Saturday, February 21, 2009

Seekerville Weekend Edition Part 1

There's so much going on in Seekerville we're going to share it over two days.

If you're in the vicinity of the Hilton Atlanta Northeast on Peachtree Industrial Blvd., today, stop by the Georgia Romance Writers Meeting. Featured Speaker is our very own Missy Tippens. Her topic: Get it Right the First Time! Writing a Proposal that Sells.

And if you can't get there, we're trying to persuade her to share this topic with us in Seekerville!
Let's all ask very nicely.

Congratulations to Cheryl Wyatt who has sold two more books to Steeple Hill, Love Inspired!

The official news:

Rachel Zurakowski of Books and Such has sold books six and seven of
Cheryl Wyatt's Wings of Refuge Series to Melissa Endlich, Senior
Editor for Steeple Hill Love Inspired. Pararescuer Vince's (title
pending) story is slotted to release in January 2010 and PJ Chance's
story (title also pending) will release in Spring 2010.

Another happy Seekerville visitor. Congratulations to Patty Wysong, who won a copy of Countdown to Death in Debby Giusti's Wednesday giveaway here in Seekerville.

Next weekend we'll bring you the complete jam-packed March schedule for Seekerville, but here's a sneak peek .

Be Prepared to Be Scared!

Jordan Dane returns to Seekerville on February 24.
Best-selling Avon HarperCollins author shares about the first release in her Sweet Justice series (check out the trailer), Evil Without A Face. Jordan is giving away three copies of Evil Without A Face!

We're so excited!

March 3, 2009, Wendy Lawton, the award-winning, awesomely cool dollmaker, author, educator and now esteemed literary agent of Books & Such Literary Agency, is coming to Seekerville! Don't miss her presentation, Ten Near-Fatal Career Mistakes.

If you have specific questions for Wendy, either post them here or e-mail Ruth at

Your favorite outrageous guest is back!

March 4, 2009, it's Marlena Fortune. And the questions just keep on coming. Marlene is checking all her contacts to bring you the answers to those pressing and annoying contest and writing questions! Send your questions to, with Marlena Fortune in the subject line.

Your name remains anonymous, however if you submit a question you will be entered into a drawing to win a Marlena Fortune surprise package (value undetermined), to further culture and sophistication in the romance writing community.

Talk about Thrilled!

March 24, Cynthia DiTiberio, editor at Avon Inspire will be in Seekerville. She'll be taking your questions, and chatting. Come on people, let's keep her busy. Send your questions to

Next Week In Seekerville:

Monday-Multiple Golden Heart finalist and Seeker-extraordinaire, Pam Hillman posts.

Tuesday-Avon HarperCollins author, Jordan Dane is our guest sharing on the realities of internet safety.

-Steeple Hill Love Inspired debut author and recent deportee from Unpubbed Island, Glynna Kaye posts: The Timer is Your Friend.

Thursday- Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense author, Stephanie Newton is coming to Seekerville!!

-Gina Conroy, Portrait of a Writer Interrupted, will be visiting Seekerville. Join us for, Write or Wrong? Where are your priorities?

Seeker Appearances, Sightings and Such:
Missy Tippens will be appearing on the Local Author Panel, at the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library, Roswell Branch on Saturday, February 28, 2009, 10:30 AM-11:30 AM.

Panelists include Anna DeStefano, Tanya Michaels, Missy Tippens, Amy Wallace, and Cindy Woodsmall. Reservations are requested.

For more information and directions check here.

Mary Connealy will be blogging on Petticoats & Pistols, Wednesday, February 25.

Cheryl Wyatt will be blogging at Craftie Ladies of Suspense, February 26th. Don't miss this personal glimpse into her love life. The post title is "Quiet Love." She is posting a picture of her true-life hero too!!


  1. Congrats Cheryl!!!

    Missy, that's pretty cool that you get to speak. I hope you have fun. Looking forward to the upcoming guests and posts. :-)

  2. Wait til you see who else is coming..can't share all the secrets at once..but wowza.

  3. Hi Tina:

    Have you thought about making podcasts of member talks? Like Missy’s?

    Podcasts are very easy to do. I have over 100 hours of my real estate lectures on my school website. How about a 10 minute audio bio on each Seeker?

    BTW, I have been having strong urges to enter another writing contest. Do you know of any real easy ones? ;)

    Oh, the candy prize arrived and I gave it to my wife. Thanks, you made me look good.


  4. All the Seekers participated in the chocolate so I will pass your thanks on to the Borg.

    Podcasts would require being seen by the world. I would have to hire someone to play me. I am thinking Sandra Bullock.

    I cannot however afford Sandra.

    But I will bring your idea to the next Seeker Summit Meeting which is being held this September,thanks, Vince.

    Vince. Sit down. Now repeat after me. There are no easy contests. There are no easy contests.

    That said some are not as tough as others.

    So you've got contest addiction do you? Don't even have the Marlene results back and you're itching to enter another. Do we have to do an intervention here?

    I don't know anything about what you write and that said will proceed to give you advise.

    A few suggestions: Tina Columbo is judging Picture This and it is only ten pages. The fee is a bit high in my opinion. 30 bucks for ten pages.

    The Four Seasons Award is 25 pages and no synopsis.

    Show Me The Spark is 25 pages and an unjudged synopsis.

    Last Sunday I mentioned the Daphne which unfortunately I do not consider an easy contest and tomorrow I will mention the Genesis which I rank right up there with the Golden Heart as far as eating nails.

    Check out the side bar of Seekerville and the link to Stephie Smith's Contest page. Why reinvent the wheel? She does an awesome job.

  5. ADVICE NOT ADVISE. Sorry but I have only had two cups of coffee today instead of the usual two pots. My tank is low.

  6. Vince, I gotta side with Tina on this. We're so much better unseen.


    And even just straight audio????

    MAYBE the Seekers with pretty ol' gal Southern accents would be fun to listen to (although I've heard them all and can't say I'm THAT impressed) but really, Vince, there's a reason we're writers.

    We're so much better when we're mostly invisible. In fact, those pictures you see to the right of our words????

    Not us.

    Nope, we hired people to look like a Ruth or a Tina or a Missy Tippens (I just love saying her name) and we had to go to Japan to get someone that looked like a Camy Tang, but we did it. Uh huh. We're that good.


    And Vince????

    That contest bug'll get you, my man. Oh, yes.

    But my theory: Go big or stay at home. If it doesn't kill you, it'll only make you stronger.



  7. And hey, guys, throw me some more questions to ask Wendy and now Cynthia DiTiberio.

    I'm SO EXCITED to be hosting these gals. Seriously happy to have such lovely, industry-respected women visiting us. Both will stop in on their respective days to live chat with us, so make sure you shower, shave, have your wits about you and put your best foot forward. Seriously.

    You're going to be chatting with an amazingly cool agent and an acquiring editor for Avon!!! Prepare ye the way!!! Remember our buddy John the Baptist!


  8. Hey, Ruthy. I have a question for Cynthia DiTiberio. I heard Avon Inspire was only considering previously published novelists, no newbies. Is this still true? Also, what are they looking for? What genres, sub-genres?

  9. Hi Tina & Ruth:

    By an easy contest, I have in mind something ‘short’ (10 to 15 pages) and not too many other contestants. I think it is easier to final when there are only 25 contestants rather than over 100. BTW, I want to enter another one before the results from the last one comes back to ward off any discouragement. I would also like to enter different categories calling for different skills. One area might stand out and I could focus in on that area.

    The podcasts I have 'seen' (I'm very visual) have all been audio only. Some do show a still picture of the speaker. . Cheryl Wyatt has a mention of Terri Blackstock’s podcasts on her (Cheryl’s) web site today and I went to Terri’s and the podcasts are wonderful. They show Terri’s picture but only give audio. She has a great 10 minute audio on why she switched to Christian writing which I found very convincing.

    I have the urge. I am looking for contest!