Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Sandra here and I'm recovering from a panic attack. I went to order more Millstone Chocolate Velvet coffee and am told they no longer make it.


Withdrawal is not pretty.

However, I did find Folder's Chocolate Mocha Swirl which is close in taste and half the price.


So please join me for a cup of Mocha Swirl and let's talk about the small rewards we give ourselves when we accomplish our goals in this crazy writing business.

Bigstock photo - one of my favorites

Writing is not a “normal” job.

It can be an extremely rewarding job but like most other jobs, it does have its pitfalls.

What are some of the pitfalls to watch out for?

·      Motivation is one of the biggest pitfalls. Writing is not easy. Most writers have set their own times and goals, so it is up to them to accomplish those goals. It isn’t like you go to a job from 9-5 and then get a paycheck at the end of the week. You have to sit yourself in front of that computer whether you feel like it or not and whether you have been paid or not.

·      Writing from home can be a pitfall when others don’t perceive your writing as a “job”.  This can be a big problem if your family and/or friends think you are “free” to do things with and for them because you are home. Yes, you do have flexibility and can dictate your own hours, but it is very easy to get so over-committed that you end up with limited hours to write.

·      Writing is speculative. You can write faithfully, but often you don’t see an immediate reward. You can have ten completed manuscripts, but if they aren’t published, they are not bringing you a paycheck. This can discourage a writer to the point that they give up and stop writing.

bigstock photo

We could go on and on with other pitfalls and you might want to bring them up in the comments, but I really want to focus this post on one of the ways to overcome the pitfalls and find the rewards and positive aspects of writing.

Every one of the pitfalls also entails the rewards. 

·      Motivation. A person called to writing is usually highly motivated. If you are writing, you probably aren’t doing it because you “have to”.  You are writing because you want to.  And you probably LOVE it in spite of the difficulty and hard work.

·      Writing from home can also be a blessing. You are free to pick your own hours. If you’re a night person, you can stay up as late as you want and write. If you’re a morning person you can get up early and pound those keys. If you are busy with family and other obligations, you can steal time during those moments that appear and write away. This flexibility is wonderful.

·      Yes, writing is speculative, but when you finally get the “call” and you have those ten manuscripts ready to go, you have won the jackpot. Or maybe you take those ten manuscripts and publish them yourself. You have accomplished your goals and if they sell well, you have achieved the reward.

Now these rewards aren’t forthcoming on a regular basis like a weekly paycheck. And lets face it. We are human and we need to be rewarded for our efforts or we are inclined in our culture to devalue those efforts. Therefore, I think it is important to find ways to reward yourself so that you are inspired to continue to write.

Most jobs have the reward of a paycheck at the end of the week or month. So lets give ourselves weekly and/or monthly rewards. To make it more stimulating, we can even give ourselves daily rewards.

In order to reward yourself, you need to set goals. Most of you probably have a business plan and hopefully daily or at least weekly writing goals. When we accomplish those goals, we can reward ourselves.

Bigstock photo

So what are some ways we can reward ourselves?

Daily Rewards: These are rewards you can give yourself when you accomplish your daily writing goals.  Those can be daily word count, daily blog post/comment, daily promotion activity, etc.
  •  Walk in the park or play a sport. (I play pickleball, but I don’t go until I’ve finished my daily word count.) 
  •  Play a game (this can be tricky as you have to be disciplined to stop playing the game when you need to move on to the next goal. LOL)
  • Do a series of stretch exercises.
  • Pay yourself.  i.e.  Every time you write 500 words, put $5.00 in the piggy bank or jar. You can spend this for rewards or use it to promote your book when it is finished. Or it can be used to pay conference fees.
  •  Call a friend (Do not do this one if you are a late night writer, unless you know that friend is a late night person also. LOL)
  • Play with your family and/or pets.
  • Cup of your favorite coffee

My feral cat Boo who loves a pet when I take a break

Weekly Rewards: These rewards should be bigger than the daily rewards because you are accomplishing a bigger goal. You can add these to the daily rewards you have selected.

  • Take a day trip with family or friends
  • Go to lunch with friends. (When I’m home, I meet my critique partners for lunch and that motivates me to have the chapters finished so they can critique them.
  • Get a massage
  • Go shopping and spend that money you have been putting in the piggy bank for a new outfit or something that delights you.
  •  Read a book
  • Go to a movie

Hike at Red Mountain State Park, Arizona

Other Rewards:  These can include finishing a project, manuscript, proposal, setting up a promotion campaign, etc.  Since most of these involve a bigger commitment, the reward can be bigger. Make the reward fit the accomplishment.

  • Take a trip
  •  Plan a super date with significant other or friends. i.e. dinner and a play,  lunch and day at the Art Festival, etc.
  • Pay for a house cleaning.
  • Attend a conference
  • Buy a new car  (okay that is a biggie, but hey if it motivates you, go for it)
Suzanne, Sandra and Rose at RWA 2016

So can you think of any other ways to reward yourself? What are some of the ways you reward yourself? Please share in the comments and be entered into a drawing for an autographed book and a surprise package of books to go with it.

I finished my current wip and since it is set in Hawaii, I rewarded myself with a spam sandwich. Spam is big in Hawaii. I also treated myself to massage therapy. Ahhhhh life is good.

Peaches are in season so I’ve baked some peach pies and made peach cobbler. (Disssclaimer: It won't be as good as Patti Jo's.)  Help yourself to a piece and try a cup of my Chocolate Mocha Swirl coffee. Baking is one of my rewards also.  I love to bake, but we can’t be eating all of that high calorie stuff now and it takes time to bake so baking a pie is a reward for me.

Sandra Leesmith writes sweet romances to warm the heart. Sandra loves to play pickleball, hike, read, bicycle and write. She lives in Arizona with her husband and during the hot summers, she and her husband travel throughout the United States in their motor home where she enjoys the outdoors and finds wonderful ideas for her next writing project. You can find Sandra's books here on Amazon. Three of Sandra's most popular books are also audiobooks at Audible.  

You can read more posts by Sandra here.


  1. Hey Sandra - Great post! My daily rewards include chocolate. And I do mean daily! Haha. For bigger rewards, my husband gets a babysitter and sets up a date night so we can celebrate.

    I also did a quick search of Millstone Chocolate Velvet, and it looks like Amazon still has some in stock! Probably just what they have in their warehouse until it runs out... but you might be able to stock up and at least enjoy a few more cups :)

    Also...what is pickleball?

  2. Hi Sandra! Boy that pie looks great, hope you're sharing :-) I even have just enough Haagen-Dazs vanilla bean ice-cream to go on top of a warm slice! I'll have to try that mocha swirl coffee too, of course!

    I'm not a writer, but I can sure understand the lack of motivation sometimes! Being a stay-at-home person is sometimes hard since I don't have regular working hours. I see things that need done around the house & my energy level goes down, lol! I also am trying to get into the mind-set that if I do 2-3 things on my list of chores, I can spend a few minutes on the computer catching up reading the blogs I follow or knocking off a few emails, or reading whatever book I happen to be into. I especially like the last option since I do a lot of reviewing for authors, it feels good to have a few pages under my belt :-) Of course then comes the problem of STOPPING myself after just a few minutes...lol! It takes real discipline sometimes doesn't it?

    I am trying to find things to reward myself with after a productive day/hours. Since I don't have any hobbies outside of the home or are into playing any sports, it's hard! I also don't go to coffee shops that much (except for a friend every so often), or spend money on shopping other than groceries (I detest it). I'm very much a homebody and am quite content reading or just spending time on my computer. Guess I'll have to find some other clever ideas to reward myself :-)

    Please add my name for an autographed book and a surprise package of books, thanks so much :-)

  3. .
    Waiting for opportunity to knock is like waiting for someone the buy you a lottery ticket. Good luck!"

    "Dreams don't move. You have to build them wherever you are."

  4. I have not had spam for a very long time.

    I try not to reward myself with food. That could be disastrous. Although the peach cobbler beckons.

  5. I love the pictures of books with quotes. Especially, If opportunity doesn't knock, then build a door. ButDon't just follow your dreams, chase them is also worth printing out and posting.

    Thank you for the post today Sandra. I like the idea of putting money away when you reach your 500 words. I'm sure that makes for a nice amount of money set aside by the end of the book.

    Cindy W.

  6. Tell me you're joking about the spam. Please, promise me you are joking?

    I get to watch an episode of something on Netflix as my reward for whatever my goals are for the day!

  7. Spam! To quote Ruthy, "Oh my stars!" I think I'll have to pass on that reward, but I like your other suggestions, Sandra. Relaxing with a good book or family is my favorite reward.

  8. SANDRA, thanks for all the great suggestions for rewarding ourselves when we meet our goals!

    I didn't know Spam was big in Hawaii! There was a time when I ate it. There's something icky about the texture but slightly addicting about the taste. Conflict in a can. LOL

    Peach pie, yum!!


  9. Good morning, SANDRA! Yes, rewards are SO important--even if it's only a smiley face sticker on your calendar, a few moments of quiet time to reflect on your writing accomplishments, or a stroll around the block.

    Rewarding myself is something I'm not very good at--I was better at it when I was first published but now time gets away from me as a book deadline rolls into the next book deadline and vacation from the day job is too often spent trying to catch up on word count to meet that contracted deadline!

    I need to get back to doing even some small 'reward' weekly or monthly--need to put it on my calendar so it doesn't slip by--so thank you for the reminder, Sandra! :)

  10. Okay, I've never eaten Spam, but my mom and dad did. They fried it and made sandwiches. SO...that would NOT be a reward for me! HA!

    I'm very goal oriented...and a movie is usually my reward.

    I really liked your post today, Sandra. Sometimes, it's hard with a writing career, but we need to 'soldier' on!

  11. HI Megan Thanks for the heads up. I did go look on Amazon and the prices were sky high. I'll go check again. Maybe some more showed up.

    If you hag around long enough, you'll find out about pickleball as I'm an avid player. smile. It is the fastest growing sport in America right now. It is very popular with seniors and teens. The official website is usapa.org and you can go there to see videos of the sport. It is a cross between tennis and ping pong. Very easy to learn and fun to play.

  12. Hi Trixi The fun of working at home is the flexibility you have. And it sounds to me like you have already found your rewards. Reading a good book and/or time on the computer is your reward. Yay!!!.

    Maybe get all the chores done first and then go get that book. That way you don't have to stop because the chores are finished. smile

    Happy reading

  13. Awwww Vince You always make my day with your words of wisdom. You ought to be making those bigstock photos. chuckle.

    Have a great day.

  14. HI Mary What wisdom. Yes, the rewards must be doable. Food is dangerous for me also because I'm one of those people who like the Lays commercial- can't eat just one chip. LOL

    And I have to be careful with games like Free Cell for the same reason. I won't even do those until I'm done with the list. smile

  15. Hi Cindy

    Yes, at a penny a word, you really will have a nice reward by the end of a big book. And that money can take you to a conference or buy some wonderful promotion.

    Happy writing.

  16. Oh Tina No, I did actually buy the can of spam to make a sandwich. When in Hawaii we also ate a lot of peanut butter and banana sandwiches also. Whenever I eat those or spam, memories of Hawaii float around in my head. Sigh. Crazy huh????

    Well, I am a writer. What can I say. LOL

  17. Jill you are tooo funny. I'm guessing the spam isn't appealing to many. LOL Well I do like your rewards. Time with family is precious. And a good book is always fun.

    Happy writing and reading.

  18. I love mini-reward systems! I've used them ever since I was a kid to teach myself to be productive because I think I might be part Pavlovian dog... Woof! :)

    Sandra there are some great tips here, and that's clutch in a self-motivated business like writing.

    I always have large, long goals... and step by step goals to get me along the publishing walk. And nowadays we have indie publishing, so honestly... if people are stuck??? It's mostly our own fault. When a host of opportunity lies waiting for production, the spoils then go to those who produce.

    I see some really strong inspirational authors on Amazon now, and they're earning a living, so part of our reward system should be to examine all options and be brave.

    Gotta be gutsy when we're running a business, and I might just learn how to play that pickleball thing one of these days.

    But no Spam.


    Not doing it, and I'm having trouble believing that normal Hawaiians eat Spam.

    Now I have to look it up. :)


    Sandra, I wish you were here!

  20. HI Janet Conflict in a can. Now that's a great observation and quote. I'm thinking the spam is going to get me more comments today than rewards. LOL

  21. Good morning Glynna You are one of the hardest working people I know. I've always admired the way you really keep your Sundays for family and take that day off. That is a reward. One I really need to strive for. smile

    If God needed a day of rest, so do we. chuckle

  22. SANDRA, do you suppose that annoying mail we all get got its name from the canned meat?


  23. Hi Rose The spam isn't that great. Just fun cause of the memories I guess. But a movie now. I like that reward. Movies are fun for me. Hubby is great at finding the kind I like and he always has a collection recorded for me when I need a break.

    Did the photo bring back fun memories? I so enjoyed our time together in San Diego. smile

    Happy writing.

  24. RUTHY, see you soon!! Can't wait to hook up with readers and writers in Nashville! Will be sending pictures to share.


  25. THIS is the way to eat SPAM -- SPAMWICHES:

    1 can Spam, grated
    1/2 cup cheddar, grated
    1 medium onion, grated
    3/4 can cream of mushroom soup

    Combine grated Spam, cheese , onion & soup. Mix thoroughly. Spread mixture on wheat bread--open faced. Put under broiler until browned, & serve hot.

    Makes about 14 open-faced sandwiches

  26. Janet That's a good question? I have no idea. I think its an acronym. Anyone out there know????

  27. Well, Sandra, I'd like to say I ALWAYS take Sundays off--but as a deadline looms I often have to "borrow" some hours from that day.

  28. Ruthy Wait till you see the prices for food in Hawaii. Then you can believe anything. LOL But in all honesty, Hawaiins have some divine recipes for seafood, pork, beef, sushi, fruit, etc. I think spam in Hawaii is kind of equivalent to hot dogs being all American here. Both meats "questionable" as to how healthy they are. But hey. Tradition is fun.


    I can't believe its that time already. You folks will have a blast I'm sure. Wish I was there as I have fun memories of another conference in Nashville when we roomed together. Remember the fire alarm in the middle of the night? Everyone was running around in pajamas. LOL Give all our Seeker friends a hug from me.

  29. Oh Glynna the recipe is fun. Where did you find that? I love all the ingredients so bet it turns out delicious.

    Oh those deadlines. Yes, you do need to find yourself some lovely rewards. One of my favorite rewards is a lunch with YOU. I'll be in Flagstaff early October. Hope we can squeeze in some time. I'm making that one of my rewards. smile

  30. Janet I'm trying hard not to turn green with envy. I know you all will have a blast. Give hugs to all the Seeker readers and friends there for me. Love you all. Miss you all.

  31. Sandra -- One of my great-aunts came up with that recipe years ago.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you in October!!! YAY! Maybe I'll fix us spamwiches. :)

  32. Wouldn't that be a kick? Although I can only eat one. What will we do with the extra dozen????

  33. What a beautiful pie! I'm impressed. You and Ruthy!!!

    I'm packed and ready to head to Nashville. Patti Jo and Darlene Buchholz are riding with me. They should arrive shortly.

    One of the best things about the writing profession is getting to see writer friends at conferences!

  34. Sandra, love your mini-reward ideas. Although the car is good, too. A medium-sized SUV in red, I think. I have fond childhood memories of fried spam and eggs for breakfast. And where do you get the best peaches for your pie? I haven't found any peachy-tasting peaches in ages.

  35. Great post, SANDRA! I'm still working on a schedule and system (I'm kinda all over the place trying to learn what I need to know, and then applying what I learn, etc.) but when things are going well and I'm making significant progress I reward myself by reading. I've really been enjoying the Seeker Christmas collections. I left a (short) review on Amazon for the Hope for the Holidays contemporary collection. I wasn't sure exactly how to do it with six different authors involved, so I just listed all six of y'all. It didn't reject the review so I guess it worked :-) Thanks again!

    RUTHY and JANET (and anyone I might have missed) have a wonderful time in Nashville!!

  36. Hi Debby Oh give Patti Jo and Darlene a hug for me. I was thinking of Patti Jo when I baked that pie. smile

    Have a blast at the conference. That is one of my super rewards. I loved San Diego and missed you terribly. I know you'll have fun in Nashville. Hugs and safe travels.

  37. Hi Dana Yes, my mom did fried spam and eggs too when I was growing up. smile. And I get my peaches at the veggie stand down the road. They sell the overripe ones for half price and they are always super yummy. I hate when I buy the hard ones in the store and they don't ever ripen. They pick them too early. but the ones at the veggie stand are perfect.

    Aww a red SUV. Now that is a reward worth working for. smile. Go for it, girl.

  38. Hi Laura What a wonderful reward. Reading our Christmas collection. Yay. and thank you so much for the review. Everyone thinks you need to write a book report, but really, all they are interested in is the stars and a couple comments. What you wrote is perfect.

  39. TRIXI I forgot to thank you for the Haagan Dazs ice cream. It goes yummy with the pie. Thank you.

    btw A walk to the little store in the resort and getting an ice cream cone is one of my rewards. smile

  40. Spam, Sandra? Really? I grew up on that stuff and ate a lot of fried Spam sandwiches. Then I grew up and learned all about high cholesterol and heart disease. I'm so glad the docs now have to admit butter, chocolate, and coffee won't kill you because they'll have to pry it out of my cold, dead hand. lol

    See y'all in Nashville!

  41. Spam, Sandra? Really? I grew up on that stuff and ate a lot of fried Spam sandwiches. Then I grew up and learned all about high cholesterol and heart disease. I'm so glad the docs now have to admit butter, chocolate, and coffee won't kill you because they'll have to pry it out of my cold, dead hand. lol

    See y'all in Nashville!

  42. Hi Barbara Okay, spam isn't the best for the heart, but did you see I bought the LITE can? That ought to help a little. You are too funny. See its chips and fritos you'll have to pry out of my dead hand. LOL

    Have a blast in Nashville. I know you will.

  43. Hi Sandra:

    Isn't the idea of 'rewarding yourself' a little disingenuous? Don't you have to deny yourself first in order to reward yourself? Isn't rewarding yourself a little like giving yourself a raise or playing chess against yourself? (And is going off your diet really a self-reward?)

    I love the idea of giving myself $5 for every 500 words I write but the problem is: I have a lot more words than I have $5's.

    I think instead of rewarding oneself, a chimera at best, get an arms-length, third party, to agree to give the reward instead! (A husband might do in a pinch if the reward comes out of his beer money.)

    I like the awards/rewards writing clubs offer members who achieve benchmark goals. (I never did win a rose!)

    Oh, my muse is being very silly this morning. Here's what I've been putting up with!

    "Motivation is always strongest when you don't need it!"

    "Motivation is to result as 'I love you, too' is to an inamorata saying, 'I love you.'"

    "Motivation is like giving your readers caffeine to keep them awake thru the dull parts. You really shouldn't need it!"

    "The more you require motivation, the more you need to learn how to do without it!"

    BTW: When is your next book coming out? I have never been to Hawaii but I have walked all over the islands with my exercise tapes. I think reading your Hawaii book would be a great reward for doing something. Wow! A reward in search of a motivation! How post-modern. :)


  44. I haven't had Spam since I was a kid. I don't remember liking it, but you make it look good w/the mayo. Maybe I should make it for my kids...

    I so agree w/you on the rewards. The lack of writing breeds lack of writing. And I used to beat myself up on reg. basis that even when I did write, I felt like I was still so far behind I didn't deserve a reward. So not true!

    I don't beat myself up anymore. It benefits nothing but to make me and everyone around me miserable.

    Chocolate and exercise are great rewards. Not necessarily at simultaneously.

  45. Hi Sandra,
    I'm not sure if I'd consider a spam sandwich a reward. Chocolate is always a great reward.

    I never thought too much about rewarding myself for writing. I think I look at writing as a reward for surviving my day job. But writing is an emotional roller coaster, and I'll take your advice to implement some little rewards. Thanks!

  46. Awww Vince Your muse is silly this morning. In a perfect world we wouldn't need motivation because we would already be doing what we love and that in itself would be motivation and reward at the same time.

    Hey would you like a rose? I can send you one. smile I do have a bunch from my group and there they sit in a vase gathering dust. The group decided to give beads for a bracelet instead of the roses (for this very reason) I really like that idea. But it is nice to have the reward. The rose actually wasn't the reward actually, but the acknowledgement from the group. Hmmm now that I think of it, maybe we need acknowledgement rewards rather than tangible rewards. Like getting an acknowledgment for a job well done at work. Hmmmm now you have my muse acting silly. chuckle.

    I'm not sure when the book is coming out. I will surely let you know. smile

  47. I don't actually reward myself much, because I don't discipline myself much ( I need to fix that). Right now writing is more of an intense hobby for me than a job. Writing is more of the reward for when I finish all my chores -or coming up, my school :(

    I agree with the whole family interrupting you because they don't think that writing is important. My mom is always telling me to get up and do something productive around the house and that my writing is not all that important right now because it has made me no money, also warranting a :( and that may true. It may also be true that I don't really need a job at the present moment so my writing can remain a hobby, but it is also true that this is what I plan on doing when I get older, and I see the books that I write now as an investment for my future.

    When I do have a hard time getting to writing (because I agree writing is tough, I wish I had known that before I got myself hooked on it!) I try to visualize what it will be like to hold my completed book in my hands. To have other people read it... sigh. If neither of those work then I like to imagine the what if... of if my books were to be made into movies. That definitely gets me motivated.

    Please enter me in the drawing.

  48. Hi Connie Queen Please don't beat yourself up. The rewards help you feel good. smile. Make the goals small so you accomplish them easily. Then if you go past the goal, you really feel good.

    I set my word count at 500 words. Most days I write more, but that way when I do, I feel super good. Then on the "busy" days, I at least get the 500 done.

  49. Hi Jackie What a great thought. Your writing is your reward for surviving the day job. I love it. I have been there during my working years so can really relate to that. Actually when the writing was the reward, I actually wrote more even though I had less time. Go figure.

  50. Oh Nicky I'm so sorry because from the sounds of it YOU ARE ALREADY A WRITER!!!! Yep! You are hooked. smile

    I love it. Hang in there. Keep on enjoying that writing. Keep on with those dreams. Picturing your book in your hands and the movie will make it happen. That is what we all do.

    ANd you are SO RIGHT. What you write now IS an investment for the future. What makes a great writer is they write and write and write and learn with each project.

    Go for it. You definitely are a writer. And I can just picture your book now.

  51. SANDRA, thank you for this fun post! I don't have a reward system in place. I may need to change that soon.


    Please enter me in the drawing.

  52. Hi Caryl Great. I hope it helps. Maybe you don't need it. smile

    You have a terrific Tuesday also.

    Happy writing.

  53. Sandy,

    The photo did bring back memories. I had FUN at RWA! I really enjoyed the Faith, Hope & Love board meeting too. It was good to meet other chapter members.

  54. Great post, Sandra! I strongly agree with the pitfalls and rewards you listed! While reading your ideas for rewarding our achievements, I realized I've reached a major goal, so I'll reward myself with membership in ACFW....perfect!

    The peach pie and coffee are delicious....funny how panic about not finding what we want can lead to something just as good...or better! *smile*

  55. Ugh on the spam. That would be a punishment, not a reward for me! But this was a great post. Too often I give myself the rewards first. I need to save them for after I have done my writing.

    Please enter me in the drawing.

    By the way, I am so jealous of everyone in Nashville. I would love to be there.

  56. I'm so glad Rose The Faith Hope and Love group are great writers. smile

  57. Oh Sherida ACFW membership. What a super reward. Great going.

    Wish we could all be at the ACFW conference. Another goal and reward. Right?

    Happy writing.

  58. Hi Sandy Me too. I'm fighting the green monster. I would love to be in Nashville with all of them.

    Hey, you are right. You need rewards after. But hey, if they work to get them before also, I don't see anything wrong with that. Everyone has different ways to do things.

    Happy writing.

  59. Sandra, I don't beat myself up anymore. It doesn't benefit anything. And what's funny is I get more done now.

    Go figure.

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. Yes, Connie Q go figure. I'm glad you are getting more done. We are so complicated aren't we???

    How about some chocolate? Your reward sounds like a good snack right now. smile

  62. It's always such a grand feeling to accomplish a goal!! Sometimes I don't need a specific reward, I just like to wallow in the moment...you know, like a pig in mud on a hot day...LOL (Was that bad since we've been talking about Spam?)

    I like the idea though of incentives...it's a great idea! I've enjoyed the comments too...always fun to find out everyone's thoughts!

    I need to get going on some writing!

    Glad I stopped by...happy day, happy writing!

  63. Great post. One that I need to take more seriously! With many things. A cup of coffee would be a good reward and motivation for me, and if I had chocolate, too, it would be awesome!

  64. Hi Kathryn I'm still laughing. You should have given us a spew alert with the spam/pig thing. ha ha ha You are quite humorous.

    Happy writing.

  65. Hi Marianne Now coffee and chocolate sounds wonderful indeed. Help yourself. Maybe I can get some Sees. That's my favorite chocolate. smile

    Happy reading.

  66. Well Sandra, now you know how to get people talking. Bring out a can of spam.

    I'm still not over it. :)

  67. Tina, when I was in High School, a coach called the other team "Cake Eaters". I guess writers are "Spam Eaters"! :)

  68. Ha ha ha ha ha This is hysterical Tina I guess we are just spamming it up. snort snort.

    It is funny that the spam is getting more attention than any of the rewards. And I will remember never to offer you a spam sandwich. LOL Hmmmm. Maybe I'll bring some spam for our next retreat. hee hee hee

  69. Or we are spammers Dana Just spamming it up. ha ha ha

    Maybe we are a little crazy too.?????

  70. I don't really use motivational tools because I just don't have to. I know that once I start something, I get focused on it, and I won't have any mental rest until I start it. Also, working on my stories is one of my favorite things to do. Besides, by the time I would have gotten to whatever is my goal, I won't want to leave my work to reward myself. Unless it's something I have to do; then I'll force myself away to get sucked into that until it's time to get sucked back into my stories.

  71. Hi Sandra:

    "In a perfect world every writer would be published every time and there would be so many books constantly being released that there would only be one reader-per-year-per-book-published available to read them!"

    There is a reason God didn't make this a perfect world! : )

    I think you're right about acknowledgement being a great reward. Did you know that with the K-9 Sentry Dogs in the Air Force no treats may be given the dogs for doing as commanded? The dogs work for praise alone. And these are highly trained dogs. We have them trained to attack a bad guy on command and even if they were flying thru the air about to knock the intruder over, the handler could still shout "OUT" and the dog would halt the attack. That's a very nice feature as the first thing they taught us a K-9 Handler School was: 'dogs don't miss'!

    How about a Seekerville Honor Roll? Remember Honor Rolls in school? Remember seeing your name in gold letters on the wall as you entered the school? Remember how it felt to make your parents proud of you? Now that was motivation!

    And yes, I'd love to 'win' a rose...at last!


  72. Yay Boo You really have it made in the shade as the old saying goes. Sounds like writing is your reward. How fun is that?

    Happy writing today.

  73. Oh my Vince Interesting observation. Only one reader-oer-year -per-book????? Oh my.

    I didn't know that about the K-9 dogs. I guess we need that praise more than ever. smile

    And a rose? I'll see what I can do? smile

  74. Sandra, I get the coffee importance. One of my favorite reason to go to Books-a-Million was their citrus sunset mocha at the Joe Muggs coffee shop. It was made with orange-flavored dark chocolate. It was a wonderful reward for special occasions. However, they discontinued it a couple of years ago. I keep hoping they'll bring it back.

  75. HI Walt Good to hear from you and I so sympathize with you also. orange-flavored dark chocolate is one of my favorite chocolates. I bet that coffee was divine. smile

    Have you ever eaten those chocolates that come out around Christmas that are shaped like an orange and wrapped in orange foil with each wedge wrapped in orange foil and the chocolate-orange flavor is so yummy. I love those. Can't remember their name though.

    I'll keep positive thoughts that your favorite drink re-appears. smile

  76. Hi Sandra! I'm sorry I'm so late. I just got home and this is the first chance I've had all day to read the blog. What a great post! I love your ideas for rewarding yourself and keeping you motivated! Chocolate always works for me, lol.

  77. Hi LeAnne Yes, chocolate makes a great reward. Glad you have a good one. smile

    Wow you did have a late day. I'm ready to call it a day. I hear my pillow calling my name. LOL Get lots of rest.

    Happy writing.


  78. Well folks as I told LeAnne, my pillow is calling my name. It has been a fun day. And as Tina said, the spam brought more comments than the post. Toooo funny. But I don't care what anyone else thinks, I enjoyed that sandwich immensely. smile

    Thanks to all of you for joining us today. Be sure and check the Weekend Edition for the winner.

    Happy writing.

    Happy reading.

  79. To all of you attending ACFW this week, have safe travels and have a wonderful time at the conference. Be sure and enjoy all the Seeker friends. I will be praying for all of you and picturing you having so much fun.

    Happy networking.

    Happy pitching.

    Just have fun!!!!

  80. hi Sandra
    Late to commenting, but I laughed all the way through the comments. I loved this post but must make a Spam comment too. Spam is not a treat for me. I think of it as the food one must eat because there isn't enough money for "real" meat. Kinda like the time my brother went to a fancy restaurant and was astounded that the place offered fried green tomatoes as a dish (and pricey too). Times were so tough for us at one time that all we had were green tomatoes from the meager garden to eat, so mom fried them up. (btw, we're NOT Southern, so mom never had done that before)

    Anyhow, my take-away is find a reward that works for me. What is special to me may not be special to another. Good thing we are all unique.

  81. HiDeb, Weren't all those comments funny. Who knew the spam would generate such great laughs for the day??? And yes, you are so right. We need to find what is best for ourselves. Good thing you all aren't relying on spam for a reward. LOL

    btw I love fried green tomatoes also. I guess I'm a peon at heart. The simple things in life appeal to me the most.

    Have a great week.

  82. Hi Sandra. I am now craving peach pie!! Living in Wisconsin, we watch for Michigan peaches that are sold via the car-ferry from Michigan. I will try to visit the farmers market on Saturday morning! I agree that rewards should be important and I never think of that. I tend to assume that there are no self-rewards until the book is done...that's a long time between rewards. I do praise God when he's helped me put a chapter together...hence, my internal reward. :) Many thanks for this eye-opener!! Blessings to you.

  83. Ahh Sandra I was hoping you were going to say you rewarded yourself with a trip to Hawaii!
    And Spam. Hmmm. My son-in-law gets a can of Spam in his Christmas stocking every year.

    Sometimes my reward is a busman's holiday. If I finish a certain amount of my non-fiction writing, I reward myself with time to work on my fiction. Does that make me Jack-the-dull-boy? Well it would actually be Jaqueline.

    Thanks for your encouraging post.

  84. Well done, Sandra!

    I'm pretty bad about rewarding myself but when I do it's usually chocolate in some form.

    Please enter me in your generous drawing.

    May God bless you and all of Seekerville!

  85. SANDRA, PLEASE forgive me for being soooo late, but getting ready for the CFRR keep me running, then we left VERY early in the morning Tuesday, and I haven't been on the computer till now!!

    I like the idea of paying myself, especially the piggy bank idea, so I'll have to implement that. But I do reward myself with my favorite coffee throughout the day -- a Keurig reward, if you will. :)

    So between these two suggestions, I will soon be a wealthy, highly wired CDQ!! ;)

    Hugs and miss you seeing you!!


  86. Hi REbecca Yes, it is always great to thank God for our chapters. That is a wonderful reward. Some quiet time with Him would work for me also. smile

    Happy writing.

  87. Hi Barbaraj I think your Jaqueline of all trades idea is super great. Writing something different that you love to do is naturally a reward. And who's to say one reward is better than another. We are all so different. smile

    Happy writing.

  88. Hi Phyllis Thanks for joining us. Your name was put in the drawing. Blessings to you also. smile

  89. Hi Julie Looks like you are having a blast at the ACFW conference. Love the photos I've been seeing. I'm trying not to be jealous. chuckle.

    Yes, the piggy bank idea is great. Then you have promotion money all set up. smile

    Have fun.