Friday, March 3, 2017

Best of the Archives: Speedbo Starting Line

Welcome to another Speedbo Motivational Post!

The following people have signed up to Speedbo for 2017:

1. Renee McBride
2. Sandy Smith
3. Megan Brummer
4. Tina Radcliffe
5. Ruth Logan Herne
6. Laura Conner Kestner
7. Jackie Layton
8. Sally Shupe
9. Preslaysa Williams
10. Phyllis Wheeler
11. Cindy W.
12. Wilani Wahl
13. Pam Hillman
14. Jessica Baughman
15. Dana R Lynn
16. Nancy Connally 
17. Josee Telfer
18. Loraine Nunley
19. Laurie Wood  
20. Sharee Stover
21. Mary Connealy
22. Erica Vetsch
23. Amy Grochowski 
24. Patti Jo Moore
25. Christina Lorenzen
26. Jules Dixon
27. Kathryn Barker 
28. Glynis Becker
29. Cindy Martin
30. Michelle Gregory
31. Rhonda Starnes
32. Connie Queen
33. Meg Rouse
34. Janet Ferguson
35. Tina Pinson
36. LoRee Peery
37. Crystal L. Barnes
38. Corina Burch
39. Jill Weatherholt
40. Debra Marvin
41. Rachael Koppendrayer
42. Karen Bracken
43. Myra Johnson
44. Toni Shiloh
45. Amber Schamel
46. Kelly Blackwell
47. Sherrinda Ketchersid 
48. lizzie starr
49. Sherida Stewart
50. DebH
51. Lori DiAnni
52. Jessy Ferguson
53. Heather Duff
54. Marcia L. Scott
55. Janet Dean
56. Linda Truesdell
57. Tanya Agler
58. Iola Goulton
59.Yoxani Shurtleff
60. Cate Nolan
61. Melanie Dickerson
62. Lara Hitchcock
63. LeAnne Bristow
64. Jeanette Hill
65. Bettie Boswell
66. Ann Schrock
67. Kathy Bailey
68. Tema Banner
69. Cindy Huff
70. Terri Weldon
71. Glynna Kaye
72. Kav
73. Debby Giusti
74. Rebecca McLafferty
75. Carol Moncado
76. Kelly Goshorn
78. Lyndee Henderson
79. Jeanine Ers
80. Christine Campbell
81. Missy Tippens
82. Rachel Jones
83. Christina Miller
84. Angela K. Couch
85. Laura Bernal
86. Christina Rich
87. Katy Lee
88. Marion Ueckermann
89. Ginger Solomon
90. Nicki Chapelway
91. Leola Ogle
92. Amanda Wright
93. Emily Neyer 
94. Dana McNeely
95. Boo Smelser
96. Kathy Alexander
97. Amy Catlin Wozniak   
98. Alison Stone
99. Vicki L. Marnie 
100. Natalie Monk 
101. Sarah Nuss 
102. Julie Lessman 
103. Norma Poore
104. Tanara McCauley
105. Vince Mooney
106. Jan Drexler
107. Anita Mae Draper
108. Laura Russell
109. Meghan Carver
110. Pegg Thomas
111. Heather Snyder
112. Tammy Johnson
113. Debbie Valine Exum
114. Cindy Regnier
115. Kimberly Jones
116. Kelsey Kamentz
117. Sally Bayless
118. Janet Kerr

Today,  want to build on the steps introduced to you by Sherri Shackelford in her post on goals.  Sherri introduced us to a powerful book called, Change Anything. The New Science of Personal Success. 
Here's an inside secret: Speedbo isn't really about writing a book in 31 days. It's about challenging your personal status quo. Your norm. Your comfort zone.  

 Speedbo is about changing your future.

Today is March 3 and in only 29 more days March 31st will be here. Whether you Speedbo or not, time is still going to fly by.

If you haven't signed up for Speedbo, I'd like you to think about why not? What do you have to lose?  If you are starting Speedbo today, consider adding these steps from Change Anything, to your Speedbo challenge to ensure success this month.

1. Visit Your Default Future

Right now take a stroll into your future minus change. Minus stretching yourself out of your comfort zone. What does your future look like if you continue doing the same things that haven't proved successful so far? 

"If you always do what you always do, you'll always get what you always get." Attributed to Mark Twain and Henry Ford.

 Where will you be a year from now if you don't adapt new and successful strategies for achieving what you 'say' are your goals? What is the worst-case scenario?

2. Tell the Whole Vivid Story

 From Change Anything: Most of us "nurture massive gaps in the truth (about our default future)-rather than fill in the ugly details."

When telling the truth about your default future, tell the whole vivid story in all its ugly painful detail. 

"If I don't change my time-management techniques, I will continue to only produce one book a year."

"If I don't start finishing books, I won't sell a book."

What's your ugly story look like?

3. Use Value Words

 "Stop obsessing over the unpleasant aspects of what you're required to do, and start focusing your attention on the values you're supporting."

In other words, you aren't losing an hour of sleep to rise an hour early to type your daily 500, or 1,000 or 2,000 words. Or get a chapter of revisions done. You aren't giving up evening television to write.

No, you are being "proactive" about your writing career. You are proving to yourself and your peers and family that you are a "serious writer."  You are a "multi published" author. You are a writer who finishes what he/she starts. You are a "finisher!"

 Insert your own value words.

4. Make it a Game

 From Change Anything: A game has three important design elements:

1. Limited time

2. A small challenge

3. A score

Translate that for Speedbo:

1. Speedbo is 31-day challenge

2. Now break your Speedbo goal down into bite-size pieces. WRITE THEM DOWN

Goal divided by 5 weeks = ?  Goal divided by 31 days = ? 

Make your goals achievable but still a challenge. Enable your success, instead of setting yourself up to fail. One idea is to allow yourself to play "catch up" on the weekend or one designated day each week.

3. Score yourself daily, and weekly. Don't make it Pass/Fail. Grade your productivity and write your score down on your calendar. You should be consistently improving.

Don't forget to reward yourself for your score.

Rewards should be something you can look back on and visualize for motivation as you move toward the next goal. So no, chocolate is not a reward unless you save the wrapper and pin it to your wall.

Examples: A red, blue or gold star on a calendar. A screen shot of your manuscript at page count, posted on Facebook.

5. Create a Personal Motivation Statement.

A good personal motivation should include references to your default future and use your value words. 

"I am a serious writer with excellent time-management skills, who finishes what she starts and is proactive about my writing career."

What's your personal motivation statement as you begin Speedbo? Write it on your certificate and post your statement where you can see it! 

Remember that Speedbo isn't just about writing fast. It's about changing the old you, into the NEW YOU! If you haven't signed up for Speedbo, WHY NOT? What's your excuse? What's your default future?

That's it. Now, let's SPEEDBO!!

This post was first posted on March 1, 2014. Comments are closed so we can write and read and generally be awesome!

This Speedbo Starting-Line post is brought to you by Seeker Tina Radcliffe who is racking up the page count. Her next newsletter, full of fun and giveaways, releases on March 9. Stop by her webpage to sign up.