Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Weekend Edition

We're celebrating Ruth Logan Herne's release of Her Unexpected Family this weekend. We have three books to give away. Leave a comment for your chance to win a copy. Winners announced in the next Weekend Edition.

We Have Winners

 Giveaway rules can be found hereDrop us a line to claim your giveaway at Please allow us the 6-8 weeks per our legal page to get your prize sent out.  

** Effective 5/31/16 all winners are required to submit their address and phone number to verify their identity even if they win an e-prize. This is due to scammers attempting to claim prizes. ***

All prizes not claimed in 8 weeks go back into the prize vault. We wish we could contact all our winners individually, but we'd rather write books!

Last Weekend End Winners:
Phyllis Wheeler : Hope for the Holidays Historical
Kathryn Barker: Hope for the Holidays Historical
Becky B: Hope for the Holidays Historical
Trixi: Hope for the Holidays Historical
Cindy W: Home for Christmas Historical
Deanna Stevens: Holiday Collection of Choice
Rhonda Starnes: Holiday Collection of Choice

Multi-published author Jordyn Redwood debuted her first Love Inspired Suspense, Fractured Memory and shared her post "What I Would Change in Publishing," on Monday. Sally Shupe, Connie Queen and Bettie are winners of print copies of Fractured Memory.

Tuesday Tina Radcliffe brought you a "Foreshadowing, Telegraphing, Red Herrings & the Rule of Three in Fiction." Winner's of their choice of Seeker Book of Choice, as available on Amazon or winner's choice of any movie mentioned Tuesday, as available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble for DVD are Jeanne T and Cynthia Herron.

Wednesday Janet Dean was your hostess with her post, "Put Meat, Not Fat, On the Bones of Your Setting."  Barbara Scott is the winner of a Seeker Book of Choice.

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Amanda Barratt returns to Seekerville with her post, "Writing Tight: Making Every Word Count." And Amanda brought a terrific giveaway. Stop by!

Tuesday: Just in time to prep those requests you brought back from RWA 16 "San Diego", join Ruth Logan Herne as she tells us how to "Polish, Primp and Pimp Your Prose Like a Pro"... because you only have one chance to make a great first impression, and when it comes to submissions: That chance might be ONE PARAGRAPH LONG. Meet me here and we'll chat it up and turn clunkers into spiffed up sweet rides while Ruthy celebrates the release of Her Unexpected Family  with a FIVE BOOK GIVEAWAY... and coffee!

Wednesday:  Seeker Glynna Kaye will chat with us about “Tony Is A Pony: Making the Most of Your Writing Journey Right Where You’re At.”  She’ll be giving away to one lucky winner a Kindle copy of Susan May Warren’s informative guide, “How to Write A Brilliant Romance,” AND she’ll be sharing the cover of her Christmas-themed Love Inspired November release.

Thursday: Cara Lynn James is your hostess today. Stop by to chat with Cara!

Friday: Best of the Archives:"Story Arc in a Nutshell" with Janet Dean. Friday's comments are closed to allow us more writing and reading time.

Seeker Sightings

THIS JUST IN!  The Sweetest Rain by Myra Langley Johnson is on sale for Kindle $.99,

This is the last week for our Christmas in July sale!! Enjoy! 

Hope for the Holidays Contemporary Collection

Hope for the Holidays Historical Collection

A Heart Full of Christmas Contemporary Collection

Home for Christmas Historical Collection
Her Unexpected Family
Random News and Information

Thanks to everyone who sent us links!

17 Gorgeous Wedding Dresses All Book Lovers Will Adore (BuzzFeed) 

PW Starts a New Column Called Religion Book Deals (PW) 

For the Love of a Library (Writers in the Storm) 

  The Truth About the New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists (Tim Grahl)**

2016 Romance Writers of America RWA PAN Presentation (Author Earnings)**

Ask the Agent: What is the Formula for Making a Living at Writing? (MacGregor Literary)

The Anatomy of a Bestselling Book: INFOGRAPHIC (GalleyCat)

How Indie Authors Should Price a Book for Optimal Success (DBW)**

3 Tips to Help Increase Writing Output (Jody Hedlund)**

What To Do With a Bad Review (The Write Conversation)

The Synergy of the First Draft, Whether You Trim or Embellish (Writer Unboxed)**

Internal Dialogue: The Greatest Tool for Gaining Reader Confidence (Jane Friedman)

Short on time? Check out these links ** now and and come back later for the rest!

That's it! Have a great reading and writing weekend!


  1. Happy release to Ruth Logan Herne and Her Unexpected Family. Love, love these wedding covers!!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful writing and reading weekend!

  2. Congratulations on your newest release, Ruthy!! How exciting for you. And for us who love reading your books!

    I'm definitely looking forward to checking out some of the links you shared this weekend, Tina. Especially the one on internal monologue. I've been trying to get a better handle on this. :)

    I'm so blessed that I won this week. Thank you for that. And thanks again (I don't think I can ever say this enough!) for all you Seeker ladies to do to help us get off the island. I am truly grateful for your encouragement and the wisdom you share!

  3. Thank you for another fabulous WE edition and all the wonderful links!

    Congratulations, Ruthy, on your newest release! Beautiful cover. :)

    I'm thrilled to win Tuesday's giveaway. Thank you! Thank you, lovely ladies, for your continued support and encouragement. Seekerville is such a great community--we are blessed!

  4. Thanks for another great WE, Tina. Congratulations to all the winners!

  5. Congratulations on your release, Ruthy. What a beautiful cover!
    Thank you for another great WE, Tina.

  6. Doing this wedding series has been so much fun! Romance, hot heroes, strong heroines, the Finger Lakes region of Central New York and chocolate... what could be bad about that???

    I'm so excited to release this story!!!

    We've got happy dancing in upstate this day!

  7. Jeanne, you are so welcome... and here's a secret to share... Once we're off "Unpubbed Island" the new job is to STAY ON THE MAINLAND and that can be tricky.

    So toughen you psyches here, pull up all of our big girl panties, because this isn't a gimme, ever.

    But I've never had more fun in my life, so keep writing!

  8. Congratulations Ruthy! I saw you book on the shelves at WalMart last week and grabbed it up as quick as an arrow leaving a bow. The cover is precious. I can hardly wait to begin my journey between the pages.

    Congratulations to all the winners this week too! I'm excited that I won the Home for Christmas anthology. I'm happy dancing in Northeast Indiana. Course the heat here is only allowing me to do in indoors.

    Thank you Tina for another wonderful WE and the links...I've already visited a few and they are great!

    May everyone have a wonderful weekend! Stay cool!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  9. Another great WE......thanks Tina!
    Congrats to Ruthy on her new release.....can't wait to read it....please count me in the drawing. The cover is fantastic!
    Happy weekend to all!!

  10. Another fantastic week at Seekerville! Man thanks to everyone who contributed.

    Ruthy, congratulations on your book release. Please put my name in the drawing! You know I love, love, love your books!

  11. Congrats to all of our winners!

    Ruthy, congrats on the release of another book. You rock, girl!

    Tina, no time for links this morning but there's several I want to check out. Thanks bunches!

    Gorgeous morning in Seekerville! Happy Weekend everyone!


  12. Congratulations, RUTHY!!! You are amazingly prolific and a shining example to us all!!!

    Thanks for compiling another super-duper WE, TINA! Great collection of writerly links to check out!

    How's everybody spending their Saturday? Guess what. Project and I are doing the weekly bills and housecleaning chores, no surprise. Saturday is basically my least favorite day of the week. Quite a change from when I was a kid and actually looked forward to the weekends and a break from school! But I love my work--what can I say!

  13. RUTHY, Congratulations on your release!!!!

    Congratulations to this week's winners.

    TINA, thank you for another wonderful WE.


  14. Congratulations, Ruthy!

    Congratulations to all the winners too and thank you for the book I won!

    May God bless you all!

  15. How have I been spending my Saturday morning? Reading WE links. There were some especially good ones this week.

    Congratulations to all winners!

    Fresh coffee is brewing.

  16. Congrats on another FANTABULOUS book, Ruthy. Love that sweet cover!

  17. Wheee --I got to celebrate Her Unexpected Family's release by reading it -- thanks to Coles bookstore who had it in promptly since it's out of stock on Canadian retail sites...which has to be a good thing, I would think, right? So no need to enter me in the draw.

    I want the golden book wedding dress. And that whole wedding dress blog post got me thinking about how handy printers are these days. You could print your favourite book covers onto fabric and sew up a dress or shirt or skirt...though I imagine there'd be copyright issues involved. Hmmmm.....

    Happy weekending everyone -- though we all seem to be caught in a heat wave of epic proportion. Good day to stay inside in front of the fan and read.

  18. Thanks for another great weekend edition. Congrats to all the winners this week. Looks like many of you will have some fun reading.

    Happy reading.

    Happy writing.

  19. Congratulations on your new release, Ruthy! Congratulations to the winners, and I look forward to the new articles next week!
    Becky B.

  20. Congratulations on your new release, Ruth! I wish you a ton of sales. Congratulations to the lucky contest winners too! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  21. I just downloaded Myra's Sweetest Rain on my Kindle....YAY for the great price.

  22. Another fabulous W.E. Tina!!

    Oooh, with the debut of Ruthy's latest Love Inspired, it looks like I'll need to dash out to Walmart and see if they have the August books out now!

    And if any of you haven't read Myra's "The Sweetest Rain," now's the time to snatch it up on Kindle for 99 cents!

    No heat wave in mountain country right now. Low humidity. 40's or low 50's at night. Daytime highs in the upper 70's to mid-80s--until a monsoon system moves in and it plummets into the chilly 50's. You may laugh at me, but having gotten caught out in the cold rain one day this week I just HAD to warm up with a cup of hot cocoa. Yes, in July! :)

  23. Edwina, darling, you're in! I just put the second coat of paint on the front porch floor, and today might be the only day it's clean, but gosh, it looks marvelous! I'm kind of amazed... old concrete has such a stained, smudged look, so I'm thrilled with this.

    And so excited about this book! Edwina, it's such a beautiful story of forgiveness and new beginnings and fixing old hurts.

    people are such.... people!

  24. Myra, I still love Saturdays. To have a day off from day job and just an open expanse of time is SO STINKIN' FUN!!!! And this summer I'm working full time with kids, so it's been cray-cray, but I'm so blessed to be surrounded by young families... and cute kids!

    Sunday is generally filled with family, but Saturday.... that's a Ruthy day of writing, projects, and today, burgers on the grill. :) That's summer!!!

  25. Tina, this is such a marvelous WE and THANK YOU for those memes! So cool!!!

    I just got my copies sent out to influencers today (there was a production problem in Depew where they print the books) so my early readers won't be so early, but I hope they love it!

    And if you ever want to be an influencer, give me a holler. I keep it to fifteen readers, but it's my list so if I want to go to twenty, I sure can!

    E-mail me privately at

    I'm a calm author to work with... if you can write a review, awesome. And if you see a facebook post and want to shout it out/share, super!

    And that's it. I'm not crazy vocal about these things. I always figured the hand of God and productivity would work their joined magic, and it's worked! So, yay!

    But I do love shout outs from my reading/writing buddies!

  26. Janet, I'm living my dream.... and having so much fun that it should be illegal, or at least charged a fee for, right?


    This is what the "little Ruthy" of the Tenth Ward always envisioned... writing lots of books, making women smile.


  27. Thank you, Phyllis!!!!

    Tossing your name into the cat dish, darling!

  28. Helen, that's awesome. The more we know, the more we know.

    I'm not a craft book reader, I'd rather slide hot pepper slivers under my fingernails than do that, but articles and blogs I can handle.

    That would be my usually wrong "know-it-all" personality coming through.

  29. Thank you, Pammers! Me, too.... Kissing those baby cheeks!!!!

  30. Kav-a-licious, I don't think it's a good thing that they were out of stock... I'd love to think it's crazy high Ruthy sales (and that's happened, praise the Lord!) but this book had a production problem and somehow got messed up. So my copies just came about ten days ago, and should have been here six weeks ago. I'm not sure if it's getting into stores like it normally does... I hope so, of course! But it's a dicey timing thing for sure, so I'm super honored that you found it and bought it!!! Thank you!

  31. Sandra.



    What am I? Chopped liver??????


  32. Becky, thank you!!! This never gets old, and I'm happy dancing here while looking very grubby because I'm working outside, but that's the good side of a quiet Saturday... I can get dirty and crazy and no little kids suffer!!!!

  33. I just heard that Franciscan was running The Sweetest Rain at .99!!!!


    Yes, run on over there and grab it, and then when you read the newest book "Castles in the Clouds" you'll have back-to-back reads!!!!

  34. Stephanie, thank you! Summer is such a funny time for writing, sales, marketing. It's an up and down crazy cycle of fun, isn't it?

    Tucking your name into the cat dish!!!

  35. Glynna, Mandy's neighbors came home early from their Adirondack vacation because it was raining and in the 40s at night.

    We are 4 hours away and in severe drought and straight 90+ days.... but we're blessed with hoses and 150 One Gallon Milk Jugs courtesy of having kids around all the time, so instead of weeding... everyone is watering.

    Weather is a funny, fickle creature.

  36. Thanks, RUTHY & JACKIE!

    BTW, I'd appreciate prayers for my daughter. She's just being admitted to the hospital after a horseback riding accident. Waiting now for an update. Hard being so far away.

  37. Passing out pink cupcakes!!! Enjoy!

    I love release parties.

  38. I won Jordyn's book! Yay!
    Thanks for the weekend update!

  39. Myra:

    Linda and I are praying...with more coming at Sunday school.

  40. Thank you, TINA & VINCE! Still waiting for more details. They were on a cross-country driving trip visiting family and heading our way. Now wondering how this will affect their plans. :(

  41. Praying for Myra's daughter while eating pink cupcakes!!! Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion!!!!

  42. Thank you, Barb!

    Myra, keep us posted about Johanna's recovery. I love horses but I've seen a few bust-ups in my time....

    Poor thing.

  43. RUTHY!!!! Girl, you have so many books coming out, I can't keep track!! What is it up to now, one a week??? Seriously, you are A-MAZING, girlfriend, and I'd like to write 1/3 the books you write in a year, girl!!

    So ... inquiring minds want to know ... WHO has more books releasing this year, you or Mary???

    OH. MY. GOSH!!! I am not normally a wedding-dress gal, but OH. MY. GOSH!!! Over the moon over the Twilight dress, but the Red Riding Hood cape leaves me cold and I'm usually a HUGE fairy-tale gal who loves red, but ...

    TEENSTER!!! Fab WE as always, my friend, and WHOA, BABY ... what a boatload of great links!!

    Hugs and happy weekend, all!

  44. Happy Release Day, Ruthy! I just received An Unexpected Groom (THANK YOU!!!) so don't enter me in the drawing. Don't want to be greedy ...

    Congratulations to all the winners. Lots of good reading ahead.

    Speaking of lots of good reading, those are super links, Tina. Especially appreciate the one about the bestseller lists and the one about pricing a book. Thanks!

    Wishes that everyone has a good weekend -- with reading and writing, if it suits you :-)

    Nancy C

  45. Myra, have you heard anything new about your daughter's condition? We're always mothers, aren't we.

    Nancy C

  46. Ruthy, I do wish I could walk into the cover for An Unexpected Groom -- it's 103 here (thud!)

    Nancy C

  47. Myra, praying for your daughter...

    Ruthy, perfect cupcakes for the release party for Her Unexpected Family! A wedding planning story sounds so fun! Congratulations!

    Tina, thank you for the WE. I've already read a number of to read the internal dialogue article.

    Congratulations to the weekly winners. I'm spending today at Cara's Blue Lake Christian camp from my win last week of Love Will Find A Way. Great story! Thank you, Seekers!

  48. Happy Release, Ruthy!

    I have to attend a workshop on Monday. Guess where it's held? In a Barnes & Noble!!!!

    Do I look excited? I'll have to check for your book.

    Myra, praying for your daughter. Please let us know.

  49. Congrats Ruthie. Keep those good books coming Seekers! My prayers go out for Myra's daughter.

  50. Hope everyone has a wonderfully fabulous weekend

  51. Congratulations on your new release, Ruthy!

  52. Congratulations on your new release, RUTHY!! Such a beautiful cover! You are truly an inspiration!

    Congratulations to all of this week's winners!

    MYRA, I will pray for your daughter, and for you as you're waiting for updates.

    Such a great WE, TINA! I've read some of the links already (the one about internal dialogue was especially interesting) and I'm off now to read the rest. Thank you!

  53. Julie, I'm not sure for this year. I'll pose a secret meeting with The Connealy and check it out....

    And thank you!!!! I'm having so much fun! It's a crazy business, and I stinkin' love it.

    (There is possibly something wrong with me, but I speak the Ruthy-truth!!!)

    Wedding gowns. I loved being a bridal consultant at Bridal Hall in Rochester, I loved working with brides, with mothers of the bride and groom and with wedding parties. Such a fun job, even the bridezillas.... because it broke up the day and gave us something to laugh about later.

    Bridezillas are LOUD by nature.


    And somewhat threatening.

    I put one in "An Unexpected Groom" and she was a perfect bridezilla... the other thing about bridezillas is that their is often someone messing with their heads... mother or best friend.... and they're reacting on a two-screen field.

    That gets tricky so I would make sure to get them alone... if possible.

    Some great memories of great gowns!

  54. Nancy, I'm glad you got it! Enjoy!

    And I'm throwing your name in anyway, so you just hush....

  55. 103????

    Nancy, I've been whining at 90-95.... I'm sending you thoughts of snow, darling!!!


  56. Sherida, waving!!! Now I want cupcakes, like desperately, but it's too hot to bake. Although I did make pickles and it was a steamy kitchen!!!

    Enjoy your day, my friend! And the book...

  57. Cate, how fun is that????? Enjoy your Monday, I love getting together with others for things like that.

    Is this a writing workshop or teaching workshop? I'd guess writing, but teachers love B&N, too!

  58. Bettie, thank you! And we'll do the best we can...(fingers typing rapidly....)

    I'm so glad you stopped by!

  59. Thank you, Megan! Right back at you!

  60. Connealy, thank you! I could just sit and gaze at this happy family wedding, and these two cute babies all day!

  61. Laura, thank you for your kind words!!! And yes, this is a great WE, as always... The Teenster is amazing.

  62. That looks like a great book! What a jam-packed plog post with so much great info. Congrats to last weekend's winners!

  63. Thank you, Beth! Glad you stopped in, and those links alone are worth the price of admission!!!


  64. I can't believe I haven't commented yet this weekend. It is a great weekend. the Vertigo lifted for a couple hours yesterday so I was able to do a little housework. Then it was back again along with a storm. I have been doing a lot of editing on the books I've already written all part of the polishing and layering. Plus writing new and researching for another I'd like to start by November. It is never a dull moment.

    I was talking with one of my friends this morning who loves to read, but has a hard time because once she starts reading she can't put it down and nothing gets done. I shared a secret I have and that is I'll do a section of things I hate to do and reward myself by letting myself read 1 chapter. I find it motivates me to get things done. She liked that idea.

    I would love to win a copy of Ruthy's book.

    I hope everyone has had a great and profitable weekend. The Lord is Good. I'll be leaving for church in and hour.

  65. I'm going to be near a walmart tomorrow, Ruthy and I am trying to hold off ordering on Amazon just because I love buying the books off the shelf. I'll give myself one more day to grab it and if I fail I can grab it quick on the Zon.

  66. Is this where we comment to be entered into the giveaway? Count me in, please. Just finished reading Refuge of the Heart and loved it. Look forward to reading more books by Ruth. Thanks!

  67. Wilani, I'm so glad you were doing better! Take it day by day... and that's the same formula I use for writing. I go day by day, inching my way. That way it never seems to overwhelm me!

    Mary, I love Walmart shopping. I'm addicted to Walmart. And I'd be honored for you to pluck a Ruthy book off the Walmart shelf, my friend!

    And I am over the moon with that Christmas historical cover.... Can you say Oh Happy Day????

    SO CHARMING.... and with such a stinkin' delightful crew!

    Happy dancing!

  68. Gerri Bauer, whose book released with mine and Myra's and Davis's last year!!! Welcome to Seekerville! And yes, you are in absolutely the right place. Cozy on in, grab some sweet tea and we can talk writing! I'm going in for my last sprint of the day right now...

  69. Congrats, winners - and congrats, Ruthy, on what is sure to be another beautiful family story!! Those kids on the cover sold me - can't wait to read 'Her Unexpected Family'!!

    Thanks for a wonderful WE, Tina - those wedding dresses are "something else"!!

  70. Happy to report my daughter is much improved today! Still VERY sore and they're still trying to get her partially collapsed lung back to normal. She will be in the hospital at least one more night. They'll be at her in-laws' after that for a few days and will decide whether she's up to continuing their trip over our way. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!

  71. Congratulations on your new book release, Ruth! It sounds wonderful! You are certainly a prolific writer, which is great for those of us who love your books. Thanks a bunch for the chance to win a copy!

    Winnie T from Utah

  72. MYRA, glad to hear your daughter is better! Praying that she'll continue to improve, and that you'll get to see her soon.

  73. Congrats to the winners!

    Ruthy, I love those quotes from your new book. Congrats on the release!

  74. Happy WE! Congrats Ruthy on your new release, how exciting for you! And congrats to all this weeks winners.

    Ruthy, please add me to the cat dish for a chance at "Her Unexpected Family", thank you :-)

  75. When I was in high school, a friend of mine had to change schools her senior year due to her father's job change. At her new school, homecoming queen was a position you ran for, so she put her name in the contest, despite knowing no one.

    Her name was Candy Cain and she gave out "vote for her" buttons with candy canes. (Yes, she won.)

    I just finished a novella that's coming out at the end of August. The comment of yours that struck me most was to "keep a small cast." Most of my novella takes place in the home of a 16th century, high-ranking samurai. While my story has no "second cousins once removed," I know from my study of history that a samurai has a much bigger staff than I gave him. I just didn't want to confuse people, so I kept it small.

    It's my second novella and was much more fun than my first one.

  76. very late to weekend edition. was in NC Smokey Mtns for a mini-vacation with family. was awesome. I wanted to be in on celebrating Ruthy's latest release (and the draw for a copy too).

    will have to check out the links later, unfortunately :(