Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Weekend Edition


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The winner of a romance for Romance Appreciation Month is Connie (CPS).

Monday: Missy Tippens brought us "Giving Them What They Want...Consistently (aka: What I learned from being a cosmetics junkie.)" Caryl Kane is the winner of a travel (cosmetics!) bag.

Tuesday: Seekerville welcomed Linda Sammaritan with her post, "Story of a Budding Novelist." DebH is the winner of Mardan's Mark, Phyllis Wheeler is the winner of Mind Writer, and Nicki Chapelway is the winner of 8 Notes to a Nobody

Wednesday: Mary Connealy's winner of Long Time Gone is Marcia.

Thursday: Cindy Regnier joined us today in Seekerville and she stepped out of her comfort zone to present, "Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable." Barbara Fox is the winner of a really cool writer’s notebook and cup and Tracey Hagwood is the winner of a $10 Amazon gift card. Both winners will receive Women of the Bible books.

*TBD =To be determined.

Monday: Janet Dean will be talking about her favorite things in her post "A Few of My Favorite things." Share yours for a chance to win a $15 Amazon gift card.

Tuesday: Sandra Leesmith will talk about Using Natural Phenomena In Your Novel. 

Wednesday: Tina Radcliffe brings you "Five Awesome Things About You." Be prepared to be stunned, startled, and surprised by the awesomeness of you. Come early, for this standing-room-only day in Seekerville and bring your own awesomeness, please.

Thursday: Dr. Richard Mabry returns to Seekerville with his post, "What's an Author to Do?" Stop by to chat with one of our favorite guests. You could win a copy of Cardiac Event!

Friday: The Best of the Archives featuring a classic post from our ten years of blogging. Comments are closed on Fridays to catch up on reading and writing.

Ruth Logan Herne is over at Stitches Thru Time on Wednesday this week, celebrating their birthday (and hers! Although at her age, she mostly keeps birthdays QUIET!) But she loves hanging out with Amber Schamel and the gang, and there is cake... and a giveaway... involved! 

Join Julie Lessman for Writer Tips on Splickety Magazine's Lightning Blog, where you can win a signed copy of the SPARK Magazine issue that contains Julie's alternate ending to Gone With the Wind AND an e-copy of any of Julie's indie books, including her latest release, His Steadfast Love.

Book 3 in Julie Lessman's Isle of Hope series, 5-star His Steadfast Love, is now available. PURCHASE HERE!

Read an excerpt from Julie Lessman's upcoming Christmas novella, A Whisper of Hope on Julie's Journal Jots blog and don't forget to PRE-ORDER A Whisper of Hope and The Best Gift of All for 99 cents each, both releasing September 1st!

Julie's "Heart of San Francisco" series novella, Grace Like Rain, releases September 1st for only 99 cents, so have you PRE-ORDERED yet?

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Myra Johnson is blogging next Tuesday with the Ladies of Love Inspired.
Learn more about Myra's Texas roots, how she ended up in the Carolinas,
and why she still revisits Texas in her stories, including
Her Hill Country Cowboy

The ACFW-VA Crown Award is for unpublished Christian fiction writers contest is open!

Your Book, the Movie: Interview With a Hollywood Producer (Writer Unboxed)

Learn What Irony (Really) Is and How To Use It (Reedsy)

Audio recordings of #RWA17 workshops are now available for purchase. (RWA) 

The definitive guide to SEO for authors (Nathan Bransford)

Book Copyright Page Examples for Your Ebook (Kindlepreneur)

The Nitty Gritty Practical Guide to Giving your Characters Unique Voice (ProWritingAid)

Unspoken Dialogue (Writer Unboxed)

New ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Adaptation Coming from ‘Poldark’ Creators (BookBub Blog)

The 2017 RWA President's Message is available to view on Youtube (RWA

Discoverability: Go Wide (The Book Designer)

5 Quick Proofreading Tips That Have Massive Payoffs (The Write Life)

Author Privacy-How Much Should You Share with Readers? (Live, Write, Breathe)

Answer our trivia questions posted here.  Giveaway winner will be randomly drawn from everyone who posts answers, right or wrong. Correct answers posted here on Sunday evening.  Winner announced in the next Weekend Edition.
Giveaway is a Seeker Book of Choice as available on Amazon.

CBA/ABA Trivia. With Answers

1. “My first book got turned down by 31 publishers...” Name the famous mainstream suspense author. James Patterson per Forbes.

2. What’s the difference between a “time slip novel” and a “time travel novel?”

The difference seems to be that a "time slip" is more of a paranormal event in which the person accidentally time travels. "Time travel" appears to be a more scientifically deliberate event. -Amy on Goodreads.

3. Louis L ‘Amour wrote 17 books about the what family? 

The Sackett Family. Take the quiz here.

4. This ABA romance writer has written over 215 books.

Nora Roberts, of course. 

5.  Who is the author of Before We Were Yours?

Lisa Wingate.

6. A powerful retelling of the story of Gomer and Hosea. 
Name the author and the book.

Francine Rivers. Redeeming Love. 

7. Which mystery author's autobiography is Kitchen Privileges: A Memoir?

Mary Higgins Clark.

8. Who is the author of the Baxter Family books? Now a TV series. 

Karen Kingsbury.

9. Whose tag line is the following?  “stories that show that faith, forgiveness and hope have the power to lift spirits and change lives – always.”

Love Inspired Books/Harlequin Harper Collins.

10.  What Christian publisher is located in Bloomington, MN?

Bethany House Publishing.

11. What year was Christy by Catherine Marshall published? 1967, 1969, or 1971.



  1. Now that it's the weekend, I just wanted say very happily that I'm officially a character in a Julie Lessman novel. That is totally awesome!!!!!

    1. Congratulations, Walt!! You have definitely arrived! :) How cool!

    2. How fun, Walt! I hope she doesn't kill you off or break your heart. :)

    3. Way to go, Walt! Nice guy or villain?

    4. LOL, WALT, I have now officially named characters after Seekerville's two token males -- you and Vince! In the last O'Connor novel, Vince is a romance writer and in my last Isle of Hope novel, Walt is into lawncare ... ;) Toyed with the idea of making you shirtless, Walt, but this is a Christian novel ... ;)


    5. LOL, Missy and Myra -- YES, Walt is a nice guy, and NO, I do not kill him off. This is not a Mary Connealy book, after all ... ;)


  2. Congratulations to this week's winners! I am looking forward to checking out the links this weekend. They look great, Tina!

    Okay, I will give my shot at answers for Questions 2 and 8
    2. Time slip is a novel with POV characters from different time eras. Time travel is a novel where the main character travels to different time periods for their story
    8. Karen Kingsbury

    Fun, fun. :)

  3. I love contests so I will try to answer these. I don't know very many but will guess.

    1. Mary Higgins Clark
    2. I have never heard the term time slip--time travel is when somebody goes to a different time period
    3. The Sacketts
    4. Nora Roberts
    5. Lisa Wingate
    6. Francine Rivers Redeeming Love
    7. I should know but have no guess
    8. Karen Kingsbury
    9. Love Inspired
    10. Bethany House
    11. 1967

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. I have a free weekend ahead. Looking forward to it.

    1. Wow, Sandy, you're a master at trivia! :)

    2. Sandy, that's incredible. I soooo wanna be your partner on Jeopardy if they ever get partners. :) I'll smile and wave while you answer all the questions and then we'll split the winnings. Doesn't that sound fair? Giggle :)

    3. Thanks, everyone, but I don't know that I got that many right. I looked them up after and missed at least one I know of! Looking forward to seeing the answers.

  4. May your weekend be filled with writing and reading. Hurrah for Seekerville!

  5. Happy weekend, everyone! I hope it's a good one for you.

  6. Congratulations to all of the winners...yay Tracey!
    I'm impressed Sandy Smith...I need to think on these for a bit, except #8. I loved that series!
    Thanks for a great WE, Tina. Happy weekend!

  7. Between Seekerville and Ruthy's retreat, had a double portion of writing fuel this week. Got a lot done on my two WIPs (one editing, one in the initial stages of writing). So grateful for all the help I find here.
    Looking forward to next week.
    Kathy Bailey

    1. Kathy, I can't wait to hear all about the retreat! I hate that I had to miss it.

  8. Cool quiz. I know #3, #4, #5 and #6.

    I guessed John Grisham for #1, but that was a total guess. I didn't even TRY to guess the others. :)

    I guessed wrong on the year Christy came out.

  9. Great WE.
    Ha. Ha. I'm terrible at trivia questions. Even ones I should know.

  10. Goodness, those are some tough trivia questions for me! I'll have to think on it. (I did think I know Francine Rivers on one, though.)

    Lots of GREAT links!! Thanks to all who shared them!

  11. I won Cindy Regnier"s Women of the Bible and a amazon gift card? How wonderful is that?! Thank you Cindy and Seekerville. I'm looking forward to Cindy's book and especially the story of the Prodigal son's mother.

    Congrats to all the winners this week!

    I like a good a good contest, too bad I'm not better at them :)
    1)wild guess-Lee Child-because someone here at Seekerville likes him a lot
    2)time slip is when there's a dual timeline going on, two stories being told simultaneously. Time travel is when a characters travel to another time/place
    4)Nora Roberts
    5)Lisa Wingate
    6)Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
    8)Karen Kingsbury
    9)Julie Lessman

    Happy reading/writing weekend everyone!

  12. 3. Has to be the Sacketts.

    Well, there you go.

  13. I THINK I know the answers to 3,5,7,8, and 9 and the others are guesses.
    1.Janet Evanovich
    2.Time travel has a character traveling from the present to the future OR back to the past. Time slip has a common incident or happening that has been experienced by people in different eras.
    3.The Sacketts
    4.Not sure what ABA stands for but Janet Fsiley was a very prolific romance author.
    5.Lisa Wingate. I Absolutely love this cover!
    6.I know Francine Rivers is outstanding but not sure if she wrote about these Biblical charactets
    7. Mary Higgins Clark, one of my favorite authors!
    8. Karen Kingsolver. I haven't seen the show yet.
    9.Guessing Julie Lessman
    10.Bethany House
    11.Hoping :-) 1967
    Thanks for a great WE and congratulations everyone.

  14. Fun trivia questions, Tina! I knew several of them right away. Will have to go back and think on the others.

    Today might be a good day . . . or another frustrating day. New fridge is scheduled for delivery and THIS TIME I hope the model fits through the interior door to our kitchen!!!

    Then later we have a gathering at church friends' lake house, so I hope we aren't sweltering in the August heat. Hoping for a breezy boat ride!

    Happy Saturday, Seekerville!

  15. Good morning, congrats to all the winners!

    I can only answer:
    5. Lisa Wingate
    6. Francine Rivers - Redeeming Love
    8. Karen Kingsbury

  16. OOOHHH this is hard...I can say #8 is Karen Kingsbury...not sure about others! lol
    Please enter me for the book!

  17. You guess, you are entered. Love those odds, right???

  18. Thank you Missy and Seekerville! Congrats to all the winners!

    2. Time-slip novels have both contemporary and historical eras.
    5. Lisa Wingate
    6. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
    10. Bethany House

    I'm so NOT good at trivia! Have a wonderful weekend. Please enter me in the drawing.

  19. Great WE Tina. Thanks for all the great links. Congrats to all the winners. Have a wonderful weekend. I'm up in Oregon in the path of the eclipse so will be enjoying all the excitement. Have a great weekend. Happy writing.

  20. Good morning, everyone. I have a bad case of the Saturday lazies, and I don't feel like remembering the answers to the other questions, but the random answers that popped up in my head are 2: Time travel is the journey of characters through different eras and time slip shows at least two sets of characters with different eras running parallel. And 8: Karen Kingsbury.

    1. Go ahead and cough on me. I want a terminal case of the Saturday Lazies.

  21. Happy Weekend, Seekerville! It's gorgeous today in my area. Hope you all are enjoying a pretty day.

    Congrats to our winners! Looking forward to chatting with everyone on Monday! Thanks, Tina, for the interesting links.


  22. Thanks, Tina, for another fun WE! I hopped right on Amazon and ordered Julie's novellas, of course. Since I'm rotten at trivia, although my brain is filled with useless information, I'll take a pass on the quiz.

    Loved all the books AND the towel that were packed in my surprise box! Mike is reading Lynette Eason's book Without Warning. He was totally hooked from page 1. It might be a while before I get my turn. Have I told y'all lately how much I love Seekerville?

    1. BARB!!! Was sooooo thrilled to hear you won AND that the towels matched your bathroom -- YAY!!!

      Thank you for ordering the novellas -- you are TOO sweet, my friend. Cannot WAIT to preorder your next book!!


  23. Happy WE and congrats to the winners! I'm not so good at trivia (hated Trivial Pursuit) and not so much at Jeopardy either, but right or wrong answers gets me in the here goes nothing...LOL!

    1. Steven King (?)
    2. Time slip is where the story starts out in one time zone (say present day) and goes to say to the 1700's or something (I'm thinking Mary Lu Tyndalls "The Reckoning". Time travel stories are where you literally travel back in time in the book. (my best guess)
    3. The Sackett's (don't mind the spelling)
    4. I have no idea what ABA is or who the author might be
    5. Lisa Wingate
    6. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers (the most powerful book I've read in the history of my reading career!)
    7. Agatha Christie (?)only one I can come up with, lol!
    8. Karen Kingsbury
    9. Julie Lessman or Ruth Logan Herne (?)
    10. Bethany House (?)
    11. 1969 (?)

    I only know of a few I'm sure I got right...the rest...not so much...haha! Now I need to go take an excedrin for the headache I caused myself :-) Can't wait for the answers :-)

  24. Thanks for the WE links, Tina. The link about copyright pages and the link about irony were particularly helpful for me. Congrats to all you winners!

    I haven't a clue about most of the answers for the quiz.

    I think I know the answer to #2. A time slip is when the character slips back into time without knowing how or being able to control how it happens. Time travel is when a character uses an opening or some sort of mechanical device.

    #3 - The Sacketts (?)

    #9 - Love Inspired (??)

    At least I'm positive about #10 - Bethany House!


    Nancy C

    1. And thank YOU, Nancy, for all the links you provide.!

  25. Great quiz. So many smart Villagers!

    Hubby and I have been on the road for 9 days. Our trip started with the wonderful CFRR in Cincinati. From there, we headed to Columbus to visit family and then on to beautiful Holmes County. Ohio has 60,000 Amish, one third of them live in Holmes County. Gorgeous countryside, picturesque farms and lots of buggies and bonnets. Loved every minute.

    Came home yesterday to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

    Awaiting tomorrow's eclipse. I have ISO approved glasses. Happy viewing to all!

  26. Wow!

    All Star Lineup Next Week!

    How about: "Five Awesome Things About You"?
    You are talking about us as 'Children of God' aren't you?

    The novellas are coming fast and furious. I have three by Julie alone due to arrive on 1 SEP 17. The question is: are they all as short as advertised? Can't wait to find that out.

    If my Christmas holiday RTB list were a dance card, it would already be nearly filled. Get those pre-orders out there early. The greatest competition is for the reader's 'Open to Read' time!

  27. It's practically Christmas in July, right, Vince??