Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Weekend Edition

Love Will Find A Way Release Celebration Weekend!!
We're giving away three copies too!
Let us know if you want your name in the hat for this free novella collection.
Winners announced in the next Weekend Edition.

We Have Winners

 Giveaway rules can be found hereDrop us a line to claim your giveaway at Please allow us the 6-8 weeks per our legal page to get your prize sent out.  

** Effective 5/31/16 all winners are required to submit their address and phone number to verify their identity even if they win an e-prize. This is due to scammers attempting to claim prizes. ***

All prizes not claimed in 8 weeks go back into the prize vault. We wish we could contact all our winners individually, but we'd rather write books!

Kate Barker is the winner of a Seeker Book of Choice from the last Weekend Edition.

 Mary Connealy was your hostess on Tuesday, talking  about how to GRAB and HOLD a reader. Janet Ferguson is the winner of No Way Up.!!!

Wednesday was the July Contest Update. Our contest diva is Janette Foreman. Megs Minutes is the winner of a Writerly Novelist at Work sign.  Jan Hall is the winner of a Seeker Book of Choice.

Thursday was "Confessions of a Cover Queen: tapping into your creativity to create a memorable cover," with author Belle Calhoune.  Belle is generously giving away FIVE copies. Thank you, Belle. Phyllis Wheeler, Sandy Smith, Jeanne T, Becky B and Megan Besing are winners of A Match Made in Alaska
Next Week in Seekerville

Monday:  Join us as debut Heartwarming author, LeAnne Bristow talks about "Perseverance." Stop by to chat-we love a good call story!! You might win a $20 Amazon gift card as well!

Tuesday: Myra Johnson has prevailed upon Grammar Queen to grace us with her presence. Seems GQ has been on a rampage lately about punctuation issues, so you may want to study up for a pop quiz!

Wednesday: Julie Lessman is in the house! Stop by to visit with the CDQ when she debunks the “Sticks & Stones” Myth for Writers with a giveaway of her upcoming release, Love Everlasting, book 2 in the Isle of Hope series or winner's choice of Isle of Hope or A Light in the Window.

Thursday: Sandra Leesmith is your hostess today with a special post for our Villagers from RWA 2016 in San Diego. She will also report on the FHL Award Program & the FHL AGM. Don't miss a chance to chat with Sandra!  And if you're at RWA 2016, please let Sandra know.

Friday: The Best of the Archives: Myra Johnson is your hostess with her post "When a Pantser Has to Plot." Comments are closed to allow more reading and writing time.  

Seeker Sightings

Sandra Leesmith will be at RWA 2016 in beautiful San Diego. If you are planning to attend, email Sandra at our Seekerville email address for a Friends of Seekerville get together. 

Sandra will be signing and giving away free books with Montlake Spotlight at 9:45 on Thursday. She will also be at the FHL AGM Awards Program
on Wednesday.  

Hope for the Holidays Contemporary Collection

Hope for the Holidays Historical Collection

A Heart Full of Christmas Contemporary Collection

Home for Christmas Historical Collection

HUGE SALE BEGINS JULY 11!! Imagine getting five novels from five award-winning authors for only 99 cents! Now you can with Heart & Soul, a book bundle of novels by Ruth Logan Herne, MaryLu Tyndall, Sally Bradley, Naomi Rawlings, and Julie Lessman. That’s less than 20 cents per novel, and the sale won’t last long, so check it out HERE!

And … if you have ever written a review for even one of these books, did you know you can post that same review for Heart & Soul and get 10 points in Julie Lessman’s contest to have a character named after you in her next book AND a free copy? You can check that out HERE!
If you are a Villager and refer a friend, email Tina at Tina at TinaRadcliffe dot com, and let her know, and she will knock an additional $5 off your enrollment when your friend enrolls. That will make your enrollment $20. Offer good through July 17.

Random News & Information

Thank you to everyone who sent links!

 From RWA: If you’re in the Southern California area, come to the "Readers for Life" Literacy Autographing, where 400+ romance authors will meet with and sign books for fans. One hundred percent of proceeds from book sales go to ProLiteracy Worldwide and the San Diego Council on Literacy!The Literacy Autographing takes place on Wednesday, July 13, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. in the Pacific Ballroom at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina in San Diego. Get information about the event, view a list of participating authors, and more at Check out the PROMO VIDEO HERE.    

AND...Look for the FHL bingo sheet at the Literacy Autographing, and find the FHL authors to fill their stickers on the sheet to possibly win a $100 Amazon gift card.

Here's the complete list of RWA Golden Heart and Rita finalists for 2016. You can follow the awards ceremony in your jammies, at home, on Twitter with #RWA16

 Romance Writers! Give us your Great Canadian Heroes and Skip the Slush Pile! From July 1 to September 12, 2016, send us your first chapter plus a 3-7 page synopsis to the Ooooh…Canada! Blitz at  You can submit to any of the Harlequin series we publish as long as your story features a Canadian romantic hero.   Need some inspiration?  Check out all our current series books at

Anyone going to conference should check out the Harlequin Pajama Party! 

Not going to conference? What about your own workshop stay-cation? Check out these video archives from Michael Hauge! (Story Mastery)

 The Fascinating Work Habits of 18 Famous Writers (GalleyCat)

Introducing Park Row Books (PR Newswire)

LH Thompson Explains How 3-Star Reviews Hurt Book Sales (GalleyCat)**

There’s no shame in making summer reading fun [video] (PBS Newshour)

What Editors Wish You Knew about Meeting with Them at Conferences (Steve Laube Agency Blog)**

Don't Drive Your Readers to the Dictionary (KILLZONE)

128 Words to Use Instead of VERY (Where Writers Win)**

Getting Ahead of Yourself and Your Reader (Writer Unboxed)**

5 Pieces of Writing Advice You Should Ignore (Jane Friedman)**

 How To Create An Ebook Boxset Or Bundle And Why You Should (The Creative Penn)**

What is a Media Kit and Why You Need One (BadRedhead Media)**

Just Added! Thanks, Vince!

There are Just 6 SIX Plots in every Film, Book and TV Show Ever Made (Guardian)

Data Mining Reveals the Six Basic Emotional Arcs of Storytelling (MIT Technology Review)

Short on time? Read the ** posts now and come back for the rest later.

Have a great reading and writing weekend!

Hey readers and writers-in honor of RWA#16, Belle Calhoune is giving away FIVE MORE WINNERS! Let me know if you want to win a print copy of a Match Made in Alaska. Winners announced in the next Weekend Edition. Thanks, Belle!!! If you missed her Thursday post, check out "Confessions of a Cover Queen!" 


  1. Hi Seekerville! I have to get right back to the cave, but wanted to take a second to say happy Weekend Edition. Hope all your reading and writing dreams come true this weekend.

    Take advantage of all these cool sales going on!

    Anyone who sends us RWA pictures to the Seekerville address can be sure we will post them in the next Weekend Edition. So share!!! Have fun in San Diego. Color me GREEN!

  2. I'm green as well! Hope everyone had a blast.

    Thanks for the great WE. Does anyone know if the Love Inspired lines are looking for Canadian heroes?

  3. Thanks for coming out of your cave, to provide us with another great WE, Tina! Write on!

  4. Tina, thanks for another great WE! If anybody hasn't taken Tina's class, it's great!

    Congrats to all the winners this week! Color me green, too! I hope all you authors heading to RWA have an amazing week!

  5. I am not one bit green.... staying put at home gives me more time to get my work done, but I am psyched to see Tina doing classes!!!!

    GO YOU!!!!

    What a great and crazy reasonably priced opportunity for anyone! This is marvelous!!!!!

    I am between proposals, so I'm working on an indie project right now and having a ball... Aren't we in amazing times?

    Crazy amazing times????

    Love it!


  7. Here is my Ruthy Challenge.... Use this whenever you have to "miss" something you'd like to go to... regardless of Return on Investment...

    Do extra work.

    Gain ground on others.

    Use that four days (and a week of prep and figuring out clothing!!!!) and four nights to jump into your writing and make it shine.

    Start something new.

    Finish something old.


    Send out five queries.

    Make that ten.

    Enter two contests.

    Polish your work some more.

    Do your toenails. Just because you're sitting at home in jammie pants is no reason to not have happy toenails!

    Write 2k/day to gain that ground.

    Polish some more.

    Honestly, I had no money and no time, I had six kids, several universities, two or three jobs and I couldn't afford to go anywhere and I'm not the kind to ask for scholarship help... I like paying my way. So I sat home but I made it my own special brand of conference work and it has paid off amazingly.

    Make every day count.

    Write, write, write.

    Being here allows me to bend and shape words that make people smile, laugh, sigh and cry... I honestly am pretty sure my presence in San Diego wouldn't have quite that impact!

    Join me in working extra hard this week.... Because it's fun!

  8. Great weekend edition, as always! Congratulations to the winners.

    Sandra is going to RWA! Awesome. I will be there and will hurry over to my email and let her know.

  9. Yay Rose I knew there would be some Seeker friends going to RWA. Who wouldn't want an excuse to go to San Diego?

    And hang with writers?

    I'm so excited and I did get my clothes lined up. But didn't do my toenails Ruthy Don't have time. LOL

    And hey, I do get a lot of writing done. On the plane. In the airport. In the early morning before all the hoopla - just like I do at home. Actually I get more done because hubby isn't around with all his needs for attention. Love him dearly, but he is high maintenance. smile And wants to do everything and wants me to do it with him. Now there is nothing wrong with that, but it does limit writing time.

  10. Teenster Great WE as per usual. We have some great links.

    Those going to the literacy signing on Wednesday at RWA San Diego. There will be bingo sheets of FHL authors to fill out to win a $100.00 gift card. LOVE'S DREAM SONG is one of the squares on it.

  11. You all can be green while I'm in San Diego because I'll in turn be green when you all are at ACFW conference.

  12. TINA, thanks for coming out of your writing cave long enough to give us the Weekend Edition! Always love it! Will be checking out the starred links. Thanks for sharing Cara, Myra and Sandra's excerpts from Love will Find a Way! I've got my copy. The July sale of the Seekers Christmas collections is a huge bargain at .99. Got and enjoyed them all.

    Right now I'm reading Mary's latest novel, No Way Up. Hooked with her action-packed opening. Not one bit surprised.

    TINA, your self-editing class is a fabulous opportunity for those on the road to publication! Wow, a three chapter critique is awesome!!

    Happy Weekend all!! The sun is shining in Indiana. I love summer!


  13. SANDRA and ROSE, have a great time connecting with writers and readers at RWA! I'm not going this year. Haven't missed many since I joined. Looking forward to seeing some pictures!


  14. Looking forward to RWA pictures!!! Praying safe travel for all those attending.

    Great lineup. Can't wait for the Grammar Queen's post. I always learn something new.

    Congrats to the winners! And to the new anthology. Love that cover!!! Myra's daughter and sil, right?

    My laptop is having a checkup today with my IT guy. Hoping it comes back to me by tomorrow. How does a writer feel without a laptop? Wierd, for sure! Maybe a bit scared too. Definitely nervous.

    Hugs and love to all!!! Happy weekend. :)

  15. Ruthy, You are an encouragement. I would love to go to one of the conferences but can't afford. Instead I will be home writing, editing, polishing and continuing to strive towards my goal.

    I can't wait to see the pictures from the conference.

    I bought the new seeker collection so don't include me in the drawing for it.

  16. Happy Saturday, Seekerville! And another great WE, TINA--thanks!

    Getting somewhat back to normal after a weeklong Fourth-of-July visit from daughter #2, sil, & their 4 kids. Actually managed to put in some decent work on the revisions I'd put aside before the holiday weekend (with a lot of help from Grammar Queen!).

    Yes, DEBBY, the Love Will Find a Way cover features a photo of daughter #1 & her husband hiking somewhere in Montana. Crazy, but one daughter loves the mountains and cold weather, and the other is a warm weather beach girl through and through!

  17. Hi Tina! I'm so excited about my Monday visit and I'm even more excited to see you're offering g your Self_Editing class again. That was seriously the best class I have ever taken. I printed out all the lessons and keep them in a binder on my writing desk.

    Sandy, I can't wait to see you in San Diego!

  18. And I love Ruthy's challenge! This will be the last RWA conference I can go to for several years, so I'm going to write down that challenge and keep it for next year. And the year after. And the year after.

  19. Thanks for the links! "Don't Drive Your Readers to the Dictionary" was super ... did you notice all the unneccessary adverbs and redundancy in the sections he quoted? Wow. Interesting editors' advice at the Steve Laube Agency post. I laughed out loud at the editor's remark, "Who started the infestation of one sheets?" :-)

    Congrats to all the winners. Sending Sandra wishes for safe travel and a wonderful time at RWA.

    Nancy C

  20. What a great WE to explore on a torrentially rainy day. And blessedly cool too. I'm experiencing reader/writer bliss. Love it when Mother Nature puts a pause on garden work. Happy weekending everyone!

  21. WOW, Tina, SUPER WE, especially many of the links this week! I have already pasted the info from "128 Words to Use Instead of Very" in my "Julie's Words Doc," so THANK YOU!!

    VERY intersting about the 3-star reviews as well. I certainly can attest to that since I absolutely will NOT buy a 3-star book no matter what and usually stick with 4.5 or 5 like the article says, so that concurs with the theory that reviews make a difference!!

    Love, Love, LOVED the article, "5 Pieces of Writing Advice you should Ignore"!!! ESPECIALLY Point #2, which says: "Don’t Start with Dialogue."

    WHOO-HOO!!! Every single book of mine either starts with dialogue or an internal thought, so YAY for Jane Friedman!! Laughed out loud over her comment about not starting with unattributed dialogue.” Double baloney on rye with mustard. Here’s why: Readers have imaginations that are patient and malleable. If they are hooked by dialogue, they will wait several lines before they find who’s talking and lose absolutely nothing in the process."

    Point #3 says,"No backstory in first 50 pages."

    ANOTHER CHEER FOR JANE!! She says, "Backstory bits are actually essential for bonding us with a character. If we don’t know anything about the characters in conflict, we are less involved in their trouble." This is what I was hoping for when I included a bit of backstory in IOH's opening, which I instantly regretted when another Seeker (who shall remain nameless) indicated we should get rid of backstory in the first few pages, so I guess this gives me a reprieve. ;) Either way, the only iron-clad truth out there on this subject is there are a ton of opinions on it, isn't there???

    But the best point of all? Point #5, MOST DEFINITELY, which says, "Don’t Ever Follow Any Writing Advice."

    LOL ... Jane is my new best friend! ;)


  22. CARA, MYRA, SANDRA!!! LOVE the excerpt memes you guys included -- hooked me right in, so I best get busy reading!!

    Tina, I think you look good in green, dahling!! ;) And I'm with Ruthy on this -- would much rather be home writing. ;)

    And since I've been braving 90 to 100-degree weather in both Birmingham and Osage Beach, I'd say a "cave" sounds pretty cool right now ...

    GREAT suggestions on what to do with extra time, Ruthy, although my fave is "write, write, write"!!

    SANDRA!!! Hope you have a blast at RWA, sweetie!!


  23. Sandra, LOL!!! I can just see you frowning at that computer screen because Miss Smarty Pants isn't on the run to conference bandwagon.... but I can also see that getting off on your own probably gives you writing time.

    I do love my writing time, and I waited so long to do it, that I have no problem protecting it. I had to learn to do that, but once I did, I'm like a Mama Bear with her cubs.... Leave me alone and let me work!

    But then I laughed when Erica posted that Seeker list saying I should relax and have more fun... and yet, I love, love, love creating stories. So that's my version of fun, and I'm delighted with it!!!! And gardening. I've been dirty for 4 hours today, and I love it. Best exercise in the world.... But now I'm back to quiet writing time, and had to stop in and wave.... and Sandra, have so much fun this week. I know you will, and you'll learn a great many wonderful things... Which is another reason I stay home, I'm not the "show up at class" type, which means then we have a lot of wasted Ruthy money.


  24. Sandra, come to ACFW and sit in the lobby with me and Julie.

    We'll drink coffee and chat with folks.

    And I can't wait for the Christian Fiction Readers' Retreat!!!!

    And do you remember Nolan from the Music City Sheraton??? WE SHOULD ALL GO VISIT HIM while we're in Nashville. He drove us all over, bless his heart!!!

  25. LeAnne, it works.

    It gets me all fired up just thinking about it!!!!

    I'd rather write than sleep, so I'm an oddity, BUT....

    Doin' beats mopin', sure as shootin', don't it?

    (I lapsed into cowpoke talk. EEEEEEK!!!)

  26. Now that 3 chapter critique makes me green....

    Nobody does it better than the Teeenster.

    Anyone who jumps in on this offer is better off than before!

  27. Always a great WE, Tina! Congrats to the winners this week! I know you'll all enjoy your books this summer! It's a great time to read. I've been doing a lot of that this summer!

  28. Great WE, TINA! Thank you! I'm definitely signing up for your Self-Editing for Beginners Class! I am very (I haven't read the "128 Words to Use Instead of VERY" link yet) excited about it!!

    Congratulations to all the winners!!

    RUTHY, loved your Challenge!

  29. Heads-up!

    I've come across two very serious and detailed articles on plotting that I feel are really worth reading. Perhaps they might make good links in the next WE. As for now, I think they are well worth a look.

    I just tested these links and they worked fine.


  30. Hey, Vince, next time you find a good article just send it along to me privately.

    Thanks for sharing. I'll add it to this week's WE ED as they are already visible.

  31. Nancy C!!! I laughed at that about one sheets. I do not do them and REFUSE to do them.

    Jackie Layton and LeAnne Bristow, our newly pubbed authors! Thanks for the kind words on my class.

  32. TINA, thank you for another fabulous WE!

    Congratulations to this week's winners!


  33. I've got the new collection...except........I can't find my Kindle.
    It's in my house SOMEWHERE!!!!!!!!
    this happened once before. It's like there's a library hidden in my house somewhere.
    It reminds me a little Brigadoon.
    Or maybe that big post in the train station where Harry Potter goes to catch the train to Hogwart.
    It's HUGE and yet invisible.
    A Kindle can 'vanish' under a sheet of paper.

    Disgruntled because I CANNOT WAIT TO READ IT!
    Love the excerpts.

  34. I'm hoping it doesn't take a hundred years for the Kindle to 'wake up' aka for me to find it.

    That's a Brigadoon reference

  35. The last year before I got published, I went to the ACFW Conference with FOUR one sheets.

    I created different one.
    One for sweet romances aimed at LI
    One for sweet romances aimed at HP
    One for longer historical romances aimed at whoever.
    And this was not phony, I had re-written every book on those lists to the desired length. I had one three book series at least in three different lengths.
    and btw those books each got better with every revision so that did NOT bother me to do.

    I couldn't decide of a one sheet with twenty finished books was a huge representation of my prolific-ness, perseverence and hard work.............or a shining monument to failure.
    So I made four.
    And then based on who I was talking to, I whipped out the appropriate one sheet.

  36. Also when I say (as I often do) I had twenty finished books on my computer when I got published I do NOT count those three books as nine. NOPE they are only three.

  37. I only listed three one sheets, I had one with everything. That's the fourth one.

  38. I should probably hire Tina to critique my current wip.

    I probably wouldn't want to hear what she has to say!!!!!


  39. "I couldn't decide of a one sheet with twenty finished books was a huge representation of my prolific-ness, perseverence and hard work.............or a shining monument to failure.
    So I made four.
    And then based on who I was talking to, I whipped out the appropriate one sheet."

    I have no idea how you kept it all straight. It's like you folks out there with pseudonyms. I couldn't keep it straight. Apparently I'd make a lousy spy.

  40. Tina's class was so worth it. At the time I took it. I had not read any craft books. I had just been stalking Seekerville for a month and done my first Speedbo. I knew nothing. I am so grateful for Tina's comments at the end of her critique. I'll be honest my writing was definitely bad. Tina said she couldn't find a plot. Well at that time I did not know that much about plotting. I finished writing that book knowing it would probably need to be completely re-written. It has been on a back burner and I'm 56 pages into writing a sequel to the book. Today I finally came up with a plan for how I am going to re-write this book. Should I add that I took that course two years ago and it was my first ever novel attempt. I have learned so much in the last two years and still feel like I'm just a beginning writer but I keep writing and trying to apply it all.

    Thank you Tina for all you do. I made copies of all the lessons for the course and put them in a notebook so I can refer to it often. Thank you for being honest as well as helpful with the critique.

  41. Awe, Wilani, thanks.

    And there went I when I entered my first contest.

    To quote my judge "Your hero is an alcoholic and your heroine is too perfect."

    LOL. She was spot on!

  42. BTW, Laura, I laughed at your VERY comment and forgot to post. That's the problem with reading email and blog posts on your phone. Then you forget to follow up!

    VERY sorry. hahahaha

  43. I just saw on FB Belle is giving away more copies of her book, I missed the day she was here at Seekerville, so count me in the drawing, thanks.

    Is it really 109° in Arizona?! What does a person do in that kind of heat? Stay inside that's for sure! Keep cool Tina and don't turn on the stove!

  44. You are in, Tracey.

    No, it's only 78 in my house. LOL. We don't go outside our bubble.

  45. Oh LeAnne So excited you're going to be in San Diego. We definitely have to meet up so I can give you a congratulation hug - Miss Heartwarming author. Yay

  46. Thanks Chill_N You are so sweet Nancy to send best wishes. We can use all of those we can get. The conferences are so huge. And mind-boggling.

  47. Hi Wilani I hope you enjoy the anthology. Cara and Myra and I had so much fun writing it.

  48. Thanks Julie Stay cool and get lots of writing done. I love your books. And look at the super bargain this week. woo hoo

    A Light In The Window is one of my favorite books of yours.

  49. Yes, Ruthy I so know you would rather be home and write which you do so well. We all benefit from your work ethic because then we have more Ruthy books to read. YAY!!!

    I will have fun, but it won't be as fun as when we roomed together in Orlando. And in Denver. smile I will definitely miss that.

  50. Tina I don't do one sheets either. I like talking to people and networking. That stimulates me more than anything. I love hearing about authors, talking to authors and editors, etc. You learn so much. And when you go home you throw away all those one sheets and bookmarks etc. Now the candy--I do eat the candy. smile

  51. Hope you have a great time at RWA, Sandra! I'm looking forward to ACFW in August. Hope to see lots of Seekervillagers there!

  52. I'm loving all the comments about Tina's class. You are all so right. She is one of the best teachers. And she knows so much. I'm always in awe. And then I thank the Lord for all of my writing friends especially those in Seekerville.

    Happy writing everyone no matter where.

  53. Thanks Myra RWA just isn't going to be the same without you and Janet and Debby. We have been to several together.

    Happy writing.

  54. More good links, AS USUAL! Thanks.

    I'm bot going to RWA, but am looking forward to ACFW next month.
    Hope to see some of you there.

  55. Hi. Thanks for the weekend update. Yes, I'd love to be entered in the second chance drawing for Belle's book. I hope those going to RWA have a fun and safe trip.

    Thank you, Ruthy, for those challenges. Love the advice and the great motivation for all of us writers to get busy.

  56. Great WE, Miss T!
    Congrats to all the winners!
    I finally had a chance to begin reading Belle Calhoune's A MATCH MADE IN ALASKA today, and am loving it!
    Also ordered LOVE WILL FIND A WAY by MYRA, SANDRA, AND CARA!! Cannot wait to read all 3 stories!! :)
    Happy Weekend, everyone!
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  57. Thank you Patti Jo You are always so thoughtful. We appreciate it. Have a wonderful weekend.

  58. Helen I will miss you at RWA but know you will have a blast at ACFW

  59. That Patti Jo is now a KINDLE QUEEN. I LOVE IT!! Six months ago she was print only!! She is a techno guru now!

  60. Vince, thank you for those links! I should probably read plotting advice at some point.


    Helen Gray, come see me in the lobby! It's been too long and I need a Helen hug! I'll be at the Christian Fiction Readers' Retreat on Wednesday, but Thursday and Friday Julie and I are LOBBY QUEENS!

    We are not staging a sit in, but we will probably be sitting. Can't wait to see you guys!

    Sandra, you should still come for a couple of days... You know you want to.

  61. Tanya, I combine my bossy elements with humor and folks think I'm being nice...

    Which, (of course!) I'm not... I'm being bossy, but because inside me lurks a nice person, she peeks out now and again to take the edge off, LOL!

    You know what? I figured out a long time ago that the only thing that stood between me and my dream was fear and lack of self-discipline... because I know how hard it is to write daily, year after year, and no one is paying you!!!! It is sooooo hard!

    But now, even when someone is paying you, there are still rejections.... revisions.... rewrite the book, it's not right.... All the time.

    Making myself tough helped to make me ready for all of that.

    So I'm sharing the TOUGHNESS. :)

    Let's get this done, my friends!

  62. I had a great gal from ACFW do my one-sheets for me for Running on Empty... and they created a stir. They got my foot in the door with a bunch of places, and then each door slammed shut for various reasons. I was so disappointed, and it was almost two years later when I got the call, and then there was a wonderful high-ranking editor for another line, wanting the same book... Winter's End....

    And it began.

    Publishers and agents ran scared from "Running on Empty" because it was about a woman's healing fifteen years after dealing with a pedophile coach... That topic scared people... so when I released the book on my own, it soared to the top of the Amazon charts, it sold a gazillion copies (slightly exaggerated) and I've kept it at .99 because healing should never be over-priced.

    God's timing.

    No one bought that beautiful story, but it has touched people all over the world and if it had been bought by traditional publishing, they wouldn't be able to market it at .99...

    And it all worked out.

    Write, write, write. Don't stop. And smile as you do it, because we are amazingly blessed!!!

  63. Congrats to all the winners this week!

    Please enter my name for this drawing!

  64. What an interesting experience, Ruth. Thank you for sharing.

  65. As always, TONS of goodies in the weekend edition, TINA! I'm sure those who haven't yet taken it are eager to join your self-editing class and I wouldn't be surprised if you have some second-timers taking it for a refresher on a new manuscript!

  66. Thanks so much, PATTI JO! Hope you enjoy our stories!

    RUTHY, so right about toughness being a necessary trait for writers. So many worthy stories just don't fit a traditional publishing niche. I'm glad your Running on Empty found its audience!

  67. Hi Glynna I was thinking the same thoughts about a refresher course for a new manuscript. Tina is so gifted in this area.

  68. Yes, Ruthy I do so want to come. But in September we are still in Eastern Oregon and trust me, the flying is expensive and not fun. I'm sitting at Portland Airport now after flying the podunck flight from Bend at the crack of dawn. Poor hubby is not a morning person like me and he was struggling to stay awake long enough to get me to the airport. And we had to watch for deer on the road at that hour.

    But I'm getting a lot of work done in one of Portland Airport's wonderful service centers. They have individual desks with plugs to charge your electronics and so cozy and comfy. And I brought my breakfast to snack on. And have coffee. What else could a girl ask for?

    And the podunck flight is really fun if you like to fly. Its a small plane so doesn't go high so I could see all the gorgeous scenery The snow covered volcanoes of the Cascades and the huge rivers they have up this way. It is pretty.

    On the flight from here, I'll be way up high and sitting for a good two hours of great writing on my wip. Want to use internet while here.

  69. Ruthy Your story RUNNING ON EMPTY is what we as writers are all about. Right? I remember that story and so loved it.

    Keep on writing girlfriend.

  70. Pati Jo, you're a Kindle Queen. Yay. I am like you though and prefer paper books. But have to admit that while traveling, it is nice not to have to carry all those books. I have all my devotionals on my kindle. So much easier. smile

  71. GREAT to see Tina is offering her self-editing class again. I HIGHLY recommend it.....I used the information for a contest proposal...and now as I polish a manuscript. And I was so excited to find the correct Woman's World at the store. Wonderfully fun romance, Tina! Congratulations to Queen-of-the-short-story TINA!!!

    Sandra!!! You're at RWA! (Is it that time already?) To everyone going, wishing you all a fabulous time!

    Congratulations to the winners, and thanks for the WE.

    Please add my name for the giveaways....both the Love Will Find a Way and A Match Made in Alaska. Thank you!

  72. Sherida! You are so sweet. AND YOU ARE IN. So much good reading being given away this weekend!!! WOOOT!

  73. Hi Tina:

    I think I got too excited to wait a week! I mean this is plotting, baby! And, besides, I only come across links like these two about once every eight years.


    Can a student take your editing class and get a three chapter critique of a non-fiction book? The chapters in question are the same length as they are in GMC. (Real short.) Also, there will definitely be a synopsis. I love synopses!


  74. Hi Ruth:

    After reading your, "Ruthy Challenge" I stand ready to nominate you for Patron Saint of the: "If it's to be, it's up to me" Society.

    BTW: Everyone plots. It's just that many writers do it only after the fact when it has become too late to do any good. : )


    P.S. The Yankees are well balanced this year. Their wins equal their losses. But it looks like some of their bats are waking up at last.

  75. Hi Sandra:

    I'd also say that Julie's, "A Light in the Window," is one of my favorites of all her books. I'd even add that it is my favorite except that this may be because I'd read all six Boston books before I read ALITW. I was so unexpectedly delighted to get more that I can't objectively evaluate its true place in the Lessman constellation!


  76. Hi Julie:

    Your comments about backstory and dialogue brought to mind that both terms are 'empty boxes' and whether they are good or bad to start a story with depends on what's in those boxes.

    "I tell you, Mac, I've been blown up once before in a firefight and it sure looks like history is going to repeat itself in the next few minutes!"

    Personally, I read what comes next.


  77. Hi Myra:

    The Grammar Queen is my favorite Seeker host! And punctuation is my favorite, or most needed, topic. You might advise the GQ that I am going to ask questions:

    Like when to use a full colon, semicolon, and comma with compound sentences?

    Do you put a comma after the last word before the 'and' in a list of words?

    Where do you put the punctuation marks when you have a comma, single quotes, double quotes and a question mark all at the end of a sentence?

    Is it Jones's, Jones', Joneses, Joneses' -- do commas go before or after the ' ?

    When do you italicize thoughts?

    When making a parenthetical comment, if you ever do something like that, can you use either offsetting commas or would parentheses be better?

    Do you include a question mark when a speaker is quoting a question? "Jones asked me, 'What's that weirdo up to now?' and I couldn't tell him." Also would it be better to have a comma after the word 'to' and before the word 'now'?

    What in the world is a 'comma splice' -- really? I always had a lot of 'cs' notations on my English papers.


  78. No, Vince. I am not qualified to do a critique of a non-fiction book.

  79. Where has the weekend gone? Just now sitting down to post a comment, although I did check earlier and discovered I won Belle's book with the beautiful cover. Yay!

    Have fun in San Diego Sandra and Rose and whoever else will be there. Sounds like so much fun.

  80. oh, loved the links Tina. Put me in the draw for Belle's book. Wow, what a generous lady. Both with her books and her cover ideas/thoughts.

    And peeps who are considering her self-edit class. Go for it! It's great!!!

  81. p.s. finished Mary's NO WAY UP. AWESOMENESS!!!! Will need to post my review, which will be more than one word, but I am soooooooooooooooo looking forward to the next book of the series. Still happy with the HEA a couple days later. I LOVE MARY'S BOOKS!!!!!!!

    just sayin...

  82. There is NO extra time!
    There is NO time in a bottle.
    Even God only gets the same 86,400 seconds a day as all the rest of us.
    What there is are rare opportunities to do something rather than something else.
    The choices we make, make all the difference.

    How does that sound?


  83. I'm only a "Kindle Queen" because a certain wonderful Seeker (who shall remain nameless but her initials are T.R.) kept "prodding" me ;) and insisting that I really needed an e-reader. And thanks to her, I actually asked Santa for one and he brought it! Talk about eating your words, LOL - - I went from "I have NO desire to read anything except print books" to "I LOVE my Kindle!!" (especially being able to read the wonderful Seeker novella collections!!)
    Sandra, I'm sooo glad you're attending RWA and hope you'll have a wonderful time!
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  84. Happy W.E. everyone!!!!!!! Been busy buried in my books so just a quickie note :-) Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a beautiful SONday! Congrats to all the weeks winners, and looking forward to this week's post.

    Please add my name to the dish for a copy of "Love Will Find a Way" and Belle's book "A Match Made in Alaska" (thank you Belle for your gracious generosity!)....thanks Tina!

  85. LOL, VINCE, be sure to tune in on Tuesday. I think at least a few of your questions will be address in GQ's post. What she doesn't get to, be sure and ask again in the comments on Tuesday. :)

  86. AH!! I won the sign?!?!?!?!

    *happy dance*

    *sigh* I've always liked that saying. =)

    Have a great week guys!
    Blessings, Meg