Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Weekend Edition

Welcome to the Weekend Edition
and our tenth year!
"Look How Far We've Come!"

If you are not familiar with our giveaway rules, take a minute to read them here. It keeps us all happy! All winners should send their name, address, and phone number to claim prizes. Send to

Winner of a $25 Amazon gift card is Wilani.

Monday: Janet Dean chatted about story openings in her post "Hook Readers with Strong Inciting Incident Openings." Vince Mooney won the eBook How to Charm a Beekeeper's Heart and Sandy Smith won the eBook The Substitute Bride. 

Wednesday: Guest blogger Mary Alford talked about "A Never Ending Story – The Sequel." Mary's winner for an ebook copy of Valentine Matchmaker, a collection of nine romantic novellas that includes Mary's book, Marry Me, is Beth F. 

Thursday: Josee Telfer was our special guest with "I am a Writer. Now What?" Kathy Bailey and Barbara Scott are winners of their choice of either Proverbs 31 or "The Lords Prayer," done in pointed pen calligraphy. Printed on thick cardstock, they are ready for framing.

Monday: Rachelle Dekker returns to Seekerville with her post,"How Not to Get Caught Up in the Past." Stop by for a chance to win her latest release, The Returning (The Seer  Series Finale)

Tuesday: Cara Lynn James will talk about Writing A Romance Series.

Wednesday: Tina Radcliffe brings you Asked & Answered Part 4." What is Christian Inspirational Romance?" Stop by and give your opinion and you might win a fantastic giveaway!

Thursday: Sandra Leesmith will join us and show us how to "Show Don't Tell." Writers -comment and show us an example from your WIP(work-in-progress) of a show instead of tell and be eligible for a ten-page critique of your current WIP. Readers can comment and give an example of something they've read that shows instead of tells and win an available Seeker ebook. 

Friday: Best of the Archives by Tina Radcliffe: "Overcoming Goldilocks Syndrome." Comments are closed on Fridays so we all can focus on writing and reading!

Tina Radcliffe is visiting Just Commonly's blog to talk about humor in her post, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Becoming a Writer." Stop by for a double giveaway and a good joke or two! January 25th! 

2-BOOK GIVEAWAY! Win two signed paperback books in a Facebook Flash Giveaway on Tuesday, January 24 at Julie’s FB Author Page. 

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Debby Giusti invites her Seekerville friends to join her at two delightful reader events.

Romancing the Smokies 
March 17 - 18. Knoxville, TN
A getaway weekend filled with authors, readers, books, yummy food and lots of fun! 

Love Our Readers' Luncheon

Atlanta Metro Area, February 11, 2017.

A delightful luncheon with your favorite authors! Reserve your seat at Debby's table!

Thanks for the link love!

Using a Calendar to Storyboard Your Novel (The Write Conversation)

Have You Seen Kinder Guides? - Early Learning Guides to Culture Classics (Kinder Guides)

How to describe: Writing clear places and characters (Now Novel)

The Most Common Manuscript Malfunctions (and How to Avoid Them) (Helping Writers Become Authors)

Ditch the Pitch (Books & Such Literary Management)

Coming in February, get a peek at the Seekers’ writing spaces! Are we neatniks, messies, or somewhere in between? Do we write at a desk, in a recliner, on the porch, or on the road? Computer or longhand? Mac or PC? 

And if you’re really brave, you’re invited to share photos of your own writing spaces! Submit your pix to no later than January 31. As space permits, we may include a few of them on the blog. Others will be posted on the Seekerville Facebook page—yes, for all the world to see!!! 

No fair sprucing up your writing space just for the photo—this is strictly “come as you are”!

That's it! Have a great writing and reading weekend!


  1. Yay, I won Janet's book Substitute Bride. I look forward to reading it.

    I might have to share a picture of my writing desk. It is actually mostly clean right now.

    Looking forward to another week in Seekerville.

    1. Remember, Sandy, those writing desk pix are supposed emulate real life--LOL!

    2. MYRA, how disappointing. I was about to call in a home organizer! ;-)


  2. Happy Weekend, Seekerville. May all your writing and reading goals come true. Protect the Work!

  3. Hi Tina:


    Great Topic!

    Can't wait to ask this "Asked and Answered" question:

    "How edgy can Christian Fiction get and still be considered Christian Fiction and not secular?"

    No need to answer now. I'm going to ask this question Wednesday. It may take some time to work this out. I sure don't know the answer.


    1. Vince, you behave yourself now. chuckle.

    2. Well, there are as many answers to that question as there are publishers and readers.... but that is a great question.

      It's a big spectrum and I don't think there are any right answers.... but plenty of wrong ones!

  4. Congrats to all the winners!

    Looking around my office and wondering if Tina really wants a picture of where I work. Especially when I'm close to deadline. It isn't pretty! :)

    Lots of great articles to read. Thanks, Tina!

    1. That's EXACTLY the kind of photo we want, Debby!!! :)

  5. Great weekend, Tina!

    My office usually looks like the second picture, but since my house is for sale I work hard to keep it nice and neat. Believe me, I seem to be less organized when it's organized.

    My mom is really neat, and my dad is less organized. For years he has told her, "I can find anything in three tries." And amazingly he almost never 'loses' anything.
    Happy weekend, Seekerville!

    1. I understand completely about keeping things tidy for showing a house. Sooooo hard, especially if kids and pets are involved!

    2. Best wishes on selling your house.

  6. Congratulations to all of the winners.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of everyone's writing spaces.
    Thanks for a great WE, Tina!

    1. And sending us one of your own, right, Jill???

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I'm with Vince, Teenster -- cannot WAIT for your blog on "What is Christian Inspirational Romance" either! And, LOL, Vince ... cannot wait to give you my take on your question, too! ;)

    DEBBY SAID: "Looking around my office and wondering if Tina really wants a picture of where I work. Especially when I'm close to deadline. It isn't pretty! :)"

    LOL ... I hear you, Deb, and I doubt anybody's workplace is very pretty near deadline. I know mine isn't because the floor is usually littered with tons of spent Kleenex as I write those final chapters, both for the characters and for me because I'm coming to an end of time spent with characters I love. Oh, and one cannot discount the lack of makeup and hygiene that always accompanies those final hours ... ;)

    Great WE, Tina, and SUPER CONGRATS to all the winners.

    Hugs and HAPPY WEEKEND!

    1. Okay, Julie. JUST the writing space. No need to include photos of our personal state of disarray while we're writing. You sure won't see any of ME!!!

    2. I am not doing the post on Office Spaces. Myra is. Bail me out here, Myra.

    3. Hi Julie:

      Your comment made me wonder if there is a difference between Christian Fiction and Christian Inspirational Fiction?

      If they are the same thing, is the term 'Inspirational' in the category 'Christian Inspiration Fiction' redundant? I'm sure there can be secular Inspirational fiction. I find a lot of the PMA best sellers to be inspirational as do millions of others.

      In a sense, why can't your Boston Series (all seven books) be called historical fiction that just happens to center around an Irish Catholic family? Do you think the TV show 'Blue Bloods' is Christian Fiction or even Christian Inspirational Fiction? The show also centers around an Irish Catholic family?

      Socrates always held that before you can have a meaningful philosophical discussion you must first come to an agreement as to how the terms you are using should be defined. This insistance by Socrates infuriated the Athenians who wanted to aruge their points using defenitions of terms which would render their arguments valid but which were definitions not held by other members of the discussion.

      Of course, we could be like Humpty Dumpty:

      "When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less."

      "The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things."

      "The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be master—that's all."

      Wednesday can't come quick enough! : )


    4. VINCE SAID: "Is the term 'Inspirational' in the category 'Christian Inspirational Fiction' redundant?

      Vince, that was my first thought that "Christian" and "Inspirational" were the same thing, but maybe Tina has a different take on it, so we'll just have to wait till Wed. :)

      YOU ALSO SAID: "In a sense, why can't your Boston Series (all seven books) be called historical fiction that just happens to center around an Irish Catholic family? Do you think the TV show 'Blue Bloods' is Christian Fiction or even Christian Inspirational Fiction? The show also centers around an Irish Catholic family?"

      That's an interesting question, Vince. When I first saw Bluebloods, my jaw dropped at the overt spirituality in it such as praying at meals and strong ethics because face it, you don't see that very often on TV.

      As far as my Boston series, I would LOVE to see a TV show centered around the O'Connors and their strong family ethic and faith, but I doubt it could be as Christian as my books. But maybe "Inspirational" in the sense of a feel-good story of a family tackling life's problems together. But I'm not holding my breath. ;)


    5. Right On Julie:

      How about a soap opera of the O'Connor Family? I'd love to see a young Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) play Charity! (Of "All my Children" Fame). In fact, I can't think of anyone better to play Charity!

    6. Guess I was too late on the comment before this. LOL

    7. LOL, VINCE ... I can't tell you HOW many low-star reviews I've gotten saying the DOB and WOC series sound like a soap opera, so that would definitely work. But never having watched any soap operas, I have no idea if Susan Lucci would be a good Charity match or not. :)


  9. Congratulations winners and Happy Weekend everyone!

  10. Congrats, winners! Have an awesome weekend!

  11. Great Weekend! Congrats to our winners! I look forward to next week's lineup. It's a long wait but it'll be fun seeing Seeker and Villager writing spaces!

    Happy Weekend everyone!!


    1. We know your writing area is exquisite, Miss Janet! I remember the pix from last time!

  12. Great weekend edition!!! As always. The article that has me in a bit of a dither though is the Early Learning guides to classic literature. Breakfast at Tiffany's for a child? Why? It's considered a 'seductive masterpiece' and is about a woman cruising Manhattan for a millionaire to marry. The series want to "inspire a love for literature" but can't that be done with children's literature? Both the classics like Treasure Island and Anne of Green Gables and the current masterpieces hitting the bookstores daily? Why rush things by offering adult classics to children? Why can't they enjoy and appreciate them (so much more!) when they are..well..adults? I just don't get it.


    1. Hey, Jake, come on over and we'll have a sleep over in my tent and read Anna Karenina.

  13. Just to clarify, I'm scheduled to do the post in February on writer spaces (is that better, Tina???). It'll go live on Valentine's Day! Already have some photos coming in, so it's going to be a fun day!

  14. Congratulations to all the winners. I am so excited to win the $25 Amazon gift card.

    I am hanging in there taking it a day at a time. I've done some writing and editing and trying to get back in the groove. There is a possibility I may go to the town where one of my nephews lives. His job is to repossess cars. He was demonstrating when the family was all together the night before the graveside. He loves the job and wants me to ride along with him at night. At first I thought no way that would be way to scary, but then I thought "That might make an interesting job for a character in a book so I might if I do go to my college reunion in March which is in the same town he lives in,

    Happy Birthday, Missy!

    My writing space is a disaster. I will take a picture of it now and then take one when I get it back to normal. At the moment it has Christmas cookbooks etc. My desk is the kitchen table.

    1. Wilani, glad to know you're hanging in there. Our thoughts & prayers are with you!

      Yes, what a fun and interesting night it would be to ride along while your nephew repossesses cars! Definitely take notes for a story character!

      Do send your before-and-after pix of your writing space!

    2. WILANI! WHOA. Now that's a fun experience in the making. Like Stephanie Plum in Janet Evanovich books. #jealous

    3. Wilani, I'm so glad you're hanging in there. You have been through so much. And I'm laughing at your writing space. Me too. My writing space is my kitchen table also and because its in the motorhome it isn't very large so really looks a fright.

  15. Great WE as always! Thank you, Miss T. :) Eager to check out those links after I do a chunk of writing!
    CONGRATS to all the winners, and hope to be able to stop by more this next week - - I LOVE Seekerville!
    Just baked a Georgia pecan pie, so please enjoy. Also peach muffins and peach pound cake (with a gooey peach icing for those who need sugar today, LOL). ;)
    Hugs from rainy GA, Patti Jo

    1. Raining here, too, Patti Jo! Your pecan pie would taste really good this afternoon with a steaming mug of decaf!

  16. TINA, thank you for another fabulous WE.

    Congrats to this week's winners!

    I'm enjoying some gorgeous sunshine after yesterday's storms here in my part of Texas.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. A Winner,

    Happy Dance! I just noticed after leaving two posts that I won a book that I very much want to read, "How to Charm a Beekeeper's Heart" by Candice Patterson. It has a great title, beautiful cover, and offers a promise of an interesting trip through the world of beekeeping -- all along with a sensitive romance. ('Charm' suggests 'sensitivity' to me.)

    I really enjoy it when a romance, mystery, or any novel takes me on a tour of a world I may not know anything about. Last night I saw a very good New Zealand movie, "Brokenwood -- Sour Grapes", which involves the wine making business there. All the info was essential to the plot. I'd like to see more novels like this as it is fun getting two reward streams rather than just one.

    Thanks Seekers,|: again :|


  18. Congrats to the winners~ Great WE, Tina, as always!

  19. Seeing writing spaces will be fun, Myra!

    Thanks for the links, everyone. And thanks for putting them all in one place, Tina

    Congratulations to you winners.

    Wishes for a good weekend for everyone!

    Nancy C

  20. Congratulations to all the winners! I absolutely loved all the posts this past week and look forward to all that is ahead!
    I'm staying up late tonight to read all the wonderful links because tomorrow afternoon will be all about football and waiting to see what kind of snow storm we will get.

    Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

  21. Congratulations for another great WE Tina and congratulations to all the winners.

    Have a blessed week!
    Cindy W.


    I know there are Seekers & Seeker Friends in the Atlanta area.

    Today Decides Who Goes to the Super Bowl!

    Are there any others in the remaining three areas: Green Bay, Boston, Pittsburg?

  23. Hello Seekerville. Congrats to all the winners this past week. I'm looking forward to posting again in the coming week. And I can hardly wait to see other writer's work spaces. LOL My desk is always a disaster area. Then when company comes, I throw it all in the bedroom where they can't see it. LOL I have to give my dear-heart hubby credit for never complaining. Happy writing this week.

  24. WHAT?! The mere thought gives me chills, posting a photo of my desk.

    Now, where I WRITE totally varies, depending on my mood and what's going on. Could be dining room table, on the sofa, out on the screen porch or if the weather is just right on a folding chair on the driveway. :)

    Been lurking but wanted to check in.

    Happy new week everyone!

    1. I'm with you, KC. Wow, you know, I've been meaning to tidy up in there.

  25. Wow! Doing the happy dance!! I'm so grateful to have won the Lord's Prayer calligraphy from Josee. I want to mat and frame it right away and hang it on the wall right in front of my laptop.

    And as always, Tina, thank you for giving us another great WE. :-) Seekerville is such a unique and encouraging website for readers and writers alike. Even if I don't comment, I always read the blog every day. Love you all!

  26. I am late to this party, but happy to be here! What a wonderful weekend edition (Tina, I love, love, love the new crisper version....) and huge congratulations to all of the winners. I am so happy for you!

    We've got dark gray skies and fog here, it's a very Bronte existence, Scottish moors, anyone?

    Perfect afternoon for football, homemade sliders and football, and cute kids running amok.

    That's my kind of day!

  27. To take a picture of my writer's space......or not.
    Such a mess in there.

  28. I can only snicker every time I see the two examples Myra gave and am forced to laugh. I remember an author interview in Romantic Times where a neighbor came in an authors office and asked her if she'd been robbed as her office looked like it was ransacked.

    Raising my hand. But why would they ransack my office. It's obvious that a first edition Nora Roberts is all I have of value. And day old bagels.

  29. You know, my little buddy Christina and I hauled a bunch of stuff out of my office.... We found a floor! If you can believe that!

    But I'm like KC, I write anywhere I can set up my laptop, so it's not like I write in the office.... And who wants a pic of a boring old chair???? :)

    I know.

    I'm going to pretend I write in the window seat, very Dickinson/Austen friendly.

    With PILLOWS. And a laptop.

    Perfect! :)