Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dueling Seekers?

If you're having Seekerville withdrawal today go check out the dueling Seekers on Janet Dean's blog.

Julie is her guest today.

(okay, I made that dueling Seekers part up and now I can't get dueling banjoes out of my head!)


  1. Hey Mary, I just clicked on the Cup of Faith link and read the wonderful blog and comments, but I can't find where to submit my own comments. Help.

  2. Anita Mae, you should be able to click on the Leave a Comment link at the very bottom of the interview and the other comments. But Janet, who runs a tight, tight ship insists on approving all comments. She's known me too long and is afraid of what I'll say.

    So if you leave a comment and it doesn't appear, just wait. It'll show up after Janet and her magnifying glass and thesaurus goes over it carefully, and approves it.

  3. Caught you, Mary!

    See, Anita Mae, why I insist on approving comments?