Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The 9 Lives of A Writer. How to Land on Your Feet.

With Holly Jacobs

So, here’s how my career has gone...I wrote for Kensington’s Precious Gems and then it folded. For Harlequin Duets and then it folded. For Harlequin Flipside and... Well, you’re getting the idea. There was also Silhouette Romance, Harlequin Signature Select and Harlequin’s Everlasting Love.

Thankfully, I’m now writing for Harlequin SuperRomance, Harlequin American Romance and Avalon Books.

So, how did I land on my feet time and time again?

Well, it helps that I have a size ten foot. Big feet give you something to steady yourself on. (Okay, side note. My rather largish feet were the bane of my existence back in school. I hated them. A high school friend, who wore size three, was wearing heels one day and stood next to my sneakers. She said, “Wow, Holly, your feet really are big.” I was crushed. But eventually, I discovered my big feet made me steadier, so I’ve embraced them and will admit their size in public now! LOL) Seriously, I guess it wasn’t the big feet, but the thick hide. I hated to see each line go, but I didn’t let that stop me. Each time, I immediately looked at the market and tried to decide where else my voice my fit. When I zeroed in on my target, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work.

You see, no matter what line I wrote for (write for), I think there’s an underlying Holly-ness to my work. That writer’s voice everyone talks about and no one can really define. It’s a bit of how you structure a story, a sentence. It’s a bit about word choice. And I think it’s about your world view. My view tends to be a funny one. My family laughs its way through both the tragedies and the joys that come our way. I think that sense of humor is reflected in my books.

So, my 1st tip is...stay true to what you do no matter what you’re writing.

I write with humor (even the more serious books). I write kids a lot. I have four kids, I know I write them. I write families. I write pets. (Sidenote...most of my pets have cameoed in books, normally with a bit of a name-change. We had a 170 lb Old English Mastiff who become Dudley in Night Calls, and our shelter dog was in my first American Romance, Once Upon a Thanksgiving...) That’s what I do well–families, real life, kids and fun. So, no matter the line, I try to stick to that.

My 2nd tip has to do with being aware of the market.

I keep an eye on it. I see what’s hot. I write category romance, so I know about each line’s requirements. For instance, Blaze is hot. My love scenes...well, not so much. I once had to rewrite a love scene because the editor said, “the heroine didn’t have a good time.” LOL Of the more than forty books I’ve written probably almost half of them don’t have any sex scenes at all. So, I would never target Blaze because I know my voice wouldn’t fit it. Also, I am too contemporary sounding to probably ever do well with a historical line. Sometimes knowing what you don’t do well is a good place to start. I looked for lines that liked families, had a light sensuality and didn’t mind a bit of humor.

And that thick hide thing...well, I don’t know that you are born with that. I think it comes with practice. When you have a to tell stories, it’s easier to ignore the hurdles and just keep writing. I mean, I have all these people in my head, and if I’m not a writer, then I’m just crazy! LOL So, I choose to be a writer, and even when a line folds or some other hurdle appears in front of me, I believe that not only do those people in my head deserve their own stories, I believe that readers will enjoy those characters as much as I do. So, even when lines have folded or a story’s been rejected, I keep trying, I keep submitting...sometimes over and over before I make another sale. Okay, so maybe that’s not really a thick hide, maybe it’s being thick period. LOL And it may have more to do with being optimistic by nature and a bit naive. Either way, I just keep trying and submitting and so far, something’s always eventually hit. It’s hard work. And yes, it can be depressing. But here’s the thing...I love what I do. I love taking these vague ideas and the people-in-in-my-head and letting them loose on a page. I love watching a story unfold. I...well, I love what I do.

I try to stay true to my “voice,” I keep an eye on the market. I have developed a thick hide (and have those very large feet to steady myself on ). When a line closes, or another writing hurdle comes my way, I just jump over it and keep doing what I do. I write books.

So, since I’m guesting here with you today, do you have any questions? I’ll be popping in and out all day and will try to answer any of them I can.


PS I’ll be giving away books from some of the various lines I’ve written for to one of today’s participants!

Holly Jacobs wrote for Precious Gems died. Then she happily went to write for Harlequin Duets and Silhouette Romance. Duets died, but she wrote for their new comedy line, Harlequin Flipside...until it died. But, hey, she still had Silhouette Romance. Uh, it died. She tried writing for Harlequin Signature died. Finally, she tried something different from her comedic, light humor romance roots...she wrote for Harlequin Everlasting Love. The book won RT’s Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Everlasting. Life was good. Great even. Then Everlasting died. Thankfully, Holly jumped right back (thanks to her trusty size ten feet ) and is now writing for Harlequin American Romance, Harlequin’s SuperRomance and Avalon Books. She’s sold more than forty books, won a bunch of writing awards and more than million and a half of her books have been purchased by readers worldwide. Despite her obvious occasional career hurdles, Holly still loves what she does and smiles every morning when she sits down with her muses (uh, dogs) to work! Her next books are UNEXPECTED GIFTS, SuperRomance, 11/09 and EVERYTHING BUT A CHRISTMAS EVE, Avalon, 12/09. You can visit her at

Holly Jacobs blast from the past.... from the Holly Jacobs fan club (Me-->Tina!)


  1. Hey there,

    I'll take big feet any day over ugly feet...and I have ugly feet...I'm a twin and a lot of us are born with missing toe joints (on the big toe) so...need I say more.


  2. Hawk, LOL Hey, big feet and ugly feet deserve respect. They get us where we're going and someplace soft to land when we make a leap of faith!


  3. What an inspiring post! Good for you! LOL Alot of people would've moaned about it but you kept plugging away. Thanks so much for sharing all this.

    I have feet that are closer to an 11. It's SO hard to find cute shoes in my size. Sigh.

  4. The single first time a visitor has made it to Seekerville before me.

    Welcome Holly. The coffee is on and the biscuits are hot.

    We are thrilled and DEEELIGHTED to have you here.

    (Holly happens to be one of my personal favorite authors. How can you not call someone who has a sense of humor a goddess?)

  5. Holly,
    Great post! I remember when you and I wrote stories for a little romance magazine, Romantic Hearts. That folded, too. :^)

  6. Holly,

    Great post! Thanks for sharing. I was introduced to your books a few months ago--Laugh Lines and Night Calls--and loved them. I was thrilled to gain a new author who is basically in my backyard. I need to find the Perry Square series because I'm a sucker for royalty stories.

    I'm a Northwestern PA neighbor, less than 90 minutes east of you in Warren County. I've spent more time in your city in May than I have in the last two years. LOL.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Jessica, The way I look at it, I have two options...moan or just picking myself up and moving on. I'd rather be moving towards something new than moaning something I lost. And yes, there are no cute shoes in our size! LOL

    Tina, I'm up very early and you were on my calendar! We're stripping siding and windows today...but you guys are going to be my break, so I'll be checking in! Thanks for having me!

    Hi, Penelope! And yes, there was that one (and other magazines), too! SIGH. I has been an interesting career! LOL

  8. Hey, Holly! **waving Hi**

    Good to see you here! Great post!

  9. Hi, Lisa...we cross-posted! And so nice to meet another Western PAer!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the books you've read. Over 90% of my books have been set here in Erie, or nearby! (I made up a town for my November, book. Whedon PA is twenty minutes south of Erie...think near Edinboro.) And we're back in Erie this December. Glad you've been visiting!! Unless you're not glad,then hugs! LOL


  10. Hi, Jennifer!! (Waving back!)


  11. WOW, I'm hooked!!! Welcome to Seekerville, Holly, and thanks for the several loud chuckles you've already given me this morning! I love humor in a book, which is why I love our own Mary Connealy so much, but it's nice to discover another author with that comedic flare as well.

    Laughed out loud at your editor's line that “the heroine didn’t have a good time.” Uh, as long as she has a reasonably good time within moral constraits (which is all you can have in the CBA, by the way), I'm pretty sure I would love your style.

    Thanks so much for guest blogging in Seekerville -- our readership is going to LOVE you!!

    And I would LOVE to win one of your books, so I hope I am eligible, even as a Seeker, but we'll leave that up to Tina.


  12. Okay, so a non book related question. I am from Silver Creek, NY. When I was younger and poorer we made the drive every year from the midwest to NY. We also always stopped at a pizza place in Erie. Big one--restaurant--delicious. Is that too vague to ask if it is still there?

  13. Holly,

    I'm writing an inspirational romance series right now and the fictional town is Shelby Lake, PA, which is based on our corner of the state. Love this area! We're hoping to make more trips to Erie this summer.


  14. Great post, Holly! I'm glad you never gave up because your books are so fun!

  15. Welcome to Seekerville, Holly. Thanks for telling it like it is and showing us how to survive in this unpredictable business. Your impressive number of books not only confirms your persistence, but also your talent. I take my hat off to you. Or would if I wore one. :-)


  16. I've loved this woman's books from way back when she entered The Barclay with Raising Cain and Ready, Willing and Abel, before lines folded and thrust her forward with negative momentum.

    Earning her an interview spot in RWR, right, Holly? Talk about rolling with the flow. Great job, girlfriend!

    Holly, I could read you forever. The humor, the snark, the total realness of your life resounds in your books. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em.

    And mega congrats on your double Holt final!!!! You go, girl! Doing the Snoopy dance for you here in upstate NY.

    Which is only a couple of hours from Erie, by the way, and a scant hour-plus from where Tina was raised near Buffalo.

    Great area, ripe for hearth and home book settings. Can't wait to read the next Holly Jacobs book. And since I'm a Seeker I'll be buying it not winning it, but I'll lay down that money willingly!

    Hey, I brought strawberry desserts for all. Crepes, strawberry glace' pie, strawberry shortcake (with my own home-made shortbread or sponge cake, both yummy) and gallons of fresh-brewed coffee.

    Dig in, everyone!


  17. Hi, Julie! Thanks so much! As far as I'm concerned, everyone's eligible to win, but we'll let Tina decide and draw the name. As for humor, I do more serious books, too these days, but even in those, the humor creeps in. I guess it's because humor is so much a part of my family's lives.

    Tina, If you give me the road you were on, I might be able to help. Personally, we have Patti's Pizza here on the eastside of town. It featured heavily into my Once Upon a Thanksgiving. They have Pepperoni Balls, which rumor has it, many of you don't. They're the first things my out-of-town kids as for when they come home!

    Lisa, Oh, nice...I love seeing my area of the country getting used in books! And love that you're coming to town! I really do love this city. Do you make it to the peninsula?? Sunsets there are my summer treats!

    Aw, thanks Debby!!

    Janet, Thanks. I'm picturing you with a big cowboy had, doffing it! LOL

    Ruth, Oh, thanks so much! I had so much fun with those books...and the kids in them. And that brings up something I should mention...for those who don't know the first of those books has four kids in it, the second has five. After they'd sold, but before they were released, someone was saying, "NEVER put kids in a comedy. You can't do it. No editor will buy it." Of course, I pointed out that she was wrong (nicely of course). And that incident inspired one of my big rules...Absolutes NEVER work in writing! LOL Of course, some things may make a book harder to sell, and if you're not published yet, you might want to avoid taking the chance. But conversely, look at the "rule" never write sports heroes. And then look at Susan Elizabeth Phillips...glad she didn't listen to that "rule." Anyway, I'm a big believer in follow your heart and write your story.

    Okay, back to Ruth...thanks for the congrats on the Holts...I'm so jazzed about it! Once Upon a Christmas is also a Bookseller's Best finalist...which really made my day! And Upstate New York is so close! I'm speaking in Central New York this September.

    The siding on the house is all stripped...they're starting to put the windows in soon!


  18. Holly--Thanks for the encouragement to pursue the river, no matter how crazy the rapids get. And it's great to know that editors realize that us readers like 'rule-breakers', especially ones that can make us cry and laugh in the same story. Thanks for writing what you enjoy!

  19. Wow, Holly, I'm impressed! We can all learn from your flexibility and persistence! It sounds like you've done extremely well, in spite of the apparent setbacks.

    I'd love to win a book!

    My whole family has big feet, and now I finally know what mine are good for!

  20. GREAT blog!!!!! I'm a Buffalo Gal...not too far from Erie!!! (Was actually just there in March for a concert!) I live in Depew, Ny now...just outside of Buffalo, not too far from Silver Creek either!

    I write along the same lines...romance with some comedy in it! I love a story that takes a reader through all emotions!

    Can;t wait to get my hand son some of your books Holly!!

  21. Ayrian, Thanks...I really am a firm believer in writing from your heart. If you try to write what you THINK you should write, I don't think it works as well.

    Melanie, I'm so glad I could help you find a reason to value your feet! LOL

    Stephanie, I know just where Depew is! I've been up through there! Thanks for keeping an eye out for some of my books!


  22. Fantastic...not too many people have heard of my little town!! We love it...peaceful but a stone's throw from a city with all kinds of exciting things going on, especially in the literary community!!

  23. Hi Holly,

    Thanks for a living, breathing example that flexability is key in a writing career.

    Perhaps you'd share which line was your favorit to write or which line was the biggest disappointment when it closed?


  24. Due to life twists right now, including a writing disappointment, I feel like someone shoved me off a cliff and my legs are batting air trying to touch land safely on the way down! Your column today was such encouragement, thank you! cm

  25. Stephanie, I totally get that. Erie's not as big as Buffalo, but I love that I can have the smalltown feel and all the amenities of a city!

    Rose, I know this is going to sound like a paid advertisement, but it's true...I've loved writing for all of them. People often ask about what line's my favorite, or which book, and I have to say, that each book IS my favorite as I work on it. If it's not, I'm doing something wrong. And each line has taught me something, and allowed me to write the books I've loved, so I love them all, too. I will confess, The House on Briar Hill Road, which was an Everlasting Love, is very special to me. It was inspired by my mother-in-law's courageous battle against breast cancer. So, both that book, and the line that allowed it, are special, but still not quite a favorite! LOL

    CM, sounded as if you needed them!


  26. A couple weeks ago my oldest son (a freshman in high school) was playing 7 on 7 touch football.

    Lemmme chase a quick rabbit and say that when I went to the parent-coach meeting last week, I realizes when I was rolling my eyes at several comments the coaches said, I knew I will never make a great team mom. What's with the "We're dedicated to winning, we're focused on winning, we're gonna teach your boys how to win" comments?

    Hey, I'm all for winning, but what about teaching them how to have character win or lose. Someday they're gonna be in the real world where they aren't gonna win at everything they try. And even when they give their best, they still aren't guaranteed a win.

    Case in point, look how many lines Holly wrote for that failed/folded.

    Anyhoo...back to my son's game. After I picked him up, I asked how it went.

    "I played more this time."

    "Good job! How did it go?"

    "I think I'm a good luck charm."

    "How so?"

    "When I was in on defense, we got an interception."


    "No. When I was in on offense, they got an interception."


    In a round about way, I'd have to say Holly is my son's version of a good luck charm.

    Holly, I know I've read one or more of your stories. I'm vaguely thinking Christmas anthology. Whatever the story was, I know I enjoyed it because I remember thinking I needed to look for more of your books the next time I was at the library. Sadly, I didn't write myself a note to remember.

    I sooo wanted to raise my hand and gve

  27. Holly, thanks for sharing your encouraging story. What a lot of twists and turns.

    Are you landing on your feet or bobbing up like a cork?

    Gina, I'm not a good sports mom, either. The hardest part is keeping my mouth shut sometimes. Eye rolls might be a good option ;-)

  28. Holly, how did you make the leap to that first sale first sale anyhow? Love to hear your story, please and thank you.

  29. I am going to look up that pizza place and find out.

  30. Hey Holly, love your books, your post and your whole attitude. If I want a quick 'home' fix, I just have to click on Facebook and see what you're up to because it's always 'homey'. And if I want a longer fix, I pull out one of your books because they're keepers on my shelf. You definitely write what you know and I'm very glad you do.

    It's so nice to see you here. :)

  31. Hello Holly:

    I like Christmas romances the best. (I’m reading one now.)

    BTW, I’ve read your “Be My Baby” and “Do You Hear What I Hear?”. Do you like writing Christmas stories more than regular romances? Does having the name "Holly" make writing Christmas stories more attractive?

    Also, I feel that the concept of a ‘writer’s voice’ is very similar to the concept of an individual’s “personality”. Do you have an opinion on this?

    Are there any more Christmas stories in the pipeline?

    Thanks, I enjoyed your post.


  32. Gina, I was the worst team mom ever...'cause I never could figure out most of what was going on. The big advantage was, no matter what my kids did, I thought it was fantastic! LOL But yes, I'm with you...good sportsmanship is important. I always said I didn't care who won, unless winning would somehow solve world-hunger. And warned that my kids had to be good sports, or I'd go down to the court of field and drag them off. They were afraid I might, so they always were! LOL Anyway, I'll treasure being a good luck charm along with your son! LOL

    Ann, Bobbing might be a more apt description! LOL

    Tina, If you can remember where it was, I can give a guess...and I'll post my road to story in a second.

    Anita, You are sweet. Thanks! I'll confess, I write home-ish stories because that appeals. I love cooking (most days) and putzing around the house working on projects with my dh. He's still my favorite person in the world to spend time with, even after more than a quarter of a century!

    Hey, the siding's all down, the new front door's on the house...and the boxes for the lights are up.


  33. first sale.

    I started writing short stories for magazines and was lucky enough to sell right off. But I was targeting a book for Harlequin Duets. And for a couple years, my rhythm was...write a book, send it to Duets, while I was waiting, write another, get a rejection, send in the other... Repeat as necessary.

    I know you're supposed to send queries and partials, but I thought they just added to the time it took, so I just wrote whole books and sent them.

    Some of the ones that didn't sell to Duets, did sell to Precious Gems. (Which just goes to show that books aren't always necessarily dead in the water after a rejection!) Slowly, my rejections weren't form letters, but rather were nice rejection letters. I sort of read them as, "You still suck, but you suck a lot less than you used to..." LOL Finally, I got a letter that outlined all the problems with a book and said the editor would be happy to look at it if I fixed it. No guarantees of a sale, but another shot. So, I fixed it, sent it right back in and in March of 2000 I got the call that Duets would be publishing I Waxed My Legs for This? Last year at RWA's San Francisco conference I got a pin for having published 25 books with the company. In case you haven't noticed, resting on my laurels isn't something I do well (LOL) so I'm already working towards my 50 book pin.

    I always figured I'd simply wear them down and they'd buy, then I'd continue wearing them down until they bought more...

    Yes, I'm mastermind of wearing down! LOL

    And seriously, if you all have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them.

    Whenever I do workshops, I assure everyone that I absolutely know I don't know everything. But I'm willing to share what I think I know and my opinions! LOL


  34. Anxiously awaiting the 'call' story...

    and laughing at team moms who don't understand that winning is everything. Where the heck's Bobby Knight when you need him????

    Sheesh, women.

    There is nothing wrong with being a good sport while you win.

    And win.

    And win.

    Oh, dear, obsessive tendencies showing.


    I love Christmas stories, too, and I've missed Holly's somehow. Probably because life's too crazy right then and by the time I think of a book, it's mid- January.

    Gotta change that. That's my June resolution. Find Holly's Christmas books and buy 'em.


  35. Hi, Vince! Thanks for taking time to read some of my books. And yes, it does seem that I've done a lot of holiday books! LOL I never set out to, but since I write home-and-family sort of stories, the holidays do tend to fit in nicely. And you'd think with a name like Holly, that would mean something, but hey, I'm really an August baby with a mother who didn't want a nicknamed kid...which would explain why I've spent most of my life as a Hall! LOL

    And yes, more Christmas books on the horizon. My November SuperRomance, Unexpected Gifts, isn't a Christmas book (it follows the heroine's pregnancy), but it does have a Christmas section. And Everything But a Christmas Eve, my December Avalon, is ABSOLUTELY a holiday book. The heroine is wooed to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas! (I'm working on the galleys right now, and really had a blast with the story!)

    And yes, I think a writer's 'voice' is akin to a personality. I do know people whose writing voices are very different from their real-life personality, but I've heard from readers and friends that my 'voice' sounds like the real me, so I think mine are rather close!


  36. Holly, thanks for being on Seekerville. I love comedy in books.
    Way to go following the bouncing lines of books.

  37. Ruthy,

    LOL I have a lot of friends like you. One used to regularly break my eardrums with her screaming at games. Me, I just sit and zone. LOL I am the lowest of all sport-pressure parents. I never played in school, but had a lot of jock friends and then married a jock. One daughter went on to play college bball, and I told him I thought that was very good considering she didn't get any of her talent from my genetic contribution! LOL


  38. Hi, Mary! (You guys are quick...there's a lot of cross posting! LOL) I'm very happy to be here today...everyone's been so very nice!


  39. Ruthy, you are obsessive, weird, neurotic, and my kind of gal despite your preferance for men named Derek Jeter.

    Did you know on opening day (April 20, 1912) of Fenway Park, the Sox played the NY Highlanders? Who knew the Yankees used to be men in skirts. I'm almost thinking about considering not disliking them so much. Anyhoo, the Sox won 7-6 in 11 innings.

    But the game with the pre-Yanks wasn't the first game played in Fenway. The Sox play an exhibition game with Harvard a couple weeks earlier.

    Not that I care about baseball. 'Cause I don't. I'm an American football gal.

    Did I tell you my son's school has adopted the off-season conditioning program that the off-season conditioning coach for the New England Sucky Patriots developed?

    So in the parent-coach meeting, the head coach said the head coaches from Vanderbilt and Yukon observed the high school's program and were motivated to make changes in their program.

    Now I'm thinking Yukon? Why would the coach from Yukon Univ in Alaska look at a high school football program in Richmond, Virginia?

    Don't know how many I told that story too before one of the fellow staff wives at my church said "I think he meant U-Conn not Yukon."

    ~the practically quirkless one

  40. Thanks, Holly, for letting me know I'm not the only non-ideal sports mom.

    When my son said he wanted to play, I asked what position is the least likely to get a concussion. He said punter/kicker and added that he had no punting/kicking skill. Drat.

  41. Hey Holly,

    Thanks for the visit today.
    I don't have the thick skin on my back, but thank heaven I have callouses on my feet. So that will help me land when I jump, although given my tendencies for klutziness, when I jump I usually land on my behind.

    I don't have ugly feet persay,they're wide and I have funky toes, or so I've been told. But they are mine and they keep me upright.

    Holly, it's good that you have retained your sense of humor through all the ups and down and were able to share that sunny outlook with us today.

    As for the whole sports mom thing,
    I'm horrible at it. I get irritated when they push the whole win win scenario.

    My son Nathan was in wrestling and they wanted him to maintain his winning weight, so they kept pushing this stupid diet on a fourteen year old that left him hungry and depleted.

    When they wanted him to wrestle with a the flu and 102 fever, I had a fit. I was going to pull him right then. My son said he would work it out.

    When they followed him to the bathroom waiting to weigh him after, he had enough.

    I told him if being in sports meant losing who you were for the sake of winning it wasn't worth your time.

    Hey that has echoes of not giving up your voice as a writer, for which I agree with you totally, Holly.

    Thanks again for your post

  42. Hello,

    I was wondering with all the books you crank out, do you work on several different wip at once or write one at a time?

    Congrats on such a rewarding career!

  43. You still suck, but you suck a lot less than you used to..."

    Thanks, this gives us all hope.

  44. Holly, what an amazing up and down story—perseverance to the end!
    I have not yet read one of your books but I can tell I’m going to have to. I love humor. The world is just such a serious place.

    Congratulations on all your achievements! I’d like to hear the call story too….

  45. Hi Holly, Welcome to Seekerville and what a fun blog post--also very inspiring. This business is crazy and its inspirational to hear stories of perseverance and success in spite of the craziness.

    How do you like writing for Avalon? I know the money isn't the big thing with them, but don't you like having your books in the library? Did you like working with them?

    I'm really sorry to see Everlasting line disappear. I loved that line and enjoyed your book. Maybe it will come back.

    Keep up the great work.

    And Tina and Ruthy, Thanks for the biscuits and shortcake. yummmm I was ready for a snack.

  46. Oh, Holly! How right you are!

    Finding your voice and staying true to it is such a major element to staying afloat in a market like this! Glad you didn't develope a complex with all the lines folding out from under you : )

    Readers follow the writers that they love. What a testament to your skill and talent!! I'll start toughening my skin now for those inevitable bumps in the road -- hmm -- I've heard sun tanning toughens skin. What a way to go!!

    Thanks Holly!

  47. Gina, I'd have thought Yukon not U-Conn, too...LOL And yes, positions with the fewest injuries are always the best. My college bball player has had numerous injuries and some surgery because of sports. Ugh.

    Oh, Tina, that's a lot to ask of a 14yo. I'm glad he had you on his side!

    Jennifer, I prefer working on one book at a time, but sometimes the work hits all at once. Right now, I've got two sets of galleys, a new proposal to write, and a book I'm working on...not my favorite way to work!

    Tina, I'm glad you enjoyed my interpretation of the revision letter! LOL

    Caroline, Thanks so much for checking out my books...I hope you like them. And really, thank you all for taking the time here with me today!!

    Sandra, Oh, thanks so much for the kind words about my Everlasting! As for Avalon, I love working with them. They give me a lot of freedom and basically just let me run wild. The first book in the Everything But... series was named one of the 10 best books in '08 by Booklist, and one of the galleys I'm working on is for a fourth book in the series. It was a hoot to write, and I'm chuckling as I read back through it!

    Audra, Yes, a tough skin is not just important, but necessary. It's a crazy business...but I love it, except on days I don't! LOL


  48. i've enjoyed your post. i wonder if editors look at your track record with writing for lines that die. wouldn't that give them pause? hmmm... if we sign her to the line is that the death knell for it? just wondering...

    i'm glad to know that i can continue to write and continue to suck less as time goes on. reminds me of one night playing volleyball with my women's team. we were having a bad night and after one time out, we broke our "huddle" with the chant - Suck Less! it sort of worked. we ended up winning that game.

    thanks for being an inspiration to us unpubbed writers.

  49. Deb, LOL Thankfully, so far no one's said that!

    And sucking less is always my goal! LOL


  50. Suck Less is a great inspirational motto, LOL.

    BTW we will draw for the Holly books at 8pm MST. Holly may be asleep by then, but we'll tell her in the morning haha.

  51. Hi Holly, Welcome to Seekerville. I really enjoyed reading your post and now want to read your books.


  52. Tina, LOL I'm glad you've got a new inspirational motto! And yes, I'm on my way to bed soon! LOL

    Jo, Thanks so much for the welcome, and for giving my books a try! I appreciate it.

    I'll be checking in tomorrow. If anyone has any other questions, feel free. And if someone needs something even after we're done chatting here, you can always email me. I don't know everything, but I'm always willing to share what I do! LOL Seriously, I tell people, I have uses and if you find one, you should run with it! LOL


  53. Houseton A.W. Knight is our winner. Email Tina at TinaRusso dot com with your address.

  54. thank you sooooo much for being with us Holly and sharing your humor and insights!!!

  55. Hi Holly,
    I'm checking in late, but wanted to say hello! Love your bio, blog and your size 10 feet! I'm right there with you. Used to hate to buy shoes as a kid ... at most store, the sizes stopped at 9 1/2.

    Thanks for joining us in Seekerville today!

  56. Holly, welcome! I wrote a nice long comment earlier tonight right before Blogger spazzed and ate it.

    Believe me when I say it was brilliantly clever. :) And I won't even try to re-type it.

    Thanks so much for being with us today! You're an inspiration.


  57. Tina, Thanks so much for inviting me to join you all! I really had fun yesterday!

    Debby, The only thing worse than finding that a store's biggest shoe is a 9 1/2 is finding one that's so cute...and then putting it on and finding it looks as if you could take it to sea! LOL Thanks for stopping in!

    Missy, LOL I can tell that it was a beautifully written, very funny post! In fact, it was so good blogger couldn't resist eating it! LOL

    Really, thanks everyone!

    And Hawk, congrats! As soon as I get your address, I'll get your books out to you!


  58. I love, and utterly agree with, the comment about writing what you write in the face of rejection. I'm a firm believer in writing whatever story is on your heart. Trying to fit into niches and contort your writing into something it's not may occasionally be a short-term gain, but it's inevitably a long-term loss.

  59. K.M.,

    I'm glad the comment struck home with you! I firmly believe it!


  60. LOL Holly, you're right! Guess I have to keep them then huh?


  61. Hawk,

    LOL Yes, you probably do have to keep them. And look at it this way, when they used to bind feet to keep them small they ended up REALLY ugly! Yours are definitely prettier!


  62. Holly,

    Thanks for the great article - most helpful and timely!

    Please enter me into the drawing:


  63. Hi, Edwina! Thanks...glad you enjoyed the blog!