Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Last Seekerville Weekend Edition

of 2008!

Here in Seekerville we are all about the journey. Sure, we like to have fun, and we like to eat virtual smörgåsbords. But Seekerville began on the principle of getting all the Seekers off Unpubbed Island, and sharing information about the path to publication.

We plan to ring in the New Year by bringing you
even more information packed posts, and lots of special guests.

By the way, Cheryl Wyatt is about to announce the two winners of plotstorming sessions, as promised in her Plotstorm post on December 16. So stay tuned!

This Wednesday evening we will announce the winners of the 2008 Writing Challenge.
So you still have a little bit of time to get your name in the drawing. If you submitted a full manuscript you might win a bit of chocolate or some green.

Let's work backwards to share the January 2009 schedule in Seekerville:

January 29-Jenn Stark of Know Your Brand will be in Seekerville. Jenn is an invited speaker and instructor on Personal Branding and public relations topics, and has worked with several authors one-on-one to help develop their Personal Brands and publicity materials.

January 28-Diana Cosby will be taking on the synopsis. Who better than this multi-published author? We invited her back as her last post on editing was an incredibly valuable session.

January 19-Renee Ryan. We are very excited to have this Love Inspired Historicals author here in Seekerville. Check out her awesome website.

January 16, Roxanne Sherwood, the 2008 overall, Touched By Love WINNER will be sharing in Seekerville.

The first full week of January brings a special event to Seekerville!

For Love and Money!

As writers we wear many hats and take many roads toward publication.
The week of January 5 through 10 we are exploring these writing avenues with the experts!
We are bringing you six jam packed days of writing information!

Monday: Deb Ng on professional blogging. Deborah Ng is the genius behind Freelance Writing Jobs.

Tuesday: Cindi Myers on the working writer. If you don't know Cindi, check out her Market News Yahoo Group or her website for news on her latest release A Man To Rely On, from Super Romance.

Wednesday: Michael Bracken on writing for the Confessions. Michael is a phenom in the confession world and we are thrilled to have him stop by and share.

Thursday: Abingdon Press Senior Acquisitions Editor for Fiction, Barbara Scott, is back for an Encore, Encore!!

Friday: Myra L. Johnson on the Christian nonfiction market. In addition to her multiple fiction sales in 2008 (Heartsong and Abingdon), Myra is also a nonfiction writer.

Saturday: Tina Russo shares on writing fiction for Woman's World Magazine. Keep an eye out for her latest Woman's World story, Letting Go, which will hit newsstands on or about January 5.

We are starting 2009 with a bang in Seekerville. Anyone who comments all six days will be entered into a drawing for a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card.

So get your notebooks out and prepare to learn and maybe earn a little writing incentive.

And this just in...

January 2

Come join us and kick off the New Year as Leslie Ann Sartor,
contracted, award-winning screenwriter discusses the details of writing compelling screenplays.


  1. Yay! Sounds like you have some great stuff planned. I'll for sure be here.
    So, you're saying I can still enter the drawing for getting a rejecti-uh-request for a full manuscript?
    Am going to see if I can scan this stuff into my computer or not. LOL

  2. Tina, thanks for all the links! You do so much work for the weekend editions. Thank you!

  3. Jessica, just send me a copy of your submission letter or the postal receipt or something :)

  4. Tina,
    I can't scan it into my computer so that stinks. I got a new comp. but kept the old printer and I guess they're not synced.
    Oh well....

  5. Jessica, just send me the information documented in detail and we will trust you. I have done this with is a lovely thing :)

  6. Wow, thank you Tina! LOL
    It's already eight pm here, but I'll send it anyways. If it's too late, no prob. My fault for procrastinating. :-)

  7. Thanks for all the work you put into the Weekend Editions, Tina. They're beautiful and informative, much like blondes REALLY are, LOL!!

    Thank you!!

  8. Jessica, you have until the morning of the 31st. Take your time.

  9. Audra, that was a very random comment, lol.

  10. LOL, just dusting off and tossing out needless info in the brain in preparation for the New Year : )

  11. Haha, Audra's comment is pretty funny!
    Tina, I went and sent it but sometimes my e-mail is caught in spam catchers, so if you didn't get it, that's why.
    Thanks for your help! :-)

  12. Looking forward to reading all the encouraging and instructive words here at Seekerville in '09.
    Thank you to all who make this site possible.

  13. Thanks so much,Pat, for the kind words.