Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ruthy wins in Long Contemp category in the Tara

Hooray for Ruthy! Here it is in her words:

Anne Marie Carrol called me this afternoon to tell me "Detecting Delia" has won the Long Contemp category of TARA and that Wanda Ottewell of Supers has requested a partial and the synopsis...

I wrote this book with Supers in mind, so this is a GOOD thing.... That I actually matched a manuscript up with an editor!

Actually, I wrote the opening on a dare from Tina that went kind of like this:

"So, do you think you can write five kick-@$$ pages that can final in Romancing the Tome? The overall prize is registration for nationals." I think at that point she double-dog-dared me and who can resist that? And even if she didn't, IT FELT like a dare. That was good enough for me. Then it finaled, got a request and there was NO BOOK...

But there is a book now. Doing the last chapter as we speak.

Congratulations, Ruthy!


  1. RUTHY!!!!!!! This is definitely "kick-ass" news, and I for one am praying my guts out ...


  2. Wahoo!!!!! Congratulations, Ruthy!!! Praying you and Superromance is a match made in Heaven!!!


  3. If I could, I'd embed one of those "whoo hoo" whistles in this comment. Ya think someone would have figured out how to do that by now. But they haven't, so please accept my...


  4. Congrats Ruthy, What a thrill and I know how great Detecting Delia is. HOOOOORAAAAY!!!!!!!!

  5. Wooo hoooo, Ruthy!!! Such terrific news. I'll be praying that she requests the entire manuscript and wants to publish it!

  6. That's wonderful, Ruthy!

    Wanda Otwell is very nice. She came to one of our chapter meetings to give a talk about an editor's life!

    Fingers crossed for you!

    Sue Mason

  7. YEAH Ruthy!!! Big CONGRATS!! I know Wanda will love you as much as we do!


  8. Ruthy!!! WOO-HOO!!!! If your fiction has as much spunk and fire as your posts here, I can't wait to read it!!


  9. You guys humble me. Absolutely.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your sincere good wishes and all the prayers. They're appreciated and coveted.

    And I've had such fun with this story (my naughty snarky side bleeds through in this book), and these characters are too much fun for words.

    The great thing about Supers is the latitude they allow authors. I've read thought-provoking Supers by authors like
    Anna DeStefano, Brenda Novak, Abby Gaines and Kathryn Shay (among others) and I love that the novels carry differing levels of sensuality, humor and a naturalness that works for me.

    Keep the prayers and good thoughts coming. I'm grateful for every one of 'em.



  10. Yay, Ruthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Ruthy, go Ruthy, go Ruthy! I have you get off unpubbed island REAL SOON!

  11. I meant, I HOPE you get off Unpubbed Island REAL SOON!!!!!

  12. YIPPY SKIPPY!!!!

    I can SO see you writing for Supers dudette!


  13. Woohoo, Ruthy!!! Love the title, too! All the best for a quick trip off Unpubbed Island!

  14. Ru! I am so proud of you!!! You deserve all the best and I hope and pray that you get off Unpubbed Island with this one!

    Loving you from Minnesota,

  15. We all know there's a lot of WATER between a contest request and a trip off the Island, but I'm willing to doggie paddle if necessary. Float. Turn somersaults. Paddle a leaky canoe. Whatever it takes, LOL!

    And I've got another book in the works aimed at poor Wanda, Paula, Victoria and Co., so they'll probably be hiding their collective heads before you koow it.

    The fun thing about this was that after I wrote those opening five pages for Romancing the Tome, I had to write the book that went with it. See where Jake and Delia would go. How they'd get there.

    It's been a fun journey, sidelined by two weddings and a baby (never, ever has it taken me eight months to write a book. Good heavens), a law school graduation and a doctorate. Besides gainful employment, of course.


    Busy year, but busy equates with breathing, so I'm okay with that, LOL!

    Love you guys. Seriously.


  16. Yeeee Haww, Ruthy!!!!

    So you have a naughty, snarky side?? Really??



  17. Missy, shh....

    I don't really.

    Not at all. I PRETEND to have a snarky side. Just like our friend Mary who is, by the way, at Husker Days in Nebraska so she hasn't been able to make fun of me for, oh my stars, days now.

    I feel so... alone... No one throwing arrows at me, slinging shots.

    Except for sweet, innocent MISSY!!!

    Oy vay.



  18. Hey Ruthy - major congrats!

    I missed reading this blog a day and then couldn't figure out why everyone was congratulating you the next.

    Just call me slow on the uptake.


  19. Pam and Anita, thank you!

    I appreciate the good wishes and the understanding of other writers. We're in this game together...

    And good news is meant to be celebrated. Yee haw!

    Pass the mahi mahi and some fresh coconut milk, there's a party on the Island!