Thursday, November 27, 2008


In honor of the brave service of Seekerville family and loved ones.
Sgt. Elisa Moore, United States Army
Corey Boler, US Marines
Staff Sergeant Daniel Blodgett, U.S. Army
Captain Aaron J. Johnson, U.S. Army, 1998-Present, 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, Baghdad, Iraq

James Johnson, Hospital Corpsman Second Class Petty Officer 1964-68, two combat tours in Viet Nam (1965 - 1967), Combat Wounded, Purple Heart Recipient x 2
Joel Johnson, U.S. Navy, OSCS (SW) Operations Specialist Senior Chief (Surface Warfare), 1973 - 1994, tours of duty included USS Midway, USS Constellation, and USS Waddell
2nd Lt, Jack Moore, Active duty, Korea 1951-52

And our own former service members-Seeker sisters:
Tina M Russo, SP 4th Class, US Army Security Agency 1974-1977, stationed Augsburg Germany

Lt. Carolyn Slaughter, USN 1970-1978. Stationed in Texas, California and Virginia


  1. Tina, thanks for this list and remembrance! You too, Mary. Great reminders.

    Can we also add Airman Glenn Allen, a WWII gunner who died this past week. "Red" was an aerial gunner who was shot down three times and the recipient of the Medal of Honor. "Red" was my daughter-in-law's (Lacey's) grandfather. Our soon-to-arrive grandson, Logan Allen Blodgett, takes his name from my mother and Lacey's Grandpa. Nice heritage.

    And Captain Veronica Herne, my sister, an air force nurse who served our country during the Viet Nam war as a surgical nurse in a MASH unit.

    My brother Sean Herne, USMC, one of the 'few good men'. Sean served in the mid-seventies.

    My brother Terry Herne, PFC in the army back in the late sixties, early seventies. Terry served in Panama.

    Bless them and all who have stood guard for our freedom, for their service, duty and honor to our country.


  2. Mary did it all and it is most appreciated.

    My son Timothy did two tours with the U.S. Army and my dad Joe was in the United States Marines.

    I am grateful that we have the freedom to choose whom we worship and what we write.

  3. Amen, Sistah!

    I'm raising a bottle of IBC cream soda in toast of Ms. Russo.

    Hear! Hear!


  4. Thank you honorable men and women of our armed forces for giving of yourselves unselfishly to protect all the freedoms we hold dear!

    I'd like to add my cousin, Robert Leonard, formerly of the Army, then switched to the Navy. Bobby retired after 22 years of service.

    Bless you all!!

  5. Thanks for this post! We have so much to be thankful for. Adding my father-in-law, Hulon Hillman, Army in the 1950's.

  6. Mary, what a lovely way to remember one of our greatest blessings--our freedom! I'm thankful for all those who've served our country, protecting our way of life.

    My uncle, Elbert Graves, Colonel in the Marines, fought in WWll. My cousin, Marla Mann, served in Iraq.


  7. We were surprised by my niece appearing at my other niece's wedding last Saturday. She's on leave from active duty in Iraq. Her mom and dad didn't know she was coming until she showed up at the rehearsal supper.

    What a wonderful surprise. And she looks great and had about three weeks leave before she goes back.

  8. Thanks for doing this, Mary! We were blessed to spend Thanksgiving with my b-i-l, James Johnson, and the wife of his son, Cpt. Aaron Johnson (Aaron is in Iraq). So thankful for all the sacrifices made by our men and women in the service of our country, and for their families.

  9. Thanks Mary for the post.

    I would like to add to the list of Veterans: We are thankful to all of them for the freedom we enjoy today.

    My Dad, John Wardman served in WWII-Navy
    My brother, Harold Wardman two terms in Viet Nam- Air Force
    My Uncle Harold Zahn-Marine killed on Iwo Jima
    My Father-in-law Edward Smith, Career Navy, WWII and a prisoner of war in Korea for two years
    My dh, Edward Smith-Navy served in Taiwan crisis, Cuban Crisis

  10. Thanks for this list. I love it when people honor those who have and are serving.

    Ruth, what a touching story.