Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Weekend Edition

Claiming the Single Mom's Heart
This weekend we're celebrating the release of Glynna Kaye's, Claiming the Single Mom's Heart, part of the Hearts of Hunter Ridge series. Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy. Two winners announced in the next Weekend Edition.

We Have Winners

 Giveaway rules can be found here. Drop us a line to claim your giveaway at Please allow us the 6-8 weeks per our legal page to get your prizes sent out. 

All prizes not claimed in 8 weeks go back into the prize vault. We wish we could contact all our winners individually, but we'd rather write books! 

Weekend Edition Winner of their choice of one of the 2016 RWA RITA finalist books as available on Amazon in print or ebook is Dana McNeely.

 Do you thrive on writing for short bursts of time, or are you the type who wants to hide away for a week to write? Monday we joined Missy Tippens to talk about discovering your own best writing method. Kara Isaac is the winner of a Kindle copy of Allie Pleiter's book--The Chunky Method Handbook!

Tuesday Myra Johnson offered tips on "Using the Five Senses for Evocative Description." Commenters shared a descriptive snippet from their wip or told us some of their own tips on writing description. Stephanie Trietsch is the winner of her choice of one of Myra's published books OR a copy of Word Painting Revised Edition: The Fine Art of Writing Descriptively, by Rebecca McClanahan.

Wednesday we joined Julie Lessman as she discussed one of the greatest treasures she’s discovered as an author in “Over the Rainbow: An Author’s True Pot of Gold.” Lara Hitchcock, Edwina, and Megan Besing are the winners of their choice of an ecopy of Isle of Hope, A Glimmer of Hope, or A Light in the Window.

 Ruth Logan Herne was our hostess Thursday with her post about smart people about making our own "luck" with the help of divine providence Barbara Scott, iGrannyApple and Megan Brummer are winners of  Toss the Bouquet, part of the "Year of Weddings" collection!

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Next Week in Seekerville 

Monday: Villager, philosopher and Ad Man, Vince Mooney is our guest, talking about book reviews. Want tips on encouraging readers to review your books? Want tips on how to write book reviews? Don't miss this post! Leave a comment for a chance to win Janet Dean's The Bounty Hunter's Redemption.

Tuesday: Howard Books debut author Kara Isaac is our guest today. Kara is a long time Villager and we're delighted to share her journey with her post, "Write the Crazy Book." One commenter will win a copy of Close to You.

Wednesday: Publisher's Weekly best-selling author and Seeker, Debby Giusti will share good news, along with travel details and pictures of her “Amish Road Trip!” Can you hear the clip-clop of the horses’ hooves? If so, wave to the Amish buggy passing on the roadway. Do you recognize the woman in the black bonnet? She might be a character in Debby’s next book! Stop by to chat and leave a comment to be entered in a drawing for one of Debby’s Amish stories!

Thursday:  "Top Three Tips For Selling Your Novel Without An Agent," with our special guest, Dani Pettrey. Not only is she stopping by to chat, but she's giving  away an autographed copy of Cold Shot and $10 Starbucks gift card.  Books and coffee are just made to go together, so don't miss this opportunity!

Friday: Best of the Archives: "Juicy Words," with Glynna Kaye. Comments are closed each Friday so we can achieve our reading and writing goals.

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Seeker Sightings

Just released! From some of your favorite Seeker authors. Get your copy today.

Join Ruth Logan Herne and friends for the Christian Scavenger Hunt. 

Starting Friday at noon, and then going for two full days of rollicking fun! You'll start at LISA BERGREN'S site and be directed from there to 31 other sites... and a chance at a lot of prizes! Join the fun Friday, 4/22 at noon... and you've got all weekend to go through the stops!

Sandra Leesmith will be signing books at the Tempe Book Festival Saturday, April 16  from 10:00-3:00. Held at the Tempe Public Library,3500 S. Rural Road,Tempe, AZ 85282

Claiming the Single Mom's Heart.
Random News & Information

Thank you for sending your links!

EXCITEMENT!!!! The next stage of announcements for Love Inspired's Manuscript Matchmakers is Monday, April 18th! Editors will announce which team members will be moving on to the final round. Qualifying authors will be invited to submit their complete manuscript. Authors who are not moving on will privately receive personalized feedback. Authors who are moving on will have until July 15 to submit their full manuscripts

The Harlequin Heartwarming Blitz is still going on. It's not too late to enter. 

Amazon’s New Kindle Oasis Is the Fanciest-Pantsiest E-Reader Ever (Wired)

Love Inspired Editor Emily Rodmell is now on FB (**Excellent Resource**)

KU Scammers Attack Amazon’s Free Ebook Charts (Let's Get Digital) **Excellent**

Indie Author Fringe April 2016: AGENDA (Indie Author Fringe) Audio Sessions **Excellent Resource**

Learn to Write Deep and Rich Story Conflict (Helping Writers Become Authors) **Excellent**

 Writing Building Blocks: Paragraph Breaks & Voice (Jami Gold) **Excellent**

Why Do Cats Love Bookstores? (Literary Hub) 

9 Common Characteristics of People Destined for Greatness (Huffington Post)

Eilis O'Hanlon: My tale of a book thief sparked an online frenzy. But what happened next? (Independent IE)

21 Tips To Beat Writer’s Block (Bookbaby Blog)

Facebook Changes for Groups & Pages (The Author Road Map) 

The Making of a Cover: Sea Rose Lane by Irene Hannon (YouTube)

Research backs up the instinct that walking improves creativity (Quartz)

 Instagram Primer for Indie Authors (The Book Designer) **Excellent**

 Perfecting Your Writer's Pitch (The Write Editing) 

 Writing & Bathing (Writer Unboxed) 

 Attract & Engage Readers with Image Marketing (The Creative Penn) AND What is the Art of the Hustle and Why it Matters (Bad Redhead Media)  **Both Excellent**

This is the last day of National Library Week. Leave a comment for a chance to win a Library Card Mug from Winner announced in the next Weekend Edition.

Have a great reading and writing weekend. 


  1. Happy Weekend, Seekerville.

    May all your writing and reading dreams come true. We have another spectacular week coming up!!! So excited!!

  2. I'm up to my chin feasting on chocolate cream stuffed puffs dipped in chocolate on a chocolate dipped puff base and piped chocolate whipped cream!

    Thank you, TINA. And thanks for another great WE. Whoopeee!

  3. No need to enter me for any of the giveaways today since I already have too many mugs at home and I just finished reading "Claiming the single mom's heart." Very enjoyable, folks, so make sure you put your names down for a copy ;-). So excited to have won a copy of "Isle of Hope." Congrats to all the winners.

  4. Wow, great weekend edition! I'm so excited to see there's a new collection from the Seekers! Looking forward to the contemporary one, too- Myra said on Facebook it's slated to release in summer. Can't wait to see what Kara Isaac and Dani Pettrey have to share this week :)
    Please enter me for the library mug- love it!!!

  5. Great weekend edition Tina!

    The library card mug brings back such memories of the library cards that used to be in use way back win. I would love to win a copy of this nostalgic mug. Thank you for the chance.

    I would like to request some prayers for my mom Dottie Erwin. We took her to the ER last evening and they ended up admitting her stating she would probably be there through Tuesday. She is 88 years old and was retaining fluid. They gave her Lasix to help expel the fluid. Before we left to come home last night (really this morning) she had already gotten rid of about six pounds of fluid per the nurses calculations.

    May everyone have a blessed weekend.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  6. Congratulations to all of the winners!
    Thank you for another terrific WE, Tina.
    CINDY W - Prayers for your sweet mother.

  7. Tina, thanks for another great WE! Congratulations to all the winners. And congratulations to Glynna on your new release. I can't wait to start reading my copy.

    Cindy, I'll pray for your mom.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I love National Library Week.

    I love libraries.

    My librarians got Ruthy cookies and donated books.... But the cookies were probably the big hit, I'm not kidding myself about that! :)


    THANK YOU FOR THIS GREAT WE! I'm painting and editing this weekend, and the painting gives me time to think through the pages that I'm working on...

    And makes the room look better, so it's a reflection of my writing efforts. Step-by-step the room improves, as does the book! :)

    And they both should be complete this week, so I'm planning an Abbott's Frozen Custard trip at the end to celebrate tenacity and vision.

    Ice cream is my great equalizer.

  9. And congrats to all the winners!!!! Sue Stinnett, I love the Granny Apple thing, but what does it come from?

    A new iPad App?

    Great stock in Apple?

    Do you have the secret key to unlocking encrypted phones????

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  10. TINA, thanks for another terrific WE Edition and all those interesting links. Next week's lineup looks great! Congrats to our winners!

    GLYNNA, will be hitting Walmart to get a copy of your new release. Thanks, LARA, for your lovely words about the book. Can't wait to read it!

    CINDY W, praying for your mom. Good to hear the medicine is working.


  11. Thank you for all the wonderful posts. Love the library mug! Too cute.

  12. Happy weekend! It's going to be a beautiful spring weekend where I live, and I hope it is for you all as well :-)

    Please enter me in the drawing for the adorable mug.

  13. Adding Dottie to our prayer list, Cindy! What a cute name. I love that.

  14. Happy Weekend everyone! Congrats to all the winners. Looking forward to Monday to see who goes to the final round with Love Inspired.

    I would love the library mug. I already have Glynna's book. I ordered the new Seeker collection.

    Hope everyone will have a great weekend.

  15. Good morning! I LOVE that mug!!! Trying to get some writing done this morning before the weekend with the children gets going. Have a great day! :-)

  16. Happy Saturday, Seekervillagers! Congrats to our weekly winners, and to GLYNNA on the release of her new book!

    And thanks to TINA for compiling all this excellent news and info every week!

    Yes, HEIDI, several of the Seekers are busily working on stories for another novella collection to release this summer! I'm excited to share e-book space with these lovely ladies, this time in a contemporary collection. We are all so thankful for the support of our loyal readers!


    Please put my name in the draw for a Library Card Mug.

  18. The writing links are marvelous this week but ... oh my gosh, the library items are wonderful! (Out of Print). Can not wait to share that link with my book club. Don't enter me in the drawing, I'm ordering some things.

    Congrats to all the winners! And to GLYNNA on the new release! And best wishes to all the Manuscript Matchmakers. Looking forward to reading your books :-)

    TINA, mega thanks for WE ... wonderful resources.

    Happy weekend to all. I'm looking forward to three whole days of writing opportunity. Yippy!

    Nancy C

  19. Wishing all the Seekers and Seekervillagers a wonderful weekend.

    I'm eagerly awaiting Monday for two reasons. One is the LIH Manuscript Matchmakers announcement. I've gotten to know several of the Courtship Stage entrants, and I'm eager to see if they move on to the Betrothal Stage. I love happy dancing for others and will be getting my groove on as I celebrate with those who make the lists. (And encouraging those who don't to take the valuable feedback they receive and use it to take their stories to the next level.)

    The other reason I'm looking forward to Monday is that I can't wait to read Vince's post. I have the hardest time asking readers to write reviews, and I want to learn how to go about it without feeling like a self-serving schmuck.

    I love the mug, so please put my name in the hat/bowl/cat dish. I've been around long enough that I remember visiting the library, selecting a stack of books to read, pulling the book cards out of the pockets inside, writing my name on them (as I checked to see if I knew anyone who had read the book before me), proudly handing the cards to the librarian, going home and savoring wonderful stories.

  20. The king size weekend coffee pot is up and going!

    Thanks for another great WE and interesting links.

  21. It really is a king size Weekend Edition, so thank you, Helen for the coffee. I am on my second cup and it's about empty.

  22. I just love outofprint, Nancy!!! I have the tote bag that looks like the mug.

    Keli! I have some library punch cards that were headed for the trash bin. They are so cool. I need to think of something creative to do with them. You are entered!

  23. Congratulations to Glynna on the release of Claiming the Single Mom's Heart. I am in the bookclub and have my copy already! AND have started reading it.

    It never stops being amazing to me that Glynna and I both live in Arizona, but her part of the state is so different than mine, as evidenced by the gorgeous cover of her book! (not a cactus or scorpion or fruit tree in sight!)

  24. I would really like to be entered to win the book. I like reading the wonderful stories that are put out by the writers at Seekerville.

  25. Love the library card mug! So cute! I can never have too many coffee mugs.

  26. Good morning, Seekerville! Just crawled out from a second read-through/redline of the edits fo my November book, "The Pastor's Christmas Courtship!" Amazingly, I'm celebrating that to several inches of fresh SNOW! The forests are super-thirsty, though, so hopefully we'll have several more such events before the pre-monsoon, critical fire season of May and June gets underway.

  27. LARA -- so glad you enjoyed "Claiming the Single Mom's Heart!" :)

  28. Oooh, I need to get that latest Seeker collection ordered!!

  29. Praying for your mother, CINDY W!

  30. TINA -- We may not have citrus trees, but we DO have apple (SOME years, anyway, if they don't get nipped at a critical stage by the cold--or if the deer don't eat the tender fruit right off the tree.)

    So funny today to have flowers & trees blooming--and snow on the ground and rooftops!

    ANOTHER great weekend edition! And thank you for featuring "Claiming the Single Mom's Heart!" It officially, releases, I believe, on April 19. But of course, it varies by store to store when they put it out.

  31. Can't wait until Monday! I am always looking for tips on writing better reviews. I hate not doing justice to the great work you guys publish.

  32. Such a fun WE! Thanks, Tina, for all the links. Must go back and read some of the highlighted ones, at least.

    Congrats to the winners!

    Glynna, your next release looks wonderful. Of course, all your stories are delightful reads that tug at my heart and make me sigh when I finish each story. Fingers crossed that the Single Mom gets her guy. We know she does, but it's always fun to see how their lives entwine throughout the pages.

    You have snow! We're sunny but chilly in GA. The leaves are out, and I spotted five baby goslings at the lake yesterday. So tiny and fluffy! Heading back there in a bit, and hope to take a pic of the little balls of fluff.

  33. Sarah! Welcome to Seekerville. Are you a reader or a writer. Tell us about yourself!

  34. I'm stunned that you have snow, Glynna...but I try to remember your weather is similar to Denver.They have a snow rain mix today.

  35. Oh mercy, it's spring! It's spring! It's spring! Everything looks better in bright sunshiney melty! Don't enter me in the draw 'cause I'm just about to start reading Claiming the Single Mom's Heart. I'm going to curl up in a sun patch to read. Sun is such a happy thing. So is blue sky. And warmer temps and melting snow and singing birdies and...I'm a tad tizzy over the change in weather -- what a difference a week makes. Happy weekending everybody!

  36. SARAH -- I have a bunch of mugs, too--and I don't even drink coffee! But they make great pen/pencil/scissor holders! I actually have FOUR on various shelves on my desk.

  37. JACKIE and KAV -- I hope you enjoy the book! :)

  38. Yep, SNOW, Debby! I shouldn't be surprised. This is pretty much the norm as the Arizona mountains are at an elevation higher than Denver. I've seen it snow FEET at a time in April some years and often several inches in May.

    Isn't it funny, that in a classic romance we KNOW there will be a happily-ever-after--but oh, my, what it takes to get them there! At least my couple doesn't face the challenge that YOUR heroes and heroines do--no one is trying to KILL them as they attempt to find true love! :)

  39. Come on up and see me sometime, Tina! And feel free to bring your snow shovel! :)

  40. Yeah, right. LOLOLOL. I sold my show shovel. ha!!!!!

  41. Congratulations to the winner. I love that Mug! I have such fond memories of library cards. I found some in a book I bought once and enjoyed sharing them with my kids.

    Happy Weekend.

  42. Another great WE, thanks to TINA!!! Thank you. Loved your wish for all us readers, too. Congratulations to all the winners. Yes, I'm looking forward to the posts next week. April is almost gone. In two weeks I'll be flying north.😢

  43. Miss T has done it again!! THANK YOU, TINA - - a wonderful WE as always!
    And I *finally* got the WW with YOUR story in it - - YAY!! (yes, my local Kroger store runs a bit behind, but I'm happy they finally put this issue out!). :)

    CONGRATS to all the winners, and a BIG CONGRATS to sweet Glynna on your latest Love Inspired! Another lovely cover! (Please toss me in the drawing) :)
    Hoping there will be some good news for Villagers to move on in the Manuscript Matchmakers!!

    It's GORGEOUS here in my Georgia neighborhood today - - Thank You, Lord!! :)
    Am smiling as I think about DEBBY GIUSTI'S goslings - - I do hope you'll get a picture of them, Debby - - I'm sure they're ADORABLE!!

    Happy Weekend, dear Friends! Please enjoy the pecan pie I've just baked. If you're thirsty try the pitcher of peach tea - - yum! ;)
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  44. CINDY W., Prayers for your precious Mom....I know it's difficult - - we went through that with my Daddy some years back. But thankful for Lasix (which I was also given after my 3rd spinal surgery). What a blessing these powerful medications are available now.
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  45. also bought the WW. I loved your story, TINA

  46. Cindy W, I failed to mention your mom...but I've been sending prayers her way. So hard to see loved ones in the hospital! Keep us posted.

  47. I bet I can find you an extra shovel, here, Tina. :)

  48. CINDY W! Praying for you & your mom here in Texas!

    Please enter me in the drawing, Captain T!

  49. PATTI JO --

    I want to see Debby's gosling photos, too! And wasn't Tina's Woman's World story delightful? It made me smile.

  50. Like KELI, I'm looking forward to seeing the next step in the Manuscript Matchmakers's! But Keli, you sweet thing, NO ONE would ever mistake you for "a self-serving schmuck." So get that right out of your head!

  51. Jana, good to see you! Hope you're doing well!!!

  52. Never got to the lake. I've been cleaning my office and rearranging furniture. It's been painful, and I'm not finished. Could take days before I can sort through all the papers.

    Breaking for dinner. :)

  53. Just read the link about cats and bookstores - - a PURR-fectly delightful explanation in case anyone wonders about the connection. :)

  54. I took my librarians cookies this week. I suspect it's a high water mark and I'll never do anything again.
    My memory being a dubious thing!

  55. Holy moly I won something and I'm at Seekerville next week - this is one for the record books!!

    I'm SO excited to be here next week. I've even taken the day off my "real" job. You'll be able to find me gnawing my fingernails for the next couple of days while I questions every word I wrote for the blog post!

  56. Tina, I loved the story in Woman's World.... the kid was adorable and lasagna!!!!

    YES! :) And a puppy.

    I'm enamored. You had me at hello.

    I've been repainting the living room from dark and old, to bright and country-sweet... so the painting is mostly done, and we moved furniture in yesterday, New-To-Us furniture and Lacey, Mandy and I moved cable wiring (power tool required to shift the cable from one side of the room to the other through the basement... SCARY BASEMENT, circa 1854.... we persevered... if there was a man involved, he would have quit because we rearranged multiple times and furniture is heavy, by the way, so I'm feeling Deb's pain...

    But we've got the basics in! It is mostly usable, and that's a whole lot better than Saturday morning!!!!

    My youngest son is in town for the week, so I took this weekend off from working to spend time with him and the family as they gather to hang out with him.

    I love going to visit my out-of-town kids, but I also love to be their Mom when they come home! (this is probably annoying to them, but it's fun for me...) :)

  57. Mary, I did the cookies for my librarians, too, thank you for the reminder, mid-week! I'd forgotten!!!!!

  58. Tina, Keith is sitting next to me while I'm reading the WE, and his comment is: "Wow, Tina puts a lot of work into that, doesn't she?""

    Oh, YEAH, she does, which is why it's always excellent!!

    Thank you, THANK YOU for the Instagram Primer!! I've been aware for a while now that I need to engage with Instagram, but I STILL haven't gotten into Pinterest yet, so I realllllly hesitated doing Instagram. But more and more I'm reading/hearing that it's very important for authors, so now I have a primer. :)

    SUPER CONGRATS to all the winners, and Glynna, Claiming the Single Mom's Heart not only looks and sounds really good, but I like how you changed it up from the norm where it's always claiming the hero's heart, focusing on the guy.

    Cindy, praying for your mom, my friend.

    Hugs and Happy Weekend!


  59. KELI SAID: "I'm eagerly awaiting Monday for two reasons. One is theLIH Manuscript Matchmakers announcement. I've gotten to know several of the Courtship Stage entrants, and I'm eager to see if they move on to the Betrothal Stage."

    Me, too, Keli, and I love how you put that -- going form the courtship stage to the Betrothal State -- or is that how LIH phrases it?

    KELI ALSO SAID: "The other reason I'm looking forward to Monday is that I can't wait to read Vince's post. I have the hardest time asking readers to write reviews, and I want to learn how to go about it without feeling like a self-serving schmuck."

    First of all, Keli -- you may FEEL like a self-serving schmuck, but nobody looks at you that way, my friend, so no worries there.

    Secondly, YES, YES, YES ... I am sooooo looking forward to Vince's post, too. Not only because of the subject matter, but because it's VINCE, who has yet to say something that doesn't impress me. I kind of look at Vince like E. F. Hutton, you know? When he talks, I listen.

    Hugs and Happy Spring!

  60. HELEN ... thanks for the coffee this morning. MUCH needed since I have grandbabies wearing this old girl out!! BUT BRING ON THE CAFFEINE 'cause grandbabies ROCK!!

    GLYNNA, seriously??? SNOW???? Oh my! We're slated for 80-degree temps this week, and I'm doing the happy dance!! You also said, "So funny today to have flowers & trees blooming--and snow on the ground and rooftops!"

    HA! Not so fun-neeeeeee!! Spring flowers are always so short-term, I get ticked when a snow bites them the day after they bloom, and that has happened more times than I can count in St. Louis, so I hope your snow is just an innocent dusting that doesn't do any damage.

    Sarah, my favorite mugs are my Rhett and Scarlett mugs, although the library mug would be a nice addition. :)

    KAV SAID: "I'm going to curl up in a sun patch to read.Sun is such a happy thing."

    Kav, you are SO my kind of girl, girlfriend!! Sun IS such a happy thing!! I fell in love with being out in the sun as a kid when I broke out in psoriasis and discovered the sun cured it (temporarily, at least). Of course, that was WAY before the skin cancer scare and sunscreen!! My record is laying out in 42-degree weather in my swimsuit at the age of 21, slathered in cocoa butter and lying on a tattered blanket up against my apartment building so the wind didn't get me. Now THAT' sun dedication! Uh ... or stupidity! ;)


  61. JULIE -- It was 2-3 inches and had all melted away by early afternoon. A much-needed soaking into the forest floor.

    I cannot even imagine laying out in a swimsuit at 42 degrees! Brrrr!

  62. You've really been a busy bee on that house, RUTHY! It must be so fun to walk through it, seeing the changes as you get one room done after another!

  63. Stage fright, Kara Isaac. No need. We have chocolate and Perrier waiting for you in the green room with an assortment of fresh fruit. We will shower you with attention.

  64. Kara and Vince! Great lineup! Wait, I'm there too. :) We'll have a fun week.

  65. Ruthy, will you paint my office?

    Thank you! :)

  66. Thank you for another weekend edition. The links are helpful, particularly the highlighted ones. Congrats to all last week's winners and to Glynna on the release of her newest novel. I agree Tina's latest in WW was indeed delightful. Praying for Cindy's mom. Hope the news today on Dottie was encouraging. A gorgeous day here in Philly. I've been doing the spring cleanup this weekend. So good to be out in the warm air. Have a great week ahead everyone.

  67. Tina, thank you for the WE information and congratulations on your WW story. The hero POV is fun....and YES to cute kids, a puppy and lasagna! The Instagram primer, the rich story conflict post, and building blocks of writing article were helpful, plus Emily Rodmell's advice on Facebook has already been valuable. Loved the bookstore cat post!

    Congratulations to Glynna on the release of Claiming the Single Mom's Heart! (Beautiful memes) I'll be reading it soon.....and the new Seeker collection! From Facebook photos, looks like Sandra's Tempe Book Festival was great.

    Adding my prayers for Cindy and her mom, Dottie, and hoping she is better today.

    Congratulations to the winners! The Seekerville week ahead looks fabulous! I'll have a cup of Helen's coffee with a slice of Patti Jo's pecan pie. Happy remainder of the weekend to all!

  68. I have a simple comment, slightly off topic.

    Dear Orange Cranberry Toasted Pecan Biscotti, please stop. You seem insecure. Pick a flavor. This one screams of an insecure cookie who does not believe in herself.

  69. Glenna's book is AWESOME! Going to be leaving a review do so others can find out. Bought the Seeker collection 'cuz, well... it's a no brainer thing to do. Great WE TINA. Much like your WW story. Loved the hero POV.

    I love Seekerville. Just had to mention that.

  70. Thanks for another great WE, TINA! And congratulations to all the winners! Congratulations also to GLYNNA on her new release - can't wait to read it - and the Seeker collection!

    CINDY, will be praying for your mom.

    LOL, MARY, on the Orange Cranberry Toasted Pecan Biscotti comment.

    Looking forward to VINCE'S post. I've done a few reviews for SEEKER books on Amazon (and have more in the works) but I definitely have questions about the process.

    Off now to read the links - thanks again!

  71. I love that mug! Thanks for the chance :D

  72. Great, jam-packed weekend edition! Love the mug. I have fond memories of my childhood library and the old-fashioned way to check out books :)

  73. Happy Weekend, Danielle. Yes. I love libraries!!!

  74. Hi Keli & Julie:

    Thanks for the kind words. I have about ten times more material than is in my post and I'll be standing by tomorrow to answer questions, ask questions, and enjoy the community input. The information and insights should keep expanding as the day goes on. Hope to see you there.


  75. Thanks Deb H! Glad you enjoyed it. You too can submit to WW!

  76. Love that you are reviewing now, Laura!!! We are all looking forward to Vince's post!!

  77. Thanks, Sherida! I mean the old days, when we carved writing hints on the walls of caves, who knew an editor would avail herself to us like this in the FUTURE!!

  78. Pat Davis, always good to see you. Thanks for the kind words.

  79. Jana, did I say you were in? You are in.

    Captain T

  80. I'm late! Crazy weekend. Thanks for all the great links!! And congrats to the winners!

  81. Thanks for all the post. Rainy day weather perfect for catching up.

  82. Thanks for all the post. Rainy day weather perfect for catching up.

  83. I love that library card mug! I haven't been over here in awhile!

  84. I love the library mug! There's some great sounding books on here.

  85. I love my local libraries! Congratulations winners!