Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Edition: Big, Huge, Ginormous News From Unpubbed Island

We're having a party on Unpubbed Island. The palm trees have sparkly white lights and we started a bonfire. The launch will be here soon to escort another Seeker to the mainland. We're so excited we can't stop screaming and crying tears of joy around here.

15 Seekers

9 Have Sold

Guess who is leaving the island....

At 7:25 a.m. Friday, January 23, 2009, Melissa Endlich, Senior Editor

at Steeple Hill Loved Inspired, called

-- and made an offer on "An Inconvenient Love."

I accepted and it will be an October 2009 release!!!

Congratulations to Glynna Kaye!!


  1. EEEKKKK!!!!
    Congratulations Glynna! What wonderful, wonderful news! :-) I hope you're going to post your call story soon. :-)

  2. Congratulations, Glynna! I know you must be walking on clouds right now.

    How about a blurb for "An Inconvenient Love"? The title alone piques my interest.

  3. Congratulations, Glynna!!!

    And by the way she is NOT the Seeker who snores. he he he

  4. Thanks, Jessica! My head is still spinning and my heart singing!! When she called, I did NOT expect her to offer a 2009 slot! So this will be a BUSY weekend and next several weeks!! AND YEAR! :)

  5. Congratulations, Glynna!

    I was surprised at the 2009 slot, too. Definitely adds to the excitement!

  6. Thanks, Maria! Yep, my heart is singing and my feet dancing!

    The title will be changed to fit in with the LI "brand," but the log-line for the story is basically "two scarred hearts must learn that God-style love isn't always convenient." You know, how love is patient, love is kind, etc., but living those behaviors seldom is? (And God never intended that they be.)

  7. Thanks, Tina! And thanks for clearing up any suspicions that I was the snorer. BUT as I mentioned here not long ago, I was HOPING I was the snorer as you were going to do everything in your power to get them off the island! :)

    Thanks for setting up the fabulous Seekerville announcement, Tina!!

  8. Glynna, my mouth still hurts from grinning so much over this incredible news, my friend!! What an absolute blessing from God -- not only for you, but for ALL of us!!! Can't WAIT to read it!!

    And just for the record -- I absolutely LOVE the title "Inconvenient Love," even though I know they are going to change it. What's with publishers anyway, changing titles 85% of the time???


  9. Magdalena -- thanks so much! When I submitted it to the Golden Pen this year, no way did I imagine it would win, be requested, and be contracted 5 months later for a 2009 release!

  10. Thanks, Julie! As you know, we as writers get majorly attached to our title "babies," don't we? But I love the renamed ones ones you have now -- "A Passion Most Pure" and "A Passion Redeemed."

    Since my story is a "heartwarming" one, I think they'll want something more along those lines. I'll announce it in Seekerville when its finalized!

    How about the rest of you? Do you find it hard to write on a new story that you haven't yet found a name for? I do!


    I don't even think about titles anymore. I slap a title on the books with precious little consideration then go to work writing, expecting it to get changes. Lots less pressure if you don't invest your heart in the title.

    I'm also learning what Barbour wants though and think I come a little closer with my title ideas.
    But still, I'm open to change if they want it.

  12. Yee haw, Glynna! Fantastic news to head into the weekend with, eh.

    Enjoy the heady feeling of God's shower of blessings. I'm looking forward to reading your book.

  13. Thanks, Mary! I already have some title options I plan to submit (ones that I "almost" named it to begin with) that should be in keeping with the "heartwarming" elements of Love Inspired.

    I absolutely HAVE to give stories a working title. I can't open up a file titled "Book 2" and feel any connection to it. :)

    YOUR final titles are always catchy.

  14. Thanks, Anita Mae! Amazing how you can wake up one morning evaluating RWR upcoming contests to see where you might fit in with your entry and go to sleep a contracted author with a book coming out 9 months later. Man, when God decides to move, HE MOVES!

  15. I'm bubbling over with excitement for Glynna! We're gonna party all day and then watch the launch (or is it de plane!, de plane!?) whisk her off to NY to be wined and dined by Melissa in the big high-rise HQ building.

    How romantic. Sigh.

    Seekerville, I had the pleasure of critiquing An Inconvenient Love just weeks ago. Glynna's voice and this story in particular fit LI like Mary's new granddaughter fits in her arms. Perfect combination.

    Imagine my joy (only a tad less ecstatic than Glynna's) to hear her wonderful news!!!

    Congratulations Glynna! You and your fabulous characters deserve this!

  16. Thanks SO much, Pam!!! You and Sandra are such faithful "critters" -- and to give up holiday time to do it is going far, far beyond the call of duty!

    I thank God for the day 3 1/2 years ago when he brought the 15 Seekers together! Not a day has gone by that we aren't in touch with each other -- praying, encouraging, brainstorming, commiserating, and kicking each others fannies when needed. :)

  17. Wow! Wonderful news - congratulations?

    You guys looking for new recruits for your island? The population is getting a little thin. :)


  18. Thanks, Susan! We've been bouncing ideas around -- once we're all off maybe selling the island to the highest bidder or turning it into a writers' retreat property. :)

  19. Glynna, I'm so proud of you, I could barely sleep myself last night : )

    Praying this is a launch, not just in book sales, but a career where you can stay home and write when the stupid snowplow snows you in!!!

    God is good and knows how to kick off a fanatastic 2009.


  20. Ahh, Isn't it wonderful when they just call you up and tell you they want your work? Though I've never had a novel published, I've had this happen with my short stories and there's no feeling like it.

    I've published with Chocolate for Women, Guideposts and others. Guideposts has contacted me more than once for stories. Currently I am working on a novel and struggling with that. Any advice would be appreciated. I've joined ACFW recently and found you through them.


  21. Thanks, Ann!!! I'm diligently working on my revision letter & art fact sheet, so that's keeping my feet anchored to the ground!

  22. Thanks Audra! That would be wondeful! I think there were a LOT of excited Seeker hoot owls last night!!

  23. Thanks for joining us, Mary! Sounds like you're on the right track with your experience with Guideposts and Chocolate for Women! ACFW is a great place to start, too.

    Are you looking to write women's fiction? Romance? Romantic suspense? RWA is a great source of information and there's an inspirational wing of it called "RWA Faith, Hope & Love." Mystery/suspense writers have an RWA sub-group, too.

    There are also city & regional RWA & ACFW-related groups that are very active in some locales.

    Regional and national conferences are wonderful if you get a chance to go to any of those. If not, you can usually order CDs or downloads of the conference workshops or keynote speakers.

    I've also taken a number of on-line writing courses that are geared toward the craft, career, all sorts of writing-related things. Usually $15-30 for a class that is a week to a month long.

    Always feel free to ask questions here in Seekerville. We mightn not know the answer, but we may be able to point you in the right direction.

  24. CONGRATULATIONS! How wonderful! Woohoo! and Par-tay!

    Tears leapt to my eyes (and I'm not a teary person.)

    Let all Seekerdom Rejoice!

  25. Thank you for the teary congrats, Erica!!

    I admit I didn't get teary about it until later in the day yesteday when I found myself wishing that both my grandmas had lived long enough to hold a copy in their hands!

  26. Well that is very, very good news. Congratulations!!!!

    And no, Susan. No recruits. As soon as the last Seeker leaves, I'm staking a claim on the island and turning it into a tropical writers' retreat. Free snorkeling lessons included. So hush, dearie.

  27. Thanks, Kimberli!

    We're hoping that The Island will be totally uninhabited by the 15 original Seekers by year's end! :)

  28. We're hoping that The Island will be totally uninhabited by the 15 original Seekers by year's end! :)

    I hope so as well! And not because I want to watch strawberry sunsets over waves of silky blue water. Y'all are a terrific group, and I appreciate how willingly you share your knowledge and experience.

    Umm, would you mind leaving the coconut cups and tiki torches?

  29. Kimberli -- I can't speak for everyone, but you can probably keep the coconut cups. Ruthy might fight you for the tiki torches.

  30. Wooo hoooo Glynna!! I'm so excited for you!!!

    And you know, your grandmothers are in heaven celebrating. Who's to say God won't give them a copy in h-format (heavenly format). :)


  31. lol - Yeah, I think we're sick of coconut.

    I mean when Ruthy whips up a batch of conconut flavored biscuits, topped with your choice of coconut butter and coconut syrup or coconut gravy, it's a bit much.

    But the grilled shrimp are delicious. As a matter of fact, Missy, Audra and I battled the sharks and the reef for shrimp for Glynna's feast!

    Uh...hope you're not allergic, Glynna?

    Oh, and we saw a pirate ship as well. That Captain Joe is almost as cute as Captain Jack!

  32. Thanks, Missy!! I like your 'heavenly' format idea!

    I'm thrilled to join you, Janet, Cheryl, Missy & Debby at Steeple Hill!

  33. Pam -- I agree coconuts have lost most of their charm. But I might have to ask the remaining islanders to ship some of that grilled shrimp over to the mainland. :)

  34. Glynna,
    I just checked the blog and found out the GREAT news!!!! I'm so, so excited for you!!!! Wonderful to have another Seeker join the Steeple Hill family!!! Woo-hoo!!!! Absolutely the best news I've heard all year!!!! :)

    When you come down to earth, let us know more of the details!

  35. AAAAAHHHHHHHH; What a day to get behind. I scared my poor hubby and dogs when I opened the email and read Glynna's news and started screaming.

    Man its going to be lonely on unpubbed island without you Glynna girl, but I know you're going on a fantastic ride. Have fun, Happy writing, revising, brainstorming!!! Happy dancing up there in the snow and yes, I'm going to pray for no snow until your revisions are finished.

    Congratulations. I love your story and am not one bit surprised it sold.

  36. Bananas, don't forget bananas. Shrimp was a nice change. I just checked the lobster traps, and we'll be feasting tomorrow, too. That is of course if Tina and Ruthy don't get into them first. LOL! Gotta get off this Island.

    Been smiling for you all through the day, GK!!

  37. I think I saw Cara whipping up some pomegrante smoothies. Yumbola! My fave!! (What does she sweeten them with? What ever it is, it sure beats Splenda!)

  38. Thank you, Debby! As many of us as Steeple Hill is accumulating, maybe we should have approached them with a package deal years ago. 15 tickets off Unpubbed Island!

  39. Thanks again Sandra my friend! (I just got off the phone with her so she's now headed off to reassure hubby & pups that all is truly well!!) Sandra & Pam were my "critters" for this manuscript, so I'm greatly indebted!! Indebted, in fact, to ALL the Seekers who kept nipping at my heels to keep me moving and not give up. :)

  40. Audra -- What about fresh pineapple? I don't have a contract yet, so you still have to feed me awhile longer. :)

  41. How bittersweet it is to see Glynaa leave.

    A pineapple, coconut, mango,papaya frappe toast her honor.

    Here's to Glynna Kaye.
    As she sails away,

    We wish her well on the mainland.

    Okay the rest us better clean up this place and get writing.

  42. Glynna..I read this and cried AGAIN!!!! CHILLS! CHILLS! CHILLS!

    Pleased and punch for you!



  43. Glynna, this is FABULOUS news! I'm so happy for you. And I know the other Seekers on the island aren't far behind.


    p.s.--How'd you get cast as Thurston Howell? :)

  44. Oh, Glynna, I'm so happy for you!!! I'm praying for all of you to get off unpubbed island! Congratulations to you! Plus, and, also, I won't have to compete with you anymore in contests! What a relief! (Ha! Just kidding, since I have no money to enter any more contests anyway.)

  45. Thanks, Anne! Yeah, Thurston was a power to be reckoned with. Had to sort of sneak out of the hut under cover of night. :)

  46. Thank you, Melanie! I'm glad to be out of the unpubbed contest realm myself -- although now it will be hard to resist the pubbed version! Glutton for punishment, I guess.

    Hope you can scrape together some more contests $$ as you did fabulous this year! But contests or not, keep writing & keep submitting!

  47. Hi Glynna,

    Just wanted to add my congratulations to your wonderful news! How exciting! And what a quick decision to buy your book. It must be amazing!!

    Best of luck. Enjoy this new phase of your career!

    Sue Mason

  48. Thanks, Sue!! I'm still in a daze!!And praying all three of us who finaled in the inspy category of the Golden Pen (you, me, Melanie)will find a 'home sweet home' for our manuscripts this year!!

  49. Thanks, Patricia!!! Seekerville's kicking off an exciting start to the year!