Saturday, March 7, 2009

Seekerville Weekend Edition

Happy Weekend! Today in Seekerville we have lots of random news.


The entry deadline is approaching fast for the More Than Magic contest for
published romances.


SWEET CONTEMPORARY (Included Traditional & Inspirational)
SINGLE TITLE - Any Sub-Genre (Includes Women's Fiction)
NOVELLA (Any Sub-Genre)

Books must have a copyright date of 2008. Grand prize: cash equivalent of RWA national conference fee. Entry fee is only $25. Entry deadline extended to March 15th, books must arrive by March 22nd.

For rules and entry form, go to:

Want to take the first steps into divadome? Try a five page contest.

Heart of the West--Great Beginnngs Contest 2009

Electronic Entries Only-New Concise Scoresheet-Beauty Pageant Fashion (Ranking 1st place through 10th)

Entry deadline: Midnight MST, April 01, 2009
Sponsored by: Utah/Salt Lake Chapter of Romance Writer's of America
Fee: $10.00 for everyone
Eligibility: Not published in category entered or not published within the last
three years (Any published authors will be judged collectively of each other and
separately from non-published authors)

Enter: First five (5) pages of manuscript
Contemporary: Single title; category; mainstream; young adult; or inspirational in a contemporary setting.
Historical: Single title; category; Regencies; suspense; mainstream; young adult; or inpsirational in an historical setting.
Paranormal: Time travel; ghost; futuristic; inspirational in a paranormal setting; or paranormals of all other kinds.
Mystery/Suspense: Single title; category; suspense; mainstream; or young adult.

Final Judge: Megan McKeever, Assistant Editor, Pocket Books
Top Prize: $10 Gift Card to Barnes & Noble, a Bookmark and a Certificate.

From Publisher's Weekly Online:

B&N Buys Fictionwise; Will Start e-Bookstore
by Jim Milliot
What kind of role Barnes & Noble will play in the digital future became a little clearer this morning with the retailer’s announcement that it has acquired Fictionwise, one of the largest independent e-book retailers, for $15.7 million plus incentives over the next two years for achieving certain performance targets. Fictionwise, which operates the and Web sites, was founded in 2000 by Steve and Scott Pendergast who will continue to head the company which B&N said it will operate as a separate business unit based in New Jersey. B&N added, however, that Fictionwise is part of its overall digital strategy, which includes the launch of an e-bookstore later this year. Read the entire story here.

From The Trues.

Have you ever had a bad date? Do you have your own you’d like to share? Well, write it up, in 500 words or less, include your contact information and Email your Worst Date Ever! to If you prefer mailing it directly to our office, send your submission to:

My Worst Date Ever, True Love, 200 Madison Avenue, Suite 2000, New York, NY 10016.

If we publish your story, we’ll pay you $65! At least something good may come from that horrible experience! Submissions cannot be acknowledged or returned.

Check out more on this writing opportunity at Trues Online.

You be the judge. Check out this Galleycat article:

What Would Christian Hipsters Read?

Biola Magazine editor Brett McCracken is writing a book about "cool Christianity," analyzing an under-appreciated corner of American readers: the Christian hipster. Read more here.

Are you ready for Brenda Novak's 2009 Online Auction for Diabetes Research? How does it work? Just like eBay—except the proceeds help accelerate progress in diabetes research!

Visit the site May 1st through May 31st, where you can bid on over 1000 items, many of which can't be found anywhere else, including:

• A 6 night getaway to Seattle and Victoria, BC for two from Author Jane Porter
Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dianna Love & Mary Buckham’s Extravaganza of Items
• Lunch with bestselling author Barry Eisler in San Francisco
• One-night stay in Nora Roberts’ Inn
• A Miniature Bookstore by Anna Stewart
• A special flying getaway to the destination of your choice with renowned writer, Margie Lawson
• Agent/Editor reads, mentoring sessions
• Autographed books from Stephenie Meyer, Dean Koontz, James Patterson, Jodi Piccoult and more....

You'll even find the Seekerville authors books available at the auction!!

Next Week in Seekerville:

Monday: Zondervan and Steeple Hill Suspense author, Camy Tang, on Creating a Pitch.

Tuesday: Abingdon Press and Barbour author, Myra Johnson will be sharing on The Writer's Reference Shelf.

Wednesday:Harlequin Mills & Boon author, Laura Iding will be here to talk about the Medical Romance line.

Thursday: Ruth Logan Herne will be doing what she does best, talking and cooking!! Actually Ruthy will be talking about T-I-M-E and lack there of.

Friday: ACFW Genesis Day in Seekerville. Come join us and get your contest questions answered.

Save This Date!!

March 24, Cynthia DiTiberio, editor at Avon Inspire will be in Seekerville. She'll be taking your questions, and chatting. Come on people, let's keep her busy. Send your questions to


  1. Tina,

    You continue to amaze with the depth of info. you provide.

    My brother works at Biola. How did you come across that information? I'm just curious.

    I'm heading off to a writer's conference for the day and have an agent pitch session. I'll get to see Jen Stark on branding. The bookseller of the year will be there too (can't remember her exact credentials).

    I brought some cinnamon rolls for breakfast to share this morning. Have a great weekend everyone.


  2. Cathy, how cool is that? Jen Stark was here in Seekerville just a few weeks ago. Have fun.

    We all have our useless talents in life. I am an information junkie.

  3. Hi Tina:

    As an expert, would you please answer a question on contests?

    I rarely see “Romantic Comedy” listed as a contest category. Is it just assumed that this is part of the ‘Contemporary’ category?

    If you submit a romantic comedy to the contemporary category in a writing contest are you at a big disadvantage by being up against serious romances which might be evaluated more favorably by the judges?

    Bottom line: If you are writing romantic comedy, should you only enter writing contests that have a “Romantic Comedy” category?



  4. I wonder at what point you are considered an expert simply because you are ...OLD?

    In my opinion romantic comedy is generally considered a subgenre of contemporary romance.

    Most contests don't address subgenres as there is so much genre bending going on anymore.

    You can see how it would fit under other genres also. A romantic comedy mystery or a romantic comedy paranormal.

    So you have to determine where you story will best fit in a contest. I think you severely limit yourself if you wait for the rare category that lists romantic comedy.

    Good writing is good writing and should rise to the top no matter what category you put it in.

  5. Tina M. Russo said...

    Hey, Vince, looks like no final in the Marlene for me. Calls apparently went out Thursday and Friday.

  6. Hi Tina:

    I didn’t get a call either. Do they call by phone or email? This is my first big contest so I have no idea what to expect. I have many more ideas for stories.

    Are you going to enter the Heart of the West--Great Beginnings Contest 2009? It’s just 5 pages and will be good practice for working on an opening hook. You can even enter several categories as long as they are not the same entry. I think I’ll try.
    I hope you still hear from the judges.



  7. Vince, some contests email you and some call. Some forget and never notify you. You never know.

    At this point, I really enter (except the Marlene which was to compete with you, lol), just for the final judges. I am carefully going over the list of possibilities re the upcoming contests. Lots of really good ones!!

    Good for you for testing the water.

  8. Tina, I thought the finalists for the Marlene were supposed to be notified by April 1st. Well, if the calls went out, I didn't final either! Oh, well. And that was to be my last contest ever. Boo hoo!

    I guess that means I'll have to enter another one! Ha!

  9. I thought so too, Mel but folks are talking about getting calls over on the yahoo contest loop.

    So you and I will have to do it all over again. Gotta go out on a wave, right??

  10. You know it, girlfriend.
    At least, I would like to.

  11. We in Seekerville salute you!!!


    It is our pleasure to announce the finalists in the Washington Romance Writers’ 2009 Marlene Contest



    Shelly Coriell - Bloom

    Mary Lindsey - Soul Purpose

    Yvonne Yirka - Witch's Boy *

    Series Contempary

    Amanda Berry - Catch a Star
    Meredith Clark - In Deep
    Sarah Elizabeth Davis - Room for Two

    Romantic Elements


    Kendra Elliott - STRONGER THAN BONE
    Connie Gillam - LAKOTA DREAMING
    Elizabeth Heiter - EVIL EYE

    Jane Sevier - FORTUNE'S FOOL *

    Single Title

    Linda Hurtado - Alive at 5

    Suzanne Kalb - The Swing of Her Hips *

    Laurie Kellogg - The Naughty Never Die


    Deborah Blake - Witch Ever Way You Can

    Gwen Hayes - The Totally Tubular Adventures of Carrington Morris

    Laurie Thompson - A Sweet But Deadly Desire


    Tamara Berry - Handsome Jack

    Cathy Leming - Fallen Angels in Paradise

    Christina E. Johnson - The Aviatrix

    Nicole Penttila - Musical Ties *

    Asterisks connote WRW membership

  12. I am now taking up donations for a writer, who shall remain anonymous, who wishes to enter one more contest. Wire all donations, no matter how small to Melanie L. Dickerson.
    Thanks. ;-)

  13. We should probably set up a fund for old contest divas. Start a little retirement home..Shady Hill Diva Retirement Manor.

    Old divas don't die they just run out of ink.

  14. Okay Vince. Time of reckoning. I got a 43, 44 and 45. And all the judges concurred..I STARTED MY STORY IN THE WRONG PLACE. Arrrrghhhh.