Saturday, February 7, 2009

Seekerville Weekend Edition

There's so much going on in Seekerville,

it's hard to know where to begin.

Literary Agent Double Header Coming UP!!

March 3, 2009, Wendy Lawton, the award-winning, awesomely cool dollmaker, author, educator and now esteemed literary agent of Books & Such Literary Agency, is coming to Seekerville! Don't miss her presentation, Ten Near-Fatal Career Mistakes.

If you have specific questions for Wendy, either post them here or e-mail Ruth at

March 4, 2009. Marlena Fortune is back, and she has promised to answer all your pressing contest and writing questions. Send your questions to, with Marlena Fortune in the subject line. Your name remains anonymous, however if you submit a question you will be entered into a drawing to win a Marlena Fortune surprise package (value undetermined), to further culture and sophistication in the romance writing community. Thank you to those who have already sent questions!

Next Week in Seekerville:

Monday, February 9, Zondervan and Love Inspired Suspense author, Camy Tang will share on how to fix writer's block by fixing your writing space

Tuesday, February 10, "Be Careful What You Wish For." Dont's miss debut author, Myra Johnson, who will chat on the expected and unexpected changes in a writer's life after The Call.

Wed, February 11, Seeker Tina Russo presents The Rules of Rejection.

Thursday February 12: Join Ruth Logan Herne as she shares, "Prepare Ye The Way", preparations as part of life and work.

Friday, February 13, we are eliminating all superstition as we celebrate Valentine's Day in Seekerville. It's your chance to win chocolate. Not just one chance, but 15 chances to win a bit of melt in your mouth treats.

Seeker Appearances, Sightings and Such:

Mary Connealy will be posting on Petticoats & Pistols, February 11, 2008. You can find her at the Nicola Marsh Blogspot on February, 13, and she is the featured author all month long at Love Western Romances!

Contest Update Update:

"VFRW's The Sheila contest deadline is next Sunday, February 15th, and
we're low on entries! Participation in the contest entitles you to
feedback from no less than four first-round judges. In addition, we
have a stellar cast of final-round judges, and with our entry count as
low as it is, right now your chances are very good that you could final!

Check out our website for all the rules and information you need to
know so you can enter The Sheila contest!
contest/ Time is running out! Enter today!"

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  1. The Linda Howard Award of Excellence Finalists

    Series/Short & Long Contemporary

    Tina Joyce Butts - The Goblin and Ms. Fitzpatrick
    Kathy Coatney - Defining Moments
    Gwendolyn Lucas - The Twisted Chain
    Mary Oldham - The Hotel Baron's Mistress
    Robin Weaver - Design Flaw

    Joanne Barnaba - Fatal Flaw
    Robyn Enlund - A Whiff of Scandal
    Pamela Bolton Holifield - The Raven's Heart
    Christine E Johnson - The Aviatrix
    Sally Orr - Rake By Any Other Name
    Romantic Suspense
    Sarah Andre - Locked, Loaded and Lying
    Susan Lanier-Graham - Shattered
    Haleigh LaChance - Nowhere to Run
    Adrienne Maynard - Man Law
    Liz Rafferty - In Plain Sight

    Single Title
    Laurie DeSalvo - For Love or Ravioli
    Leslie Lynch - Hijacked
    Leslie Lynch - Unholy Bonds
    Bev Pettersen - Color My Horse
    Deborah Pfeiffer - Starstruck

    Anita Draper - When You Least Expect It
    Lee Duncan - The Path
    Stacy Monson - Finding Grace
    Tina Radcliffe - Promises to Keep
    Cara Slaughter - Love on Assignment
    Young Adult
    Sheryl Carpenter - Piper's Kiss
    Liz Eliot - Spaz
    Celeste Gleason - Heart on Fire
    Mary Karlick - Horse Play
    Deborah J. Pfeiffer - Girl on Ice

    Unique Genres
    Sharon K. Bills - The Tarnhelm
    Sandra De Taranto - The Shadows of Time
    Robin Haseltine - The Curse of the Dragon's Spell
    Cate Rowan - The Ocean Between Us
    Shereen Vedam - Beth and the Beaumont Murder