And the movie(s) rumor is from Julian Fellowes' himself. He posted a letter to American fans on the PBS webpage for the show. I thought the article was quite nice of him. I included the web address below (you could also do a search for the phrase "Spotlight: Julian Fellowes' Letter to Fans").

    I enjoyed the last season of Downton - it was more like the first season. Although, I did feel the finale was rushed at times. I liked how he wrote most of the story lines...I just wished the finale was an extra hour long. Or maybe if there had been a bonus episode prior to the finale where more of the story lines could have taken extra time to unfold.

    Did you see the BAFTA award show on PBS honoring Downton, its cast, and its crew? It was fun to hear Fellowes recount being in a New York Barnes & Noble and having a lady approach him and state, rather emotionally: just let Edith be happy!

    Enjoy the article!

  106. Thanks, Tina!! I'd better be getting out there and securing a copy! Thanks!

  107. Meg made it! Good for you!


  108. Wow! So many congratulations!

    To Ruthy for the release of Back in the Saddle. My copy is right here, ready for me to start reading tonight. Thank you!

    To Debby for#5 on the PW Bestseller in Religious Fiction. Yeehaw!

    Congrats to the Manuscript Matchmakers. Best wishes to all of you.

    Good luck to everyone entering the Genesis.

    Fun to see the pic of Sandra and LeAnne. Thanks for sharing.

    Super post about the accidental reprint, Tina. Forwarding that to chaptermates.

    Bye now. Gotta get a copy of Tina's story in Woman's World before they're all gone.

    Nancy C

  109. How could I forget?? Congratulations to all the winners!!

    Nancy C

  110. Thank you, Meg. I really appreciate that!

  111. Tina and Mary Jane Hathaway haunt 1K/1HR and kind of fade away when I get up in the wee smalls... I try not to take offense at that. :)

  112. Nancy, I hope you love it, kiddo! Thank you for reading it!

    And I know it's always fun to see the winners....

    And it is 6:45 here and NOT DARK.

    It has been a long time since I've seen light after six PM.


  113. Lots of cheering for all the good news in this week's WE!

    Ruthy, you know I love Back in the Saddle and can't wait for the stories of the other two brothers. Congratulations!

    Debby, wonderful news about your best seller status. Congratulations!

    Tina, reading your WW story will be my treat for working on my Speedbo goals today. Found it at King Sooper's grocery store. Yay! Congratulations on this story and thank you for the WE information!

    Congratulations to all the winners, to all those in the Manuscript Match opportunity, and to those Speedbo-ing!

    Thank you, Seekerville, for being an encouraging community! Happy week of reading and/or writing to all!

  114. Sherida, I love good news!!!!

    We deal with the other kind, but it's simply delightful when good news dominates.

    Thanks you for your kind words, and I'm so excited to think of Tina in 6,000,000 hands this week!