Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Weekend Edition

Labor Day constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.-Wikipedia.

Leave a comment this weekend for a chance to win a Labor Day Surprise Book Package. Winner announced in the next Weekend Edition! 

And don't forget to take the Brain Fry Survey based on Friday's post. Check that post out here. The survey ends on September 10th! Click here to go to the survey! Yes, it's anonymous.

We Have Winners

If you are not familiar with our giveaway rules, take a minute to read them. It keeps us all happy! All winners should send their name, address, phone number to claim prizes to

**Due to the holiday weekend, the Seekerville email box will be not be answered until Tuesday.**

Winners from last Weekend Edition:  Phyllis Wheeler is the winner of a Surprise Book Package! DebH is the winner of a first ten-page critique.

Monday Mary Connealy  was in the house, fresh off the whirl-wind ACFW conference in Nashville. Trixie is the winner of a signed copy of No Way Up.

Tuesday Jan Drexler returned with her post, "How to Be a Fabulous Writer in Three (Not-So) Easy Steps."  Jan has a double giveaway for our Villagers: Kathryn Barker is the winner of Mattie's Pledge, and Josee is the winner of a first 5-page critique.

Wednesday was the September Contest Update. Congratulations to our contest diva Laura Conner Kestner. Valri is the surprise book package winner and Laurie Wood is the mug winner.

 Candee Fick returned on Thursday to talk about "Crafting Believable Bad Guys (and Then Redeeming Them),"  We have winners of her second soon-to-be-released novel, Dance Over Me Kaybee is the winner of a print copy and Sandy Smith is the winner of an ecopy.

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Closed for the Holiday. 

Tuesday: Winnie Griggs returns to Seekerville.

Wednesday: Angela Meyer is our special guest in Seekerville.

Thursday: Come on in as Ruth Logan Herne chats about the balance of inspiration and perspiration when it comes to building your success platform. Ruthy is giving away her words and experience but also a beautiful set of "Jesus Calling" to one blessed winner! Stop by and let's discuss how one concept rarely works without the other!

Friday: Best of the Archives with Debby Giusti. Comments are closed as we catch up on our reading and writing.

Seeker Sightings

Congratulations to Mary Connealy. No Way Up is a CBA Bestseller for September! 

Mary is on the cover of this month's issue of Southern Writer's Magazine!

Save the Date~If you're in the Phoenix area, Tina Radcliffe will be speaking to the Phoenix ACFW Chapter-Christian Writers of the West, on Saturday, September 24th. The Topic? "What Have You Done Today to Make Your Dreams Come True?" Details and location here.

Cover Reveal! Woo! Hoo!

You read Dan Gallagher's story in Stranded with the Rancher. Now it's time for stubborn, smart-mouthed Joe Gallagher's story. Oh, the mighty how they fall. Preorder Rocky Mountain Cowboy here. Releasing in print on December 20th.

FREE DOWNLOAD on Julie Lessman's A GLIMMER OF HOPE, the 5-star novella prequel to her award-winning novel Isle of Hope. Get your free e-copy of AGOH at AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE, or KOBO.

FREE DOWNLOAD of Love Will Find a Way, a Contemporary Romance Collection featuring novellas by Seekers Cara Lynn James, Myra Johnson, and Sandra Leesmith. Get your FREE COPY FOR AMAZON KINDLE now through Labor Day!

Random News & Information

Thanks to everyone who sent links!


Do you know about Great Books Online?**

Revisions Or Do I Have to Listen to That Darn Copy Editor? (Romance University) **

All About the Offer Etiquette (And How to get a Fast Pass!)** (Jennifer Represents) From Her Archives, But Excellent!**

Follow Zinsser’s Advice on Writing Well (Barbara McNichol Editorial)

 Manuscript editing: How to cut words when your novel’s too long (Now Novel)

How To Get the Most Out of Your Sequel Scenes (Writers Helping Writers Become Authors)**

 Now Arriving on the New York Subway: Free E-Books, Timed for Your Commute (NYT)

Pew: Print Books Still More Popular Than Ebooks and Audiobooks (DBW)

How To Sell Two Million Self-Published Books With Rachel Abbott (The Creative Penn)**

That's it! Have a Wonderful Holiday Weekend. 


  1. Happy Birthday, Janet!

    Starting to scour through the survey results and have already contacted one author to guest in Seekerville based on the survey. And she said yes!!!

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

    Get lots of reading and writing done.

    Scarf those free books while you can!!

    I plan to be off the grid and loving it!!

  2. Great WE as always, Miss T!
    CONGRATS to all the winners!
    YAY for Cover Girl Mary Connealy!! :) Also congrats for your CBA best-seller book!!
    Happy Birthday to sweet Janet Dean!! Loved seeing you last week at ACFW!!
    Since lots of folks consider Labor Day weekend as the "last weekend of summer" I'm making homemade ice-cream - - PEACH, of course! ;) I also have vanilla and chocolate if you prefer those flavors.
    Everyone stay safe and have a wonderful holiday weekend.
    Hugs, Patti Jo

    TINA!! LOVE the cover for Rocky Mountain Cowboy!! Cannot wait to read this one!! :)

  3. Happy Labor Day weekend. I just stopped in to say CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners. Did you see the link to free books? That makes all of us winners. Thanks, TINA for an awesome WE. Don't stress out too bad on your topic for the writers. Is that the one I first met Sandra at?

    Oops Amazon didn't change the prices on the novella collection yet...I will need to try again later. And I'll be back (that's a promise, not a threat) to check out the other links

  4. So, I know it's important to spend holidays, well, celebrating. Like, with family and stuff. But I honestly miss Seekerville when you take the day off! Haha. All of that to say, Happy Labor Day weekend everyone. I hope you have a wonderful celebration.

    This is a fun WE! I CANNOT WAIT to read Joe Gallagher's story. I love the cover, Tina!!

    Congrats Mary Connealy!
    Happy birthday, Janet Dean!

    And as if my TBR pile isn't high enough as it is, I've got a bunch of new free books to add to it :)

    Alright, I'm going to go post that LM Montgomery quote above my desk and dive back into the WIP.

    See you all on Tuesday!

  5. Happy LONG Weekend, everyone! Great week last week and looking forward to the next. (...As I still unpack from ACFW. I know. I know. Lol)

    Loved the survey, Tina! :-)

  6. That's so funny that I'm here on Thursday, but in my head I'm on August time! So clearly I must engage my busy-with-kids and writing brain into something wonderful and fun!!!

    Wait. I'LL SCOLD EVERYONE!!!! YES!!! Best thing ever!

    Lovely WE Tina!!! I'm on writing and farm duty today, so I'm saving the links for later, but I love to pop into them on break time and see what news is afloat!


    Oh, how I welcome thee with open arms, you wonderful month! I had to put on a sweater this morning.

    A REAL ONE!!!

    Happy dancing!!!!

  7. Janet, my beautiful friend! Happy birthday to you!!!!

    I hope it includes cake and good food and the company of wonderful people!

    God bless you!

  8. Meg, I love that quote, too! Go get 'em!!!

  9. There... I fixed it. Done.

    Tina!!! I wish I was in Phoenix on the 24th!!! I would come and see you talk! Kudos to you, I bet you'll have a wonderful time with the ACFW group!

  10. Happy birthday, Janet! I hope you have a great day!

    Tina, I wish I could hear you talk in Phoenix. Any chance it'll be live streamed? :)
    Thanks for another great WE!

    Happy Labor Day weekend everybody!

  11. Happy Birthday Janet Dean! Have a fabulous day and week and month and get my drift! *wink wink.

    Congratulations winners and Mary! Love No Way Up!

    Tina, wish I was in Pheonix area to hear you speak! Have a great time!

    Happy weekend, everyone!

  12. Happy birthday sweet Janet Dean!
    Congratulations on your bestseller, Mary! It's one of my personal favorites!
    Thank you for the heads up on the free Kindle deal!
    Have a blessed, restful, and bookish weekend, Seekers!

  13. That Lucy Maude Montgomery quote reminds me of Shakespeare's "Cromwell, I charge thee! Fling away ambition. By that sin fell the angels."

    And then Laura Ingalls Wilder went on to say "Ambition is a good slave, but a bad master." in a high school essay she wrote about ambition.

    I love being ambitious. I love being sacrificial. I think those are two things in my "wheelhouse".

    But it's a narrow roadway to not become overly ambitious to the cost of losing love... but also to be ambitious enough to continue the work toward the goal.

    Talk about a tightrope.

  14. Happy Birthday Janet! Hope you enjoy your day!

    Congratulations to all the winners this week!

    Wish I lived near Phoenix...I'd stop by to meet you Tina!

    I pray everyone has a safe and sane holiday weekend!

    Cindy W.

  15. Oh, and a BIG congratulations to Mary on hitting the CBA Bestseller List AND getting on the cover of the "Southern Writer's Magazine". Yeeeeee hah! That's awesome.

    Cindy W.

  16. Happy Birthday, Janet!!!!!

    I love the quote Work until your idols become your rivals! That's a good one!

    Have a happy holiday weekend, everyone.


    Congratulations to this weeks' winners.

    Please enter me for the Labor Day Surprise Book Package.


  18. Happy Birthday Janet

    Congrats to all the winners.

    Have a wonderful and blessed holiday weekend.

    Hubby and I will be renewing our wedding vows at the Thousand Trails Bend Sunriver park tomorrow. They are having a wonderful celebration. It will be fun. Over 49 years for us. smile I wonder if we'll be the oldest there. LOL

  19. Happy Birthday Janet! Enjoy your special day!
    Congratulations to Mary on hitting the CBA Bestseller List and also for making the cover on the Southern Writer's Magazine...WOOT!
    Thanks for another great WE, Tina. The cover on your upcoming release is beautiful!

  20. HAPPY BARKDAY, Janet!

    Love that quote about idols and rivals.
    New thought for me ~ Love it...

    Congrats winners, one and all!

    I'm going to record Ch 1 for May the K9 Spy's 4th book on Monday. YAY!
    It's going to happen!!

    Should have hardcopy in paw end of the month. May is doing a backflip somewhere. :)

    Happy Saturday and everyone have a safe weekend...

  21. Happy Birthday, Janet!

    Congratulations Mary on the magazine cover.

    Congrats to all the winners.

    I am getting ready to send a manuscript to an editor who volunteered to read it as an advertisement to her new business.

    I am hoping to enter in the first impressions contest.

    It will be a busy weekend with physical challenges and also the challenge of writing and reading, The Lord is so good.

  22. Happy Birthday Janet Dean!
    Congrats to all the winners and to Mary C.!
    Great cover Tina! Can't wait to read it.
    Thanks for the links to the FREE books! That's my favorite price.
    Praying for all in the path of Hermine, those still dealing with the cleaning up after Hermine, flooding, forest fires, or earthquakes, and those who are suffering in any way. Be safe!
    Enjoy Labor Day weekend everyone!

  23. Wow, what a WE!!! Congrats to our weekly winners, congrats to MARY on the Southern Magazine feature and cover, congrats to TINA on your upcoming release, and happy birthday to JANET!!!

    BTW, JANET, coincidentally you share a birthday with our little dog Poppy! She sends greetings!

    I think I'm just about rested up and back to normal after returning from ACFW, although it took me most of the week. August was such a crazy-busy month, and I'm ready for NORMAL!!!

  24. Tina!!!!!!!!!! You're giving a speech????
    Wow, booking my ticket to Phoenix now!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. JANET!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm baking a cake as soon as I get off the computer, celebrating that you were born!

    Great day for me!!!

  26. Thanks Patti Jo, it's so fun to read your comments after having just seen you.
    Your comments now have a Georgia accent!!!!!!!

    Can you believe, me, a cover girl!!!???

    Wow, someone's no doubt fired in the head office, but it's too late to switch me and Lenora Worth now! HAH!!!

  27. Megan, thanks. Isn't that fun. Weird, too. My head is gigantic!

  28. Just Commonly, we should carpool to Tina's speech. Can you swing by Nebraska on the road trip???

  29. And Just Commonly that's so much for the kind words about No Way Up.
    I loved that book, how it came out and I'm really looking forward to the rest of the series.

    I named some of the heroes after local boys though and no I think their mom might be mad at me for crushing her son under and avalanche and leaving another one shot at the end of the book. Justin comes out of it all right though.

    Hoping she can cling to that.

  30. Cindy W, is that not just wild, me on a magazine cover.

    So fun. Especially while I sit here barefoot in my battered sweat pant wondering if I should have more coffee or if it's time to switch to Diet Coke.

    Oh yeah, I'm a cover model for sure!!!

  31. Thanks, Jill, it's very cool, but I'd rather be with Janet to celebrate her birthday (my invitation is somehow lost in the mail) or go watch Tina give a speech.

    I'd have to risk learning something, but I'm brave.

  32. Wilani, God bless you on the manuscript edit. I'm saying a prayer right now that you can find just what you need from it.

    And thanks for the nice comment about the magazine cover.

    I changed the magazine cover to my profile pic on Facebook, probably being a show off and God seems to delight in making sure I'm humble, so uh oh!!!

  33. Thanks, Dawn. I have been waiting EAGERLY for Tina's next book. I love what she can do with cowboys. (a personal bend, I reckon!)

  34. Thanks Myra, I've been asked if I qualify as a Southern Writer, but Nebraska is south of MANY THINGS. Canada for example.

  35. WOW, thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes! I love birthdays. Our family is getting together to celebrate. It's a gorgeous day here. Hope everyone has a splendid Labor Day Weekend!

    Hugs, Janet

  36. MARY, you are rocking it!! Congrats on being a Bestseller and cover girl! You look fabulous!!


  37. MYRA, I'm honored to share birthdays with Poppy! Hope he has a fun day. Our grand dog Reggie sent me a birthday greeting video! So cute!!


  38. Patti JO, thanks for the peach ice cream to go on my birthday cake. Yum!!

    Great to see you in Nashville. It's always special to get a hug from you. And a real life peach. No cyber peaches in Nashville with you around!!


  39. JUST COMMONLY, I'm still savoring the fun and fellowship of the CFRR in Nashville!! The swag bag is so well made and lovely. I'll use it a lot! Thanks for all your hard work and the sweetest note from you, Bonnie and Carrie.


  40. SANDRA, bless you and your hubby as you renew your wedding vows! I'm so happy for you!

    Hugs, Janet

  41. TINA, thanks for the cupcake and sparkler birthday card! Love it!

    Can't wait to read Joe's story. Love that family! And your stories!

    Thanks for the Great Weekend Edition. Congrats to our winners.


  42. Happy Birthday, Janet!!!

    Everyone is celebrating this weekend...

    Except I'm working, but it's a fun story that's making me happy. :)

    Congrats to the winners!

    Mary Connealy, you look lovely on the front of that magazine! Thanks for mentioning the Seekers in the article!

    Shall we do a road trip to Phoenix to hear Tina speak? I vote "Yes!"

  43. It's overcast in GA. Rain is expected later, but we ducked Hermine, which is good.

    Hope everyone is staying safe this weekend. Safe travel is you're on the roads...or in the path of the storm.

  44. MARY!!! SUPER CONGRATS on the Bestseller list AND being on the cover of Southern Writers Magazine -- you're rolling, darlin'!!

    JANET ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my sweet friend! Hope it's the best EVER!!

    TINA ... would LOVE to hear you speak in Phoenix, girlfriend. I bet you are AWESOME!!

    WHOA ... gotta read the link "How To Sell Two Million Self-Published Books With Rachel Abbott: ... ;)

    Oh, man, I sure could have used the article, "
    Manuscript editing: How to cut words when your novel’s too long" when I had to cut 50,000 words from my last O'Connor novel. Definitely saving that one ...

    HAPPY LABOR DAY, EVERYONE -- Hope there is very little "labor" involved!!


  45. Work until your idols become rivals
    destined to shine beyond their time
    in your reflected glory.

    Ambition should be made of sterner stuff:
    Marc Antony about Caesar

  46. Tina, thanks for another great WE!!

    And Janet, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Enjoy celebrating you!

  47. JANET, Saturdays are usually grooming days for the dogs, and today included toenail clipping--which they will grudgingly tolerate but Poppy HATES! She wasn't buying my spiel that she was having a spa day and getting her nails done for her birthday.

  48. Happy Birthday, Janet. Hope your day is an especially memorable one.
    Thanks, Tina, for the WE. Would love to be able to hear you speak in Phoenix. Congrats on your new release too.
    Congratulations to all last week's winners and to Mary on hitting the CBA list and for being on the cover of Southern Writers Magazine.
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone.

  49. Happy Birthday, Janet!! I hope you're having a fabulous day!! ((Hugs))

    Mary, you look absolutely gorgeous on that magazine cover!

    Tina, I wish I lived close enough to come hear you speak in Phoenix. Congrats, on the new book! I love the cover!!

    Happy weekend, all!!

  50. Rhonda, thank you. I probably need a NEW professional photo but I'm waiting until I get better looking, thinner looking, smarter looking and younger looking.

    No results as yet.

  51. Sure you had to cut, Julie, but didn't you cut a NOVELLA out of it?
    A great one, too.
    So no writing is wasted!

  52. Vince, this is what I keep saying to Ruthy!
    You may have noticed she works really HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Debby I've been worried about you east coasters.

    And Myra? How about you? If you're clipping Poppy's toenails I guess that equals OK.

  54. Pat Jeanne Davis--thank you so much for that.
    Plenty to celebrate in Seekerville today. CAKE FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. So much great stuff in this weekend's edition! Happy birthday Janet! I love the cover of your new book Tina! Looking forward to reading it. Great magazine cover Mary! That's fun. Thanks for the links to the Labor Day sales and freebies!

    Please enter me in the weekend giveaway!

  56. Happy holiday to all.. Congrats to all the winners and writers awards! And I like your pic Mary!
    Please toss me into the weekend giveaway..

  57. Great WE, TINA! So much going on! Congratulations to all the winners!

    Happy Birthday, JANET!

    MARY, congratulations on the magazine cover, and being on the best seller list! So cool!

    Love the new book cover, TINA - congratulations! Loved the last book, can't wait to read this one!

    Thank you for the link to free downloads - I've read Glimmer of Hope (and loved it) but I don't have Love Will Find a Way. Looking forward to reading it. And I'm still enjoying the Christmas collections! So many good books, so little time!

    Off to read the links - thanks again. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend.

  58. Congratulations to all the winners! Happy birthday Janet!

    Please enter my name for the drawing. Now that I have said my piece, I'm off to bed- after I do some reading ;)

  59. Just downloaded Glimmer of Hope to my kindle app! ^_^

    Hope you have a great birthday Janet!

    I finally posted something in awhile --in my defense, I had five classes come to the library this week, so I was scheduling and prepping for all the students (ack!) =)

    Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! Hope to hang around with you all more often again. ^_^

  60. Happy birthday, Janet!

    Congratulations to Mary on her magazine cover! Wow! And to all the authors and winners!

    Please enter me in the Labor Day Surprise Book Package drawing.

    Happy Labor Day to you all!

    May God bless you and all of Seekerville!

  61. Happy Holiday weekend everyone. Hope it's a good one.

    Excited to be a winner this week!

  62. I pulled my magazine cover up for my sevenyear old granddaughter today, trying to impress her.

    Her response?


    Thank you for keeping me humble, sweetie.

  63. Congrats to this week's winners. And hey, how about our very own cover girl, Mary? How cool!

    And Tina, I am soooo glad Joe Gallagher's story is getting closer and closer! Gotta see how this guy finds love. He does find love, right? I mean, it is a romance. HEA and all that.

    Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! I've been told it's the unofficial end of summer for some folks. I'm thinking our end of summer is more like Halloween ;-)

    Nancy C

  64. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Janet....happy birthday and God bless you!! I pray you have an extra special day filled with fun, laughter and family :-)

    Hope you all have a great Labor Day wherever you are, enjoy the extra day off Seekerville!

  65. Happy birthday Janet!!! Wishing you many blessings and calorie free cake all weekend long! :)

    I feel like I've been missing a hundred years from you all!! Hope your Labor Day weekend is wonderful!

  66. Great Weekend edition, Tina. Wish I was going to the conference--love your topic!

    Congrats to winners...Happy Birthday Janet...and Mary, you're a delightful cover girl!!

    Thanks to Julie and the authors of Love Will Find a Way for the Free Downloads.

    Looking forward to next week's lineup! I looked at the survey, but with three-year-old grandson buzzing around I haven't had time to complete it.

    Wishing all of you a marvelous Labor and fun!

  67. Uh, yeah, Mare, I did, so win-win!!

    You're more than welcome, Kath! Happy reading!


  68. Congrats MARY on the CBA Bestseller listing. Just in time for that magazine article too! way cool. I love your cover photo even if you've hinted that it's old.

    Great WE Tina. I'm behind things right now. So a tad late to see stuff. Will have to send a note for the crit I won. Yay! (i think...)

    Happy Birthday Janet - if a tad late. Hope your special day was extra blessed.

  69. Thanks for all the Happy Birthday wishes! I was so busy celebrating that I never got back here to see them.


  70. Congrats to you, Mary. "No Way Up" was a wonderful read!
    Blessings and hugs to you all. Labor Day has come and we go, writers, here we go! (That sounded like a football cheer to me!)