Saturday, May 2, 2009

Seekerville Weekend Edition Jammie Day

Today's Weekend Edition theme is courtesy of
friend of Seekerville, Krista Phillips.

So it's jammies all day and pastries and sausages for everyone.

Next Week In Seekerville:

Monday: Christy Award finalist, Mary Connealy posts on Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Tuesday: Character Therapist, Jeannie Campbell is with us and one lucky Seekerville guest will win an opportunity for a psychological assessment of their hero/heroine, per a partial manuscript.

Wednesday: RITA winner, Linda Goodnight is in Seekerville to share on writing for Harlequin Romance. Linda is giving away books!

Thursday: Seeker Audra Harders is posting today.

Friday: Tina Russo on Taking the Block Out of Writers Block. This is also a book giveaway day.

Hope You Didn't Miss the Contest Update on Friday!

We're giving away two more copies of The Writer's Portable Therapist, by Rachel Ballon.

All you have to do to qualify is tell Seekerville that you entered a contest this year and what category you entered. You do not need to name the contest or the manuscript unless you want to. Just post it in the comments.

If you haven't entered a contest yet, then you have a week to step out. That's right, you have until Friday night, May 8th at 11:59 pm EST to enter one. The winners will be announced in the Weekend Editon, on May 9th.

Seeker Sightings:

Julie Lessman will be at Patty Le Blanc's Reading PAl Blog, May 2-7. Stop by and say hi and you might win a copy of A Passion Redeemed.

You can also catch Julie being interviewed at Susan J. Reinhardt's Christian/Writer Reader Connection, May 6. Yet another chance for a copy of a Daughter's of Boston series book!

Missy Tippens and Debby Giusti will be busy this weekend. They're signing with 150 o
ther authors at the Heart of Dixie Romance Writers 12th Annual Romance Reader's Luncheon.

Don't forget that Seekerville books are up for auction at Brenda Novak's 2009 Auction to Benefit Diabetes Research. Bid for a chance to win a Seekerville book & gift card extravaganza!

Save the Date!

May 12: We welcome Jeane Wynn, of Wynn-Wynn Media.

May 15, Kregel Publications author, Patti Lacy, will be with us.

May 20, Steeple Hill author, Margaret Daley will visit Seekerville wearing her ACFW Conference, Volunteer Coordinator hat.

May 29, Barbour author, Marcia Gruver returns to Seekerville.

June 3, Harlequin author, Holly Jacobs is our special guest.
Market and Industry News:

From Publishers Lunch

C.J. Box's BLUE HEAVEN won the Edgar Award for best novel last night, joined by other winners including Francie Lin's THE FOREIGNER (best first novel by an American) and Meg Gardiner's CHINA LAKE (best paperback original).

Also, the Western Writers of America named their Spur Award winners, including Thomas Cobb's SHAVETAIL for best long novel.

From GalleyCat:

Online Poll Estimates 70 Percent of Kindle Readers are Over 40

Following a straw poll of 700 Amazon Kindle users, CNET estimated that seventy percent of the digital reader's users are over forty-years-old.

New York Times:

Irish Cottage Become Author's Home

It is a half-hour train ride from Dublin to Dalkey, a wind-swept seaside village favored by many of Ireland’s elite, including the best-selling novelist Maeve Binchy.

From MSN Money:

Barnes & Noble Studio Announces: Debut of Blogging Booksellers, One Year Anniversary of Barnes & Noble Studio

Barnes & Noble, Inc., the world’s largest bookseller, today announced the debut of Barnes &’s “Blogging Booksellers,” a new feature in the Barnes & Noble Studio, an online destination featuring web video series and multimedia content about books, readers and writers. The unveiling of this new offering coincides with the one year anniversary of the Barnes & Noble Studio, which has launched a new, dedicated channel to commemorate the milestone.


  1. Happy Saturday, Seekerville! And thanks, Tina, for a link to the cottage life of Maeve Binchy (one of my favorite authors!). WOW. What a dream office ahd a library!

  2. Looks like another great week coming up! I laughed when I read that 70% of Kindle's readers are over 40. That's because they can make the font so big they can see!!! After starting a new book last night and struggling to read the small print--even with my reading glasses--a Kindle is sounding a bit better to me. I wonder how many in Seekerville own or use one?

  3. The only reason I don't buy a Kindle is that I have way too many books in my TBR pile. So I can't justify buying a Kindle and then buying more books to download and not having time to read them.

    It is still easier to toss a book in my cart at WalMart and the grocery store.

    I think if I traveled more I might consider it. I have a few Harlequins on my iTouch and still haven't read them.

  4. *grin* Okay I stopped by and had to reread... courtesy of... ME?!? Wow, thank you! LOVING the all day Jammie theme!

    Sounds like a great line up for the week! Cool stuff!!!

    Oh, and I've entered *two* contests this year, the Genesis, the contemp. romance catagory and TBL.

    I'm twiddling my toes waiting for the results! These are only the 2nd and 3rd contests I've ever entered...

  5. A java salute to you, Krista.

    Congrats on stepping out into contest land.

  6. Great weekend edition, Tina, as always, and great theme, Krista -- sounds good to me!

    Love the tidbits! I'm not a Kindle user, but I know that Natasha Kern is and loves it!

    Happy Saturday, all!


  7. I'm so lucky! I get to spend time with Missy and Debby today! Huntsville is the cool place to be. LOL! I'm not even going to have to miss my daughters' softball games because they cancelled them due to the swine flu panic, er, I mean precautions. :-)

  8. I am really enjoying Seekerville! This weekend edition is great!

  9. I entered two contests this year. Woo-hoo! That's a 200% increase for me. One in contemporary fiction, and one in contemporary romance.

  10. Got you on both posts Patricia!!

  11. Thanks, Tina! Great info and a fun schedule coming up!!

    Also, it was really cool to read "Christy Finalist Mary Connealy"!!!!

  12. Hi, Seekerville is filled with information.

    I entered a poetry contest this year.


  13. WELCOME CONNIE. And congrats on the poetry entry.