Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Weekend Edition

We are heading into Week 5 of Speedbo. 
The end is near, and we've faced our fears!

We Have Winners

 Giveaway rules can be found here. Please drop us a line to claim your giveaway at All prizes not claimed in 8 weeks go back into the prize vault. We wish we could contact all our winners individually, but we'd rather write books! And P.S. - if we forget to send  your prize DO let us know after 8 weeks per our rules.

 Speedbo winners! They are also listed under the Speedbo tab. Those giveaways will be sent out after April 1, 2016. 

Lara Hitchcock is the winner a first chapter critique ( that may not exceed 20 pages of an inspirational or sweet romance). Wilani Wahl is the winner a Kindle Fire. Marianne Barkman is the winner of a surprise package of reads!

 Alicia Rasley was our special guest on Monday, discussing plotting in her post "The Character Journey." Loraine Nunley is the winner of a copy of Alicia's craft book Point of View and  Deanna Stevens is the winner of Janet Dean's LIH The Bounty Hunter's Redemption.

On Tuesday, Sandra Leesmith shared her experience at the Tucson Festival of Books and also discussed how and where to find local resources for learning the craft of writing. Jessica Ferguson, who contributed some great links for Louisiana is the winner of a surprise box of books.  Be sure and check out all the links given by commenters in the comment section for some great author resources. 

 With Speedbo days flying by, Glynna Kaye reminded us on Wednesday that we need to “Forget the Fear and Focus on the FUN!”  We chatted about the writing challenges we’ve faced this month—and strategies to get back in the saddle if you’re about to fall off! The winners of her May Love Inspired release, "Claiming the Single Mom's Heart," are Valri, DebH, Sherida Stewart, and Jackie Layton.

Cara Lynn James was our hostess Thursday. No need to exercise to tighten your Sagging Middle — that is, your story's Sagging Middle.  Barbara Scott is the winner of a Starbucks gift card.

Next Week in Seekerville

Welcome to Speedbo Week 5!

Speedbo incentives are mailed out April 1. In March we are writing. Winners will be announced in the next Weekend Edition. 

Speedbo incentives for the final week of Speedbo include: a $25 Amazon gift card for one Speedbo writer. To another writer, a copy of Writing With Emotion, Tension, and Conflict. To a reader, a surprise box of books.  Week 5 Speedbo winners will be announced in the April 2, Weekend Edition.

Monday: Pam Hillman is your hostess today! Stop by and sit a spell with this Mississippi cowgirl!

Tuesday: Jennifer Slattery will be sharing her 3 Keys to a Winning Mindset. Stop by to chat with Jennifer!

Wednesday: Winnie Griggs will share one approach to plotting, using what she calls the 7 Cs method. She will also be giving away a reader’s choice of any book from her back list to one person who leaves a comment on her post.

Thursday: Tina Radcliffe is your hostess on this last day of Speedbo with her post, "The Last Stretch: Why Writers are Like Runners." Stop by for tips and encouragement to take you into the last 24 hours and beyond. 

Friday: Our Best of the Archives post "The Timer is Your Friend with Glynna Kaye."  Comments are closed each Friday so we can achieve our reading and writing goals.

  Seeker Sightings

 Sharee Stover, Chip MacGregor, Mary Connealy, Cyndy Salzman at
The Perfect Proposal workshop given by  Chip MacGregor, and hosted by the Nebraska Writer's Guild.

Ruth Logan Herne has been named to Michael Barrett's list of the 40 Best Christian Authors of Today. Hurry over and check it out !

And if you missed her post, Revealed! The Secret to Publishing, on Novel Rocket, do head over to read that inspiring post! 

 Random News & Information 

 Thanks to everyone who sent links!

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the 2016 RITA and Golden Heart finalists! A special shout out to our Villagers! 

Business Musings: It’s Up To You (Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

Moneyball for Publishers, A Detailed Look at How We Read   (New York Times)

 Amazon Comments on TOC Crackdown, Inadvertently Confirms Kindle Unlimited Page Count Scam  (The Digital Reader)

How to re-establish your writing habit after taking a break (The Publication Coach)

 When is a Book "Out of Print" (Writer Unboxed)

Victorian Doctors Thought Reading Novels Made Women "Incurably Insane" (History Buff)

 Helping an Author Launch a Book (The Writer's Alley)

 How to Write a Great (and Not Schmaltzy) Love Scene (Jane Friedman)

 Creating Author Websites: The Definitive Guide (Write to Done)

 5 Things Your Book Description Says About You (And How You Can Improve It) (The Creative Penn)

Keep writing! Have a great weekend. Happy Easter from Seekerville.



    WIP Done. Not sent in. I am letting it rest and will go through it one more time. Due April 1.
    Galley edits. I didn't set this as a goal. They came after March 1 but they came and are done and mailed back.
    Seekerville Novella, my contribution to the next collection is His Mail Order Family. DONE. Ruthy has it.
    And I started the novella today I wanted to begin before the end of Speedbo but was afraid I wouldn't get to. I might get 5,000 words done on it by April 1...except I'll have to knock off a while to go through the WIP.

    SPEEDBO IS GOING SO WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Another great WE, Miss T! Thank you!
    CONGRATS to all the winners this week and to all the RITA and GH Finalists! :)

    Wow, Mary Connealy - - I am super impressed by your Speedbo update! You must have as much energy as Ruthy!

    I have to say that this year's Speedbo is going better for me than in
    years past (not up there with Mary but doing well for me, LOL). ;)

    I hope everyone has a very blessed Easter weekend.
    We always have hot cross buns for Easter, so I'm leaving plates of those out for breakfast.
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  3. You guys are on the home stretch for Speedbo....YOU CAN DO IT!! Mary, very impressive :-) Great job getting your Seekerville novella done when you didn't think you would & getting another one started!!

    Congrats to this weeks winners, looking forward to another week on Seekerville. Always something interesting to read :-) What a great bunch of gals you are, I have enjoyed getting to know you a little more through this blog.

    Lastly, please add my name for the surprise box of books (or any other reader prize on the WE)....I bet it would feel a little like Christmas opening it :-)
    Happy Resurrection Day everyone, thank you Lord for the sacrifice you made on the cross to cover my sins!!

    P.S. CatMom, the hot cross buns sound divine....still warm from the oven slathered in real butter...yummy!!

  4. Speedbo is going well for me, too. :-) Just finished my second writing session of the day and have less than three thousand words left to meet my goal for this month. Yay!

    Congratulations to all the prize winners this week. And congratulations to all you Speedbo-ers for pursuing your goals and dreams!

    Happy Easter! I am so glad He died for me and that He arose! Hallelujah!

  5. Happy Easter, Seekerville!

    Just got back from visiting my grandparents this week. We haven't been able to visit in four years, so it was a memorable and relaxing spring break just spending time with them. But back to school and blogging (I hope). =)

    Congrats to the RITA and Golden Heart finalists!

  6. Congrats RITA/GH Finalists! Glad to see the GH Inspy category had been saved with the help of Seekerville. :)

    Today (and I use today loosely since my today consists of when I get up and when I go to bed which hasn't really corresponded to the clock since I started this writing thing)I wrote just shy of 6k words! Finishing chapter 12 and speedbo goal was 15 chapters. And that was before I realized that I had line edits to do and two weekends of putting up sheet rock and peeling up linoleum to endure.

    I do believe I'll get to my taxes this month after all. Yay-ish.......

  7. Happy Easter everyone!
    And Happy Speedbo - looks like lots of people are meeting their goals or within reach of meeting them before the month is up :) I managed to get my book drafted, though it is well under word-count. I'll use the rest of the month to start the redraft. Either way I'm counting it a win for me, because I have the bones of the book on the page (can't believe it). Yay!

  8. Congratulations winners. I'm plugging along with Speedbo. Looking forward to a productive week away from the day job. Good Friday was a good writing day! Happy Resurrection Sunday everyone.

  9. Congrats to all of our winners.... and to the GH and RITA finalists! They must have had a boatload of entries to have that many finalists this year, so WOWZA....

    That's no small amount of money in the coffers for 2016!

    What an amazing week... Tina, thank you for putting this together. I did a few links this morning, I want to smack Amazon for leading honest authors astray with their Kindle Enhanced Pages Read scandal and I want to cheer for the brave folks that entered the Golden Heart!!!

    This biz is never a merry-go-round my friends, it is a roller coaster, and if you don't like roller coasters... Well... Learn.

    That's all I can say!

    Luckily, I love roller coasters!!!!! YEEEEEE HAAAAAW!!!!!!

    Hot cross buns! YES!!!!

  10. HOLY WEEK....

    Oh my stars, I love this week more than anything, the beautiful services, the sanctity, the blessing of prayerful times.

    I love it.

    And tomorrow after church a big Easter Egg Hunt for our little ones and we're not expecting snow or pouring rain!!! SWEET!

    We've had many an egg hunt in the house on tough weather Easters, LOL! I am wishing each one of us the peace and joy of a sacrificial lamb... and the glory of that empty tomb...

    And by the way... It's still empty! :)

    Happy Easter, all!!!!

  11. Patti Jo, that is marvelous!!!! GO YOU!!!!! And baking besides, LOL!

    Clari, doesn't that feel wonderful????

    As if you've conquered something and strode forward, totally in charge? Oh Captain, my captain! I love when we steer our own ships!

  12. Trixi, pass the butter, please, darling! :)

  13. Jen, what a wonderful thing to do on spring break!

    The irony of someone from Hawaii, going away on SPRING BREAK! :)

    I'm so glad you had that chance, sweet thing! God bless Grandma, grandpa and all the family!

  14. Melissa Jagears, that is amazing. SIMPLY AMAZING. I'm so happy for you, and the fix-up stuff is great, too!

    Let's not talk taxes.... (19 days?????? Ooops.)

  15. Rachel said she's got the bones of a book done... and you are absolutely right, that's a marvelous thing to have accomplished! You rocked this!

  16. I am short of my writing SPEEDBO goal by about 6K, but I'm into edits now, so won't quite get where I thought I would, but I finished one novella (waving to Mary and Julie, we're in this one together!) and finished a proposal and sent it off, and finished another proposal and sent it off.... And 17 blog posts for various venues.

    So a lot of writing got done, and that's good! And a lot of marketing.... and a root canal.

    Five more days, we'll see what can happen in five days!!!!!

  17. Good morning, Seekerville! Another fabulous weekend edition, TINA!

    Woo hoo! Congrats on the Michael Barrett recognition, RUTHY! It's always a wonderful thing when someone who enjoys your books gives you a big shout-out like that!

    Congrats to the RITA & GH Finalists. Exciting times!

    Lots of encouraging reports here this morning. Goals being actively pursued. Goals being met! (I've been up since 4 again, pursuing mine!) Wishing you all the best in the final days of Speedbo. And remember...forget the fear and focus on the FUN! :)

  18. Happy Holy Saturday, everyone! Easter is almost here!

    Congrats to the Seekerville winners and to all the Speedbo winners! Everyone who has pushed a bit harder this month is a winner in my book! :)

    Big congrats to the RITA and Golden Heart finalists! Woot! It's always a joy to see friends on the list.

    Ruthy, congrats on the top 40 authors list! Check out those names. Bet they're all thrilled to be included with YOU!!! So proud of your success!!!

    Anyone coloring eggs today?

  19. I'm doing a Christmas novella and while I'm not sure I'll finish by Thursday, I have a good chunk of it done and I'm hopeful and encouraged. I still have more book than I did at the beginning of March! AND I learned something doing it. Not about writing fast or self-discipline or plowing through, although that's all good stuff. I'm learning how to mine the characters' emotions and needs and their GMCs, because that has to be really clear in a short piece. You don't have time to fool around, and there's no other story line to mask it if you don't have it right.
    Also need serious edits in the work I'm doing with crit partner, but that's okay, that's why I have her.
    Congratulations to Ruthy, you deserve to be on a "best" list.
    Happy Easter everyone! And thanks for what you do.
    Kathy Bailey

  20. Happy Easter Every one!

    Congrats to Ruthy for being on the top 40 author's list. A big honor!

    Congrats to all the winners this week, including all the speedboers who are doing an awesome job.

    I am still plugging away. I received 3 critiques back last night so I want to tackle those edits today and hopefully have my entry ready for a contest by the deadline of April 1st. I wasn't able to enter the Genesis because of the unexpected hospital stay.

    I have a question for all you writers--When I write internal dialogue should it be italicized? I've noticed in my reading that Authors do it both ways also is it okay to switch from 3rd person to 1st person when doing the internal dialogue, I can't imagine that when you are inside the character's head you are in 3rd person. One critique said I switch too often so perhaps I am not making it clear that it is internal dialogue. One of my challenges for today.

  21. Congrats to the Seekerville winners and to all the Speedbo winners!
    Thanks for the book, I looking forward to reading Janet Dean's LIH The Bounty Hunter's Redemption.
    Happy Easter !

  22. Debby, I'm not coloring eggs today, but I've seen some cute ideas.... like tie-dyed eggs using pieces of cloth. They were adorable, but made me wonder how toxic those eggs might be. :(

    Also, I saw your post yesterday about boiling eggs, and since comments are closed on Friday, it's important to share how I boil my eggs. You know, the important stuff! :)

    I put cold water in my boiler with the eggs, bring to a boil, then gently boil for 10-15 minutes, then I let it cool for a few minutes, just to be sure the insides are fully cooked. I drain the hot water and run cold water over the eggs and let them sit a bit. I put ice in the pot. Not only does this let them cool quickly, but it releases the thin membrane from the egg and helps with peeling. Oh, and sometimes I put a pinch of salt in the boiling water. Not sure if it does any good or not.

    Here's a mother cool tip. The other day I was planning to make stuffed eggs for a dinner at church. I boiled a dozen eggs and then ran out of time preparing all my other dishes, so just let the eggs cool without the ice water, then I put them back in the carton to for us to eat the next week.

    Either the eggs were extremely fresh (all bets are off with fresh eggs...just sayin') OR skipping my ice water routine made them almost impossible to peel, so I googled remedies. One site said to put the egg in a jar full of water and SHAKE IT SILLY. So, that's what I did, and it worked. You don't necessarily want the egg shells to crack while you're shaking the egg, but a little bit of cracking is no problem. Just shaking it really hard for a few minutes, then find the ... air bubble (for lack of a better word) under the shell and start peeling from there. The shaking helps to release the thin membrane from the egg.

    So, there you go. All you ever needed to know about peeling eggs! lol

  23. TINA, thanks for the Weekend Edition, always a favorite day in the week for me with all the winners and happy, upbeat news! Congrats to our winners. All of you who hang out in Seekerville bless me. Thank you!

    Mega congrats to the Rita/Golden Heart finalists!!!

    Congrats to Melissa, Mary, Patti Jo, Clari and Rachel for powering through and to all those meeting their goals during SpeedBo! March is slipping away. Yet there's still time for the final push. Thanks, Patti Jo, for the delicious hot cross buns.

    Ruthy, I'm thrilled to see your name on the 40 top author list! So deserved!!!

    No Easter egg hunts with our grown-up grandkids, but I cherish the memories of dyeing eggs and hunting plastic eggs filled with surprises and their delight. Each looked for their color so no one got less than their share. No losers with grandma around. :-)

    My heart is full of gratitude for the empty tomb we celebrate. Happy Easter.


  24. WILANI, I try to write deep Point of View, still in third person, but as much like a person would think as I possibly can. I don't write "she thought" or "she wondered" unless its for effect, as I think it distances the character from his thoughts. I only write prayers in first person and italicize them. Other writers may give you different advice, but that's what I do in my books.


  25. Blessed Easter Weekend to all our Seekervillagers! As Ruthy said, this is such a meaningful week. Our church holds worship on Maundy Thursday with Holy Communion, then a moving Good Friday service with the Word, music, and drama. Tomorrow will be a glorious Easter celebration! I love the hymns and choir anthems this time of year.

    Congratulations to all the RITA and GH finalists! So glad the inspirational categories did well this year!

    And congrats to all our Speedbo participants for all the progress you're making. You inspire me!!!


  26. Congratulations to all the RITA AND GH finalists. It is such a kick to be able to say I know those writers!!

    Congratulations to all you Speedbo champions, still powering your way to the finish line.

    May your weekend be safe, and blessed.

  27. Happy Easter Weekend!

    Congratulations to all the winners! I hope you all have a blessed Easter.

  28. Tina, thank you for another great WE!

    I hope you all have a blessed Easter!

  29. Congratulations to the GH and RITA finalists!! So very exciting!

  30. Stopping by again for a minute because I'd forgotten to say CONGRATS to RUTHY for being on the top 40 Authors list!! YAY RUTHY!!!! :)

    And JANET DEAN, I love love love your color-coded Easter egg hunt idea - - will plan to use that *when* I have precious grandkiddos!! :) Such a wonderful way to make sure all the little ones get a fair share of eggs!

    I'm looking out the window by my desk and it's as if everything has burst into green overnight!! We've had some rain here and it's done wonders for our trees and grass - - Thank You, Lord!! :)

    Easter blessings and hugs to all, Patti Jo :)

  31. So many congratulations to send out again the weekend. First of all, to TINA you do the WE so well. Please tell us you'll ALWAYS do it! And everyone's rocking the SPEEDBO! Thank you for picking my name for a prize! And congratulations to all the winners

  32. Happy Easter weekend!! I won a Starbucks card!!! Guess how I'll be celebrating the end of SPEEDBO? :) Congrats to all the winners!

    SPEEDBO UPDATE: I can't compete with you MARY C., but I'm plugging along. I "only" have another 6,339 words to finish my novella by March 31. Piece of cake, right?

    Congrats to RITA and GH finalists!

    And a special congrats to RUTHY!!! Top 40 AUTHOR LIST!!! How great is that?

    Thank you for another great WE, Tina.

    Have a blessed Easter, everyone!

  33. Wilani, thank you for your kind words!!! I'm still beaming! (of course I have big teeth that don't always fit in my mouth, so I kind of HAVE TO BEAM!!!!)

    Internal dialogue....

    I'm going to give you the best advice I have and it is not one bit technical: COPY WHICHEVER AUTHOR SEEMS RIGHT TO YOU, FOR YOU.

    I only italicize when either the conscience is scolding/reminding, etc.

    Here's an example:

    She closed the gate and flipped the latch, sure that she'd thwarted the hound.

    Sure you did.. The internal scoff wasn't a big surprise. Just like two cats, one kitten and a random rabbit that happened into your yard out of nowhere. Face it. The neighbors know you're a pushover and casually happen to leave living creatures where you'll find them. Let's be honest, here.


    Honest would be admitting who she was and facing the music of mistakes made long ago.

    That wasn't about to happen, but if she could make life a little easier on a few of God's creatures, maybe that would make up for it. Partly.

  34. Janet, you did color-coordinated egg hunts???? Oh you are so stinkin' nice!!!! And organized.

    We are a free for all.

    I am not telling my children your method because they'll be like "See, Mom? Fights on Easter are NOT FUN!"....


    But then I'll make them crepes and they'll all be happy!

    I love Easter. I just love it, that we haven't ruined it with commercialism. (well, except my crazy competitive egg hunts!)

  35. Patti Jo, thank you!!!!!! :)

    I'm still on cloud nine!

  36. Barbara Scott, thank you!!!! You saw how quick I put that on facebook, right? Just in case it was a mistake, Barb!!!! They can't take it back once it's on facebook!!!! :)

    What a nice honor and I am actually humbled to be included... and then I went and cleaned a couple of bathrooms and let reality take hold again!

    Love you!

  37. LOL RUTHY. Nothing like cleaning a dirty toilet to keep you humble. ;-)

    Oh, I forgot my contribution to boiling eggs. Here ya go: Cover eggs with cold water and bring to a boil. Turn down the heat to simmer. Go back to writing until you smell something burning. Take the boiled-dry eggs and put them in the sink, dousing them with more cold water. Salvage what you can. A little burnt shell never hurt anybody, especially if you dunk it in every color and turn it brown. Hide, hunt, and then eat or throw away the ones that are really burnt. Voila! Easter eggs!!!

  38. All right, I admit to being fascinated by Pam's egg techniques.

    I boil em for 45 minutes. Run with cool water. Shove in fridge and then mutter under my breath when the shell gives me fits.

    Who knew there was a better way?

  39. PATTI JO and RUTHY, if those eggs we hunted were real I doubt they'd care what number they found, but when they're plastic and filled with jelly beans, money, and little surprises, they want their fair share. I figure I need to help keep the loot even, especially with the difference in their ages.


  40. TINA, 45 minutes! Are the eggs tough? I put the eggs in a pan of cold water. Turn the heat on high and wait till the water boils. Then I add a lid, turn off the burner and set the timer for 15 minutes. Once the timer goes off, I drain the hot water and refill the pan with cold a couple of times, then put the eggs in the refrigerator or peel.


  41. RUTHY, I could be organized because we only had four grandkids. What number are you grandma to?

    Must say, I got an Amazon ad for Finn's Snowy Surprise. That little tyke is adorable! His book will be a big hit with the toddler set!


  42. Congratulations Ruth! That's awesome. :)

    Re: italics/thoughts - I go a route similar to what Ruth talks about Wilani. I use italic text any time the main gal has a thought or conversation with herself. As a kid, one of my favorite book series did this. The thing was that because I learned it from this series, I didn't use the technique for a long time - I was concerned it fell under plagiarism!? Lol. Thankfully, I have a better grasp of writing styles now! Using italics can help the dialog go much smoother IMHO.

    Re: Easter Eggs - does anyone remember the old John Wayne movie McClintock? When I think about activities that use eggs, I think of that scene when a rodeo contest required the contestants to hold an egg in their mouth without it breaking. One of the guys does this...but he is promptly slapped on the back causing him to swallow the egg! *shudders* No telling how old that egg was.

    Happy Easter!

    I'm looking forward to the upcoming posts. I could use some plot help! Lol.
    And thank you for assembling the links - I was unaware of the Amazon news...a bit surprised that they count read pages the way they do.

  43. Congratulations, winners! Ruthy, way to go! Speedbo on! Can't wait to see Tina's post on Thursday on "The Last Stretch: Why Writers are Like Runners" since I just ran my first official 5k race today. Happy weekend!!Have a wonderful Easter!

  44. Congratulations to all of the winners!
    Thanks for another great WE, Tina. Wishing everyone a blessed Easter.

  45. Ruthy, great post on the secrets of publishing. You forget the secret hand shake, but I guess that's why it's secret. :)

  46. Sally! 5K. So proud of you.

    Way to go.

    I used to do those. A lot.

    Maybe I need a walking coach. Hmmm.

    I barely walk anymore, much less run.

  47. Congrats to the winners, including all who braved Speedbo, whether you made your goals or not. I'm very pleased to have exceeded my word count. And though I know I may not be able to keep everything I wrote, the Speedbo process has certainly sped me on my way ... Hope it did the same for all of you. (It's been nice to read about all those personal successes.) Congrats to Ruth on making the list! If March was a month for writing, maybe April needs to be for reading, since my discovery of Seekerville has introduced me to some great new writers whose books I have yet to read. Just got my Seekerville welcome pack in the mail and I'm looking forward to digging in. So many books... so little time... And I'm very excited to have won the critique. Already started taking a second look at my current WIP first chapter. Hope everyone is having a great month and Happy Easter!

  48. Tina you KNOW if you hired a 'walking coach' you'd just fire her the second she irritated you.
    How could she irritate you, you ask?
    Well, by trying to make you walk when you didn't want to for one.

  49. Wow, great WE with all kinds of exciting news. Congrats to all of you SPEEDBO participants. Sounds like you are making great progress.

    Melissa J 6K words That is marvelous.

    Sally 5 K More marvelous news. And running. Whew!!! You go girl.

    Congrats to all the Seeker friends who are finalists in the Golden Heart. woo hooooo

    Congrats Ruthy for being in the top 40. Yay

    Pammers Thanks for the boiled egg hints. I do put mine in ice water but there is always one that is difficult. So I like the shaking trick. I'll try it.

    Janet Love the color coded egg hunt. Another great idea.

  50. HAPPY EASTER everyone. Have a wonderful and blessed day.


  51. Snoopy dancing in celebration of Ruth making the Top 40 list. Waaaaaayyyyyyyy cool.
    Glad to see so many having good Speedbo progress since mine was minimal. At least it wasn't backwards...
    And YAY I won a copy of Glenna's book.

    Happy Easter!

    HE IS RISEN!!!

  52. For some reason, Melissa J's 6K just kicked in. YOU WROTE SIX K TODAY!

    Way to go!!

  53. Tina, thank you! I got to boss other people around on ANOTHER BLOG and no one died! WIN! :)

    Janet, ours are filled eggs, too. Candy and money... but you know me, Janet, I figure what doesn't kill you only serves to make you stronger, and clearly egg hunts fall under this umbrella around here!

    Do you think it's because I'm in New York?

    Or am I just a brat????

    The toddlers do get their own hunting spot so the big kids must run afield and hunt. And we avoid the chicken coop. :)

    But everything else is fair game. #toughlove #happyeasterkids #stopcrying (laughing, here!)

  54. Deb!!! Thank you, I feel like Casey Kasem is going to start playing the jingle, any minute!!!

    "America's Top 40!!!!....."

  55. Lara, thank you!!! And I'm so glad you found us, woman! We take the "lonely" out of writing, and we do it on purpose because if ever a biz needed a cheering section, it's this one!

    Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks :-) I'm glad I found this place too. Feels like I'm turning over a new leaf... Maybe God's trying to keep me from being such a loner. The cheering definitely helps.

  56. I spent last evening in the ER with what I thought was appendicitis but it ended up being a kidney stone. Thankfully it passed and the doctor said there were no more, so I am home on this Glorious Easter Sunday resting and rejoicing in the Lord.

    I am grateful for the helpful suggestions for internal dialogue. They all helped. I was working on that when the pain was escalating. It was helping me take my mind off the pain for a few minutes.

    I do hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.

  57. You have had a month, Wilani. Praying April is restorative.

  58. Happy Easter to all. The bunny visited our grands and they shared! I'm on a sugar high!

    Wishing everyone a joyous day! He is risen. ALLELUIA!

  59. Congratulations, Ruthy, on being one of Michael Barrett's top 40 Christian authors and to all the RITA and GH finalists! Congrats to all the weekly winners and to all the Speedbo-ers! Thank you for Glynna's new book! Yay!

    Speedbo progress report: I'm thrilled to have doubled and some days tripled my goal. (I do admit my goals were modest.) I'm learning SO MUCH by writing (almost) every day.......hmmmm.....seems like that's been mentioned before by all the wise people here in Seekerville.....I should have listened earlier. I've discovered I <3 editing!

    Thanks to Tina for the WE information and to all for the Speedbo encouragement....truly a blessing!!! #GoSpeedbo!

    Wishing all a blessed Easter!

  60. RUTHY, glad the little ones have their own hunt. I was afraid tough love would involve Nike tracks on their backs. ;-) Seriously you're teaching them the realities of life.

    Happy Easter to everyone!


  61. Wilani, I'm sorry you've had another health issue. Hopefully the kidney stone will be the end of it!

    I was reading my last book The Bounty Hunter's Redemption and came across this internal thought in italics that followed him thinking about kissing the heroine: Whoa, cowboy, not the reason you're here.

    I told you I don't italicize inner thoughts. I must do it automatically, at least for quick thoughts I want to emphasize. Sorry for misleading you. Better listen to Ruthy from now on. My mind is toast.


  62. Congratulations to the winners. Congratulations to Ruthie!
    Happy Easter.
    Becky B.


  63. Good news. Peeps and chocolate are on sale...EVERYWHERE.

  64. TINA....I'm a fan of neither! Happy shopping :-)

    Congrats RUTHY on the top 40 :-) I guess I missed that somewhere!

  65. Happy Easter. I hope Speedbo goals can change. I had four goals. I met two of them. Am steadily working on finishing the third, but the fourth is changing from outlining a new WIP to going through my last WIP and not quite starting from scratch, but using the first draft more as an outline and starting with the GMC charts and new outline for that one so I can have the second draft done by the time the kids get out of school rather than rewriting it over the summer (my kids' summer vacation starts the last week of May).

    I already own a copy of Cheryl St. John's book, and it's still in my to read pile, but I need to remedy that soon.

    Happy Easter, and thanks for the tips about internal dialogue in the comments.

  66. Blessings to you on this Resurrection Day! Congratulations to ALL the winners!

  67. I would have posted sooner but after reading Mary Connealy's Speedbo Update I needed to rest :-)

    Congratulations to the weekly winners, Ruthy, all of you writers who are Speedbo-ing along, the RITA and GH finalists, and Sally for running the 5K. So many accomplishments!!

    Nancy C

  68. Barbara Scott, 1500 words a day NO BIG DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU WILL SUCCEED!!!!!!!!!!

  69. TRIXIE!~ More for me. hehehehe

    Nancy C. Seriously. Connealy is a bit overwhelming.