Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Challenges of Writing for Charity

with guests Walt Mussell and Lindi Peterson.
Have you ever had a passion for something? A real wish to change the world in some way? Sometimes, a cause, a situation, or an enlightening triggers us to take action.

As a writer, we have more than one way to influence the world. We can write for charity.
Lindi and I have teamed up with a group of primarily Atlanta-based authors to participate in an anthology to help raise money for a school in Atlanta for children with dyslexia. Lindi will go into detail about our project.

 My purpose is to provide a list of things to consider when writing for charity. 

I remember my first attempt at writing for charity.  I teamed with a now Love Inspired author (back in her pre-fame days). Our project was a book of family recipes from famous authors. We amassed around thirty recipes to start, narrowed it down to two charitable options (Hunger or Autism), and put together a proposal with the help of the other author’s agent. After eighteen publisher rejections, the agent gave up. 

I still have the recipes, and have even made a few of them, but it gnawed at me for a long time that the project never reached fruition. I learned that it’s best to choose your charity at the outset, as some authors, though keen to help, want specifics before committing their time.  

We’ve learned a lot on this project. However, we also wanted to include tips in writing for charity as a single author. For that, I sought advice from Alana Terry, an inspirational suspense author who has dedicated much of her writing to supporting a charity for refugees trying to escape North Korea (over $4,000 raised to date). Whether writing as a solo or a group, some advice works for both

  • Make your book connect to the charity.
For many of Alana’s books, the setting is in North Korea, which fits in with her charity. For the school anthology, every story makes a tangential reference to dyslexia. Last year, another group of authors put together an anthology that focused on human trafficking. Every story in the book contained a link to information on trafficking. (For my failed cookbook, we should have focused on hunger.)

  • Select a charity that wants to be a partner.
For the dyslexia anthology, there will be a signing at the school, something possible as most of the authors are Atlanta-based. In addition, the lead author works closely with the school, which makes the book more fulfilling. Per Alana, you hope the charity will “promote your work.” This deepens the connection to what you do.

  • Ensure your efforts are used for the charity.
For both projects referenced, time was spent ensuring that the funds raised would be put to the needs.

  • For a group project, sign a contract.
Writing is still a professional endeavor. You need your rights outlined, such as time donated to the project. Earlier, I mentioned an anthology that focused on human trafficking. The project had a limited time engagement of four months.  

  • For a group project, have a back-up plan.
In the case of the dyslexia project, one author had to drop out at the last minute, leaving the project in a quandary as the donated cover art, among other things, specified “twelve” authors. The lead author located a replacement and the project stayed on course.

Lindi here!

My good friend Ciara Knight has dyslexia. Her son also has dyslexia. He goes to a school that specializes in teaching children who are dyslexic. Awesome, huh? But last year they were informed they needed to find a new location for the school, a task that wasn’t easy. They did land in an awesome place, but the budget was tight. 

Lindi and Ciara.
That’s all it took for Ciara to take action. She immediately established a committee and they got to work. They asked authors to write for a boxed set, of which all proceeds will go to the school. GRACEPOINT. The common theme in the boxed set was you had to mention dyslexia in your story. So twelve authors committed to writing a novella and contribute to the boxed set.

What a project!

Like all projects, there have been many amazing moments, as well as challenging moments. Ciara worked hard getting the cover art and formatting donated. What they found in putting all this together is that the writing community is not shy about being willing to help or donate their time and mad skills. A NYT Bestselling author, Sherrilyn Kenyon, also has dyslexia,and agreed to write the forward for the novellas. As Walt mentioned above an author stepped up at almost the last minute when one of the original authors had to back out. The formatting of twelve books was a bit challenging, but people willing to work around the clock were able to get the job done.

It does take a village people!

There are people working on PR right now. As Walt mentioned, there is a book-signing scheduled at the school. There is a Thunderclap set up, as well as a social media blitz going on. We have two parties planned on FB for the release day, one the day before with guest authors, and one the day of with the twelve authors. Everyone is participating 100% because we have a desire to help where and when we can. 

On a personal side, I’ve had four book launches. At each one of those launches, I had a giveaway where all the money collected went to a certain charity. It all depended on what was going on in my life at the time as to what charity the money went to. And let’s be honest, it wasn’t a lot of money, but anytime we can donate to a good cause, why not do it? Through the book launches, I was able to give money to autism, breast cancer, missionaries in Peru. Once again, the readers and writers united to help a cause.
Everyone loves giveaways!
I do a lot of my writing events with a local bookstore, FoxTale Book Shoppe. They are an amazing group of people who support writers with a fierceness! The local authors love these people and this book store. Ellen Ward, one of the owners of FoxTale shared that sometimes authors host events where part of the sales goes toward a charity. Customers will occasionally donate toward that charity as well. She also says animal causes seem to garner a lot of attention. 

I’m sure many of you have causes that you are passionate about. Look around your communities. There are probably many ways to help at a local level if you want to donate time. Online access makes it very easy to donate financially.

And of course, look at your favorite authors. Check out what they are doing. You never know the impact you can make by simply buying a book. Walt and I are giving away two copies to a commenter today! Either E book or Print book—whichever the winner chooses.

Seekerville wants in on this fun! We're Seekerville is going to give away four E copies to four commenters. Note this will release on August 30th! So leave a comment. 

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So, for the typical Seekerville charge, we raise two questions:
1) If you could write for charity, what type of project would you like to be involved in?
2) What should Walt do with those recipes? 

Special thanks to Alana Terry for her help. Please click here to check out her latest work and here to check out her website.    

Walt Mussell lives in the Atlanta area with his wife and two sons. He works for a well-known corporation and writes in his spare time. Walt primarily writes historicals, with a particular focus on Japan, an interest he gained in the four years he lived there. Outside of writing, his favorite activity is trying to keep up with his kids. As one is starting college and the other is starting high school, this is proving more difficult. 

Visit his website “Daddy Needs Decaf” at waltmussell.blogspot.com. Follow on Twitter at @wmussell  

USA Today featured author Lindi Peterson lives in north Georgia, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, with her husband and a lively array of cats, dogs, and birds. She loves sharing life with her family and friends. Her passion for reading led her to writing, and then God spoke words of love into her heart and changed her life forever. 
Visit her at: lindipeterson.com/inspyromance.com


  1. Welcome Walt and Lindi!

    This is a great, great idea. I think you should have charged more. I've bought many a print cookbook for school or church fundraisers over the years and I cherish them!

    Another fab idea and how to do it!

    I'm bringing breakfast cannoli in the morning. Stuffed with eggs and cheese and bacon. So plan to stand in line.

    And joe!

  2. I must say that I have a few cookbooks from various institutions too. All tried & true recipes.

    A great post thank you.

  3. Several years ago, our church put together a cookbook and I was put in charge. Let me tell you, it was quite a task. Upon completion I felt blessed.

    1.) If I were to write for charity, I think it would be to help establish more schools for the deaf. For many years I worked with the deaf, hard of hearing and hearing to put on yearly productions and it was a wonderful blessed experience. It seems like there aren't enough 'local' schools around for the deaf so the children have to 'ship out' elsewhere at a young age. Sad.

    2.) Maybe Walt could take the recipes he gathered and produce an ebook on his own?

    May you all have a blessed day!

    Cindy W.

  4. Breakfast cannolis? :-). Thanks, Tina.

    And thank you, Seekerville, for having us today. (Special thanks to Myra for charitably giving up her posting day so we could do this.)

  5. Mary, I know the feeling. We have a church cookbook from the church my sister attended when she and her husband loved in Germany. There's a chocolate chess pie recipe in there that I've made numerous times.

    Cindy, I hear you (not to make a bad pun). When I was growing up in NC, there were only two schools for the deaf (one in the eastern half of the state and one in the western half). I learned of this because of basketball. During my junior year, one of the two schools won the state championship in girls basketball for their size grouping. The championship game was played at a university near my house, so I was fortunate to bump into some f the family members. They could not hide their excitement, saying nothing like this had ever happened in the school's history before.

    Producing the ebook myself would be a good idea.

  6. Good morning, Seekerville! Walt and I are honored to be here. :) What a treat. (No pun intended as well.) And speaking of such, Walt, you should put together that cookbook. Tina, thanks for the breakfast goodies.

  7. Welcome Lindi and Walt! Thank you for sharing these helpful suggestions. I often buy things I don't necessarily need because the money goes to charity. Of course books...we all need those. :) Thanks for visiting Seekerville.

  8. Good morning Lindi and Walt! So nice to have you here this morning.

    There are so many good charities, but the one closest to my heart is a non-profit retirement community, Wesley Village. It's home to many older adults and has been a leader in Kentucky for taking care of the elderly. One of their missions is to never make a person leave once they choose the village. They have special offerings in case somebody lives longer than they'd planned financially. There are many levels of care from independent patio homes to health care to memory care.

    Whoa, I guess you can tell I'm passionate about the place. Thanks so much for sharing, Lindi and Walt. I'd definitely like my name in the drawing.

  9. LINDI and WALT, welcome to Seekerville! Always great to see your smiling faces. Your suggestions for donating to charities with our book sales is a great one. Does the indie bookstore you mentioned give part of their proceeds on the books? I'm not quite sure how this works.

    Wishing you all the best with sales on the boxed set that will help Gracepoint!


  10. I love this idea! I've done charity proceeds from booksignings and it's a wonderful way to give back to the community in one form or another. And it makes me feel good!

    I've also got a book of my mother's works to publish online (as time allows) and the proceeds from that will go to the Sisters of St. Joseph for their selfless devotion to God and families and education... but I need to engineer some time to put it together, hopefully this winter.

    I think sharing is a huge part of God's plan for us. Giving of ourselves, and giving away from ourselves. We're so blessed in this country, and maybe a little spoiled compared to so many so anything that reminds me to give back is wonderful!

    Thank you, Walt and Lindi!

    And I'm all over the thought of a breakfast cannoli, Tina!!!!

  11. I love writing for my Church, the best charity of all. I write short musicals for Christmas, Easter and a dinner theater each year. For our dinner theater we only ask for donations so our low income families aren't excluded. We all have a good time and probably get more money than if we had a set price. The profits have gone to various needs within our small congregation.
    Thank you Walt and Lindi. Giving back is a great thing. Put me in the drawing today. Your book sounds great.

  12. Wow, there's a lot of thought and work beyond writing for doing something for charity. Thanks for the glimpse into that world Walt and Lindi.

    If I was writing for charity, I'd pick either dyslexia (my younger brother has it) or military PTSD (hubby has it). I already donate to one military charity, but I've never thought about arranging a book or compilation of books to help said charity.

    Cool post!


    I've seen/heard of authors giving part of their book proceeds to charity, but the idea of a boxed set compiled to aid a specific charity is truly inspirational! I applaud both of you for your part in this noble endeavor and have preordered my copy!

    CANNOT BELIEVE IT'S ONLY 99 CENTS -- WOW!! At that price, everyone needs to get on this bandwagon and support this book!!

    You asked:

    1) If you could write for charity, what type of project would you like to be involved in?

    Goodness, there are SO many worthy causes, but I will admit, my heart leans towards families and especially children, so perhaps something to do with orphans or children lost in the foster-care shuffle like the hero in my upcoming novel was.

    2) What should Walt do with those recipes?

    LOL ... write a novel about a chef and include those recipes in the back. ;)

    Great post, Lindi and Walt!


  14. I just looked again at the pictures in the post and wanted to add that, though the post is split into two pieces, Lindi and I edited each other's sections. The beautiful quote attributed to me is more Lindi's editing. :-)

  15. Jill, we do the same. People come to our door and we purchase for charity. (Oddly, we have no Girl Scouts in our neighborhood, bur my Girl Scout niece is only 1+ hours away, so I do have a source.)

    Jackie, that's great that that's there. I wish more places had something like what you describe in Kentucky.

    Janet, thank you. I'll let Lindi answer the question on FoxTale Book Shoppe.

  16. Great post!

    1. If I were to choose a charity, it'd be related to two categories which are close to my heart: music or special education. Prior to becoming an editor, I was a special education teacher, and I've been involved in music since I was quite young. I think music is so important to development, and it saddens me to see that it's being removed from a number of schools due to funding issues.

    2. As for the recipes, I'd suggest a cookbook. I have a few from various charities, and I love them. So many great recipes! The other suggestion would be to do a series of books, incorporate the recipes, then include them at the end of the books. (I've edited and reviewed a number of Amish-themed novels that do this, and I really enjoy them!)

    Please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks!

  17. Ruthy, that is a great idea for what to do with your mom's works. The Sisters of St. Joseph have a wonderful history.

    Bettie, I like the idea of allowing people to contribute what they want to watch the musical, to not exclude low-income families.

    DebH, would you be able to work closely with the PTSD charity?

  18. Julie, we set it at 99 cents for the pre-publish date only, the idea being to create enough of a push to get noticed and increase sales so that we can hit some lists on opening day. We also timed it with a month-end date as opposed to month-beginning date to also affect the lists.

    Have you ever read the book "Three Little Words"? My son is a freshman at Mississippi State and the entire freshman class was given a copy to read prior to convocation this fall. It deals with the foster care shuffle and is eye-opening.

    I also love the idea of having a book with a chef.

  19. What a great idea, WALT and LINDI! After I read your post, I thought about charities that I could help and came up with several right off the bat - including a local food pantry, a children's home about two hours from my hometown, and an orphanage in Mexico that our church supports. There's always a need, and an opportunity to help. Thank you so much for the reminder!

    JILL said: "I often buy things I don't necessarily need because the money goes to charity. Of course books...we all need those. :)" So true!!

  20. Great info, Walt & Lindi! I love your ideas for using our writing to support charities. These are solid, useful tips!

  21. Walt and Lindi, we're so glad you're here today! I love how y'all are sharing your talents to help others. I know Debby donates profits from most of her book signings. I've always loved this idea! It inspired me to donate profits from a book signing to help a friend who was about to have a bone marrow transplant. I've also taken part in an author group who published short stories and recipes (A Recipe for Romance: A Collection of 22 Inspirational Stories and Recipes) where the profits go to an organization to help children.

    I hope sales are great and that you raise lots of money for the school!

  22. Laura---Thanks for stopping in. What great places you have to contribute! :)

  23. Myra--Thanks for giving us your day. :) We were excited to rally around this project.

  24. Missy--Thanks for the support-When people join together for a good cause, it's an awesome thing.

  25. Hello Walt and Lindi! I love that you use your writing to support charities. That is so AWESOME!

    Please put me in for the drawing.

  26. Walt, I think you should indie publish that recipe collection.

  27. This is all very interesting. I'm not sure if I could actually host a charity gathering like this (I'm not exactly the most organized person), but if someone else was in charge I could definitely take part. I never even considered all this before!

    1.) I don't know which charity I would write for... there are so many. I don't know? Disabled children? Starving children? Something that has to do with children for sure.

    2.) I don't even know if this is possible, but Walt, if I were you I would try it again for the charity thing. Go back, fix up your cook book, add in things about hunger, and try again.

  28. WALT, no, I haven't read Three Little Words, but I'm off to look it up now, so THANK YOU!!


  29. Wait, might I mention that I have other reasons to love these two???

    Walt + Baseball = Boys of Summer Fans Together

    Lindi + Mac and cheese recipe = me being VERY POPULAR in my family.

    The charitable hearts are frosting on the cake!

  30. Walt, and Lindi, tell us about your stories in the collection.

    And tell us about the other authors.

  31. HI WALT AND LINDI Thanks so much for your wonderful post and great hints on publishing for charity. Very timely for me because I was just getting ready to announce my share of August proceeds for Love Will Find A Way will be donated to the American Hiking Society

    All of our novellas in that collection involve hiking--a super great summer activity. The American hiking society rounds up volunteers to maintain our hiking trails located throughout the United States.

    So I am thankful for your hints and suggestions for making this project a success. What a wonderful thing to promote in a way that fits your call in life.

    I just took a marketing class from Laurie Schnebly Campbell and that is what she said "Promote in the manner that comes natural to you and is fun for you." Since I like giving away books more than trying to sell them, this method of writing makes perfect sense. For you also. smile

    Best wishes to all of you. I'm off to Amazon to order my copy now.

  32. Carol, thank you for stopping by, I think both Lindi and I are glad to be able to do something.

    Missy, I emailed the other author and asked her to drop in. I know she was disappointed that the project didn't work. I would need to work with her to finish it. (I know she has a book coming out shortly (not an LI book) and I'm guessing she is focused on that and I don't know if she'll be dropping in.)

  33. Walt and Mindi Forgot to welcome you back to Seekerville. Yay. Always love having you two on board.

    Have fun today. And thanks again.

  34. Wow!
    It's Like Getting Charity!

    12 Authors! 12 Novellas!
    900 Pages of Reading Enjoyment!
    All Proceeds Going to a Worthy Cause!*

    All for Just 99 Cents!

    Just think of the good to be done!
    A deal this outstanding could raise a small fortune! And do a mountain of good!

    But only if everyone -- including you -- takes part!

    Act Now!

    Less than a dollar may never again produced more value again!

    *Give info on charity here.


    Like a good salesman, I sold myself first! I've already pre-ordered the collection! I saw no reason not to!

    How about you?


  35. Welcome to Seekerville, Walt and Lindi. My heart is for children....particularly those in the foster system or those caught in a cult. (This one is new for me, as I have just been out for a year). The cult that is most damaging, I think is the one that uses mind control, which my former church does.
    I think a book with a chef that uses the recipes from that cookbook would be awesome!

  36. NICKY, I'm not sure I could do it if I was in charge either. You do need a point person.

  37. Sounds like a great project! Best of luck ;-)

  38. Ruthie--Man and cheese rocks--especially with your hot sauce. Way to spice up the recipe!

  39. At Tina's suggestion--my story is about Joelle (couldn't resist!) and William. William moves in next door with his young daughter. It quickly becomes apparent that William has a secret, and Joelle, smitten with the young girl, finds herself more interested in William than she knows is good for her heart.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. What a great project. Lindi and Walt you're inspiring.

    The cookbook? KDP? With proceeds going to where ever?

    Also most of my charitable giving is extremely local.

    People I know personally who are in need, so that might limit a broader appeal for me.

  42. Sandra--How cool. Love God's timing. I really love to hike--just haven't done it in a while. I think I'll wait for cooler weather though. #wimp

    Vince!! Wow--so good to "see" you. It's been forever--thanks for your enthusiasm. #love

    Marianne--I know God will use your wisdom and heart to heal many! Thank you for sharing.

    Kit--Thanks!!! It was a lot of fun.

  43. Welcome Walt and Lindi...I admire writers who support charities! Lindi, I enjoyed Her Best Catch back in 2011, and I have Summer's Song on my Kindle to read!
    I would like to be in your drawing.

  44. I love Walt's story! I was fortunate enough to be a beta reader for him. Of course, I've always loved his writing. :)

    Mary--I'm a local kind of gal too, usually. I love world mission, but I think (know) God has other people in mind for that. I traveled once to Mexico, it was awesome, but my heart has stayed local since then.

  45. Jackie-Thanks! I appreciate your kind words.

  46. TINA, my story, as you may have guessed, has a historical Japan connection. (My wife keeps calling me wanpattaan (i.e. "one pattern") and thinks I need to move to something else, but this story has been sitting in my head for awhile. A career-driven woman of Japanese descent, with a mother that's constantly trying to set her up to settle down. Through a car accident, she finds herself thrown back in time to mid-16th century Japan and the mistress of a high-level samurai. She must discover the importance of family to return home. (Trust me. Getting home will be a lot harder than clicking one's heels three times.) I get to do a bald hero, which is really cool. (I'm losing my hair, which is one of the reasons that appeals to me.)

  47. KIT, thank you for dropping by and your good wishes.

    VINCE, can we borrow that advertisement?

  48. Walt could you print up the cookbook on create space maybe, then take it with you to events and put it 'on sale' for the very minimum it cost...with the purchase of another book.
    Or say, "Free for a ten dollar donation to our charity."

  49. Hi Walt:

    Here's what I think are key elements for a charity promotion or event:

    1. Offer overwhelming value! Think of the direct response ads on tv. They always offer what sounds like incredible values. "If you order now, you also get..., and as an additional bonus... we'll even pay the postage and handling...and if you're one of the first 50 callers you'll also get free of charge...Even more amazing, if you act now, we'll include a second gizmo at no extra costs! But you must act now! Not sold anywhere else. Obviously, the novella collection offers such an overwhelming value. It just needs to be publicized because it should sell itself. (Also note: The Brenda Novak, Auction for Diabetes, offered hundreds of items that bidders won that were well below retail prices.)

    2. Offer leverage to contributors. If an author offers fifty dollars of his time, and the likely result is less than fifty dollars in donations going to the charity, then the author is just better off sending the money to the charity directly. Make the value to the contributor also seem overwhelming.

    3. As far as possible have all money raised go directly to the charity. Have an outside donor, not part of the promotion, pay all the administration expenses.

    Now about your recipes, I think you need at least 99 of them. I don't believe 18 can be called a book or much of a collection. Also it would help if the recipes offered a second value beyond just the food you can cook. There should be a little story or author insight about each. Photos of the author, in their home, making the recipe would be a very nice added value.

    So, there you have it. Keep up the good work.

    As for me, I fell in love with Dr. Linnea Smith, who set up a medical clinic on the Amazon after doing an eco-tour of the area. Her story is in "La Doctora". I bought 44 copies, a full crate, of her book and for years auctioned them off, one at a time on Ebay, to get people to read her story and help her charity. I would use the money from the sales to buy more books to auction off. My review is still the first one up there on Amazon.

    Everyone thought it was a whim by a distraught widow who was grieving over the death of her young husband. Decades later, the good doctor, is still at it! She is a genuine heroine.

    There are so many things we can do to help others. It's wonderful when we do.



  50. What fun stories. Thanks for sharing!!

  51. Kit! Long time no see. Great to have you in Seekerville.

  52. Lindi and Walt, your ideas are awesome! Not only could our faith-filled words encourage others, but monetary support is always needed. Navajo Ministries, special needs preschools, a primarily Navajo elder care center, and a missionary friend in the Phillipines are all close to my heart. I'll be considering your fabulous ideas! Thank you both for your charitable efforts!

  53. Sandra, that's a PERFECT charity for your Love Will Find A Way! Yay to hiking!

  54. Walt and Lindi, if you publish a collection via KDP, are the authors each taxed, or since the proceeds go to a non-profit, are there no taxes? How do you set the the KDP revenues to go to the non-profit? You don't need to go into all the details, but I'd appreciate it if you could point me in the direction to find out about that aspect. Thanks again!

  55. Sherida, I have no idea on the taxation aspect of it. The person to best answer that is Ciara Knight. I'll ask her.

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. VINCE, we were originally shooting for 100 recipes, if I remember correctly. We had thirty to use for presenting to publishers. We had little stories and pictures with each. I remember talking with one of the contributing authors, who was kind enough to provide some suggestions on leveraging the publicity and helping outside the charity in addition to helping the charity. For example, getting a couple of copies autographed by every author and then have those auctioned off for charity. The logistics on that was near impossible, but it was fun to think about.

  58. And who are your coauthors??

    by Ciara Knight (Author), Lindi Peterson (Author), Hildie McQueen (Author), Sally Kilpatrick (Author), Linda Joyce (Author), Airicka Phoenix (Author), M. K. Smith (Author), Lori Freeland (Author), Alexandrea Weis (Author), Sherrilyn Kenyon (Author, Foreword), Nicole Zoltack (Author), Kiersten Fay (Author), Walt Mussell

  59. Walt and Clari, this is one of the most unique posts I've read. I love reading how you and you fellow authors found a charity you could use your gifts and talents to support! I so appreciate your practical take on how to go about writing for charity. I hope your series does astoundingly well!

    I'm curious, are all the authors who contributed, previously published?

    Please put me in the drawing.

  60. Thank you so much for having Walt and Lindi here today on Seekerville!

    I'm popping in to answer a few questions about the logistics behind the project, but first, Tina, I want a Cannoli now. ;)

    Cindy W. - I also worked with the deaf community in college. I was nearly fluent in sign.

    Vince - All great advice. Just FYI - all the administrative costs were not an issue, since everyone donated their time and talents to bring this project together.

    Sherida - I wanted to answer your question about money flow to GRACEPOI NT. GRACEPOINT is non-profit and since all the accounts were set up by them, money never touches any author hands. :) 100% goes straight into the GRACEPOINT accounts.

  61. Kit, good to see you!! I've been meaning to email you. We found out your cousin is a member at our new church! :)

  62. Hey, Ciara! I'm glad you stopped by, too!

  63. Two cannoli, coming up. LOL. Ciara! Great to have you back in Seekerville.

  64. Did Sherrilyn Kenyon do the forward and contribute a story??? WOW!!!

  65. Hi Tina,

    She did the forward. :) Very nice!!!

  66. Wow, I never thought about writing for charity before- what an idea. There are a lot of good charities and worthy causes I'd love to write for, though the one I'm thinking of right now would have to be the Institute of Creation Research because I already have an unpublished short story that could kind of go with that. Anyone want to join in?

    Also, don't just let those recipes get dusty- use them! Where there's a will, there's a way. Especially if it's God's will.

  67. I love the idea of a book benefiting a charity. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  68. Thank you, Ciara, for your response. Lindi and Walt's post had my mind churning about how all that would work with multiple authors. What a great way to support charities.

    BTW: Love your name...my DIL's. Hope people pronounce it correctly! Unique names are treasures.

  69. Hi Walt and Sherida When you publish with Amazon, you link your account to a bank account. So the money would deposit into your bank account. Amazon publishes a royalty report so you know exactly how much each book earned. Then you write a check to the charity that the earnings are to go to in the amount of the earnings. You claim that contribution on your taxes just like you claim any contribution.

    There may be a way to link the account to an account of your charity, but I don't think Amazon will do that. I have never published with the other venues so don't know how they work.

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.

  71. Tina, Sherrilyn Kenyon also contributed a recipe to the cookbook. It was very nice of her.

  72. JEANNE T, I'm probably the least published of the authors. I have three fan fiction works and one novella.

  73. MARSHA, thank you for dropping by. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  74. BOO, I'm hopeful that I get to do something with the recipes. It would be nice.

  75. Lindi and Walt, I remember when Ciara and Lindi started this and I am thrilled to find out that this has come to fruition. I'm so happy that all of you are able to come together and support such a worthy cause. I so enjoyed your post and look forward to reading the stories sometime in the future.

    As for myself, the charity I support is VHL Alliance to raise awareness and try to find a cure for Von-Hippel Lindau which is a cancer causing genetic condition where people with this lack the ability to suppress tumors in certain regions of the body. My oldest daughter has this condition, and I didn't even know about it until a few years ago.

    As far as the recipes, maybe all of you eventually can do a blog hop if you don't ever release a book where you have 14 days of recipes to promote the recipes and stories behind them.

  76. Wow, Tanya. What is the treatment for Von-Hippel Lindau? Can I add your daughter to my prayer list?

  77. Walt and Lindi, sorry I'm so late today! Great post. Lots of wonderful information. Thanks for sharing.

    Lindi, I always donate to a charity for my local book signings. I'll have one in SEPT and am looking at charities to decide which one I'll support. Readers love feeling that their purchase goes to a worthy organization.

  78. TANYA, my prayers for your daughter. I've never heard of VHL.

  79. Tanya, I knew your daughter had a chronic condition but didn't realize it was VHL.

    My book, PROTECTING HER CHILD, is about VHL. Proceeds went to VHL Connections, another organization that supports VHL research and helps families of those diagnosed with the condition.

    One of my best friends introduced me to her friend who had VHL, as did a number of the members of her family. I was writing for a medical publication at the time. That editor wasn't interested in a story about VHL. When I started writing for LIS, I knew VHL would have a role in one of my stories.

    After the book came out, I received heartwarming letters from folks with loved ones with VHL. They were thankful that a book of fiction had provided information and awareness of the condition.

    Prayers and hugs for you and your daughter!

  80. DEBBY, always good to see you, no matter the time of day. :-)

  81. What I meant is -is there any specific thing I can pray for, for your daughter, Tanya?

  82. Debby, Thank you so much for writing Protecting Her Child. As a mother of someone with VHL, I did have to wait while the other five of us underwent testing, and only my oldest daughter has this, but I can't really put into words what it means when someone has heard of VHL, and then to find out there is a LIS about it. I am also thankful for your book and for your contribution to VHL Connections.

    Basically my daughter has yearly scans and she's had a number of eye surgeries because of the VHL. I always appreciate prayers for her yearly MRI scans to come back negative.

    I think the wonderful thing about this thread is to show how people come together and pray together, and sometimes books can help bring attention to so many wonderful causes, whether authors dedicated to spreading awareness and raising money or readers who might have a connection to a book and feel uplifted by a story.

  83. We will be praying for you daughter, Tanya. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story.

    Debby, you are an inspiration to all with everything you do for others.
    And like Walt said--it's always good to see you!

  84. Debby, that's wonderful that your book enlightened people to VHL. Tanya, I'll keep your daughters in my prayers.

  85. Hi Walt:

    Yes, please use the ad as you wish. You may want to edit it some. I just wrote it off the top of my head.

    As for the recipe project, it looks like you were on the right track. I now like the idea of you putting out an eBook. Do the authors expect there to be print copies? Can you get the 99 count?


  86. Hi Walt:

    I just had an idea that is along the lines of the recipe promotion.

    How about getting writers to write:

    1. One minute mysteries. Mystery fans love these things. I love them, too. They could be 800 words like those in Woman's World.

    2. 60 Second HEAs. Romance authors would write 800 word romances also like those in Woman's World. I'll bet hundreds of such pieces, rejected by WW, are ready to dust off and send in to the charity book!

    These ideas would promote the author and their voice. Just an idea.


  87. 1) If you could write for charity, what type of project would you like to be involved in? My oldest son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in March 2012, when he was 14 years old, so I would definitely write for the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). They have been such a Godsend to us since our son's diagnosis.

    2) What should Walt do with those recipes? I have to agree with what the others have said about putting together a cookbook. I would certainly buy one!

  88. Hi Stephanie! Prayers for your son, and I'm thankful they have been such a help to your family. Thank you for stopping by.

  89. WOW! Great ideas. What charity? That's a big question. One that would require a lot of prayer. There are so many wonderful charities out there that could use help. The recipes? Don't give up on your cookbook endeavor, Walt! You never know what opportunity might be around the corner.

  90. This is a great idea! I'm going to share it with my local writing group and see if we can do something in time for Chrismas!

    Thanks for sharing!