Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Weekend Edition

This weekend we're Springing into Love with the release of the 9th Seeker collection, featuring some of your favorite Seeker authors. Leave a comment today for the chance to win your own ecopy. Five winners will be announced in the next Weekend Edition.

We Have Winners

 Giveaway rules can be found here. Drop us a line to claim your giveaway at Please allow us the 6-8 weeks per our legal page to get your prizes sent out. 

All prizes not claimed in 8 weeks go back into the prize vault. We wish we could contact all our winners individually, but we'd rather write books! 

 Here Comes the Bride! Toss the Bouquet, with Ruth Logan Herne. Helen Gray, Caryl Kane and Annie Sturt are winners of this romantic collection.

Monday: Former police officer turned writer, Janice Cantore is our special guest today. Her post is "Ripped from the Headlines—Current Events and Fictional Stories." Sharee Stover, Jennifer Rumberger and Tanya Agler are the winners of Burning Proof. Jackie Layton is the winner of a Janice Cantore book of choice. Thanks, Janice!!

Tuesday Sandra Leesmith talked about the importance of using what you know in setting your scenes. Wilani, Jeanne T., Sue Anne Mason and Crystal are winners of an audible book by Sandra. Please go to and select which of the three you want before you email us. Renee McBride is the winner of one of Sandra's books. Since there were only four winners for Audible and five were promised, Sandra is giving away a children's book to DebH. for the Gupster.

Seeker Glynna Kaye was your hostess Wednesday with her post "The Golden Age of Reading" -- Does It Still Impact You Today?  Jill Weatherholt and Tracey Hagwood are winners of Claiming the Single Mom's Heart.

Thursday we joined Cara Lynn James with her post,"The End of the Road — how to keep your story's ending exciting and satisfying." Sandy Smith is the winner of a $10 Starbucks gift card.

 Next Week in Seekerville 

Monday: Mary Connealy revisits "Taglines." What is a tagline? Can you create a tantalizing tagline for your manuscript? Two commenters will receive a copy of Mary's May 4th release,  Runaway Bride.

Tuesday: So excited to bring you the May Contest Update today. Each edition gets bigger and better. We have a contest diva/divo to introduce you to as well. The prize vault is open.

Wednesday: Barbara White Daille returns to Seekerville today with her post " 7 Secrets to Writing While Stressed." Stop by to meet this author of heartwarming characters and hometown charm.

Thursday: Seekerville is rolling out the red carpet for yet another royal visit. This time it's The Blurb Queen! Time to give your blurb the royal treatment. Bring your blurb questions for her majesty to address. A $25 Amazon gift card is up for grabs in honor of her highness!

Friday: Best of the Archives: Today we feature a post by Ruth Logan HerneComments are closed each Friday so we can achieve our reading and writing goals.

Spring into Love

Seeker Sightings

Glynna Kaye, Claiming the Single Mom's Heart , sighting in Glendale, AZ. (Also spotted in Indiana, Georgia and Nebraska!) Have you spotted it? You can also find Glynna Kay on Harlequin blog sharing her thoughts on Mother’s Day and her series The Hearts of Hunter Ridge.

Join Seeker bestselling author Debby Giusti in the Craftie Ladies of Romance Garden of Books Match Game! The fun lasts all weekend. Winner announced on Monday.

Christian Fiction Reader's Retreat Facebook Party. Christian Fiction Reader’s Retreat is having their first Facebook Party on Monday, May 2, from 6 to 9 PM. Mary Connealy hosts the 7 to 7:15 PM time slot, and Debby Giusti is live from 8 to 8:15 PM, EST. Don’t miss this night of fun. Also check out the CFRR to be held in Nashville, AUG 23. It’s an event you won’t want to miss.  

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Random News and Information

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The May Calendar is UP!

Attention Writers! Your input is needed. We are compiling a list of your recommended conferences, annual workshops and retreats for fiction writers. Please send your suggestions to Thank you!

Today is Independent Bookstore Day. 
Support your Indies.

The Grammar Queen Recommends: 24 of the Most Basic Grammar Rules (Grammarly)

 Amazon Giveth, Amazon Taketh Away and Now… Amazon Giveth Again! (The Book Designer) ***

 Have the Courts Given Google a License to Steal from Authors? (Helen Sedwick)***

What Is Your Potential? (Writer Unboxed) 

 Amazon Sales Rank: Taming the Algorithm (ALLi) ***

Stephen King Used These 8 Writing Strategies to Sell 350 Million Books (Inc.)

Facebook Basics for Writers (The Write Conversation)

Best Use of Story Flashbacks (Books & Such Literary Mgmt) 

 Amazon Files Suit Against Sellers of Fake Reviews (The Digital Reader)

 What Type Of Book Editing Do You Need? And When? (Bookbaby Blog)

Is Book Perfection in Your Midst? (The Book Designer) 

You Can Go Home Again: The Transformative Joy Of Rereading (NPR)

Why the Right Book Reviews are So Important to Authors (The Write Way) 

Getting to The End: How to FINISH a Book (Writer Unboxed) 

 The Closing of Harlequin Blaze / Harlequin Historical (Passive Voice)

How To Weave a Message Without Pummeling Your Readers (Writer Unboxed)***

 ***Highly Recommended Read!*** 

Have a great reading and writing weekend! 


  1. I LOVE the WE's. All those great links are a weekly gift.

    Coffee is in the making!

  2. Thanks, Helen!!

    Yippie. It's the weekend. Happy reading and writing to all!

  3. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to another fun week in Seekerville.

    Congratulations to all the winners.

  4. Yay - another Seeker collection! Looking forward to next week's posts.

  5. Happy weekend! I will be squeezing my reading in to keep up with my review commitments in the middle of some last minute company from out of town... why must I always procrastinate???

    Please throw my name in the hat for Spring Into Love!

  6. The collection looks amazing.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  7. Love the new Seeker collection!

    Congrats to the winners!!! The upcoming week looks great! Can't wait to read all the wonderful posts.

    Happy Weekend to All!

  8. Congratulations to all of the winners...including me! Yay! Yesterday, I looked for Claiming the Single Mom's Heart, but they were sold out, so I'm thrilled to win a copy.
    Thanks for the great WE, Tina! Happy Weekend!

  9. Thanks for another great weekend. Congrats to all the winners! I'm so excited to be one!

    The Spring Seeker book collection looks amazing! Congrats ladies. I love how you work together to help each other and to help us all the while spreading the Good News! Have an amazing weekend!

  10. Happy Weekend, Seekerville.

    I guess I should have done my word count before clicking the links. I started reading "How to Weave a Message" and the comments about scenes from The Graduate intrigued me, so I tried to find the specific scene on Youtube... and well... 45 minutes later I'm off to do my words.

    Congrats to all the winners!

  11. I still have an image of Ruthy on a camel stuck in my head. That may be there for awhile.

    Looking forward to a weekend of writing and travel baseball, along with a special event for my older son, honoring all of the Eagle Scouts in north Georgia from last year.

  12. Happy Saturday, all! And a chilly one here in the mountains. May get some snow tonight.

    Yet ANOTHER fabulous weekend edition, TINA! So tempting, but with edits/AAs on my November book signed-sealed-delivered this week, I'm back to my current WIP with a deadline of just a month away. :)

    "CATE" -- don't you just hate it when you fall down one of those rabbit holes when you need to be working on your word count? So I'm to take your "warning" to heart and will come back later to check out the links!

    WALT -- Sounds like a fun weekend -- and a special one, too, honoring your Eagle Scout son!

  13. Walt!!! Crockett the Camel is my new BFF!!!!

    Walt's referring to the pic I posted on facebook yesterday of my camel ride in Phoenix!!! The Phoenix Zoo and Botanical Garden is a must-see and amazing, and yes, I love zoos!!!!! SO FUN!

    And a camel ride, oh my stars, this was a dream come true. :)

    Tina, thank you for another amazing WE!!!!! I'm so glad to see Spring Into Love out on Amazon, I am happy dancing that I had the chance to work on this with these lovely authors.

    It is always special to work with Seekers and other Christian authors on a project like this. God has blessed us abundantly, and we sure know it!

    Thank you, God!!!

  14. Spring Into Love Ruthy's note.... I put my third Second Chance/Sewing Sisters Society novella into this collection...

    Sol Eichas had come west, out of Minnesota, to the plains of South Dakota to work with his cousin Levi... A young widower, he'd left his two small children in the care of his family back in Minnesota, but this story opens with a fairly grumpy Aunt Ivy bringing the children west....

    And heartbroken Ann Hazel has come west to help our resident suffragist Hattie McGillicuddy catch up on work after twisting an ankle... If anyone needs a change of scene, it's our Ann, and the barren, brown prairie offers little hope of healing... but spring brings all kinds of hope, in many ways, and I love it when a story blossoms right along with the weather!

    Hope and healing. :) PERFECT!!!!!!

  15. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Don't include me in the drawing since I already have the collection. I am reading Ruthy's story. I love it. No surprise there.

    Ruthy, Camels are awesome. I rode one in Africa 33 years ago--a once in a lifetime experience.

    I am finishing April with a bang making up for what I was not able to do in Speedbo. I signed up for Camp Nanowrimo. I learned how to count editing in my word count so this is both writing and editing but as of midnight last night I was at 80,554. I will let you know what I end up with at the end of today, but first I must do housework.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  16. Happy happy weekend! Another great WE! Thanks Tina and Seekerville! Thanks for the promotion with CFRR and the FB party!

    Congratulations to all the winners! April's been a great and busy month! With May just around the corner, more sunshine to come!

    Happy blessed weekend everyone!

  17. So lookin forward to Glynna's Claiming the Single Mom's Heart, thank you!
    Congrats to all with wins here at generous Seekerville!

    Love that picture of Ruthy riding Crocket!

    Ruthy-your novella with Sol and Ann was so good, I don't know how you do it but you punch my emotional buttons every time! I made some comments about it when Vince was the guest, not sure you saw them as it was after nine, lol. That verse from Solomon about the winter is past, one of my favorites, fit the story so perfectly. ALL the Solomon reference were perfect, I think I fell in love myself with all their love speak. Can't wait for the Eichas sisters to meet their matches with the meddling but good-willed Hatties help.
    You do historical very we'll, will just add that to your list of excellent talents :)

  18. Great WE! I love the magazine spread using the Spring into Love cover. Must learn how to do that! :)

    It's cloudy and rainy looking here and My Cowboy/Lumberjack (most recently) wants me to help him cut down trees to sell for cross-ties. CUT DOWN TREES????? My worst nightmare! :( Pray for rain!

  19. Pam,
    Loved Maggie and Rafe in Love's Silver Lining, really good!

  20. Congratulations to our weekly winners!

    Congratulations to my Seeker sisters in the latest novella collection!

    Congratulations to GLYNNA on her latest release!

    Congratulations to TINA for another super-duper WE!

    Congratulations to ME for reaching THE END yesterday on my wip! Now comes the fun of editing and polishing!

  21. Myra Congratulations on typing The End!

  22. Congratulations to the winners! It is always fun to hang out in Seekerville.
    Becky B.

  23. Wilani, I'm so stinkin' proud of you! That is awesome!!!

    And the camel ride was a perfect thing to do! Total bucket list potential! Seeing the Grand Canyon and riding a camel.

    I did miss getting to see my AZ friends, but I'm consoling myself with coffee!

  24. Tracey, I love doing historicals, and it's all Natasha's fault for getting me into a deal and then we realized it was the historical I was saying yes to, not the contemporary, and that was Red Kettle Christmas, which I loved! So how fun to be able to do this now!

    I'm hoping the Second Chance stories find a home and that I can announce that soon, but if they don't, I'll write them and indie publish them because I just love writing historicals.

    And my kids say they knew it all along because I dragged them to history stuff all over the East Coast! Poor babies!

  25. Myra, go you!!!! I love getting to the end.... and I love beginning anew!

  26. Pam, tell him you're writing, darling. :)

  27. Jan, thank you! I always smile when I see you here!

  28. Becky, I agree.... I'm leaving Almond Claws from the Farmer's Market we stumbled on this morning because Dave and I are on East Coast time, so getting up at 3:00 AM here and working is no problemo, because it's 6:00 for real!

    And by the time I'd gotten another 1300 words done, it was time to take a walk and see AZ bunnies and birds.

    And then we found them setting up the Farmer's Market in Old Town!


  29. Walt, I love that he attained the Eagle Scout status and that they celebrate the commission. That's awesome, my friend!

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Yay another weekend edition. Thanks Tina You always make the weekends so FUN. I love reading the names of all the winners. woo hooooo

    And the sightings of the Seekers is always so thrilling. Amazing actually that we have come this far.

    Congrats to all the winners.

    Happy writing.

    Happy reading.

  32. Walt You too. That is a fun image.

    And congrats to your son and all the Eagle Scouts.

  33. Ruthy Have you seen the Grand Canyon yet? Wish I could see the expression on your face when you see it the first time.

  34. Congrats Yay, another book out by my friend and another one set in Northern Arizona. Yippee!!!!!

  35. Walt, congrats to your Eagle Scout!

    Pam, a proud mom of 2 Eagles. :)

  36. I managed to wiggle out of cutting down trees by sitting with his grandmother at the hospital instead. Whew!

    And, TRACEY, so glad you enjoyed Love's Silver Lining in the Spring into Love collection. While Ruthy is tying her stories together with Hattie's sewing shop and matchmaking ways, I wanted to do a whole bunch of abandoned, stranded, castaway type stories in the Seeker novella collections.

    So, I've had characters stranded on a deserted island in the Caribbean in With this Spark,
    Characters stranded on a train between two avalanches in Home for Christmas,
    and now characters reclaiming an abandoned ghost town in Spring into Love.

    Not sure what my next abandoned/stranded story will be set. :)

  37. Congrats to your Eagle Scout son, Walt. My son is an Eagle Scout as well. Such an accomplishment! I know you're proud...and you should be!

  38. NINTH Collection!!! WOW!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
    That is a Super Huge Deal, Seekerville Ladies!!!!

    I'm catching up on the blogs for the week. Thanks for all that you do!

    Please put me in the drawing!

  39. Hey yall try to go to the facebook party for Mary Connealy & Debby Giusti on Monday night!!
    I went to Ruthy's "Toss the Bouquet" fb party, & it was really fun! Yes, we now live in the Jetson's cartoon world!

  40. Great WE everyone! Congrats to the winners!

    I would love to be in the drawing!!! Please put my name in! Thanks

  41. Yay! I won a book from Sandra Leesmith. I can't wait to get it!

    Next week's lineup looks great too.

  42. Yay! I won a book from Sandra Leesmith. I can't wait to get it!

    Next week's lineup looks great too.

  43. It's a cloudy/raining/sleeting/hailing/thundering day here--supposed to snow tonight--but you won't catch ME complaining. After a skimpy snow winter, the forest is so thirsty with two more fire-critical months to get through until the summer monsoon season begins.

    So glad Ruthy got to see the Canyon on a sunny (and fairly dry) day!!

    I just downloaded the latest Seeker collection! YAY!

    WOW! Wilani! You are REALLY cruising on that word count!

  44. Myra, go you!!!! I love getting to the end.... and I love beginning anew!

  45. Yay, I won a Starbucks card. Please enter me for the book. I love the Seekerville novellas!

    I had a great time at the Wordsowers conference in Omaha. Hope everyone else is having a great weekend too.

  46. TINA, thanks for the links and another great Weekend! Congratulations to our winners! I'm reading Glynna's terrific book and the Seeker novella collection Spring into Love is waiting on my iPad. Life is good!

    I love weekends! Especially this weekend. Our out of town daughter is here. She and I are going shopping on this chilly, drippy Saturday in Indiana.

    Our granddaughter is at an all day invitational tennis meet. She's won her first two matches. Proud of her!

    Have a great Weekend everyone!

  47. Happy Weekend, Seeker Friends!!
    Great WE as always, Miss T!! :)
    CONGRATS to all the winners!!
    HOW can this be the last day of April?? I feel like I just put away my Christmas decorations, LOL.
    Looking forward to another great week in Seekerville!!
    Hugs, Patti Jo (Who actually achieved my goal of entering 5 contests
    in 2016 - - FINALLY!) ;)

  48. RUTHY, did the camel spit in your eye before or after the ride? ;-)


  49. WALT, congrats to your Eagle Scout son!


  50. Pam,
    I love the abandoned, stranded and castaways stories, what a great thread linking them together. I'm enjoying them so much, can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  51. Janet, no camel spit, LOL!

    He was such a nice fellow, and the zoo staff was marvelous.

    I am in love with the Phoenix zoo.

  52. Congratulations Winners! Have a blessed SON-day!

  53. Pam, I think that's brilliant to just thread a similar type story along... and I love thinking outside the box for these collections, it's delightful, isn't it? It's like giving my mind a creative bath and letting things just happen.

    Solomon Eichas....

    The guy is swoon-worthy, for certain!!!!

  54. Jana, my love, thanks for stopping by! I'm missing Monday night's party, but so excited about the Christian Reader's Retreat in August.

    Oh my stars, I love, love, love meeting people!!!

  55. Another wonderful weekend edition, Tina. Have read many of the links. Congrats Seekers on the release of Spring Into Love collection, To Glynna, to all last week's winners and to those who've met their goals. Looking to next week's lineup with the May contest update. Ruthy, I rode a camel at the Philly zoo many years ago when sons dared me, but only after they got on the camel without any incidents. I've never been very adventurous. Have a wonderful time in AZ. It's a wet and cool day in Philly. Still the annual Broad Street run was a success. Have a good week ahead everyone. I'm looking forward to attending our chapter's spring writers' retreat on Sat.

  56. Ahhh ... a cup of tea and the WE on a Sunday afternoon. Congrats to all the winners and the Spring Into Love Seekers! Interesting links. Appreciated the craft one about backstory. Looking forward to any shared info regarding conferences, workshops, etc. with Contest Updates this week ... and The Blurb Queen -- boy do I have some challenges for her :-)

    Thanks for the WE, Tina!

    Nancy C

  57. Thanks you lovely Villagers. Glad you are enjoying the WE ED. Another thank you to all the nice people who send me links!!

  58. Another great WE TINA, thank you!

    "Springing into Love" looks like "must read" material to me, congratulations to all involved!

    Congrats also to the winners!

    MYRA, so happy for you! Typing "The End" has only happened once for me so far, but it sure was an awesome feeling.

    WALT congratulations to your Eagle Scout son, and PAM, make that times two!

    I've never participated in a FB party, but I'm looking forward to it! If I can figure out how to do it, that is.

    And RUTHY, I loved the camel photo!

    Off to read the links, thanks again!

  59. Groannnnnnn ... Put in a rock garden today and am feeling the pain!!

    If feel soooo good to sit her with my feet up and read the WE and all the wonderful links -- THANK YOU, TINA!!

    Double Groannnnnn ... I SOOOOO wish I could have have been in that VERY COOL Spring into Love novella collection. I intended to be ... but had to pull out. And I LOVE the cover and cannot wait to read it!! SUPER CONGRATS, my Seeker buds, on the release!!

    SUPER CONGRATS to the winners and MYRA for completing your book -- you guys ROCK!!

    RUTHY on a camel??? This I gotta see ... heading over to your FB page ...


    . ;PVE tje cpver

  60. Long day but I had see what was new in Seekerville! Have a great week! Toss me in the hat if it's not tomorrow already ;-)

  61. Ruth - a camel at the zoo! I think I better go to my zoo's website and see what animals they have. I'd like to see a camel...I think. Lol.

    I'm super happy to be back in town. I tried keeping up with things on my phone, but it isn't the same as having everything open on a big screen.

    Congratulations Myra on finishing your WIP! That is so much fun, I know...although for me I'm empathizing with you on how it feels when I finish up a crochet WIP. Lol. I have too many of those to finish. Maybe over the summer.

  62. Congrat's Seekers for having the new book collection out! That has to be so much fun like Ruth was cool to be living in a time when a group of like-minded authors can just put out a book collection to the world! :D

    Book question: When you guys put the bool collection up for sale, do you have a marketing plan or system you like to use? Like, do you post it on Kindle first for 30 days or do you release it everywhere?
    I'm not familiar with the Amazon Advantage members program so I'm definitely going to investigate that more! (thanks for the link!)

    It's on my to-buy list when I get caught up on my arc enter me into the drawing (if I'm not too late).

    I'm also looking forward to the Book Party tonight. You guys keep talking about the meetup in August so this party is a fun way to join in. Looking forward to it.

    Gotta run - I'm proof reading several review blogs I wrote (these are on movies). Hoping to get them published up on my site this week. I'm so excited!! :D

    Have a blessed week!