Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Weekend Edition

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We Have Winners!

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Winners of Castles in the Clouds are Kathy Bailey, Jackie Smith, and Trixi.

  Shannon Taylor Vannatter returned on Monday and she shared, "My Diagnosis: Writing in Layers."Shelli Littleton is the winner of  Reuniting with the Cowboy!

 In Tuesday's post, "Those Small Rewards," Sandra Leesmith talked about the rewards of writing and ways to motivate your production levels. Dana McNeely is the winner of an autographed book plus a surprise.

 Inspired by a recent trip to the Grand Canyon, Seeker Glynna Kaye shared “Rim-To-Rim: 7 Tips for Crossing the Book Canyon from Page One to The End,” on Wednesday.  Meg Brummer and Theresa Van Meter are the winners of e-copy of James Scott Bell’s “The Mental Game of Writing: How to Overcome Obstacles, Stay Creative and Productive, and Free Your Mind for Success”!

 Cara Lynn James was your hostess on Thursday with "Character Healing." Winner of a $15.00 Starbucks card is Nicky Chapelway.
A Surprise Package of Books for One Reader

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Mary Connealy is in the house, fresh off the whirl-wind ACFW conference in Nashville. Stop by to chat with Mary.

Tuesday: Jan Drexler returns with her post, "How to Be a Fabulous Writer in Three (Not-So) Easy Steps."  Jan has a double giveaway for our Villagers: For a reader, Mattie's Pledge, and for a writer, a first 5-page critique.

Wednesday: It's time for the September Contest Update. Do stop by to meet our contest divo/diva who will share contest wisdom. The prize vault is open!

Thursday: Candee Fick will be back talking about "Crafting Believable Bad Guys (and Then Redeeming Them),"  in addition to offering two copies of her second soon-to-be-released novel, Dance Over Me. This is the story Seeker Audra Harders gave a 5-star sigh.

Friday: Best of the Archives: THIS IS MY BRAIN: Or Why I Don't Sleep At Night with Tina Radcliffe. While comments are closed on Fridays for writing and reading, NOTE** This post includes a very live survey.

Seeker Sightings

ACFW and CFRR Nashville Pictures to Share:

More pictures will be added tonight!

L/R Patti Jo Moore, Darlene Buchholtz, Janet Dean, Debby Giusti, Ruth Logan Herne, Mary Connealy

Julie Lessman Speaking at CFRR
Mary Connealy and Ruth Logan Herne at CFRR
Janet Dean and Patti Jo Moore at the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat
And here's Julie!~

L/R Pepper Basham, Ruthy, Melanie Dickerson, Janet Dean, Kristi Ann Hunter and Julie.

L/R Melanie Dickerson, Gabrielle Meyer, Laura Frantz, Pepper Basham
Sightseeing at the Hermitage. Home of President Andrew Jackson.Myra, Debby, Janet and Mary
Hanging out. Day 1

Hanging out with Georgia Peaches.

Jan Drexler, Jackie Layton, Heidi Blankenship

Laurel Blount and Rhonda Starnes

Stephanie McGee and Janet Ferguson

Elizabeth Van Tassell

Carol Moncado, Bettie Boswell, Jill Kemerer

Hanging out!

Villagers at Bongo Java coffee shop  L/R Marilyn Ridgway, Elaine Stock, Tanya Agler, Jan Drexler, Dana Lynn, Mindy Obenhaus 
Debby Giusti and Victoria Ramsen, LI Marketing, Toronto

Debby Giusti, Pam Hillman, Janet Dean and Myra Johnson

Natalie Monk

LI Spotlight with L/R Rhonda Starnes, Laurel Blount, Tanya Agler, Dana Lynn
Sharee Stover and Mary Connealy

Sharee Stover, Joy Avery Melville, Julie Lessman and Mary Connealy

Selfie Alert!!! Pam Hillman, Dana Lynn and Rhonda Starnes.
Pam & Amanda Barratt
Pam Hillman (Center) with Tracy and Matt Jones of Jones House Creative
Darlene Bucholtz, Janet Dean and Lyndee Henderson

Janet Dean, Penelope Powell and Mary Vee

Julie Lessman, Cara Grandle, Myra Johnson, Jane Dean, Debby Giusti, and Mary Connealy

L/R Ruth Logan Herne, Katelyn Bold from Gilead, Nichole Parks from Gilead, and Julie Lessman.  
Cathy West, Julie Lessman, Susan Mason and Laura Frantz

Mary Connealy, Julie Lessman & Mary Vee

Ruth Logan Herne, Mindy Obenhaus & Senior Editor Love Inspired Books, Melissa Endlich

Patti Jo Moore and Julie Lessman
Julie, Debby, Myra, Janet, Mary and Barbara Scott
Julie Lessman and Pam Hillman
Mary Connealy and Dawn Ford

Christine Sharbrough, Library Journal & Pam

Pam & Melissa Parcel, Romantic Times Book Reviews
Love Inspired Authors and Editors
Debby and Ramona Richards
Cynthia Herron 
Janet, Debby, Preslaysa Williams and Darlene Bucholtz
Bonnie Roof (BonTon) and Debby
Debby and Tanya Agler blurring out.

Erica Vetsch, Debby Giusti and Pam Hillman

Mary Connealy and Jane Ferguson

Converse Twins, Rhonda Starnes and Sara Ella


Congratulations to Genesis WINNER LAURA CONNER KESTNER!


Gala Gals! Myra Johnson, Mary Connealy, Janet Dean and Debby Giusti.
Congratulations, ERICA!!

Random News & Information

Thank you to all who send links.

ACFW Awards Gala 2016, August 27, 2016 - 6:00PM CDT LIVE BLOG LINK HERE!

Here's the September Seekerville Calendar for those who are paying attention! You can get a PDF copy on our web page. It's a link on the RIGHT SIDE under LATEST NEWS. Yes, the August calendar is still's still August.

Did  you know that RWA has galleries of conference photos on the website? Great memories! And the conference workshops are available for purchase here.

Valley of the Sun Romance Writers Hot Prospects Contest has updated their judge list, with no time to spare. Contest ends September 1.

How to Distinguish Yourself Among Agents and Editors (Writer Unboxed) ** 

Twitter Marketing for Authors by Kim Headlee (Romance University) **

 How To Hit The USA Today Bestseller List As A Single Author With Ad Stacking (The Creative Penn)**

 What Makes a Reader Keep Turning Pages (Steven Pressfield) 

 Anne of Green Gables Series Coming to Netflix (GalleyCat)

 Specifics on How My Street Team Marketing Has Worked, ThunderClap Marketing (The Write Conversation)

Revising, Revising, and How To Make it Through (Writer Unboxed)

EBook Anatomy: Inside the Black Box (The Book Designer)**

Short on time? Read these ** and come back for the rest later!

Have a great writing, reading and conferencing weekend! 


  1. I have been enjoying all the pictures of the conference. It is amazing how many I know just from on-line. Some day I hope to meet in person all the Seekers and many of the villagers. Planning to watch the gala tomorrow night.

    Please enter me for the Critique.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend.

  2. Cheering on all the wonderful writers who are finalists in the Carol and Genesis. No small feat to final.

    Hope everyone has a great writing and reading weekend.

  3. Great Weekend! Thanks for sharing the photos. It's like seeing friends. Have a great weekend everybody!

  4. I was paying attention, Tina...thanks for the calendar! How fun to see all of the pictures. I would have loved to attend the conference, but too many responsibilities on the homefront this year, so I'll write instead. Have a great weekend!

  5. Jill, we wish you and Tina and so many other Seekers were here with us. As I look through the pictures, I realize there are still a lot of people I haven't seen. Julie Lessman, are you still in Nashville?

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Great pictures from ACFW!!!!

    It looks like everyone is having a great time in Nashville.

  7. This month I guess I've just been writing. I started proof reading my book again getting it ready to be published, but other than that just writing and brainstorming.

    Please enter me for the critique.

  8. Oh, it looks like you had a great time. Good for you! Please enter me in the drawing for the critique.
    What have I done this month to make my dream come true? Not much. But I have a free Saturday and I am going to send my first chapter to my new critique partner, enter Phoenix Rattler and Show Me the Spark!, and edit one of my earlier stories in the light of what I know now.
    I will be in and out today.

  9. Hey y'all! I'm sitting in Bongo Java savoring my first cup of coffee. Normally, I drink two cups in my room before I stick my head out of the groundhog hole. But I ran out of creamer and had to pay for the fancy stuff this morning. It's been so much fun meeting the Villagers finally. Turns out most of them are night owls and carousel after 9:00. Me? Crash City by that time.

    Please throw in my name in the bowl for a critique. Boy do I need it...badly. Have a great day!

    1. Carousel? Please, Lord, help me to turn off auto correct!!

  10. Just popping in quickly before heading down to breakfast here in Nashville. What a fun few days reconnecting with dear friends--old and new--whom I usually only get to see at writers conferences! That's the real joy of attending--but there's never enough time just to talk and catch up!

    But let me tell you, it's not like the early days of attending ACFW, when I could muster up the enter guy to stay up late and chat in the lobby or coffee shop at the end of the day!!!! I've been turning into a pumpkin by 10 p.m.!!! Glad we have some younger writers in our midst who can carry on the tradition!

  11. Wow! What a great WE. I'm sitting here in my cozy house listening to it rain...and knowing I have to go outside in just a little while! It will be fun looking and pretending I'm with you! Congratulations to all the winners (of which I am one, because just looking at all those pictures is fabulous!

  12. Thanks for the conference pics, Tina. And the link to the event tonight. Woot! Haven't dived into all the links yet but I have to say I'm a wee bit wary of the Anne of Green Gables series. I hate when movies stray from a beloved book and that's what they did with the last Anne movie -- the grownup Anne one. Just butchered it. Sniffle. Happy weekending everyone.

  13. WOW! What a FUN W.E.!! Great links and LOVE the ACFW pics! Looks like "a good time was had by all." :) Sooooo jealous!

  14. Great photos of the ACFW conference. What fun you all are having. I know you are looking forward to the awards tonight. Have a blast.

  15. Patti Jo You brought peaches. You are so thoughtful and sweet. I remember the honey bears you brought us in Atlanta. I bet those peaches are refreshing and yummy.

    Great photos of you also. Have fun.

  16. I LOVE the CFRR/ACFW photos! It looks like you had a GRAND time! I especially enjoyed those who dressed in costume. Such creativity!

    Congratulations to this week's winners.

    Please enter me in the drawing for a surprise package of books.


  17. So fun to see all the pictures. I wished I was there. Maybe next year. I would love a 10 page critique.

  18. Well done!

    Loved all the pictures :)

    Congratulations to the winners!

    Please enter me in the drawing for a "Surprise Book Package for a Reader."

    May God bless you and all of Seekerville!

  19. Nice weekend edition!! Congrats to all the winners...and finalists! Love all the photos from the conference!! I'd love to go one of these days and meet you all!! Please enter me for a critique. Thanks!!


  20. I'm home!!!!

    I had such a nice time at the CFRR (And I love that the one pic is of me scolding Mary, holding up her notes... and looking like a HAG!!! Me, not her... but it was so much fun playing with that audience and giving them testimony and love and hugs and making fun of my good buddy The Connealy!!! YES!!!!)

    Okay, my updates are: THANK YOU FOR HOLDING DOWN THE FORT, LADIES!!!!

    Tina, great WE.... and the photos are so fun. Totally wonderful.

    I wasn't registered for conference, I went to Nashville for the Christian Fiction Reader's Retreat to meet readers/bloggers/reviewers and it was The Most Fun Ever.

    Carrie Booth Schmidt, Just Commonly (Annie Sturt) and Bonnie Roof went the distance to bring readers and authors together in an absolutely perfect way. Face to face and heart to heart...

    Oh my stars, I would do this again in a HEARTBEAT.

    These gals are all book bloggers and reviewers and they made that day shine like a spit-polished penny. I couldn't have imagined it going better, regardless of my bossy face!

    Every conference should include a reader event ahead of time or during... because how many craft classes can you go to and come out awake?

    Give me readers and Jesus. I'm a happy woman!

  21. Jill, this is the first time I've gone to one in years, and it was great to see folks... but I love time home, writing!

    Jackie, Julie's there, she's hanging out in various places....

    The coffee shop there is the best.

    Mary found a quiet spot for talking. There were very few of those, but that was part of the fun.

    I have hugged and done selfies with more people than I would have thought possible. SO FUN!

  22. Patty Jo's peaches were amazing... and what a thrill to get them! She is the sweetest thing, and I loved having time to visit with these guys.

    Jackie Layton is SO GORGEOUS! Preslaysa is petite and I thought she was TALL...Because her presence on facebook is tall... Nope, she's short, like me! Carrie Fancett Pagels, so delightful and TALL! WHAT????? I insulted VERY FEW PEOPLE this year. So that was good. Lyndee Henderson, so good to see her!!! And Clari Dees looked NOTHING like her picture in my head, the one that I have in my files... so what a delight when she came up to me! Angela Ruth Strong... Her story gave me a book idea (Healing the Lawman's Heart) and I introduced her character in "Falling for the Lawman"... and I finally got to meet her FACE TO FACE!


    So that was awesome.

    Still smiling!

    But Jill, back to writing... Yup. If I can't be there, I'm okay with being here... and working, right alongside youse guys!

  23. I got to have coffee with Barbara Scott! :)


  24. Loved all the photos! Looks like you are all having lots of fun! Wish I could be there to met you! Someday...... Congrats to the winners this week! Another great WE!!! Put me in the running for the stash of books giveaway! Would love to win!

    Happy Weekend! I've been visiting my parents in Calif. for 2 weeks - now it's time to return to Oregon and see my hubby!

  25. Loving all the pictures! Thanks for sharing them and the giveaways. :-)

  26. It's been such a great day.
    Seeing so many Seeker sisters. Seeing so many Seeker Villagers.
    And meeting old friends and new.
    I'm a little addled, as I tend to get when I'm overwhelmed, but having a great time!!

    1. I was so glad to finally meet you, Mary...and your cowboy. Next time I'll bring my hubby. Sounds like they all had a blast together. Mike's a reformed surfer dude. Loves his Hawaiian shirts. lol

  27. Valri, that's a nice chance to visit Mom and Dad... and it's so good to go home, too!

    Bless you!

  28. What a great WE, TINA! Thank you!

    Congratulations to all the winners! I won a book last week and already received my copy of Plain Truth in the mail. That was fast! Thank you so much, DEBBY GIUSTI! I'm loving the book! And the journal and sign were such a sweet surprise.

    Love, love the ACFW pics - thank you for sharing! Looks like loads of fun - hope to go next year! So glad the CFRR went well - what an awesome idea!

    My computer is acting all kinda weird right now, so don't know how long it will cooperate, but my plans are to read the links right now before it crashes. Thanks again, TINA!

  29. Tina, thanks for gathering all these terrific pictures from ACFW! I'm having a great time. Loved the CFRR! Was just a special day meeting readers. Enjoyed sitting on the Pucker Up panel. :} I had fun visiting The Hermitage and with Villagers and Seekers! I ate Patti Jo's peach this morning. Was delicious! Tonight is the Awards gala. Everyone will get all dressed up and cheer on the authors who are up for the Genesis and Carol. Pulling for Missy!

    Had breakfast with Seekers and Barbara Scott. Great way to start the day! Pam came out of her treasurer and writing cave long enough to chat a few minutes. Last night was the LI dinner. A lovely affair.

    Tomorrow I head home. Safe travel to all those doing the same.


  30. Love seeing the pictures, I am in for the giveaway!!!

  31. Congrats all you winners!

    Now, what have I done this months to make my dreams come true? Regular life dreams aside, my writing dreams I've accomplished was finishing a first draft of one book in a series and the second draft of another book in the same series.

  32. What a great Weekend Edition!

    I'm having a blast at ACFW. I've been on the hunt for Seekers...gotta check them off my list since I have a goal to meet them all in person.

    I met Tina and Debby last year at the Writers' Police Academy. Well, I was able to check off six Seekers this time!

    The first two I found in the wee hours of the morning were Ruthy and Mary. They were both so down to earth! I loved having a moment to write and talk writing with them.

    Then I met Myra, Janet, and Julie. They are all so sweet, but of course I knew they would be.

    And lastly, I met Pam Hillman. I have to say I'm shocked she didn't run the other way when she saw me because I was jumping up and down with excitement. I'm super glad she didn't though, because she took a selfie with me and Dana R. Lynn and I must say she has excellent selfie-taking skills!! I didn't hate it.

  33. I loved seeing all the pictures from the CFRR and AFCW. Heavy sigh for not being able to go to the CFRR at the least because I soooooooooooooo want to meet all the Seeker ladies in person at some point in this lifetime. Not too much to ask... right? *laughing myself silly*

    Put me in the draw for a 10 page critique? That might light a fire under my butt to get some writing done.

    LOVED the pictures. Awesome WE!!!!

  34. I'm LOVING all the pictures posted from both the CFRR and ACFW conferences by all the wonderful people I've "met" through Facebook or blogs....but I'm trying really hard NOT to be jealous!! To have all that fabulousness in one place is all are just so stinkin CUTE!!

    Fabulous WE Tina, congrats to this weeks winners! I'm so thrilled to have won Myra's book "Castles in the Clouds", it's gonna sit pretty right next to "The Sweetest Rain" on my shelf. Thank you :-)

    Please add my name for a chance at a surprise book package.

    And lastly, to any authors who want to answer this; were you as nervous meeting your readers as they were of meeting you? Because I'd be terrified, you ladies are like celebrity HUGE to!!

    Blessings on the coming week :-)

  35. Oh, Trixi, no... not me, and I don't think any of the authors were. We loved it, beginning to end... we love readers. We love connecting. Even the shyer authors (this would not be me, of course.... ) :) love meeting readers.

    Without youse guys, we'd be waiting tables, honey.

    Bless you!

  36. Deb, I'm hoping this will be one of many... I think these wonderful women opened eyes because it was a great event... and it fills such a need!

    Hang in there, honey, I felt just like you're feeling for a long time, but it all worked out magnificently.


  37. Kathryn Barker, I would love that so much!!!

  38. JACKIE, YES ... I am in Nashville and looking for you, girlfriend!! I will be down in the library after 9:00 PM, so I fully expect a hug, understood???

    The pix are soooooo fun to see, Tina, and we are having a blast meeting/hugging so many Seeker friends!!

    Miss Ruthy, who was supposed to be hanging out with me in the lobby, but my daughter and son-in-law drove up from B-Ham to spend time with us, so you're off the hook, girlfriend. :)

    WONDERFUL time in Nashville and can't wait to hear who wins a Carol!!


  39. RUTHY...I don't take you for one of the shyer authors (or MARY or JULIE) at all! I figured you three would absolutely LIGHT up the room with your laughter & fun :-)

  40. Well after sitting through an hour and a half of nothing...LIVE BLOG. We got the good stuff.

    Laura Conner Kestner won!!!!



  41. Congratulations, DAWN FORD. Speculative Fiction.

    So many awesome writers are finalists!!!!


    1. LOL The suspense was killing us. Who would win...Erica Vetsch, Erica Vetsch, or Erica Vetsch?! So happy for her. :-)

  43. What fun to watch the awards ceremony online tonight. I hope to be there in person some day!

    Congrats to all the Seeker friends who were nominated and who won tonight!

    Thanks to all for the great photos. It's *almost* like being there - but without the airport lines and delays. ;)

  44. What a fun night!
    Not everyone I wanted to win made it but everyone is now and forever a Carol or Genesis finalist!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So fun to see familiar faces up there.
    Erica let me sit with her so of course we had crazy fun all night Nice to be by a guaranteed winner.
    Natasha Kern also was up once for a client who was ill and Natasha did a wonderful job.
    The whole conference had unusually delicious food.
    Maybe that's a southern thing.
    I ate grits twice.
    They tasted like.................grits I guess.

  45. Congrats to all the winners!!! GO YOU!!!!! That's always a thrill, but honestly, just FINALING in a contest is an amazing feat.

    What a fun night this must have been, and MYRA!!! I think we own the same dress, the black and rose one, only I have the 3/4 length sleeve version.... and I love that dress!

    Gals, you look marvelous and I bet you had a ball!

  46. Mary, I was amazed that I loved grits at that restaurant the first night! THEY WERE SO GOOD!!!!

    And I had never once liked them before, but they were marvelous!

  47. Laura!!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! And Erica, that is SO FUNNY and totally worth the conference cost write-off right there. GUARANTEED WIN: AWESOME!!!

    What a delightful night that must have been...

    Sending you all hugs!

  48. RHONDA STARNES!!! First, Rhonda survived a RUTHY CRITIQUE of her first chapter for an LIS and she still spoke to me, which in and of itself is possibly miraculous! Rhonda, I loved working with you and talking with you and hugging you!!! You are stinkin' adorable! So fun!!!

  49. It was so good to finally meet Ruthy! I was sorry I didn't get to spend more time with you Seeker ladies. I truly thankful for your encouragement!

    I'm being brave by "letting" God meddle in my heart as I work with. A mentor. I believe he's going to bring healing in an area of my life and deepen my writing. God works in unexpected ways, and sometimes it seems like my writing journey has detoured. But I know He's working, even as I take baby steps forward.

  50. Great conference, CFRR was fantastic! Loved seeing so many folks. Seekerville connects the world...and we are a global community. Heading to church at 9 am and then driving back to Atlanta with Patti Jo and Darlene Buchholz. We'll relive the fun during our trip home.

    Love you all! Thanks for making the week so special!

  51. What fun you must have all had! I sure do miss quilt conventions so I know how fun it is to get together doing something you have a passion for...
    Please toss me in as a reader :)

  52. I felt so honored to have breakfast at ACFW with so many Villagers! Wish I had more time, but I was scheduled in meetings before and after. That's the fastest I've ever eaten a bowl of oatmeal in my life!!! So sad to leave you all. Missed you Tina!

  53. Tina Thanks for the heads up on the September calendar. Totally missed the link. Looks like a fun month coming up. And I can't believe it will be time for another birthday bash already. Yay! Go Seekerville.

  54. Love all the added photos

    Super Congrats!!! to the winners. Yay. Go Laura, Erica and Dawn woooo hoooooooo

  55. I love seeing all the pictures of you guys hanging out! Looks like everyone had a blast. Great links this weekend, I can't wait for the new Anne of Green Gables show.

    Please include me in the reader giveaway! Happy weekend!

  56. I love how Barbara Scott is so excited she's on auto repeat.

    Sounds like you need a vacay after this conference, Barbara!!!

  57. Elizabeth Dennison, welcome to Seekerville!!!

  58. Jeanne! So excited about your steps forward in your writing. Praying for you.

  59. Congratulations to all the winners! Erica and Dawn, so happy for you!!

    Thank you, everyone for your congratulations on the Genesis win - I'm still a little shocked, but so excited! I couldn't have done it without the help of Seekers and Villagers. I've learned so much here!! I wouldn't even have entered if I hadn't read about the contest in TINA's contest update. So thank you all - you guys have truly been an answer to prayer!

    Thanks again for sharing the ACFW pictures - it's been so much fun putting names with faces!

  60. Um, did someone eat the dessert before it got photographed? It's like spots of syrup and crumbles! I'd be so disappointed, give me a thick piece of pie and some ice cream!

  61. I thought it was a weird dessert too. But Tyson Wynn described it as red velvet cake and an ice cream bombe.

  62. What an awesome looking conference, ladies! I miss all your smiling faces (and really, all the rest of you, too) around conference time. Looking through all the pics posted makes me so wish I could be there.

    Congrats to all the winners of the Genesis and Carol contest!!

    The dessert looked...interesting. Who cares?? It's all about the company and fellowship, right?

    Safe return travels everyone!!

  63. We had such a great time. It's so wonderful to see the faces of the people you know online. It's just pure fun (except when I'm fumbling with names of course!!!)
    I'm probably still having fun but others...........

  64. It was delicious. The red velvet cake was a small rough slice. The bombe thing was custard or pudding-ish, in an igloo shape with ... I guess a pink sugar coating?
    (I'm sure it's more complicated than 'pink sugar')

    Then there were sugared walnuts and about three little pools of red sauce.

    Each element was tasty but IF YOU ATE THEM ALL TOGETHER IN ONE BITE it because an EXPERIENCE.

    All the food was great. at the conference and at every restaurant we tried. Downtown Nashville is a happenin' place.

  65. Eek! Ahh! You got me jumbo sized!!!! What a great night. And the desert was extraordinarily delish!!

  66. So much fun seeing everyone in Nashville!

  67. SUCH fun to see all the photos.
    Hope you had a terrific time in my "home" state.
    We live about 2 hours east of Nashville, so if you're in the area...
    we can meet for tea or coffee (or wine - we have 2 wineries with tasting bars - honestly they're sort of so-so)...

    Thanks for sharing snippets from ACFW and HUGE congrats to all the semi-finalists, finalists and the winners.

    What a blessing to your readers.

  68. I've been dying to comment since Saturday, but my phone wouldn't let me get a comment through and I had to wait until I went to the library, only to discover they've started closing on Mondays! Time for a phone upgrade.

    Congrats winners! And congrats to all the ACFW award winners and finalists! Such an amazing honor!

    I LOVED getting to meet so many of the Seekers in person for the first time. My apologies to Myra for calling her Audra. I was a bit star-struck and the Seeker names got shuffled around in my sleep-deprived brain. :)

    Still holding out to meet Tina, Cara Lynne, and Audra, Missy, and Sandra in person. Maybe next time!

  69. So wonderful seeing everyone in person. I agree with Natalie above here, such an honor! You ladies make everything so much more special and would find just the right time to send a smile my way. It was a phenomenal conference and so glad to connect!

  70. The only slight problem is the feeling of emptiness after so much FULL! But so blessed to have been there. Miss y'all!