Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Weekend Edition

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** Effective 5/31/16 all winners are required to submit their address and phone number to verify their identity even if they win an e-prize. This is due to scammers attempting to claim prizes. ***

All prizes not claimed in 8 weeks go back into the prize vault. We wish we could contact all our winners individually, but we'd rather write books!

Last weekend's winner of a beach towel and Seeker Book of Choice is Terri W.

Monday we were delighted to welcome New York Times bestselling author,  Linda Goodnight back to Seekerville. Linda breezed in with wonderful advice about the five common mistakes in writing.Rebecca McLafferty is the winner a copy of her choice of The Memory Keeper or The Rain Sparrow.

Tuesday  Myra Johnson brought us “A Random Top 10 List of Romance Novel Clichés.” To celebrate Myra’s soon-to-be-released Castles in the Clouds, book 2 in her Flowers of Eden series (coming in August), Myra is giving away a copy of book 1, The Sweetest Rain—or, if you’ve already read it, any other of Myra’s published novels. Winner is DebH.

 Publisher's Weekly bestselling author,  Debby Giusti was your hostess in Seekerville on Wednesday talking about "The Unexpected Blessings of the Writing Life."  Debby is giving way one of her books, winner's choice, and a fun surprise gift to two lucky people! Check out her list of titles on her website: Debby's winners are Sally Shupe and Connie Queen. 

Thursday: We're so excited to have Victoria Bylin return to Seekerville! Her post is called, "Lessons Learned From The Book That Nearly Did Me In." Winners of their choice between Until I Found You, Together With You, or Someone Like Youare Laura Conner Kestner, Rhonda Starnes and Dana Lynn.

No Way Up!
Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Janet Dean is your hostess today. She'll be talking about characterization in her post "Put Meat, Not Fat, on the Bones of Your Characters." Janet will be giving away a copy of The Bounty Hunter's Redemption. 

Tuesday: We are super excited to have Villager Meg Brummer guest host in Seekerville  today. Join Meg for "The Art of Drive-By Writing." The prize vault is open!

Wednesday: Author and professional coffee drinker, Jaime Jo Wright is our guest today with her post, "End of Chapter Hooks." One lucky commenter will win a print or e copy of The Cowboy Bride's Collection from Barbour Publishing, featuring her novella, "The Cowgirl's Lasso!"

Thursday: Erica Vetsch returns with "You've Got Style" as she shares the ins and outs of an author Style Sheet. Stop by and learn about this handy tool. She also giving away a copy of His Prairie Sweetheart

Friday: Best of the Archives: featuring  Sandra Leesmith and her post "Swag Promotional Tools." After all, conferences are coming up and we want to be prepared.  Comments are closed on Fridays to allow more reading and writing time!
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 Seeker Sightings 

Check out the Seekers who will be part of Gilead Publishing fall releases!

From RT Book Reviews!! Congratulations on the terrific review Mary Connealy!
 **** FOUR STARS**** "A MUST READ!" RT Book Reviews.

Preorder here.
Random News & Information

Thanks to everyone who sent links.  

July 13, 5:30-7:30 is the "Readers for Life" Literacy Autographing at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina. Four hundred authors will be participating. If you are a reader in the area, plan to attend. The event is free and open to the public.  More details here, along with a list of participating authors.

Congratulations to the Genesis Finalists with a special shout out to Villagers:  
 Megan Besing, Cynthia Herron, Iola Goulton, Dawn Ford, Laura Conner Kestner!!!! WOOT!!!

Period. Full Stop. Point. Whatever It’s Called, It’s Going Out of Style. (NYT) (The Grammar Queen Should Not Read This One.)**

Facebook Is Holding Your Readers Hostage But You Don’t Have to Pay the Ransom (BookBusiness)**

How to Use BookBub to Boost Sales of Self-Published Books (ALLi)**

 Why Book PR Can Have The Most Impact BEFORE You Land An Agent (Writer Unboxed)**

 Reader Confusion: Your Story Needs Clarity (Fiction Notes)

Major Publishers are lowering e-book prices (Good E Reader)

Writing “Linked Novels”: A Series of Standalones Sans Spoilers (Writer Unboxed)**

How To Finish Your Book in Three Drafts (Jane Friedman)

8 Tips for Editing Other Writers’ Work (While Remaining Friends) (Authors Helping Writers) **

Book Disclaimers Don't Have to be Boring (Helen Sedwick)

Amazon Lower the Boom on Discount eBook Sites (The Digital Reader)**

BookBaby Launches Editing Services for Self-Published Authors (DBW)

TIGHTENING YOUR STORY’S CAUSE AND EFFECT CHAIN WITH “AND SO” (Bookbaby Blog) Best Explanation of Episodic Writing EVER!!**

**Short on time? Check out these recommended links now & save the rest for later!**


  1. Just picked up Back in the I'm ready for it to rain more! (We have over 3 inches in 36 hours, and our foundation can't seem to handle that kind of deluge, since we had almost 2 inches the week before.

  2. Great WE, Miss T, or TINA! Congratulations to the winners! I sure would like a copy of Mary's NO WAY UP! Sounds like it's a down under tale!

  3. So could use a good laugh with Mary Connealy's book.

  4. Great WE! Congrats to all the Genesis finalists and what an awesome list of authors who'll be publishing with Gilead!

    Mary, the Cimarron series sounds amazing! Congratulations!

  5. Great WE....... Congrats to the winners! I would love a copy of Mary's book! I always enjoy reading her books!

  6. Who gets RT? Tina? Basically, I need someone to pester when RT reviews come out to send me mine. :)

  7. I get RT. Just holler at me. I will cut and paste and send it to you.


    I videotaped it on my phone last time we had it.

    Must go refresh my memory.


  10. I'd love to win a copy of Mary Connealy's New book! !

  11. KyLee W!!!!! Okay, let's not get out of control here. You and I are friends so I can confide in you.

    If we let Mary's head swell, then she will be of no use to anyone.

    "She rules" is very broad spectrum.

    She rules the hen house maybe. Let's narrow it down.

  12. Congratulations to all of the Genesis Finalists! I was thrilled to see my friend, Laura, on the list!
    Congratulations also to Mary...woot! And to all of the Seekers who've joined Gilead.
    Great, WE Tina...thanks! When will your story be published in WW? I checked yesterday, but apparently it's not this week.

  13. What a great WE! Congratulations to the winners.

    Also, I'm so excited to hear about Gilead Publishing this week. What a great group of authors! Congratulations!

    Four star RT review, way to go Mary!

    And congratulations to the Genesis finalists! What a great week in Seekerville! Have a blessed day everybody!

  14. TINA, thank you for the great WE! Congratulations to this weeks' winners!

    Please put my name in the draw form Mary C's book.


  15. Another great weekend! Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you so much for a copy of one of Debby's books! I am so excited. And it's great to see Mary has a new book coming out!

  16. I cannot wait to read this!

    YES!!!! I'm working outside today, and then a wedding, and my computer is giving me a Hard Disk Failure warning message, so my day is proving to be interesting....

    So if I'm not here much, it's not because I DON'T WANT TO MAKE FUN OF MARY!!!!

    It's simply because there are only so many hours in a day!

    Love this, Mary, and Tina, great job as always!

  17. Congratulations winners and authors! I'm so excited for GP books! AND congratulations to ACFW Genesis finalists! What a week! Great WE ad always.

    And that is one pretty cover, Mary!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. I would LOVE to win a copy of Mary's book! She's the bomb!

  19. WOW! Yet another amazing weekend edition, TINA! (By the way, our low was 35 degrees yesterday. High 80.)

    Congrats to the Genesis finalists!!! And to the Gilead Gals!

    Wow, Marianne! That's a ton of rain--you didn't happen to move to Houston recently did you? They've sure had a rough time in the flooding department in the past month or two. Do any of you Villagers live down that way?

  20. Love Mary's books! Can't wait to read this one! Thank you for the chance to win :)

  21. Congrats winners! Looks like another great week ahead...

  22. YAY for MARY with another new book release!

    YAY for our Seekervillagers who are Genesis finalists!

    YAY for our weekly blog winners!!!

    YAY for TINA and another fantastic Weekend Edition!

    I never made the cheerleading squad in high school (okay, so I never tried out, either), but it sure is fun cheering in Seekerville!

  23. Ruthy, I totally respect your desire to make fun of me.

    So sorry life and family is thwarting you. (NOT!)

  24. Tina did fail to mention that this is.........


    I do NOT have my author's copies yet but each day at UPS delivery time I stand with my nose pressed against the window hoping he will come.

    He's freaked out and my window's smeared, but should be any day!

  25. And I can't remember for sure if I've mentioned that there is a prequel to No Way Up called The Boden Birthright. And it's FREE FREE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. No, MARY, I don't believe you've mentioned that . . . more than about 6 bazillion times!!! If anybody missed it, they must not be paying attention, and it's THEIR LOSS!!!!!

  27. Congratulations Mary!!! And to all the winners :) The line up for next week looks awesome as always!

  28. First ever giveaway? In the KNOWN UNIVERSE? Count me in! (And why yes, I did read the free novella!)

  29. Another great WE. Thanks Tina.

    Congrats to Mary for a new book out. And her free book is great.

    Congrats to Genesis finalists

    Congrats to Blog winners. Yay.

    Happy Father's day to all the dads out there.

  30. Tina ists pouring down rain here in Oregon. I'll send you some if you send me some heat.

  31. I love the Weekend! I love the Weekend Edition! I love that we all gather on the weekend to chat and celebrate. Thanks, Tina!

    Congrats, Mary, on the fabulous RT review and on being part of a novella collection with Gilead, along with Julie and Ruthy. Congrats, also, Barbara S. Opportunities with a new publisher is exciting!

    Congrats to our winners. And a huge congrats to Genesis finalists!!

    I'm looking forward to chatting Monday about fleshing out characters. Can't have readers muttering, "Where's the beef?" :-)


  32. I doubt my editor will go along with the trend of the disappearing period. At least they're disappearing in texts. I'm guessing not in textbooks. :-) Still it's interesting to see that the period denotes more than just the end of the sentence.


  33. We're celebrating Father's Day weekend here, along with the birthday of our granddaughter. My DH will be grilling chicken teriyaki. I'll make the cake the birthday girl chose: Yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Is that the favorite of anyone else? I'm a chocolate lover and would want it all chocolate. But this isn't about me. :-)


  34. I got a new monitor the size of a TV. It looks great on my desk but stretches things out really wide. I'll get used to it. Won't I?


  35. Is Gilead Publishing a new publisher or am I just now hearing about them? Can't wait to read the upcoming collection! Happy weekend! Please include me in the giveaway for Mary's book :)

  36. This is the Funniest WE discussion ever!! :)
    TINA- "Mary rules the hen house!" (that would be us!)
    Sweet MYRA- "okay, so I never tried out, either" (I would have voted for you!!)
    JANET D is fired up this morning! Must be that grandbaby! (or the chocolate frosting!)

    ***OHHH RUTHY!! Praying over that computer!!!! (that part isn't funny!!)

    Congrats to GENESIS finalists & GILEAD authors!! WTG!!

  37. There was a power outage here. Did not affect us.

    Last night until apparently still going on.

  38. I read that thing about the period disappearing and HOPED it meant the demise of this trend to. Break. Up. Sentences. For. Emphasis.

    GQ is not amused, BTW.

  39. Congrats to all the winners@ Have a great week, everyone!

  40. Congrats to the winners! And to Mary C!

    Happy Father's Day to the dads! Enjoy your special day!!!

    Dad's are often the unsung heroes. God bless them all.

  41. Whoo-hoo! I hopped over to Amazon IMMEDIATELY and pre-ordered MARY'S first book in her new series. Can't wait to read it!

    Congrats to all the Genesis winners. Way to go!

    So excited to publish in one of the first Gilead collections. They're calling us Gileadites. :)

    And another great WE, Tina. You pull it off every week, girl. We so appreciate you!

  42. Great to see Mary's RT four-star review! Congratulations! Please put my name in the drawing. :D

    Congratulations to the weekly winners, to the Genesis finalists, and to all the Gilead authors! Exciting!

    Tina, thanks for all the WE information....I'll be checking those links.

  43. Oh, I hope I'm the Terri W. That won the beach towel and book of choice. The hard part will be deciding on the book - you gals are too talented!

    Awesome WE!

  44. Hooray for all the Villager's success in the Genesis.
    Hooray for Mary's 4-star review!
    Hooray for the weekend edition (thanks TINA!)
    Hooray, I won a Myra book!

    Hooray for Father's. Here's hoping I got the right gift for hubby dearest. I did get his favorite ice cream cake - so that's at least one thing good. :)

    Looking forward to reading Mary's latest. I'm laughing at the picture of her with nose pressed to window looking for her author copies. Poor delivery man... at least he has a story to tell his buddies back at HQ.

  45. Cheers for this week's winners! Way-to-go Megan, Cynthia, Iola, Dawn and Laura! Congrats to Mary! And kudos to Gileadites Ruthy, Julie, Mary (again) and Barbara! Phew!

    Super WE. I was just going to give the links a quick browse and then come back later to settle in and read them. Instead, I found myself reading all of them because they were so interesting. The post about episodic writing is super -- best I've read and finally a simple explanation.

    Thanks for putting the WE together, Tina. Don't enter me in the giveaway. I've won two of Mary's books recently :-)

    Nancy C

  46. Congratulations to all the seekers being published by Gilead Publishing. This is so exciting.

    Congratulations to all the Genesis finalists as well as all of this weeks winners.

    I received the judging sheets from another contest yesterday. They were so encouraging. Then I had an editor volunteer to read that book for free. I am so excited about this. I am thinking this book may be more Women's Fiction than Romance. It will help to have someone read the whole book and not just the first 15 pages. Any way I am plunging on into this writing process.

    I will be checking out these links. Thanks for putting the WE together for us, Tina.

    Please put my name in the drawing for No Way Up.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  47. I'm looking forward to this new series by Mary. The prequel novella was very good. I love all of Mary's books. Thanks for having the book giveaway for No Way Up. I would be thrilled to win!

  48. Lots of fun and exciting things happening here on Seekerville!!! :D

    Thanks so much for the givewaway!


  49. Good to see you Sydney Anderson. We love when our lurkers come out of lurkdom.

  50. Hey gang. I spent the day giving a speech. I'm back!
    Exhausted but alive.

  51. LeAnne, I think my Cimarron Legacy series ended up being pretty good!
    That must me God because it's a miracle! :)

  52. Cheryl, too many bossy big brothers. That's the theme of No Way Up! (among other things)

  53. KyLee, I'm going to print up your comment "Mary Rules" and show it to My Cowboy. He hasn't gotten the message!!!!

  54. KyLee, Tina is right. She and all the Seekers have taken on the onerous task of keeping me humble. And they are doing a BANG UP JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Jackie isn't that a nice review. An author just NEVER KNOWS how a book is going to be received!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's SCARY!

  56. Hey Sharee. All I can say is PIZZA!

  57. Heidi, Gilead is a brand new publisher. They're doing some really fun stuff. Barbara Scott is involved along with Ruthy and Julie and me.

  58. DebH, my UPS man has a story to tell the guys back at the office.
    Yeah, a HORROR STORY!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Barbara THANK YOU, you sweet thing!!!!!

  60. Wilani! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I'm so thrilled for you with the great judge's comments!!!!

  61. Woo hoo! So happy to see my name listed among the winners, thank you so much!! Congratulations to all the winners! Can't wait to read a Victoria Bylin book!

    And thank you everyone for the sweet comments regarding the Genesis contest! And congrats to all the finalists! I'm so excited to have advanced - I learned so much about contests right here! And thank you for the daily dose of encouragement, Seekers! Jill, so glad to have "met" you through Seekerville, you are so sweet!

    Congratulations to all the new Gilead authors! So happy for you all!

    MARY, congratulations on the review! I loved the prequel, and I'm looking forward to reading the first book!

    WILANI, Congratulations on the judge's comments!!

    TINA, thanks for such a great WE! Off to read the links!

  62. I am looking forward to this next series by Mary Connealy. I just checked with my library and they don't have it yet so I'm going to request they order it!

  63. I am looking forward to this next series by Mary Connealy. I just checked with my library and they don't have it yet so I'm going to request they order it!

  64. WHOA ... where did the weekend go??? Can't believe I'm just getting a chance to read the WE now, but it's worth the wait, Teenster, so thanks for another great edition. :)

    MARY!!! Congrats on the great RT review, my friend, that's a keeper!!


    NANCY!!! Gileadites??? How cute is that?? Sounds Biblical,doesn't it? Like the Hittites?

    Gorgeous Father's Day in Osage Beach, so we are going for a boat ride, especially since most of the crazies are hopefully getting ready to go home ... ;) We locals like the lake to ourselves on Sundays. :)

    And, okay, I'm sorry, but I think the guy proposing an end to most periods is a dipstick. Uh, excuse me ... I mean a dipstick


  65. Wow! Congratulations everyone! Fun discussion going on here. I'd love to be entered into the draw.
    Winnie T from Utah

  66. This weekend is flying by. Congrats to all contest finalists.

    I have my second cataract surgery tomorrow. Thank you to the Seekers for the beautiful card Debby sent me on your behalf. I really appreciate it.

    Please put my name in the drawing.

  67. Sandy, I will be praying for your cataract surgery.

    Julie, I agree with you. It is just wrong to do away with the period.

    I was teaching the preschoolers at church this morning. One of the kids wanted to sing the B-I-B-L-E. I like to explain to them what it means to stand on the Word of God. I asked, "Does it mean you put your Bible on the floor and stand on it?" A four year old replied, "No! the police will come get you." I need to remember this for a future story. I have laughed and laughed over this precious kid.

    I hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful Father's Day.

  68. Rebecca, don't be afraid to throw a fit. Drop to the floor and kick and scream. Tell them it's YOUR idea. :)

  69. Sandy, God bless you on Cataract Part #2!

    I'll pray for you.

  70. Wilani that's so funny. Definitely use it!

  71. Wilani!!!

    Good news on the contest!


    Good feedback is worth the price of admission.

    And love the Bible story.

  72. Taking a bow for the WE ED. Thanks for the kind comments, Villagers.

    Praying for a productive week for everyone.

  73. Sandy, we're all praying for you!!! I know the second surgery will go well.

    Hugs and love!

  74. Woohoo...Congratulations to you all. What talent and blessings to share. Yeah!

    Also, I just found out that I won a Linda Goodnight book. Thank you, thank you! What a thrill, and that is so generous of Linda. I can't wait to learn how to claim it. Blessings to you!